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The far-right National Front party is within reach of taking over four regional councils in France after winning 28 per cent of the vote in regional elections, in a result that has shocked governing elites across Europe.极右翼政党国民阵National Front)在法国地方选举中赢8%的选票,有望执掌法个大区的议会。这一结果让欧洲各国的执政精英感到震惊。In the first test of public opinion since the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, the anti-immigration party of Marine Le Pen notched up its best result since it was founded in 1972.此次选举13日巴黎恐怖袭击后对法国民意的首次检验,马琳勒庞(Marine Le Pen)领导的这个反移民政党取得了自1972年成立以来的最好成绩。With almost all of the votes counted, the National Front (FN) was placed first in six of the country’s 13 regions. The centre-right and Socialists in certain regions have refused to join forces to stop the FN, which could allow it to win up to four regions in the second round on Sunday.此次选举的计票工作已接近完成,国民阵线在法国13个大区中个排名第一。由于某些大区的中右翼人士和社会党人士拒绝联手阻挡国民阵线,国民阵线可能会在本周日的第二轮选举中拿个大区。Ms Le Pen described the result as “magnificent adding that it showed that the FN was now “without contest the first party of France勒庞称这一成绩是“辉煌的”,并表示这表明国民阵线现在是“法国无可争议的第一大党”。The result reverberated across the continent, with Sigmar Gabriel, leader of Germany’s Social Democrats and the country’s vice-chancellor, calling it a “wake-up call for all democrats in Europe这一选举结果在欧洲各国引起震动,德国副总理、社民党(Social Democrats)主席西格马尔加布里尔(Sigmar Gabriel)称,它给“欧洲的所有民主人士敲响了警钟”。“It is of course a shock when rightwing extremists achieve such a result and become the strongest political force in the first round of voting in France one of the founding members of the EU in the heart of Europe,he said.意大利总理马泰奥伦Matteo Renzi)周一在Facebook上发帖称,欧洲机制需要“改革”,否则可能会沦为“马琳勒庞及那些企图效仿她的人的最佳盟友”。Matteo Renzi, Italy’s prime minister, said in a Facebook post on Monday that European institutions needed to “changeor they risked becoming the “best allies of Marine Le Pen and those who try to imitate her伦齐写道:“如果没有战略设计、尤其是经济和增长方面的战略设计,民粹主义运动迟早还会在大选中胜出。”伦齐与欧盟就预算和移民政策发生了分歧。“Without a strategic design, particularly on the economy and on growth, populist movements will sooner or later prevail also in general elections,wrote Mr Renzi, who has clashed with Brussels over budget and migration policy.即使在法3个大区中仅赢得一个大区——最终结果将在本周日第二轮投票后揭晓——对国民阵线来说也将是破天荒的。那将有助于为着017年总统选举的该党积攒势头,勒庞有意017年竞选法国总统。Victory in just one of France’s 13 regions definitive results will be known after next Sunday’s second-round vote would be a first for the FN. It would help it to build momentum as it looks towards the 2017 presidential contest, in which Ms Le Pen intends to run.两年来,国民阵线在一系列选举中表现强劲,此次选举的结果是其中的最新一例。选民们对疲弱的经济增长和高失业率愈发感到烦恼。今年发生恐怖袭击后,选民们还对安全问题日益感到担忧。Former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s centre-right Republican party and allies came first in four regions, finishing second overall with 26.9 per cent of the vote, according to the interior ministry.根据法国内政部的数据,前总统尼古拉萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)领导的中右翼政党共和Republican party)及其盟友个大区排名首位,总成绩排名第二,共获6.9%的选票。President Hollande’s Socialists and leftwing allies came first in three regions, winning 23.3 per cent of the vote nationally a crushing result for a political bloc that, at present, holds all but one of the regions.法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗 Hollande)领导的社会党(Socialist)及其左翼盟友个大区领跑,总得票率3.3%——这对目前在除了一个大区外的所有大区执政的政治联盟来说是一个惨败的结果。The election will decide the make-up of regional governments, which have power over issues including local transport, airports, ports and some schools.此次选举将决定大区政府的构成,这些政府有权决定包括地方交通、机场、港口以及一些学校在内的诸多问题。来 /201512/415105

Far fewer couples than expected have applied for permission to have a second child, a year after Beijing announced the relaxation of its one-child policy to encourage births in an ageing China.在中国政府宣布放松计划生育政策、以求在老龄化的中国鼓励生育一年后,申请生二胎的夫妇数量远低于预期。The National Health and Family Planning Commission announced yesterday that “nearly 1mcouples had applied to have a second child after Beijing decided to allow families where either parent was an only child to bear two. The law had previously granted that concession to urban couples where both parents were only children.国家卫生和计划生育委员会昨日宣布,在中国政府决定允许夫妇一方为独生子女的家庭可申请生二胎后,有“近100万”对夫妇已提出申请。此前,这一政策只允许城市夫妻二人都是独生子女才能生第二胎。The government said at the time that about 11m families would become eligible under the relaxed rules, which were implemented province by province from January last year. It estimated that 2m extra children would be born each year under the new policy. But even with nearly 1m couples applying to have a second child, demographic experts say not all will actually have one.中国政府当时说,自去月政策放宽在各省逐步实施后,大概100万个家庭将符合生二胎条件。官方估计,新政策推行后,每年将增加200万个新生儿。但即使是在这近100万对申请生二胎的夫妇中,人口统计学专家称实际上并非所有夫妇都将再生一个。The commission told a press conference the number of applicants was “in line with expert estimation that there would be no more than 2m babies born per year under the new policy卫计委在昨天的新闻发布会上说,申请生二胎的夫妻数量与专家估算的新政策下每年新生儿不会超过200万的情况相符。He Yafu, an expert on the one-child policy, said: “The actual number of newborn second babies is even lower. I estimate it at 600,000 to 700,000, just one-third of the family planning commission’s estimate. This proves the policy relaxation will not spur rapid population growth and the demographic problem in China is continuing to worsen. We will see more proposals#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;this year to urge the government to banish the family planning policy.”中国计划生育政策专家何亚福说:“新生二孩的实际数量甚至更低。我估计0万到70万之间,仅是卫计委估算的三分之一。这说明政策放松将不会刺激人口快速增长,而中国的人口结构正继续恶化。今年……我们将看到更多的建议,敦促政府取消计划生育政策。”Opinion polls often show a willingness among parents to bear a second child, but this is often not matched by actual births, demographers say. The revised policy affects many parents in large urban centres, where the cost of bearing an extra child, in terms of both time and money, has become prohibitive.人口统计学家称,民意调查往往显示父母愿意生育第二个孩子,但这往往与实际生育情况不相符。修订后的政策影响许多生活在大城市的父母,生育二胎的时间和经济成本使他们望而却步。Birth-planning laws aly allow so many exceptions that many demographers consider it a misnomer to call it a “one-childpolicy. China is facing a critical shortage of labourers caused by 30 years of restricting family size. In 2012 the working-age population of China shrank for the first time.中国的计划生育法规已经允许了太多的例外,因此许多人口统计学家认为“独生子女”政策已名不副实0年来对家庭规模的限制,造成了中国当前面临严重的劳动力短缺012年,中国劳动年龄人口出现了首次下降。来 /201501/354142

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