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固原国家农业科技园区治疗前列腺疾病多少钱固原市妇保医院泌尿系统在线咨询The top U.S. military officer says critics who claim it will take years to even have a chance to defeat the Afghan insurgency ignore the fact that a similar counterinsurgency strategy turned around a similarly difficult situation in Iraq in 2007. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, spoke to reporters traveling with him to South and Central Asia Thursday.Admiral Mullen acknowledges that it may take years to fully defeat the Afghan insurgency. But he says that is not what the ed States expects to accomplish by this time next year, when President Barack Obama has said he will begin to withdraw U.S. troops. But Mullen says the year-and-a-half the president allowed for the new strategy to prove itself is adequate."Insurgencies last a long time," said Mullen. "But, as you look at how long it took to turn Iraq around, it was about 18 months. Now, we're about two-and-a-half years later, and we're still working in Iraq. But it was sort of that period of time where it really turned. Turning it doesn't end it, [but] you've got to turn it to get it moving in the right direction."The admiral says the situation in Iraq seemed impossible to resolve a few years ago, and, although the two countries are very different, and progress in Iraq is not a guarantee of progress in Afghanistan, it does give him reason to be hopeful about Afghanistan - even during the current period of heavy violence and, at best, slow progress."There are similarities and differences between Iraq and Afghanistan, and I understand that," added Mullen. "But I don't accept the fact that, just because it takes insurgencies a long, long time [to be defeated], that we're not at a point where it can't be turned, because I think it can. It doesn't mean it's going to be easy. But, I think it can be [turned] over the period of time that we're talking about."U.S. officials acknowledge that, even if the situation in Afghanistan begins to turn during the next 12 months, the U.S. withdrawal will likely be very gradual, and some number of international troops will be needed in Afghanistan for many years to come.Admiral Mullen welcomed the statement by Afghan President Hamid Karzai this week that he wants his forces to be able to take responsibility for security in the country by 2014. Mullen said the goal sounds reasonable and that it is important for leaders to set such targets to focus the efforts of their governments.The admiral spoke as he flew toward New Delhi, where Afghanistan will be among many issues he will discuss with Indian defense officials. It will be on the agenda again when he visits Pakistan later in the week, before heading into the war zone itself.  美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将承认,完全打败阿富汗叛乱分子需要几年的时间。他说,这不是美国预期在明年这个时候实现的目标。明年7月是奥巴马总统设定的美军开始撤军的日期。但是马伦说,总统留出一年半时间来明新策略的有效性,这是合适的。 他说:“叛乱行为会持续很长时间。但是如果你看看扭转伊拉克的局势需要多长时间,那大约是18个月。现在,2年半后,我们仍在伊拉克行动。但是局势真正出现扭转用了大约18个月时间。扭转并不意味着结束,但是你必须扭转形势使它朝正确方向发展。” 马伦上将说,几年前伊拉克局势看起来根本无法解决。虽然伊拉克和阿富汗有很大不同,而且伊拉克的进展并不能保在阿富汗也会取得进展,但这使他有理由对阿富汗的未来抱有希望,尽管目前仍存在严重暴力,而且局势进展缓慢。 他说:“我很清楚,伊拉克和阿富汗的情况有相同之处,也有不一样的地方。但是如果因为需要很长时间才能击败叛乱活动,就说我们现在不能扭转局面,我不认同这种看法。因为我认为局面能够被扭转。这不意味着能轻而易举实现,但我认为在我们所说的这段时间里,形势是可以好转的。” 美国官员承认,即使阿富汗局势在今后12个月里开始好转,美军撤离也很可能是非常缓慢的,而且阿富汗在未来很多年仍将需要一定数量的国际部队。 马伦对阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊这星期发表的谈话表示欢迎。卡尔扎伊说,他希望在2014年前,阿富汗军队有能力承担起自己国家的安全责任。马伦说,这个目标听上去是恰当的,领导人设定这样的目标,使政府有工作重点,非常重要。 马伦是在飞往新德里途中发表上述谈话的。他将同印度国防官员讨论包括阿富汗形势在内的一系列问题。马伦本周晚些时候访问巴基斯坦时也将讨论阿富汗问题。马伦此后将前往阿富汗战区。201007/110155固原西吉县龟头炎症 Halloween Makeup For Adults Dressing up for Halloween does not have to be just for kids. MAC Cosmetic Makeup Artist Keri Blair gives Harry Smith some tips on how to spice up your Halloween lookHalloween isn’t just for kids as we all know. Adults can paly out there fantasies as well. Here to show us some unique adult looks for Halloween. Mac Cosmetic Makeup artist, Keri Blair Good morning, how are you.Good morning. I’m so happy to be hereNice to see you.Nice to see youAre you site for Halloween?I am pretty site. I work in the makeup industry, so it’s sort of our time to be here, right?YeahOur // and our big celebration of Halloween And it has exploded as a holiday for adult as well right It has. I think, you know, it’s funny about your fantasy a little bit and play around and sort of do those things you don’t get to do every day Right…in the officeAll right Well, we have several different looks. We are gonna sort of focus in on today. What is this first one?The first one is the Amphibian. And right here we have Erin and // did her makeup today and she has a sort of a water theme going on and a lot of glitter, a little bit of blue and some lashes and it’s just really about blending a little bit of powder and some loose pigments together to really create this sort of a furious look..Now what is all this stuff.This is makeup. It’s just regular makeup… Oh really…you use on yourself normally but we use it in a more exaggerate kind of wayOk. I think it’s something out of the chemistry setWell, we like to pretend we are chemists sometimesRightYeahSo this took a little while to do rightYeah it took her two hours to be honest. But the great thing is that you can try this in home or you can actually come to… now you can see her before where she looked like. You wouldn’t even recognize her right Her husband won’t recognize her actuallyYeah, so now, how would you compliment this… you have an amazing face. What would you do with the rest if you would be in //, what would you do for a costume Well I think she could do anything in blue. She can maybe add cellar fan too. You could buy that at a party store. So it’s really easy right?YeahJust add some light flections here …YeahYou need cellar fan..Right exactlyYou look great Erin, thank you.Yeah where to go. What’s this look?So this is our skull-Meister, The skull is my favorite. It is sort of an Epitome classic Halloween look right yeah…and Mark did a great job on //here really sculpting out his bone structure. This is what he looked like. He didn’t have skin Here’s the bid for… we never know Oh here he is Yeah, well, I guess that really is an adventure, really do in this serious makeup.Right You can walk into a room with people who know you well and they say we have no idea You can get away with murder, I swear. Look at you. You look fabulous and the thing which’s great about this is that it’s really about sculpting out bone structure again and even if you would just socket it out the eyes and use a little bit of black around the nose and shading, you would almost have it.So, it’s really.. Can I say also for the record the whole thing with the teeth, making the teeth Dimensional Yeah go like this. Can you go like this? No.Oh, don’t do that All right, never mind Thanks so much. What is this look down hereAnd then this is our colors-fill. This is a look that I completed. This is Heather. And what we did was use the combinations of these pigments again which are frosted and we added the water...200810/54532Rice to New York for Gaza Diplomacy赖斯展开外交努力以解决加沙危机 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is joining U.N. Security Council and bilateral diplomacy on the Gaza crisis in New York. The ed States is seeking a deal on Gaza that would end Hamas rocket fire into Israel, halt arms smuggling to the militant group, and reopen Gaza crossing points for aid and trade. 美国国务卿赖斯为解决加沙危机在纽约参与联合国安理会和双边外交活动。美国谋求的加沙协议目的在于结束哈马斯对以色列发射火箭,制止向这个激进组织走私武器,并为救援和贸易重新开放加沙过境点。Rice is holding meetings in New York with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as well as Arab and European foreign ministers in advance of a late-afternoon Security Council meeting on the Gaza crisis. 在联合国安理会星期二傍晚将举行加沙危机讨论之前,赖斯在纽约同巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯、阿拉伯和欧盟国家的外长举行会谈。But State Department officials are cautioning against expectations of an early cease-fire resolution from the Security Council, and say Rice's principal focus is on the bilateral contacts, which will continue Wednesday. 但是国务院官员警告说,不要指望安理会能很快做出一项停火决议。他们说,赖斯关注的重点是双边接触。双边活动将于星期三继续进行。The Bush administration has come under criticism for resisting Arab-backed calls in the Security Council for an immediate end to hostilities. U.S. officials say drafts submitted thus far have failed to address the Hamas rocket fire on Israel that provoked the crisis, and have not included terms that would assure that a truce would be durable. 布什政府抵制安理会有关立即结束敌对状态的呼吁,这是阿拉伯国家持的。美国政府由于这一立场而受到批评。美国官员说,迄今为止提交的草案没有提到如何解决哈马斯对以色列发射火箭弹的问题,这是挑起这场危机的起因。草案也没有包括确保停火能够持久的条款。State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the ed States would like an immediate cease-fire provided it has a reasonable chance to succeed long-term. 国务院发言人麦科马克说,美国希望立即实现停火,但是必须有适当的机会能够持久。"We would like an immediate cease-fire, absolutely," McCormack said. "Look, nobody wants to see violence. We would like to see the violence end today, but we also want to see it end in a way that is sustainable and durable, so that you do not have my successor up here three months, four months, six months from now talking about the same thing."  他说:“我们当然希望立即停火。没有人希望看到暴力。我们希望暴力能在今天结束,但是我们也希望暴力能以一种持续和持久的方式结束,这样接替我的发言人才不会在三个月、四个月、六个月以后再来谈同样的问题。”The State Department said Monday that Rice, who has been conducting telephone diplomacy on Gaza, is pursuing a three-pronged accord to end Hamas rocket fire, close the tunnels from Egypt through which the militant group has been receiving weapons, and reopen Gaza crossing points so that the economy of the coastal strip can return to normal. 国务院星期一说,赖斯一直在就加沙危机进行电话外交。赖斯目前正谋求一项三管齐下的协议:结束哈马斯的火箭发射,关闭哈马斯经由埃及获得武器的通道,重新开放加沙过境点,以便沿海地区加沙的经济能回归正常。Officials say such a crossings accord would be based on the movement and access deal Rice brokered between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in 2005, but was never fully implemented. That accord provided for a European Union monitoring presence at the crossings, which U.S. officials say could be augmented by personnel from other countries. 有关官员说,这样的一个过境协议将基于赖斯2005年在以色列和巴勒斯坦权力机构之间进行斡旋而达成的人员流动和过境协议。但是那项协议从未得到全面实施。该协议授权欧盟在过境点进行监督。美国官员说,这可以由其它国家的人员参加来加以扩大。The deal Rice is seeking would not necessarily unfold under U.N. auspices. She is meeting in New York with, among others, Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, whose government has offered to provide observers, and with British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner. 赖斯推动的协议可能不会以联合国的名义提出。赖斯目前正在纽约会晤土耳其外长巴巴詹。土耳其政府主动提出要提供观察员。赖斯还会见了英国外交大臣米利班德和法国外长库什内。McCormack said Rice spoke by telephone Monday with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman. Egypt mediated the previous Gaza truce which Hamas refused to renew last month and would be a key to enforcement of any new effort to curb arms traffic to Hamas. 麦科马克说,赖斯星期一打电话给埃及情报局长苏莱曼。埃及斡旋了以前的加沙停火协议。但是哈马斯上个月拒绝延长这一协议。该协议将是加强遏制武器偷运到哈马斯的任何最新努力的关键。Rice also called President-elect Barack Obama on Monday to brief him on Gaza diplomacy. 赖斯星期一还打电话给当选总统奥巴马,向他汇报有关加沙的外交活动。A senior official who spoke to reporters said concerned parties, including Arab states are "starting to coalesce" around the three-part strategy Rice is pursuing, but in his words "are not there yet by any stretch" of the imagination. 一位高级官员对记者说,包括阿拉伯国家在内的有关各方“开始凝聚”在赖斯推动的三方战略周围。但是,用他的话说,“目前还远远没有到能够达成协议的时候”。01/60590固原市中医医院割包皮

固原泌尿系统在线咨询固原市中医院包皮手术多少钱 Zambia Opposition Leader Sata's Lead Narrows as Vote Count Continues赞总统选举反对党以微弱优势领先 In Zambia, opposition leader Michel Sata is maintaining a slim lead over rival, Acting President Rupiah Banda, as vote tabulation continues from Thursday's presidential election. With more than three-fourths of the vote counted, Sata has 40 percent of the vote while Mr. Banda has 38 percent. 赞比亚反对党领袖萨塔以微弱的优势领先于对手代总统班达,与此同时,周四举行的总统选举的选票清点工作继续进行。在目前已经清点完毕的四分之三以上的选票中,萨塔获得40%的选票,而班达只有38%的选票。Veteran opposition leader Michael Sata sprang into an early lead as the first election returns came in from his strongholds in urban areas and Zambia's mining zones. 富有经验的反对党领袖萨塔在点票开始阶段就处于领先地位,当时的选票主要来自都市地区和赞比亚的采矿区,那些地方是他的票仓。However, acting president Rupiah Banda gradually gained ground as results began to come in from rural areas where his support is greatest. 不过,代总统班达逐渐缩小了差距,与此同时,开始清点来自农村地区选票,班达在那里有大量的持者。The elections were called following the death in August of the late President Levy Mwanawasa from a stroke. 这次选举是8月下旬总统姆瓦纳瓦萨中风去世之后举行的。An analyst with South Africa's Institute for Security Studies, Judy Smith-Hohn, says as a result the campaign was short though heated. 南非安全问题研究所的分析员霍恩说,这场选战因此是短暂而激烈的。"It's been a very highly contested election," she said. "They have had a very short time to actually prepare for it. So it's hard to tell what the tendencies, how it would have been if they had had a few months' chance to actually get the battle going." 霍恩说:“这是一个竞争非常激烈的选举。他们实际上只有很短的时间进行准备,因此,很难判断会有什么样的发展趋势,如果实际上只有几个月时间进行竞选,情况的确也只能如此了。”Mr. Banda campaigned pledging to continue Mr. Mwanawasa's pro-business and corruption fighting policies. These are credited for taming inflation and bringing five percent annual economic growth. 班达在竞选中承诺继续推行姆瓦纳瓦萨的利于商业和反腐败的政策。人们认为这些政策成功地遏制了通货膨胀并使经济出现5%的年增长率。Sata campaigned on the need for change saying that the economic gains had not reached the poor. 萨塔的竞选口号是需要变革。他说,经济增长没有使穷人受益。Voter turnout was low for the election. Some observers say this was because of the short time available to prepare voters. Others say it was because the winner will only serve two years, the time remaining in Mr. Mwanawasa's term. 这次选举的选民投票率很低。一些观察家说,这是因为选民只有很短的时间作准备。还有人说,这是因为获胜者只有两年的掌权时间,这两年是姆瓦纳瓦萨总统任期所剩的时间。The opposition has complained of rigging. But election officials maintain that the vote was free and fair.In the elections two years ago, Sata complained of rigging after he was narrowly defeated by Mr. Mwanawasa. However, the results were eventually upheld.200811/54784固原切割包皮费用

彭阳县人民医院治疗阳痿早泄Some Japanese Families Face Hunger During Recession经济复苏迟迟不到 日本更多家庭寻求食品援助Aid groups say thousands of Japanese families are living under the poverty line. For many that means they cannot afford to put food on their tables. One organization is trying to fix Japan's hunger problem.一些救援机构说,成千上万的日本家庭生活在贫困线以下。对很多人来说,这意味着买不起食物。Helping families in needVolunteers at the Second Harvest Food pantry in Tokyo fill cardboard boxes with b, vegetables and canned goods. The boxes soon will be sent to families living around the city. 东京的赈饥慈善机构“第二丰收组织”的志愿务人员往纸箱里装面包、蔬菜和罐头食品。这些纸箱将很快送往东京各处的家庭。"Our three main groups of people are refugees, single mothers and Japanese who are unemployed," said Ruby Sakuma, the pantry's coordinator. "Right now we have about 140 households we are serving. They get one package of food every two weeks, a total of six packages and when those six packages are sent we send them a letter saying this is the end, if they are in really dire circumstances then we sometimes renew their order and send them another six packages."佐久间是东京“第二丰收组织”的协调员。他说:“我们务的三个主要群体是难民、单亲母亲和失业的日本居民。目前我们向大约140个家庭提供务。他们每两个星期得到一箱食品,总共将得到6箱食品。我们发送完6箱食品之后,会给他们一封信,说赠送食品行动结束。如果他们的处境实在糟糕,我们有时候会再次帮助他们,向他们发送6箱食品。”Hard to keep up with demandSakuma says during this year's global economic slowdown it has been harder to keep up with demand and fill their clients' orders. 佐久间说,在今年的全球经济滑坡期间,他们更难满足对食品救援的需求,帮助有困难的家庭。Second Harvest is Japan's first and only food bank. Workers go to supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses to collect food that often, because of damaged packaging or other problems, would have been thrown away. “第二丰收组织”是日本第一家、也是唯一一家所谓“食品”。这家组织的工作人员到超市、餐厅和其它企业收集食品。这些食品通常由于包装损坏或其它原因而要被扔掉。This waste is what compelled American Charles McJilton to help create the organization in 2002. 这种浪费使得美国人麦克吉尔顿2002年创建了“第二丰收组织”。"Japan every year throws away about 20 million tons of food, worldwide food aid is only about 8.5 million tons. So over two and a half times the food that is delivered in the form of aid, is actually thrown away here in Japan. But at the same time, there is virtually no infrastructure in place within Japan to get those tons of food out to individuals out there who need it," he said.他说:“日本每年扔掉大约两千万吨食品,而全世界的食品援助每年总共才850万吨。因此,在日本扔掉的食品相当于世界食品援助总量的两倍半,而日本几乎没有任何机制把这些食品收集起来,送到需要的人那里。”Economic downturn has political implications Japan was hit worse than many other countries in the global financial crisis. Exports tumbled and joblessness rose to its highest levels in several years. 日本在全球金融危机中比很多国家受到的打击更严重,出口大幅度减少,失业率上升到近年来的最高水平。Some political analysts say the unemployment and economic distress that contribute to hunger helped Japan's Democratic Party win a landslide victory in recent elections. 一些政治分析人士说,失业和经济衰退加剧了饥饿现象,致使日本的民主党在最近的选举中以压倒优势获胜。Jeff Kingston, Asia studies professor at the Tokyo campus of Temple University, says many voters blamed the defeated Liberal Democratic Party for the nation's stagnant growth. 美国天普大学东京分院的亚洲研究教授金斯顿说,很多选民指责败选的自民党为日本经济的停滞不前负有责任。""There is a strong sense of disquiet, I think perhaps among some there is a sense of betrayal, the social contract has been sundered," he said. "I think in Japan there was a collective identity as a society where everyone is middle class, everybody shares the same fate, there are not huge, wide disparities of income. That myth has taken a pummeling in the past few years."金斯顿说:“人们有强烈的不满情绪。我想,一些人感到受了欺骗,社会契约离破碎。我认为,日本是一个有集体意识的社会,所有人都是中产阶级,大家的命运休戚相关,收入没有巨大的差距。有这种想法的人最近几年急剧减少。”The Democratic Party, which will form a government later this month, pledges to help Japan's poor. During the campaign, the DPJ promised monthly stipends of around 0 to families for each child attending primary school.将在9月底之前组建政府的日本民主党承诺将帮助穷人。民主党在竞选期间承诺,将对有上小学子女的家庭每个孩子每月补助大约260美元。Denial of poverty But Second Harvest's McJilton says that if hunger is going to be resolved, it will take more than new government initiatives. He says throughout Japan, there is a denial that poverty is a problem. 不过,“第二丰收组织”的麦克吉尔顿说,要想解决饥饿问题,仅靠政府的几项行动计划远远不够。他说,日本上下几乎都不承认有贫困问题。"Poverty or hunger are things that exist in different countries, not here in Japan. And even among those that e, une may be hungry or poor, it's quite often viewed as 'they deserved it, they are not hard workers, it's not my problem,'" he said.麦克吉尔顿说:“就好像贫困或饥饿是存在于其它国家的事情。日本不在其列似的。即使一些人承认有人可能挨饿或贫困,他们也通常认为那些人应该如此,因为他们没有努力工作,所以不是我的问题。”McJilton says since the downturn began, the number of their Tokyo clients has doubled. Second Harvest has also received more requests from around the country to dispatch food to shelters and other charities.麦克吉尔顿说,自从经济滑坡开始以来,在东京要求他们帮助的人数翻了一番。“第二丰收组织”也从日本各地救援庇护机构和其它慈善机构收到更多要求提供食品的请求。And they might get even busier.他们可能会更加繁忙。Though Japan is now showing signs of economic recovery, economists say the long-term forecast remains unclear, as exports remain weak.虽然日本开始出现经济复苏的迹象,但是经济学家说,出口仍然疲软,长期经济展望仍不明朗。09/83800 Motorola's great divide Under pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn, the company separates its mobile handset businessBearking up is hard to do. Splitting up might be a little easier, especially if your company is facing intense pressure from a billionaire shareholder activist. That's the story this morning at Motorola, the giant cellphone manufacturer. The company is saying this morning that it'll separate its struggling handset unit from its other operations. The move might be a response to pressure from activist investor, Carl Icahn.Icanhn owns nearly 6.5% of Motorola, and has been pressuring the company for quite sometime to split off that business. He's also sued Motorola this week in an attempt to investigate the company's strategy for improving its business, especially its handset business. Now sales of Motorola phones fell 38% in the fourth quarter of 2007, while nearly all of Motorola's competitors saw gains during that period. Icanhn has been seeking four seats on Motorola's board and as of Tuesday the company offered Icanhn's investment firm two board seats, which Icanhn flatly rejected. Since Icanhn began agitating for a change at Motorola, several executives have stepped down from the company, including former CEO Ed. Zander, shares of Motorola are down 45% in the past year.As for how the split will work, well, one business will focus exclusively on cellphone handsets, including Motorola's popular RAZR model, that business has been struggling due to market saturation, and competition from other players, including Apple with its Iphone ,also Nokia and Research Emotion with the Blackberry. The other business will focus on the fastest growing parts of Motorola's business, including network equipment, cable TV set top boxes, and also two-way radios.We'll keep an eye on shares of Motorola for you throughout the day. You can get more information right here on our site, CNNmoney.comNotes: Split up:to splinter into separate parts01/60549固原市人民医院治疗生殖感染价格固原治疗龟头炎的男科医院



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