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固原市包皮手术多少钱固原包皮价钱An unmanned submersible is making a third attempt to find the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on the seabed of the southern Indian Ocean after earlier sorties ran into technical difficulties, authorities said Wednesday.有关方面周三表示,在早些时候的搜寻行动遇到技术性问题后,一艘无人潜航器正第三次扫描南印度洋海床,试图找到马来西亚航Malaysia Airlines) 370航班的残骸。The U.S. Navys Bluefin-21 was forced to resurface to rectify a technical problem part of the way into its 20-hour mission, Australias Joint Agency Coordination Centre, which is leading the multinational search operation, said in a statement. While aboard the Australian naval vessel Ocean Shield, its data was downloaded and found nothing related to the plane. The vehicle was later deployed and is continuing its underwater search.澳大利亚联合机构协调中心(Joint Agency Coordination Centre)在一份声明中称,此前美国海军“蓝21Bluefin-21)潜航器在执行20小时搜寻任务的途中被迫浮上水面,纠正遇到的一个技术性问题。不过,“蓝21”上的数据已经被下载,未找到与失联客机相关的物体。该潜航器之后重新入水,继续海底搜寻工作。It was the second such setback in an underwater search that began Monday. After completing about six hours of its first underwater search Monday, the submersible reached its operating depth limit of about 3 miles, and its built-in safety feature returned it to the surface, underscoring just how difficult its mission is. That search also found no evidence of the missing jet.这已经是海底搜寻工作周一启动以来第二次受挫。在周一完成了约六个小时的首次海底搜寻行动之后,“蓝21”潜航器达到了约3英里(约.8公里)的最大下潜深度,其内置的安全设备启动使其浮出水面,这凸显了此次任务的艰难程度。周一的搜寻行动也未能发现与失联客机相关的据。The search efforts primary goal remains recovering the Boeing 777s black box flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders. However, authorities in change of the recovery operation decided earlier this week to move to the submersible as it seemed increasingly likely the batteries powering the emergency locaters were dead and devices looking for pings would be useless.此次搜寻行动的首要目标仍然是打捞这架失联波音(Boeing) 777客机的“黑匣子”飞行数据和驾驶舱语音记录器。不过,负责此次打捞行动的有关方面本周早些时候决定使用无人潜航器,因为黑匣子电池电量耗尽的可能性似乎越来越大,继续探测脉冲信号将无法起到任何作用。The submersible is targeting an area where a black box locator device last week picked up the strongest in a series of electronic signals that authorities believe may have come from the missing plane.该潜航器正锁定一个目标区域,上周黑匣子定位仪探测到的一系列有关方面认为可能来自失联飞机黑匣子的电子信号中,该区域的信号最强There are a couple of areas of interest but the one we are going to search first is the ones with the strongest indications, said U.S. Navy Capt. Mark Matthews, who is coordinating the underwater search from Perth, in Western Australia state.美国海军上尉马修Mark Matthews)说,有几个区域受到关注,但他们率先搜寻的是探测到最强信号的区域。马修斯在西澳大利亚州的珀斯协调水下搜寻。A separate air and sea search of the ocean surface for plane debris continued Wednesday, with 11 military aircraft, three civil aircraft and 11 ships visual searching about 21,000 square miles of ocean.另外,空中和海上对海面飞机残骸的搜寻周三继续进行1架军用飞机架民用飞机和11艘船舶肉眼搜索海面大1,000平方英里(约4,390平方公里)的面积。Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, who is leading the multinational search, said Monday that within three days, search crews will complete the search for floating material. After that, he said that portion of the operation may be called off.负责牵头多国搜索行动的澳大利亚空军上将休斯敦(Angus Houston)周一表示,搜寻队员将在三天内完成对漂浮物的搜寻。他说,之后这部分行动可能会结束。Simon Boxall, an oceanographer at the University of Southampton in the U.K., said that strong currents in the search are could have taken surface debris more than 600 miles from the original impact site.英国南安普顿大学(University of Southampton)海洋学家克索尔(Simon Boxall)表示,搜寻过程中的强大洋流可能将海面残骸带至距原始撞击地点00英里(约66公里)的地方。来 /201404/288638固原市中心医院看男科怎么样 It rang out at the Metropolitan Opera, with Plácido Domingo conducting, and before performances by the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and others. Muslim leaders sang it in Paris at the scene of one of Friday’s deadly terror attacks. London’s Wembley Stadium will display its lyrics on large screens to help English-speaking soccer fans muddle through it Tuesday when England plays France.在普拉西多·多明戈(Plácido Domingo)指挥之下,这曲子在大都会歌剧院响起;费城交响乐团、芝加哥歌剧团、底特律交响乐团以及许多乐队献上表演之前同样演奏了它。穆斯林领袖们在周五致命恐怖攻击的一处现场之外歌唱它。星期二,英格兰与法国足球队在伦敦温布利体育场展开角逐之前,大屏幕上会播放它的歌词,帮助说英语的球迷一起磕磕绊绊地唱。“La Marseillaisehas echoed around the world since Friday’s terrorist attacks an expression of solidarity with the people of France and of outrage at the carnage caused by the terrorists who killed 129 people Friday during a series of coordinated attacks in Paris. But the ubiquity of the song, the French national anthem, reflects something else too: the way “La Marseillaiseresonates emotionally around the world in a way few other national anthems do.自从周五的恐怖袭击事件之后,《马赛曲La Marseillaise)的歌声在全世界回响,人们以此表示对法国人民的持,以及对恐怖分子暴行的义愤——他们于周五在巴黎发起一系列协同攻击,杀死了129人。但是,这首法兰西共和国的国歌之所以无处不在,还反映出其他一些东西:罕少有一首国歌能像《马赛曲》这样,在世界的任何地方,都令人心情激荡。What other anthem can boast of being ed by the Beatles (in the introduction to “All You Need Is Love, Tchaikovsky (812 Overture and Debussy (who used fragments in his “Feux d’artifice? Or of being covered by the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and the singer Serge Gainsbourg, who recorded a reggae adaptation? Or of anchoring emotional scenes in two masterpieces of world cinema: Jean Renoir’s “Grand Illusionand, a few years later, “Casablanca,in the unforgettable scene where the regulars at Rick’s Café Américain sing it as an act of defiance to drown out Nazis singing a German patriotic song?还有哪一国的国歌曾被“披头士Beatles)在歌曲前奏中使用(《你所需要的只是爱》[All You Need Is Love]),或是出现在柴可夫斯基(Tchaikovsky)的812序曲1812 Overture)里?德彪Debussy)的《焰火Feux d’artifice)亦曾使用它的片段。哪一国的国歌曾被爵士钢琴手强哥·莱恩哈Django Reinhardt)翻唱,被歌手塞尔日·甘斯布(Serge Gainsbourg)录过雷鬼版本?又有哪一国的国歌曾在两部世界影坛的杰作中唤起扣人心弦的一幕?——先是让·雷诺Jean Renoir)的《大幻影Grand Illusion),几年后又是《卡萨布兰卡Casablanca),在那令人难忘的场景里,里克的“美国咖啡”酒吧的常客们唱起这首歌作为反抗,声音压过了纳粹士兵的德国爱国歌曲。Of course there were other songs taken up after the Paris attacks. Madonna paid tribute to the people of France, and Piaf, by singing “La Vie en Roseduring a concert in Stockholm on Saturday. Coldplay, at a concert in Los Angeles on Saturday, paid its own tribute to the people of Paris by playing a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”当然,巴黎恐怖袭击后,也出现了其它歌曲的声音。星期六,麦当娜在斯德哥尔的演唱会上,以一曲《玫瑰人生La Vie en Rose)向法国人民与艾迪特·皮雅芙( Piaf)致敬。“酷玩Coldplay)星期六在洛杉矶的演唱会上翻唱了约翰·列John Lennon)的《想象Imagine),作为对民的致意。But it is “La Marseillaisethat has provided much of the soundtrack since the attacks from the French soccer fans who sang it as they were evacuated from the stadium to the mourners who gathered around the world, from the French Embassy in Dublin to Union Square in New York, where French students sang it.但恐怖袭击之后,毕竟还是《马赛曲》更多地在人群上空回荡——法国足球球迷们从体育场撤退时,他们唱的是这歌;世界各地的哀悼者们聚集在一起时,他们唱的是这歌;在都柏林的法国大使馆,人们唱着这歌;法国学生们在纽约的联合广场集会,唱的还是这歌。And, since the attacks, the anthem has been played at sporting events around the world, including at N.B.A. games at Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks played the New Orleans Pelicans, and at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where the Clippers played the Detroit Pistons, and at several N.H.L. games in Canada.自从恐怖袭击之后,这国歌亦在全世界的体育赛事上回响,包括NBA的赛场——纽约尼克斯队与新奥尔良鹈鹕队交锋的麦迪逊广场花园;洛杉矶快船队与底特律活塞队交锋的斯台普斯中心;国家冰球联盟在加拿大举行的若干比赛上也播放了这首歌。It is a rousing anthem but, as French speakers can attest, hardly a song of peace. Its most bloodthirsty verses especially one calling for spilling the “impure bloodof enemies have long attracted controversy. Over the years there have been calls by prominent French citizens, including, in 1992, by Danielle Mitterrand, who was then France’s first lady to rewrite its most bellicose lyrics. But traditionalists won out, and the call to spill impure blood remains.这是一首鼓舞人心的歌曲,但是说法语的人都知道,它绝非一首和平之歌。歌词中那些嗜血的段落经常引起争议,特别是其中有一段,要让敌人流下“肮脏的血”。多年来,不少法国名人都曾经呼吁改写歌中好战的歌词,1992年,时任法国第一夫人的达妮埃尔·密特朗(Danielle Mitterrand)就曾如此建议。但毕竟是维护传统的人占了上风,“肮脏的血”得以保留。The song took a twisty path to becoming France’s national anthem. It was written in 1792 by Capt. Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle to inspire French troops under siege by Prussian soldiers in Strasbourg, and it was originally called “The War Hymn of the Army of the Rhine.It soon became an anthem of revolutionary France, and was given its current name after soldiers from Marseilles sang it on their marches. It fell in and out of favor in France during the 19th century, but was adopted by liberal and revolutionary movements elsewhere in Europe and around the world, and officially became the French national anthem in 1879.这首歌在成为法国国歌之前,曾经走过曲折的道路792年,克劳德·约瑟夫·鲁热·德·利尔上Capt. Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle)为激励斯特拉斯堡受普鲁士军队围困的法国士兵,写下了这首歌,原名是《莱茵军进行曲The War Hymn of the Army of the Rhine)。它很快成了法国大革命的颂歌,后来马赛士兵进军巴黎之时,它得到了如今这个名字。整9世纪,它在法国的命运经历了大起大落,但最终被欧洲乃至整个世界的自由与革命运动所接受879年,它正式成为法国国歌。“There are two sides to ‘La Marseillaise,’the French scholar Michel Vovelle once wrote in an essay included in “Realms of Memory: The Construction of the French Past.“On the one hand it is a revolutionary rune that extols not just liberty but the values of a new world, while on the other hand it is a war song that expresses, with a zeal sometimes deemed ‘sanguinary,the patriotic sentiments of an embattled nation.”“《马赛曲》有其两面性,”法国学者米歇尔·沃韦Michel Vovelle)在文中写道,该文收录于《记忆的国度:法国过去的建立Realms of Memory: The Construction of the French Past)一书中。“一方面,它是革命的神圣符号,不仅歌颂自由,也颂扬新世界的价值观;另一方面,它是一首战争歌曲,其中的热忱有时会显得‘血腥’,这是一个战斗中的国家迸发出来的爱国情感。”At the Metropolitan Opera, where it was played Saturday before a matinee of Puccini’s “Tosca,the lyrics were included in an insert in the programs, along with a message that : “The Metropolitan Opera mourns the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks and will perform the French National Anthem as a show of our solidarity with the citizens of France at today’s matinee performance.”星期六,在大都会歌剧院,下午场普契Puccini)的《托斯卡Tosca)上演之前,这段歌词出现在舞台上的字幕里,此外还有这样一则消息:“大都会歌剧院为巴黎恐怖袭击中的牺牲者哀悼,今日的下午场演出中上演《马赛曲》,以示我们与法国人民团结一心。”The audience stood. Many sang, drowned out by the chorus and opera singers onstage. And when it was over, there were cheers, and shouts of “Vive la France!”观众们站起身来。很多人跟着一起唱,与舞台上歌剧演员们的声音渐渐融合在一起,成为宏大的合唱。一曲告终,欢呼响起,人们高喊着,“法兰西万岁!”来 /201511/410947固原二医院割包皮多少钱

固原市中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱The ed States says it is stepping up airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria and Iraq, as top U.S. military leaders acknowledged to lawmakers Tuesday that the U.S is struggling to combat the insurgent group.美国最高军事官员星期二对国会议员表示,美军正加紧对叙利亚和伊拉克境内伊斯兰国目标的空袭,美国为打击这个激进组织正艰苦努力;No one is satisfied with our progress to date,; Marine General Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a hearing on the American military strategy in the Middle East.美军参谋长联席会议主席、海军陆战队上将邓福德在一次有关中东地区美国军事战略的听会上说:“目前为止我们的进步不令人满意。”Defense Secretary Ash Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee he was ;disappointed; in the failure of a 0 million U.S. effort to train moderate rebel forces in Syria to fight against the Islamic State. The ed States abandoned the program earlier this month after only a few soldiers had been trained.美国防长卡特在参议院军事委员会的这次听会上说,他对美国耗资5亿美元训练叙利亚温和派反对武装打击伊斯兰国的努力感到“失望”。美国本月初放弃了这一行动,之前只有少数士兵受训。In response, Carter said the ed States has intensified its aerial campaign against the Islamic State in hopes of shrinking its hold on Raqqa in northern Syria, the headquarters of its operations.卡特表示,作为回应,美国加强了对伊斯兰国目标的空中打击,以期削弱其在叙利亚北部城市拉卡的控制。拉卡是伊斯兰国的行动总部。来 /201510/406480所隆德县中医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 固原恒正医院男科挂号

吉县人民医院男科专家 Leaders at the G7 summit in Germany are meeting for a second and final day Monday with a focus on climate and energy issues, and talks with their counterparts from African nations.世界工业化七国首脑会议星期一将举行第二天、也是最后一天的会议,重点讨论环境和能源问题,并将与非洲国家首脑举行会谈。Before the summit opened Sunday, U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held their own talks where the White House said they agreed that how long economic sanctions against Russia remain in place depends on Russias implementation of a cease-fire agreement in Ukraine.在星期日峰会开幕之前,美国总统奥巴马和德国总理默克尔举行了单独会谈。白宫说,双方一致认为,对俄罗斯的经济制裁持续多长时间,将取决于俄罗斯是否履行乌克兰停火协议。Chancellor Merkel told German public broadcaster ARD that Moscow should stay out of the G7 ;community of values; over its actions in Ukraine. ;There is a barrier at the moment and I cannot really see how it can be overcome,; she said.默克尔对德国媒体说,工业化七国是基于共同的价值观而结成的团体,莫斯科由于其在乌克兰的所作所为而与这个团体格格不入。她表示,两者之间存在着一道障碍,目前还看不到如何跨越这道障碍。Russian President Vladimir Putin was not invited to take part in the summit for the second year in a row. He was first excluded last year after Russias annexation of the Crimean peninsula.俄罗斯总统普京连续第二年未获邀请出席峰会。普京去年第一次被拒于峰会之外,是因为俄罗斯并吞克里米亚半岛。European Council President Donald Tusk said Sunday the European Union and the G7 leaders remain firm in their support of Ukraine in its fight against pro-Russian separatists.欧洲委员会主席图斯克说,欧盟和工业化七国领导人仍然坚决持乌克兰打击东部的亲俄罗斯分离主义分子。Speaking at the luxury Schloss Elmau resort, Tusk said, ;Our group is not only the political or economic group of interest, but first of all it is a community of values, and that is why Russia is not among us here today, and will not be invited as long as it behaves aggressively against Ukraine and other countries.;图斯克在埃尔毛城堡度假地说:“我们不仅是政治或经济利益集团,我们首先是一个有价值观的组织。所以今天俄罗斯不在这里。俄罗斯只要对乌克兰和其他国家表现出侵略性,就不会被邀请。”来 /201506/379577固原治疗睾丸炎的费用固原市包皮手术费



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