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固原割包皮医院哪比较好固原龟头炎治疗方法公司开会讨论出账目,经理Tim和会计部主任John告诉大家,要紧缩开,首先从员工可报销的账目下手。Tim说,Tim: Im not going to sugarcoat it: well have to cut back on our expenses or well have to cut back on staff, something Id rather not do.M: But we still have discretionary spending money, right?T: Sure. You can spend half of the 0 on whatever you want without providing a receipt.经理Tim说,我不想粉饰太平,sugarcoat it. 实际情况是,不减少开,就得裁员。 Mike问,是不是还有discretionary spending money, 可以随便配的钱。是,三百块里一半的开销都可以不交收据。S: What other ways can we help cut costs?T: Well, if its a flight of less than four hours, were going to ask you to fly economy class. For long distance flights you can still use business class.J: And we need to talk about client dinners. I know you have to take the client to a nice place. I know you cant take them to McDonalds.T: But...the five Michelin star A+1 Golden Steakhouse? Thats pushing it. I see a 5 claim here for a business dinner for two. Thats got to come down.Tim说,今后凡是不到四个小时的短途飞行,一律改为经济舱。John补充说,请客户吃饭,虽然不能去麦当劳,但两个人吃牛排花265块,则未免有些过份。Thats pushing it.S: Actually, Ive been doing more Internet research before I take clients to business meals. Ive found you can save a lot of money by choosing an interesting, special place that isnt necessarily expensive.T: Right! Say, ;I know this little place...; and take them somewhere cool, but not at 5 a pop!Shannon建议,不用带客户去太贵的地方吃饭,可以带他们去一些更有意思,但并不贵的餐馆。Tim赞成,说最好是take them somewhere cool, but not at 5 a pop. A pop是每次花多少钱的意思。M: Another thing: stay out of the hotel bar! Its outrageous what they charge for a couple of cocktails! Go find a bar down the street to meet at. Its got more character and its substantially cheaper.J: Yes, good thinking.M: And it goes without saying, the hotel rooms ;adult; movies are not business expenses.(Laughter)T: No, they most certainly arent! Thanks guys! I appreciate your understanding.Mike补充说,旅馆酒吧太贵。最好能出去找个酒吧见面。不仅便宜,而且Its got more character. 还更有个性。Mike 搞笑道,It goes without saying不用说,旅馆的是不能报销的。 /201211/207870泾源县男科医生 These measures will spur firms to cut costs and limit pay rises.这些措施会促使企业削减成本,控制薪金出。These measures will spur firms to cut costs and limit pay rises.这些措施会促使企业削减成本,控制薪金出。Is that what you discussed for the whole week?这就是你们讨论了一个星期的结果?Private companies aim to cut costs a little faster than their competitors.私人企业的目标是抢在竞争对手之前削减成本。A common mistake is cost cuts which would weaken the company without sharpening its core businesses.常见的错误是削減成本,这会削弱公司实力,而并不能提高其核心业务竞争力。This invention can lower device cost and reduce the engineering labor.此项发明可以降低设备成本,减少工程量。This invention can lower device cost and reduce the engineering labor.此项发明可以降低设备成本,减少工程量。Please show me the relevant materials.请给我看看相关资料。We call the past cost of buying a plant that has no resale value a sunk costs.我们称过去购买新设备的成本为沉没成本。Equipment costs or the associated costs called ownership costs,设备成本或与设备相关的成本称做所有权成本。 /201509/400395第一句:How much are you asking for this brand of ties for 5000?你们的这款领带5000条的报价是多少?A:You are a large dealer in ties.你们是领带行业的大经销商。B:Yes.是的。A:How much are you asking for this brand of ties for 5000?你们的这款领带5000条的报价是多少?第二句:If we order 10,000, what would be your offer?如果我们订10000, 你们的报价是多少呢?A:If we order 10,000, what would be your offer?如果我们订10000, 你们的报价是多少呢?B:We will offer you the price tomorrow. It hasnt been on the market.我们明天给您答复。这款领带还没有上市呢。A:OK.好的。可以使用在线工具随时与供应商取得联系,进行询问和报价。其他表达法:Whats the price for 1000 kg of white sugar?1000千克白糖的价格是多少?If our order is in a large amount, how much will you bring your price down?如果我们大量订货,你们降多少价? /201207/190525隆德县包皮手术多少钱

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固原治疗尿道炎医院Handle Special Occasions with Co-Workers 陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他在休息室里遇到了美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)CH:Hi Amy, how are you?A:I'm fine, thank you. And you?CH:还好。A:So why the puzzled look on your face?C:今天早上接到我的同事Sue的电子邮件,说想给另外一个同事Lyn开40岁的birthday party,生日派对。A:Oh, how nice. What are the details of the party?C:Sue要组织大家星期五在楼下的意大利餐馆吃饭,而且还得带个礼物去。A:How do you feel about that?C:我觉得有点尴尬。我跟Lyn并不熟,不知道该给她买点什么,另外我也不知道花多少钱合适。A:I agree that these occasions can be uncomfortable, especially when you don't know the person well or you are asked to buy a gift.C:那我是不是应该给Sue发个email回绝算了呢?A:This is not the time to send an e-mail. Your words might be misunderstood. You need to discuss this and e-mail does not lend itself to discussion.C:要不我就说星期五已经安排了其他事儿?A:That's not a good idea, especially if everyone else in your department is participating. Talk to Sue.C:那好吧。******第二天,陈豪在办公室走廊上遇到了Amy.A:Hi, Chen Hao. How did it go? Did you talk to Sue?C:我昨天下午去找Sue,跟她说了我的顾虑。A:I'm curious to know what happened.C:谈得还不错。她说另外还有几个人找过她,提出了各种问题。A:Like what?C:有的人说跟Lyn不熟, 买礼物好像不太合适。但是大家并不介意凑份子,一起给Lyn买个像样的礼物。A:Sometimes with these events, people aren't sure how much to spend, like you, and they don't want to come off looking stingy or cheap. Occasionally someone just doesn't have any extra money to spend on an unanticipated expense.C:其实我手头也有点紧。A:So did you work things out?C:Sue决定大家一起凑钱给Lyn买礼物,每人只要交几块钱就行了。她还说,如果有人不愿意,也没有关系。A:That sounds like you all came up with the perfect solution. It is always nice to recognize special occasions in the office, like birthdays, weddings and the arrival of babies.C:不过我觉得,办公室里遇到这种事情,应该有一个大家都觉得合适的做法。A:I agree. These occasions are opportunities to build relationships with our co-workers, get to know each other outside the office and have some fun together. B if everyone is not in agreement, you'll create ill will instead of good will. /09/83444 来自中国的雇员Penny跟同事Robert聊天儿。Penny Liu: Hey, Robert! I was listening to you speak Chinese at the presentation yesterday! Youre fluent!Robert: Oh, thats kind of you to say, but in reality Im just able to hold a conversation.P: You are too modest. Seriously, I was really impressed. I actually wanted to know how you did it because I really want to take my English to the next level.P: But your English is fantastic.P: Yeah, its pretty good. But Im aiming to become completely fluent. Do you have any tips?Penny称赞美国同事Robert中文说得流利,fluent,给她留下了深刻印象。I was really impressed. Penny问Robert 学习语言有什么窍门,那么Robert有什么建议呢?R: Well, I studied at a major university in Taipei before coming to Beijing. And I lived in Hong Kong for over a year as well.P: So youre saying Ill have to live in an English-speaking country?R: It certainly doesnt hurt. But there are some things you can do if that is not an option.P: For example?R: When I first began studying Chinese, I found that watching Chinese movies was a really big help. Turn off the subtitles and watch and listen closely.原来,Robert在中文环境中生活过一段时间。可如果没有这种条件,if that is not an option, Robert说,看电影会有很大帮助,并建议关掉字幕,turn off the subtitles, subtitles is spelled s-u-b-t-i-t-l-e-s, subtitles是字幕的意思。P: But they speak so fast in movies! Will I be able to understand?R: You could watch a movie you have aly seen before...but no subtitles. That way you can pick up the rhythms of speech.P: What about vocabulary? Should I just try to memorize more words?R: Memorization cant hurt, but its sometimes hard to learn words that have no context. Many times when I learn a new Chinese word, I dont really understand it until I hear or see how its used in a sentence.P: So I need to find a context for the words.R: Right!电影对白说话太快,跟不上怎么办。Robert建议Penny选择以前看过的电影,然后关掉字幕。That way you can pick up the rhythms of speech. 这样就能慢慢找到语言的节奏。单词量vocabulary 不够怎么办?Robert说,死记硬背固然没有害处,可有时候少了上下文,单词的意思是很难准确理解和掌握的。Robert对提高英语水平还有哪些好的建议,我们下次继续听。 /201202/171241固原哪家医院治疗男性龟头炎好院彭阳县妇幼保健站男性专科



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