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英语场景口语:爱美之心人皆有之虽然有的人嘴上说着:【口语要素1】Beauty is only skin deep.但是大家还是希望自己的女朋友漂亮一点【口语要素2】People are becoming more conscious of their appearance.这是很自然的事情,如果你是一个小伙子,你一定会喜欢人家对你说:【口语要素3】Looking sharp.如果你是一位女孩,一定不会介意人家说你,【口语要素4】You’ve got a great body!这时候你也许偷偷地想:或许是我真的很有吸引力吧!【口语要素5】I’m just too darn attractive. /200604/6698Hi, Im Senator Tom Cotton and Im proud to represent Arkansas in the ed States Senate. We live in a dangerous world – and the dangers are ever increasing, particularly from radical Islamic terror. The attacks in Brussels, Paris, San Bernardino, and across the world make this all too clear. Americans are understandably fearful about their safety and security. But President Obama wants us to chill out. He believes overreaction to terrorism is a graver threat than terrorism itself. He minimizes the threat of terror attacks, even as these savages cut off the heads of Americans and inspire or direct radicals to blow themselves up in public places. Thats why President Obama went to a baseball game and did the Wave with Cubas dictator even as Americans were missing and murdered in the Brussels attack. The president defended this decision by comparing himself to Big Papi, the Red Sox star who defiantly took the field after the Boston Marathon bombings. Big Papi is a great player, but his job is to hit homeruns. The presidents job is to keep America safe, and that requires leading from the front, not sitting in the stands. Also, President Obama reportedly likes to point out that more Americans die each year from bathtub falls and car accidents than from terrorism. Maybe so. But bathtub falls arent sping an apocalyptic ideology and car crashes cant be weaponized against American cities. These arent communication mistakes by the president; theyre a feature, not a bug, of his foreign policy. And no conversation about his failed, weak policy toward radical Islam is complete without the dangerous consequences of his nuclear agreement with Iran, a country that killed hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and still chants Death to America this day. That deal hardly deserves the name – never fully disclosed, never signed, and never approved as a treaty by Congress. The presidents deal gave the worlds worst state sponsor of terrorism access to more than 0 billion dollars, 24-days notice before inspections, and a vast nuclear program that Iran can easily use to build a nuclear weapon. In return, the ayatollahs gave us the proverbial sleeves off their vest. Even worse, the presidents concessions continue. Iran has kidnaped our sailors, taken Americans hostages, sponsored terror plots against U.S. allies, fueled conflicts in Syria and Yemen, and even launched ballistic missiles inscribed with Israel must be wiped out. The ayatollahs have continued this reign of terror because they know President Obama is desperate to preserve his deal. And the presidents response? More concessions. He ransomed American hostages for another .7 billion. Hes refused to condemn and punish Irans ballistic-missile tests as violations of UN resolutions. Hes freed seven convicted Iranian criminals and dismissed arrest warrants against 14 Iranian fugitives. And now, the president may grant Iran access to the dollar, which would declare it truly open for business. This parade of concessions must stop. And if the Obama Administration wont act, the Congress – under Republican leadership – will. Later this year, we will renew the Iran Sanctions Act to ensure that the ed States can reimpose tough sanctions on Iran when it violates the nuclear deal. Weve introduced the Iran Ballistic Missile Sanctions Act, which will punish the ayatollahs for developing a missile that can reach the ed States with a nuclear warhead. Weve introduced the Iran Terrorism and Human Rights Sanctions Act to punish Irans support for terrorism and domestic oppression. And if the president grants Iran access to the U.S. dollar in financial transactions, we will take appropriate action. Republicans understand, unlike the president, that we do not and cannot have shared values with the radical, terror-sponsoring regime in Iran any more than we can with the Islamic State. The right strategy against the threat of radical Islam is to confront this radical ideology and defeat it on the battlefield before it grows larger and stronger, or obtains nuclear weapons. That may sound simplistic to the president, but to most Americans it sounds simply like the defense of our nation and our people.201604/439991

新东方美国口语学习革命[王强主讲] Lesson 2暂无文本 /200606/7392

So theres things you cant do, and these limitations on the human voice have always really annoyed me,所以说,总有声响是你发不出来的,这些人声的局限总是困扰我呀because beatbox is the best way of getting musical ideas out of your head and into the world,因为B-Box是把你脑子里的音乐想法发挥出来并走向世界的最好的办法but theyre sketches at best, which is whats annoyed me.但它们最多算得上草稿,那就是困扰我的地方If only, if only there was a way for these ideas to come out unimpeded by the restrictions which my body gives it.要是有一个方法可以让这些想法不受身体限制并顺畅的表达出来就好了So Ive been working with these guys, and weve made a machine.所以,我一直和这些家伙合作,我们成功造出了一台机器Weve made a system which is basically a live production machine,我们制造了一个系统一台实时的创作机器a real-time music production machine, and it enables me to, using nothing but my voice,一台实时的音乐创作机器,它能让我只用自己的声音create music in real time as I hear it in my head即时创作我脑袋里听到的音乐unimpeded by any physical restrictions that my body might place on me.不受任何我身体构造可能对我造成的限制And Im going to show you what it can do.接下来我就给你们演示一下And before I start making noises with it, and using it to manipulate my voice,在我用它制造噪音、用它控制我的声音之前I want to reiterate that everything that youre about to hear is being made by my voice.我想重申一下,待会儿你们听到的所有声音都是我的声音This system has -- thank you, beautiful assistant --这个系统...谢谢你,美丽善良的助手this system has no sounds in it itself until I start putting sounds in it,在我往这个系统里录音之前,它本身是没有任何声音的so theres no prerecorded samples of any kind.所以,没有任何形式的事先录音201612/483708TSE全真语音 02 /200707/15379美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson91-100暂无文本 /200606/7824

My mom is nodding.我老妈在点头同意。How many of you remember your first lecture here at Harvard?你们当中有多少人还记得在哈佛上的第一节课?Mine was Computer Science 121 with the incredible Harry Lewis. Harry.我上的是“计算机科学121”,哈利·路易斯老师超级棒。哈利老师。I was running late for classs,因为当时我快迟到了,so I threw on a t-shirt and I didnt realize until afterwards I put it on inside out and backwards with my tag sticking out the front.随手抓了件T恤就套在身上了,结果直到下午才发现我把它前后里外都穿反了,商标还露在前胸。I couldnt figure out why no one in class would talk to me -- except for this one guy, KX Jin, he just went with it.当时我还纳闷怎么没人理我,除了KX Jin,他丝毫没有在意这些,We start doing our problem sets together, and now he runs a big part of Facebook.之后,我们一起组队解决难题,现在他负责脸书很大的一块业务。And that, Class of 2017, is why you should be nice to people.这说明什么?2017的毕业生们,这说明我们大家真的应该对别人宽容一些。But my best memory from Harvard is meeting Priscilla.但是我在哈佛最美好的回忆,就是我遇见了普莉希拉(扎克伯格妻子)。I had just launched this prank website Facemash, and the ad board wanted to ;see me;.当时我刚上线了一个恶作剧网站Facemash,然后管理委员会表示“要请我去办公室”,Everyone thought I was going to get kicked out.所有人都认为我要被赶出学校了。My parents drove about here to help me pack my stuff.我爸妈来帮我打包行李;My friends threw me a going away party.我朋友帮我搞了个告别派对。Who does that? As luck would have it, Priscilla was at that party with her friend.是谁搞的呢?最幸运的事情就在这儿,普莉希拉和她朋友一起来到了这个派对。And we met in line for the bathroom in the Pfoho Belltower, and in what must be one of the all time most romantic lines,我们在Pfoho Belltower的卫生间外排队时遇见了,接下来发生了绝对是对我来说永生难忘的浪漫对话,I turn to her and said: ;Im going to get kicked out in three days, so we need to go on a date quickly.;我对她说:“我三天后就要被赶出学校了,所以我们需要尽快开始约会。”Actually, any of you graduating today can use that line. Im getting kicked out today, we need to go on a date fast.事实上,你们所有人都可以用这个套路。我今天要被赶出学校了,所以我们需要尽快开始约会。201705/511704有一天,我去医院看我的好朋友,但是公交车人太多,我的脚都站麻了。【口语要素1】My foot is numb.更倒霉的是,在回来的时候太晚了,我只好走回家,但是半路上不小心扭了脚。【口语要素2】I twisted my ankle.终于好朋友出院了,我们又可以一起踢球了,但是好朋友体力还没有恢复,一小会就抽筋了。【口语要素3】I just got a cramp. 我的体力还可以,但是在一次进攻的时候,我和别人对踢的时候被踢伤了脚趾头,但我还在坚持比赛。【口语要素4】Ouch !I stubbed my toe. 可能由于那天扭了脚没有好彻底,我在球赛快结束的时候又拉伤了肌肉,我们的比赛也输了,唉!!都是公交车惹的祸。【口语要素5】I pull a muscle while exercising. /200604/6692网络社交英语口语 53:你得再积极一些SCENE② B 在唐的酒吧里 Herbert: Wasn't sending her the music obvious enough?赫伯特: 我把音乐寄给她还不够明显吗? Don: You have to be more 1) aggressive than that.唐: 你得再积极一些。 Herbert: Hey! I'm not as 2) suave as you are. One wrong move, and it's over.赫伯特: 嘿!我不像你那么会献殷勤。我只要走错一步就玩完了。 Don: It's time for you to do something BIG.唐: 你也该有些大动作了。 Herbert: And make a fool of myself?赫伯特: 然后让自己出洋相? Don: You have to try. Isn't Rose worth it?唐: 你得试试看。难道柔丝不值得你一试吗? 语言详解 A: The studio is aggressively promoting their new movie. 那个电影公司正在积极地促销他们的新电影。 B: That's probably because it's not any good. 那八成是因为那电影毫无看头。 【It's time for... ……的时候到了】 当你要提议去做一件事的时候,就可以用这句话。 A: I'm tired of looking at these thunder thighs. 我受不了我的超级象腿了。B: Then it's time for you to join a health club. 那你该去参加健身俱乐部了。 1) aggressive (a.) 积极的,有干劲的2) suave (a.) 殷勤的 /200708/16821

Dear People of Europe,亲爱的欧洲民众,Children, women, fathers and brothers just want to live.这些儿童,妇女,父老,兄弟们只是想要生存。Now they are fleeing from their home and countries, you call them refugees. They are humiliated in Europe.如今,他们逃离了自己的家乡和祖国,被你们冠以”难民“之名。这些难民在欧洲受到羞辱。Children, instead of drawing sweet childhood memories, are drawing the cold of winter, lack of water and food, disease and standing in the camp’s long queues.孩子们的童年不再美好,他们没有饮水和食物,饱受疾病的困扰,寒冬瑟瑟却只能站在难民营外一望无际的队伍里。This will put the history of the 21st Century to shame.这一幕将成为21世纪历史篇章中屈辱的一笔。译文为翻译,未经授权!201706/513703Today, I have set out a clear vision for the future of this country as we leave the European Union. Its a plan for a stronger, fairer, Global Britain and a brighter future for generations to come. A stronger Britain means taking back control of our laws – so that we are governed by rules made in this country, and ending the jurisdiction of the European Court. It means working closely with the Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Ireland administrations to deliver a Brexit that works for every part of the UK and thereby strengthens the precious ties between us; and maintaining the important common travel area with the Republic of Ireland. A fairer Britain means getting control of the number of people coming to Britain from the EU. It means guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens living here, as our European partners guarantee the rights of British nationals living there. And – crucially – it means protecting and strengthening the rights people have at work so that workers continue to enjoy the rights and protections that they deserve. A Global Britain means building a new trading relationship with our partners in Europe. But also, being free to do new trade deals with countries from outside the European Union too. And it means continuing to cooperate with our friends and allies in Europe in critical areas such as science and technology, and in the fight against crime and terrorism. We will do all of this while providing as much certainty as we can at every stage of the negotiation, and working towards a smooth, orderly Brexit that allows businesses and others to face the future with confidence. We are leaving the European Union, but we are not leaving Europe, and our plan for Brexit will herald a new partnership between the UK and the EU. Our eyes are fixed firmly on the future, and on the kind of country we will build for generations to come. A stronger, fairer, outward-looking country that is respected around the world and strong, confident and united at home. Thats the Britain we will shape together. Thats my Plan for Britain.201702/490390

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