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电影学口语 Lesson 7:[美女与野兽]An Unsuccessful Proposal【精片断】剪辑自 美女与野兽Belle: Gaston, what a pleasant surprise.Gaston: Isn’t it though? I am just full of surprises. You know, Belle, there’s not a girl in town who wouldn’t love to be in your shoes. This is the day your dreams come true.Belle: What do you know about my dreams, Gaston?Gaston: Plenty. Here, picture this: A rustic(乡村的) hunting lodge(门房), my latest kill roasting on the fire and my little wife, massaging() my feet while the little ones play on the floor with the dogs. We’ll have six or seven.Belle: Dogs?Gaston: No, Belle! Strapping(高大健壮的) boys, like me.Belle: Imagine that.Gaston: And do you know who that little wife will be?Belle: Let me think.Gaston: You Belle.Belle: Gaston, I am speechless(无话可说的). I really don’t know what to say.Gaston: Say you will marry me.Belle: I am very sorry, Gaston, but I just don’t deverve you.【口语财富】1. What a pleasant surprise! 很让人惊喜!2. I’d love to be in your shoes. 我真希望是你!3. I am speechless. 我无话可说。4. I just don’t deverve you. 我配不上你。 /200604/6483VOA流行美语 87: NEAT FREAK / CRASH今天Larry到Li Hua的宿舍里面去串门,Li Hua会学到两个常用语:neat freak和crash.LL: Hey, Li Hua. What are you doing?LH: 我刚收拾完房间,现在我要把所有文件分类,然后放在这些不同颜色的文件夹里。LL: Wow, you really are a neat freak.LH: 你说我是什么?Neat freak?听上去就不是什么好意思。哎,你别叫那些我听不懂的名字,好不好?LL: Calm down. Li Hua. To be neat is to be very clean and orderly. A freak is a person that is really weird or unusual. Together, a "neat freak" refers to someone who likes to keep things extremely clean and organized.LH: 嗯,neat这个词我知道,就是"干净、有条理"的意思, freak就是说一个人和一般人不一样,很古怪。所以,a neat freak就是一个特别爱干净、特别有条理的人。哎,Larry, 你真觉得我是个neat freak吗?LL: Yes, see, your room always looks perfect, you always make your bed. You never throw your clothes on the floor. And you have all your papers well organized.LH: 那你和neat freak刚好相反。你的房间总是乱糟糟的,床也不铺,衣满地乱扔,还有,你的各种学习资料也是到处乱放。LL: Well, I'm not a neat freak, so I don't care if everything is neat and perfect.LH: 我看哪,Larry, 你就是太懒了-- I think you are just too lazy。LL: Well, maybe I am a little lazy, but look at your room, books, sweaters and even newspapers are stacked in order, and you're a real neat freak.LH: 怎么啦,书呀、毛衣和报纸当然应该放整齐嘛。这有什么奇怪的? 对你来说这可能是过份"有条理",可能是有点怪。Well, I guess I am a neat freak.LL: Alright. Now that you've finished cleaning, why don't we go to a movie.LH: Sure, let's go!******LL: That movie was so long. It's almost midnight! I'm so tired that I think I'm going to go home and crash.LH: 什么?你是说你太累了,如果开车回家会出交通事故啊?LL: No, I don't mean crash as in "car-crash". I mean crash as in "go to sleep".LH: 我还是不懂。你是说crash,这个词,除了可以用作car-crash, 表示"撞车",还可以用来表示"睡觉"啊?LL: Yes, "I really want to go home and crash" means that I really want to go home and sleep.LH: 噢,我懂了。想想看,crash这个词用在这里还挺形象的,因为你太累了,所以一回家就"瘫"在床上"睡着"了。So, Larry, can I say I was so tired that I crashed on the couch -- 我实在太累了,所以倒在沙发上就睡着了?LL: Yes, you can say that. Another example is: I crashed at Jim's house the other night because it was too late to go home.LH: 这个我懂,你是说,你那天晚上在Jim家玩得太晚了,所以干脆不回家,就在他家里过了一夜。 那要是我家里在粉刷墙壁,没法住,我可不可以说,I'd like to crash at my friend's house?LL: Of course you can, but right now Li Hua, what I really want is to crash in my own bed. I can't wait to get home.LH: 有那么着急吗? 刚才看电影的时候我看你眼睛还张的大大的呢。不过,我也挺累的了。我想我一到家也会倒头就睡着的 -- I will also crash when I get home.LL: Let's go!今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是neat freak, 表示"特别爱干净、有条理的人"。另一个是crash, 在口语里可以表示"睡觉"。 /200602/3162Since the days of George Washington, presidents have delivered some form of final message while in office - a farewell address to the American people.从乔治·华盛顿开始,总统们就在就职的最后时间里发表一些想法--向美国人民发表的告别演讲。On Tuesday night, in Chicago, Ill deliver mine.在周二晚上,在芝加哥,我将发表我的告别演讲。I chose Chicago not only because its my hometown - where I met my wife and we started a family我选择芝加哥不仅仅因为那里是我的家乡--在那里我遇到了我的妻子,我们组成了家庭but also because its really where my career in public service began.而且因为那里是我在公共务领域职业真正开始的地方。The running th through my career has been the notion that when ordinary people get involved, get engaged,我职业生涯的过程中,一直是有着这样的信念。当普通人参与进来,and come together in collective effort, things change for the better.加入进来,一起进行集体性努力,事情才会变得更好。Thats the belief at the heart of this precious American experiment in self-government.这样的信念,一直存在于美国人民在自治政府的珍贵试验中。Its what gives work and purpose to each new generation.正是这些,给予新的每一代人就业机会和目的。Its easy to lose sight of that truth in the day-to-day back-and-forth of Washington or our minute-to-minute news cycles.很容易忽视华盛顿一天天,反复来回发生着的事情和我们每一分钟消息循环的事实。But remember that America is a story told over a longer time horizon但记住,美国是这样一个故事,在较长的时间中201701/488469

即学即用英语会话词典A部分:看电影即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14866The second is redefining our idea of equality, so everyone has the freedom to pursue their purpose.第二件事是,重新定义平等,让每个人都有追求他们目标的自由。Now, many of our parents had stable jobs throughout their careers.我们这一代人的父母,很多在整个职业生涯中都有稳定的工作。But, in our generation, were all of little entrepreneurial, whether were starting projects or finding our role or another one.但是现在,我们这一代人都是企业家,无论我们是刚开始还是在寻找、或是已经扮演着这个角色,还是另外的角色。And you know, thats great. Because our culture of entrepreneurship is how we create so much progress.这都很棒,我们的创业文化恰好是我们能有如此多进步的原因。And an entrepreneurial culture thrives when its easy to try lots of new ideas.现在的创业文化让我们在尝试新想法的路上减少了很多阻碍。Facebook wasnt the first thing I built.脸书并不是我做的第一件事,I also built chat systems and games, study tools and music players. Im not alone.我还做过聊天系统、游戏、学习工具和音乐播放器。我不是一个人,JK Rowling got rejected 12 times before she finally wrote and published Harry Potter.因为JK罗琳在出版《哈利波特》之前被拒绝了12次,Even Beyonce had to make hundreds of songs to get Halo.即使是碧昂丝也不得不写了数百首歌曲,才有了今天Halo这首歌获得的光环。The greatest successes come from having the freedom to fail.最大的成功来自于我们享有失败的自由。Now today, we have a level of wealth inequality that hurts everyone.然而今天,财富不均会让每个人都受到伤害。When you dont have the freedom to take your idea and turn it into a historic enterprise, we all lose.当你没有自由把你的想法变成一个历史性的企业的时候,就输了。And right now today, our society is way over-indexed on rewarding people and their successful现在,我们的社会在通往成功的路上有过多的指引,and we dont do nearly enough to make sure that everyone can take lots of different shots.但我们做的不够,并不是每个人都能够轻易获得成功。Now, lets face it. There is something wrong with our system when I can leave here and make billions of dollars in 10 years那么面对现实吧,我们的社会体系是存在一定问题的,当我能够离开哈佛并在10年内赚取数十亿美元的时候,while millions of students cant even afford to pay off their loans, let alone start a business.还有数百万学生甚至无法偿还贷款,更不用说开始创业。Look, I know a lot of entrepreneurs, and I dont know a single person who gave up on starting a business because they were worried they might not make enough money.我认识很多企业家,然而我并不知道是否有一个人,他担心因为没有足够的钱而放弃了创业。201706/512389

Hi, everybody. Ive delivered a few hundred of these weekly addresses over the years.嗨,大家好。这些年来我已经做了数百次周末例行演讲了。And you may have noticed a theme that pops up pretty often:你可能已经注意到一个主题出现得相当频繁:The Republicans who run this Congress arent doing their jobs.控制这届国会的共和党人无所作为。Well, guess what? Congress recently returned from a seven-week vacation.好吧,你猜怎么了?国会最近刚刚结束七周休假。Theyve only got two weeks left until their next one.离他们下一次休假只有两周时间。But theres a lot of business they need to get done first.但有大批事项需要他们优先处理。First – even as were seeing more and more Zika cases inside the ed States,首先,我们看到在美国即使寨卡病例越来越多,theyve refused to fund our efforts to protect women and children by fighting Zika in a serious way.他们拒不批准专款给我们抗击寨卡病毒,以保护妇女和儿童。Second – they still need to provide resources to help the people of Louisiana recover from last months terrible floods,第二,路易斯安那州上月发生严重洪水,灾区仍然需要提供资源帮助灾民从洪灾中恢复过来,and to help communities like Flint recover from their own challenges.像帮助弗林特一样使当地社会从面临的挑战中恢复过来。Third – they have made Merrick Garland, a Supreme Court nominee with more federal judicial experience than any other in history,第三,提交国会的麦瑞克·加兰德法官提名,他是最高法院被提名人中联邦司法历史经验最多的法官,wait longer than any other in history for the simple courtesy of a hearing, let alone a vote.却为听会这么简单的程序遥遥无期地拖着,历史上绝无仅有,更不用说国会表决了。All because they want their nominee for President to fill that seat.都是缘于共和党希望他们的总统上任后再提名。There are plenty other bipartisan priorities they should finish this year as well.还有许多其他两党合作的优先事项,他们也应该在今年完成。Passing criminal justice reform. Attacking the opioids epidemic.通过刑事司法改革。抵制鸦片类药物泛滥。Funding Joe Bidens cancer moonshot.资助乔?拜登的抗癌登月计划。Finishing a Trans-Pacific trade agreement that will support American jobs and boost American wages.批准持美国就业和提高工资的跨太平洋贸易协定。201609/468363英语场景口语:爱我就爱我的在老家农村的时候,我们家养了一条小,他可是很通人性。每次放学回家,老远就看到他来接我,然后跟我一块回家。【口语要素1】He followed me home.邻居就问我,你怎么那么喜欢小呢?我给了许多理由:他不会背叛我。【口语要素2】He never betrays me.他能够觉察到我心情的好坏呀。【口语要素3】Dogs sense my moods.更不会让我失望。【口语要素4】He would never let me down.所以你喜欢我的话,就一定要喜欢我的(爱屋及乌)。【口语要素5】Love me, love my dog. /200604/6676;Mom, who are these people?;“妈妈,这些人是谁?”It was an innocent question from my young daughter Alia around the time when she was three.这是来自我小女儿Alia的天真的疑问,大概是在她三岁的时候。We were walking along with my husband in one of Abu Dhabis big fancy malls.我们正与我丈夫走在一块,在阿布扎比的某一间大型豪华购物中心中。Alia was peering at a huge poster Alia standing tall in the middle of the mall.仔细端详着立在购物中心中央的巨幅海报。It featured the three rulers of the ed Arab Emirates.它标示着三位阿拉伯联合酋长国的统治者。As she tucked in my side,当她拽着我的衣角,I bent down and explained that these were the rulers of the UAE我弯下身然后描述着这就是阿拉伯联合酋长国的统治者,who had worked hard to develop their nation and preserve its unity.他们很努力地发展他们的国家,保持他们的团结性。She asked, ;Mom, why is it that here where we live,她问说:“妈妈,为什么这里,我们住的地方,and back in Lebanon, where grandma and grandpa live,和黎巴嫩,爷爷跟奶奶住的地方,we never see the pictures of powerful women on the walls?我们从没有看过在墙上有厉害的女人的图片?Is it because women are not important?;这是因为女人不重要吗?”This is probably the hardest question Ive had to answer in my years as a parent这大概是我身为父母以及16年多的职业生涯中and in my 16-plus years of professional life, for that matter.曾回答过的最困难的问题了。I had grown up in my hometown in Lebanon,我在我的家乡黎巴嫩(Lebanon)长大,the younger of two daughters to a very hard-working pilot是两个女儿中的小女儿,父亲是努力工作的飞行员,and director of operations for the Lebanese Airlines同时也是黎巴嫩航空的操作总监。and a super-supportive stay-at-home mom and grandma.有个超级顾家的母亲与祖母。My father had encouraged my sister and I to pursue our education我的父亲很鼓励我们求学,even though our culture emphasized at the time即使我们的文化,特别强调在那个时间点,that it was sons and not daughters who should be professionally motivated.那是只有儿子而不是女儿应该要被启发的(职业积极性)。I was one of very few girls of my generation who left home at 18 to study abroad.我是在我那个年代极少数女孩的其中一个在18岁离开家出国念书。My father didnt have a son, and so I, in a sense, became his.我的父亲没有儿子,所以,在某种意义上来说,我变成了儿子。Fast-forward a couple of decades, and I hope I didnt do too badly in making my father proud of his would-be son.快转数十年,我希望我没有做得太差,在让我父亲以他试图打造的“儿子”为傲的方面。201610/475074

And when that happens, all sorts of neat things happen.当万事俱备的时候,就会出现良性循环。One, the students can actually master the concepts, but theyre also building their growth mindset,首先,学生能够真正掌握知识,此外还能培养他们积极的心理,theyre building grit, perseverance, theyre taking agency over their learning.建立勇气和不屈不挠的精神,他们会对学习产生热情。And all sorts of beautiful things can start to happen in the actual classroom.在实际的课堂中,一切也慢慢开始走上正轨。Instead of it being focused on the lecture, students can interact with each other.学生们之间可以进行更多学习上的互动,而不必拘泥于专心听讲。They can get deeper mastery over the material. They can go into simulations, Socratic dialogue.他们能够更加深入地去掌握知识。他们能够模拟苏格拉底式对话。To appreciate what were talking about and the tragedy of lost potential here,为了强化这一点,让大家体会无法激发潜能的遗憾,Id like to give a little bit of a thought experiment.我想带大家进行一个思维小实验。If we were to go 400 years into the past to Western Europe, which even then, was one of the more literate parts of the planet,假设我们回到400年前的西欧,在当时就已经是地球上文明最发达的地区之一,you would see that about 15 percent of the population knew how to .你会发现大概有15%的人口识字。And I suspect that if you asked someone who did know how to , say a member of the clergy,估计当你去询问一个识字的人,比如一个神职人员,;What percentage of the population do you think is even capable of ing?;“你认为大概有多少人有识字的能力呢?”They might say, ;Well, with a great education system, maybe 20 or 30 percent.;他们也许会说:“嗯,基于这强大的教育体系,大概有个20%或30%吧。”But if you fast forward to today, we know that that prediction would have been wildly pessimistic,但如果你快进到当下,我们会发现那样的预测实在太悲观了,that pretty close to 100 percent of the population is capable of ing.现在几乎是人人都识字。But if I were to ask you a similar question:但是当我问你们一个类似的问题:;What percentage of the population do you think is capable of truly mastering calculus,“你们认为总人口中有多少是真正掌握微积分的,or understanding organic chemistry, or being able to contribute to cancer research?;或是真正懂有机化学的,或是有能力为癌症研究作出贡献的呢?”A lot of you might say, ;Well, with a great education system, maybe 20, 30 percent.;你们中的很多就会回答:“嗯,基于这强大的教育体系,大概有个20%或30%吧。”201707/516122即学即用英语会话词典A部分:从起床到出门 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载 /200706/14814

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