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Mr. Brown came to an inn on a very cold day, and could get no room near the fire.在一个寒冷的冬日, 布朗先生来到一家小客栈,发现火炉旁边已经没有空位了。He called to the hostler to fetch a peck of oysters, and give them to his horse.于是,他让旅店的马夫去拿些牡蛎来喂他的马。;Will your horse eat oysters?; said the hostler.“您的马吃牡蛎吗?”马夫问道。;Try him, ; said Mr. Brown.“你试着喂喂吧。”布朗先生回答。Immediately the people ran to see this wonder, and Mr. Brown who alone remained in the room, chose the best seat by the fire and made himself comfortable.  顷刻间,人们都跑去看这一奇观,而布朗先生却独自呆在屋里,他在火炉旁找了个最好的座位,舒舒地坐在那取暖了。One couple glad Idol finished有人欢喜有人忧:美国夫妇饱受“偶像”投票电话骚扰Amercian Idol .There's at least one couple who isn't upset that America's most popular TV show "Idol" has finished its fifth season.Dorothy and Jerry Few are tired of getting calls from people who believe they're phoning in a vote for their favorite "American Idol" contestant."It's aggravating when it happens," said Dorothy Few, 74, who didn't watch the show that crowned Taylor Hicks its latest winner Wednesday night. "I hate when somebody calls and hangs up."During the show's season, from late February through May, viewers can call national toll-free numbers to cast their votes for their favorite contestant.The Fews' phone number closely resembles the toll-free number Fox uses to let viewers vote for their favorite contestants. The voting lines begin 1-866-436-57XX - or 1-866-IDOLSXX - with the last two digits corresponding to a singer.Ethel Boling, 79, also has phone number with the 866 prefix and said she had been getting eight to 10 wrong numbers a week from "Idol" fans. But as a fellow "Idol" watcher, she doesn't mind the misdials."It's kind of exciting, really," she said.More than 63 million callers cast their vote for the finals this week. (Agencies)对于美国最具人气的电视真人秀“美国偶像”第五季的结束,至少有一对夫妇不会感到失落。桃乐茜和杰瑞·菲尤夫妇不停地接到人们为心目中偶像投票而打错的电话,他们为此烦透了。74岁的桃乐茜说:“当接到打错的投票电话时,真是让人生气。我实在是讨厌有人打错了电话,然后再把电话给挂了”。 她没有观看周三晚泰勒·希克斯摘得"偶像"桂冠的总决赛。“美国偶像”的整个赛季从2月下旬一直持续到5月,观众们在此期间可拨打全国免费热线电话,投票持自己喜爱的选手。菲尤家的电话号码和福克斯电视台所设的免费投票电话号码十分相近。投票热线号码的开头是1-866-436-57或1-866-IDOLS,后加和歌手对应的两个数字。79岁的埃塞尔·波琳家的电话号码前缀也是866,她说,她一周之内会接到8到10个“美国偶像”的“粉丝”们打错的电话。但作为"美国偶像"的一名忠实观众,她对此并不介意。她说:“这还真的有点令人激动。”本周,共有6300万多名观众拨打电话参与总决赛的投票。Vocabulary:phone in: (广播或电视)听众或观众打来热线电话aggravating : annoying(恼人的;使人生气的) /200803/31793

5-year-old daughter, wanting her father to help her do something.Father: ;I#39;m so tired, if you praise me, I#39;ll Be fresh.;Daughter: ;Lao Zheng!;Dad: ;Hey!;Daughter: ;Your chick looks really nice ah ......;5岁的女儿让老爸帮她做某事。老爸:“爸爸很累啦,你夸我两句吧,你夸我两句我就又有劲了。”女儿:“老郑!”老爸:“哎!”女儿:“你家妞妞长得可真漂亮啊……”

Shannon was on a date with a guy (we#39;ll call him Sean) who had been chasing her for the better part of a decade. She finally caved into his advances and agreed to go on a casual date at a local bar. Shannon was not a fancy, prissy type. She played in an intramural softball league, preferred flip flops to high heels and owned a handicapped dog. But when he uttered the fatal words ;So do you mind splitting the check?; she assumed one thing; he wasn#39;t interested.香农曾经遇到个一个男的,(暂且叫他肖恩)。这个肖恩苦追了香农很多年了,现在,香农终于答应肖恩,在当地一个酒店共享晚餐。香农不是个挑剔讲究的女孩,喜欢垒球、相比高跟鞋更喜欢人字拖,还养着一条残疾。但是,当饭后买单时,肖恩说出:“介不介意AA?”时,香农心理顿时觉得:“他原来不是很看重这次约会。”Things fizzled between them and Shannon later learned Sean was interested, but he was flat broke. She was perplexed. If he was so low on cash, why didn#39;t he take her somewhere less expensive? Or to a free art gallery? Or a movie in the park? Or a dive bar instead of the fancy wine bar he had picked out?就是因为最后的这一出,他俩的关系似乎没什么进展。香农事后才知道,其实不是肖恩不看重那次约会,而是他当时真没什么钱。然而,让香农百思不解的是,既然都没钱了,为什么不选个一般点的地方吃饭?或是去参观免费的画廊、或是去公园看场免费电影;或是就到个廉价小酒馆也好。In What Men Really Want: For Ladies To Pay On The Date Too, we learned that many men would like women to start paying their way when it comes to dating. But in all seriousness, what those men fail to realize is that most women are not out for a free ride. For Shannon, it wasn#39;t about his money — it was about being courted.男人也许在约会的时候也希望女性承担自己那一部分开销。我们知道有些男士是会在约会时要求女性承担自己的开销的,但是,严肃的讲,男人根本不理解女人出来约会其实不是为了占小便宜,就香农的例子而言,香农在约会时不是在乎肖恩的钱多钱少,更在乎的是是否有被追求的感觉。Yes, it#39;s 2013, but in these days of texting instead of calling, late-night booty calls instead of dates, men disappearing and reappearing, it#39;s nice to have a little old-fashioned romance. Women may have increased wealth and equality, but some things may never change. Gold diggers aside, most women don#39;t care how much a man drops on a date. According to a Match.com study, 46 percent of women say it doesn#39;t really matter how much a date spends on the evening, and 58 percent of women are not even looking for an expensive date. A whopping 75 percent of women do not want to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant.是的,现在是2013年了,到了短信比电话重要,夜间的电话比白天的重要,男人去了又来的年头。但是那些传统的浪漫在这时不是更弥足珍贵吗?在就当下,女人的社会价值和平等性和男人并无异,但是有些东西却从未改变。当然,今天的话题和拜金女无关,我们说的是大多说女性并不在意男性在约会时花多少钱。根据Match.com做的调查,百分之46的女性认为约会时的开销并不重要,百分之58的女性不会刻意寻找有钱人约会,高达75的女性其实根本就不期望约会的时候在很贵的餐厅消费。Historically courtship has revolved around ;a man proving to a woman that he values her,; says psychotherapist Tina B. Messina. In the days before women were CEOs and doctors, a woman would lose all of her wealth to her husband once she was married. So it was imperative that a man proved to both the woman and her family that he could take care of her. Hence a man paying and providing for a woman.精神治疗师蒂娜说过,有史以来,求偶都是围绕着“男人如何向女人表达自己有多看重她”而开展的。在女人没有资格和男人获得同样的社会地位的时代,女人一旦嫁人,就会失去的财富,所以,男人要用各种方法向让女人和她的家人明一旦女人嫁给他,会受到很好的照顾。这也是男人为什么为女人买单的历史原因。But now that it#39;s 2013 and not 1952, where does that leave us? Many women, myself included, do not need a man#39;s moula. The real problem is not that men are spending too much money on dates; it#39;s that they#39;re not dating wisely. In the age of online dating and the gaggle of choices out there, truer words were never said. Men waste money and energy dating the wrong people. ;They don#39;t have purpose or focus, and they go out with folks who possess dealbreakers — simply because they#39;re not taking the dating process seriously.; For these men, it#39;s not about the money either. By datingonly people they#39;re truly interested in and who have the same goals and desires, men can save time and energy.但是现在已经是2013年了,而不是1952年。我们的传统变了吗?很多女人,包括我自己,并不予要男人养活。其实真正的问题时男人在约会时花了太多的钱,而在婚恋网上的选择很多,有诚意的却很少。“一些男人自己也没定性,在网上也会那些没有诚意长期交往的女孩——原因很简单,他们自己都没有将这次约会看得很重要。”对于这类男人,钱也许也不是问题。然而,和有想要着认真交往的女孩约会可以节约时间和精力。Having dated online myself, I can certainly attest to that fact. Though I stated clearly on my profile that I was looking for a longterm relationship, there was no shortage of men who took me out with less than serious intentions. Men who go on date after date hoping that just one of them will ;stick;. It#39;s not just men who do this; I#39;ve been guilty of it too. I#39;ve gone out with guys who possessed way too many of my dealbreakers — believed Top 40 was good music, didn#39;t vote and owned cats — because I hoped that if I was more open-minded I might meet the right guy. It wasn#39;t until I focused on quality not quantity that I met the right guy.我自己也有网上交友的经历,当我在我的个人介绍里写清楚了我要寻找的是长期伴侣时,任然有很多不是很严肃对待约会的男人来约我出去。很多男人觉一次又一次的约会总会有合适的出现,当然有这种想法的不仅仅是男人,我也曾经忏悔自己对约会的不严肃。我曾和许多不严肃对待约会的男人约会过。很多人都有共性——喜欢音乐、不参加选举和养猫。我当时觉得,我也许更开放就有机会遇到我的白马王子。 然而事实却不是这样的,我意识到质量比数量更重要。On the flip side, I had a guy friend named Greg who signed up for an online dating profile but refused to actually message a single woman. Instead he would just wait until they noticed him lurking on their profile and message him; As you can imagine, his lazy methods got him nowhere. He went on a lot of crappy dates, could never understand why none of his dates worked out and complained that women are just interested money.我有一个男性朋友叫格雷格,他在一个婚恋网上登了记,但是却从来不主动找女会员,只是等别的女会员找他。你可以想象,他的懒人理论产生怎样的结果,他有过很多次垃圾般的约会,他永远都不明白他的约会为什么都没有结果,还不停抱怨女人只对钱感兴趣。Men also forget all the time and money women spend pre-date; a new outfit, waxing, shaving, makeup and hair. Consider this: according to the survey by Match.com 65 percent of women spend 50 dollar or more on pre-date grooming and clothing, Don#39;t want to spend money on the first date? I#39;m guessing many women would rather not spend the time or money shaving, putting on makeup, choosing an outfit and blow drying their hair. Not to mention teetering in high heels, donning crippling Spanx, and strapping on push up bras. But alas, most of us don#39;t wake up looking runway-y. Even though most guys claim not to notice all the things that women do to primp, I#39;m also guessing most men would be horrified to see a girl show up to a date with hairy legs, under-eye circles and a Brillo pad for hair like I have when I wake up..男人也不知道,女人在准备约会前的开销,新衣、脱毛、化妆、做头发。根据调查,百分之65的女性花在约会前准备的钱高达50美元甚至更多。我想更多女性宁愿不花钱和时间为了一次约会去收拾打扮自己。更别说穿着摇摇晃晃的高跟鞋,让人窒息的瘦身衣….哎,毕竟不是所有的女人都是天生丽质,尽管大多数男士会说,并没有意识到女性的精心打扮,然而我却想说,如果女人再跟男人约会时没有刮腿毛,带着黑眼圈,头发乱的跟刚睡醒似得,肯定大多数男人都会被吓跑的。If we#39;re really talking about gender equality, then yes we should just split everything down the middle.. But dating isn#39;t about gender equality. Dating is about that dance between two people. Flirting and courting and chivalry, no matter how old-fashioned, is a part of that.从性别平等的角度上讲,是的,我们应该男女各付一半。但是约会不是讨论性别平等的时候,约会是两个人的舞蹈,约会是应该有调情、奉承和绅士风度的部分,不管这样的观念有多守旧,都不应该改变。From a financial standpoint, I#39;m far from needing or wanting a man to pay for my lifestyle. But I do want to be swept off my feet. I want doors opened. Bugs killed. Dragons slayed! Of all the things my boyfriend has done for me, the most memorable one was surprising me with balloons that had hidden notes in them. Expensive? No. Thoughtful and caring? Yes. And I saved every sticky note inside.从财务上讲,我不需要男人为我的生活买单。但是我却想感受到无微不至的体贴,感受到他能力所能及地为我做所有的事。也许对我来讲最大的惊喜就是看到气球上写着他的求爱语。贵吗?一点都不,周到和体贴的他会让我谨记气球上的每句话。I#39;m in no way suggesting that a woman doesn#39;t start chipping in after the first 2-3 dates. In fact, when my boyfriend realized that he brought me to a cash-only restaurant with no cash on our second date, I forked out the money without batting an eyelash. The fact that I knew he was interested in more than an easy fling, he told me he liked me, texted me within 24 hours of our first date and had aly asked me out for a third date, made it easy for me to pay.我不建议女人在2到3次约会以后就将你的未来押在这个男人身上。然而,我的经历也值得分享和参考。我和男朋友第一次约会时,他约我去了一家很贵的餐厅,当他意识到没有钱再约我时,我想也没想就把我的钱拿出来,因为我知道他对我有意,他告诉我他喜欢我,约会后的24小时内发信息给我,计划下一次约会。这些行为让我判断出他的诚意,让我更愿意为爱情买单。Why? Because he was courting me.为什么?因为他的追求让我很受用。本译文属 /201309/256114

most of us love to travel, but imagine how much more we would love it if didn#39;t come with the chance of delayed flights, expensive hotels or unexpected fees. Luckily, you can avoid many travel-related hassles if you plan ahead. With a few pointers, anyone can plan a carefree trip, she says.很多人都喜欢旅游,但是想象一下如果没有航班延误、高价酒店和意外花费,我们将会更喜欢。幸运地是,如果你早作安排,你可以避免很多与旅行相关的烦心事。只要做到几点,任何人都能有一次无忧无虑的出行。See it, Buy it看到就买You may mull over a good airplane fare hoping it might get even lower later. Instead of waiting, purchase the ticket. Department of Transportation rules that took effect in January 2012 allow travelers to cancel a booking without penalty 24 hours after the reservation is made, as long as the reservation is made one week or more before departure.你可能在思考购买实惠的机票,希望票价以后还能再低点。与其等待,不如动手买票。2012年1月生效的运输部条例规定,在订票生成后24小时内允许游客取消订票而且不处罚金,只要是在出发前一个星期或更久前预定的机票。Seek Out Empty Middles腾出中间空间If you are traveling with someone else, a good tip is to book one window and one aisle seat in the same row, Freedman says. This increases the chances that no one will purchase the middle seat and you#39;ll have more room when you fly. People are less likely to choose a middle seat when they travel by themselves. If someone does purchase the seat, you can be the hero that offers them one of your window or aisle seats.如果你与他人同行,一条不错的建议是订两张同排的机票,一张靠窗口,一张靠过道。那么就增加了其他人不去购买中间座位的可能性,这样当你坐飞机时你就有了更多的空间。当人们自己出行时,他们很少选择中间座位。如果有人买了中间座位,你可以像英雄一样给他们提供一张靠窗或靠过道的座位。Book Early Flights预定早班机票The first flight out in the morning is always less likely to have a delay. So if you can get up at the crack of dawn, you will probably get to your vacation sooner.清晨首次航班往往较少出现延误。所以如果你能在破晓起床,你就能早点度假。Travel on These Days在这些日子里旅行The days of travel that are generally the cheapest are Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. There also tend to be fewer people traveling on those days, which will make your airport and airplane experience more pleasant. The majority of airfare sales also come out on Tuesdays.花销最便宜的旅行日是在星期二、星期三和星期六。在这些日子里,往往出行游玩的人也少一些,这样在机场和飞机上的体验就更惬意了。多数机票也是在周二出售。Think Local Everywhere想想当地Just as you may check out daily deal websites to find good deals in your city, search for local deals in your destination city and you#39;ll have a more authentic experience devoid of tourist trappings. Many sites also offer deals that have a short expiration date. If you sign up for these offers and act fast, you can get some serious bargains.就像你在自己的城市浏览团购网找实惠一样,搜一搜目的地城市当地的贸易情况,你将有一次真正的毫无旅游陷阱的旅行体验。很多网站也提供短期有效交易。如果你马上行动订购,你可以得到相当不错的折扣。Travel on Holidays, Literally在节假日当天出行Christmas Day is actually the cheapest day to fly. So it#39;s perfect if you#39;re OK with missing out on pre-holiday activities. New Year#39;s Day also has some lower rates, she adds. The six weeks after Thanksgiving are also a good time to search for vacation deals, especially to Las Vegas. There#39;s a lull between Thanksgiving and the New Year and historically, there are very low hotel rates in Vegas in these weeks. Early January is also a good time to plan a trip to the Caribbean when resorts try to entice people to visit.圣诞节当天其实是乘飞机最便宜的一天。如果你不介意错过节前活动的话,那是最好的选择。在新年这一天,也有许多廉价机票。感恩节后的那六周时间也是搜索假日航班的好时段,尤其是到。在感恩节和新年之间有段空档,在那几周里的酒店价位会低很多。一月上旬也是计划出行加勒比海的好时段,因为那时度假村在尽力吸引游客前往参观。Book Hotels in the Business District在商业区预订酒店If you are looking for a weekend away, book your hotel in the central business district or a financial district of the city you are visiting. These hotels are busiest Monday to Friday and often try to woo weekend travelers. Plus, downtown hotels generally have a higher number of stars.如果你是想过个周末,在中央商业区或在你要参观的城市金融区里订一家酒店。这些酒店从周一忙碌到周五,常常想吸引周末的游客。此外,市中心的酒店档次通常会高一些。Look for All-Inclusive寻找套餐务Many resorts, particularly in the Caribbean and Mexico, have great all-inclusive deals that include hotel and meals. Many of them also offer free deals for children under 12. If you are traveling with your family, you should also consider booking a condominium resort where you have more space and a kitchen to allow you to cut down on food costs.很多旅游胜地,尤其是在加勒比海和墨西哥,有很多套餐务,包括酒店和饮食。很多地方还为不到12岁的儿童提供免费套餐。如果你是和家人一起,你应该考虑预定公寓式酒店,在那里你能有更多的空间,亲自下厨可以减少伙食上的开销。Be Aware of Hidden Fees当心潜在开销Many travelers don#39;t calculate fees when booking their trips. Baggage fees, transfer fees and public transportation can all add up, so make sure you factor in all travel and transport costs.当预定行程时,很多旅行者都没有计算费用。把行李费、转机费和公共交通费用全加起来,一定要考虑全部的旅行和交通费用。Track the Weather留意天气When booking a trip that has layovers, remember to consider the weather at each locations. Be mindful. Weather in the cities you are traveling through can really impact where you are going.如果要转机,记得考虑每处的天气情况。要留心。你旅行路过的这些城市的天气会影响到你的行程。 /201306/243346

Spain's "El Gordo," the world's biggest lottery, gave out 2.2 billion euros (1.6 billion pounds) in Christmas prizes on Saturday.El Gordo, Spanish for "The Fat One", is designed so that as many people as possible across Spain get a festive windfall.The top prize this year was 3 million euros -- going to the series of tickets with the magic number 06381.Because the tickets are sold in a series of 10, only those who paid 200 euros for the whole strip get the full prize.The biggest share of winning tickets was bought by people in the town of Nava, in the north-western Asturias region.The draw lasts three-and-a-half hours and is carried live on national television with children from the San Ildefonso school, a former orphanage in Madrid, in turn chanting the winning numbers and the amount won.Lotteries have two centuries of history in Spain.The country spent 2.87 billion euros on the lottery -- 5.7 percent more than last year. Seventy percent is paid out in prizes. Most of the rest goes in costs.Eight out of ten Spaniards bought tickets for the lottery, spending on average 64 euros.Spaniards often choose lottery numbers matching significant dates although there was no particular favourite in 2007.In 2006, one of the most sought-after series was 22105, the date on which Fernando Alonso became Formula 1 world champion for the second year running. 号称世界上规模最大的西班牙“El Gordo”圣诞票于上周六开奖,奖金总额高达22亿欧元(16亿英镑)。“El Gordo”在西班牙语中意为“胖子”。“胖子”圣诞票的推出主要是为了给更多的西班牙人带来一份节日的意外惊喜。今年的头奖奖金为300万欧元,号码为“06381”。由于票是以十张一组进行销售(译者注:人们可花20欧元购买其中的十分之一),因此只有花200欧元购买了整组票的人才有机会获得全奖。位于阿斯图里亚斯自治区西北部的纳瓦市是今年的“黄金”地。整个开奖过程持续三个半小时,并通过国家电视台现场直播。在开奖现场,马德里的圣#8226;艾尔德芬索小学(原为一所孤儿院)的学生们轮流报唱号码及金额。西班牙的票历史已有两个世纪。今年西班牙的“胖子票”销售收入达28.7亿欧元,比去年增长5.7%。其中70%的收入用于返奖奖金,其余大部分为销售成本。今年西班牙全国有四分之三的人购买了“胖子票”,人均花费64欧元。西班牙人常选择有特殊意义的日期作为号码,不过2007年似乎没有什么特别受到亲睐的日子。去年最受青睐的号码是22105,因为在10月22日这一天,阿隆索连续第二年获得F1(一级方程式赛车)车手总冠军。 /200803/29700Cartoon Characters Get Local Makeovers In AsiaBIG ROUND HEADS and tiny bodies make the Powerpuff Girls instantly identifiable to their fans in America. The preteen karate superheroes star in one of the top-rated shows on cable's Cartoon Network.圆圆的脑袋、豆芽菜般的娇小身材──美国动画剧《飞天小女警》(Powerpuff Girls)中三个小主角的这般形像,“粉丝”们一眼就能认出来。这三个十岁左右却会操空手道的小丫头是卡通电视网(Cartoon Network)热播节目中的明星。Last year, though, the 'Powerpuff Girls' showed up in Japan with a whole new look. On 'Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z,' the heroines have grown up, sprouted long legs and wear skirts well above their knees. In the original American story line, the girls were created of sugar, spice and everything nice; their Japanese counterparts are normal girls who acquire super powers from a chemical reaction initiated by a rice cake.去年《飞天小女警》在日本播出时,她们的形像却发生了翻天覆地的变化。在名为《飞天小女警Z》(Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z)的新版动画中,三个小女孩不但长大了,腿变长了,还穿上了超短裙。在美国版的故事中,三个女孩是用糖、香料等好东西创造出来的。而在日本版中,女孩们却是因食用年糕产生的化学作用而拥有了超能力。Once, American entertainment companies exporting characters just dubbed them into other languages. But in recent years, Asia has become the testing ground for character reinvention, a process called 'transcreation.'border0过去,美国业在对外输出卡通角色时仅仅是配上外语。但近年来,亚洲成为他们重新包装设计形像、进行“翻创”(transcreation)的试验田。The idea is to help characters designed with one audience in mind to really resonate in another culture. 'Japanese kids can more easily identify with characters they can relate to,' says Yoshiya Ayugai, a producer for Time Warner Inc.'s Cartoon Network Productions Japan, who helped re-create the Powerpuff Girls.此举是为了让原来针对某一观众群设计的角色形像能在其他文化环境下产生共鸣。时代华纳公司(Time Warner Inc.)旗下卡通电视网亚洲制作部的制作人Yoshiya Ayugai表示,日本的小孩更易于认同与自己有关联的角色。Yoshiya Ayugai曾参与重新设计《飞天小女警》的角色形像。Marvel Entertainment Inc. and Gotham Entertainment introduced a transcreated 'Spider-Man' to the Indian market in 2004, although the original had been familiar there for a long time. There, Spidey's alter ego, Peter Parker, is known as Pavitr Prabhakar. Spidey gains his powers from a mysterious yogi rather than a radioactive spider. When fighting crime, he sports a traditional loincloth.Marvel Entertainment Inc.和Gotham Entertainment曾在2004年针对印度市场对《蜘蛛侠》(Spider-Man)形像进行翻创,尽管原形像已深入人心。在印度版《蜘蛛侠》中,主人翁的名字由彼得#8226;帕克(Peter Parker)改成了帕维特#8226;普拉哈卡(Pavitr Prabhakar)。而他超人力量的源泉,也从放射性的蜘蛛变成了神秘的瑜珈。并且其变身蜘蛛侠与邪恶势力战斗的造型中还穿上了印度的传统装“斗提裤”。Spidey also inspired one of the region's first transcreations. In 1978, the Japanese media company Toei Co. turned Peter Parker into a racing champion named Yamashiro Takuya, who wears a bracelet that gives him the powers of a spider. His alter ego, 'Supaidah Man,' controls a giant transforming robot to battle an enemy named Professor Monster.蜘蛛侠也是亚洲地区最早一宗翻创案例的主角。1978年,日本东映公司(Toei Co.)曾将彼得#8226;帕克改变成拥有蜘蛛超能力的赛车冠军西谷拓也(Yamashiro Takuya)。而东映版蜘蛛侠的超能来自一只手镯,故事中他操纵着一部能变形的机器人与怪兽教授(Professor Monster)率领的邪恶势力作战。Sesame Street didn't arrive in India until the summer of 2006, as 'Gali Gali Sim Sim,' and introduced Boombah, an aristocratic lion fond of bhangra, a style of dancing seen in Bollywood films. Walt Disney Co. has had a hit in China with its 'Cuties' line of Mickey Mouse and friends featuring tiny eyes, button noses and the almost-not-there mouths of Japan's Hello Kitty. Sometimes the cutie Minnie even carries a cellphone. Disney came up with the design six years ago in Japan, and now it is a top seller among preteens in China who didn't grow up with the original Mickey.《芝麻街》(Sesame Street)2006年夏季才登陆印度,名字变为《加利加利西姆西姆》(Gali Gali Sim Sim),并新加入了一只喜欢跳邦拉舞的狮子布恩巴(Boombah)。邦拉舞是印度宝莱坞电影中常见的一种舞蹈。华特-迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)在中国推出了米老鼠系列卡通人物的“Cutie”版造型,带有与日本Kitty猫造型相似的小眼睛、纽扣鼻和小得几乎见不到的嘴巴。有时候 Cutie版的米妮(Minnie)造型甚至拿着部手机。此系列造型是6年前在日本设计的,如今已经成为中国最畅销的少儿用品系列。Adults like Sarah Chen, a 23-year-old graduate student in Shanghai, like them, too. 'They are so cute and sweet, just like a little baby,' says Ms. Chen, who first discovered the Disney cuties online and eventually purchased a sweater with the modified Mickey Mouse on it.就连成年人也喜欢Cutie版的米老鼠,比如在上海念研究生的Sarah Chen。今年23岁的她第一次在网上发现迪士尼的cutie造型时惊叹道:“这些造型这么可爱,就像小宝宝一样”。最后还买下一件带有Cutie版米老鼠造型的运动衫。Most media companies acknowledge the need to localize their fare. While there is still a global audience for 'Tom and Jerry' reruns and Hollywood blockbusters, American imports don't top the TV ratings in most non-English-speaking markets. Transcreation nods to that need for local relevance.大多数媒体公司都认为,有必要对产品进行本土化设计。虽然重播的《猫和老鼠》(Tom and Jerry)及好莱坞其他畅销动画片在国际上仍有市场,但美国卡通在大多数非英语市场的电视节目中都拿不到最好的成绩。适当的本土化改造仍有必要。'There are very few things that work everywhere,' says Orion Ross, a vice president of creative at Time Warner's Turner Networks in Asia. 'Places with strong national identities, like Japan and India, need adaptation and change,' he says.时代华纳旗下特纳电视网(Turner Networks)亚洲副总裁奥里恩#8226;罗斯(Orion Ross)表示,放之四海而皆准的东西是很少见的。在如日本和印度之类有强烈国家认同感的地区,就有必要进行改编和调整。For some time-tested characters, change doesn't come easily. Disney tweaked Mickey into 'Cutie' form but still insists that only Western women can play Cinderella and Snow White at Tokyo and Hong Kong Disneylands. A Disney spokeswoman says, 'These performers bring the animated roles to life and are therefore cast to most closely resemble the on-screen characters. . . . It's about remaining true to the original animated feature.'对于一些已深入人心的角色造型,想改变它并不容易。虽然迪士尼让米老鼠Cutie化,但仍然坚持香港迪士尼乐园中灰姑娘和白雪公主角色必须由西方女性扮演。该公司某位发言人对此解释称,这些角色的扮演者赋予了动画形像以生命,因此必须与屏幕上的形像最为接近......这涉及到忠实于原造型的问题。The family of 'Peanuts' creator Charles M. Schulz, who died in 2000, forbids any changes to his comic strip. 'There is no adapting Peanuts,' says a spokeswoman for ed Media, the New York company that distributes the feature to newspapers around the world.像2000 年逝世的《花生》(Peanuts)漫画作者查尔斯#8226;M#8226;舒兹(Charles M. Schulz)就禁止对他笔下的角色(著名卡通形像史奴比(Snoopy)就是《花生》漫画的主角之一)作任何改动。拥有《花生》漫画造型版权的 ed Media Ltd.发言人表示,不会有改版的《花生》出现Sometimes, though, changes slip in under the radar. The Times of India printed the Peanuts strip with the dog Snoopy painted brown. After The Wall Street Journal asked about that, a ed Media spokeswoman said it was a 'coloring error' that would be corrected. Now, Snoopy is white in the Indian newspaper.有时候,改动是不易察觉的。在《印度时报》(Times of India)上刊登的《花生》漫画中,史奴比就曾经是灰色的。当《华尔街日报》记者就此事询问ed Media发言人时,他称此乃“配色错误”,应该会纠正过来。现在这份印度报纸上的史奴比已恢复成了白色。 /200803/30009

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