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固原看生殖器医院固原治疗尿道炎大概多少钱Although it’s endured a fire, structural damage, and major renovations, the White House has—more or less—stood in the same spot at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue since John Adams became the first occupantin 1800. Take a look at seven things that were once prohibited from entering.尽管白宫承受过火灾和结构破坏,还经历过重大翻修,但是自约翰·亚当斯在1800年成为白宫的第一任主人之后,白宫差不多一直矗立在相同的位置上,也就是宾夕法尼亚大街1600号。来看一下白宫曾禁止的7件事。1. BROCCOLI1、西兰花With less than two years in office, President George H.W. Bush made a startling proclamation in the spring of 1990: Broccoli would no longer be seen in the White House or on Air Force One. “I do not like broccoli,” he told reporters. “My mother made me eat it. I’m President of the ed States, and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli!”乔治·赫伯特·沃克·布什接管白宫还不到两年,他就在1990年春季发布了一项令人吃惊的公告:白宫或空军一号不会再有西兰花了。“我不喜欢西兰花,”他告诉记者。“我妈妈让我吃西兰花。我是美国总统,我不要再吃西兰花了!”(有权就是任性啊!)2. CHRISTMAS TREES2、圣诞树The Scrooge of the lot was Teddy Roosevelt, who banned anyone from placing a freshly-cut tree inside. But Roosevelt’s son, Archie, didn’t share his ecological principles: He dragged in a small tree and hid it, fully decorated, in a closet.最小气的就是泰迪·罗斯福了,他禁止任何人在白宫里放置新伐的树。但是罗斯福的儿子阿尔奇不赞成他的生态观:他把一颗小树拖进衣橱里藏了起来,并且全面装饰了一番。3. PUBLIC CONCERTS3、公众音乐会In today’s heightened state of domestic security, it’s hard to imagine the White House once allowed Washington, D.C. residents to freely gather on the South Lawn for a concert. However, when President Abraham Lincoln and wife Mary were suffering the loss of their 11-year-old son in 1862, Mary insisted the band skip that summer, which led to some protests from the community. After a condensed schedule in 1863 at Lafayette Square, the band resumed in 1864.在当今国内安全不断加强的情况下,很难想象白宫曾允许华盛顿特区的居民随意聚集在南草坪上听音乐会。然而,当亚伯拉罕·林肯总统和他的妻子玛丽在1862年失去他们11岁的儿子的时候,在那个夏天,玛丽坚持要停止乐队活动,这导致社区内发生了几次抗议行动。1863年特广场发生了几次密集的抗议活动之后,1864年又恢复了乐队活动。4. JEANS4、牛仔裤When George W. Bush took office in 2001, one of his first orders was to ban anyone in the Oval Office from sporting jeans. The move was intended to shore up the building’s dormant dress code.当乔治·沃克·布什在2001年入驻白宫之时,他的首次指令之一就是禁止总统办公室的任何人穿运动式牛仔裤。这项举措是为了撑白宫里暂时被搁置的着装要求。5. SMOKING5、吸烟In 1993, Hillary Clinton exercised a strict no-smoking policy in residential areas of the property. Her husband, a cigar aficionado, was reported to have gnawed on unlit cigars instead. By 1997, William Jefferson Clinton had signed an executive order banning smoking in all Federal buildings outside of specially designated rooms.1993年,希拉里·克林顿在白宫居住区执行了严格的禁烟政策。据报道,她那位雪茄发烧友的丈夫只能咬着未点燃的雪茄。到1997年,威廉·杰斐逊·克林顿签署了一项行政命令,除了特别指定的房间,所有的联邦建筑内都禁止吸烟。6. BOOZE6、酒宴Upon his election to office in 1878, President Rutherford Hayes and his wife, Lucy, had a plan to restore a sense of decorum to public office. Lucy announced she would be joining the women’s movement that petitioned against saloons by prohibiting any liquor from being poured under her roof during functions. But the real force behind the prohibition wasn’t “Lemonade Lucy”. Instead, it was Rutherford. According to the Hayes Center, he did it to keep the Republican Party allied to the Temperance Movement.1878年当拉瑟福德·海斯当选美国总统之时,他和他的妻子就计划着要恢复公职的一种礼仪。露西宣布她将参加妇女抵制酒吧的请愿活动,在拉瑟福德执政期间,在白宫内禁酒。但是持这项禁令背后真正的力量不是“柠檬汁露西”,而是拉瑟福德。根据海斯中心机构的说法,他这样做是为了使共和党联盟遵守禁酒运动。7. CAMERAS7、照相机It wasn’t until 2015 that visitors to the White House were allowed to take pictures during tours. In 1975, officials banned cameras because they feared the flashes could potentially damage some of the artwork on display.直到2015年,游客参观白宫才被允许拍照。1975年,官方禁止使用照相机,因为他们担心闪光灯会给一些展出的艺术品带来潜在的伤害。 /201606/451441固原协和男科医院怎么样? A California mom and her boyfriend are both facing felony child abuse charges after police say they left her three young children alone in the Mojave Desert last Wednesday, seemingly as a punishment.加利福尼亚州的一位母亲和她的男朋友正面临虐待儿童的指控。上周三,警方发现他们将3个小孩丢弃在莫哈维沙漠中,看样子是为了惩罚孩子。Outside temperatures were in the mid-90s when suspects Mary Bell, 34, and Gary Cassle, 29, allegedly left the kids, ages 7, 6 and 5, alone without water or shoes in the blazing sun near the city of Twentynine Palms.据称,当天的室外气温达到华氏90多度,犯罪嫌疑人、34岁的玛丽·贝尔和29岁的盖理·加索将他们三个分别为7岁、6岁和5岁的孩子留在了二十九棕榈村附近的烈日下,他们赤着脚,也没有水喝。The news was first reported by Desert Sun. The kids were found by a good Samaritan after being outside in the desert for roughly 45 minutes. They were subsequently placed into the custody of San Bernardino County#39;s Children and Family Services. It does not appear that they suffered any injuries as a result of the ordeal.《沙漠太阳报》最先报道了这则新闻。孩子们在沙漠中暴晒了约45分钟后,被路过的好心人发现。他们随后被迅速安置到了圣贝纳迪诺县的儿童家庭务中心。所幸的是,虽经过痛苦的折磨,他们倒没怎么受伤。;Obviously this is a very serious incident,; Cindy Bachman, a public information officer at San Bernardino County Sheriff Department, told InsideEdition.com. ;It#39;s a good thing that the citizen saw them. They were obviously disturbed by what they saw.;圣贝纳迪诺县治安部门公共信息官辛迪·巴赫曼接受《InsideEdition.com》采访时表示:;很明显,这是一个非常严重的事件。幸亏有好心人发现了他们。他们对此感到非常吃惊。;Bell and Cassle, who were apprehended in their vehicle not far down the road, are due in court Friday afternoon. The pair are currently being held at the Morongo Basin Jail on 0,000 bail each, the Associated Press reported.贝尔和加索的车停在这条路的不远处,他们之后被逮捕,并于星期五下午被告上法庭。据美联社报道,两人目前被拘留在洛根盆地监狱,每人需交10万美元的保释金。It is unclear why the children were being punished. According to Bachman, the group appeared to be homeless and living out of their car.孩子们被处罚的原因尚不清楚。据巴赫曼表示,看起来,这一家人应该是以车为家,到处流浪。It#39;s not the first time parents have faced legal action for allegedly deliberately leaving their children unattended. A mom in Connecticut, was booked in April for leaving her kids on their own so she could go shopping. Similar cases have also occurred in Texas and Maryland.父母因为故意丢弃孩子而面临诉讼,这已经不是第一次了。今年4月份,在美国康涅狄克州,一位妈妈丢下孩子们自己去购物。此外,在德克萨斯州和马里兰州也发生过类似的案例。 /201607/456163固原看男科哪最好

固原协和包皮过长固原协和医院割包皮价格 A photo was uploaded online recently showing a man placed his hand on the thigh of a woman sitting next to her reportedly on subway Line 2 of Chengdu city, southwest China#39;s Sichuan province.近日,一张中国西南部四川省成都市地铁2号线内一名男子偷摸邻座女子大腿的照片被传到了网上。The one who uploaded the photo said that the woman was apparently embarrassed. The incident lasted until an angry onlooker suggested swapping seats with the victim.据上传此照片的人表示,被骚扰的女子显然有些尴尬。直到一位旁观者和被侵害人提出交换座位,此次骚扰事件才结束。The photo quickly got circulated on China#39;s microblogging platform Weibo.这张照片随即很快在中国社交平台微上引起了轰动。Sexual harassment on public transportation has always been a plague. While people get enraged towards the wretched man, the topic of debate mainly lies on the victim this time.公共交通场合的性骚扰事件已经屡见不鲜。很多性骚扰事件,人们都把锋芒指向男性,然而这次性骚扰事件人们的焦点确实这位女性。;She could simply stand up and walk away. Why did not she?; one netizen said.一名网民说道:;她只需要站起来走开就可以摆脱骚扰。为什么她没有行动?;;I think she is enjoying it,; said one web user, who was strongly rebuked by many for the heartless comment.;我想她很享受被骚扰,;一名网络用户这样说道。不过这样无情的马上遭到了众多网友的强烈谴责。 /201605/441864院彭阳县妇幼保健站男科医生

固原隆德县治疗包皮包茎多少钱 Souce of food食物的起源Since the introduction of agriculture,grains of cultivated crops have become the main source of man#39;s staple food.从引进农业以来,栽培作物的谷粒成为人类基本食物的主要来源。Farming began to take up most of man#39;s labor and time. Cultivation of crops was a process of man#39;s work from sowing, applying fertilizer to harvest. It was the most important work in people#39;s mind that could not be replaced by anything else.农耕开始占据人类的大部分劳力和时间。农作物的耕作是从播种、施肥到收获的一系列人类劳动。它成为了人们心中不可替代的最重要的事情。Growing crops was not the only way of obtaining food.但是种粮食不是收获食物的唯一方式。The ancients began expanding their sources of food at a very early time,developing farming,forestry,animal husbandry, sidelines,and fishing in line with local conditions.人们很早就开始根据当地的条件扩展食物的来源,发展农业、林业、畜牧业、副业和渔业。 /201606/445317固原包皮手术好的医院固原泌尿系统在线咨询




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