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固原协和皮肤医院在哪里崆峒区泾川县治疗前列腺炎多少钱戴口罩已经成为中国城市居民的常态,但关于民用口罩的质量标准要求,在中国还没明确的规定。【新闻】请看相关报道:A draft of a national standard for anti-pollution masks is expected to meet the public by the end of this year.防污染口罩的国家标准草案有望在今年年底出台。【讲解】“防污染口罩”英文表达是anti-pollution mask。防污染口罩将按国家标准(natinal standard)进行制作,国家标准中会对防污染口罩的材质(materials)、设计(designs)、防护功能(protective properties)、以及过滤对人体健康会造成伤害的小颗粒(small particulates)的能力做出规定。口罩的舒适度及阻碍呼吸的程度都将在国家标准中有详细说明。除了在有空气污染(air pollution)的环境中活动时要戴上口罩,如雾霾天气(hazy weather),在野外行走,为抵御风沙(sand blown by the wind)和寒冷也是需要戴上口罩的,但时间不宜过长。在流感流行季节(flu season),去可能存在大量病原菌(pathogenic bacteria)的公共场所,也该戴上口罩。戴口罩只是预防呼吸道传染病的方法之一,最重要的是保持良好的生活习惯(living habit)。 /201410/335458固原临床生殖保健科 我们今天一起来学怎么用美语表示你受够了,死心了,想重新开始了!1) Get over it. 忘了它吧.2) Move on. 继续前进.3) I#39;m over it 我已经不介意了,过去了白洁 Are you still mad at me? 白洁,你还在生我气吗? No. It#39;s cool. I#39;m over it. 不。没事。都过去了。4) I#39;m so done.我受够了,死心了。I#39;m so done.我受够了,死心了 OMG! I#39;m so done with trying to find a new boyfriend. It#39;s too hard! 哎哟!我再也不要找什么新男友了。太难哦! /201206/187962Can I introduce you to my colleague?我可以介绍你给我同事认识吗?I#39;d like to introduce you to Mark.我想介绍 Mark给你认识。Have you guys met?你们见过了吗?Let me introduce my freind, Mr. Johnson.Mr. Johnson,让我介绍我朋友给你认识。Karen,this is Maggie.Karen,这是 Maggie.I#39;ve heard a lot about you!我听说了很多你的事!Nothing bad I hope!希望不是坏事!Can I get you a drink?我可以替你拿杯饮料吗? /201502/351540固原恒正医院治疗男性不育多少钱

固原人民医院预约挂号系统I was quite impressed by... 我对;;的印象很深刻用法透视这个句型用;impress;的被动语态来表达自己对某事物印象深刻。持范例1. I was quite impressed by the facilities at the new school.那所学校的设备令我印象深刻。2. I was quite impressed by your typing ability.你的打字能力令我十分佩。3. I was quite impressed by the cleanliness of the hospital.我对那所医院的清洁印象很深。会话记忆A: Would you like to go to the natural history museum with me?要不要一起去自然历史物馆?B: Have you ever been to it before?你以前去过吗?A: Yes, lots of times. I was quite impressed by the wide variety of exhibitions they have.去过好几次。那些种类繁多的展品让我印象深刻。B: Let#39;s go. It sounds interesting.走吧,好像蛮有趣的。 /201111/162282吉县人民医院男科 59.Information 信息(上)1.Can you tell me something about it?2.Could you tell me some more about it?3.I#39;d like to know,please,when the plane takes off.4.Could I ask who is in charge of the matter?5.I should be interested to know the fact.6.I wonder whether you could tell me when the train for New York leaves.7.Did someone tell you the news?8.Do you happen to know anything about TV program for tonight?9.Have you heard that they#39;ve been dismissed?10.Can you give me any information about the new invention,please?Dialogue OneA:Where do you usually do your shopping,Mrs. Lane?B:I usually go to the supermarket,near the station.A:How do you find the prices there?B:I think they are quite reasonable,and the vegetables are very fresh.A:I see you have bought some coffee.Would you mind telling me how much you paid for it?B:Only 2 dollars and 25 cents.Dialogue TwoA:Where are you going?B:I#39;m going to Bill#39;s house.A:What are you going to do there?B:I#39;m going to help him.A:What#39;s he doing?B:He#39;s fixing his roof.Dialogue ThreeA:Excuse me.I#39;m looking for the post office.Can you tell me how to get there from here?B:Sorry.I#39;m a stranger here myself.I saw a policeman standing under the traffic lights.He will be able to help you.A:Thank you.B:Pardon me.How can I get to the post office from here?C:Take the third crossing on the right and go straight on.A:Should I take a bus?C:No.It#39;s only about ten minutes#39; walk.A:Thank you very much indeed.C:It#39;s quite all right.   作息时间 I#39;m going to tell you something about myself.My name is Jack Martin.I#39;m a lawyer and I work in an office near here.I work from 9 o#39;clock in the morning until 6 o#39;clock each day.Actually,I work just five days a week.I don#39;t go to work on Saturdays or Sundays.Usually,I have breakfast and dinner at home.I have lunch in a restaurant near my office.In the evenings,I sometimes listen to the radio or watch television.I never go to movies.Once in a while I go to a party at a friend#39;s house.Every night I go to bed early and go to sleep immediately.Usually I sleep soundly at night.Information 信息(下)1.I heard Mr. Henry is going to resign.2.Somebody has told me about that.3.Most married people fall out over money,you know.4.I#39;m fully aware of that.5.My information is they#39;re going to divorce.6.I#39;m afraid I can#39;t help you there.7.I#39;m afraid I#39;ve no idea whether it#39;s safe to sail in this weather.8.I haven#39;t got the slightest idea.9.I#39;m sorry I haven#39;t got that information.10.I#39;m quite in the dark about it.Dialogue OneA:Excuse me.Could you give me some directions?B:What are you looking for?A:A gas station.My car ran out of gas two blocks back.B:Walk straight ahead until you come to the second traffic light.Then turn right.A:Do you know the name of the street?B:I can#39;t remember,but it#39;s the second light.A:By the way,do you know the price of the gas now?B:I#39;m afraid I don#39;t.But I do know the price has gone up.A:Thanks a lot.Dialogue Two A:Excuse me.Which is the Browns#39; house?B:The Browns#39; house?It#39;s the fourth house on the left.A:What the number is that?B:It#39;s number 32.A:Number 32 on the right?B:No, on the left.Dialogue ThreeA:Excuse me.Could you tell me how to get to the library?B:Of course.It#39;s on Memorial Avenue.A:On Memorial Avenue?B:Right.YOu know where that is?A:I#39;m afraid I don#39;t.I#39;m quite new in town.B:Well,do you know where the post office is?A:No,I don#39;t .But I do know where the shopping mall is.B:That won#39;t help us.Let me see now....Why don#39;t you follow this street ,Elm,until, you get to the second stoplight.A:Well,thank you very much,I hope I can find it.入乡随俗When you arrive in a new place,almost every day you will be confronted with situations that require you to obtain information from another person-usually a stranger.For example,you may need to know who is going to pick you up at the airport,or which bus to take. In most cases,if you need information, you can ask somebody directly.However,there are some topics considered personal and private that Americans are hesitant to discuss.These include salary,age,weight,and political or religious beliefs. /201404/287906固原哪家医院治疗早泄好

固原包皮治疗哪家好jack up 提高【讲解】jack作动词时的意思是“把……用起重机举起”,当与up连用时,表示“提高,增加”的意思,这是一种非正规的口语表达方式。例如:It’s time you jacked up my allowance.(您该给我增加点儿零用钱了。)【对话】A:I#39;m hoping that my teacher will jack up my grade because she likes me.A:因为老师喜欢我,所以我希望他能提高我的分数。B:Don#39;t dream of it. She#39;s not that kind of person.B:别做梦了。老师根本不是那样的人。 /201504/368645 固原哪个医院做包皮手术好固原看性功能障碍效果好

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