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[6] Talking about past possibilities 谈论过去可能发生的事 676. What would you have done last night if you hadn't had to study? 677. I would have gone on the picnic if it hadn't rained. 678. If you had gotten up earlier,you would have had time for breakfast. 679. If I had had time,I would have called you. 680. Would he have seen you if you hadn't waved to him? 681. If he had only had enough money,he would have bought that house. 682. I wish you had called me back the next day,as I had asked you to. 683. If you hadn't slipped and fallen,you wouldn't have broken your leg. /200604/6139。

  • This is a book that I first in my military strategic studies class at the ed States Air Force Academy.我在美国空军学院上军事策略研究课的时候第一次读到这本书。And it#39;s kind of crazy that a book written over 2,500 years ago is really the first当今世界一流的军事院校把这本写于2500年前的书籍作为and the most fundamental book studied by the world#39;s greatest air force to this day.首要的最基本的学习内容,着实有点疯狂。And you might not necessarily be fighting wars, but business is basically the modern day warfare,可能你没必要作战,但商业基本就是现代社会的战争,so if you own one or work for one, which should basically be everyone,所以如果你是老板或是其他人的员工,then this book is just as useful for you as for a military strategist.那么这本书对你的用处,就像对军事战略家的用处一样。Know your enemy and know yourself and in 100 battles you will never be in peril.知己知彼,才能百战不殆。A lot of people go to job interviews, don#39;t get picked, and don#39;t understand that this is exactly why.很多人的面试以失败告终,不明白到底为什么会这样。They walk in there having no idea about who they#39;re dealing with.他们去面试,却不知道和谁打交道。If you#39;re walking into a job interview, you need to have spent the past few weeks如果你去参加面试,需要花费几周的时间learning everything there is to know about the company and the industry it#39;s in.去了解学习关于这家公司及其所在行业的各种知识。Do you know how impressive it is if you walk in there and say something like,如果面试时你这样说,会令人印象非常深刻,;We#39;re in a billion dollar industry. I know we#39;re currently holding 20% of the market share,“我们身处一个非常有前景的行业。现在拥有20%的市场份额,and the CEO has announced two weeks ago that we#39;ll be trying to hit 30% by the end of next year.两周前总裁宣布我们争取在明年年底达到30%。And here is how hiring me is going to help this company achieve that.;雇佣我一定会帮助公司实现那个目标。”Do you know how impressive that would be? Most people#39;s answer to that would be something like,你知道这样的表达会令人印象多么深刻吗?多数人对于这个问题会回答,;uh... We try to sell shoes here. I don#39;t really know...; Now that#39;s crazy...“嗯…我们尝试在这里销售鞋子。我不是很清楚…” 那就很差劲了…but not only do people have no idea about who they#39;re dealing with, they have no idea about themselves.但是人们不仅不清楚他们在和谁打交道,而且也不了解自己。Most people if asked, ;Why should we pick you;, have no idea how to answer it.多数人被问及“我们为什么要选你”的时候都不知道该如何回答。It#39;s like, ;uh, I guess I#39;ll work really hard...;“嗯,我想我会努力工作的…”No, that was the answer that the 20 other people before you gave. Why are you better than all the other ones?错,你之前的其他20个候选人也会给出这样的。你为什么比别人更好呢?Objectively, what are you capable of that makes you better than all the other ones?客观来讲,你哪方面的能力比别人更突出呢?Know your enemy and know yourself and in 100 battles you will never be in peril.知己知彼,才能百战不殆。Avoid what is strong. Attack what is weak.避强攻弱。So when Jen gets a job at a company, she goes in and sees how everyone#39;s really good at answering the phone.当珍找了份新工作的时候,她在公司看到每个人都很擅长接听电话。And she says, ;I#39;m going to work hard and be better than everyone when it comes to answering the phone.;她就说,“我会努力工作,争取在接听电话方面超越别人。”And Jen#39;s never going to be valued in that company.结果就是珍永远不会受到这个公司的重视。There are all these other people who are really good at answering the phone.因为其他人都很擅长接听电话。You don#39;t want to compete there. You want to be the Jen who everyone goes up to with insurance questions你肯定不想在那里竞争。你想成为一个大家都来找你咨询保险的珍,because you#39;re the only person in there who knows everything there is to know about insurance.因为你是那里唯一懂保险的人。Same thing in business. No wonder businesses have such a huge rate of failure生意也是同理。当生意人试图与沃尔玛竞价时,when people walk into a business trying to compete with Walmart on price.如此巨大的生意失败率也就不足为奇了。Why are you attacking what is strong? You#39;re never going to beat Walmart on price.你为什么要以卵击石呢?你永远不可能在价格上战胜沃尔玛。But what are the weaknesses? What do people demonize Walmart for?但是有什么弱点吗?人们把沃尔玛夸大成什么了呢?The cup was made with the tears of Chinese children. The cup has nothing authentic about it.这个杯子是用中国孩子的眼泪做的。没有任何实质性的东西。So all of a sudden you say, ;Look at my cup. It#39;s made by treating people really well,如果突然你说,“看看我的杯子。制作过程尊重每一个人。it#39;s authentic because of this and that...; Now that#39;s still a really hard market,因为各种原因它是可信的…”就算如此这个市场还是很难做,so good luck with competing in there, but at least you have some chance of some little market share now,但是也祝你好运,至少你现在有可能获得一些市场份额了,because you literally had zero chance before.因为你之前是一点可能也没有。To win 100 battles is not the height of skill- to subdue the enemy without fighting is.赢得战斗不算什么本事—不战而胜才是最高境界。It#39;s amazing how everyone#39;s obsessed with suing today.令人惊奇的是现在的人们都很热衷于诉讼。There#39;s definitely a time when fighting is the last resort,当战斗成为最后的手段,的确有这么一段时间,诉讼很流行,but a lot of these cases could be solved just by picking up the phone.但很多这种案例可以用电话解决。Picking up the phone costs nothing, suing people will cost you a lot.打电话花费不了什么,起诉会花费很多。And I love when people finally e une win, and are so proud.我很高兴人们最终给赢加了双引号,而非常自豪。Because that#39;s all you can be, just proud.因为你做了你所能做的,自豪吧。Because if you looked at it rationally, you have spent endless amounts of money,如果理性的看待它,你花费了数不清的金钱,years of your time and energy and all that opportunity cost, and now you e unqoute;win;.时间和精力,以及各种机会,现在你给赢加了引号。Maybe the benefit was higher than the cost in your situation, and that#39;s awesome, congratulations,或许益处会大于你的花费,那就太好了,恭喜你,but a lot of times it#39;s not. You#39;re smarter than your opponent,但是大多数情况下,不是这样的。你比对手更聪明,you don#39;t rely on emotions like anger and pride to decide if you#39;re going to fight or not.你不会依靠生气或骄傲这类情感来决定是否迎战。You always take into account the cost, and you do everything you can to win the battle without actually fighting it.你总会考虑花费,你想尽一切办法争取不战而胜。Because you know that fighting has a cost, and that cost is huge.因为你知道战斗花费巨大。So the three big ideas are: Know your enemy and know yourself and in 100 battles you will never be in peril.所以三大理论就是:知己知彼,百战不殆。Avoid what is strong. Attack what is weak.避强攻弱。And to win 100 battles is not the height of skill- to subdue the enemy without fighting is.身经百战,不如不战而胜。 Article/201707/516682。
  • We don't have any more pens, can we substitute pencils.已经不再有钢笔了,可用铅笔来代替吗?substitute表示以...代替。注意上句中substitute后的pencils不是被替换的,而是用来替换pens的。如果要明确表明用...替换...可加介词for。 substitute A for B就是用A来替换B。We substituted pencils for pens.我们用铅笔来代替钢笔。We substituted honey for sugar.我们用蜂蜜来代替糖。 /200803/28755。
  • I spent a soaking night in the chinese jungle.我在中国丛林中度过了湿漉漉的一夜The rain has eased for a moment,雨势变弱一阵子了and I#39;m checking the traps to see if they#39;ve caught anything.而我要检查下有没有捕到什么I#39;ve got a rat that#39;s squashed under this.我抓到只老鼠 压扁在这下面了It#39;s funny, #39;cause, actually, the more elaborate,这很搞笑 因为实际上更精确的bigger deadfall trap didn#39;t get anything,but this really simple figure-of-four大型的陷阱 都抓不到什么 但这个非常简单的四角固定的trap that I#39;ve used loads of times before has worked.我用过很多次的陷阱 却有收获了But I#39;m gonna keep the rat for later.但等会儿再想老鼠的事Now the rain has stopped,I want to make some progress through this jungle whilst the going#39;s good.现在雨已经停了 我要在丛林中前进 赶在一切都很顺利时The jungle has thinned a little now,and I can make quick progress here.现在丛林的密度已经变小一些了 我能在这里走快一些It#39;s important to the terrain and I can make quick progress here.so you can pick up features ahead of you.通过观察地形 来了解树木非常重要 因为你可以了解前面的情况Sometimes moving through the jungle efficiently is just about finding your rhythm.有时候在丛林里有效的前进 就是寻找到你的节奏You can see loads of rainwater has collected just in the bowl of this tree.你能看到许多雨水淤积在 这棵树的树洞里It rained loads last night.昨夜下了很多雨In the jungle, where you#39;re sweating so much and it#39;s so humid, you#39;ve got to keep drinking.在丛林里 你会流很多汗 而这里很潮湿 所以你要一直喝水The easiest way of getting this out,use a bit of bamboo.最简单的弄出它的方法是 用一些竹子And it#39;s a technique that the San Bushmen in Africa showed me.Just drink it straight up.这个技术是那些 非洲以采集狩猎为生的人教给我的 就直接喝吧You should always avoid drinking from stagnant pools,but I know this water is fresh because it rained so much last night.你要始终避免饮用死水 但我知道这水是干净的 因为昨晚的雨下得太大了 Article/201607/456853。
  • 吴大维洋腔洋调英语口语视频第二册第11集,今天大维带我们来到薰衣草节,这里你可以找到各种与薰衣草相关的物品,肥皂,精油等等,喜欢就一起来了解下吧。薰衣草节上的物品词汇:1. lavender 薰衣草2. moisturizing lotion 保湿乳液3. tester 试用装4. incense 熏香5. sachets 香袋6. all natural soap 全天然香皂7. body massage oil 身体油8. candles 蜡烛8. essential oil 香精油9. body mist 体香剂10. for dogs 给用的相关专题推荐:色拉英语乐园视频新英语900句视频从零开始学口语 /200809/48765。
  • 深圳基本英语100句 Word N-S暂无文本相关专题: 新英语900句 /200708/17154。
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