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固原男科妇科网上预约固原协和泌尿专科医院男科医生固原泌尿科哪里最好 Lexington莱克星顿Rick Perrys no-frills airline里克·佩里的廉价航空模式The governor of Texas thinks his states thrifty model will appeal to America德克萨斯州长认为自己州的节约模式对美国具有号召力COWBOY swagger can be a great look—until the strutting hero trips and falls flat on his face. Governor Rick Perry of Texas learned that in 2011. For a heady moment he led the field of Republicans seeking the presidential nomination. Then came the fall. An ill-prepared Mr Perry was stunned when rivals attacked him from the right, denouncing his (admirable) policy of offering subsidised university places to Texas residents, regardless of immigration status, in the interests of a skilled workforce. The end came with an “Oops” heard around the world, uttered during a TV debate in which—flustered and battling severe back-pain—Mr Perry forgot which federal departments he wanted to abolish.趾高气扬的牛仔看起来很棒—直到这名大摇大摆的英雄不小心摔了个啃泥,变成了熊。德克萨斯州长里克·佩里在2011年得到了教训。在一个激动人心的时刻,他领导共和党人追求总统提名,然后功亏一篑。由于佩里准备不足,当他的竞争对手从右翼攻击他,谴责他的政策(一个值得赞扬的政策)为德克萨斯居民提供大学资助名额,而忽略了移民身份,只是为了熟练工人的利益,他手足无措。在这场电视直播的辩论中,结束时他的一声“哎哟”全世界都清楚地听到了—佩里慌乱地对抗着严重的背痛,忘了他希望废除的是哪个联邦部门。Now, as he prepares to retire as Texass longest-serving governor, Mr Perry is poised for a re-launch. Think-tank boffins and foreign-policy gurus have descended on the Ionic-columned governors mansion in Austin, briefing him on everything from monetary policy to Islamic extremism. He has talked geopolitics in London and Warsaw and debated energy policy with Communist bosses in China. On December 2nd he invited donors to lunch. Wisely, he offered more than happy-talk. When voters handed Republicans big wins in the mid-term elections it was no declaration of love for the Right, he told guests. Theirs was a vote of no-confidence in Barack Obama, and a cry of despair at Washington dysfunction and the lack of respect enjoyed by America abroad. Voters are offering Republicans one more chance to govern, with the message: “Dont blow it.”如今,作为德克萨斯州在任时间最长的州长,他准备退休了,但也正在准备重新开始自己的事业。智囊团和国外政策专家们突然访问了这座位于奥斯丁的有着爱奥尼亚式圆柱的州长大楼,简单向他报告了许多事情——从货币政策到伊斯兰极端主义。他在伦敦和华沙谈论地缘政治学,与中国的共产党官员争辩能源政策。他于12月2日邀请捐赠人吃午餐。他很明智,午餐间他们并不仅仅是愉快的交谈。他对宾客们说,选民们投票给共和党使其在中期大选中全胜,这对右翼来说不是一件好事。他们对奥巴马投了不信任票,而且对美国政府功能紊乱,以及海外国家对美国缺乏尊重很失望。选民们为共和党提供了更多管理的机会,并传递了信息:“别搞砸了。”Not blowing a fresh White House bid is Mr Perrys own mission. Last time he was “a bit arrogant,” he admits in an interview at his mansion, reclining in an armchair flanked by busts of Reagan and Churchill. He mistakenly assumed that running Texas was preparation for a presidential bid. This time, he has spent 22 months preparing “intensively”.佩里的任务就是不要搞砸这次全新的白宫选举。在州长大楼的一场采访中,他斜靠在扶手椅中,两侧分别是里根和丘吉尔的半身像,他承认上次“有点自大”了。他错误认为管理德克萨斯州就是为总统竞选做准备。而这次,他已花费22个月“集中”准备竞选。Pundits are asking: is Rick Perry y? When asked, prominent Republicans advising Mr Perry offer warm words: they call him “energised” and “intellectually curious”. The difference from 2011 is “night and day”, says one. The governor will make a final decision next spring. In an unexpected twist, he was recently indicted for abuse of power, after leaning on an Austin prosecutor to resign after her arrest for drunk-driving. His indictment (which even some liberal jurists think looks like the hounding of a governor for doing his job) will either go away or stop him dead. Time will tell if he is up to a fresh run, but that is the wrong question. A better one is: what does Mr Perry stand for?专家询问:里克·佩里准备好了吗?当问到这个问题时,杰出的共和党员建议佩里言辞热烈一些:他们称他是“精力充沛”以及“求知好学”的人。某位专家称他与2011年那时已经不可“同日而语”。州长在来年春天将会做出最终决定。在一名奥斯丁检察官因酗酒被捕后,他逼迫她辞职,意料之外的是,最近他因此被控告滥用职权。对他的控告(即使一些仁慈的法学家也认为这看起来是州长被迫行使职权)要么会沉寂,要么就会使他止步。时间将会明他是否能够胜任一场新选举,但这个问题是错误的。更好的问题是:佩里代表了什么?Any answer must begin with his governing record. A “Texas miracle” say boosters, pointing to the millions who have moved to his state in recent years, drawn by low taxes, cheap housing, light-touch regulation and courts that take a dim view of frivolous lawsuits. Mr Perry is keen on comparisons with highly-taxed, regulation-choked California, or as he calls it, the state from which he poaches employers “on a regular basis”. During his 14 years as governor, he beams, a third of all net jobs created in America were created in Texas.任何都应该从他的管理记录开始。近几年有数百万人因低税收、低房价、轻力度监管和法庭对琐碎诉讼的不赞成而迁移到德克萨斯州,持者们说这是个“德克萨斯奇迹”。佩里喜欢与高税收、严监管的加州作对比,或者像他称的那样,他“经常”从加州挖来雇主。他笑容满面地称,在他十四年的行政生涯中,美国所有净就业机会中有三分之一都是德克萨斯州创造的,这是他的一个得意功绩。A mirage, retort many on the Left: Mr Perry rode an energy boom and stole jobs from other states with tax breaks and other bribes. Millions in Texas lack health insurance. The state tolerates horrible inequalities. Sceptics charge that an extremist lurks behind the governors charm, whether he is attacking the federal government for leaving a lethally “porous” border between Mexico and Texas, or displaying a serene confidence as he signed off on 279 executions as governor. If people move to Texas—such critics murmur—its because they are happy with crappy.许多左翼人士反驳说这只是个假象:佩里先生精力旺盛,用税收减免和其它贿赂从别的州偷来了不少工作。德克萨斯州有数百万人没有医疗保险。该州容忍了严重的不平等。怀疑论者们控告称州长那迷人外表下隐藏着极端主义者,他正在攻击联邦政府,在墨西哥和德克萨斯州之间留下致命的“漏洞百出”的边界,或者是就像同意了279项执行令状那样展示着自己平静的自信。这些批评家们抱怨说,如果人们迁移到德克萨斯州,那是因为他们自甘堕落。Americans dont move to crappy places, retorts Mr Perry. He reels off statistics about the Texan quality of life: the number of well-paid new jobs, the 35,000 doctors who arrived once dodgy lawsuits were curtailed, even the number of theatre seats in Houston (only New York has more, he says). The Texan way is a choice, he says: the state offers people as much government as they want, rather than what Washington thinks is good for them.佩里先生反驳说,美国人不会迁移到没价值的地方。他一口气说出了德克萨斯州的生活质量的各种统计资料:待遇优厚的新工作,当烦人的诉讼被缩减后,三万五千名医生来到了这里,甚至连休斯顿的剧院座位都缩减了(只有纽约增加了,他说)。德克萨斯之路是个选择,他说:该州为人们提供了他们所有想要的治理,即使华盛顿都没这么为他们着想过。You get what you pay for你付出了,就能得到收获This, surely, will be Mr Perrys contribution to the debate if he runs. Reduce modern politics to their essence, and some of the angriest arguments turn on a crisis of affordability. Most households have seen their incomes stagnate while certain essential middle-class goods (such as college education and health care) have soared in price. Too many Democrats seem to think that the solution is to pluck more money out of a magicians hat. Some suggest that new taxes can painlessly fund more government largesse, or insist that firms can easily afford to pay higher wages. Too many Republicans put their faith in magical policies: hinting that tax cuts and deregulation alone will return the economy to a Golden Age of affluence.当然,如果佩里先生参加竞选的话,这就是他对辩论的贡献。将现代政策缩减至精华,一些愤怒的争论变成了负担能力的危机。大多数家庭都看到了收入停滞不前,而一些重要的中产阶级物品(如大学教育和医疗保险)价格飙升。许多民主党认为解决方案就是从魔术师的帽子里变出更多的钱。一些人建议说新的税务政策能够毫不费力地为政府的慷慨提供资金持,或者坚称公司能够轻松负担高薪。许多共和党对魔法政策信心十足:暗示单靠减税和放松管制就能使经济回到富裕的鼎盛时期。Mr Perry stands out for tackling, squarely, the fact that Americans are used to services that increasingly cost more than they (or any government) can afford. Rather often, the Texan solution involves basic services that aim to be cheap but good enough. Call it the low-cost airline model: offering a minimal service that is safe and reliable, then letting consumers pay for frills and extras if they like. Mr Perry grumbles at the idea that Texas is a discount model for anything. But competition is certainly at the heart of his pitch. He has pressed Texan colleges to offer degrees for only ,000, for example. He has rejected Obamacares calls to expand health coverage on Washingtons terms. He thinks that Texas should be allowed to cover the poor as it sees fit (with an emphasis on creating jobs that make health care affordable, rather than safety nets). As president, he would be delighted to let other states offer onerous taxes and lavish services. Some people want such things, he agrees: they are “free to live in California”.佩里坚决断然阻止,事实是美国人习惯了超出他们(或者任何政府)承担能力的日益增加的花费。德克萨斯州的常见解决方法就包括物美价廉的基本务,叫做廉价航空模式:提供最少的安全可靠务,如果顾客需要额外的花哨务的话,让他们自己付。佩里对德克萨斯州这种什么事情都要打折扣的模式表示不满。但竞争是他竞选的核心。例如,他曾向德克萨斯州大学施压,让他们提供一万美元就能获得的学位。在华盛顿任期期间,他拒绝了奥巴马医改扩大医疗覆盖范围的要求。他认为德克萨斯应该被允许覆盖穷人,因为它很合适(强调创造就业机会,使人们能负担得起医疗保险,而不是建立医疗安全网)。如果成为总统,他会很乐意让其它州提供繁重的税收和花哨的务。有人喜欢这些东西,他赞同说:她们“在加州自由生活”。Not everyone wants to live in Texas. But Mr Perrys pitch is worth debating. Forget that “Oops,” and hope that he runs.不是每个人都想生活在德克萨斯州。但佩里先生的政策值得争辩。忘掉那声“哎哟”吧,希望他参加竞选。译者:靳方方 校对:萧毛毛 译文属译生译世 /201412/349502Its true that I gave them all the clothes I wore to, uh, not the fitting what he called,我确实把我穿过的所有衣都给他们了 嗯 他说衣大小和人像the sizing, the... I dont know what they measuring you.They measured you and they... - You havent done that?不大合... 我不知道他们量了些什么 他们给你量身定制而且-你没有过吗No.Oh, they fools.They gotta get you immediately. Do they... No!Yeah, thats not gonna happen for me.没有 哦 这些傻瓜 他们马上就会给你做个蜡像的 他们... 不要 是啊 这不会发生在我身上Oh, Ellen! No.Its a wonderful day And youll look beautiful like this.No, no, no.哦 艾伦 不 今天多棒啊 蜡像的你也会很漂亮的 不不不Like they can Write letters. Get, get involved, people.No.Get her in wax.No, thanks. I dont want it.比如说他们能.写信吧 大家都写信推荐 别 给她做一个蜡像 别这样 谢谢 我不想要这样Okay, thats enough. Allright.See, we gotta cut all that out.好了 够了 好吧 等着 我们会把这一段切掉Cause we dont have time for it.Lets talk about the movie. Lets talk about.因为我们时间紧张 谈谈电影吧 我们谈谈Wanna talk about the Home? Lets talk about the Home.Tell everybody what Home is about.谈;疯狂外星人;吗 -我们来谈谈;疯狂外星人;吧 跟大家说说;疯狂外星人;讲了些什么Um... Quickly Home is an alien invasions turned into two kinds of road buddy movie嗯 概括来说;疯狂外星人;是一部叙述了从外星人入侵 到两类物种变成好伙伴的电影with two characters voiced by me and Rihanna.And, that is this is all it sounds, and, um.其中的两个角色是我和蕾哈娜配音的 整个故事差不多就是这样 嗯...and, and, and we found love in the hopeless place.No,I mean, we, we... They find friendship.还有 还有 我们在走投无路的时候明白了真爱 不 我是说 我们 我们... 他们明白了友情They find friendship.And, and Steve Martin, right? Yes,Wow.Steve Martin.And Jennifer Lopez. Yeah. Wow.他们成了好朋友 史蒂夫·马丁也参与了 对吗 是的 哇塞 史蒂夫·马丁 还有詹尼弗·洛佩斯 是啊Jennifer Lopez plays Rihannas mother, voicing.Uh, theres Rihannas character. Oh.Can I tell you.. Yes.詹尼弗·洛佩斯给蕾哈娜的妈妈配音 噢 这个就是蕾哈娜配音的角色 我能跟你说..说吧Ive been doing presses, for like past four days with Rihanna and Steve.在之前和蕾哈娜还有史蒂夫在一起的四天里 我一直都很有压力 /201601/423153固原哪里治生殖感染病

隆德县阳痿早泄价格French elections法国省议会选举Menage a trios三雄争霸The National Fronts strength makes French politics a three-way affair极右翼国民前线实力增强,法国政治陷三雄争霸局面SOMETIMES small elections are markers of major political change.Frances latest vote, a two-round ballot on March 22nd and 29th to elect deputies to the 98 assemblies of Frances “departments”, may well turn out to be just such an election. On the face of it, the outcome will be a straightforward victory for the centre-right, led by Nicolas Sarkozy, a former president. In reality, it marks a shift in France from alternating two-party politics to a more fluid tripartite system.有时小型选举可以导致重大的政治变化。22日和29日,法国分别举行了第一轮和第二轮98个省议会的议员选举投票。这次选举极有可能正中其说。表面来看,由法国前总统尼克拉斯·萨科齐领导的中右翼派将在选举中获得直接胜利。但实际上,这次选举标志着法国由两党轮流执政向更加不固定的三党制的转变。The first element in this new political order is the performance of the populist National Front (FN), with its anti-immigration, anti-Europe and anti-establishment message. The partys combative leader, Marine Le Pen, had hoped it would come top in first-round voting and become, in her words, “the first party ofFrance”. In the end, Mr Sarkozys UMP scored 29%, while the FN finished second with 25%, short of the triumph she had hoped for.奉行民粹主义的国民前线在选举中的言行是造成这种政治新格局的首要因素。此前,该党宣扬三反政策(反移民、反欧洲和反政府),其斗志昂扬的领导人马琳·勒庞希望该党在首轮选举中斩获第一,用她的话说,“成为法国第一大党”。而结果呢,以萨科齐为首的右翼派人民运动联盟赢得29%的票数,而国民前线以25%的票数位居第二,并未达到勒庞所希冀的大胜。For some commentators, this amounted to a defeat. Manuel Valls, the Socialist prime minister whose party came third with 21%, reportedly lit a cigar to celebrate the FNs failure to place first. It was, he said, an “honourable” result for his party, and he congratulated “republican” voters for rejecting a party which, he judges, does not share the countrys founding values. Certainly the polls, which had predicted Ms Le Pens party would win about 30%, turned out to have been a poor guide, in part because voter turnout was higher than usual for this sort of election.有些员认为这相当于失败告终。社会党以21%的票数居于第三,据报道,该党成员曼纽尔·瓦尔斯总理点燃一根雪茄,庆祝国民前线名列第一梦破碎。他表示,此种结果对其政党来说是一大幸事,并且他祝贺“拥护共和政体”的选民:他们没有持他个人认为不具有法国最初价值观的政党。不可否认的是,民意调查曾预测以勒庞为首的政党会以30%左右的票数获胜,但事实明它起了错误的导向作用,这主要因为此类选举的投票人数多于以往数量。Yet it is a measure of how far the FN has come to shape the French political debate that her result could be considered a disappointment. It was the partys best-ever score at national level, just above that achieved at European elections in 2014. The party came top in nearly half the countrys departments, including some of the rural constituencies that have become its new frontier. In the run-offs, the FN is set to pick up scores of councillors, up from just two in 2011.然而,这可以衡量国民前线对于其选举结果是否令选民大失所望之争的作用大小。该结果是该党在国家级竞选史上的最好成绩,超过2014年的欧洲选举成果。国民前线掌控了近半数省份,其中包括一些边远的乡村新选区。决选时期,国民前线很可能赢得几十个议员的持,一改2011年仅仅两位的记录。In other words, the FN is transforming itself from a fringe movement that throws up periodic freak results into a regular feature of French politics, with the electoral ups and downs that this implies. This increasingly makes it an alternative opposition party to the governing Socialists, with a solid quarter or so of voters. Such a position is all the more remarkable given that the UMPs first-place score was achieved only thanks to an alliance with the UDI and Modem, two centrist parties.换言之,国民前线不断提升自身实力,由产生周期性反常结果的边缘运动向法国的固定政党转变,这表现出选举胜败无常的道理。这种转变让该党日益成为与稳拿1/4左右票数的执政党社会党轮流执政的反对党。右翼派人民运动联盟与独立民主联盟、Modem两个中间派组成竞选联盟,鉴于此,国民前线获得如此地位实属非凡。All the same, Mr Sarkozy will take comfort from the result, which is likely to hand his party a sweeping victory in the second round. Hitherto the ex-presidents political comeback had been faltering. Mr Sarkozy was elected UMP chief last November on the back of a lower-than-expected score, and has struggled to convince a divided party and its centre-right voters that he is the leader of the future. The latest result will strengthen his hand, and his chances of securing the partys presidential nomination for elections in 2017.而此结果依然会让萨科齐感到欣慰,它有可能在第二轮投票中促成其政党大获全胜。至今,这位前任总统是否会东山再起仍是不定之事。去年十一月,萨科齐在票数低于预期的情况下当选人民运动联盟主席,他经百般努力,试图让这个四分五裂的政党及其中右翼派选民相信他是未来的领导者。最新投票结果将增强其影响力,加大其稳获2017年总统大选党内提名的机会。As for President Fran?ois Hollande, the result was a downright humiliation, however much Mr Valls tried to argue otherwise. The Socialists are set for crushing losses in the second round–they have lost every mid-term election since Mr Hollande took office. This election exposes a cruel calculation on the left, as the party turns its eyes towards 2017. The Socialists poor score reflects a failure in most constituencies to join up with the Greens and other parties of the left. If the party has any hope of making it into the presidential run-off in 2017, it needs friends. Yet the ideological differences between the moderates around Mr Valls and the rest of the French left have never looked so wide, nor the chances of bridging them so slim.对弗朗索瓦·奥朗德总统来说,无论瓦尔斯总理怎样另找说辞,选举结果绝对是一大耻辱。社会党准备好在第二轮中迎接彻底的失败——自奥朗德执政以来,在所有的中期选举中,社会党无一胜出。虽然该党将目光转向2017年,但这次省议会选举暴露了盘算左翼派的残忍方法。社会党赢得的可怜票数反映出其未能联合在大部分选区的绿党和左翼派其他政党。如果该党希望参加2017年的总统决选,那么它需要朋友。然而,瓦尔斯总理身边的温和派与法国左翼派其他人士之间的意识形态从未产生过如此大的差异,而减少差异的机会也是前所未有的渺茫。翻译:石海霞 校对:周雨晴 译文属译生译世 /201504/368391西吉县看男科怎么样 Britain Asian Muslim women英国 亚裔穆斯林女性All about taking part全面参与A hidden explanation for Britain’s surprising job numbers: Bangladeshi and Pakistani women are finally surging into the labour market对英国令人惊讶的就业数字的深层解读:孟加拉国和巴基斯坦的女性最终进入劳动力市场In an upstairs room at the Jagonari women’s centre in eastLondon, six women in colourful headscarves grin as an instructor enunciates simple English phrases from a whiteboard. The women are mostly new immigrants from Bangladesh, who are being taught English as part of the centre’s “positively integrated” programme. In other classes they will learn how to deal with doctors, police officers and council officials, how to use public transport and how to claim benefits. The idea is to help them find their way around British society—and eventually find jobs.位于伦敦东区加各(Jagonari)妇女中心的一个楼上房间内,一个导师在白板前教单的英语词汇时6位带着色头巾的女性咧着嘴笑。这些女性主要是来自孟加拉国的新移民,她们学习英语是该中心“积极移民”的一部分。在其它课程中,她们将会学习如何与医生、警察、政府官员打交道,如何使用公共交通工具,如何申请救济金。这个计划是帮助她们如何适应英国社会—最终找到工作。Britain’s 450,000 Bangladeshis and 1.1m Pakistanis, who began to arrive in large numbers in the 1960s and 1970s, suffer from a huge penalty that is partly self-imposed. Whereas Pakistani and Bangladeshi men have employment rates roughly comparable to black men, the women’s employment rate is around half that of other ethnic-minority women. Lack of a second income is the main reason why more than half of Bangladeshi and Pakistani families live below the official poverty line, and why so many rely on welfare payments to top up their income. The broader cost to Britainof the economic and social marginalisation of so much of its Muslim population is huge. Yet there are some encouraging signs of change.英国的450,000孟加拉国人和110万的巴基斯坦人是在上世纪60、70年代大量涌入,他们遭受了巨大的遭难,部分是自身原因造成的。巴基斯坦、孟加拉国男性的就业率几乎和黑人一样,但女性的就业率差不多是其它少数民族的一半。缺少第二收入是一半以上的孟加拉国、巴基斯坦家庭生活在官方贫困下的主要原因,也是为什么如此多的家庭依赖社会福利增加救济金。穆斯林庞大的人口如此多,对经济和社会的边缘化,给英国造成了更大的成本。然而有一些鼓舞人心的现象改变。A combination of traditional culture and modern prejudice keeps women out of work. Many still feel that it is the husband’s role to provide for the family. Even if they want to work, Bangladeshi and Pakistani women are often expected to do a lot of cleaning, cooking and taking care of children, which leaves little time for a job. Village habits die hard: married women still tend to move in with their in-laws, who sometimes jealously restrict their freedom. Staff at the Jagonari centre report encounters with women who are not allowed to learn to drive or even to leave home alone.传统文化和现代歧视让女性不能工作,一些人仍然认为养家是丈夫的责任。即使她们想工作,孟加拉国和巴基斯坦的女生不能不做大量的清洗、烧饭、照顾小孩,剩下工作的时间就很少。陋习很难改掉:已婚女性通常和公婆住在一起,公婆有时会因嫉妒限制她们的自由。加各中心的工作人员报告称女性遭遇阻碍不允许学车,甚至不能单独出门。Then there is an “ethnic penalty” in hiring. Some 30% of Bangladeshi women who want to work are unemployed. Even well-educated women with Islamic names can struggle to get interviews, says Shaista Gohir, a director at the Muslim Women’s Network. Many employers are reluctant to hire women they fear will leave to take care of children. For new migrants, meanwhile, poor English and weak formal education are huge barriers to work, crowding those women who do so into poorly-paid and menial jobs.之后在雇佣上有“民族歧视”。一些想要工作的30%的孟加拉国女性失业。即使是受到良好教育的穆斯林名字的女性很难有面试,穆斯林女性网站做主管的谢思达-高赫尔说道。许多雇主不愿意聘用女性,担心她们因照顾小孩辞职。同时,对新移民来说,英语水平差,教育程度低也成为找工作的障碍,使这些女性集中在收入低不体面的工作种类中。According to the Labour Force Survey, though, the number trying to find work is increasing surprisingly fast. Since 2008, whenBritainentered a deep recession, the proportion of Pakistani women active in the labour market has increased from 29% to 43%. For Bangladeshi women, the trend dates back further (see chart). Many have merely moved from complete inactivity to unemployment, but there have been sizeable jumps in the proportion who have jobs too. By contrast, the employment rate for white women, at around 68%, has barely changed. Among black African andCaribbeanwomen it has fallen.据劳动人口调查报告统计,然而,出人意料的是努力找工作的人口数量迅速上升。2008年以来英国经济受到重创,活跃在劳动市场上的巴基斯坦女性比例从29%增长到43%。对孟加拉国的女性来说,这个趋势可以追溯到2008年之前。(见图表)许多多仅仅是从完全的不活跃状态到失业。但有工作的人的有很大的变动。相比之下,白人的就业率几乎没有改变,差不多是68%。非洲黑人和加勒比的女性就业率下降了。Government policy probably explains some of this. Since 2005 new migrants have had to pass basic language and citizenship tests to get permanent leave to remain in theBritain, which has forced many new migrants to learn English. Tax credits—generous welfare payments linked to work—have encouraged women of all races to find jobs, especially those whose husbands earn little.政府的政策可能解释了一些原因。2005年以来,新的移民不能不通过基本的语言和国籍身份考核才能获得在英国的永久居住权,这迫使一些新的移民学习英语。免税额度(工作中丰厚的社会福利)鼓励不同种族的女性找工作,尤其是丈夫工资少的女性。Just as important, they are settling in. British-born Pakistani and Bangladeshi women are far more likely to be in work than new migrants. And the young generation is rising fast. “There has been a near total transformation of Bangladeshi girls” since 2001, argues Shamit Saggar of the University of Sussex. In the GCSE exams taken at the age of 16, Bangladeshi girls now outperform their white peers. Control for poverty, and they beat almost everyone. Pakistani girls have done less well—probably because they are less concentrated in London, where schools have improved most—but they have gained ground too. More of these well-educated second- and third-generation young women enter the labour force each year.同样重要的是,新移民也做了准备。与其它新移民相比,英国出生的巴基斯坦和孟加拉国女性更愿意工作。并且年轻的一代也迅速增长。苏塞克斯大学的S.萨格(hamit Saggar)认为,自2001年来,孟加拉国的女孩有一个近乎全面的转换。对于16岁需考的英国普通中等教育书中,现在孟加拉国的女孩比同龄的白种人表现优秀。在战胜贫穷上,她们也比任何人顽强。巴基斯坦的女孩表现较差,伦敦增长了最多的学校,可能是因为她们注意力不集中,但她们也获得了发展。每年,大多数受过良好教育的第二代第三代年轻女性进入劳动力市场。Meanwhile there is growing awareness of the problems faced by first-generation immigrants. InBirmingham, the council is offering women help to start small businesses, reckoning that home work can fit more easily around family commitments. The Jagonari centre aly runs two social enterprises doing similar work.同时,第一代移民越来越意识到这个问题。在伯明翰,委员会给女性提供帮助让她们开办小型的企业,认为在家工作可以更容易的担负家庭的责任。加各(Jagonari)在已经有两个社会企业在做类似的工作。The main worry, in austerity Britain, is the paucity of cash. Since 2011 English language classes have been free only to those claiming unemployment benefit, which excludes many women claiming other benefits. Welfare is also being squeezed—all benefits are due to rise by less than inflation until 2015. Unless more women go to work, Bangladeshi and Pakistani poverty rates are likely to spiral upwards. “There is so much frustrated ambition”, says Sultana Khanom, one of the workers at the Jagonari centre. It needs to be made use of.对于实行紧缩政策的英国来说,最大的担心是资金不足。自2001年,只有领取失业救济金的才能免费上英语课,而领取其他救济金的不行。社会福利也正在减少,到2015年来所有的社会福利的增长速度都比通货膨胀慢。除非更多的女性去工作,不然孟加拉国和巴基斯坦的贫困率有可能飞速上升。加各中心一位工人Sultana Khanom认为有太多恐慌的野心抱负,需要好好工作。翻译:杨芸祯译文属译生译世201609/467093固原市原州区人民医院割包皮

固原市妇幼保健院男科The world this week-Politics本周政治要闻In Pakistan an Islamist suicide-bomber killed 74 people, including many children, in a park in Lahore, capital of the province of Punjab.一名伊斯兰教徒在拉合尔(Lahore)的公园内引爆自杀式炸弹,造成74人死亡,其中有多名儿童。Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility, saying that it intended to target Christians.拉合尔是巴基斯坦旁遮普省(Punjab)的首府。巴基斯坦塔利班分之一自由者大会(Jamaat-ul-Ahrar)宣布对此事件负责,称袭击目标为基督教徒。Separately, in Islamabad thousands of protesters who overran the central governments security zone left after extracting assurances that the government had no plans to amend the countrys draconian blasphemy law.此外,在伊斯兰堡(Islamabad),数千名抗议者越过中央政府建筑的安全区域,但在得知政府无意修改严苛的亵神法后,人群自行消散。The high court in New Delhi, Indias capital, ruled that calling your husband mota hathi, or fat elephant, was grounds for divorce.印度首都新德里(New Delhi)最高法院规定,妻子称呼丈夫为“mota hathi(顽固脂肪)”或者“大肥象”即构成离婚理由。The Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement, the main governing partner of the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, quit the coalition.巴西民主运动党(the Brazilian Democratic Movement)宣布退出与政府的联盟,该党是巴西总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)的最大执政伙伴。Although some of its ministers may stay, its departure increases the chances that Ms Rousseff will be impeached on charges that she used accounting trickery to disguise the size of the budget deficit.尽管该党的部分成员仍会继续留在政府中,但该党的退出增加了罗塞夫因用会计手段来掩饰财政赤字金额而遭弹劾的风险。Venezuelas National Assembly, which is controlled by parties opposed to the left-wing government of Nicolas Maduro, passed a law that would free 70 political prisoners.委内瑞拉全国代表大会(Venezuelas National Assembly)近日通过一项法律。根据此法,70名政治犯将被释放,其中包括反对派领袖莱奥波尔多?洛佩斯(因在游行中煽动暴乱获刑14年)。They include Leopoldo Lopez, an opposition leader who was sentenced to 14 years in jail for inciting violence during protests.委内瑞拉全国代表大会由反对派掌权,反对以尼古拉斯·马杜罗(Nicolas Maduro)为首的左翼政府。Mr Maduro has said he will veto the bill.马杜罗称自己将否决这项法案。Colombias government and the ELN, the countrys second-largest guerrilla group, are to begin formal talks to end half a century of conflict.为结束长达半个世纪的冲突,哥伦比亚政府和该国第二大叛乱组织哥伦比亚民族解放军(the ELN)开启正式会谈。The two sides agreed on an agenda, including terms for disarming the rebels and their participation in politics.双方共同签署了一项议程,其中包括解除叛乱者武装的条款以及双方参政的事宜。Colombia has been holding peace talks with the largest rebel group, the FARC, since 2012.自2012年以来,哥伦比亚政府一直在与该国最大叛乱组织哥伦比亚革命武装力量(the FARC)进行和谈。Syrian government troops retook the ancient city of Palmyra, captured by Islamic State last May.叙利亚政府军队夺回帕尔米拉(Palmyra)古城。Although two famous temples at the site were blown up by IS vandals, it looks as though the bulk of the antiquities have survived unscathed.该城自去年五月以来一直为伊斯兰国(Islamic State,以下简称IS )所控。尽管两座著名的寺庙已被IS炸毁,但似乎城内大量的文物完好无损,逃过一劫。Meanwhile, the Pentagon said that a senior commander in IS had been tracked down and killed in Syria by American special forces.与此同时,五角大楼声称,美国特种部队已在叙境内追踪并击毙一名IS的高级指挥官。 译文属译生译世201604/436805 Senior diplomats of South Korea and Japan met on Sunday ahead of talks by their foreign ministers over the issue of comfort women, an issue that has plagued ties between the two countries.韩国和日本高级外交官举行会面,随后其外交部长就困扰两国关系的“慰安妇”问题进行了会谈。Comfort women refer to the Korean women forced into prostitution for Japans military brothels during World War Two, an obstacle that remains a problem between better ties between the East Asian neighbors.“慰安妇”是指二战期间被迫为日本军队提供性务的妇女,该问题是东亚国家之间友好关系的障碍。The two countries have been pushing to improve relations since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met President Park Geun-hye last month.自上月日本首相安倍晋三会见韩国总统朴槿惠以来,两国一直在推动改善关系。Although Japan has said there was no change to its stance of compensation settled by a 1965 bilateral treaty, the Nikkei business daily reported that Japan would propose creating a government-backed fund to help the former comfort women as part of a possible agreement.尽管日本表示没有改变1965年双边条约的补偿立场,日经新闻报道称日本将提议建立一个政府持的基金帮助前慰安妇,以此作为可能协议的一部分。译文属。201512/418565固原协和医院泌尿科咨询固原协和医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱




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