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渝中大渡口区治疗宫颈肥大哪家医院最好的重庆爱德华流产多少钱Parents who exert too much control over their children could be causing them lifelong psychological damage, according to a study which tracked a group of people born in the 1940s until the present day.一项针对上世纪40年代生人的跟踪调查显示,父母对子女管束过多可能会对下一代造成终生的心理伤害。Researchers found that people who reported their parents had intruded on their privacy in childhood or encouraged dependence were more likely to have low scores in surveys of happiness and general wellbeing carried out in their teens, their 30s, their 40s and even their 60s.研究人员发现,那些表示童年时被父母侵犯过隐私或被鼓励依赖父母的调查对象,在他们青少年时期、30多岁、40多岁甚至60多岁时进行的总体幸福感测试中得低分的可能性更大。The negative impact on wellbeing was comparable in scale to that observed in people who have suffered a bereavement, experts from University College London (UCL) said.伦敦大学学院的专家表示,家长控制欲过强对幸福感造成的负面影响与痛失至亲对人们产生的负面影响程度相近。In contrast, people who said their parents were more caring, warm and responsive to their needs tended to be more content well into adulthood.相比之下,那些说父母关爱体贴、积极响应他们需求的调查对象在成年后往往更心满意足。The findings are the culmination of a survey which has tracked more than 5,000 people since their birth in 1946. It is well-established that childhood influences can have profound effect on the developing brain, but this is one of the first studies that have attempted to measure their impact over such a long period of time.通过对5000余名1946年生人进行长期的跟踪调查,研究人员得出了上述结果。众所周知,儿童时期的经历对发育中的大脑会产生深远的影响。不过,这个研究是针对这种影响进行时间跨度这么大的先驱之一。Information on parenting styles was only available from the study participants themselves, who were asked to recall their childhoods when in their 40s, and may therefore suffer from a degree of so-called recall bias – unhappy people may be more likely to depict their parents as controlling.有关父母育儿方式的信息全部由研究参与者提供, 40多岁的他们被要求回忆童年,可能会出现一定程度的所谓“回忆偏倚”——不幸福的人更可能将他们的父母描述为控制欲强的人。However the researchers said the findings chimed with previous studies which have shown that children who are able to form secure emotional bonds with parents are more likely to have secure, happy relationships later in life.然而,研究者也表示,这项调查的发现与过往研究结论是吻合的。过往研究发现,能够跟父母建立起牢固的情感纽带的孩子,日后感情关系稳固、幸福的可能性更大。“Parents also give us stable base from which to explore the world while warmth and responsiveness has been shown to promote social and emotional development,” said Dr Mai Stafford, of the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) Lifelong Health and Ageing unit at UCL.UCL医学研究协会(Medical Research Council,MRC)终生健康与老龄化部门的梅斯塔福德(Mai Stafford)士说:“家长还为我们提供了稳固的大本营,我们以此为基础探索世界。而关爱和体察他人需求已被明可以推动社交和情感发展。”“By contrast, psychological control can limit a child’s independence and leave them less able to regulate their own behaviour.”“相比之下,心理上的控制会削弱孩子的自立与自律能力。”Examples of psychologically controlling behaviour identified by the study included invasions of children’s privacy and an unwillingness to let children make their own decisions, and fostering dependence upon one or both parents.研究指出的心理控制行为包括侵犯孩子隐私、不愿意让孩子自己做决定以及助长孩子对父母的依赖。Separately, study participants were asked about behavioural control, which included elements of parenting that involve not letting children get their own way: for example, not always allowing them to go out as often as they would like. No links with psychological wellbeing were observed in relation to this kind of parenting.另外,研究参与者也被问及了行为控制,其中涉及到拒绝孩子自己做主的育儿方式,比如不允许孩子时常外出。研究未发现这类育儿方式与孩子的心理健康有关。Dr Stafford said that the study did not seek to blame parents.斯塔福德士说,研究并不意在指责父母。“Parents are vitally important to the mental wellbeing of future generations,” she said. “Policies to reduce economic and other pressures on parents could help them to foster better relationships with their children.” Previous research has shown a clear link between economic stress in parents and poorer early child development.她说:“父母对后代的心理健康发展至关重要。减少父母经济等方面的压力的政策有助于他们改善与子女的关系。”此前有研究表明,家长承受的经济压力与孩子糟糕的早期发育有明显的联系。The study group were participating in the MRC’s National Survey of Health and Development. Of 5,362 people tracked since 1946, 2,800 remain under active follow-up and complete data was available from 2,000 people by the ages of 60-64.参加此次医学研究协会全国健康与发展调查的人数达5362,他们从1946年起接受追踪调查。其中2800人积极参与了跟进调查,2000名60到64岁的调查对象提供了完整数据。The findings are published in the Journal of Positive Psychology.该调查的发现刊载在《积极心理学期刊》(Journal of Positive Psychology)上。What#39;s the theory? Parenting styles育儿经一窥Slow parenting: allows children to go at their own pace, with little control over what they take an interest in or when they do it.放养式(Slow parenting):任孩子以自己的节奏自由发展,几乎不干涉他们何时对什么事情感兴趣。Helicopter parenting: named for the constantly hovering quality of certain mums and dads, the opposite of slow parenting is characterised by close involvement in a child’s interests and hobbies. First identified in the 60s, the term has come to describe the type of parent who lines up a list of after school activities.直升机式(Helicopter parenting):因某些家长像直升机一样时刻盘旋在孩子身边而得名。与“放养式”父母完全不同,他们的一大特点就是密切介入子女的兴趣爱好。此词最早出现在上世纪60年代,现用来指代全权安排课外活动的父母。Tiger mum: originated in a 2011 book by Chinese-American author Amy Chua about a traditional, strict approach to motherhood that gets results in terms of grades and extracurricular achievement. It also spawned a new term for another breed of parent – the cat dad, who is laid back, stand-offish and slow to anger.虎妈式(Tiger mum):此词出自华裔美国作家蔡美儿(Amy Chua)2011年出版的一本书。书中写到母亲采用一种严苛的传统教育方法,令孩子在学业上以及课业外都有所成。“虎妈”还衍生出另一个新词“猫爸”,形容随和、矜持而不易动怒的父亲。 /201509/399235渝中大渡口区产检多少钱 丰都县人民医院不孕不育医生

重庆医科大学附属口腔医院做四维彩超检查A cloud of dust swirled as I took down from the shelf the violin I crafted over the past two months. Bumping into an oily machine on the way, I squeezed through the dark workshop towards the farmland outside. The violin shined in the sunlight, and I admitted, reluctantly, that it looked good. But I knew it was a flaunting mockery of my failure to find beauty.木屑四散飞扬,我从架子上取下了这把我花了两个月制作的提琴。我小心翼翼地侧身穿过这个幽暗狭窄的作坊,推开门走向外面的田野。在阳光下,琴身的油漆闪耀着,晶莹剔透。我不得不承认它很好看。但同时我深知,这“好看”仅仅流于肤浅,不过是在讥讽着我再一次无功而返罢了:我未能找到真正的美。 “What makes a violin beautiful?”“为什么小提琴如此美?” I first asked this question as a three-year-old child and now again as a 17-year-old teenager. When I listened to a violin for the first time, I was so stunned by its beauty that I imagined a fairy living within the wooden frame. But fairies faded when I grew older. I wanted a rational answer. In the past, I discovered the beauty of theater by writing scripts and producing shows. Perhaps the violin’s beauty could be found in a similar way.我第一次问起这个问题的时候,还只是个三岁的孩子。那天,我第一次听到琴声时,它的美是如此震撼,以至于我确信那木盒子里一定住着一位仙女。然而,儿时的童话随着时间慢慢消逝,现在的我渴求一个理性的。物,何以感人?琴身按照一定频率的机械振动,却如何使我们共鸣,产生美的感受?我曾以参与制作戏剧的方式探索过舞台的美。也许,我也能以同样的方式体验小提琴的美? I consulted Professor Ruan. My violin teacher and mentor since he introduced the violin to me 14 years ago, this 85-year-old man rhapsodized about the legend of Antonio Stradivari. “His violins are the most beautiful works humanity has ever crafted.” Captivated, I imagined a brightly-lit workshop with fine resin scents and a dedicated craftsman pouring his life’s passion into each violin. My excitement peaked when Professor Ruan introduced to me a violin workshop in the outskirts of Beijing.我向阮老师寻求点拨。这位85岁的老人,我的恩师,正是14年前启蒙我音乐的人。他并没有直接回答我的问题,却娓娓道来,向我讲起制琴师安东尼奥·斯特拉迪瓦里的传说:“斯氏的提琴是人类创造美的巅峰。”我不禁想象着窗明几净的工作室里松脂的幽香,以及倾注一生心血追求每一把琴极致的大师。当阮老师把我介绍到京郊的一家小提琴作坊当学徒的时候,我难掩兴奋之情。 “Make a violin with your own hands,” Professor Ruan suggested. “When you play it, you will know.”“用你自己的双手做一把琴吧,”阮老师说道,“当你第一次拉响它的时候,你就会明白了。” What I saw though, was far from my expectation. The workshop was squalid, dark, and hot, its thick air pierced only by the machine noise. In front of me was a stout migrant worker, shirtless and sunburned, soon to become my master. “We produce fast. One hundred per month” he bragged, pointing at piles of wood reaching the rooftop. “All produced after Stradivari. Precisely.” Precise indeed, as I soon found that even two asymmetrical F holes, an accidental mistake of Stradivari, were meticulously copied. What shocked me most, though, was that the “master” knew nearly nothing about music. His rough hands had been tending crops, not instruments, for most of his life.然而我见到的,却与我的期待天差地别。这作坊里肮脏,幽暗,闷热;那浑浊的空气似乎只有机器的轰鸣声才能穿透。在我面前迎接我的是一矮胖的农民工,光着膀子,浑身晒得黝黑:他是带我的师傅。“我们出活快得很,一个月能出一百把!”他夸耀着,指着从院子里堆到屋顶的一堆堆原木。“每把都是照着斯特拉迪瓦里来的,一分不差。”没错,的确是分毫不差:哪怕是斯氏晚年不小心切出的一个不对称音孔,也被仔仔细细的照搬了下来。每年全世界百分之九十的小提琴都在遍布在全国的类似的作坊里被批量生产,再被成批运到欧洲贴上牌子。最令我难以置信的是,我的“师傅”对音乐可以说是一窍不通。他粗糙的双手大半生都不是在制作乐器,而是在照顾庄稼。 Two months later, standing outside the workshop, I was disappointed. Yes, I just finished, or more accurately, copied, a Stradivarius violin. But how could I answer my question in a place utterly desolate of beauty?两个月后,站在作坊门外,手拿着刚刚完成的提琴,我失望透顶。是的,我刚刚完成了,或者更准确的说,照抄了,一把斯氏小提琴。然而,在这个与美绝缘的城乡结合带,我又能如何找到我问题的呢? Then I remembered Professor Ruan’s mysterious smile when he said, “When you play it, you will know.”我突然想起了阮老师说“当你第一次拉响它的时候,你就会明白了”时,那捉摸不透的微笑。 I closed my eyes, and focused on where my fingers and strings touched. Music flowed suddenly, music so beautiful and so inconsistent with the violin’s humble origin that for a moment I doubted my own ears.我合上双眼,聚精会神于指尖与琴弦交触的地方。忽然,音乐无端地开始流淌。这音乐是如此之美,然而这琴却来自于如此鄙陋的地方,我简直无法相信自己的耳朵。 Slowly I opened my eyes, and with surprise found the fairy of my childhood fantasy dancing with my music – the two-year-old daughter of the master. Her dress drifted, her smile beamed in a shower of golden sunlight. When she looked up at me with her eyes shining with excitement, a strange sense of deja vu overwhelmed me.我慢慢睁开眼睛,惊讶的发现,我童年幻想中的仙女正在我面前伴着琴声起舞 —— 她是我师傅两岁多的女儿。她裙边摇摆,步子蹒跚,她的笑脸在金色的阳光中熠熠生辉。当她望向我的时候,眼中闪烁的激动让我突然觉得是如此的似曾相识。 I was reminded of that fine morning when Professor Ruan showed me the violin for the first time, back when I was three. An instrument with elegant curves and amber hue rested gently under his chin. Music flowed. My eyes opened wide, with an expression curiously similar to that of the dancing girl 14 years later. Memories, vivid and overpowering, revived and flooded inside me. My wet eyes felt warm in the brisk autumn wind.我想起了那个晴朗的早晨,当阮老师第一次拉小提琴给我听的时候。我那时三岁。在他的颈间,枕着一把有着优美的曲线和琥珀般的光华的乐器。阳光洒进室内。琥珀闪耀着,晶莹剔透。音乐流淌。我睁大眼睛,眼睛里激动与生机与14年后小女孩的眼睛是如此相似。鲜活的回忆在我心中复活,难以抑制地喷薄而出。我的眼睛不觉在秋季清朗的风中湿润发热。 Professor Ruan was right. I didn#39;t find beauty until I played music with the violin, because beauty is not in the instrument itself. It also has nothing to do with the surroundings, nor even the listener. When I caressed the strings, when the girl danced her spontaneous dance, when two souls met and inspired each other, beauty was incarnated. It’s just here, deep down, in ourselves.阮老师是对的。直到我拉响小提琴的时候,我才终于找到美,因为美本就不在乐器中。美也与周遭的事物无关,甚至连和聆听的人是谁都没有关系。诗,言其志也。歌,咏其声也。舞,动其容也。三者本于心,然后乐器从之。当我抚摸琴弦;当那小女孩兴之所致,形诸舞咏;当两个灵魂相遇且相和,美就诞生了。它就在这儿,深深的,在我们这里。 /201512/416349重庆哪家处女膜修复的医院比较好 秀山土家族苗族自治县四维彩超哪家医院最好的

重庆儿童医院疏通输卵管堵塞1.Malatang (numb, spicy soup)1.麻辣烫A humble version of hotpot, you pick your own skewered vegetables and meat from the shelf, and get staff to boil them together in chicken or pork broth.一只其貌不扬的辣锅,货架上有各种串好的蔬菜和肉类任君选择,然后让店里的务员来帮你用鸡肉或猪肉熬制的高汤将这些食材一起煮沸。2.Sheng jian (fried bun)2.生煎包It#39;s hard to resist succulent pork buns, especially when they are fried and garnished with fresh spring onion and toasted sesame.多汁的猪肉包精心煎炸,加上新鲜的小葱末和炒过的熟芝麻,真是一种难以拒绝的美味!They taste best just out of the pan -- totally worth the blisters on your tongue.刚出锅的生煎包风味最佳——完全值得你舌头上烫口的刺痛。3.Xiaolongbao (soup dumpling)3.小笼包RMB 4 usually gets you eight of these velvety and delicate Shanghai classics. The cure for any hunger pang, these are seriously good.只需4元钱就可以买到8只这样口感醇香,质地绵软的沪上名吃。对任何一个饥肠辘辘的吃货,这都是非常好的选择。4.Cong You Bing (green onion pancake)4.葱油饼The best green onion pancakes are cooked up by little old grannies who get up at 6 a.m. to cook, knead and slap these petite bing in the city#39;s many longtangs.最好的葱油饼都是身材娇小的大妈做出来的。她们清早六点起床张罗,揉面,摔饼,在这个城市大大小小的弄堂里都能找到这种小小的中式面饼。5.Tofu flower soup5.豆腐花Made by curdling soy milk, this smooth tofu soup contains the subtle flavor of soybeans beneath a colorful mixed dressing of dried shrimps, pickled radish, seaweed, scallion, soy sauce and chili oil.豆腐花是凝固的豆奶制成的,入口即化,含着大豆的柔和清香,上面撒着五缤纷的什锦配料,有干虾皮,酸萝卜,海带,小葱,酱油,还有辣椒油。6.Stinky tofu6.臭豆腐You know you are becoming a true Chinese when you start craving stinky tofu.当你开始为臭臭的豆腐垂涎的时候,你就会知道你已经是一个真正的中国人了。Once we got over the initial shock of the stench of the snack we found the tofu clean and silky. And four for just RMB 1 -- we#39;d be crazy not to love these.一开始我们是惊奇的,这种小吃气味奇丑,豆腐却是干净卫生,口感丝滑的。四只臭豆腐才1块钱——如果我们不爱上它一定是傻掉了。7.Hong shan yu (baked sweet potato)7.烤红薯Sweet, fluffy, and fibrous, these baked sweet potatoes are a nice contrast to most cheap eats in China. Usually sold out of a pushcart, they are one of the healthiest snacks in town.口感香甜,质地松软,丝丝缕缕,这种烤红薯如此美妙,与中国其他的便宜街边小吃都不一样。这种烤红薯一般都是手推车贩卖的,曾经这就是小巷里最健康的零嘴。8.Kebabs8.烤串Few things taste better at four in the morning than a few grilled kebabs. Our favorite is of course the yang rou chuan (羊肉串) -- lamb kebabs.凌晨四点来几串串烤的烤肉,很少有其他东西能睥睨它的滋味。我们最喜欢的当然是羊肉串——用羊肉做成的烧烤。9.Liang pi (cold jelly noodles)9.凉皮Having grown in popularity across the Middle Kingdom, Shaanxi liang pi has established itself as the perfect summer lunch or a snack.凉皮在中部地区已是名声大燥。陕西凉皮被认为是最完美的消暑午餐或零食。Dress the chunky, chewy jelly noodles and fresh vegetables with sesame sauce, vinegar, and chili oil, and then sprinkle some toasted peanuts and sesame for the final touch. Voila.造型粗厚,口感柔韧的米粉条,新鲜的蔬菜,加上芝麻酱,香醋和辣椒油,最后撒上一点炒熟的花生和芝麻,这就完成了。棒棒哒!10.Xun yu (smoked fish)10.熏鱼Deep-fried then boiled in soy sauce, this fish dish can be eaten as a starter in traditional festival banquets or simply as a snack when you#39;re out and about.这种熏鱼是油炸而成的,然后在酱油里煮沸,在传统的节日宴席上这常常是一道开胃菜。或者你外出旅行的时候也可以把它当做零食。 /201601/422897 重庆市爱德华医院割痔疮多少钱重庆哪得无痛人流好



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