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双语:伊斯兰国威胁普京 俄罗斯霸气回应"去死" -- :59:55 来源: Islamic State jihadists in Syria have made a threatening to bring the Russian republic of Chechnya into their self-proclaimed caliphate, after capturing Russian-made planes in Syria. The viral drew an angry response from the Chechen leader.  在缴获叙利亚的俄制战机后,伊斯兰国圣战者拍摄了一个视频,威胁要让车臣成为伊斯兰国家车臣领导人对此作出愤怒回应  “This message is addressed to you, oh Vladimir Putin. These are your aircraft which you sent to Bashar, and with the help of Allah we will send them back to you,” says a militant in Arabic, though accented Russian voices can be heard off-camera.“  普京,听着这些是你送给巴沙尔(叙利亚总统)的飞机,在真主的帮助下,我们要用它们还击你们”武装分子用阿拉伯语说到,视频还带有俄语配音  “Remember this. And with the permission of Allah we will liberate Chechnya and all the Caucasus. The Islamic State exists and it will exist and it will expand with the help of Allah. Your throne is aly shaking. It is in danger and it will collapse when we get to you. We are on the way with Allah's permission,” says a second Islamic State fighter.  “记住,在真主的允许下,我们将解放车臣和整个高加索伊斯兰国存在并将永远存在,它将在真主的帮助下扩张你的统治已经摇摇欲坠,我们到俄罗斯的那天就是它结束的时刻在真主的允许下,我们就要来了”  Ramzan Kadyrov, the flamboyant President of the Chechen Republic, which is a highly-autonomous part of Russia, reacted angrily to the .  车臣是俄罗斯的加盟共和国,高度自治作风高调的车臣总统卡德罗夫愤怒回击了这一视频  “Those bastards have nothing to do with Islam. They are enemies of Muslims everywhere,” he wrote on his Facebook page.  他在脸书上写到:“这群杂种对伊斯兰一点好处都没有,他们是全世界穆斯林的敌人”  “Whoever dares to threaten Russia and say out loud the name of our President Vladimir Putin will be destroyed right where he is… These people will end their days under the hot sun of Syria and Iraq and moments after death they will be greeted by the flames of eternal hell.”  “胆敢威胁俄罗斯的人,胆敢大声说我们总统普京名字的人,将被就地摧毁他们将在叙利亚和伊拉克的烈日下死去,等着他们的将是永恒的地狱之火”。

  • 接吻可能导致的五种疾病 --18 :56: 来源: 研究表明,接吻十秒的时间内,大概8000万细菌和病毒会进行传递,快来看看甜蜜的接吻可能会带来哪些恼人的后果吧 Though studies say that as many as 80 million bacteria and who knows what viruses are transferred during a -second kiss, HIV and Zika are not likely to be among them.虽然研究表明,接吻十秒的时间内,大概8000万细菌和病毒会进行传递,但是艾滋病和寨卡这样的疾病却不可能通过这样的方式传播That doesn’t mean you’re totally safe when puckering up. Read on some unpleasant consequences of the intimate bliss that is a kiss.这也不意味着接吻的时候你就是绝对安全的快来看看甜蜜的接吻可能会带来哪些恼人的后果吧1. Any respiratory virus -- such as a cold, the flu, mumps and German measles -- could certainly be sp by kissing. But you’re more likely to get infected way bee you lock lips.1. 任何呼吸道病毒——比如感冒,流感,流行性腮腺炎以及风疹——都是可以通过接吻传播的但是在嘴唇接触之前你可能早就被传染了You can obtain these viruses, called contact diseases, by being within three to six feet of a person who is sneezing or coughing, or by touching something they have touched and then bringing your fingers to your nose or mouth. That’s why vaccinations -- and lots of handwashing -- are your best bet to avoid these extremely contagious diseases.但是这些病毒,也就是所谓的接触性疾病,能够在你距离一个打喷嚏或者咳嗽的人三到六英尺的时候,或者你接触过任何他们摸过的东西之后又将手指靠近口鼻的时候,就感染你这也是为什么预防措施以及常洗手就是避免这些高传染性疾病的最佳方式. Called the "kissing disease," mononucleosis is usually caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and comes with extreme fatigue and flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, muscle weakness and swollen lymph glands. Ages to 30 are most susceptible to mono, as well as those who spend a lot of time in close contact with others, like high school and college students and members of sports teams.. 所谓的“接吻病”,单核细胞增多症,一般由爱泼斯坦-巴尔病毒引起,造成极度疲惫以及流感类症状,比如发烧,喉咙疼痛,肌无力以及淋巴腺肿大岁到30岁的人是单核细胞增多症的高发人群,也是和他人进行亲密接触最多的人群,比如高中生,大学生以及运动队队员There’s no treatment mononucleosis, so staying rested and hydrated and taking over-the-counter pain meds can help you survive the one- to two-month infection.单核细胞增多症没有治疗办法,多休息,多喝水以及用非处方止痛药能保住你度过一个月到两个月的感染期3. Cold sores or fever blisters are actually the result of the herpes simplex virus. The Centers Disease Control says that at least half of all Americans are infected with herpes simplex, most of us by the age of . Just a quick smooch can give this to your partner or even your children. All they have to do is come into contact with the virus while it’s shedding, which can happen even bee the telltale blister begins to m. Warning symptoms are mild: an itching, burning or tingling in the area, along with a possible sore throat, fever or swollen glands.3. 唇疱疹是单纯疱疹病毒引起的最常见的病症疾控中心表示至少一半美国人都感染上单纯疱疹病毒,大部分都是岁左右的年轻人只短暂的一个亲吻就可能把病毒传染给你的伴侣,甚至是你的孩子他们只要在病毒脱落之时接触到就会被感染,而感染有可能发生在水泡生成之前预警症状比较温和:感染部位瘙痒,灼痛或者有刺痛感,可能伴有喉咙疼痛,发烧或者腺体肿大. Cytomegalovirus is another not-so-well-known member of the herpes family that can be sp by kissing. A majority of us have antibodies in our systems against this virus but never knew we were infected. That’s because healthy adults and children often have no signs or symptoms. Sp through saliva, blood, urine, semen and breast milk, Cytomegalovirus can become a problem if you have a compromised immune system. Fever, fatigue and muscles aches are the common symptoms, but severe cases can result in seizures, pneumonia, encephalitis (an inflammation of the brain) and visual problems.. 巨细胞病毒是另一种不那么为人所知的可通过接吻传播的疱疹家族的一员我们中大多数人身体中都有对抗这种病毒的抗体,但是我们从不知道我们被感染过这是因为健康的成人和儿童都不会出现任何迹象或者症状巨细胞病毒可通过唾液、血液、尿液、和乳汁传播,如果你的免疫系统不够强大就可能会出问题常见的症状有发烧、疲劳以及肌肉酸痛,但是重者会导致癫痫发作,肺炎,脑炎(一种脑内炎症)以及视觉障碍5. A bacterium that can cause a range of infections, Group A streptococcus is sp through direct contact with mucus from the nose or throat of an infected person. Thought might sound gross, you will come into contact with mucus while kissing, but you could just as easily catch it by eating or drinking after an infected person. While most infections, like strep throat, are mild and easily treated with antibiotics, an untreated strep infection can lead to pneumonia.5. A组链球菌是一种能引起许多种感染的细菌,通过直接接触被感染者的鼻喉粘液进行传播听起来可能有点恶心,但是你确实会在接吻的时候接触到鼻喉粘液,与被感染者一同吃喝(不区分餐具)也会轻易被细菌感染到然而更常见的感染症状,例如链球菌性喉炎,能通过抗生素快速治疗,而喉部感染如不经医治会导致肺炎。
  • 看看这些令人啼笑皆非的英文翻译 --6 ::7 来源: 随着旅游业的发展,英文翻译越拉越多,但是一些奇葩的翻译却总是闹出许多笑话 English signs and translations are almost a necessity as tourism continues to grow but the difficult task has meant more than a few phrases have been lost in translation.随着旅游业持续发展,英语标识和翻译几乎成为了必须,而在英文翻译中,很多说法都词不达意As a result, more than a few humorous signs have been popping up across non-English speaking countries.由此带来的结果就是,在不讲英语的国家里,到处都出现有一些令人捧腹大笑的英语标识Whether it’s a fire extinguisher that’s labelled as a ‘hand grenade,’ a bomb sniffing dog wearing a vest labeling him as an ‘explosive dog’ or a sign warning you to ‘slip and fall carefully’, they never fail to impress.不论是标有“手榴弹”字样的灭火器,或者穿有“爆炸”标签背心的搜爆犬,还是提醒你“小心地滑倒”的标识,它们从来不会不吸引人眼球A sign attempting to warn pedestrians of slipping instead warns them to be careful on the way down这个标识看起来是在鼓励行人滑过去,而不是提醒他们小心下坡路滑倒Google translate appears to have failed miserable translating the names of dishes to include ’cat ear’ and a ’rotten child’在这幅图里谷歌翻译似乎没有起作用,翻译出来的“猫耳朵”和“烂子”似乎有点问题A street sign warns the public to be aware of a ’missing foot’ that appears to be on the loose街上一个标识在提醒人们要敢于“失足”A translator appears to have failed miserably on this calling a drink ’whatever’翻译软件似乎没有起作用,把菜单上一份名为“随便”的饮料翻译成了“我不在乎”Menus appear to take the brunt in failing translations as one meal is labelled as ’Germany sexual harassment’, another dish inms you that the meal will consist of ’rotten children’ as well as ’fried cat ear.’菜名受到了来自错误翻译的冲击,有一道菜叫做“德国性骚扰(德国咸猪手)”,另一个菜名则告知你这道菜里有“腐烂的孩子(烂子)”和“炸猫的耳朵(找猫耳朵)”One translator that appeared to give up on attempting to find an English term the meal instead chose to inm guests that Google wasn’t working but to trust that it was a ’delicious’ dish.另一名译者似乎放弃了为这道菜寻找一个合适的英语名字,反而选择去告诉顾客说谷歌翻译不起作用,但是请你相信这道菜很好吃What is meant to be an endearing message instead asks a partner to ’put your shoes on my face’这段标语上半截让人欢喜,但是下半截叫人“把脚踩在我脸上”是什么鬼?This translator had a recipe disaster wand will be left red-faced over this crude interpretation of a duck dish stating ’f**k the duck until exploded’这份菜单的译者应该对他粗糙的翻译感到脸红,他把一份鸭肉菜翻译成了“把鸭子干到爆”A bomb sniffing dog was made to wear a vest that incorrectly labelled it as an ’explosive dog’一只搜爆犬穿了一件带有标签的背心,但是背心上去错误地写着“会爆炸的”However s are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to looking at translation failures.但是,在错误翻译这个问题上,菜单还只是冰山一角A warning sign attempting to ask pedestrians to not walk on the grass instead inmed passersby to not disturb the green grass because ’tiny grass is dreaming.’一个警示标志试图告诫行人不要在草丛上行走,但是却告诉过路的行人让他们不要打扰绿草,因为“小小的草正在做梦”Another sign attempting to warn people about an upcoming hazard instead requested pedestrians to ’slip and fall carefully.’另一个标语试图告知人们注意危险,但是却要求行人“小心地滑倒”While a can of drink appeared to successfully pass manufacturing stages to ’The jew’s ear juice’.一罐被成功生产出来的饮料,它的名字是“犹太人的耳朵汁”Endearing phrases were also lost in translation leaving you scratching you head in confusion as one : ’you are my love my angle don’t treat me like potato.’在翻译中,一些可爱动人的语句也被遗失了,这样最后翻译出来的东西让你挠头抓耳不得其解:“你是我的爱,你是我的天使,不要像对待土豆一样对我”Unless this translator was deliberately attempting to be humorous hey incorrectly translated a dish to ’roasted husband.除非这个译者是有意要幽默一把,他错误地把一道菜的名字翻译成了“烤丈夫”。
  • 传说中的真爱?71岁老奶奶嫁给岁小鲜肉 --1 :1:9 来源: 近日,美国一位71岁的女子和岁的少年坠入爱河,结为夫妇,令无数人大跌眼镜 The world is a strange place as proved by the recent happenings below;最近爆出的新闻再次验了这世界的奇特之处A 71-year-old grandmother has married a -year-old teenager after courting three weeks一位71岁的老奶奶和一位岁的男孩在约会三周后走进了婚姻殿堂The teen is accustomed to dating older women, his ex is a 77-year-old grandmother这位男孩似乎对年老的女士情有独钟,他的前一位约会对象的年龄高达77岁The two met at the woman’s 5-year-old son’s funeral weeks bee the relationship kicked off两人在女子5岁的儿子的葬礼上相遇,几周后两人开始约会The elderly woman Almeda Errel from Tennessee says she fell in love with her -year-old husband Gary Hardwick.这名71岁的女子名叫阿米达·厄尔,来自田纳西州阿米达说自己和岁的丈夫格力·哈德里克深深相爱She met her newly-wedded husband at her 5-year-old son’s funeral.阿米达在自己5岁的儿子的葬礼上与格力相遇The two got married after dating only three weeks in a ceremony arranged within just six days.两人约会三周后结了婚,而结婚典礼的策划花了6天时间They both live in the woman’ s house where her grandson, three years older that the new husband also stays.婚后二人住在阿米达的房子里,和夫妻二人住在一起的还有阿米达岁的孙子They both have each other’s name tattooed on their chests and are set to work together so they can spend more time together.两人都把对方的名字纹在胸前,为了有更多的相处时间还设法在一起工作They got married outside her daughter in law’s house who also played a major role in connecting the couple.两人在阿米达儿媳的房外举行结婚典礼阿米达的儿媳曾积极撮合二人They have bought sought approval from their families with Gary’s mother approving his marriage to a woman old enough to be his grandmother两人的结合获得了家人的持,格力的母亲也同意儿子娶一名年纪足以做他祖母的人为妻Gary says Almeda is young at heart that age has never bothered him at all. He insists God answered his prayers by bringing Almeda into his life.格力表示阿米达拥有年轻的内心,两人的年龄差距对他来说从来不是问题他坚称上帝回应了自己的祈祷,将阿米达赐给了他Almeda reiterates the statement saying she doesn’t care what everyone else thinks, as long as the two are in love.阿米达重申只要两人相爱,自己不会在乎他人的看法You got to agree, it is really a strange world out there.你得承认,这世界真的太奇怪了。
  • []《太阳的后裔电影版,主演何人? -- 18:51:5 来源:chinadaily 中国计划将韩国电视剧《太阳的后裔搬上大屏幕,著名导演张一白将担任电影的监制他直言对开拍电影版感到很大压力,因为电视剧和迷人的男 、女主角一早已经在全球各地大受欢迎但他认为“我们要拍这个电影不光要用人家的人气、光环,应该比电视剧更上一层楼,拍得更好” A South Korean television series Descendants of the Sun will embrace a film version in China .Famous Chinese director Zhang Yibai is appointed to supervise the production of the upcoming film. ;I feel big pressure since the TV drama series Descendants of the Sun is aly a big hit with very charming male and female protagonists. I think the production of a film should not only take advantage of the powerful popularity of the television series but also see some improvement.; 他在记者招待会上发表了开拍电影版的详情,但演员班底却还未确定 Zhang Yibai made the statement at a press conference in Beijing on Tuesday afternoon. However the cast of the film hasn't been decided yet. KBS电视台推出的集《太阳的后裔中,主角是由宋仲基和宋慧乔饰演,剧组更在去年九月远赴希腊取景,进行了一个月的拍摄 In KBS's -episode drama series, main characters are played by Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo, and filming took place in Greece about a month in September, .。
  • 欧洲杯开战 英俄球迷起“冲突” -- 19:1: 来源:chinadaily 年欧洲杯最近刚刚在法国开战A组第一场,法国比1战胜罗马尼亚队当地时间6月日,B组英格兰与俄罗斯打成1比1平,比赛结束后两队球迷发生暴力冲突,看台一片混乱England supporters throw projectiles at the old port of Marseille bee the game between England and Russia in Group B of Euro , June , . [PhotoAgencies]请看相关报道:The Euro game between Russia and England ended with scenes of mayhem on Saturday as scores of Russian fans charged into a section full of rival supporters, throwing missiles, tearing down flags and fighting with anyone who remained in their way. 周六(6月日),年欧洲杯俄罗斯对战英格兰的比赛结束后,双方球迷发生暴力冲突数十名俄罗斯球迷冲入英格兰球迷看台,扔东西、撕扯国旗,与尚未撤离的英格兰球迷互殴对球迷之间的“暴力冲突”,此处用了mayhem,是个相对严厉的词,用来描述极度混乱状态,此处即表示双方球迷之间冲突时严重混乱的状态,包括球迷互殴等法律上可以称为“故意伤害罪”、“蓄意的破坏”等例句:Their arrival caused mayhem as crowds of refugees rushed towards them. (他们的到来引起了混乱,一群群难民冲向他们)另外需要注意的是,上文中出现的throwing missiles,并不是说俄罗斯球迷在现场扔炸弹,这里的missile指anything that is thrown as a weapon(任何可以作为武器来投掷的物品)对于“暴力冲突”,比较常见的说法还有以下几种:1.violence 暴力,暴行,暴乱Violence back to haunt football at Euro .暴力冲突再次成为欧洲杯挥之不去的噩梦.clash 冲突,碰撞,不协调England fans have been embroiled in fresh clashes with police and rival supporters in Marseille on the day the team played its first Euro game.就在英格兰队打完欧洲杯的首场比赛之后,英格兰球迷卷入与马赛警察以及俄罗斯球迷的新冲突常用词小结* score:n.分数,二十;v.得分scores of Russian fans此处使用名词意义,数十;Russia had scored a stoppage-time goal则表示进球得分* charge:常用词义有收费、充电等,charge into意为向前冲,冲进* pitch:球场* tournament: n. 锦标赛,联赛,比赛(通常为淘汰制)* disciplinary proceedings: 纪律处分程序,训诫程序* sanction: nv 制裁,处罚* suspend: 用于比赛专业术语时为禁赛* rival:竞争;对手;竞争的;rival supporters和rival fans均指比赛双方球队的球迷(中国日报网英语点津 实习生 朱善美,编辑:Helen)。
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