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We#39;re all guilty of wanting to look better. Many try makeup, others plastic surgery and some people opt for Photoshop. But while Photoshop may sound like a much safer alternative - think twice!  对于想要看起来更好,我们都心存内疚。许多人尝试化妆,其他人尝试整容,还有一些人选择PS。但是当觉得PS听着更靠谱的时候……三思啊啊啊啊!  Photoshop wizard James Fridman accepts people#39;s requests and does exactly what they ask for. The only thing is, James takes his business very seriously. So seriously in fact that he will LITERALLY do whatever you ask.  PS达人詹姆斯·弗里德曼接受了人们的请求,并且确实按他们要求的那样处理了。我想说的是詹姆斯非常认真地对待他的工作。而实际上他会特别认真地按你的要求的“字面意思”去做。  He posts the results on his Twitter account (@fjamie013) which has more than 125,000 followers. So if you want to improve your photo, just send him a picture. Just a little warning however: ;Do not submit any personal photos that you do not want to be made public.;  他会在他的推特账户(@fjamie013)上发布结果,而他的推特账户上拥有12万5000多位粉丝。所以如果你想P照,就把图片发给他。然而,只是一个小小的警告:“不要发送任何你不想公开的私人照片。”  Hi. Can you take the girl in violet skirt out please?  你好。可以请你把那个穿着紫色裙子的女孩移出照片吗?  I took her out. We had fun.  我把她移出来了。我们很开心。 /201604/435513。

1.The sweet beginning1.甜美的开端My abusive relationship started out really sweet. There were romantic date nights, spontaneous getaways, flowers, sweets, teddy bears, gifts and tons of attention and care. I did not feel anything wrong from the beginning. But then the relationship turned out sour. As soon as he realized that I was his, he stopped putting efforts into our relationship.我的男友经常虐待我,但其实我们的关系一开始的时候很甜美。有许多约会的晚上,我们都很浪漫地度过,怡然自得的旅行,鲜花,糖果,泰迪熊,礼物以及无数的关爱。在开始的时候我没感觉到任何不对的地方。但是我们的关系最终变坏了。一旦他开始意识到我已经是他的了,他就不再花心思来经营我们的感情了。2.Red wine is the best friend2.红酒成了最好的朋友When my ex hung out with his friends, red wine was my best friend. I knew I could not meet my friends because he would get angry at me, so I filled my evenings and nights with tears and too much red wine. I did not feel better, though. I woke up with severe headaches and felt weak and exhausted.当我的前任男友和朋友鬼混的时候,红酒成了我最好的朋友。我知道我不能去见我的朋友,因为他会对我生气,因此我每天晚上以泪洗面,用大量红酒来麻痹自己。但是我并没有感觉好一点。我醒来的时候,头很疼,而且感觉疲惫不堪,身体虚弱。3.I have made myself a priority3.我现在最重视自己If no one made me a priority, I came to a conclusion that I had to do it myself. Now I know that no one, including a boyfriend, is going to value me until I learn to value and respect myself first. I stop waiting for approval from others. If I want to do something, I will do it. I’m still trying to put myself first in any situation and I believe that I have enough power to move forward.如果没有人重视我,我最终懂得需要自己珍惜自己。现在我知道,如果我不懂得重视和尊重自己,我的男朋友或者其他人也不会珍视我。我不再等待其他人的同意。如果我想做什么事情,我就会去做。在任何时候,我都会将自己放在第一位,我相信我有足够的能力一直走下去。 /201607/454350。

Tracy Anderson#39;s Best Moves for Killer Legs特蕾西·安德森关于迷人长腿的最佳动作Want killer legs?想要迷人长腿吗?When it comes to fighting flab, your legs are your secret weapon. Let me explain: Some of your body#39;s biggest muscles are in your legs, and working those is going to net you a much larger calorie burn than exercising the smaller muscles (and help you look great in short skirts!). Make sense? That#39;s why I try to always involve the legs in every movement I do, whether I#39;m holding them in a fixed position for a specified amount of time or constantly kicking them up or out. And this sequence is no different. It gets you out of your comfort zone of doing old-school squats and lunges, and challenges your brain, which is also a key factor in shaping up. Now let#39;s build some long, lean legs you#39;ll love.当谈到战胜松弛的肌肉时,你的双腿就是你的秘密武器。容我解释:身体中一些最大的肌肉就在你的双腿上,相比锻炼更小的肌肉,作用于这些肌肉能燃烧更多的卡路里(并且帮助你在穿短裙时更迷人!)有道理?这就是我每做一个动作都要涉及到腿部的原因,不管我是在具体的一段时间将腿放于固定位置还是频繁的踢来踢去。这个顺序没有什么不同。它使你从做老式深蹲和弓步这些舒区走出来,挑战你的大脑,大脑在塑造过程中也是重要的因素。现在,让我们塑造你将会爱上的瘦长腿吧。Knee pull amp; kick膝盖拉伸和踢Start on all fours; pull left knee forward so it#39;s slightly in front of right (A). Rotate torso, balancing on right hand; drop hips slightly as you kick left leg up (B). Return to start and repeat.四肢开始放在地上;左膝盖向前拉,这样就会在右膝前一点(A)。旋转身躯,用右手保持平衡;左腿向上抬的时候臀部也上抬一些(B)。重新开始然后重复。Tracy#39;s tip: Don#39;t let hips touch the floor. You may also want to wear 1? to 2?-pound ankle weights for these moves.特蕾西的建议:不要让臀部触地。做这些动作的时候,脚踝上也可以绑上1.5-2.5英镑的重量物。Hip dip amp; extend臀部倾斜和伸展Start on all fours, then drop hips to the right; they should be stacked (A). Lift up onto right knee as you extend left leg straight up and out (B). Bring left leg back down, return to ;A; and repeat.四肢开始放在地上,然后把臀部放在右边;臀部要叠在一起(A)。你在将左腿向外伸直时,右膝抬起来(B)。左腿收回放下,重新做;A;姿势,然后重复。Inverted twist amp; kick反向扭和踢Lie on left side with legs bent, hips stacked and left leg slightly behind right. Rotate torso so left palm and right forearm are on the floor (A). Keeping right forearm and left palm down, roll onto right hip and extend left leg, swinging it up and back (B). Return to ;A; and repeat.左侧卧,双腿弯曲,臀部叠放在一起,左腿放在右腿后面一点点。旋转身躯,这样左手掌和右前臂就当在地板上了(A)。右前臂和左手掌保持放下的姿势,滚动右臀并伸展左腿,将腿前后摆动(B)。重新做;A;姿势,然后重复。译文属 /201606/450026。

Taking ginger or using acupressure on the wrist may help some women with mild morning sickness, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) says.英国皇家妇产科学院日前表示,吃生姜或按压手腕可缓解女性的轻微吐。Its guidance suggests these therapies could offer alternatives to women who want to avoid medication. But it says anti-sickness drugs and hospital treatment are important in more severe cases.这项指导认为,这些疗法可以为避免使用药物的女性提供选择。但它也表示,在更严重的情形下,抗吐药物和医院治疗很重要。For many, it disappears within the first four months - though symptoms are not confined to the morning hours as its commonly used name suggests.对于很多妇来说,晨吐在四个月内会消失--尽管它的名称让我们误解,但这些症状并不限于早晨的时间。And some women may need day visits to hospitals or longer admissions for fluids and medication.有些女人可能每天都需要去医院或住院,来输营养液和药物。Meanwhile, for women with mild or moderate symptoms who do not want to use drugs, acupressure (wearing a special bracelet that applies pressure) may help.同时,对于症状轻度或中度的女人,在不想使用药物时可以通过按压(穿戴施加压力的特殊手环)来缓解。The guidance also mentions studies showing that ginger can provide some relief - including one study using ginger biscuits.这项指导还提到了生姜对减轻症状的研究--包括一项使用姜汁饼干的研究。For women with more difficult symptoms, including a very severe form, known as hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), specialist treatment, including hospital admission and mental health support, should be offered, it suggests.对于症状严重的女性,包括一种称作妊娠剧吐的严重形式,该研究建议应采取包括住院治疗和心理健康援助在内的特殊治疗。Dr Manjeet Shehmar, lead author of the guidelines, said many women with persistent symptoms were not receiving the treatment they needed.Manjeet Shehmar医生,是这项研究的带头人,她表示,很多女人在症状持续出现时没有得到该有的治疗。;Women with persistent nausea can often feel that there is a lack of understanding of their condition,; she said. ;They may be unable to eat healthily, have to take time off work and feel a sense of grief or loss for what they perceive to be a normal pregnancy. It is therefore vital that women with this condition are given the right information and support and are made aware of the therapeutic and alternative therapies available to help them cope.;“持续性恶心的女性常觉得她们的状况没有得到人们的认识,”她说。“在人们看来这就是寻常的怀,但她们可能无法健康饮食,必须休假,并感觉到悲伤和损失。因此让这些女性得到正确的信息和持很重要,要让她们知道这些可以帮助她们应对的治疗措施和替代疗法。” /201606/452022。

This 50 Year-Old Fitness Model Will Redefine Your Concept Of Aging50岁健身阿姨告诉你逆龄不是梦We like to think that if we take care of ourselves, we#39;ll age as beautifully as possible. Those with a health-conscious mind stick to proper nutrition, routine exercise, and practice plenty of self-care to ensure that they#39;ll look and feel good until long after they#39;re ;supposed; to. There#39;s a myth that we all have to ;let ourselves go; once we meet middle age -- but more and more, people are starting to prove it untrue more than ever before.我们通常认为,如果好好保养,每个人都能优雅的老去。具有健康意识的人,会去关注营养摄入、规律锻炼,尝试多种保养方法来减缓衰老。都说人一到中年,就要顺其自然,各种保养方法都不那么见效。但如今,越来越多的人明这种看法是错误的。Take, for instance, this woman. A mom from China, she is an absolute knockout. She exercises, eats well, takes amazing care of her skin and is constantly pushing herself to meet new challenges. She would be a hot mom if she was, say, 25-years-old. However, her real age is even more shocking. 看看这位女性。她是位来自中国的妈妈,也是个大美女。她吃得好练得好,皮肤不松弛,爱不断挑战新鲜事物。如果现在还是25岁的话,一定是个辣妈。但她的真实年龄一定会让你惊掉下巴。This is Ye Wen. She#39;s a mom from China#39;s Henan province, and she is an absolute knockout. It#39;s easy to see why she#39;s making headlines, just for her post-baby physique alone. But what has caused this beauty to go international?她的网名叫叶问。来自中国河南,外形看来是位美女。生完孩子还能保持如此曼妙的身材,引来关注也不大惊小怪。但你们知道她火遍全国的真实原因吗?Actually,this woman is 50 years old, despite the fact that she looks decades younger. She says it all started when she took up swimming at age 30.实际上,她已经50岁了,虽然看起来要年轻几十岁。她说,这一切要归功于30岁那年开始游泳。Soon after, she took on the challenge of swimming across the straits of Malacca, and now has plans to swim across the Han River in South Korea.开始游泳锻炼后,她很快成功挑战横渡马六甲海峡,现在正打算挑战横渡汉江。She also does routine exercise at home and at the gym. Ye said she trains daily at her local swimming pool and keeps toned by heading to the gym two to three times a week for two hours.除了游泳,她在家里和健身房还做其他锻炼。叶说她每天在本地游泳馆游完泳,每周还要去健身房锻炼2-3次保持体形,每次至少锻炼2小时。The physical activity in the water soon carried her away, and she got really interested in staying fit. She says her ultimate goal is to look this good, even when she#39;s 80.她坦言,是最初爱上游泳的契机,让她对运动保持健康产生兴趣。她说自己的最终目标是在80岁也能像现在一样美丽。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201607/453963。

40-Year-Old Twinkie Lives On at Maine High School缅因州高中40年不坏的奶油蛋糕Twinkies reportedly have a shelf life of 45 days—but given that they’re chock-full of preservatives, how long can they really last? Apparently, 40 years and counting, judging from the survival of a long-lived Twinkie in a high school in Blue Hill, Maine, where in 1976 a chemistry instructor began a science experiment that#39;s still going on.一般奶油蛋糕保质期最多有45天。但它馅料丰富,不知究竟能存放多久?缅因州布卢希尔一所高中的实验明,奶油蛋糕可以存放40年以上。这项实验在1976年由一名化学老师发起,现在仍在进行。A News recently interviewed Roger Bennatti, a now-retired teacher who launched his now-famous snack cake experiment while working at Blue Hill’s George Stevens Academy. Bennatti was teaching a lesson on food additives and shelf life, and a student asked him how long a Twinkie could last.A新闻最近采访了当年在布卢希尔George Stevens学院开展该实验的老师。他叫Roger Bennatti,现已退休。当时他正教授“食物添加剂和保质期”的课程,碰巧有名学生问他奶油蛋糕能存放多久的问题。Bennatti didn’t know the answer, but he was willing to find out. He gave his students a few dollars, and they ran off to the store and returned with a package of two Twinkies. Bennatti opened the package, ate one of them, and placed the second one on top of the blackboard.Benatti当时并不知道,但愿意去找出。于是,他给学生几美元,让他们去商店买两个奶油蛋糕。他吃掉一个,随后把另一个放到黑板上方。Bennatti’s chemistry students eventually graduated, but the Twinkie remained at George Stevens Academy for decades. Bennatti retired in 2005 and passed the still-intact Twinkie on to dean of students Libby Rosemeier, who was herself in Bennatti#39;s class in 1976. Today, the cake sits on display in a glass case in Rosemeier#39;s office and is known as George Stevens Academy’s claim to fame.Bennatti这批学生后来都毕业了,但这块奶油蛋糕却在学校存放数十年。Bennatti也在2005年退休,他把这块仍保存完好的蛋糕交给学生主任Libby Rosemeier保管。Libby也是当年那批学生之一。今天,这块蛋糕仍存放在Rosemeier办公室的玻璃盒子里,还使George Stevens学院名声大噪!Even though he taught science, Bennatti couldn’t explain why the Twinkie wasn’t covered in green fuzz. He hypothesized that the cake stayed mold-free because it dried out, and also because of its added preservatives. “I#39;m not sure I#39;d try to eat it right now,” Bennatti said. “I don#39;t think I#39;d want to risk it.”Bennatti虽然是科学老师,但也解不开这块蛋糕不腐之谜。他猜想,蛋糕之所以不发霉,大概因为已经完全风干,跟里面的馅料大概也有些关系。“我不确定自己有勇气再吃它,”Bennatti讲,“我并不想去冒这个风险。”译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201606/451728。

Michael Phelps will have the honor of carrying the US flag as he competes at his fifth Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this month. 泳坛名将迈克尔#8226;菲尔普斯将出任美国奥运代表团旗手。本月在里约热内卢,他将出战个人的第五届奥运会。He will be the first swimmer to be the flag-bearer since Gary Hall in 1976, leading the American team in Friday#39;s opening ceremony. 自1976年蒙特利尔奥运会的加里#8226;霍尔之后,他是美国又一位担任旗手的游泳运动员。周五,他将带领美国代表团参加开幕式。;I#39;m honored to be chosen, proud to represent the US, and humbled by the significance of carrying the flag and all it stands for,; said Phelps, who is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals. 菲尔普斯说:“很荣幸能当选旗手,能代表美国我万分自豪。旗手的重要性和它代表的涵义让我感到责任重大。”拥有22枚奖牌的他是史上获得荣誉最多的奥运选手。;For Sydney, I just wanted to make the team. For Athens, I wanted to win gold for my country. For Beijing, I wanted to do something nobody else had done. In London, I wanted to make history. “在悉尼,我只想成为团队的一员;在雅典,我想为祖国赢得金牌;在北京,我想做些前无古人的事;在伦敦,我想创造历史。”;And now, I want to walk in the opening ceremony, take it all in, represent America in the best possible way and make my family proud. This time around, it#39;s about so much more than medals.; “而现在,我想走进开幕式,以可能的最好方式全身心地代表美国,也让我的家人感到骄傲。这次经历的意义要远远大于奖牌。”Phelps retired after the London 2012 Olympics, where he took his career haul to 18 gold medals, but came out of retirement two years later. 菲尔普斯在2012年伦敦奥运会后退役,当时,其职业生涯的金牌数达到18枚。两年后,他宣布复出。He was banned for six months after being arrested for drink driving and speeding, missing the 2015 world championships, but subsequently qualified for the 100 and 200 meters butterfly plus the 200m individual medley. 因酒驾和超速被捕,菲尔普斯被禁赛六个月,错过了2015年游泳世锦赛。但随后,他获得了100米和200米蝶泳,以及200米个人混合泳的奥运资格。Now 31, he is only the second American swimmer to have qualified for five Olympic Games, and the first male. 现年31岁的他是第二位能够参与五届奥运会的美国游泳选手,也是第一位有此资格的男选手。Phelps will resume his rivalry with US teammate Ryan Lochte in the 200m medley, while he will have the chance to avenge a rare defeat in the butterfly. 菲尔普斯将继续和队友瑞安#8226;罗切特在200米混合泳展开竞争,而在蝶泳项目上,他将有机会为此前罕有的一次战败“复仇”。While Phelps beat Chad le Clos in the 100m in London four years ago, the South African claimed a notable success in the 200 as he defeated his childhood hero -- winning by just 0.05 seconds. 四年前的伦敦奥运会,尽管菲尔普斯在100米蝶泳比赛中战胜了南非选手查德#8226;勒#8226;克洛斯,但克洛斯却在200米的竞争中获得了令人瞩目的胜利——以0.05秒的优势打败了自己的童年偶像。 /201608/458719。