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2017年12月18日 11:23:42 | 作者:城市指南 | 来源:新华社
Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, Indonesias best-known Islamist cleric, pledged allegiance to Isis from his jail cell last year上图说明:去年,印尼最知名的伊斯兰教士阿布巴卡尔巴希尔在狱中宣誓效忠ISISA large gang of men, dressed in camouflage and wielding heavy machine guns, smile at the camera. One waves a black flag. Another chants, “let us beginin Indonesian.一大群身穿迷、手拿重型武器的男人在摄像机前微笑。其中一人挥舞着一面黑色旗帜,另一人用印尼语高唱“让我们开始吧”。The footage that emerged this week of militants thought to be fighting in Syria for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as Isis, has shocked Southeast Asian security analysts, who have long played down fears of Indonesians being drawn to join the militant group in its self-declared caliphate.近日出现的这段影像震惊了东南亚安全分析人士。据信,画面中的这些武装分子准备赴叙利亚为“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)作战。长期以来,分析人士一直淡化一种担忧,即印尼人会被拉入这个自封的哈里发国的武装组织。“If this is one unit, in one city then it may be higher than I thought,says Sidney Jones, director of the Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict. “It wouldn’t take more than two or three of them to come back and get a little unit into shape to do something more dangerous than we have had in the past 10 years.”“如果一个城市一个小组织的话……那么危险可能比我过去想象的要高,”雅加达冲突政策分析研究所(Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict)主任西德尼琼Sidney Jones)表示,“只需要两三个人回来,就可以建立一个小组织,做出一些比我们在过0年经历的还要危险的事情。”The comes just as Indonesia was aly beginning to question the extent to which militant ideology had sp in the country.这段视频出现之时,印尼已开始质疑激进理念在该国的蔓延程度。Last week a dossier from the Australian Federal Police was leaked to the media alleging that two former commercial pilots had been posting pro-Isis material on social media and interacting with Indonesian fighters thought to have fled to the Middle East. Meanwhile, police are investigating an explosion last week in one of Jakarta’s major shopping malls, which they suspect was linked to Isis.近日,澳大利亚联邦警察局(Australian Federal Police)的一份材料被泄露给媒体,文件称,两位前商业飞行员在社交媒体上发布持ISIS的资料,并与据信已逃往中东的印尼武装分子互动。同时,印尼警方正在调查上上周发生在雅加达一大型购物中心的爆炸案,警方怀疑此事与ISIS有关。While President Joko Widodo is preoccupied with slowing economic growth and political infighting, analysts say the extremist threat in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation has been growing rapidly in the past year, since the country’s best known radical cleric, Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, swore allegiance to Isis from a high-security prison on Nusa Kambangan island, south of Java.印尼总统佐科维多Joko Widodo)正忙于应对经济增速放缓以及政治内斗的问题,分析人士表示,过去一年,自印尼最知名的激进传教士阿布巴卡尔巴希尔(Abu Bakar Ba’asyir,见上图)在位于爪哇南部努沙岛戒备森严的监狱发誓效忠ISIS以来,在这个全球最大的穆斯林占多数的国家,极端主义威胁迅速加大。The previous government responded to rising support for Isis by formally banning the group and increasing monitoring of those travelling to Turkey and other countries that form a gateway to the Syrian conflict面对国内对ISIS的持升温,上届政府的回应是,正式禁止ISIS,同时加大对去往土耳其和其他国家的人员的监控,这些国家是参与叙利亚冲突的入口。But Mr Widodo, a former small-town mayor with scant experience in security and foreign policy, has done little to crack down further.但前小城市市长维多多缺乏安全和外交政策方面的经验,他几乎没有采取措施展开进一步打击。Ms Jones estimates there are now more than 300 Indonesians fighting with Isis in the Middle East, raising concerns that returning jihadis could revive extremist cells back home just as veterans of the Afghan war in the 1980s formed the al-Qaeda-sponsored Jemaah Islamiyah network behind a string of high-profile terrorist attacks across the region more than a decade ago.琼斯估计,现在有超过300名印尼人在中东与ISIS共同作战,这让外界担心,这些圣战者们回国后可能会令本国的极端主义组织复活,就0多年前,参加过上世纪80年代阿富汗战争的老兵,组成得到基地组al-Qaeda)持的伊斯兰祈祷Jemaah Islamiyah),在该地区发动了一系列引人注目的恐怖主义袭击。Achmad Sukarsono, an analyst at the Eurasia Group, warns against underestimating the threat “because if a few Afghan veterans can create JI, what happens if 500 or more Indonesians come back from the Middle East theatre and feel they need to do something in Indonesia?”欧亚集Eurasia Group)分析师艾哈迈德苏卡索Achmad Sukarsono)警告不要低估这种威胁,“因为如果几个阿富汗老兵可以组成伊斯兰祈祷团,那00名或更多从中东战场回国的印尼人,要是认为他们有必要在印尼做些事情,会发生什么?”Analysts say Mr Widodo is too focused on other matters.分析人士表示,维多多过于关注其他事务。“The whole Islamic issue doesn’t figure that high on his priority list,says Michael Buehler, a lecturer at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. “He has so many problems just basically surviving politically.”“整个伊斯兰问题没有列在他的优先任务清单的前列,”伦敦大学亚非学School of Oriental and African Studies)讲师迈克尔比Michael Buehler)表示,“他刚刚勉强在政治上存活下来,面临很多问题。”Stronger laws are required to enforce Indonesia’s ban on Isis, according to the Institute for Policy Analysis and Conflict, as travelling overseas for military training is not illegal in Indonesia, while police struggle to curb the hate speech of radical preachers in a country where religious groups still wield considerable power.冲突政策分析研究所称,印尼必须制定更强硬法律来执行印尼对ISIS的禁令,因为在印尼,赴海外参加军事培训并不非法,同时在这个宗教组织仍有着巨大影响力的国家,警方很难限制激进传教士的仇恨演讲。In particular, the think-tank highlights the need for security forces to identify radical mosques, and for simple intervention in prisons, where jihadi inmates have held well publicised oath-taking ceremonies and regularly use mobile phones.该智库尤其强调,必须让安全部门查出激进的清真寺,并对监狱进行彻底干预,现在圣战分子囚犯在监狱里的宣誓仪式被大肆宣传,他们还经常在狱中使用手机。“There is an information system that goes through the prisons,explains Ms Jones. “People who want to go to Syria can go and visit someone in a maximum-security prison, get the contacts for one of his friends on the outside and find a way of getting there.”“整个监狱上下有一个信息体系,”琼斯解释称,“想去叙利亚的人可以去看望某个在安全级别最高的监狱中囚禁的人,取得他在监狱外面的一位朋友的联系方式……然后设法抵达那里。”Yet recent inaction may come down to widesp belief that the threat of terrorism in Indonesia has subsided in the past 15 years, with no major incident since nine people were killed in suicide bombings at major hotels in Jakarta six years ago.然而政府最近的不作为可能要归因于人们普遍认为,过去15年,印尼的恐怖主义威胁已消退,自6年前雅加达大型酒店内的自杀式爆炸导人死亡以来,该国没有出现重大事件。Indonesia’s militant groups had been left splintered since the country’s US-funded counter-terrorism police cracked down on Jemaah Islamiyah after more than 200 people were killed in the bombing of a Bali nightclub in 2002. And the country ranked just 31st of 124 countries in the Global Terrorism Index published by the Institute of Economics and Peace last year, just below the US and above Israel.2002年,00多人在巴厘岛一夜总会爆炸案中丧生,之后由美国资助的印尼反恐警察部队对伊斯兰祈祷团进行了打击。自那以来,印尼的激进组织一直处于四分五裂的状态。去年,在经济与和平研究所(Institute of Economics and Peace)公布的全球恐怖主义指Global Terrorism Index)排行榜上,印尼在124个国家中名列1位,排在美国之后,以色列之前。Though returning jihadis could revive extremist cells in the country, Azyumardi Azra, a leading moderate thinker, claims Indonesian Muslims are largely tolerant and find the Wahhabi fundamentalism exported from the Middle East “too dry, too pure, too primitive, too Spartan著名温和派思想家艾祖玛迪阿兹拉教授(Prof Azyumardi Azra)声称,尽管回国的圣战分子可能会让该国的极端主义组织复活,但印尼的穆斯林基本上是宽容的,他们认为从中东输出的瓦哈比(Wahhabi)原教旨主义“太枯燥、太纯粹、太原始而且太清苦”。“We are worried,he says. “But we are not scared.”“我们很担心,”他表示,“但我们不害怕。”However, Eurasia Group’s Mr Sukarno says that to the moderate nature of the majority should not lead to complacency.然而,欧亚集团的苏卡索诺表示,大多数人的本性温和不应导致掉以轻心。“In general the Muslim community in Indonesia is a lot more moderate than in the Middle East but you don’t need a community to be radicalised,he says. “You need a very few people.”他表示:“总的来说,印尼的穆斯林比中东温和得多,但不需要整个穆斯林社会都变得激进,只要很少一部分人变得激进(就很危险)。”来 /201507/386325FRANKFURT Equipment made by Putzmeister has been used to help smother out-of-control nuclear reactors in Chernobyl and Fukushima, but the German company had no technology to protect it when the global economic meltdown struck in 2008.法兰克福——在切尔诺贝利和福岛,人们曾用普茨迈斯特(Putzmeister)公司制造的设备来处理失控的核反应堆,但008年全球经济危机来袭时,这家德国公司却没有什么方法来保护自己。Putzmeister, based in the town of Aichtal, south of Stuttgart, suffered more than a 50 percent plunge in revenue and had to cut its German staff of about 2,500 by roughly half. Then, a rescuer came from an unlikely place: China.普茨迈斯特的总部位于斯图加特南部的埃尔西塔镇,当时公司营收骤降0%,不得不把其2500名德国员工裁减了大约一半。然后它遇到一个救星,来自一个意想不到的地方:中囀?In a deal that has become emblematic of Europes increasing openness to Chinese investors, Sany Group, a maker of construction equipment based in Changsha in Hunan Province, bought Putzmeister in 2012.总部设在湖南长沙的建筑设备制造商三一集团,在2012年收购了普茨迈斯特,这宗交易已经成为了欧洲日益向中国投资者开放的象征。The apparent success of the combined company since then is one reason why Premier Li Keqiang of China received a warm welcome when he visited Berlin and Hamburg this month. Despite some remaining friction, Germany and Europe in general have largely overcome fears that Chinese investors would steal technology, close costly European factories and ship the production to China.被并购后,这家公司似乎取得了成功;中国总理李克强本月访问柏林和汉堡时,受到了热烈欢迎,这也是原因之一。尽管还存在一些擦,德国和欧洲已经在很大程度上克了恐惧感,之前他们曾担心中国投资者会盗窃技术,关闭成本高昂的欧洲的工厂,并把生产环节转移到中国;With the difficult situation in the world economy that we see at the moment, its a sign of stability that economic cooperation between Germany and China is developing very well,; Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said on Oct. 10 after announcing a host of new treaties and business contracts between the two nations, including orders for Airbus planes and an extension of Volkswagens joint venture in China with the FAW Group Corporation until 2041.“当前世界经济处于困境之中,但德国和中国之间的经济合作发展良好,这是局面稳定的一个迹象,”德国总理默克尔说,她此前刚宣布中德签订了一系列新的条约和商业合同,其中包括空中客车(Airbus)获得飞机订单00日她又表示,大众(Volkswagen)与中国一汽集团的合资企业合同延长041年。One reason that Europeans have become more welcoming of the Chinese is that they need the help. Economic growth is weak, the population is aging, and business investment is tepid. Besides money, Chinese investors help European companies get better access to China and other Asian markets.欧洲人之所以变得更加欢迎中国人,原因之一在于,他们需要获得帮助,来应对经济增长乏力、人口老龄化,以及不温不火的商业投资。除了资金之外,中国投资者还可以帮助欧洲企业更好地把握中国和亚洲其他市场的机会。Partly as a result, Europe has surpassed the ed States as Chinas largest trading partner, and Europeans appear to be eager for more. ;I think its fair to say Europe is welcoming Chinese investment,; said Jeremy Clegg, a professor at Leeds University Business School in Britain who has studied the subject.这在一定程度上是欧洲超过美国成为中国最大贸易伙伴的原因,而欧洲人似乎希望更进一步。“可以说,欧洲正在欢迎中国的投资,”研究过这一课题的英国利兹大学商学院(Leeds University Business School)教授杰里米·克莱格(Jeremy Clegg)说。Another reason the Chinese are welcome is that, at least so far, they have proved to be unobtrusive, almost invisible, managers. At Putzmeisters main plant in Aichtal, there is just one Chinese executive and five Chinese trainees, said Uwe Misselbeck, the companys head of human resources.中国人受欢迎的另一个原因是,至少到目前为止,事实明他们是比较低调、几乎隐形的企管人士。普茨迈斯特人力资源主管乌韦·米赛尔拜Uwe Misselbeck)表示,在该公司位于埃尔西塔的主厂区,只有一名中国管理人员和五名中国见习员工;Were still eating with knives and forks,; Mr. Misselbeck said last month at an event in Frankfurt organized by consulting firm KPMG before Mr. Lis visit. The session was part of a campaign to counter lingering stereotypes about Chinese owners.上个月在李克强访德之前,米赛尔拜克在法兰克福参加由审计公司毕马威(KPMG)组织的活动时说,“我们仍在用刀叉吃饭。”此次会议是一个宣传活动的一部分,目的是要反驳长期以来对中国老板的刻板印象。Putzmeister specializes in equipment to pump concrete at construction sites, which was used to contain nuclear radiation at Chernobyl in 1986, in what is now Ukraine, and to pump massive amounts of water to cool the malfunctioning reactor at Fukushima, Japan, in 2011.普茨迈斯特专门制造建筑工地的混凝土浇铸设备,1986年在现位于乌克兰的切尔诺贝利,该设备曾被用于控制核辐射,2011年在日本,它还被用来抽取大量水,冷却福岛核电站出现故障的反应堆;The Chinese colleagues treated us very cordially,; Mr. Misselbeck said of the takeover by Sany. He compared them favorably with investors from the ed States, ;who want to tell you how the world works.;米赛尔拜克提到三一重工收购一事时说,“中国同事对我们很热情。”他将他们与那些“想要告诉你世界如何运转”的美国投资者作比较,流露出对前者的赞赏。The ed States remains by far the largest source of direct investment in Europe, accounting for more than one third of the total in 2012, the most recent year for which complete information is available. That compared to a 2.6 percent share for China.迄今为止,美国仍然是欧洲直接投资的最大来源,2012年,其投资金额在总投资额所占的比例超过了三分之一,而中国投资所占比例为2.6%012年是能获得完整信息的最新一年。But investment from China has grown at a much faster rate than that from any other country. The value of Chinese holdings in the European Union more than quadrupled from 2010 to 2012, to 26.8 billion euros, or billion at current exchange rates, according to Eurostat, the official statistics agency.但中国投资的增长速度比其他国家快得多。据官方统计机构欧洲统计局(Eurostat)透露010年至2012年,中国在欧盟持有的股票的价值翻了三倍多,增68亿欧元(按照当前汇率计算约合2085亿元人民币)。Chinese companies have invested in ports in Genoa and Naples in Italy and in Athens. They have bought Italian makers of steel products, German manufacturers of patio furniture, and Hungarian chemical producers. Hamburg, which hosted Mr. Li on Oct. 11 at a ;China Meets Europe; meeting, has more than 500 Chinese companies in the city and surrounding area, according to the local chamber of commerce.中国公司投资购买意大利热内亚、那不勒斯及雅典的港口。他们收购了意大利钢制品制造商、德国户外家具生产商,以及匈牙利化学品生产商01日,德方在汉堡召开了主题为“中国遇见欧洲”的会议,欢迎李克强总理。据当地商会透露,汉堡及周边地区00多家中国公司。And investment from China could get a further boost as the Chinese government streamlines the approval process that domestic companies must go through before they invest abroad, according to KPMG.据毕马威透露,随着中国政府简化国内公司在进行海外投资前必须通过的审批过程,来自中国的投资会进一步增加。Chinese investors have also drawn attention with a number of high-profile deals and their willingness to buy troubled companies. One of the most attention-getting acquisitions was in 2010 when Zhejiang Geely Holding bought Volvo Cars from Ford Motor.中国投资商开展了很多备受瞩目的交易,而且愿意购买陷入困境的公司,他们因此获得关注。浙江吉利控股集团于2010年从福特汽车(Ford Motor)手中收购了沃尔沃汽车公司(Volvo Cars),这是最受关注的收购案之一。In August, when Volvo unveiled its first completely new model under Chinese ownership at an event in Stockholm, the Chinese presence was so discreet it was invisible. No Chinese executives appeared. Volvo executives presented the new car, a sport utility vehicle called the XC90, as the embodiment of Swedish aesthetics and engineering.今年8月,沃尔沃在斯德哥尔推出了自归中国公司所有以来的首款新车型,中方非常低调,近乎隐形。现场没有中方的管理人员。沃尔沃的首席执行官介绍了名为XC90DE运动型多用途车,称这款新车是瑞典美学与工程的结晶。Hakan Samuelsson, the chief executive of Volvo Cars, implied that the company had more freedom under Geelys ownership than under Ford.沃尔沃汽车公司首席执行官哈坎·萨缪尔森(Hakan Samuelsson)暗示,与福特相比,公司归吉利所有后拥有更多自由;They have given us a new role as a stand-alone company,; Mr. Samuelsson said of Geely during a meeting with a small group of journalists. ;We are not a sort of division executing commands from some center.;“他们给了我们一个新角色:一家独立自主的公司,”在与一小群记者的会议上,萨缪尔森提到吉利时说。“我们不是一个只能执行某个核心机构命令的部门。”In an example of how Chinese ownership can open up new markets for European companies, China has become the largest market for Volvo Cars. The top-of-the-line XC90 will be built in Sweden, but other Volvo models are aly being manufactured in China and the company is considering exporting some of the Chinese-made models to the ed States.中国已经成为沃尔沃汽车的最大市场,这也明了中国的投资可以为欧洲公司打开新的市场。最豪华的XC90车型将在瑞典生产,但沃尔沃的其他车型已经在中国投产,公司正考虑向美国出口一些中国生产的车型。The Chinese-European trade relationship is not without tensions. European investors complain that they face far more restrictions investing in China than vice versa, as well as a disadvantage competing against Chinese companies that are government owned or receive government subsidies.中欧贸易关系也存在紧张。欧洲投资者抱怨,他们在中国投资时受到的限制,要远远多于中国在欧洲投资时受到的限制,还有在与政府拥有或补贴的中国企业竞争时所处的劣势。European officials have accused China of imposing restrictions on the export of raw materials in violation of rules pertaining to members of the World Trade Organization. They have also accused China of selling solar panels at dumping prices, a practice that has created severe problems for German producers of solar equipment.欧洲官员曾指责中国对原材料出口设置的限制,违反了世贸组织成员国需要遵守的规定。他们还指责中国倾销太阳能板,这种做法给德国的太阳能设备制造商造成了严重的麻烦。When Mr. Li visited Berlin on Oct. 10, against a background of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, Ms. Merkel was careful to mention that they had also discussed human rights issues.李克00日访问柏林时,香港正在举行亲民主抗议活动,默克尔谨慎地提到,他们还讨论了人权问题。Chinese officials have also made accusations against European companies. In September, price regulators in Hubei Province imposed a fine of .5 million on the Audi unit of Volkswagen, saying that the automaker had reached monopolistic agreements with 10 dealerships to maintain high prices for cars and replacement parts.中国官员也曾对欧洲企业发出指责。今月,湖北省的物价监管机构对大Volkswagen)旗下的奥Audi)罚款4050万美元,称这家汽车生产商0家经销商达成了垄断协议,以维持整车及备用配件的高售价。Progress has been slow on an effort to negotiate a new comprehensive investment agreement between the European Union and China that would ease some of these frictions, while simplifying transactions and providing more protections to investors.中国和欧盟就一份新的综合投资协议的谈判一直进展缓慢,这份协议或将缓解一些擦,同时简化交易程序,为投资者提供更多保护。State-owned Chinese companies are the largest investors in Europe in monetary terms, and even private companies like Sany have close ties to the government. That leads to persistent suspicion that Chinese investment is part of a stealth effort to exert influence in the European economy.从资金数额来看,中国国有企业是欧洲最大的投资者群体,而即使是三一重工这样的私营企业,也与政府有着密切的关系。这引发了一种长期存在的怀疑,即中国的投资是对欧洲经济施加影响的隐秘计划的一部分。But at the local level the light touch applied by Chinese managers seems to have helped assuage such concerns.但在当地,中国管理者采取的无为而治的策略,似乎缓解了这样的担忧。Mr. Clegg, the University of Leeds professor, said the restraint displayed by Chinese owners reflected their own relative newness to international business.利兹大学教授克莱格说,中国所有者表现出来的克制,反映出他们对跨国生意是相对陌生的。That sets them apart from, say, American investors who may make acquisitions specifically because they think they can improve the way a company is managed.这就让他们与美国的投资者区别开来。美国的投资者实施收购,可能就是因为他们觉得自己能够改善一家公司的管理方法;Unlike the American model, the firms from China are not going abroad with managerial talent, with decades of experience,; Mr. Clegg said. ;They would still say they have more to learn.;“与美国模式不同,来到海外的中国企业没有管理上的过人才干,也没有几十年的丰富经验,”克莱格说。“他们还在说自己有许多东西需要学习。”来 /201410/337758CY Leung, Hong Kong’s chief executive who is at the centre of the storm over political reform in the territory, has come under renewed pressure following revelations that he received large payments from an Australian company.置身于香港政改风暴中心的行政长官梁振CY Leung)受到新的压力,有人爆料称,他曾从一家澳大利亚公司收到巨额款项。Fairfax Media reported that Mr Leung had been given two undisclosed payments totalling #163;4m from UGL, an engineering company, since becoming chief executive in 2012.澳大利亚媒体Fairfax Media报道,梁振英012年出任香港行政长官后,从工程公司UGL收取了两笔没有披露的款项,总计400万英镑。His office said there was no requirement to disclose the money, which was paid in connection with the sale of DTZ, a property company of which Mr Leung was a director.他的办公室表示,相关资金无需公开申报,这些款项与出售戴德梁行物业公司(DTZ)的交易有关,梁振英曾是该公司董事。The news of the payments comes as Mr Leung is under pressure from the democracy protests that have rocked Hong Kong for more than a week.有关这些款项的消息传来之际,梁振英正受到持续震撼香港一个多星期的民主抗议的压力。Martin Lee, a barrister and founder of Hong Kong’s Democratic party, said the revelations were “unbelievable while Alan Leong, head of the opposition Civic party, said the chief executive should explain the payments.香港民主党创始人、大律师李柱Martin Lee)表示,爆料内容“令人不可思议”,而另一个反对党公民党的党魁梁家Alan Leong)表示,梁振英应当解释这些钱的来源。“He owes it to the public to explain,said Mr Leong, adding that the revelations would “harm him even more“他有责任向市民解释,”梁家杰表示。他补充说,爆料内容会“进一步损害他的名誉”。David Webb, a corporate governance expert in Hong Kong, said Mr Leung should have disclosed the financial relationship with the Australian company on the forms that politicians in Hong Kong must file every year.香港公司治理专家戴维#8226;韦伯(David Webb)表示,梁振英本来应该在香港政界人士每年必须提交的表格上披露其与上述澳大利亚公司的财务关系。“The concept here is to disclose your commercial relationships, particularly when they involve money, which this did,said Mr Webb, who added that #163;4m was “more money than 90 per cent of Hong Kong citizens will earn in their lives“总的来说就是要披露你的商业关系,尤其是涉及到金钱的商业关系,这件事就属于这种情况,”韦伯表示。他补充说,400万英镑“超过了90%香港市民一辈子的收入”。The contract signed by Mr Leung shows that he agreed to act as an “adviser from time to timefor UGL. His spokesman could not immediately comment on whether this triggered a requirement to disclose the payments. But the spokesman said Mr Leung “has not provided any service to UGLafter signing the agreement.梁振英签署的合同显示,他同意“时from time to time)”担任UGL的“顾问”。对于这一点是否意味着必须申报上述款项,他的发言人无法立即置评。但该发言人表示,梁振英在签署合同后“从未向UGL提供任何务”。Mr Leung faces accusations that his administration is politically persecuting Jimmy Lai, a media tycoon who owns the anti-Beijing Apple Daily newspaper, for making donations to lawmakers that were not disclosed by the politicians. Mr Lai has helped fund the “Occupypro-democracy movement, which is pushing for Mr Leung to resign over his backing for a Chinese plan for electoral reform in the territory.梁振英领导的香港政府目前被指对香港媒体大亨黎智英(Jimmy Lai)进行“政治迫害”。旗下拥有反北京的《苹果日报Apple Daily)的黎智英被指向立法会议员捐款,而那些立法会议员没有披露这些捐款。黎智英帮助资助了持民主的“占中”运动,该运动要求梁振英辞职,因为他持中国中央政府为香港制定的选举改革方案。The Independent Commission Against Corruption, the official anti-graft agency that raided Mr Lai’s home last month, has denied having any political motive.上个月突击搜查黎智英居所的官方反贪机构廉政公ICAC),则否认该搜查行动有任何政治动机。Hong Kong is governed under a “one country, two systemsmodel created under China’s late leader Deng Xiaoping, which gives it a certain level of autonomy from the mainland. Critics of Mr Leung, who is seen as being pro-Beijing, accuse him of undermining that model.香港目前按照中国已故领导人邓小平设计的“一国两制”模式进行管治,这使其拥有一定程度的自治。批评者则指责梁振英破坏这一模式。According to documents published by Fairfax, Mr Leung signed the deal which UGL says was a non-compete agreement four days after he announced his plan to run for chief executive. His spokesman said the payments were related to his resignation from DTZ and “not any future service to be provided by him He added that there was “no requirement .#8201;.#8201;. for Mr Leung to declare the aboveFairfax Media发表的文件显示,梁振英在宣布竞选行政长天后签署了上述协议;UGL称这是一份“竞业禁止协议”。梁振英的发言人表示,这些款项与他从戴德梁行物业公司辞职有关,而“不是要由他提供任何未来务”。这位发言人补充说,“在现行制度下……梁先生无需对此申报”。UGL said the deal made no mention of what would happen if Mr Leung became chief executive because he was not expected to win the post. “Media coverage suggested that other candidates were favoured to be elected, so the possibility of CY Leung securing office was not the focus of UGL’s negotiations,said the company.UGL表示,这项协议没有提到梁振英成为行政长官会发生什么,是因为当时预计他不会当选。“媒体报道表明,其他一些候选人更有希望当选,因此梁振英胜出的可能性不是UGL谈判的焦点,”该公司表示。Mr Leung was originally considered a long shot to become chief executive. More than half the 1,200 members of the committee that picks the leader favoured Henry Tang, the scion of a wealthy family who was later forced to drop his campaign after it emerged that he had built an illegal wine cellar in his house.梁振英最初被认为不太可能成为行政长官。在选举委员会的1200名成员中,超过半数起初瞩意出身富贵家族的唐英Henry Tang),但后来传出了唐英年在自己家里违规建造酒窖的消息,此后,唐英年被迫退出竞选。Over the past two weeks, Mr Leung has been vilified on the streets of Hong Kong, with protesters depicting him as Dracula, the Devil, and Pinocchio. One of his biggest backers from 2012, the property tycoon Ronnie Chan, said that he had “no opinionon whether Mr Leung was handling the protest situation well.过去两周期间,梁振英在香港街头成为众矢之的,抗议者将他描绘成吸血鬼、恶魔和匹诺曹(《木偶奇遇记》主角——译者注)。对于梁振英是否妥善处理了抗议的问题,他012年以来最大的持者之一、地产大亨陈启宗(Ronnie Chan)表示“无可奉告”。Kenneth Yeung, one of the 27 lawmakers who make up the pan-Democrat opposition, said Mr Leung should explain the payments, adding that he believed his colleagues would have the same view.27名泛民主派立法会议员之一Kenneth Yeung表示,梁振英应该解释这些款项,他补充说,他相信他的同事们也都有同样的看法。来 /201410/333780

Beji Caid Essebsi has been sworn in as Tunisias new president, becoming the countrys first freely elected leader since it gained independence from France in 1956.贝吉.卡伊埃塞卜西星期三宣誓就任突尼斯新总统,成为该956年脱离法国独立以来第一位通过自由选举产生的领导人。Mr. Essebsi took the oath of office Wednesday at a ceremony in the parliament where his secular Nidaa Tounes party won the most seats in an October election.埃塞卜西星期三在议会举行的仪式上宣誓就职,他领导的世俗政党在10月议会选举中取得多数席位。The 88-year-old president won a runoff election this month, defeating incumbent Moncef Marzouki, who had served as Tunisias interim president since the 2011 ouster of longtime leader Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali.现年88岁的埃塞卜西本月赢得了决选的胜利,击败了自本.阿里2011年被赶下台以来,一直担任临时总统的马左基。Mr. Essebsi has pledged to move forward with a united Tunisia and said he hopes his election marks the start of a new future for the country.埃塞卜西保带领团结的突尼斯向前迈进,并表示希望他的的当选标志突尼斯新未来的开始。He previously served as a minister in Mr. Ben Alis administration and as an advisor to Tunisias first president, Habib Bourguiba.埃塞卜西在本.阿里政府被推翻后担任总理,并在突尼斯第一位总统哈比布尔吉巴任职期间担任外交部长。来 /201501/352200

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is coming under criticism after he lamented what he called the ;lifestyle choices; of the countrys remote indigenous community.澳大利亚总理阿特对偏远地区原住民社区“选择的生活方式”表示了哀叹。他因此而受到批评。Mr. Abbott made the comments Tuesday in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in which he defended his plan to shut down up to 150 Aboriginal communities.阿特星期二在接受澳大利亚广播公司采访时,为他制定的关闭150个原住民社区的计划进行辩解。The conservative prime minister said that if people wanted to live in remote locations, as many Aborigines do, ;theres a limit to what you can expect the state to do for you.;持保守立场的阿特说,如果人们像很多原住民那样,愿意住在偏远地区,那么国家能为他们提供的帮助就是有限的;What we cant do is endlessly subsidize lifestyle choices if those lifestyle choices are not conducive to the kind of full participation in Australian society that everyone should have,; he said.阿特说,如果这些生活方式无助于全面融入澳大利亚社会,国家也就不能无限度地为选择这些生活方式的人们提供补助。The comments drew a sharp rebuke from many Australian politicians and analysts, including Warren Mundine, the prime ministers own chief adviser on Aboriginal affairs.阿特的这番话招致很多澳大利亚政界人士和分析人士的尖锐反驳,其中包括阿特的原住民事务首席顾问蒙戴尼;It is not about a lifestyle, it is not like retiring and moving for a sea change, it is about thousands of years connection, their religious beliefs and the essence of who they are,; Mundine told local media.蒙戴尼对当地媒体说,这不是生活方式,不像退休并期待翻天覆地的变化。而是事关数千年的传统、宗教信仰和原住民的本质。Australias Aboriginal population, which has lived on the continent for at least 40,000 years, is severely disadvantaged in comparison to the rest of the countrys citizens.澳大利亚原住民在澳洲已经生活了至万年。与澳大利亚其他居民相比,原住民的生活环境非常艰苦。来 /201503/363721

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