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泾源县泌尿科咨询固原切包皮去哪里固原彭阳县看男科好吗 本期内容:An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.一日之计在于晨首先,我们可以学习一个单词 worth W-O-R-T-H 介词 值得be worth sth 值…钱,拥有…be worth doing sth 值得做…by worthy of sth 值得… 配得上…关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖 /201702/4904172.Pro and Con Dialogue2.赞成和反对 对话Steven thinks its time for his son Mike to go to school, so he talks about this matter with Julia. But they have different opinions about that.史蒂文认为他的儿子迈克到了上学的年纪,于是和妻子茱莉娅商量。但是他们对此各持己见。Steven: I think Mike is the right age to go to school.史蒂文:我想迈克到了去学校读书的年龄了。Julia: But he is still so young. And I like staying with him.茱莉娅:但是他还很小啊。而且我也喜欢和他待在一起。Steven: I know. But both of us have to work and we cant squeeze time to take care of him.史蒂文:我知道,但是我们两个都要工作,挤不出时间来照顾他。Julia: Hey, it is not so serious. Ill work on night shift from next week. Ill be free in the daytime.茱莉娅:嘿,事情没那么严重。我下个星期开始上夜班,白天就有空了。Steven: But he is old enough to attain knowledge from school.史蒂文:但是他也到了去学校学习知识的年龄。Julia: He is only five years old. Its time for him to play.茱莉娅:他才5岁,正是玩的时候。Steven: But you arent only five years old. Its your duty to plan his future.史蒂文:可是你不止5岁,你有责任为他的未来作计划。Julia: No, I couldnt agree with you. Its his own duty to plan his own future.茱莉娅:不,我不同意你的观点,为他的将来作打算是他自己的事。Steven: I dont want to argue with you. Anyway, I will send him to the school this year.史蒂文:我不想和你争。不管怎样,我今年都要送他去读书。 /201508/390286固原民族医院治疗生殖感染价格

固原正规男科医院就诊6. Negotiating a Price with the Owner 6.与车主谈判价格A: The test drive went well. How much are you asking for?A:试驾不错。你要价多少钱?B: I am selling the car for ,000.B:我要10000美金卖掉这辆车。A: Oh, wow. Thats a little steep, dont you think?A:哦,哇。这有点贵,你不这么认为吗?B: What were you thinking? Keep in mind, its in perfect condition.B:你在想什么?记住,它的性能状态完美。A: Well, I would want to take it to my mechanic first.A:好吧,我想先把它带到我的机修工那里。B: From the test drive, what price are you thinking?B:通过试驾,你考虑多少钱买?A: I was thinking ,500.A:我认为是7500美金。B: I cant do that price. Ive put a lot of work into this car.B:这个价格我不能卖。我为这辆车做了不少工作。A: Lets cut to the chase. Whats your minimum price?A:让我们切入正题。你的最低价格是多少?B: I can let it go for an extra grand.B:我可以再加1000美元卖给你。A: So, you would let it go for ,500?A:所以,你可以8500美金卖给我?B: Yes, that would be fine. B:是的,这样还好。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/410317固原男科医院排名地址 Lesson 19. 纳莉水患淹玮柏第十九课 纳莉水患淹玮柏flooded cars车子泡水flood淹水drowned淹死no electricity water/blackout停水停电stopped breathing断气distressed凄风苦雨make it through the night撑过一夜slipper拖鞋shabbiness衣衫不整disconcerted狼狈running for your life逃命swept away漂走swamp沼泽costumes/wardrobes戏disaster area灾区floating atop the water浮在水上disaster灾难soaked all over全身湿透rubber boat橡皮艇rescue boat救生艇life guard救生员lucky survivor劫后余生 /201705/506437固原包皮切割费用

固原治疗不孕不育医院排行榜24. Being Cautious in a Big City 24.在一个大城市要谨慎A: You really shouldnt wear all that bling when we go sightseeing today.A:你今天真的不应该穿那些珠宝去观光。B: Why are you such a scared cat?B:你为什么是这么胆小如鼠呢?A: You look like you want to be mugged.A:这样你很容易被抢劫。B: Stop nagging me and walk with me to the ATM so I can get a lot of cash out.B:别再唠叨我然后和我一起去取款,这样我就能取出很多现金。A: You should only carry what you need for the day.A:你应该只带你一天需要的钱。B: I dont want to have to make multiple trips to the ATM.B:我不想为了取钱一趟一趟的跑。A: If you are robbed, they will take everything though.A:如果你被抢劫,他们将把一切都带走。B: Why are you so obsessed with crime?B:你为什么对犯罪活动这么痴迷?A: Its just that criminals look for careless tourists.A:只是罪犯只偷粗心的游客。B: You make it sound like every city is dangerous.B:你让它听起来像每个城市是危险的。A: Cities have good and bad things.A:城市好的和坏的东西都有。B: Well, lets enjoy the good things and not expect the worse. B:好的,让我们享受美好的事物,而不是期望更糟。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/429938 Conversation对话Have you seen this?你看过这则报道了吗?What?什么?They killed another hostage.他们又杀了一个人质。Oh, how awful.噢,太可怕了。What a terrible thing to do.这种事真令人发指。I agree completely.我完全同意。I just dont understand whats wrong with them.我真是搞不懂他们有什么毛病。Dont they have any humanity?他们一点人性都没有吗?Well, maybe theyve got a point.哦,也许他们有他们的道理。I mean, I suspect that they think the same about us.我猜他们的想法就跟我们一样。Yes, but that doesnt make them right, does it?是,不过这并不表示他们是对的。Just because they think so?他们只因为想这么做,就可以这么做吗?I guess not.当然不是。My view is that we should give in to their demands, so that innocent people can stop getting killed.我的意思是,我们应该接受他们的要求,这样无辜的人就不会被杀了。Come on, you cant be serious!拜托,你不是说真的吧?We should never give in to terrorists demands, otherwise where would we be?我们绝对不能接受恐怖分子的要求,否则我们怎么办?Well, thats probably true, but I dont think we should be dogmatic about it.嗯,这么说也许没错,不过我觉得我们不应该固执己见。A colleague of mine was kidnapped once, so perhaps I have a different view of things.我有一位同事被绑架过,所以我对于事情的看法可能不太一样。Really? What happened?真的吗?怎么回事?Well, it was in the Balkans during the war.嗯,那时候巴尔干半岛在打仗。He was only held for three days, and then they simply released him.他只被挟持了3天,然后就被释放了。It was a case of mistaken identity, and they just let him go when they found out he was no use to them.他们认错了人,所以等他们发现他没什么用处时,就把他给放了。It was lucky they didnt kill him.所幸他们没有杀了他。Oh, sure.噢,是啊。 /201601/420309原州区前列腺炎哪家医院最好固原治疗包皮哪家医院好



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