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It should come as no surprise that the more stressed parents are at work, the greater the burden on their family. It’s also probably not a surprise that this dynamic can negatively affect a family’s nutrition.不可否认,父母的工作压力越大,他们肩上的家庭负担也就越沉重。当然了,这种状态还会对家庭的健康饮食产生不良影响。After all, the more time parents spend working, the less time and energy they have to plan and prepare healthful meals.毕竟,父母工作的时间越长,那他们在筹备健康饮食上所花费的时间和精力就会越少。Until recently, most studies have focused on the role of working mothers.直到最近,大多数研究关注的都是职场母亲的角色。Now, a study that looks at the family as a whole, and at the role of fathers in particular, adds a new wrinkle to the relationship between work stress and family nutrition.现在,一项研究以家庭整体为出发点,以父亲的独特视角重新解读了工作压力与家庭饮食的关系。Moms’ work related stress is still a central factor in how well families eat because they typically do most of the food shopping and cooking. But dad’s work related stress has a large impact, too.母亲的工作压力依旧是影响家庭饮食的核心因素,因为一般情况下,购物和煮饭都是由母亲负责。然而父亲的工作压力也会对家庭饮食产生重大影响。译文为翻译,未经授权!201707/516105

Subject:No bones about it. 迷你对话A: Do you have some new suggestions about promotion?你能否就促销出点新点子呢?B: We may advertise our products in a large area.我们可以大范围地打广告。A: Ha, it is a good idea. No bones about it.哈哈,直截了当地说这还真是个好主意。 地道表达 no bones about something 1. 解词释义No bones about something是个习惯用语,沿用已久。据说是某人在不该有骨头的饭里发现了骨头,照理他会大惊小怪一番,但是这人却毫不啰嗦,直接了当地挑出骨头来就完事了。后来no bones about something这个说法的意义就发展为“直截了当,毫无顾忌”。表示不加掩饰地发表看法,或者直截了当地处理问题。这种刚想敢做的风格也被形容为Just do it! 2. 拓展例句e.g. We dismissed him and made no bones about it.我们毫不犹豫地把他解雇了。e.g. She made no bones about expressing her crush on him.她毫不犹疑地向他表白爱意。e.g. When Mary asked me what I thought of her poetry I made no bones about it - I told her that its too pessimistic and needs more polish.当Mary问我对她的诗有什么看法的时候,我直截了当地告诉她,她的诗歌情调过于消沉悲观,而且文字也需多加润色。 /201410/333265

迷你对话:A : Ben always appears rude to the people around him.A : Ben总是对周围的人表现得很无理。B : But hes really kind at heart.B : 但是他本质上是个好人。A : Thats true. We can not judge people by appearance.A : 是的。我们不能以貌取人。词海拾贝:at heart:本质上,非表面的,在内心里Eg . His manners are rough, but he is a kind man at heart. 他虽然举止粗鲁, 但心地善良。 Eg . He s dishonest at heart. 他实际上并不老实。 Eg . A bribe in hand betrays mischief at heart. 手里的贿赂暴露了心中的险恶。 Eg . He seems nice, but hes dishonest at heart. 他表面上很好,实际上并不诚实。 judge people by appearance:以貌取人Eg . Never judge people by their appearance. 人不可貌相。 Eg . Its only shallow people who judge by appearance.只有肤浅的人才会以貌取人。Eg . We shouldnt judge people by appearance but the inner center.我们不应该只看人家的外表,更重要的是人的内心。特别说明:该节目中的迷你对话选自《脱口说英语》之口语习语大全,讲解部分为可可编辑原创。 /201205/182750

I think we can all agree on that.Now Clay,I know this is a sensitive subject for you.这不是明摆着吗 你最帅 虽然我知道对你来说是敏感话题But I want to ask you about your playoff lost to Giants.但我还是想问问 季后赛输给巨人队你是怎么看的A lot of people credit the Giants pass rush,许多人说是因为巨人队的传球跑阵But personally,I think you lost because of this woman.但我个人觉得你们会输全因为这位女士They lost.The Packers were supposed to win the Super Bowl,他们输了 绿湾包装工队本来能赢得超级碗的And they didnt because you told me to put the sparkles on my nails.他们输了全赖你 你费要让我去美甲This is your fault,you told me to do the sparkles.这都是你的错 你干嘛非要我去美甲I told you not to do the sparkles,and you told me to do it.Cause it was pretty.我说了别去做 你非说去做美甲 很漂亮I dont care about pretty,I wanted the Packers to win the Super Bowl,Magan.我才不管社么好不好看 我只想让包装工赢下超级碗 MaganAnd I wore my Clay Matthews jersey,and I said,let me wear my Aaron Rodgers jersey,and you said no.我现在穿着Clay Matthews的球衣 我说我要穿Aaron Rodgers的球衣的 是你偏不让我穿She wore sparklely nails polish,thats why we lost.她涂着金光闪闪的指甲油 这才是我们输球的原因You cant advanced your nails and expect victory.No,no.你不能秀着指甲还指望着胜利 的确 你不能Well,those the words we can take right to the Super Bowl XLVI.以上是我们对超级碗XLVL所作出的点评Well,this is Ellen Sports Desk,I am Ellen Degeneres and I am Clay Matthews.Good night and good luck.这里是Ellen体育台 我是Ellen Degeneres 我是Clay Matthews 晚安 好运 /201704/501888

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