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固原早泄如何治疗固原妇幼保健院看前列腺炎好吗Beijing#39;s Water Cube is perhaps best known as the place where Michael Phelps won eight gold medals. This week, it became the site for something altogether different: a real-time #39;painting#39; of China#39;s mood, as revealed by Sina Weibo emoticons.北京的水立方或许因迈克尔#8226;菲尔普斯(Michael Phelps)在此揽获八枚金牌而为世人所知。前不久,它又摇身变为展现另一种截然不同事物的地方:以新浪微的表情符号,实时“描绘”透露出中国人的情绪。#39;Nature and Man in Rhapsody of Light at the Water Cube,#39; a collaboration between the artist Jennifer Wen Ma and lighting designer Zheng Jianwei, opened last Sunday. Using the former Olympics venue#39;s distinctive exterior, it broadcasts the sentiments of the Chinese social-media service#39;s millions of users through an interactive lighting display that runs from dusk to 10 p.m. daily.6月23日,“天人合一水立方”灯光新媒体艺术项目在水立方启动,该项目由艺术家马文和灯光设计师郑见伟共同打造。此项目以这个前奥运场馆独特的外部结构为载体,每天日落时分至晚上10点,通过互动灯光系统将新浪微数百万用户的情感传达出来。#39;I have conceived this as a piece that can breathe,#39; says Ms. Ma, who turns 40 this week, #39;as an organic being that changes as nature and society around it changes. I want people to feel like they have some authorship because their emotions are being registered.#39;上月刚满40岁的马文说:“我把它看作一件可以呼吸的东西,一个会随着周围的自然环境和社会的变化而变化的有机体。我想让人们觉得他们自己也参与了部分创作,因为他们的情绪就被记录在其中。”A custom software application sifts through millions of smiley faces and other emoticons that appear in updates posted to Sina Weibo, China#39;s version of Twitter, then assigns them to one of roughly 70 #39;emotional categories.#39; Those affect the shade and movement of the light, while hexagram symbols from the ancient Chinese text #39;I Ching#39; determine the color. For example, at the Sunday launch, the hexagram signifying #39;water on water#39; and upbeat emoticons resulted in a light-blue lighting effect, replete with rising peaks and waves corresponding to a majority #39;happy#39; population.一款定制软件会筛选新浪微新消息中出现的数百万个笑脸符号及其他表情符号,然后把它们归到约70种“情绪类型”中的一种。它们影响的是灯光的明暗度和动态,而色则由中国古籍《易经》中的卦象决定。例如,在6月23日项目启动当天,《易经》卦象显示的是“水在水上”,表情符号传达的是愉快情绪,因此当天的灯光效果为淡蓝色,此外它还以耸立的山峰和涌起的波浪图案对应表示当天多数人觉得“高兴”。#39;Rhapsody of Light#39; is not Ms. Ma#39;s first project on the Olympic Green. In 2008, she served as one of the seven core creative team members behind the Beijing opening ceremony, an event she now criticizes as #39;all about happiness and power.#39;“天人合一水立方”并不是马文在奥林匹克公园实施的第一个项目,她早在2008年就曾担任北京奥运会开幕式七人核心创意小组的成员,如今她批评这一盛事“呈现的全都是欢乐和权力”。She and Mr. Zheng, who worked on lighting design for the Bird#39;s Nest stadium and other Olympic projects, were commissioned by the government-backed organization that manages the Water Cube, but despite their prior work, they had to convince officials to let them create something that depicts both positive and negative feelings expressed by Chinese people.她的合作伙伴郑见伟也曾参与鸟巢及其他奥运工程的灯光设计,他们二人受到的是由政府持的水立方管理方的委托。尽管他们二人此前拥有如此的工作经历,他们还是得说官员允许他们创作某种既体现中国人表达出的积极情绪,也呈现他们的负面情绪的东西。#39;I really had to fight for the right to feel what we feel,#39; Ms. Ma says.马文说:“我确实不得不去努力争取感觉我们所感觉到的东西的权利。”Mr. Zheng believes that the work taps into an important argument about the use of landmark buildings in China, many of which are designed as bastions of state power. #39;This is maybe the first landmark building [which] communicates with society,#39; he says. #39;Every day it will change its face [according] to the people.#39;郑见伟认为,该项目涉及了有关如何运用中国地标建筑的重要争论,其中许多建筑都是作为国家权力的堡垒而被设计出来的。他说:“水立方或许是第一个与社会交流的地标建筑,它每天都会根据大家的情绪变脸。”Still, the results are bound to be skewed, since Weibo posts are routinely censored and deleted. Ms. Ma kept the work#39;s overall look and tone abstract, anticipating such activity, and she emphasizes to government officials the #39;I Ching#39; aspect over its social-media-influenced one.然而,水立方反映出的情绪注定会有所偏颇,这是因为微会定期遭到审查和删除。马文预料到会发生此类事情,所以她将整体的灯光效果和色调做了抽象处理,而且她向政府官员强调的更多的是对《易经》的应用,而非受社交媒体影响的那一方面。She hopes to one day take #39;Rhapsody of Light#39; to what she sees as its natural conclusion: a Water Cube display directly controlled by citizens, perhaps via online voting. #39;If we cannot implement democracy through political means, then art can, in some way,#39; she says.她希望有一天能推动“天人合一水立方”项目发展到她认为自然的结局:水立方的灯光展示由市民来掌控,也许是通过网络投票的方式。她说:“如果我们不能通过政治途径实施民主,那么艺术在某种方式上能做到。”#39;If one day you come here and you don#39;t find it beautiful, then ask why it is,#39; she adds. #39;I trust that not every day is going to be pleasant and beautiful, but that doesn#39;t mean it#39;s not meaningful. These are the things which propel us forward for a better future, a better tomorrow.#39;她还说:“假如有一天你来到这里,发现它并不美丽,那么你要问问为什么会这样。我相信不是每一天都令人愉快、都是美好的,但这并不表示它就是无意义的。正是这些事情推动我们前进,争取更美好的未来、更美好的明天。” /201307/247076固原泾源县治疗早泄多少钱 I#39;m one of the 40% of American women, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who are the bwinners for their families-that is, we earn more than our husbands. Like millions of my sisters, this puts me smack in the middle of a distinctively modern dilemma: how to handle the tensions of a marriage between an alpha woman and a beta man. 根据美国劳工统计局(Bureau of Labor Statistics)的数据,美国有40%的女性是家中的顶梁柱──也就是说,她们的收入比自己的丈夫要高。而我就是这40%中的一员。如同我那数百万名女性同胞一样,这让我陷入了当代社会独有的一个困境之中:该如何面对夫妻之间因女强男弱而带来的紧张关系。 My husband, an antiques restorer whose field has all but evaporated as a result of the recession, does his best to help with chores and child care, while earning enough to pay utilities and car-insurance bills. I#39;m the one who works an octopus-armed 12- to 14-hour day, often seven days a week. When I finally come to bed, I#39;m depleted and vibrating with anxiety. 我先生是一位古董修复师,而由于经济衰退,他这个行当几乎是全军覆没了。我先生挣来的钱足够付水电煤气的费用,以及我们的汽车保险费,与此同时,他还在尽力帮着做家务和照顾孩子。我是家中那个每天像八爪鱼似的工作12到14个小时而且往往一周要工作七天的人。终于能上床睡觉时,我总是筋疲力尽,心中还充满了焦虑。 We#39;re hardly alone. Over the past couple of years, articles and books have declared that the end of men is nigh and that female alphas are surging. The husbands of these hard-charging women have largely been painted either as stay-at-home slacker dudes who play games (while their toddlers pee on the rug for the third time that day) or saint-like dads who supportively cook, clean and run errands, to say nothing of handling doctors#39; appointments and homework assignments. 我们并不是特例。过去几年间,不少文章和书籍都曾宣称,男性主导的时代行将结束,强势的女性正在崛起。躲在那些冲锋陷阵女性背后的男士们大多被描述成两类:要么是宅在家里整天打游戏的懒鬼(而这时候他们蹒跚学步的孩子却一天之内第三次尿在了地毯上),要么就是圣人一般伟大的爸爸,全力持妻子,会做饭、打扫房间、跑腿做杂事,更不用说处理跟医生预约以及帮着孩子完成家庭作业这类事情了。 Such portraits are exaggerated, of course, and represent the extremes of a continuum. Perhaps because men of this generation were raised in the wake of the women#39;s movement, a culture that introduced values of equality, many of them don#39;t seem to have a problem with their wives earning more than they do. 当然,这类描述都有些夸张,只代表了普罗大众中的极端特例。或许由于这一代男性是在女权运动(女权运动起到了启蒙平等价值观的作用)发生之后长大的,因此他们中的许多人对于妻子挣得比自己多这样的事情并不介意。 There#39;s one caveat, though: The men want their own salaries alone to be enough, in theory, to float the family. When they can#39;t meet this standard, they can feel enraged, shamed, explosive. And their wives often feel resentful and pressured. 不过这里有个前提条件:男性们希望自己的收入,从理论上,足以付家中的日常开。当达不到这个标准时,他们会感觉愤怒、羞愧和暴躁。而他们的妻子往往会感觉到不满和压力。 #39;I don#39;t think so much about gender roles, but I do feel angry and helpless because I can#39;t financially support the family unit,#39; says Greg McFadden, 39, an actor and stay-at-home dad, whose wife, Shannon Hummel, 38, serves as bwinner (they have one child, age 6). She works as a teacher and as artistic director of a Brooklyn dance company. #39;I#39;m sick of ing these articles and daddy blogs, about how #39;empowered#39; men are to be caretakers. Ask them how they feel about not earning a paycheck.#39; 现年39岁的格雷格#8226;麦克法登(Greg McFadden)是一位演员,也是一位居家父亲,他38岁的妻子香农#8226;赫梅尔(Shannon Hummel)是养家的主力(他们有一个孩子,今年六岁)。香农是一位老师,同时在布鲁克林一家舞蹈公司任艺术总监。格雷格说,“我不是特别介意性别角色,不过由于我不能从财力上撑一个家,我的确会感觉懊恼无助。我烦透了那些爸爸们写的男性在照顾家庭方面如何‘强大’之类的文章和客了,问问他们挣不到钱什么感觉吧。” How many families are in this situation? It depends a lot on income level. An April report by the Center for American Progress looked at U.S. women who earn as much or more than their husbands and found that 34% of wives in families with incomes in the top 20% are the bwinners, whereas 70% of those in the bottom 20% are. Roughly half of wives are the bwinners in middle-income families. 有多少美国家庭处于这种状况?这很大程度上取决于收入水平。美国进步中心(Center for American Progress)今年4月份发表了一份关于收入水平与丈夫相同或者更高女性的报告。这份报告显示,家庭收入位列全美前20%的家庭中,女性是养家主力的比例是34%,而在家庭收入最低的20%家庭中,女性收入较高的比例是70%。对于中等收入家庭而言,女性为养家主力的比例大约是一半。 The emotional dynamic between these women and their husbands also varies greatly, depending on family circumstances. In a recent poll of 400 female bwinners conducted by the women#39;s financial media site DailyWorth.com, only 22% of wives without children felt a negative impact on their marriages. But it was a different story for women with children-36% felt their higher earnings had a negative effect. 由于家庭环境不同,女性和她们丈夫之间的情感互动状况也大不相同。女性理财网站DailyWorth.com近来对400位作为养家主力的女性进行了一项调查,结果显示,其中没有孩子的女性中,只有22%的人感觉她们的婚姻受到了负面影响。不过对于有孩子的女性来说,则完全是另外一回事儿了,其中36%的人感觉比丈夫收入高对她们的婚姻产生了负面影响。 An obvious sore spot with many husbands in such marriages is the reversal of traditional gender roles. In San Diego, former airline-shuttle operator Conan Cott, the husband of U.S. Navy computer-systems and organization specialist Michele Cott, has been caring for the couple#39;s 4-year-old twins since they were born. While Conan says #39;it is great to be able to see my children grow and learn,#39; his role as keeper of the home rankles. #39;The lawn needs to be watered, the cat box is stinky, there are dirty socks in the living room, silverware in the grass out back, and I can#39;t get those children to get to bed at 7:30 no matter how hard I try,#39; he says. 对于处于这样婚姻状况的许多男性而言,一个显然不能触碰的痛处在于,传统的性别角色被颠倒了。圣地亚哥前机场大巴司机科南#8226;科特(Conan Cott)自孩子出生起就一直在家照顾他们现如今已经四岁的一对双胞胎。科南的妻子米歇尔#8226;科特(Michele Cott)是美国海军电脑系统和组织方面的专家。虽然科南说,“能够看着我的孩子们一天天成长并学会新东西,这很棒。”不过管家的角色却让他有些头痛,他说,“草地该浇水了,猫砂已经臭烘烘的了,卧室里到处都是臭袜子,银餐具丢在外面的草地上,而不管我多努力,都没办法在7:30前让孩子们上床睡觉。” Michele says, #39;I hear myself saying things that the stereotypical husband says, and he replies with the stereotypical wife response. All of this puts immense pressure on our marriage.#39; 米歇尔说,“我听见自己在说着那些典型的丈夫们说的话,而他的回答也是典型的妻子们的回答。所有这些都让我们的婚姻承受着巨大的压力。” In New York City, Matthew Perry works part-time while his wife M.P. has a high-paying office job as an editor. Matthew feels taken for granted and professionally trapped in the way that many contemporary stay-at-home moms often do. #39;M.P. doesn#39;t have to worry about having to cover child care here and there. It#39;s always me who has to subtract from my work day,#39; he says. 住在纽约市的马修#8226;佩里(Matthew Perry)从事兼职工作,而他的妻子M.P.是一位拿着高薪的编辑。如同许多当代的居家妈妈那样,马修感觉自己在职业方面陷入了困境。他说,“M.P.不必为如何照顾孩子而操心。不得不从工作中分心出来的那个人总是我。” Pressure eases up-and perceptions seem to change-when husbands#39; salaries are enough to support the family should the wives#39; pay evaporate. That#39;s the case with public-relations executive Alison Risso, 39, who makes twice as much as her husband, Jon, a civil engineer; their children are aged 6 and 8. The way Jon sees it, he and his wife want different things from their careers but share the same family goals and values. 若是丈夫的薪酬足以在妻子没有收入的情况下撑起这个家,那么压力会缓和许多,而且双方的看法似乎也会不一样。艾莉森#8226;瑞索(Alison Risso)一家就是这种情况。今年39岁的艾莉森是一位负责公关业务的高层管理者,她的收入是她做土木工程师的丈夫乔恩(Jon)的两倍。他们有两个孩子,一个六岁,一个八岁。在乔恩看来,他和妻子只是在职业道路上所追求的目标有所不同,但俩人在家庭目标和价值观上是一致的。 #39;I#39;m not the ambitious type like Alison, so I#39;m happy for her to make more money because there is no pressure on me to have to work my way up the ladder to become vice president,#39; Jon says. Plus, less executive responsibility translates into more flexibility to work on a family-friendly schedule. He is home on time to pick the children up from school and cook dinner, since Alison is rarely back from the office before 7 p.m. 乔恩说,“我不像艾莉森那么雄心勃勃,因此她挣钱更多我也很开心,因为这样我就没有压力了,不必非要去奋力拼搏当上副总裁不可了。”另外,工作上少一些管理方面的职责意味着可以有更灵活的时间安排来处理家中的事情。由于艾莉森很少在晚上七点前从办公室回来,乔恩便会准时回家接孩子放学、做晚饭。 As for the Brooklyn couple Shannon and Greg, they#39;ve arrived at a workable, if sometimes shaky, arrangement. She acknowledges that she has to be better at appreciating Greg#39;s difficulties in juggling both child care and unpredictable work. But she also insisted that she needs a vacation. #39;I want to go away for two weeks in the summer, and that means that to swing it, we#39;re house-swapping and cooking all our own food,#39; she says. #39;But it#39;s worth it. That reward needs to be there, or the whole thing falls apart.#39; 至于上文提到过的布鲁克林的香农和格雷格,他们已经做出了一个可行的安排,尽管这安排也许不一定奏效。香农承认她必须给予格雷格更多的理解,体谅他一边照料孩子一边面对不稳定的工作时的辛苦。不过她也坚持说,自己需要一个假期。她说,“今年夏天我想离开两周,这意味着会有些变化,我们会和别人交换住房,然后全部自己做饭吃。不过,这样做也值得。需要有些奖励,否则整个家可能会都垮掉。” Greg says, #39;When you reach philosophical agreement, it does help melt away resentment. But even though we#39;re on the same page, we#39;re not really there yet. It#39;s a work in progress.#39; 格雷格说,“当你们豁达地取得了一致,这的确有助于缓解各自的怨恨情绪。不过尽管我们的想法达成了大体一致,但我们尚未真正做到。我们还在努力中。” /201208/195257At auction spot, someone has lost a bag, in which has the vital document.The owner says, ;Once who picked it up brings it to me, I will take out 200 dollars to remunerate reward him or her.;On hearing the news, another chap shouts out:; I reward 300 dollars.;拍卖会上,有人的包丢了,里面装有重要文件。物主说:“有谁拣到送还,我将拿出200美元以表酬谢。”话刚出口,就听有人喊:“我出300美元。” /201307/247632固原市哪里治男科好

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固原市中医医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱Despite safety warnings not to give sick toddlers cough and cold medications, almost half of parents in a recent survey are using the over-the-counter products anyway.尽管专家警告称给幼儿用止咳和感冒药不安全,但近期一项调查显示,仍有近半数的美国家长在使用这些非处方产品。A poll released last month by researchers at the University of Michigan found that 42% of parents with children under the age of 4 gave them cough medicine, and 44% said they used multi-symptom cough and cold medications. A quarter of the parents said they used decongestants. The survey, which echoed some earlier studies#39; findings, arrives five years after the drugs#39; packages started including directions warning against their use in very young children.密歇根大学(University of Michigan)的研究人员上月发布的一项调查结果显示,42%的家长给四岁以下的孩子用止咳药,44%的家长称,他们使用止咳和抗感冒的多疗效药,四分之一的家长称他们使用解充血药。此项调查(与早些时候一些研究的结果一致)是在这类药品的包装上开始标注低龄儿童慎用说明的五年之后展开的。Matthew Davis, a University of Michigan pediatrician who directed the survey, said he was surprised and concerned by the findings, which may show that parents aren#39;t aware of the labeling and the history of worries about the drugs#39; use in young children. #39;If you#39;re a parent who doesn#39;t know the story, you#39;re going to think this [medicine] is for your kids,#39; he says.主持此项调查的密歇根大学儿科医生戴维斯(Matthew Davis)说,他对调查结果感到惊讶和忧虑。这一结果可能显示出,家长并不了解药品标签信息以及以往幼儿用药中出现的问题。他说:“作为家长,如果你不了解情况,你就会认为这种(药物)适合给你的孩子用。”The medications came under close scrutiny in 2008, when the Food and Drug Administration advised that they shouldn#39;t be given to children under 2. That came after an agency advisory committee the previous year said children younger than 6 shouldn#39;t take the medications. The panel concluded there wasn#39;t evidence that the drugs helped young children, while FDA safety officials had suggested some of the drugs were associated with side effects and some deaths, mostly in very young patients and often involving overdoses.这些药品2008年开始受到严格审视,当时美国食品和药物(Food and Drug Administration, 简称FDA)建议,两岁以下儿童不应该用这些药物。在此之前一年,该机构一个顾问委员会称,六岁以下儿童不应该用这些药物。该委员会认为,没有据显示这些药对幼儿有效,而FDA药品安全官员曾表示,其中一些药物可能有副作用,并与部分死亡事故存在关联,这些情况主要发生在年纪很小的患者身上,而且通常是过量用。Manufacturers agreed to put warnings on the products#39; boxes that they shouldn#39;t be given to children under 4 years old. These appear today on medications that include dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant, the expectorant guaifenesin and the decongestants phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine. Medications with antihistamines warn against use in kids younger than 6. The children#39;s cough and cold products are sold under brand names including Novartis #39;s Triaminic and Pfizer Inc.#39;s Dimetapp and Robitussin.制药公司同意在药品包装盒上标注四岁以下儿童禁用的警告。如今,镇咳药右美沙芬、祛痰药愈创甘油醚以及解充血药苯福林和伪麻黄硷的包装盒上就标注了警告。含有抗组织胺的药物对六岁以下儿童禁用。针对儿童的止咳和感冒药包括诺华制药公司(Novartis )的Triaminic以及辉瑞制药有限公司(Pfizer Inc.)的Dimetapp和Robitussi。The Consumer Healthcare Products Association, which represents makers of the over-the-counter medications, says research it sponsors shows the rate of safety issues with the drugs has been dropping. Most cases involve children taking them without parental supervision, it says. The #39;drug facts#39; summary panel, often found on the back of a medication box, which includes dosing and other information, is the best place for the age warnings, rather than breaking them out on the front of the package, said David Spangler, a senior vice president with the association.代表非处方药生产商的美国消费者保健用品协会(Consumer Healthcare Products Association)称,该协会赞助的研究显示,这些药品安全问题的发生率已经有所下降。该行业协会称,多数问题都与儿童在无父母监督时药有关。该协会高级副总裁斯潘格勒(David Spangler)表示,年龄警告最好写在“药品说明”总结栏内(通常在药盒背面,其中有剂量和其他信息),而不要单独写在包装盒正面。The association has sponsored a campaign to alert parents on how best to use the medications, including public-service announcements, social-media efforts and brochures for family physicians to distribute to parents. Representatives of the industry group also said it can be challenging to design, and enroll participants for, studies testing medicines for children#39;s colds.该协会赞助了一项通过公益广告、社交媒体和发放宣传册(让家庭医生将宣传册发放给家长)等方式提醒家长如何更好地用药的活动。该协会代表还表示,检验儿童感冒药安全性的研究设计起来有难度,招募实验对象也有难度。Pfizer said it #39;encourages all parents to and follow the label of any children#39;s medication to determine appropriate use and dose.#39; A spokeswoman for Novartis said it declined to comment.辉瑞公司称,该公司“鼓励所有家长阅读每一种儿童药品的标签,并遵照标签说明确定合适的用法和剂量”。诺华公司一名发言人称,该公司就此不予置评。An FDA spokeswoman said the agency #39;supports efforts. . .to better inform consumers about the safe and effective use of these products#39; and has worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the issue.FDA一名发言人称,该机构“持相关方面为此做出的努力……以使消费者更好地了解如何安全有效地使用这些产品”,并与美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)就此进行了合作。Still, a study published in 2010 in the journal Child: Care, Health and Development, found that about a third of parents hadn#39;t heard of the FDA recommendations, and of those who had, a third intended to keep using the medications. An earlier University of Michigan poll from 2011 found 61% of parents with children 2 and younger had given them cough and cold medications.不过,学术期刊《儿童:护理、保健及发育》(Child: Care, Health and Development) 2010年刊登的一篇研究论文指出,有三分之一左右的家长未听说过FDA的建议,而在听说过FDA建议的家长中,又有三分之一的人想继续使用这些药品。密歇根大学2011年展开的一项调查发现,61%的家长曾给两岁及以下的孩子用止咳和感冒药。Another study, published recently in Clinical Pediatrics showed even higher numbers: 82% of 65 parents of children younger than 6 said they would use the medications, and nearly three-quarters of those indicated they would administer the wrong dose.近期在《临床儿科学》(Clinical Pediatrics)上刊登的另一项研究结果所显示的比例更高:接受调查的65名六岁以下儿童家长中,有82%的人表示会使用这些药品,其中近四分之三的人表示,他们的给药剂量会有错误。Some parents in that study would the instruction not to give the medications to children younger than 4 and simply make up their own dose. They often extrapolated from doses recommended for older children, said Sarah G. Lazarus, a pediatrician at Children#39;s Healthcare of Atlanta who was the lead author. She suggests the medications#39; age warnings, often found only in small print, may not be prominent enough on the packaging.在该研究中,一些受访家长看过四岁以下儿童不宜用的说明后会自行判断给药剂量。研究论文的第一作者、亚特兰大儿童医院(Children#39;s Healthcare of Atlanta)的儿科医生拉扎勒斯(Sarah G. Lazarus)称,家长通常会根据针对年长一些的儿童的推荐剂量来进行推断。她指出,药品包装上的年龄警告(通常只用小字标注)可能不够醒目。Doctors say they sometimes struggle to convince parents.医生们表示,有时候他们很难说家长。#39;They#39;re using them because their children are sick, and they want to do something,#39; says Daniel Frattarelli, who chairs the American Academy of Pediatrics#39; committee on drugs. He advises against the drugs. But if a mom hears from a friend who has used them and believes they work, he said he expects sometimes to be ignored.美国儿科学会(American Academy of Pediatrics)药品委员会主席弗拉塔雷利(Daniel Frattarelli)称:“家长用这些药是因为他们的孩子病了,他们想做点什么。”他建议不要用药。但他说,如果一个妈妈听说有朋友用过这些药,并且相信这些药有效的话,他估计他的建议有时会被置之脑后。Parents who avoid the over-the-counter medications are instead branching out with other treatments. Margaret Willis of Dearborn, Mich., whose 16-month-old daughter is a patient of Dr. Frattarelli#39;s, says she is #39;frustrated#39; that there aren#39;t any medicines for her toddler#39;s frequent colds and coughs.不使用非处方药的家长会转向其他疗法。密歇根州迪尔伯恩(Dearborn)的威利斯(Margaret Willis)说,她女儿经常感冒咳嗽,却没有任何药可以用,让她颇为“失望”。她女儿16个月大,在弗拉塔雷利医生那儿看病。#39;There#39;s nothing out there for a baby,#39; she says. After trying a number of alternatives, Ms. Willis, a preschool teacher, finally settled on a treatment available on drugstore shelves that includes honey but no drugs, as well as a saline wash for the girl#39;s nose. She believes the treatments helped somewhat, she says.她说:“根本没有给婴儿用的药。”身为幼儿园老师的威利斯说,她尝试了许多替代方法,最终选定了一种在药店里卖的制剂,这种制剂含有蜂蜜,但不含药物成分,她还选择了一种洗鼻盐。她说,她觉得这些疗法有一定效果。Doctors say they tell parents to try elevating their children#39;s heads at night -- with babies, who aren#39;t supposed to have objects in their cribs, parents can put towels under one end of the mattress or even use the car seat. Steam from a hot shower can also help, though some doctors warn that parents need to be careful with humidifiers, since they can develop mold.医生们称,他们让家长试试夜间把孩子的头垫高──如果是婴儿的话(婴儿床里不应该放任何东西),家长可以在床垫的一头塞入毛巾,甚至可以使用汽车安全座椅。热水淋浴喷头的蒸汽也管用,但一些医生警告称,家长应该慎用加湿器,因为会产生霉菌。Suctioning the nose is another option, as well as acetaminophen for fever, and another old standby: #39;Lots of fluids,#39; says Alanna Levine, a pediatrician in Tappan, N.Y. For children older than 1 suffering from a cough, she also recommends a spoonful of honey, she says. Honey isn#39;t recommended for babies because of the possibility it carries spores that could lead to botulism. One key goal in trying to soothe coughs is to help toddlers get adequate sleep, doctors said.纽约州塔潘(Tappan)的儿科医生莱文(Alanna Levine)说,另一种选择方案是吸鼻涕,还可以用对乙口胺基酚来退烧,另外还有老话所说的“多喝水”。她说,一岁以上儿童咳嗽时,她建议可以喝一勺蜂蜜。但不建议婴儿喝蜂蜜,因为蜂蜜里可能会含有孢子,会导致肉毒杆菌中毒。医生说,镇咳的主要目的是帮助幼儿获得充足的睡眠。Jennifer Chang, the mother of a 9-month-old and a 3-year-old who see Dr. Levine, has tried a honey-based preparation, as well as steamy showers and hydration.住在纽约州奈阿克(Nyack)的Jennifer Chang有两个孩子,一个九个月大,一个三岁,他们在莱文医生那里看病。Jennifer Chang试过蜂蜜配方制剂,还试过淋浴蒸汽和让孩子多喝水。#39;It seems like there#39;s not a whole lot you can do,#39; says Ms. Chang, of Nyack, N.Y. #39;I want to make it feel better.#39;Jennifer Chang说:“你似乎没有太多可做的。但我很想让孩子舒一点。” /201305/242248 The Dragon Boat Festival端午节The 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar year is an important day for the Chinese people. The day called “Duan Wu”(meaning Day of Right Mid-Day) is observed everywhere in China.每年农历的五月初五,是中国传统的端午节,又称端阳节、重午节、天中节等。This unique Chinese celebration dates back to earliest times and a number of legends explain its origins.过端午的习俗由来已久,大约开始于春秋战国之际。但是关于端午节的始源, 却有不同的说法。The best known story centers on a patriotic court official named Qu Yuan, of the State of Chu during the Warring States Period more than 2, 000 years ago.而其中流传最广、影响最大的是纪念屈原一说。In a last desperate protest, he threw himself into the river and drowned.屈原自感无力挽救楚国的衰亡,于五月五日自沉汨罗江而死。Later Qu Yuan’s sympathizers jumped into boats, beat the water with their oars and made rice dumplings wrapped in reed-leaves (zongzi) and scattered them into the Miluo River in the hope that fish in the river would eat the rice dumplings instead of the body of the deceased poet.老百姓很同情屈原的遭遇,为了避免屈原的尸体被鱼鳖吞食,便于五月五日这一天划着龙舟在江中驱赶鱼鳖,并将包好的粽子投放江中来喂鱼鳖,以保护屈原的尸体。 /201509/395328宁夏固原市人民医院治疗阳痿多少钱固原市中医院看男科怎么样



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