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宣城治疗勃起不坚多少钱宣城男人尿道炎治疗Padmasree Warrior, one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent female executives, has signed on to run the US arm of Chinese electric car start-up NextEV, in the latest sign of the auto industry’s surging demand for software talent.硅谷知名女性高管伍丝丽(Padmasree Warrior)已签约出任中国电动汽车创业型企业蔚来汽车(NextEV)美国分部的负责人。这件事再度凸显出,汽车业对软件人才的需求日益高涨。The former head of technology and strategy at Cisco Systems said she planned to expand a small research and development centre in Silicon Valley to 400 people by the end of next year.伍丝丽曾任思科(Cisco Systems)技术与战略主管。她表示,自己计划在明年年底前将位于硅谷的一座小型研发中心的人手扩大到400人。Software has become a key battleground in the auto industry as carmakers race to develop autonomous vehicles, as well as more advanced information systems in cars and ways to reach customers online.随着汽车制造商竞相开发自动驾驶汽车、更先进的车载信息系统以及与客户建立在线连接的方式,软件已成为汽车业的关键战场。NextEV, whose backers include prominent Chinese and US investment firms Hillhouse Capital and Sequoia Capital, plans to launch a high-performance “supercar” by the end of 2016.蔚来汽车计划不晚于2016年年底推出高性能的“超级跑车”(supercar)。该公司背后的投资方包括中美两国的知名投资机构高瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital)和红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)。Like electric car pioneer Tesla Motors, it aims to use technology honed in a high-end vehicle to move into the mass market, with a passenger car slated for launch first in China at an unspecified date.像电动汽车先驱特斯拉(Tesla Motors)一样,蔚来汽车的目标也是利用高端汽车上磨练出的技术来进军大众市场。蔚来汽车将首先在中国发布一款乘用车,但发布日期不详。Ms Warrior said software would play an important part in disrupting the existing auto industry. “There’s an opportunity to rethink not just the business model, but also the value chain in owning a car,” she said.伍丝丽表示,软件将在颠覆现有汽车行业的过程中发挥重要作用。她说:“现在是个机会,我们不仅应重新思考商业模式,还应重新思考‘拥有一辆汽车的’价值链。”NextEV is looking at ways of using the mobile internet to “improve the experience of owning an automobile” she added, without giving any more details. Current car owners were frustrated by experiences like taking their vehicle to a dealer for an oil change and their inability to deal directly with the manufacturer, she said.伍丝丽还说,蔚来汽车正在想方设法利用移动互联网来“改善‘拥有一辆汽车的’体验”,但她没有透露更多细节。她表示,目前的种种体验让车主们感到沮丧,比如把自己的车送到经销商那里更换润滑油,以及无法与制造商直接打交道等等。 /201512/417464安徽省皖南康复医院尿科 宣城市朝阳医院治疗前列腺

宣城包茎包皮手术费用The Simuwu Rectangle Ding司母戊大方鼎In 1939, a bronze ding which is an ancient cooking vessel with two loop handles and four legs was unearthed in Anyang, Henan Province. This four-legged ding known as the Simuwu Rectangle Ding was so big and heavy that it could not be moved after it was unearthed. The Japanese invaders tried several times to plunder it. To protect this rare cultural relic, the local people reburied it and then unearthed it again after China won the Anti-Japanese War in 1945. The Simuwu Rectangle Ding is now collected in the National Museum of Chinese History. The opening of the Simuwu Rectangle Ding is 110cm long and 78cm wide,its sides are 6cm thick and the loop handles are 133cm high. The whole ding weighs 875 kilograms and is the heaviest bronze ware in the world. The casting of this huge bronze vessel used over l ,000 kilograms of metal and needed 70 t0 80 crafts-men to work on it. It is the biggest bronze ware unearthed in China and also a treasure in the world#39;s bronze ware collection. Though the ding is big and heavy,its workmanship is exquisite.Relief of Kui (a one legged mythical animal) was carved on the four sides of the body of the ding. The animal figures are portrayed with artistic exaggeration and create a ferocious, mysterious and dignified atmosphere. Dings were used in the primitive society in China as cooking utensils. At first they were made of pottery clay. Then, as metallurgy emerged and developed, the material was changed to bronze at the end of the Shang Dynasty some 3, 000 years ago. By that time, dings had changed function to become sacrificial vessels and the symbol of their owners#39; power and wealth. The Simuwu Rectangle Ding reveals a high level of casting technique and artistry. It represents the highest casting achievement of the Shang Dynasty. According to the archeologists, the King of the Shang Dynasty had the Simuwu Rectangle Ding made to commemorate his mother.1939年,在河南省安阳市出土了一件青铜鼎,该鼎为我国古代一种炊食器,有两个立耳和四足。这件被称为司母戊大方鼎的四足方鼎出土后,因为又大又重,一时无法搬运。日本侵略者多次强索该鼎,为避免这件珍稀文物惨遭掠夺,当地人们再次把它埋人地下,直到1945年抗战胜利后,才重新将其出土。司母戊大方鼎现收藏于中国历史物馆。司母戊大方鼎口长110厘米,宽78厘米,壁厚6厘米,立耳高133厘米。整尊鼎重达875公斤,是世界上最重的青铜器。铸造这件大型的青铜器皿使用金属原料1000多公斤,需要七八十名工匠操作完成。它是中国出土的最大一件青铜器,也是世界青铜器收藏中的一件珍品。大方鼎虽然形大体重,但制作工艺非常精美,鼎身四周用浮雕刻出夔龙(想象中的一种单足动物)纹样。这些动物纹样是经过艺术夸张而刻划出来的,纹样衬托出一种狰狞、神秘、威严的气氛。鼎在原始社会时期的中国用作炊食器,最先由陶土烧制。随着冶金技术的出现和发展,在约3000年前的商代后期鼎改用青铜浇铸而成,而且,这时的鼎已经改变用途,成为一种礼器,是权力和财富的象征。司母戊大方鼎展现出一种高超的铸造工艺和艺术水平,代表了商代铸造技术的最高成就。据考古专家考,商王铸造这尊司母戊大方鼎是为了纪念自己的母亲。 /201601/419346宣城朝阳泌尿专科治疗睾丸炎多少钱 宣城医院在哪里呢

宣城治疗包皮包茎的费用In February, Travis Kalanick, Uber chief executive, met Cheng Wei, chairman of the Chinese ride-hailing app Didi Dache, in Mr Cheng’s Beijing office. But that is just about the only detail of the encounter on which the two companies can agree.今年2月,优步(Uber)首席执行官特拉维斯愠灓尼克(Travis Kalanick)与中国打车应用滴滴打车董事长程维在后者位于北京的办公室见面。但这只是两家公司关于这次会面唯一说法一致的细节。Mr Cheng says Mr Kalanick and his team were dripping with condescension. “We could tell from the way they looked at us — they thought of us as just another local taxi app from Sichuan,” he told an audience at the Yabuli summit, an internet forum, held last weekend.程维称,卡兰尼克和他的团队难以掩饰轻蔑神情。“他看我们的眼神就像是我们看四川本土的一个打车软件一样,”程维在最近举行的互联网论坛“2015亚布力中国企业家论坛夏季高峰会”上告诉听众。He says Mr Kalanick ended with an ultimatum: sell us 40 per cent of your company or else face “embarrassing defeat” in a war with Uber.他说,卡兰尼克在谈话末尾下了一道最后通牒:要么把你的公司的40%卖给我,要么在与优步的战争中面临难堪的失败。“I told him, ‘In 1840 when the first western powers arrived in China, they put forth a similar proposal. Give up Taiwan, open up Guangzhou, or else we will take the war all the way to the gates of the Forbidden City!’,” says Mr Cheng.程维说:“我跟他讲,1840年开始第一股列强来到中国时也是开出了同样的条件,要不然割让台湾、开放广州,要不然就打到紫禁城。”“Foreign companies see China as a territory to be conquered,” he continued.“国外企业把中国企业当做开疆拓土的对象,”他表示。Uber says its “recollection of the conversation is very different”, adding that the meeting was “super friendly”.优步表示,其对“那次对话的记忆完全不一样”,并补充说,那次会面“非常友好”。Mr Kalanick has admitted to getting “passionate” in dealings with competitors in the past. Lyft, a US rival, has accused Uber of everything from poaching investors to clogging its system with fake orders.卡兰尼克承认,过去与竞争对手往来的时候自己会变得很“激昂”。优步在美国的竞争对手Lyft曾指控优步不择手段,从挖走投资者,到用假订单堵塞Lyft系统。“I realise that I can come off as a somewhat fierce advocate for Uber,” he said in a speech in June. “I also realise that some have used a different ‘a’ word to describe me.”“我意识到,我的言行可能会给人以优步的狂热持者(advocate)的印象,”卡兰尼克在6月的一次演讲中表示,“我还意识到,一些人曾用另一个‘a’字母开头的词来形容我。”The next few months will show whether Uber has bitten off more than it can chew in China. The country is notorious as a market that big US internet companies, from Amazon to eBay to Google, have all failed to crack, either due to being blocked outright or outmanoeuvred by a local competitor.接下来几个月将见优步在中国市场是否吃不了兜着走。中国有一个不好的名声:从亚马逊(Amazon)、eBay到谷歌(Google)等多家美国大型互联网企业都未能打开这个市场——或者是因为遭到彻底屏蔽,或者是败给本土竞争对手。Like the initial meeting between Mr Cheng and Mr Kalanick, how Uber is doing in China is a matter of perspective. The company says it has about 50 per cent market share in private taxi hailing, while Didi says it controls about 80 per cent of the market.就像程维和卡兰尼克的初次会面一样,评价优步在中国的表现是个视角问题。优步称其拥有私人打车市场50%的市场份额,而滴滴则表示其控制了约80%的市场。Both sides are also gunning for each other with massive subsidies — in June Uber said it would spend bn in China on subsidies and was logging 1m rides per day. Didi, meanwhile, raised bn in a funding round in June and has not yet said how the money will be spent.双方都依靠大规模补贴来打击对方——6月优步表示将在中国出10亿美元用于补贴,其每日打车订单达到了100万单。同时,滴滴在6月的一轮融资中募集到20亿美元,目前还未公布将如何使用这笔资金。Ding Daoshi, founder of Sootoo Research, a Beijing-based internet research group, says the phase of explosive growth for both companies may have passed. “The height of the cash-burning phase is over for both companies,” he says. “They are now focusing on their core customers — those in the cities whose demand does not disappear when it is more expensive.”北京互联网研究集团速途研究院(Sootoo Research)创始人丁道师表示,这两家公司的爆炸性增长阶段可能都已过去,“对这两家公司而言,烧钱阶段的高峰已经结束,”他表示,“它们正专注于核心客户——当务比较昂贵时需求仍不消失的城市人群,”To counter Didi’s local advantage — and raise more money to wage war — Uber has tried to go local, setting up Uber China. It is the only time the business has set up a separate company in a foreign market. It has tried to raise local finance, partly in an effort to build ties to China’s business establishment.为了对抗滴滴的本土优势——以及募集更多资金来发动战争——优步试图走本地化道路,在中国成立了Uber China。这是优步首次在海外市场单独成立一家公司。优步试图募集本土资金,在一定程度上也是为了和中国商界的体制内人士打造关系。But Didi’s own funding round makes it clear that China’s establishment is closing ranks around its local champion. Even existing investors in Uber, such as Hillhouse Capital, are backing its competitor Didi in China.但滴滴的融资行动清楚地表明,中国商界已经团结起来持本土冠军企业。即使是优步现有的投资者,比如高瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital),也持其中国竞争对手滴滴。Didi’s local advantage is also clear to drivers, who say those at Uber face police discrimination — private taxis are technically illegal in China, but enforcement is selective, according to an Uber driver named Bing Wen. “If the police pull you over, and you say you’re a Didi driver, they let you go. If you’re an Uber driver, you’re fined,” says Mr Bing.司机们也清楚地了解滴滴的本土优势,他们表示,优步司机面临警察的歧视——严格说来私人出租车在中国并不合法,但根据一位名叫邴文(音译)的优步司机的说法,执法是有选择性的。“如果警察让你把车停到路边,你说你是滴滴司机,他们会让你走。如果你是优步司机,你就会遭到罚款,”他表示。 /201509/397096 Could smart watches make your sales teams or service agents more responsive to customer needs?智能手表能让你的销售或团队更敏锐地把握客户需求吗?Many businesses taking a chance on wearable technologies believe the answer to that question is “Yes,” suggests acorporate adoption study conducted by Salesforce in the weeks leading up to the Apple Watch release.在苹果手表发售的前一周,客户关系管理公司Salesforce就企业对这款产品的接受度进行了一项研究,最终发现许多把赌注押在可穿戴技术上的企业都作出了肯定回答。More than one-third of the roughly 1,400 respondents aly use wearable technologies on the job. A large majority (86%) plan to invest more in applications for smart watches, lanyards, bracelets, and eyewear over the next year.在大约1400名受访者中,超过三分之一已经开始在工作中使用可穿戴技术。绝大部分受访者(86%)都计划在明年花更多钱来购买智能手表、系带、手链和眼镜。Not surprisingly, watches are getting most of the attention, with almost half the survey respondents suggesting they’ll have the biggest impact within corporate settings. Among the most anticipated usage scenarios: real-time access to customer information, instruction guides for field service teams, real-time alerts about everything from pricing changes to average call-center wait times, and training materials.手表受到了最多的关注,这点并不令人意外。近半数受访者表示,它们将对工作环境产生极大的影响。包括实时获得顾客信息;指导现场维修人员;实时警示价格变动、呼叫中心平均等待时间等重要信息;提供培训资料等。“Think of this, in the case of retail, I’m a manager or service worker. Now, I can make sure everyone who walks into the store gets a personalized experience,” said Lindsey Irvine, global director of strategic partnerships for Salesforce, which will have its first Apple Watch application available Friday when the first orders make it to customers’ wrists. “[These devices] can give you the right intelligence and predictive information you need, at the time you need it.”Salesforce公司全球战略合作伙伴关系主管林赛o欧文表示:“可以想想它在销售中的作用,假设我是一名经理或务人员。现在,我可以确保每位进店的顾客都能得到定制化的体验。在你需要的时候,这些设备可以给你提供合适的情报和你所需的预测信息。” Salesforce的第一款苹果手表应用将在该产品开售时同步上线。In short, wearables could be an invaluable tool for creating happy customers. “Data intelligence derived from wearables allows employees to know their customer’s behavior and patterns in advance, to better serve and know them in that micro-moment,” said Eric Berridge, CEO of Bluewolf, a marketing and sales consulting company that works closely with Salesforce, Marketo and Oracle. “Wearables allow enterprises to optimize this. The interface is on the body, rather than in pockets and bags where opportunities might be missed.”简而言之,可穿戴设备可以成为让客户满意的超级工具。营销和销售咨询公司Bluewolf的首席执行官埃里克o贝里奇表示:“来自可穿戴设备的数据情报可以让员工提前得知顾客的行为模式,只需一刹那,就能更好地务和了解顾客。可穿戴设备让企业得以优化自己的务。它的界面就带在身上,而不是放在不易被注意到的口袋或提包里。”该公司与Salesforce、Marketo和甲骨文公司有密切合作关系。Digital badges and “lanyards” such as the Nymi heart-monitoring device beat out eyewear (although only slightly) as the second most active area of interest. (Fitness bands were categorized separately.) These sorts of devices are being considered for applications such as access control for office buildings or hotel rooms, or as the payment conduit in resorts or theme parks. Disney’s MagicBands, which are RFID-enabled wristbands, are great example of a system that’s aly up and running.数码胸卡和“系带”,比如Nymi的心率监测设备,超过了眼镜,成为人们第二感兴趣的领域,尽管优势十分微弱。(健康腕带被单独分为一类。)人们正打算将这类设备当作进入办公室大楼或酒店房间的权限卡,或是度假地和主题公园的付途径。迪斯尼公司的无线射频识别腕带MagicBands,就是一个已经开始运转的优秀系统。“We want more killer apps, and we want our customers to be building these things,” Irvine said, when asked about Salesforce’s motivation for the corporate adoption study. The company’s Salesforce Wear apps-creation software is meant to kickstart that creativity.当被问到Salesforce为何热衷于做企业接受度的研究时,欧文表示:“我们想要有更多热门应用,我们希望让自己的客户来开发这些东西。”为推动这种创造性,该公司已经发布了一个旨在帮助开发人员创建可穿戴产品应用的软件平台Salesforce Wear。Here are five other things you should know:以下是你应当了解的其他五件事情:1. After Apple Watch, survey respondents were most interested in applications for Google Glass1. 受访者表示,在苹果手表之后,他们最感兴趣的是谷歌眼镜应用。2. Data collection is considered one of the largest adoption obstacles; only 8% indicated they’d be able to make use of metrics collected via wearables2. 数据收集被认为是采用可穿戴设备要面临的最大障碍之一,只有8%的受访者表示他们能够利用通过可穿戴设备收集的数据。3. While cost is the biggest motivator of purchases, business users also want devices that multitask3. 尽管价格是影响购买行为的最大因素,商业用户也希望可穿戴设备能够完成多重任务。4. Three-quarters of businesses that aly use wearables report a positive impact on performance4. 在那些已经使用可穿戴设备的企业中,有四分之三表示企业的业绩有所提升。5. More than half of companies expecting to make use of these gadgets expect employees to “bring their own”5. 超过半数想要利用可穿戴设备的公司,都希望员工能够“自带设备”。 /201505/375635宣城男人尿道炎治疗绩溪县妇幼人民中医院看前列腺炎好吗



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