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固原彭阳县割痔疮多少钱固原看男科那家医院好固原公家医院有哪些 Angela Merkel’s government has proposed sweeping changes to Germany’s laws on immigrants that would allow the country to deport minors convicted of serious crimes.安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)的政府提议全面修改德国针对移民的法律,使该国能够驱逐被判犯有严重罪行的未成年人。The proposal is part of a tough legal package Berlin has hastily put together in response to public outrage over sex attacks in Cologne on New Year’s eve and widesp concern that asylum seekers from north Africa and the Middle East are among those responsible. The number of women alleging they were molested or robbed in the assaults has risen to more than 550.这项提案是柏林方面仓促出炉的严厉法律对策的一部分,目的是回应公众对于跨年夜科隆发生的群体性侵事件的愤怒,以及各方对于作案者竟是来自北非及中东的寻求庇护者的普遍关注。声称自己在此次事件中被骚扰或抢劫的女性人数已升至50人。Ahead of an emergency Bundestag debate scheduled for today on the Cologne attacks, Ms Merkel vowed that the new rules would be passed “as soon as possible在德国联邦议Bundestag)今日就科隆事件举行紧急辩论前夕,默克尔誓言将“尽快”推动通过新规则。The proposals would increase judgespowers to deport foreign citizens convicted of serious crimes such as sex assaults. At present the courts can only order deportations when criminals are given custodial sentences of at least three years. The legal changes would allow deportations to go ahead for people given suspended sentences or jail-terms as short as one year, as well as for offenders aged under 18.这项提案将增加法官的权力,使他们有权驱逐被判犯有严重罪行(如性侵犯)的外国公民。目前,法院只能在罪犯至少被判三年监禁的情况下才能发出驱逐令。修订后的法律将允许驱逐被判缓刑或仅一年监禁的人,以及不到18岁的罪犯。Ms Merkel faces intense political pressure over the Cologne attacks, notably from her own CDU party and its sister, the Bavaria-based CSU, whose leader Horst Seehofer is the leading critic of Ms Merkel’s liberal approach to refugees. A sceptical CDU MP said: “Cologne has made the atmosphere more tense because things have become more urgent.”默克尔在科隆事件上受到巨大政治压力,特别是来自她所在的政党基民CDU)及其姊政党、总部位于巴伐利亚的基社盟(CSU)的压力;基社盟党魁霍斯特泽霍费尔(Horst Seehofer)带头批评默克尔对难民摆出的开明姿态。一名持怀疑态度的基民盟议员表示:“科隆事件使得气氛更加紧张,因为事情已变得更加紧迫。”The rightwing Alternative für Deutschland has also jumped on the Cologne attacks to lambast what it depicts as the failure of the chancellor’s refugee policy and demanded her resignation. While Muslim groups have raised fears of racist attacks, anti-immigration populists have taken to the streets, most recently yesterday in Leipzig a demonstration followed by a brief violent rampage by rightwing extremists.右翼的德国新选择Alternative für Deutschland)也抓住科隆事件,猛轰其所称的德国总理难民政策的失败,并要求默克尔辞职。尽管穆斯林团体表示对种族主义攻击感到恐惧,但是反对移民的民粹主义者已经走上街头,最近一次是昨日在莱比锡——他们举行了示威,之后右翼极端分子进行了短暂的暴力发泄。But many lawyers warn the plan may have little practical impact since German courts can deport people to a limited range of states and only if the home government agrees and the convicted person has travel documents. Referring to such constraints, Hannelore Kraft, premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, which includes Cologne, said: These are all things that we must change.”但许多律师警告称,政府的计划可能没有什么实际影响,因为德国法院只能把罪犯驱逐到有限的几个国家,而且必须是在获得对方国家政府同意、且被判犯罪的人持有旅行件的情况下。科隆所在的北莱威斯特法伦州的州长汉娜洛蕾克拉夫Hannelore Kraft)在谈到这些约束时表示:“这些都是我们必须改变的事情。”来 /201601/423008固原中医院有看男科的吗

固原省妇幼保健院男科电话As Beijing intensified its blockbuster anticorruption campaign last year, Chinese authorities unveiled Sky Net. Interpol was given the list of 100 names, and foreign governments were exhorted to help out. On Jan. 6, Chinas top graft-fighting body publicized Sky Nets success so far, since the program was launched last April: 19 individuals had been caught. Only 81 more to go.随着在去年北京方面加强了反腐败运动的力度,中国当局也顺势推出了;天网行动;。国际刑警组织被提供了一份有100个名字的人名单,中国当局还劝说外国政府予以协助。在1日,中国反腐机构发布声明表示,到目前为止;天网;行动初告成功,自去年四月底发布该项行动以来,共计19人被抓捕,目前只1人还在逃。On Wednesday, Chinas Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) also publicized its success in Operation Fox Hunt, a broader repatriation effort of Chinese criminal suspects. In the first 11 months of 2015, the CCDI reported, Chinese agents had returned 738 Chinese fugitives back home. But just how do these overseas Chinese end up back in the motherland?周三,中共中央纪律检查委员会(中纪委)发布了;猎狐行动;--一个范围更广的遣返中国犯罪嫌疑人的行动,取得成功的声明。中纪委称,015年的1个月,中国探员共38名带着非法所得财物潜逃国外的逃犯抓捕回国。但是这些逃亡海外的人是如何回到祖国的呢?In November, China chartered four planes to Cambodia and Indonesia to pick up 254 Chinese who were suspected of participating in a phone and Internet fraud ring.1月,中国特许四架飞机飞往柬埔寨和印度尼西亚,54名涉嫌参与电信诈骗犯罪的逃犯押送回囀?Indeed, 41% of the 738 criminal suspects ;were persuaded to return,; according to the CCDI, which did not elaborate on what persuasion techniques were employed. In November 2014, Xinmin Weekly, a magazine based in Shanghai, interviewed a Shanghai police officer involved in the Fox Hunt program. ;My experience is that the effect of face-to-face persuasion and persuasion by telephone is totally different,; He told Xinmin Weekly. ;Although we talked by phone many times, this 20-minute face-to-face talk makes a suspect choose to return and confess.; He also told Xinmin that he had once made a of a female suspects case and mailed it to other suspects family members. ;Its very effective,; he was ed as saying. ;A suspect is like a kite. Although he is in a foreign country, his line is in China and we can find him through his relatives.;据中纪委表示,事实上,在所有的犯罪嫌疑人中,有41%的人;是被劝说回国;,但并未详细说明是采用的什么样的说技巧。在20141月,总部位于上海的杂志《新民周刊》采访了参与;猎狐;行动的一名上海警察。该警察表示;我的经验是当面劝比电话劝效果更好。虽然我们在电话里已经交流过许多次了,但0分钟的面对面劝说才是让嫌疑人选择回国并认罪的关键;此外,他还告诉《新民周刊》,他曾将一名女嫌疑人的案例拍成影像,发放给所有在逃嫌疑人家人,让他们寄给嫌疑人。他说:;这种做法非常有效。一个逃犯相当于一个风筝,他人在国外,但线在国内,通过亲人总能找到他;A book written by a Fox Hunt agent last year described a ;scrappy, full of passion; special-operations unit that braved everything from Ebola and equatorial heat to capture wayward Chinese. In Beijings Mirror Evening News, another agent breathlessly recounted how he induced Yang Huaiyuan, one of the Sky Net 100, to return to China from North America, in part by putting the businessman in touch with his elderly father who, over the phone, tearfully told his son to come home. He did.报道称,参加;猎狐;行动的一名探员去年出版的一本书描述了一;充满的;特别行动小组,他们不畏艰难险阻,从冒着埃拉的风险到顶着赤道高温,一路将潜逃分子抓捕回囀?在北京的《法制晚报》上,另外一位探员详细叙述了他劝;天网;行动;百名红色通缉;杨怀远从北美回国的过程。他的做法就是让这名商人和他年迈的父亲通过电话联系上,并眼泪汪汪地劝他回国。杨怀远最终真的回国了。来 /201601/422039固原治疗梅毒的费用 固原哪家医院切包皮好

固原包皮包茎治疗费用The Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission and Finance Ministry jointly issued a catastrophe home insurance plan last Monday.中国保监会与财政部上周一联合印发了居民住宅巨灾保险制度实施方案。According to the plan, 45 insurance companies have joined the program which will issue special insurance products providing post-earthquake compensation, especially focusing on residential homes.据悉,目前已5家保险公司加入。该方案将推出地震后赔偿的特殊保险产品,专门针对的是居民住宅问题。The statement says in the first phase, the basic insurance coverage will be 50 thousand yuan for urban dwellers and 20 thousand yuan for rural ones.该方案称,运行初期,城乡居民住宅基本保额分别为每万元万元。The catastrophe insurance system is designed to ease the burden on the government and public finances.巨灾保险制度旨在减轻政府与公共财政的负担。A special insurance reserve fund supported by MOF will be set up, and legislation for the plan will be sped up, according to the plan.根据该方案,财政部将设立巨灾保险基金,巨灾保险制度方案的立法程序将加快。In China, post-disaster reconstruction is mostly financed by the state, or through public and private donations, while in the West, insurance has proven effective in dealing with the aftermath of such calamities.在中国,灾后重建主要是由国家资助,或通过公共和私人捐款完成的,不过在西方,用于处理这样的灾难后果的保险制度已被明是可行的。来 /201605/446478 Two brothers with suspected links to the plotters of the November terrorist attacks in Paris were identified by Belgian prosecutors yesterday as the suicide bombers in Tuesday’s double strike on Brusselsairport and metro system. 比利时检方昨日认定,涉嫌与去1月巴黎恐袭策划者有联系的两兄弟是周四布鲁塞尔机场和地铁爆炸案的自杀式炸弹袭击者The revelations added to mounting evidence connecting the cells behind the Paris attack and those in Brussels. They underscored investigatorsbelief that they are battling the most sophisticated and extensive Isis cell encountered in Europe. 这一发现意味着越来越多的据将巴黎与布鲁塞尔恐袭案背后的恐怖小组联系在一起。这些据使调查人员相信,他们正与欧洲遭遇的最狡猾且触角甚广的“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)小组较量On a visit to Brussels, Manuel Valls, France’s prime minister, said seven people out of 30 known to be linked to the Paris attacks were still being hunted. 正在布鲁塞尔访问的法国总理曼努埃尔#8226;瓦尔Manuel Valls)称,目前已知与巴黎袭击案相关0名嫌疑犯中,人仍然在逃Federal prosecutors identified Ibrahim El Bakraoui as one of two men who blew themselves up in the departure hall of Zaventem airport while his brother, Khalid, died after detonating a device on a metro carriage in the city’s EU quarter, killing 31 people in total. 联邦检察官认定,Ibrahim El Bakraoui是在扎芬特姆机场(Zaventem)出发大厅进行自杀式爆炸的两名男子之一,而他的兄弟Khalid在欧盟办公楼集中的布鲁塞尔市中心的一个地铁站的地铁车厢内引爆炸弹后身亡。两起爆炸案共造成31人遇难The second airport suicide bomber was identified by his DNA as Najim Laachraoui, who was aly implicated in last year’s Paris attacks, police told Belgian media. Belgian investigators are still trying to identify a third man seen in CCTV footage at the airport wearing a white jacket and a hat, pushing a luggage trolley. 警方告诉比利时媒体称,通过DNA鉴定,机场第二个自杀式炸弹袭击者是早已被认定为去年巴黎恐袭嫌疑人之一的Najim Laachraoui。比利时调查人员目前仍然正在尝试识别机场闭路电视拍下的身着白色外套、头戴一顶帽子、推着行李车的第三个人Both Bakraoui brothers were known to the police, raising new questions about how much the Belgian authorities were aware of the cell’s operation before the bombings. Ibrahim was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2010 after shooting at police officers after he attempted to rob a Western Union currency exchange office. Khalid was handed a five-year suspended sentence for attempted carjackings in 2011. 此前Bakraoui两兄弟早已进入警方的视线,这引发了新问题:在爆炸发生前,比利时政府对这个恐怖小组的活动了解多少010年,Ibrahim因为在试图抢劫西联汇Western Union)的一家货币兑换店时击警察而被判有期徒年。Khalid011年试图劫车而被年缓刑Only a lucky break stopped the attack being much worse on Tuesday: the suitcase bomb carried by the suspect who later fled the airport which contained the largest amount of explosives failed to detonate at the right moment, according to Belgian prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw. It went off after the departure hall had been cleared. 比利时检察官弗雷德里#8226;范莱Frederic Van Leeuw)表示,运气使得周二的爆炸没有更糟糕:后来逃离机场的嫌疑人所携带的行李箱炸弹——里面装着数量最多的爆炸物——未能在正确时刻引爆,而是在机场出发大厅的乘客被疏散之后才爆炸Belgian authorities were also helped by a taxi driver who unwittingly drove the attackers to the airport. 比利时当局还得到了一名在不知情的情况下把肇事者载到机场的出租车司机的帮助After recognising them in footage from the attacks, the driver later took police to the building where he had picked them up in the capital’s Schaerbeek neighbourhood. Among material seized there was 15kg of TATP, a highly unstable explosive, as well as detonators, nails and screws. 从攻击视频中认出他们之后,这位司机后来把警察带到了布鲁塞尔斯哈尔贝克区接他们上车的那栋大楼。警方查获的材料包括15千克极不稳定的炸药三聚过氧丙TATP),以及雷管、钉子和螺钉。来 /201603/433268固原治疗早泄的好医院崆峒区泾川县男科专家



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