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Background: 美国前总统林肯多年前写给一名男孩的书信以6万美元的高价(41万人民币)在美国售出。当这名八岁男孩告诉同学他见到了总统时,不仅没人相信而且他还受到众人的一阵讥讽。 【文本】Abraham Lincoln was facing the biggest crisis in American history. The Southern states had seceded from the Union and civil war was imminent.But shortly after his inauguration in 1861 he still found time to write to a distressed eight year-old boy. George Patton had met the newly-nominated candidate the year before with his journalist father but he faced howls of disbelief when he told his classmates.A teacher wrote to the White House and back came the terse four-line reply confirming the meeting.Abraham Lincoln set the ideal for the presidency that all his successors have aspired to. The brief letter feeds the legend of the man and the austere gentility for which he was renowned. /201007/109077I#39;m afraid fishing just isn#39;t my cup of tea.Do you share my interest in fishing ?Well, you mean, I can go fishing with you ?Why not?Are you interested in fishing at all?I#39;m afraid fishing just isn#39;t my cup of tea.Underwater swimming interests me a great deal.Underwater swimming ?What do you so interesting about that ?Attention!That#39;s why I like underwater swiming best! /201303/232615你急什么呀? What’s the rush? 女生常用~~rush基本释义v.冲;仓促行事;突袭;奔;急速流动n.抢购;匆忙;冲进;急速行进;蜂拥adj.繁忙的;紧急的例句I really hate to rush off like this.我真的不喜欢这样匆匆离去。They rushed up the stairs.他们冲到楼上。 /201306/2444134月8日,北川通用航空产业园组装的一架“CH750小飞机”,没有经过民航和空军等相关部门批准,降落在公路上,并开往加油站加油,飞行员也未能出示有效的资格明,涉嫌违法飞行。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:A pilot who landed a small aircraft on a road and the manufacturer of the plane have both been punished by the relevant authority, China News Service reported on Tuesday.据中新社周二报道,一名飞行员将一架小型飞机降落在公路上,有关部门对飞行员和飞机制造商均进行了处罚。【讲解】small aircraft是小型飞机。4月8日,飞行员陈某将一架小型飞机降落(land)在北川县城马路上,并到附近的加油站(fuel station)加油(refuel)。之后离开。民航西南地区就这起不同寻常的降落事件进行了调查,并查明,该公司目前尚未取得飞机生产许可(aircraft production license)、飞机型号认可;当事飞机尚未取得适航(have a certificate of airworthiness)、国籍登记、无线电执照;当事飞行员无中国民航飞行员驾驶执照(civil aviation pilot license);此次飞行未办理任何飞行任务审批手续(approval procedures),未申报飞行计划。属于典型的擅自生产(produce without authorization)、擅自飞行的违法行为,已违反我国民用航空法(break the civil aviation law)、飞行基本规则(basic rules)、通航飞行管制条例等法律法规。目前,民航西南地区作出初步处理决定,责令(order)该公司立即停止飞行、停止生产(stop production of the aircraft)组装,并处以50万元人民币罚款(fine);对当事飞行员(pilot)处以10万元人民币罚款。 /201404/287908

台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:The impact of CO2 at 2500 parts per million on the human brain is the equivalent of a blood alcohol level of 0.08.二氧化碳浓度为0.25% 对大脑的影响程度,相当于酒测值0.08。 /201503/362624

听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Diego would like to ____ around the world.a) flyb) sail2) Hanna wants to go to ________ .a) outer spaceb) the deep sea3) Diego thinks Hanna#39;s wish is ________ .a) impossibleb) now possible本期话题Topic:What is an adventure you#39;d like to take?Hanna: I#39;m Hanna from Australia.Diego: And I#39;m Diego from Mexico.Hanna: And today we#39;re going to be talking about adventures. Would you like to go on an adventure Diego?Diego: Yes, I would love to go on an adventure, and I#39;ve actually ever thought about it since I was younger.Hanna: What were you thinking about?Diego: Well, I like the sea and I like sailing and I love my friends so I wanna take a huge boat, preferably a yacht around the world with all my friends and go to these exotic islands around the world.Hanna: Oh, really, can I come?Diego: Of course.Hanna: Oh, excellent.Diego: Would you like to come?Hanna: I#39;d love to go on a yacht. I think we should go.Diego: I think we should do it.Hanna: Yep.Diego: What#39;s your adventure?Hanna: My adventure? Mmm! I#39;d really like to go into space. I think that might be a little bit expensive though, so I think going on a yacht is probably a better idea.Diego: I think so, but Virgin Airlines has those flights to space I think.Hanna: Oh, well, maybe when I#39;m very rich then.Diego: OK.参考b a b /201210/202627

Do you mind if...:您介意;;吗?用法透视当你想做某件事,但这件事可能会妨碍到别人,或这件事与别人有关,你不愿自顾自去做时,可以问一下对方do you mind,再接你想做的那件事。Do you mind 之后一般跟从句,但也可跟动名词或名词短语。持范例1. Do you mind if I turn on the radio?你介意我开收音机吗?2. Do you mind if I smoke here?我抽烟你介意吗?3. Do you mind me smoking here? (换一种句式来表达)我抽烟你介意吗?会话记忆A: Do you mind if I sit here? 你介不介意我坐在这里?B: Of course not, help yourself. 不,你请坐吧。A: What are you studying? 你在学什么?B: I have a test tomorrow. 明天我有考试。 /201202/171494

22. Where are you from?第22单元 你来自哪里?你府上哪儿?A: Where are you from?甲:你府上哪儿?B: I#39;m from Guangzhou.乙:我是广州人。A: Where in China is Guangzhou?甲:广州位于中国哪里?B: It#39;s in the South of China.乙:它位于中国的南部。类似用语Where do you come from?你来自哪里/你府上哪儿?What#39;s your hometown?你老家在哪儿?Where were you born?你在哪儿出生?百宝箱“Where did you come from?;与;Where do you come from?”意思并不相同。“Where did you come from?;问的是“你刚从哪儿过来?”,回答可说“I just came from the department store.”(我刚从百货公司来。)。 /201504/367429

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