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Chinese tourism authorities have launched the toughest crackdown on under-performing scenic spots or attractions.我国旅游管理部门对表现不佳的景点景区开展了最为严厉的整治行动。So far, 367 scenic spots have been delisted, downgraded or given a warning.目前已有367家景点受到摘牌、降级、警告等处理。Among the scenic spots disposed of, 255 were listed as national 4A-grade scenic areas.在被处理的景点中,255家为国家4A级景区。According to the National Tourism Administration, the main problems of these tourism spots lie in poor management, lack of facilities and services and insufficient protection of tourism resources.国家旅游局指出,这些景点的主要问题在于管理不到位、设施和务不足、旅游资源保护措施不到位。Scenic areas that have lost their 4A ranking have to make things right and then apply for the ranking afresh. The administration will appraise them to decide whether to issue the 4A-grade again.失去4A资质的景区须进行整改,然后重新申报等级。国家旅游局将对其进行评估以决定是否再次向其颁发4A等级。The administration is planning on formulating new management methods and standards for scenic spots across the country.目前,国家旅游局正计划为全国景点制定新的管理办法和标准。 /201612/483298

The Yangtze River Delta is set to build a global reputation for its cluster of cities by 2030 by focusing on high-end equipment manufacturing and modern services, the State Council said on last Wednesday.国务院上周三表示,将以高端装备制造业和现代务业为重点,到2030年将长三角地区建成具有全球影响力的城市群。At an executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council ratified a plan to further develop the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster.在李克强总理主持召开的国务院常务会议上,国务院批准《长江三角洲城市群发展规划》。Two other such clusters are the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei province region in the north and the Pearl River Delta urban cluster in South China#39;s Guangdong province.其他两个这样的城市群发展是中国北方的京津冀地区和中国南部广东省的珠江三角洲城市群。To cultivate new momentum for economic growth and upgrade traditional industries, innovations should be strengthened in key areas of high-end manufacturing such as information technology, the biopharmaceutical industry, automobiles and new materials, according to a statement released after the meeting. Additionally, modern services such as finance, technological research and development, and logistics should be enhanced, it said.会后发布的声明指出,应强化信息技术、生物制药、汽车、新材料等高端制造业关键领域创新,以培育经济增长新动能,改造提升传统产业。同时,还应发展金融、科技研发、物流等现代务业。Local governments should conduct pilot programs to establish an integrated market of finance, land and property transactions, and they should cooperate on public services such as education, healthcare and social security, the statement said.该声明指出,地方政府应开展试点,建立金融、土地和产权交易一体化市场,应该与包括教育,医疗和社会保障等在内的公共务配合起来。It added that the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster should make great efforts to attract foreign investment and talent while testing free trade ports and making foreign trade easier.该声明补充说道,长江三角洲城市群应该为吸引国外投资和人才作出巨大努力,同时测试自由贸易港口,使对外贸易更容易。Lyu Bin, director of the Urban and Regional Planning Department at Peking University, said: ;I am optimistic about the city cluster#39;s future, because the region has the country#39;s most intelligent people and most opened-up economy.;北京大学城市与区域规划系主任吕斌表示:“我对这一城市群的未来很乐观,因为该地区拥有全国最有智慧的人和最开放的经济体。” /201605/445276

Thousands of sharks slaughtered simply for their fins to use in expensive soup which is a symbol of wealth in China上万条鲨鱼被杀以制成代表中国财富的鱼翅汤Horrific images show thousands of dead sharks piled up on a market floor in Indonesia as workers hack off their fins.可怕的照片显示上万条死鲨鱼堆积在印尼一市场的地板上,这里的工人正在砍下鱼翅。Sharks of all sizes were photographed at the Karngsong fish auction on June 21, in Indramayu, in Indonesia#39;s West Java Province.这些各种大小的鲨鱼照片拍摄6月21号的Karngsong鱼拍卖会上,位于印尼西爪哇省的Indramayu。The country is one of the world#39;s largest shark catchers due to a demand for shark fins in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.印尼是世界最大的捕鲨国家之一,主要供应给新加坡,香港,台湾和中国大陆。In China shark fins are regarded as a delicacy and the fins are one of the world’s most valuable fish products.在中国鱼翅汤是一道美食,而鱼翅是世界上最贵重的鱼产品之一。They are the main ingredient in shark fin soup, which is priced as high as £68 per bowl. The soup is a symbol of wealth, hospitality and status in China and is often consumed at special occasions such as weddings and banquets.它们是鱼翅汤的主料,每碗鱼翅汤的价格高达68英镑。在中国鱼翅汤是财富,好客和地位的象征,通常出现在特殊场合,比如婚礼和宴会上。 /201606/451076

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