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宁夏固原市割包皮手术平凉市人民医院看泌尿科怎么样A comedian could be Guatemalas next president.一名喜剧演员可能成为危地马拉新总统。Jimmy Morales, a comedic actor and political novice is leading the pack of three candidates, according to early results, headed for a presidential runoff after Sundays election in Guatemala.危地马拉星期日举行选举后,初步计票结果显示,喜剧演员、政界新人吉米·莫拉雷斯在三名总统候选人中居于领先地位,他可能会参加总统决选。With about half of the votes counted, Morales has 26 percent of the ballots. His campaign slogan ;not corrupt, not a thief; resonated with voters after a corruption scandal rocked Guatemala late last week, ending in the resignation of President Otto Perez Molina.目前大约一半选票已经清点完毕,莫拉雷斯获6%的选票。他的竞选口号是“不要腐败,不要盗窃”,受到选民的欢迎。上周末爆发的腐败丑闻使危地马拉受到震动,导致佩雷斯总统辞职;I planted love in my homeland and now Im harvesting that love,; Morales said Sunday after casting his vote.莫拉雷斯星期日参加投票后表示:“我过去在祖国播下爱的种子,现在收获爱的果实。”Conservative businessman Manuel Baldizon trailed Morales with 18 percent of the ballots, while former first lady Sandra Torres had 17 percent of the the votes.保守派企业家巴尔蒂松得票18%,位居第二,前第一夫人桑德拉·托雷斯获得17%的选票。来 /201509/397489固原各医院专项 Chinese premier Li Keqiang has said his government will not ;defend to the death; its goal of 7 per cent economic growth this year a day after Beijing cut interest rates for the sixth time in 12 months. 中国总理李克强表示,他的政府不会“死守%的今年经济增长目标,他是在北京方2个月来第六次降息的当天发表此言的。Mr Lis remarks come before Mondays opening of a Communist party gathering that will shape the upcoming five-year plan, a blueprint for the economy. Personnel appointments and policies decided during the plenum will reflect the competition among factions for influence over future generations of leaders. 李克强发表此言之际,也正值中共十八届五中全会将在周一开幕,会上将制定下一个五年计划(中国经济的蓝图)。全会期间宣布的人事任命和政策将反映各派系之间竞相影响下一代领导人的角力。Chinas official statistics showed growth sliding to 6.9 per cent in the third quarter, the lowest since during the depths of the global financial crisis. Other indicators such as steel consumption or electricity use suggest even greater weakness in the heavy industry and manufacturing that for years served as the engine of Chinas economy, despite efforts to loosen credit and stimulate investment. 中国的官方统计数据显示,第三季度经济增长下滑.9%,这是自年全球金融危机最严重时期以来的最低点。其他指标如钢铁消费量或用电量似乎表明,重工业和制造业的疲弱更为严重(这两个经济部门曾多年拉动中国经济),尽管官方采取了放松信贷和刺激投资的措斀?Growth for the full year is likely to slip to the slowest pace since 1990, the year after Chinas crackdown on student and worker protests nearly derailed economic reforms and caused foreign investment to dry up. Although the Chinese economy now is far larger and much more complex than 25 years ago, the growth targets carry a symbolic importance and many in Beijing are uncomfortable as they tick lower. 全年增长可能下滑990年以来的最慢速度,那是中国镇压学生和工人抗议后的次年,那场风波几乎搅乱了经济改革,并导致外商投资大幅减少。虽然当今的中国经济5年前规模大得多,也复杂得多,但经济增长目标仍具有象征意义上的重要性,北京的许多人对它们越来越低感到不安。“We have never said that we should defend to the death any goal, but that the economy should operate within a reasonable range,Mr Li was ed as saying in a speech to the Central Party School that trains officials in the ruling Communist party. His speech was paraphrased in a report posted on the central governments website this weekend. “我们从来没有讲过要死守某一个点,而是让经济运行保持在合理区间,”中国媒体援引李克强在中央党校发表的讲话称。中央政府网站在周末的一篇报道中转述了他的这次讲话。中央党校为执政的共产党培养官员。Yi Gang, vice-governor of the Peoples Bank of China, told a conference on Saturday that China would be able to keep growth at 6-7 per cent for the next three to five years, a rate he called “very normal 中国央行副行长易纲上周六在一个会议上表示,中国能够在未来三到五年保持6%%的增长,他称这样的增长率“很正常”。Mr Li and other economic reformers have long argued for a departure from the strict numerical goals that are a holdover from the days of Chinas Soviet-style planned economy. But the party has wavered between adopting his preferred formula of a target of growth at “abouta certain percentage and falling back on absolute targets. 李克强和其他经济改革者长期主张告别苏联式计划经济时代遗留下来的刻板数字目标。但是,党在采纳他青睐的某个百分比“左右”的增长目标与恢复绝对值目标之间举棋不定。Many local officials prefer absolute targets that make it easier to measure whether they have met their performance goals. GDP growth is one of the primary targets by which local officials performance is judged by the party, alongside quashing any social unrest. 许多地方官员更喜欢绝对值目标,因为那样更容易衡量他们是否达到了自己的政绩指标。GDP增长是党评判地方官员政绩的主要指标之一(另一个指标是平息任何社会不安定)。Traditional sectors of the Chinese economy are being hit by crushing overcapacity, wages are rising and corporation and local governments are suffering due to high levels of debt. However, Chinas service sector has been growing and now accounts for about half of the nations economy. 中国经济的传统部门正受到严重产能过剩的打击,同时工资水平不断上升,企业和地方政府都不堪高债务水平的重负。然而,中国的务业一直在增长,目前大约占国民经济的半壁江山。来 /201510/405804宁夏固原市治疗尿道炎多少钱

西吉县男科挂号The speed with which Africa was eclipsed by Iraq on Washington’s agenda was startling. It happened the moment Barack Obama left the first summit of African leaders convened by a US president and stepped into his limo alongside the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. African delegates who flocked to the US capital last week appeared as if they had stayed beyond last orders. It was a reminder of the need for strong champions if the spirit of engagement between Washington and African capitals is to be kept alive.在美国政府的议程上,非洲的地位正以惊人的速度被伊拉克盖过。巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)刚离开首次由美国总统召集的非洲领导人峰会,在参谋长联席会Joint Chiefs of Staff)主席陪同下,一脚踏进他的加长轿车时,这种转变就发生了。上周涌入美国首都的非洲代表们,还没有意识到这次宴请已经结束。这对人们是一个提醒:美国和非洲要保持旺盛的合作精神,需要多么有力的领头人。The US has been slow to respond to rapidly changing dynamics on the continent where a decade and a half of rapid economic expansion has seen the emergence of more assertive governments, a consumer class and a host of fresh suitors from the developing world in search of commercial opportunity.15年来,非洲经济快速扩张,这让他们的政府变得更加自信,同时促成了一个消费者阶层的诞生,吸引了众多来自发展中国家的投资者前来寻找商机。针对非洲大陆这种快速变化的形势,美国一直反应迟缓。The raw pioneering capitalism with which Americans built their nation has been notably absent from the US approach. Instead it is the Chinese who have taken on that role. In pursuit of resources to fuel domestic growth and markets for manufacturers, Beijing has adopted a long-term view of the continent’s potential, marrying its interests to Africa’s need for railways, roads and fast money. The Turks, Indians, Brazilians and others have followed.在美国对非战略中,美国人建国时所倚赖的那种原始的开拓性资本主义精神显然已消失不见。扮演这一角色的反而变成了中国人。在寻找资源以促进国内经济增长、以及为国内制造商开辟市场的过程中,中国对非洲的潜力抱着长远眼光,将自身利益与非洲对铁路、公路以及“快钱”的需求结合在一起。土耳其、印度、巴西和其他国家也紧随其后。By contrast, Washington has appeared complacent, stuck in an era when the consensus remedy to debt-ridden economies emerging from dictatorship was named after America’s capital, and the medicine of free market economics and political freedom was universally if unevenly prescribed. China’s willingness to provide billions of dollars of investment free of politicised conditions has weakened the intellectual hold of the so-called Washington Consensus. If the US is to regain influence it needs to become more actively involved.相比之下,美国显得有些自满。美国的思维仍停留在这样一个时期:对那些债务累累、试图摆脱独裁的经济体,它给出同样的药方(尽管计量有所不同),那就是市场经济和政治自由。这些药方以美国的首都命名,名曰“华盛顿共识Washington Consensus)。而中国则愿意在不附加政治条件的情况下提供数十亿美元的投资,这削弱了华盛顿共识的影响力。要重新获得影响力,美国需要更积极地参与非洲事务。It was in belated recognition of this that Mr Obama called the summit. In many ways it surpassed expectations, showcasing to Africans the capacity America has to mobilise capital and expertise. The bn pledged towards investment and development comes from a blend of sources, not all American and not all new. But as a headline figure it matched what Beijing has offered.奥巴马召集此次峰会,意味着他终于开始面对现实。此次峰会在很多方面都超出了预期,它向非洲人展示了美国动用资金和专业技能的能力。峰会承诺向非洲投资370亿美元用于发展,这些资金并非所有都来自美国企业,也并非所有都是新投资。但从整体数据来看,其规模与中国相仿。The summit revealed to US businesses a fresh side of Africa. Thousands of Africans flew in for the occasion. While official delegations brought little new to the occasion, there was also a range of dynamic non-state participants eager to strengthen US-Africa ties.此次峰会向美国企业展示了非洲新的一面。数千名非洲人飞抵华盛顿参加会议。尽管官方代表没有给此次活动带来多少新东西,但与会者还包括很多渴望加深美非合作、富有活力的非政府人士。Out of this jamboree, a more pro-active and holistic US approach could be born. In the past decade, US policy has become increasingly militarised, with concerns over security, and the sp of Islamic extremism, often taking precedence over democracy. Some of Washington’s strongest allies in Africa are its most autocratic. This has weakened Washington’s message on human rights and made Africans acutely sensitive to US double standards.美国可以借助此次大型峰会形成一种更主动、更全面的战略。过0年,美国政策越来越军事化,对于安全以及伊斯兰极端主义蔓延的担忧经常优先于对民主的关切。美国在非洲的一些最强大盟友也是最为独裁的。这削弱了美国的人权立场,同时让非洲对美国的双重标准极为敏感。It is no longer enough to preach. If Washington wishes to maintain its influence over political and security developments, it needs to play a stronger role in Africa’s economic evolution. The focus Mr Obama has brought to trade and investment, and greater state backing with credits and guarantees, is a necessary step. That makes it all the more important to sustain Eximbank, if US companies are not to be put at a disadvantage.仅仅说教已经不够了。如果美国希望保持其在政治和安全发展方面的影响力,就需要在非洲的经济发展中发挥更大作用。奥巴马将注意力放在贸易和投资领域以及增加政府的信贷和担保持,是必要之举。这使得持美国进出口银Eximbank)愈发重要,如果不想让美国企业处于劣势的话。With US businesses playing a bigger part in driving growth and creating jobs, African governments will pay more attention on other fronts. To persuade US businesses to invest more, African governments need to strengthen the rule of law. The Chinese are building physical infrastructure. The US can bring technology, business knowledge and institution-building expertise. Prospects for African prosperity will be healthier with all aboard.随着美国企业在推动非洲经济增长和创造就业方面发挥更重要作用,非洲政府将更多关注其他领域。要说美国企业扩大投资,非洲政府需要加强法制。中国人正在非洲建设物质基础设施。美国可以提供技术、商业知识以及制度建设方面的技胀?有了各方的参与,非洲的发展将更为健康稳健。来 /201408/320683固原市协和医院包皮术 BEIJING -- If you think water is in short supply in California, you should see whats happeningin China. The situation is so dire that next month, the communist governmentwill turn on the taps in the worlds biggest water-diversion project.北京——如果你认为加州缺水,那你应该去中国看看。中国所面临的情况是如此的严峻,以至于下个月共产主义中国政府将开启世界上最大的引水工程。The Yongding River, which once fed Beijing,ran dry along with 27,000 other rivers in China that have disappeared due to industrialization, dams and drought.曾经供养北京的永定河和中国其7000条河流都干涸消失了,主要原因是工业化,大坝和旱灾;Some of the large parts of the north China plane may suffer severe water shortages,; said environmentalist Ma Jun. ;Some of the cities could literally run out of water.;“中国北方的某些平原可能面临严重的水危机,”环保主义者马军如是说。“有些城市可能面临水干涸。”To try to solve the problem, Chinas government is planning to spend nearly billion to build nearly 2,700 milesof water ways -- almost enough to stretch from New York to Los Angeles.为了解决这个问题,中国政府正计划耗资800亿美元建700英里长的水路——几乎是从纽约到洛杉矶的距离。Four-fifths of Chinas fresh water lies inits south. The idea behind the project is to move some of that water to the parched - and populous - north by connecting existing bodies of water. Thats meant relocating 350,000 people to settlements.中国五分之四的淡水资源分布在南方。这个项目的理念是通过连接现有水体的方式将南方的水资源输送到干旱和人口众多的北方。这意味着要对35万人进行移民。Zhang Xiaofeng, who was moved to a settlement, was asked if she wanted to come to this place.;It does not matter if youre willing or not,; said Zhang. ;We had to move here. If we didnt our homewould be under water.;一名叫做张小凤的移民被问及是否愿意搬到这个地方时,他说:“愿不愿意都不重要,我们不得不搬到这里来,如果不搬的话,我们的房屋就会被淹没在水里。”She used to sell jade but now scrapes by selling whatever she can from a small shop in her ;relocationvillage; -- dubbed ;Harmony; by the local government.她以前以卖玉为生,但是现在在移民村里开了一家小店勉强维生,当地政府授予这个移民村以“和谐之村”的称号。She walked us through her new home but said she misses her old one. Still, she said, her suffering is worth it for more people to have water. But was she being serious or just being polite?她带我们看了看她的新家,但是她说想念自己的老房子。但是她说他的牺牲是值得的,因为可以让更多人获得水资源。但是她真的是这么认为的吗,还是只是出于礼貌;As a Chinese citizen we all ought to be like this,; answered Zhang. ;We can survive anywhere.;“作为一名中国公民,我们都应该这么做。我们可以在任何地方生存。”Back in Beijing, Ma Jun feels the projectis a short-term ;emergency measure.;而在北京的马军认为这个项目是一种短期的“应急措施”;It will help to buy some time,;said Ma Jun. ;I wouldnt call this a real final solution because the current volume of transfer will not be enough to fill up the gap.;“这或许会给我们争取点时间,但是我不认为这是最终的解决方案,因为目前所输送的水量还无法满足空缺。”The water supply for some cities, he fears,may someday run out.他担心有些城市的供水可能最终会耗尽。来 /201412/345461固原治疗慢性软下疳的费用

西吉县中医院西治疗男性不育多少钱Exclusive: Obama, Putin, Merkel, Cameron, Modi and others kept in the dark after passport numbers and other details were disclosed in Australias accidental privacy breach独家新闻:奥巴马,普京,默克尔,卡梅伦,莫迪和其他人等被蒙在鼓里,澳大利亚意外地違反隐私法把各国政要人物的护照号码等详细数据被公开。Tony Abbott and Vladimir Putin cuddle koalas before the start of the first G20 meeting in November 2014. Photograph: Andrew Taylor/G20 Australia/Getty Imagess艾伯特和普京0141月第一次G20会议开始之前拥抱考拉图片摄影: 安德#8226;泰勒/ G20澳大利亚/盖蒂图片社The personal details of world leaders at the last G20 summit were accidentally disclosed by the Australian immigration department, which did not consider it necessary to inform those world leaders of the privacy breach.曾出席刚过去的G20峰会的世界各国领导人之个人资料,被澳大利亚移民部意外地曝露了。就此私隐遭泄露一事官方没考虑需要通知这些世界领导人。The Guardian can reveal an employee of the agency inadvertently sent the passport numbers, visa details and other personal identifiers of all world leaders attending the summit to the organisers of the Asian Cup football tournament.卫报披露该机构的一名雇员不慎地把各国出席峰会领导人物之护照号码,签详细数据等发给了亚洲杯足球锦标赛的组织。The ed States president, Barack Obama, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, the Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, and the British prime minister, David Cameron, were among those who attended the Brisbane summit in November and whose details were exposed.美国总统奥巴马,俄罗斯总统普京,德国总理默克尔,中国国家主席Xi,印度总理,纳伦德#8226;莫迪,日本首相安倍晋三,印度尼西亚总统佐戈维多多和英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅伦等都参加了布里斯班去年十一月举行的峰会,这些政要的个人资料都被曝露。The Australian privacy commissioner was contacted by the director of the visa services division of Australias Department of Immigration and Border Protection to inform them of the data breach on 7 November 2014 and seek urgent advice.澳大利亚移民和边境保护之签务部主管联系了澳大利亚隐私专员,通知他们于十一月七日数据遭到侵害一 并寻求紧急建议。In an email sent to the commissioners office, obtained under Australias freedom of information laws, the breach is attributed to an employee who mistakenly emailed a member of the local organising committee of the Asian Cup held in Australia in January with the personal information.据澳大利亚的信息自由法,一封电邮传送至专员办公室,侵害事件归咎于一位雇员错误地把个人资料电邮发给了一位亚洲杯一月份赛事的当地组委会的一位成员;The personal information which has been breached is the name, date of birth, title, position nationality, passport number, visa grant number and visa subclass held relating to 31 international leaders (ie prime ministers, presidents and their equivalents) attending the G20 leaders summit,; the officer wrote.;这些已经受侵害的个人信息1位出席G20峰会的国际领袖(即首相,总统及等份量人物等)的姓名,出生日期,职称,职务国籍,护照号码,签批次和签子类等;专员写道;The cause of the breach was human error. Redacted failed to check that the autofill function in Microsoft Outlook had entered the correct persons details into the email ‘To field. This led to the email being sent to the wrong person.;违规的原因是人为错误在微软的个人信息管理系统Microsoft Outlook 当在收件人字段填入正确的个人资料 执行“校订”时检查不出自动填充功能,这导致了电子邮件被发送到错误的收件人;The matter was brought to my attention directly by redacted immediately after receiving an email from the recipient informing them that they had sent the email to the wrong person.一收到“收件人”的电邮通知后就立即“校对”,通知对方他们的电子邮件发错收件人。此事直接引起了我的注意;The risk remains only to the extent of human error, but there was nothing systemic or institutional about the breach.;“人为风险仍然只是在某程度上而已,有关之违规行为亦无关于体系的或制度的问题。”The officer wrote that it was ;unlikely that the information is in the public domain;, and said the absence of other personal identifiers ;limits significantly; the risk of the breach. The unauthorised recipient had deleted the email and ;emptied their deleted items folder;.这位专员写道;这些数据是不太可能存在公共范围的;,并表示在个人认鉴之侵权风险方面缺乏;明确的界;。未经授权的收件人已删除电子邮件并且;清空已删除的邮件活页;;The Asian Cup local organising committee do not believe the email to be accessible, recoverable or stored anywhere else in their systems,; the letter said.;亚洲杯当地组委会不相信,在他们的系统中,此封电邮还可点开查看、可恢复或存储在其他地方;信中说。The immigration officer then recommended that the world leaders not be made aware of the breach of their personal information.移民官则建议不要让世界各国领导人意识到他们的个人信息私隐权遭到侵害;Given that the risks of the breach are considered very low and the actions that have been taken to limit the further distribution of the email, I do not consider it necessary to notify the clients of the breach,; she wrote.;鉴于受侵害的风险被认为是非常低,并已采取行动限制电子邮件的进一步分发,我不认为有必要通知受侵害的当事人;她写道。The recommendation not to disclose the breach to the world leaders may be at odds with privacy law in some of their countries.此不向各国领导人披露侵害事件之建议,可能与这些国家本国的私隐法不一致。Britain, Germany and France all have different forms of mandatory data breach notification laws that require individuals affected by data breaches to be informed.英国,德国和法国的义务性数据泄露通知法都有不同形式,这需要个人受到数据泄露影响才会予以通报。It is not clear whether the immigration department subsequently notified the world leaders of the breach after the initial assessment.目前尚不清楚移民部门在初步评估后,是否随后通知受侵害的世界各国领导人。The office of the Australian immigration minister, Peter Dutton, did not respond to questions.澳大利亚移民部长彼得#8226;达顿办公室没有响应此问题。Australias deputy opposition leader, Tanya Plibersek, called on Tony Abbott to explain why the world leaders were not notified of the breach.澳大利亚反对党副领袖Tanya Plibersek,呼吁总理艾伯特解释为什么世界各国领导人都没有就此侵害事件得到通知;The prime minister and the immigration minister must explain this serious incident and the decision not to inform those affected,; she said.;没有告知受影响的决定,总理和移民部长必须解释这一严重事件;她说。Disclosure of the data breach is likely to embarrass the Australian government after controversial mandatory data retention laws were passed last week.在有争议的义务性数据保留法律于上周通过后,曝出数据泄露事件可能让澳大利亚政府感觉难堪。The passage of the laws which require telecommunications companies to store certain types of phone and web data for two years has been marked by concerns about the adequacy of privacy safeguards by companies and government agencies that will handle the data.此法案的通过,要求电信公司存储某些类型的电话和网络两年数据,这己经给企业和政府机构的私隐防护造成担忧,他们将要处理相关的数据。The Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young said: ;Only last week the government was calling on the Australian people to trust them with their online data, and now we find out they have disclosed the details of our world leaders.绿党参议员莎#8226;汉森 - 杨说;就在上周,政府正在呼吁澳洲民众相信他们与他们的在线数据,现在我们发现他们泄露了我们的世界领导者的详细信息;This is another serious gaffe by an incompetent government.;;这是一个不称职的政府的再一次严重出丑;Australias immigration department was also responsible for the countrys largest ever data breach by a government agency.澳大利亚移民部应为此政府机构的全国有史以来最大的数据泄露事件负有责任。In February 2014 the Guardian revealed the agency had inadvertently disclosed the personal details of almost 10,000 people in detention many of whom were asylum seekers in a public file on its website.卫报014月透露,在其网站上公开的文件中,该机构已在不经意间披露了近一万个被拘留人的个人信息, 当中许多是寻求庇护者。来 /201504/368438 固原检查男科的费用固原市做包皮手术需要多少钱



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