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Electricity is one of the most important inventions ever. It is the thing that powers the Earth. If there was no electricity, we’d be back in the dark ages. Few people stop and think just how amazing electricity is. With the flick of a switch, you can power almost anything. Think about what would happen if there was no electricity. We’d have no TV, no computers, no traffic signals. It would be like going back to living in caves. There are a few negative points about electricity, of course. Number one, it’s dangerous. Thousands of people die each year from electrocuting themselves or in electrical fires. And number two, it isn’t good for the environment. Most electricity comes from burning coal and that creates greenhouse gasses. Article/201104/132390。

  • People say intelligence is a lot more attractive than beauty. I often ask people if they would prefer a partner who is intelligent or good looking. They almost always say they want someone who is intelligent. I wonder why it is some of us are so intelligent and others aren’t. Surely we are all born with a similar level of intelligence. I’m not really sure how intelligent I am. Sometimes I think I’m intelligent, but then I do something really dumb. Or I meet someone who is super-brainy who makes me feel unintelligent. One day, I’m going to take one of those intelligence tests to measure my IQ. Another thing I don’t get about intelligence is how people think our leaders are so intelligent, but then the leaders do such stupid things. Do intelligent people start wars? Article/201105/136469。
  • Goats are being hired to do the work of men in a neighborhood just outside of San Diego. The fires that occurred in Hillborough four years ago destroyed thirty homes, most of which have been rebuilt. While contractors were rebuilding the homes, nature was regrowing the grasses, bushes, and shrubs. The area is now so overgrown in brush that it again poses a major fire hazard. The city council asked for bids to remove the brush. The lowest bid they received was ,000. And that was if the city provided breakfast and lunch for the work crews for the six weeks it would take to clear the overgrown area. The city countered, offering unlimited coffee (black only) and a doughnut a day for each crew member. When that offer was rejected, the city asked for help on its website. A sheepherder in Montana and a goatherder in San Bernardino about the city’s plight while surfing the web on their laptops. They both offered to do the job for ,000. The council chose the goatherder because he lived closer. When told that the city dump was overflowing, the goatherder said, “No problem. My goats will eat everything in your dump. Except for the automobile engines, of course.” So, for another ,000, the city killed two birds with one stone. If all goes well, they will invite the goatherder and his “family” back every three years. The goatherder said he will probably visit San Diego while his goats are in the dump. “I want to take one of those hang-glider rides. I just hope we don’t crash. My goats would miss me a lot,” he said. Article/201106/141260。
  • Harry was rather quiet as he ate the ice cream Hagrid had bought him (chocolate and raspberry with chopped nuts).当哈利吃着海格买给他的冰淇淋时,显得非常安静。;What#39;s up?; said Hagrid.;你怎么了?;海格问。;Nothing,; Harry lied. They stopped to buy parchment and quills. Harry cheered up a bit when he found a bottle of ink that changed color as you wrote. When they had left the shop, he said, ;Hagrid, what#39;s Quidditch?;;没什么,;哈利撒了一个谎,他们停下来去买羊皮纸和羽毛笔。哈利高兴了起来,因为他找到了一瓶神奇的墨水,墨水的颜色随着你写的字而不断变换着颜色。当他们离开这家店的时候,他问道,;海格,什么是魁地奇?;;Blimey, Harry, I keep forgettin#39; how little yeh know ; not knowin#39; about Quidditch!;;啊呀,哈利,我一直都忘了你对魁地奇了解得多么少;;或者根本不知道。;;Don#39;t make me feel worse,; said Harry. He told Hagrid about the pale boy in Madam Malkin#39;s.;别让我觉得更不好受。;哈利说着,便把他在马金夫人店里遇到那男孩的事说了一遍。;; and he said people from Muggle families shouldn#39;t even be allowed in;;;他还说来自麻瓜家族的人甚至不允许进入;;;;Yer not from a Muggle family. If he#39;d known who yeh were ; he#39;s grown up knowin#39; yer name if his parents are wizardin#39; folk. You saw what everyone in the Leaky Cauldron was like when they saw yeh. Anyway, what does he know about it, some o#39; the best I ever saw were the only ones with magic in lsquo;em in a long line o#39; Muggles ; look at yer mum! Look what she had fer a sister!;;你不是来自麻瓜家族的,如果他知道你是谁的话;;如果他父母是巫师的话,他应该早就听说过你的大名了;;你在#39;破釜#39;酒吧都见到他们是如何待你的了,他懂什么呀,我所见到的最好的巫师往往都是拥有魔法但深藏不露的,麻瓜;;看看你妈妈多厉害!再看看你那佩妮姨妈多差劲。;;So what is Quidditch?;;那什么是魁地奇?;;It#39;s our sport. Wizard sport. It#39;s like ; like soccer in the Muggle world ; everyone follows Quidditch ; played up in the air on broomsticks and there#39;s four balls ; sorta hard ter explain the rules.;  ;我们的一种运动,魔法运动,它就像;;就像麻瓜世界的足球运动一样;;每个人都喜欢魁地奇;;骑着扫帚在空气里玩耍,一共有四个球;;很难去解释那些规则。;;And what are Slytherin and Hufflepuff?;;那斯莱特林和赫夫帕夫又是什么?;;School houses. There#39;s four. Everyone says Hufflepuff are a lot o#39; duffers, but;;;都是学校里的学院,一共有四座,每个人都说住在赫夫帕夫里的都是一群笨蛋,但是;;;;I bet I#39;m in Hufflepuff,; said Harry gloomily.;我打赌我会分在赫夫帕夫。;哈利十分沮丧地说。;Better Hufflepuff than Slytherin,; said Hagrid darkly. ;There#39;s not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn#39;t in Slytherin. You-Know-Who was one.;;其实赫夫帕夫比斯莱特林要好。;海格有点难过,;很多斯莱特林的巫师变坏了,#39;神秘人#39;就是其中一个。;;Vol-, sorry ; You-Know-Who was at Hogwarts?;;伏;;抱歉,#39;神秘人#39;也在霍格沃茨学习过?;;Years an#39; years ago,; said Hagrid.;那是很多年以前的事了。;海格说道。。
  • 有声名著之海底两万里 Chapter10海底两万里TwentyThousand.Leagues.Under.the.Sea原著下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200809/50479。
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