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固原包皮过长手术固原早泄手术大概多少钱宁夏省固原治疗早泄哪家医院最好 宁夏固原市人民医院有泌尿科吗

固原哪里的男科医院最好Worrying too much about stressful events can trigger inflammation, according to a new study.一项新研究指出,为一些让人倍感压力的事情过度烦恼可能会引发炎症。Researchers found dwelling on negative events can increase levels of inflammation in the body.研究人员发现,总是为负面事情担心会让体内的炎症水平上升。They discovered that when study participants were asked to ruminate on a stressful incident, their levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of tissue inflammation, rose.他们发现,当他们让研究的参与者们反复思考一件让人倍感压力的事情时,参与者体内的C反应蛋白水平会上升。C反应蛋白是人体组织炎症的一个标记。The study is the first time to directly measure this effect in the body.该研究是首次对身体产生的这一反应直接进行测量。Study lead author Peggy Zoccola, an assistant professor of psychology at Ohio University in the ed States, said: #39;Researchers have asked people to report their tendency to ruminate, and then looked to see if it connected to physiological issues. It#39;s been correlational for the most part.#39;该研究报告的第一作者、美国俄亥俄大学心理学助理教授佩吉?左可拉说:“研究人员让人们报告她们陷入沉思的倾向性,然后研究这一倾向性是否与生理问题有关。结果表明这一倾向性可以和生理问题在很大程度上产生关联。”The research team recruited 34 healthy young women to participate in the project.该研究团队招募了34位健康的年轻女性来参与这一项目。Each woman was asked to give a speech about her candidacy for a job to two interviewers in white laboratory coats, who listened with #39;stone-faced#39; expressions.研究人员让每名女性向两个穿着实验室白大褂的面试官陈述自己如何有资格胜任一份工作。这两个考官听取陈述时都是面无表情。Half of the group was asked to contemplate their performance in the public speaking task, while the other half was asked to think about neutral images and activities, such as sailing ships or grocery store trips.团队中有一半人被要求在公开演讲环节仔细考虑自己的表现,而另一半人则被要求想一些不会让人产生情绪波动的图像和活动,比如帆船或杂货店之行。The researchers drew blood samples that showed that the levels of C-reactive protein were significantly higher in the subjects who were asked to dwell on the speech.研究人员采集了她们的血液样本,样本显示,那些被要求认真思考演讲表现的参与者体内的C反应蛋白水平要高得多。For these participants, the levels of the inflammatory marker continued to rise for at least one hour after the speech.在演讲结束后至少一个小时,这些参与者体内标志着炎症的蛋白水平依然持续上升。During the same time period, the marker returned to starting levels in the subjects who had been asked to focus on other thoughts.而在此期间,那些被要求集中注意力想其他事情的参与者体内的C反应蛋白水平却回到了起点。The C-reactive protein is primarily produced by the liver as part of the immune system#39;s initial inflammatory response. It rises in response to traumas, injuries or infections in the body.C反应蛋白主要由肝脏产生,是免疫系统对炎症初步反应的一部分。在身体遭受外伤、损伤或感染时C反应蛋白水平会相应上升。C-reactive protein is widely used as a clinical marker to determine if a patient has an infection, but also if he or she may be at risk for disease later in life.C反应蛋白被广泛作为确定病人是否被感染的一个临床指标,但也被用来预测病人日后患疾病的风险。Doctor Zoccola said: #39;More and more, chronic inflammation is being associated with various disorders and conditions.左可拉医生说:“慢性炎症被越来越多地与各种失调症和疾病联系起来。#39;The immune system plays an important role in various cardiovascular disorders such as heart disease, as well as cancer, dementia and autoimmune diseases.#39;“免疫系统在癌症、痴呆症、自体免疫疾病和各种心血管疾病(如心脏病)中都起着重要作用。” /201303/230684固原看男科不孕不育哪家最好的 Today#39;s LearnVest Daily is dedicated to all the excuses we#39;ve ever made for why our finances aren#39;t everything we#39;ve dreamed: Our jobs just don#39;t pay enough. Our friends are bad spending influences. We#39;re too deep in debt to ever get out. In response to those, we bring you nine reasons you#39;re broke . . .女性个人理财网LearnVest Daily 总是在为女人们的入不敷出寻找各种借口:工资不够;朋友花钱的坏习惯影响了自己;深陷债务泥沼无法自拔。与之相对,我们要告诉你的是:你身为穷人的真正原因。1. You Put Your Entire Paycheck in Your Checking Account1. 所有收入都存进了活期存款账户Of course, you should have a checking account, but depositing all your income straight to checking sets you up to overspend and sideline your savings goals. After all, the money is right there, ripe for the spending, and socking cash away for the future requires transferring it separately to your savings account.没错,你应该要有自己的活期存款账户,但是把所有收入存入账户里只会让你花费超,存钱几乎不可能。毕竟,钱存那里了,召唤着你去花它啊!而且为未来存钱也要一点一点来。A better solution? Set up automatic deposits straight from your paycheck into your various savings accounts. It#39;s called paying yourself first.有没有更好的解决方法?办理自动划账业务,把钱直接存入你的各种储蓄账户。这叫做先留给自己。2. You Spend on Stupid Stuff2. 把钱花在了无用的东西上We actually think you should spend money . . . on the things that will actually make a difference in your life. Spending on a meaningful vacation or a clothing item that will revolutionize your wardrobe? Totally worthwhile. Spending extra on things like your electricity bill or your medicine cabinet? Totally stupid.Prioritize what matters most to you then cut out the rest of the filler in your budget.我们认为,钱应该花在可以改变生活的东西上。花钱度过一个有意义的假期,或者买一件衣改变一下自己的衣柜风格?完全必要。但如果花多余的钱来付自己的电费账单,或者买个医药箱?完全没必要!列出对你而言最重要的东西,然后把预算中多余的东西划掉。3. You Don#39;t Have Any Goals3. 目标不明确You#39;re much likelier to save if you have something to save for, especially if it#39;s something important to you. Get some emotions on the line by thinking of specific reasons you#39;re working so hard at your finances. Are you trying to save up for a house someday? A family? A new car? A much-needed vacation?如果你打算为某些事情存钱,特别是一些很重要的事情,那么存钱就会很容易。好好想想你努力工作存钱为的是什么。你打算某年某月某天买套房?建立自己的家庭?买辆新车?期待已久的假期?Put everything in perspective, and give yourself something to work for, by creating a vision board, which you can fill with images and words to illustrate your ideal life.全盘考虑一番,给自己一个工作的理由。创建一个未来规划板,把对未来的美好生活添上去。4. You#39;re Scared of Your Own Power4. 对于贫穷的恐惧Your power to grow your money, that is. Investing may sound like an intimidating thing meant only for financial gurus, but you#39;re missing out if you#39;re too chicken to jump in. If you invested, then 40 years could turn ,000 into almost ,000. Meanwhile, that same ,000 would leave you with only a little over ,000 after 40 years if you put it in a savings account with 2 percent interest!投资—你增加自己金钱的能力,乍听来似乎只为金融家而存在,如果你不敢投资,你就出局了。如果你投资的话,那么,40年的时间可以将1000美元变成22000美元。但是,如果你把同样的1000美元放到存起来,每年的利息是2%,那么40年后,你只能获得2000美元的利息。That#39;s not to say you should start picking random stocks. We recommend starting out with mutual funds or exchange-traded funds to make sure you have the most balanced portfolio to fit your goals.但这并不是说你可以随便投资股票。在这里,我们推荐你从投资互惠基金或者营业基金开始,这样,你就可以确保投资于目标的平衡。5. You#39;re Paying Your Debts Wrong5. 无法正确还债Even if you#39;re responsibly paying off your debts, you could be keeping yourself down if you#39;re paying them in the wrong order.还债是你的义务,这没有错,但是如果你没有正确的还债,只会让自己生活低下了。Don#39;t divide your payments equally among all debts, like credit card debt or your student loans. Those with the highest interest rates grow fastest, so focus on the most toxic debts first.还债不要平均分配,例如,信用卡债务和助学贷款。高利率的债务增长也快,所以先偿还高利率债务。 /201302/224968固原市男人包皮过长

固原男科妇科网上预约 You’ve probably seen the message, “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail,” at the end of e-mails you receive.Adding a green message to your e-mail signature can be an effective way to draw notice. After all, the people you’re e-mailing know you. If you care about the environment, they may wonder what more they can do as well. Here’s a story to illustrate my point. Michael, that’s my husband in case you didn’t know, added an e-mail signature like the one above to his work e-mails. Others in his department started doing the same. In a staff meeting, the organizer said something like, “Well, I didn’t print out an agenda for everyone this time because of all that save-the-paper messages in your e-mails. I wrote it on the board instead.”That’s a small, but great change. E-mail signatures can help people think. Now here’s something for you to think about:Do you actually refer back to those e-mails you print? How often can you make PDFs of documents instead of printing them?Here are some e-mail signatures I came up with just for you to consider:#8226;If you hug a tree, you’ll be hugged back twice. Please think about not printing this e-mail.#8226;Trees like you, so please wink back by not printing this e-mail.#8226;Love a tree, don’t hit print.#8226;Make sense, not waste. Don’t hit print.#8226;Ask me why you should think twice before printing this e-mail.#8226;Does e-mail make us print more than we did before?#8226;You’re too smart to print this e-mail.#8226;Lower your impact today by not printing this e-mail.#8226;Even recycled paper takes energy to make. Do you really need to print this e-mail?If you have a green e-mail signature, please tell us about it. 在你收到的电子邮件的末尾,你很可能看到过这样的留言:“在您打印此邮件前,请考虑一下环境”。在你的电子邮件签名中加入一条环保留言是一种很有效的提醒注意的方式。毕竟,你发邮件的对象是认识你的。如果你关心环境,他们也会考虑还有什么是他们可以做的。我这里有一个小故事可以说明我的观点。麦克——我老公(解释一下,以防你困惑)——在他的工作邮件中加入了一条上述类型的邮件签名。之后,在他们部门中,其他人也开始效仿。一次员工会议上,组织者说了些如下的话:“好的,为了所有那些在你们的邮件中的惜纸留言,这次我没有为每个人都打印一份议程表,而是把它写在了布告板上。”这是一个微小但伟大的转变。电邮签名可以帮助人们思考。现在,有些问题需要你来思考一下:你真的会再读你所打印的那些邮件吗?你把文件转成PDF格式,而非把它们打印出来的频率是多久呢?这里有一些我见过的电邮签名可供参考:#8226; 如果拥抱一颗树,它会给你双倍回馈。所以请考虑下不要打印此邮件。#8226; 树木喜欢你,所以请慎重考虑,不要打印此邮件。#8226; 爱护树木,请勿打印。#8226; 物尽其用,而非浪费。请勿打印。#8226; 在你打印前,可向我咨询为何要三思。#8226; 电邮让我们打印的东西比以前更多了吗?#8226; 你太聪明了,不会打印它的。#8226; 降低一下你今天的影响吧,不要打印这封邮件了。#8226; 即便再生纸也是要花费能源去制造的,你真的需要把它打印出来吗?如果你有环保电邮签名,请告诉我们。 /200804/35923固原泾源县割包皮哪家医院最好固原民族医院男科



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