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A new guest arrived just in time for Thanksgiving dinner, but apparently didn#39;t survive the festivities. 一个新客人及时赶赴感恩节晚餐,但显然没在节日活动中活下来。 The visitor, a pristine comet called ISON that left its home at least a million years ago, made its closest approach to the sun Thursday afternoon. 这位访客是一颗名叫伊森(ISON)的原始彗星,自走出家门已至少有100万年,它于美东时间周四下午飞抵近日点。 But based on images arriving from various spacecraft, the consensus among scientists appeared to be that ISON, like the mythical Icarus, didn#39;t survive its close encounter with the sun. 然而根据多个航天器发回的照片,科学家似乎一致认为,伊森同神话人物伊卡洛斯(Icarus)一般,已在与太阳的近距离接触中“死去”。 The comet#39;s sweep near the sun was a moment that thousands of astronomers around the world had anxiously awaited, and before hopes dimmed about its survival, ISON was predicted to possibly loop around the star and emerge as a bright object visible to the naked eye in the skies of the Northern Hemisphere. 此前,全世界上千位天文学家翘首期盼着彗星扫过太阳的那一刻,并且在其“生还”希望变得渺茫前,科学家曾预测伊森或将环绕太阳并在北半球上空散发出肉眼可见的明亮光芒。 However, scientists now suspect it fragmented into countless pieces-never to be seen again. 而现在科学家怀疑它已破碎成无数个碎片,再也无法见到。 Before the close approach, observations #39;showed that the comet had brightened and then lost brightness. So there#39;s a lot of conjecture that it might be fading,#39; said Padma Yanamandra-Fisher, a planetary scientist at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colo., before the comet made its close pass with the sun. 科罗拉多州尔德太空科学研究所(Space Science Institute)的行星科学家费希尔(Padma Yanamandra-Fisher)在彗星接近太阳之前说,观察显示,这颗彗星在靠近太阳前曾一度变亮又失去了亮度。因而许多人猜测它或许正在消亡。 Since it was spotted more than a year ago, ISON#39;s behavior has constantly surprised astronomers, and they had held out hope that the comet could still put on a pretty display. On Monday, for example, it looked like it wouldn#39;t survive. Yet it was still there on Tuesday. 自一年多前被发现以来,伊森的运行状态就不断地令天文学家感到惊讶,而他们一直期望这颗彗星仍能展现出美丽的奇观。比如周一这颗彗星看起来似乎将解体,然而周二它依然存在着。 In addition to being a cosmic tease, ISON was one of the most tracked comets in history. 除了是个天体淘气鬼,伊森还成为了有史以来追踪者最多的彗星之一。 Thousands of telescopes-amateur, professional and space-borne-were being trained on this relatively tiny clump of ancient rock and ice no more than three or four miles in diameter. 上千台业余、专业和太空望远镜都被瞄准这颗原始彗星。该彗星体型较小,由石块和冰组成,直径不超过五、六公里。 The comet was discovered in September 2012 by Russian astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok using data from the International Scientific Optical Network, whose initials provided the name. 2012年9月,俄罗斯天文学家涅夫斯基(Vitali Nevski)和诺维切诺克(Artyom Novichonok)利用国际科学光学观测网(International Scientific Optical Network, ISON)的数据发现了这颗彗星,并以观测网的英文缩写命名了这颗彗星。 Nothing like ISON has been seen in living memory. It is a relatively rare #39;sungrazer,#39; a comet that flies especially close to our sun. 现世从未见过像伊森这样的彗星。它是一颗罕见的掠日彗星,其飞行轨道与太阳极其贴近。 Unlike periodic comets that come and go like the famous Halley#39;s, ISON is pristine and was making its first journey toward the sun. Its composition-mainly rock and ice-has barely changed since it formed some 4.5 billion years ago, making it one of the oldest objects in the solar system. 不同于像著名的哈雷彗星(Halley)这样的频繁来往的周期彗星,伊森是一颗原始彗星,而这是它第一次飞向太阳,其组成(主要为岩石和冰)自约450万年前彗星形成以来几乎没有变化,这使得它成为太阳系里最古老的天体之一。 That had scientists intrigued, because ISON#39;s proximity to the sun, and the chance to study what it is made of, could provide valuable clues about origins of the solar system. 令科学家感兴趣的原因不仅是伊森离太阳之近,还因其成份研究能够为太阳系起源提供有价值的线索。 When a new comet flies close to the sun, the tremendous heat can help reveal rarer materials, such as metals, of which it is made. 当一颗新的彗星飞近太阳时,极大的热量会将构成这颗彗星的稀有材质暴露出来,例如金属。 #39;It#39;s the first time in 200 years that we#39;ve seen a comet that#39;s both a sungrazer and brand new,#39; said Matthew Knight from the Lowell Observatory in Arizona. 亚利桑那州洛厄尔天文台(Lowell Observatory)的奈特(Matthew Knight)说,这是200年来我们所看到的第一颗崭新的掠日彗星。 If ISON had survived, scientists predicted it would have been poised to put on a display in the first week of December, at least for Northern Hemisphere viewers. 如果伊森没有解体,科学家预测它将会在12月的第一周展现光芒,至少北半球的人们将能看到它。 #39;It would have a very long and bright tail as it comes up from the horizon shortly before sunrise,#39; said Dr. Knight, before Thursday#39;s fatal close encounter. 奈特在周四彗星“致命”的近日之旅前说,它将在接近日出时从地平线升起,并拖着一条很长很明亮的彗尾。 #39;If you go out 30 minutes before [sunrise], you should be able to see it with the naked eye.#39; 他说,如果你在(日出)30分钟前来到户外,你应该就能用肉眼看到它。 But that was only if ISON had survived Thursday#39;s flyby. 不过前提是伊森能在周四飞过太阳时“存活”下来。 /201312/266994

In 2005, when Carol Loomis wrote one of her signature, exhaustive articles for Fortune, this one about Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina’s troubled acquisition of Compaq, she ed a Wall Street analyst who predicted that HP HP -5.89% would one day be split up.2005年,卡罗尔·卢米斯为《财富》杂志(Fortune)撰写了一篇惠普公司(HP)首席执行官卡莉o菲奥莉娜收购康柏公司(Compaq)的计划陷于困境的详尽报道。在这篇堪称其代表作的文章中,她援引了一位华尔街分析师的预测:惠普终有一日会被拆分。That analyst, Steven Milunovich, left the research business for a time. But he’s back at it again, now working at UBS, where he covers enterprise technology companies—that is, companies that sell technology to other companies as opposed to consumers. Milunovich is still paying careful attention to HP, which announced last week that it is splitting its consumer PC and printer businesses (to be called HP Inc) from its enterprise hardware and software lines (to be known as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise).这位名叫史蒂芬o米卢诺维奇的分析师一度离开研究领域。但他如今又回来了。目前,米卢诺维奇供职于瑞银集团(UBS),负责追踪企业级科技公司,也就是那些将技术卖给其他公司,而不是消费者的公司。他仍然密切注意惠普的动向。该公司上周宣布了一项分拆计划:惠普将一分为二,一个是专注从事消费PC和打印机业务的惠普公司(HP Inc),另一个是从事企业级硬件和软件业务的惠普企业公司(Hewlett-Packard Enterprise)。Reaction to the spin-off, beyond general praise for spin-offs, has been tepid. Writing in The New York Times over the weekend, James Stewart walks through HP’s generally weak prospects on both sides of its house. In his weekly “Monday Note,” Jean-Louis Gassée provides outstanding historical commentary on HP’s culture, calling the company today a “tired conglomeration.”企业分拆通常能够赢得一片喝声,但这一次,各方的反映一直不温不火。詹姆斯o斯图尔特上周末发表于《纽约时报》(The New York Times)的文章,总体上看淡这两家公司的发展前景。在每周更新一次的客《周一观察》(Monday Note)中,让-路易斯o盖瑟从历史的角度,对惠普的文化进行了一番精,声称这家公司如今是一个“疲惫的混合体”As for Milunovich, he finds some reasons for guarded optimism about HP. I reached him at his desk in New York last week. Below is an edited version of our conversation.米卢诺维奇则发现了一些让他对惠普保持谨慎乐观的原因。上周,我来到他的纽约办公室。以下是经过编辑的对话内容:I wrote in an essay on the day the split was announced that HP didn’t much matter anymore, at least not the way it used to. Do you agree?我在拆分宣布的当天写了一篇文章,说惠普不再是一家举足轻重的公司,至少没有过去那般重要。你同意吗?HP’s obviously lost a lot of luster. It’s not the company it once was. But it is one of the largest consumer computing companies. Clearly Apple AAPL -0.91% has surpassed it. But HP is very close to being the number-one PC company globally. They are the premier printing company. Where they have faded is on the enterprise side, and the innovation halo they once had is long gone. But I wouldn’t say it doesn’t matter. I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration.惠普的招牌显然有点褪色。它已经不是过去那个惠普了。但惠普仍然是世界上最大的消费计算公司之一。当然目前苹果(Apple)已经超越它了。不过,惠普距离全球头号PC厂商的位置非常接近。它依然是一家卓越的打印机公司。尽管它在企业级市场名声渐暗,曾经拥有的创新光环早已逝去。但我不会说,惠普现在无足轻重。我认为,这种看法有点夸张了。Talk about your 2005 prediction.说说你2005年的预测。I apparently predicted that printers would be peeled off from PCs. I’ve always been a big believer in focus. It’s the most powerful factor in business. In the case of HP we always felt it was difficult being the premier consumer and enterprise company. Microsoft MSFT -0.86% clearly has had similar issues. In HP’s case there’s no silver bullet. No one unit is being held back. But it doesn’t encourage focus. I would argue that they should have done this years ago.我当时预测说,打印机业务将从PC业务中剥离。我一直非常信奉“聚焦”(focus)。它是影响企业发展的最强大的因素。我们总是觉得,惠普要想同时成为一流的消费技术和企业技术公司,的确很有难度。微软(Microsoft)显然也有过类似的问题。就惠普的情况而言,没有一劳永逸的高招。该公司目前还没有收缩任何一个部门。但这不利于激励“聚焦”。我认为他们早在几年前就该做这件事了。As you note, HP isn’t separating printers and PCs, meaning the Compaq acquisition is remaining somewhat intact.正如你所说,惠普并没有把打印机和PC业务分离开来,这意味着早年收购的康柏资产基本上原封未动。I’d argue that the Compaq acquisition wasn’t so bad. If you were going to try to be a major computer company, the Compaq deal made some sense. It’s not unlike the rumored EMC EMC -1.57% and HP combination currently [rumored], which could make some sense. Back then HP was weak in x86 systems [a type of computing based on Intel processors] and storage. Compaq gave them both. Clearly they would not be in the market position they are in today if they hadn’t done that acquisition.我认为,对康柏的收购并没有那么糟糕。如果你试图成为一家大型电脑公司,收购康柏顺理成章。这跟目前传说中的EMC和惠普合并一案并没有什么区别,都是讲得通的。当时,惠普在x86系统(一种基于英特尔处理器的计算程序)和存储器方面的技术比较薄弱。康柏给了他们这两项技术。显然,要是当初没有收购康柏,惠普就不可能拥有如今的市场地位。What is your assessment of HP’s management?你对惠普的管理层有何评价?They’ve lost so much talent over the years. I don’t think it can ever be what it once was. But I do believe CEO Meg Whitman has made improvements. We did a conference call recently with Mohamad Ali, HP’s chief strategist. Meg has brought to HP this “Playing to Win” approach, which Procter amp; Gamble PG -1.56% uses. She learned it there because [Pamp;G CEO] A.G. Lafley used it in the 2000s. They have this strategic framework. I had never heard boo about this. It’s nine to 12 months old. I heard she had an offsite with the top 100 or so managers at HP. And she said, “I want you all to this book. I’m going to test you on it.” The flight attendants noticed. They wanted to know why everybody on this flight to Las Vegas was ing the same book. It gives you a sense of the discipline there.这些年来,他们失去了很多人才。我认为,惠普的管理已经无法企及昔日的水平。但我的确相信,CEO梅格o惠特曼已经做了一些改进。最近,我们跟惠普首席战略官穆罕默德o阿里进行了一场电话会议。梅格给惠普引入了宝洁公司(Procter amp; Gamble)率先使用的“为胜利而战”(Playing to Win)战略。她是在那里学到的,因为宝洁CEO雷富礼曾经在2000年代使用过这种方式。他们拥有这样的战略框架。我还没有听说过有人对这种理念不屑一顾。它已经被应用了大约9到12个月。我听说,她和惠普的约100名高层在异地开了一个会。她说,“我希望大家都来阅读这本书。我会考考你们对它的理解程度。”飞机上的空注意到了。她们想知道在这趟飞往的航班上,为什么每位乘客都在阅读同一本书。由此可见,惠普管理层还是很有纪律意识的。HP has been talking a lot about the cloud lately, but I don’t have a sense of how its cloud computing strategy is different from the competition, several of whom have been at it longer than HP.惠普最近一直在谈论云计算,但我并没有感觉到它的云计算战略跟竞争对手有什么不同之处,不少竞争对手进入这一领域的时间都要比惠普更长一些。In general, observers are unclear. We talked recently to Bill Veghte [the head of HP’s enterprise group and a longtime Microsoft executive]. They’ve had three different management teams running their cloud strategy. The IT has been rebranded as Helion. It has several features, many of which aren’t available yet. So, for HP, that is a work in progress.总体而言,观察家们还不清楚。我们最近采访了比尔o维迪(惠普企业技术事业部负责人,曾长期担任微软高管)。他们目前有三个不同的管理团队在运营其云技术战略。这项信息技术业务的名称已经被改为Helion。它有好几个特色,其中有不少还没有对外公布。因此,对于惠普来说,这还是一个在不断改进的半成品。Toward the end of her article almost a decade ago, Carol Loomis asked Carly Fiorina who the leading technology company of the day was. Fiorina responded that there was no one company, but in retrospect Apple exerted far more than its fair share of leadership. What would your answer be today?在大约10年前那篇文章的结尾,卡罗尔o卢米斯问卡莉o菲奥莉娜,哪家公司当时处于领导地位。菲奥莉娜回答说,没有这样的公司。但现在回想起来,苹果公司的领先优势显然要比她想象的大得多。你现在如何回答这个问题?Apple today is clearly the world’s leading consumer tech company. And IBM is the leading enterprise company. But Microsoft, Oracle, and HP aren’t far behind. The HP Inc company is probably pretty close to half consumer and half enterprise. There’s still the question of how HP fits in. I think the split is to better position the enterprise side. They are vulnerable there. Their cloud strategy is unclear to people.苹果现在当然是全球领先的消费技术公司。IBM则是全球领先的企业技术公司。不过,微软、甲骨文(Oracle)和惠普也并没有被远远抛在后面。分拆后成立的惠普Inc公司,可能非常接近成为一家消费技术和企业技术各占据一半的公司。惠普如何协调如此多业务这一问题依然存在。我认为,此次拆分是为了更好地定位企业技术业务。他们在这方面比较脆弱。人们还看不清楚该公司的云战略。Last question: How about you? What’s different today from your previous stint as an analyst?最后一个问题:你最近怎么样?如今的工作跟以前的分析师工作有什么不同?It’s very similar to the early ’90s. We’re going through one of those disruptive periods when everything is changing. The lesson for investors is this: Get out of the incumbents and focus on the pure-plays. Going out to Silicon Valley is even more depressing than it was in the 1990s, with new players saying they are going to destroy the incumbents. It’s depressing because my clients own the companies that are under attack. But EMC and IBM—and even HP—are not going away quickly.当下与上世纪90年代初非常类似。我们正在再次经历一个破坏性时期,一切都在改变。投资者应该汲取的教训是:离开正占据主导地位的企业,专注于单一业务公司。硅谷现在的氛围甚至比上世纪90年代更加压抑,各路新公司都说,他们要摧毁在位者。我说那里令人沮丧,是因为我的客户拥有的公司正在遭受攻击。但EMC、IBM,甚至包括惠普,并没有迅速地消失。 /201410/336503

From a patent Apple filed in 2011.苹果2011年申请的一项专利。Led by Peter Burrows, a veteran tech reporter with more than two decades under his belt, Bloomberg has taken a second crack at the Apple (AAPL) iWatch story that the New York Times and Wall Street Journal broke three weeks ago.彼得巴罗斯是一位有着二十多年从业经验的资深科技记者。在他带领下,彭公司(Bloomberg)在三周前的《纽约时报》(New York Times)和《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)对苹果公司(Apple)iWatch所做报道的基础上,再次对此进行了深入挖掘。Bloomberg#39;s contribution that first week was a report, sourced by two people ;familiar with the company#39;s plans,; that Apple had 100 product designers working on a wristwatch-like device that could perform some of the tasks now handled by the iPhone and iPad.根据两位“熟悉苹果公司计划”的知情人士透露的线索,彭在第一周发表了一篇报道。报道称,苹果调用了100位产品设计师,正在开发一款腕表式的设备,能执行一些目前由iPhone和iPad完成的任务。Monday#39;s piece offers an analysis of the smart watch business that makes it look considerably more attractive than the prevailing view on the Internet -- which is that nobody wears a watch anymore except as a fashion statement.星期一的这篇报道分析了智能手表行业。互联网上有一种普遍观点:现在没人戴手表了,除非是把它当成一种时尚表达。相比之下,这篇文章的看法非常独特。Among the points the Bloomberg story makes:彭这篇报道的主要观点如下:Watches are a big business. The global watch industry will generate billion in sales in 2013.手表是个大产业。2013年全球手表业销售额将达600亿美元。Watches are a profitable business. Gross margins on watches are about 60%, right in Apple#39;s comfort zone.手表业利润丰厚。手表的毛利率大概是60%,对苹果来说正中下怀。Watches are a more attractive business than TVs. The margin on watches is about four times bigger than for televisions.手表产业比电视产业更有吸引力。手表的利润率大概是电视的四倍。Apple is interested in watches. The company has taken out 79 patents with the word ;wrist; in them, including one for a device with a flexible screen that#39;s powered by kinetic energy.苹果对手表很感兴趣。苹果公司已取得79项含有“手腕”这个词的专利,包括一款带有折叠屏、动能驱动的设备。Jony Ive is particularly interested. Apple#39;s chief designer owns many high-end models and in the mid-2000s had a team visit Nike and bring home boxes of one of their sports watches.乔纳森艾夫尤其感兴趣。身为苹果的首席设计师,他拥有众多高端手表。2000年中,他率队造访了耐克公司(Nike),带回来耐克的一款运动手表,数量多达好几箱。The timing is right. A 2003 Microsoft-Fossil smart phone partnership fizzled, but customers are more accustomed today to using mobile apps in their everyday lives.恰逢良机。2003年,微软(Microsoft)和时尚品牌Fossil在智能手机上的合作流产了。但时至今日,用户比以往更习惯在生活中使用手机应用。Among the features under consideration, according to one of Bloomberg#39;s sources, is making phone calls, seeing the identity of incoming callers, checking map coordinates, counting steps (with a built-in pedometer) and monitoring health-related data, such as heart rates.据彭社的一位知情人士透露,苹果这款手表正在开发的性能包括:打电话、查看来电人身份、查看地图坐标、计算步数(用内置步数器)、以及监控心率等健康信息。Assuming a 10% market share of a billion market with a 60% gross margin, Bloomberg estimates that Apple could see revenues of up to .6 billion with a successful smart watch. Morgan Stanley#39;s Katy Huberty did a similar exercise and came up with incremental revenue to Apple of to billion a year, assuming 20% of Apple#39;s existing customers bought one every two years. See her spsheet below.如果苹果能在这个总额高达600亿美元的大市场中获得10%的份额,而且毛利率达到60%,彭预测,苹果能够在这款智能手表身上拿到的营收将高达36亿美元。而根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)的凯蒂休伯蒂做了类似预估,同时提出,苹果每年因此获得的增量营收为100亿到150亿美元,这个预测假定苹果现有客户中,20%的人每两年会买一个。请看她的图解。 /201303/228661

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