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固原哪家医院看生殖器疱疹好6. The Constitution is Committed to Liberty and Equality6.宪法以保人们的自由和平等为前提Same sex couples have the right to the very same benefits that heterosexual or non-LGBT couples enjoy, as they are citizens of the same place. If a city allows its citizens to get married, why should a legal citizen be excluded from the same right simply because of their sexual identification? This is especially true because the American Constitution is committed to liberty and equality for its citizens. Gay marriage is covered under this, as demonstrated in the 1974 Supreme Court ruling that ;freedom of personal choice in matters of marriage and family life is one of the liberties protected by the Due Process Clause;. To promote anti-gay marriage sentiments as well as the banning of same-sex marriage are unconstitutional actions.作为生活在同一地方的居民,同性伴侣应该和异性恋伴侣或者非同志群体享有相同的权利。若一个城市允许其居民结婚的话,那么同样是合法居民,为什么仅仅因为这类人的性取向有所不同就将他们的婚姻视为非法呢?在这种背景下,同性恋婚姻应运而生,以下这点便印了美国宪法是以保公民的自由和平等为前提的。1974年最高法院规定,任何公民都有选择婚姻和家庭生活的自由,而这项自由受到正当程序条款的保护。促使反同性恋婚姻情绪的高涨的行为和颁布同性恋婚姻禁令都是违宪的行为。注:本文转载自前十网,译者:落月,小飞侠,刘洋,瓜瓜,旭旭 /201504/368118彭阳县治疗早泄哪家医院最好 固原细菌性尿道炎

固原看男性尿科那个医院好不好Early this summer, data analysts found an interesting trend in the analysis of Alibaba#39;s bra sales: women who bought bigger sizes spend more money. Alibaba#39;s analysts divided bra consumers into four categories according to their online spending power. They found that 65% of women who bought B cup belong to ;low online spending power; category, while most of women who bought C cup or bigger sizes have ;medium; online spending power or above.夏初,数据分析师在分析阿里巴巴[微]内衣销量的时候发现一个有趣的趋势:购买内衣罩杯越大的女性花的钱越多。阿里巴巴分析师将内衣消费者按其购买能力分成了四类,他们发现65%的B罩杯女性都属于“购买能力低”这一类,而C及以上罩杯的女性大部分购买能力都是“中等”或以上。The reason might be that those who bought B cup are young women with low purchasing power. And this is just one piece of information sorted out from millions of orders each day on Alibaba#39;s e-commerce payment platform.原因可能是买B罩杯的都是购买能力较弱的年轻女性。而这仅仅是阿里巴巴从其电子商务付平台每日上千万订单里面梳理出来的一条信息而已。In the ;double eleven; shopping spree, Alibaba#39;s sales volume reached the peak of 2.85 million per minute, and the transaction volume of Nov. 11 reached 9.3 billion dollars. This day tested the Alibaba#39;s data mining capabilities. Its Vice Chairman Cai Chongxin told the reporter in Hangzhou – where Alibaba#39;s headquarters is based in, ;We only saw the tip of the iceberg. These data can make the operation more efficient, our customers more satisfied, but the utilization of these data is less than five percent. ;双十一阿里巴巴高峰期的交易量达到每分钟两百八十五万,一天下来的成交量达到了九十三亿美元。这一天检验了阿里巴巴的数据挖掘能力。阿里巴巴副董事长蔡崇信在杭州——阿里巴巴的大本营——对本报记者说:“我们现在看到的只是冰山一角。利用这些数据可以让运营更高效,让我们的顾客更满意,但我们现在的利用率还不到5%。”On the whole day of November 11, Alibaba#39;s data analysis team and operational managers were paying close attention to and analyzing in real time the transaction data to ensure communication and coordination between customers and their logistics partners and normal supply and delivery. And data collected on that day is also of great use in the long run. Managers were also concerned about customers’ choice of payment methods, to see if they were using smart phones for ordering. Alibaba is accused of losing ground to its rival Tencent in the mobile platform. So it has been in hot pursuit, and plans to make Alipay listing.双十一一整天下来,阿里巴巴的数据分析团队和运营经理都密切关注和实时分析网站上的交易数据,以保与客户和物流合作伙伴沟通协调好,确保供应和交货正常进行。而且双十一收集的数据长远来看也大有用处。管理者也关注顾客选择的付方式,看他们是否使用智能手机下单。阿里巴巴被指在移动平台方面不及对手腾讯,所以一直在猛追,并计划要让付宝上市。According to a report of industry research firm Gartner in 2013, Alibaba, like Japan#39;s Rakuten and Amazon, are using predictive data analysis, and only less than 5% of e-commerce companies are engaged in this work. China#39;s middle class is growing, but the study of this group is far from enough, so China is expected to be one of the most important data markets.根据高德纳咨询公司一份2013年的报告显示,阿里巴巴和亚马逊及日本乐天市场一样,都使用预测性数据分析,而电子商务公司里从事这项工作的不及5%。中国的中产阶级正在不断壮大,但对这个群体的研究还相对不够,所以中国有望成为世界最重要的数据市场之一。But sometimes the data make people confused. Jingdong found that sales of IPHONE5 were nine to ten times higher than usual on ;double eleven;. Gartner did not know why. In 2012, Alibaba was surprised to find that the day#39;s top-selling product in the western inland Xinjiang turned out to be bikini (boyfriends and husbands buy bikini drop hints that they will take their partners out on vacation).但是数据有时候也让人想不明白。京东发现双十一那天IPHONE5的销量比往常高了九到十倍。高德纳也不知道是什么缘故。2012年,阿里巴巴惊奇地发现,双十一在西部内陆新疆销量最高的竟然是比基尼(男朋友和老公购买比基尼暗示对象会带他们出去度假)。 /201411/343043 J.K. Rowling is one of the most famous contemporary authors in the world. Her seven Harry Potter novels have sold over 450 million copies in 67 languages worldwide, which eventually spawned into a film franchise worth billion. The books have been translated into a number of languages including Azerbaijani, Albanian, Vietnamese and even into Ancient Greek. With the help of a close knit group of publishers and editors, Rowling changed the face of modern literature and created a unifying story that both children and adults across the globe identify with and love deeply. Harry Potter fans have taken Rowling#39;s beloved stories and ran away with them, creating almost 1,000 new pieces of fan fiction a week. Rowling lives in picturesque Edinburgh, Scotland with her husband and three children where she enjoys relative freedom to write and create as well as work with many charities on issues close to her heart.Here are ten things you might not know about J.K. Rowling:J.K.罗琳是世界上最著名的当代作家之一。她的《哈利·波特》系列小说(一共七本)已经被译为67种不同语言的版本,在全世界售出了超过4.5亿本,并且逐渐被搬上银幕,被制作成投资210亿美元的系列电影。该系列丛书已经被译成多种语言,包括阿塞拜疆语、阿尔巴尼亚语、越南语,甚至还被译成了古希腊语。在出版商和编辑团队的帮助下,J.K.罗琳改变了现代文学的面貌,创作了一个被全球各地的孩子和成年人都认可、并深爱的故事。哈利·波特粉们热衷于为罗琳的“哈利·波特”创作新的故事,每周都会产生近1000部同人小说。罗琳与她的丈夫和三个孩子居住在苏格兰爱丁堡。那里风景如画,她可以享受相对自由的写作环境,同时可以参与那些她关心的慈善工作。以下是十件你可能不知道的有关J.K.罗琳的事。10.J.K. Rowling Is a Very Private Person10.J.K.罗琳是个非常注重隐私的人Those who have met her describe her as slight and very introverted. Scottish crime author and close friend, Ian Rankin, has described her as being “quite quiet and very introspective.” She grants very few interviews and prefers to tell her own story. She designed her website to reveal her biography to her ers, and while she doesn#39;t leave out the hard times in her life, she speaks only briefly about how the difficult stages in her life laid the ground for her greatest achievements, her children and her books. Ian Rankin also remembers inviting her on stage at the Edinburgh International Book Festival and Rowling graciously declining admitting that she was not sure she could get on that type of stage.那些接触过她的人都认为她自谦且非常内向。她的好友——苏格兰犯罪作者伊恩·兰金(Ian Rankin)曾说过,罗琳是个很安静内向的人。她极少接受媒体采访,但她喜欢讲述自己的故事。她建立了一个网站,向读者公开自传。在这些自传中,她并没有省略她人生中的那段艰难岁月,但她只简单描述了下那些困难是如何奠定她日后的伟大成就、以及她孩子的来到和她的书本创作的。伊恩·兰金还记得,有一回他邀请罗琳出席爱丁堡国际图节,她婉拒了,并大方承认她并不确定她是否能胜任出席这样的活动。Rowling, her agents and publishers kept her work and life very secret, especially after the Harry Potter books became a global phenomenon. Rowling estimates that most of her books were by only seven people before they were released to bookshelves around the world. There is also a story about how the manuscript for “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” was given to her publisher who took it home with him, but he was terrified just at holding it because no one could lay eyes on it. He ended up hiding it in a safe. Very recently, a book describing the inner workings of the publishing process of the Harry Potter series shows how closely guarded the books were. Even the editor of the series worked only on a computer which had never been connected to the Internet to prevent hackers from stealing the files.罗琳的代理商和出版商对她的作品和生活都守口如瓶,特别是在《哈利·波特》系列丛书在全球大热以后。她估计道,在全球各地上架前,她的书大概只有七个人读过。还有一件趣事,是关于《哈利·波特与凤凰社》的手稿的。这份手稿是如何被交到那个负责将其带回家的出版商手上的?只是拿着它而已,出版商就害怕的不得了,因为他要保没有人能看见这份手稿。最后,他把手稿藏在了一个安全的地方。最近,一本描写《哈利·波特》系列丛书出版内部运作过程的书揭露了这些书的制作是何等戒备森严的。即使身为编辑,也只能在没有联网的电脑上工作,以防黑客窃取文件。9.J.K. Rowling#39;s Life Has Always Been Influenced by Trains9.J.K.罗琳的人生总是受到“列车”的影响When her parents were 18 years old, they met on a train traveling from London to Scotland where they fell in love. They were married one year later, and on the 31st of July in 1965, their first daughter, Joanne, was born near Bristol, England. Dedicated fans will note that Rowling shares a birthday, July 31, with her character, Harry Potter. Rowling grew up with one younger sister in Chepstow, Wales where she went to school. She studied French and Classics at Exeter University where she rung up a 50 pound overdue fine at the university library. Rowling was described as a day-dreamer while she was at Exeter University, and lecturers remember her as being nervous and insecure. Other students, however, remember her as being popular and beautiful. She spent a year in Paris where she studied “A Tale of Two Cities,” which had a major impact on her.罗琳的父母18岁时,在从伦敦到苏格兰的列车上邂逅对方,并坠入爱河。一年后,他们结婚了。1965年7月31日,他们的第一个女儿乔安妮(Joanne)(即J.K.罗琳本人)出生在英国布里斯托尔(Bristol)附近。细心的粉丝可能会注意到,罗琳和她书中人物哈利·波特的生日相同,都是在7月31日。罗琳在威尔士切普斯托(Chepstow)同她的一起长大,并在这里上学。她在埃克塞特大学(Exeter University)进修法语和古典文学。她还曾因没有按时将图书归还给学校图书馆而缴纳了50磅的过期罚金。罗琳在大学期间被认为是一个爱做白日梦的人。在大学老师的印象中,罗琳总是紧张不安。然而,在其他学生的印象中,罗琳是一个漂亮而受欢迎的人。在巴黎期间,她花了一年的时间阅读《双城记》(A Tale of Two Cities),这段经历对她之后的人生有着重要的影响。Trains would also feature prominently throughout her work, with major events taking place on the Hogwarts Express, a train, which in the film, is portrayed by the West Highland Line. In real life, the train journey runs through Scotland from Fort William to Mallaig. In fact, nearly every novel begins and ends with a trip on the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 #190; at London#39;s King#39;s Cross Station. The Hogwarts Express is different from other trains because it runs exclusively on magic, and many of the characters anxieties and elations are shared on this train. The Hogwarts Express has been the scene of the best and most poorly hatched plans concocted by Harry, Hermione and Ron.“列车”在她的作品中是一个很突出的元素,有很多重大事件都发生在霍格沃茨特快列车(the Hogwarts Express)上。在电影中,这是一部沿西部高地线走向(the West Highland Line)的列车。在现实生活中,这部列车穿越苏格兰,由威廉堡(Fort William)驶向马莱格(Mallaig)。事实上,《哈利·波特》每部小说的开头和结尾都发生在伦敦国王十字车站(King#39;s Cross Station)九又四分之三号站台的霍格沃茨特快列车上。霍格沃茨特快列车和别的列车不同,因为它只靠魔法运行,而且很多人物角色的喜怒哀乐和不同人物角色之间的关系都与这部列车息息相关。哈利、赫敏和罗恩,他们最好和最坏的计划都是在霍格沃茨特快上制定的。In real life, Platform 9 #190; has become a major tourist attraction at London#39;s King#39;s Cross Station. The station has embraced the fans and provides an opportunity for the most dedicated to make an attempt at running through the wall. The Hogwarts Express has its own dedicated page of information of the Rowling#39;s Pottermore website and is a very special part of the series.在现实生活中,九又四分之三号站台是伦敦国王十字车站的主要旅游景点。这个站台接待了很多哈利·波特粉,并为一些狂人粉丝提供机会,让他们能够体会一下“穿越”那面墙的感受。霍格沃茨特快列车在罗琳的波特魔(Pottermore)网站上有专栏介绍,是哈利·波特系列中很重要的一部分。8.J.K.Rowling Was a TEFL Teacher8.J.K.罗琳曾是一名外语老师Rowling, who is joined on the list by with some other famous teachers like James Joyce, the Irish novelist, moved to Portugal in 1991 after being devastated by her mother#39;s early death from multiple sclerosis. After ing an advertisement in The Guardian newspaper in 1991, she packed her bags and moved to the northern city of Porto where she lived for a year and a half. In Porto, Rowling was a teacher of English as a foreign language, more commonly referred to by its acronym TEFL. She had hoped that the flexible teaching schedule would help her to continue to write her novel. While she was there she met a Portuguese TV journalist whom she married and had a child with, her eldest daughter, Jessica. But, in 1993, she fled Portugal and her husband, and returned to Britain, this time moving to Edinburgh on the invitation of her younger sister. Rowling describes this period of her life as an absolute failure both on a personal and professional level. The death of her mother had influenced not only her own feelings but the feelings of her character, Harry Potter. Rowling describes changing her manuscript in Portugal to reveal deeper feelings regarding Harry and his dead parents. She believes that death became much more real in both her mind and her novel during this time. She reminisces that although this period in her life was one of the most difficult, it gave greater depth to her novel and an even biggest prize, her first born daughter Jessica. Although she describes her time in Portugal as a failure, she says that it also provided a foundation for her to move forward from.罗琳的母亲因多发硬化症早逝,这使她受到很大的打击。于是在1991年,她和其他一些著名的老师,如:爱尔兰作家詹姆斯·乔伊斯(James Joyce)一起搬到葡萄牙(Portugal)。1991年,罗琳在英国卫报(The Guardian newspaper)上读了一则广告后,就打包了自己的行李搬到波尔图(Porto)的一个北方城市,在那里定居了一年半的时间。在波尔图,罗琳任职作为一名教授英语的外语老师,这个机构一般被简称为TEFL。她希望那里灵活的教学时间表能够让她有时间继续写小说。在波尔图,她遇到了她的真命天子——一个葡萄牙的电视记者,他们结婚并且生了孩子。年纪最大的女儿叫做杰西卡(Jessica)。但是在1993年,罗琳和她的丈夫收到她的邀请,离开了葡萄牙,回到了英国的爱丁堡(Edinburgh)。罗琳描述道,那段时期的经历非常失败,不仅是个人的也是事业上的失败(译者注:她与丈夫离婚)。她母亲的早逝不仅影响了她个人的情感,也影响了她的小说人物——哈利·波特。在葡萄牙时,罗琳修改了她的小说手稿,更加深层次的展现了哈利和他已死去的双亲之间的感情。她深信,在那段时间里,她的心灵和小说都深切地感受着死亡的真实含义。她说,那段时间是她人生中最艰难的一段回忆。这使得她的小说变得更有深度,是对她人生的最大奖赏。因为在那期间,她第一个女儿出生了。尽管她说她在葡萄牙的那段时间很失败,但她也认为这是为她勇往直前打下了坚实的基础。Upon her arrival in Edinburgh, she gave up teaching and began formally writing what is now known as Harry Potter and the Philosopher#39;s Stone.到达爱丁堡后,她放弃教书并且开始全身心投入到《哈利·波特与魔法石》的写作中。校对:落花生 旭旭 /201507/384711固原治疗生殖器感染哪里好固原市中医院看男科好吗



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