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2017年12月18日 18:32:44

The obstacles facing this weekend’s global climate change accord were thrown into relief last night when businesses and government officials played down its impact and US Republicans underlined their opposition.周末达成的全球气候变化协议所面临的障碍昨晚表露无遗,企业和政府官员纷纷淡化其影响,而美国共和党明确反对。The Paris agreement, which requires all countries to regularly publish plans to deal with global warming, was hailed by international leaders as a turning point after more than 20 years of effort to make this century the last to be powered by fossil fuels.巴黎协议要求所有国家定期发布应对全球变暖的计划。该协议被世界领导人誉为一个转折点。此前各方努力了20多年,力求使本世纪成为依靠化石燃料提供能源的最后一个世纪。German chancellor Angela Merkel said the deal was “the first time that the entire world community has obligated itself to act in the battle against global climate change”, while Pope Francis cautioned it would need the “concerted effort and generous dedication”. It was adopted by nearly 200 nations.德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)表示,该协议代表着“整个国际社会首次承担抗击全球气候变化的行动义务”,而教皇方济各(Pope Francis)告诫称,它需要“齐心协力和慷慨奉献”。这份协议已被近200个国家签署。But coal and oil industry executives shrugged off any suggestion the new agreement sealed in Paris on Saturday night would have any immediate impact on their businesses. The goals include driving down carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels as soon as possible to limit global warming to “well below” 2°C from pre-industrial times and perhaps as little as 1.5°C, a target requiring much deeper emissions cuts than most countries are planning.但是,煤炭和石油业高管并不认为上周六晚在巴黎达成的协议会立即对他们的业务产生任何影响。协议中的目标包括,尽快减少源自化石燃料的二氧化碳排放,以求把相对于工业化时代以前的全球升温幅度限制在远低于2摄氏度的水平,或许低至1.5摄氏度,这个目标所要求的减排力度超出多数国家的现有规划。Amber Rudd, the UK energy and climate change secretary, described the 1.5°C goal as merely “aspirational” while defending the UK government’s decision last month to scrap 1bn in funding for carbon capture systems that could hold emissions down. “I don’t think it was a mistake,” she said.英国能源和气候变化大臣安布尔拉德(Amber Rudd)形容1.5摄氏度的升温上限目标只是“理想”而已,她还为英国政府上月决定放弃为碳捕获系统提供10亿英镑资金(此类系统有望减少排放)进行辩护。“我不认为那是一个错误,”她说。Benjamin Sporton, head of the World Coal Association, said he did not see the new agreement spurring a “massive change at the moment” for companies that produce coal because many developing nations plan to keep burning it.世界煤炭协会(World Coal Association)主席本杰明斯伯顿(Benjamin Sporton)表示,他看不出新协议马上就会刺激煤炭生产企业作出“巨大变化”,因为许多发展中国家计划继续燃烧煤炭。He said the pact was likely to force governments to focus more on carbon capture systems because they would be vital for meeting their goals.他说,该协议有可能迫使各国政府更加专注于碳捕获系统,因为它们对于达到减排目标将是至关重要的。The American Petroleum Institute said it was still reviewing the accord, but Amjad Bseisu, chief executive of EnQuest, a UK oil explorer , said the oil industry had more immediate concerns beyond the Paris Agreement.美国石油学会(API)表示,它仍在审议该协议,但英国石油勘探企业EnQuest的首席执行官Amjad Bseisu表示,石油业目前有着比巴黎协议更紧迫的关切。“This is a very slow process. We aly look at our carbon costs, but right now the industry has other challenges [with the falling oil price].”“这是一个非常缓慢的过程。我们已经研究了自己的碳排放成本,但(随着油价下跌)眼下行业还有其他挑战。”In the US, Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate majority leader, questioned the Paris deal, saying that the US portion relied on measures championed by president Barck Obama that were being challenged in the courts.在美国,共和党参议院多数党领袖米奇麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)质疑巴黎协议,称涉及美国的部分依赖于巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)持的措施,而这些措施正在法庭上受到质疑。But World Bank president Jim Yong Kim said the deal was “a game-changer” that should prompt companies to shift to low carbon business opportunities.但世界行长金墉(Jim Yong Kim)表示,该协议是“改变游戏规则的一件事”,应该促使企业转向低碳商机。Still, many scientists questioned the prospect of governments being able to reach either the 2°C or 1.5°C goal in the agreement.话虽如此,对于各国政府能不能达到协议中2摄氏度或1.5摄氏度的升温上限目标,许多科学家表示怀疑。 /201512/416225上饶丰脸多少钱上饶韩美整形美容医院漂唇手术怎么样On Sunday artist Jianguo Xiongdi sent the dust he spent 100 days collecting from the Beijing air to a factory in Tangshan, Hebei Province. Now all he had to do was wait three days for the factory to send him back the dust - in brick form. This is part of what he is calling the Dust Project.周日,艺术者“坚果兄弟”将100天来收集的北京雾霾送往河北唐山的一家制砖厂,只等3天后工厂给他寄回一块板砖。这是他“尘埃计划”的一部分。;The first part of the project was collecting the dust from the air for 100 days. The second part was sending it to the brick factory. For the third part I plan to mix the brick in with ordinary bricks at a construction site. The final step will be watching it disappear into a sea of bricks,; Jianguo Xiongdi told the Global Times. Smiling, he said that he was considering choosing a skyscraper construction site in Beijing#39;s Central Business District.“尘埃计划的第一步是收集100天空气中的灰尘,第二步是把收集到的灰尘送到制砖厂,第三步我打算将这块砖用作建筑工地的材料,和其他砖块一样,最后一步就是看着它融入茫茫砖海。”坚果兄弟笑着向环球时报说到,他还在考虑把这块砖用于北京中央商务区某天大厦中。He first began preparing for this project in 2013, when the strong smog in Beijing started raising public concern. However, the project was postponed for two years, leading to the artist picking it up again this year in order to call more attention to air pollution.他的这个“尘埃计划“始于2013年,当时北京的雾霾天气引起了公众的高度关注。但这一计划推迟了两年,空气污染问题让他在今年重拾该计划,希望以此引起人们对空气污染的更多关注。;Our city has become a jar of cars, a place surrounded by chemical factories and a giant construction sites. The more we chase things, the more resources we need and the more dust we produce. When all the resources on Earth are exhausted someday, we will become the real dust,; Jianguo Xiongdi writes in the introduction to the Dust Project.“我们的城市现在成了一个汽车堵城,一个化工围城,一个建筑工城。我们追求的越多,对资源索取的越多,制造的尘埃也就越多。当地球上的资源消耗殆尽之时,我们就成了真正的微尘”,坚果兄弟在”尘埃计划“的介绍中这样写道。He started collecting the dust on July 24 using an industrial vacuum cleaner with a 0.2 micrometer filter and walking the streets for four hours a day. He said he went out almost every day except for when it rained or snowed. He recorded the entire process on his Sina Weibo account.从7月24日开始,他就开始用过滤精度为0.2微米的工业真空吸尘器吸尘,每天走在街头4小时,每天坚持出去吸尘,除非是下雨下雪天,他把整个吸尘过程发布在微上。;Actually, I only collected about 100 grams of dust. This wasn#39;t enough to make a brick, so I asked the factory to add some clay,; he told the Global Times.“事实上,我收集到的100克尘埃是不够制作板砖的,所以我就让工厂加了些制砖的黏土”,他向环球时报说道。Occasionally working as an advertiser and having held several exhibitions in Shenzhen and Beijing, Jianguo Xiongdi said that while some call him an artist, he thinks of himself as just an unemployed guy who cares about society.坚果兄弟已在深圳和北京举办多次展览,有时也是广告宣传者,坚果兄弟说虽然一些人称他为艺术家,但他觉得自己只是个关心社会的无业者。His first performance art project, A Bookstore Closed Up in 30 Days, was widely reported on by local media in 2011. Later he established a company called Meaningless, which hired people to do meaningless things such as taking selfies while on the toilet or to ride public transportation and prove to other passengers that they were not psychotic.他的第一个艺术项目,2011年的“30天就倒闭书店”项目在当地报导很多,之后他成立了一个叫“无意义”的公司,公司雇佣人们做些毫无意义的事,比如在马桶上自拍、在公交或地铁上向乘客明他们不是神经病等等。The Shenzhen-based artist has come to Beijing quite frequently in recent years. During his 100-days in Beijing this time, he began 11 art projects, including an exhibition called Beijing Heihua which was held at the Arc Space from September 16 to October 25. The exhibition consisted of a room whose walls were covered in white paper. On the paper the artist has written the cell-phone numbers of 1,000 intermediately agents that he had collected online.这位深圳艺术者近些年来往北京较为频繁,这次在北京的100天时间里,他开启了11个艺术项目,其中包括一个名“黑化”的展览,9月16日-25日在北京Arc Space(北京唯一一家深入到大学校园社区中的替代性空间,隐藏在老居民楼里的艺术实验场)举办,展示了一个房间,房间四周墙上贴着白纸,纸上写着他在网上联系过的1000个中介的手机号码。;Many people have been cheated by intermediary agents. So I decided to collect their cell-phone numbers to create an exhibition,; he told the Global Times.“因为很多人都被中介坑过,所以我决定收集他们的手机号办一场展览”,他这样向环球时报说道。 /201512/413605上饶万年县做黑脸娃娃多少钱

武夷山激光治疗红血丝价格上饶韩美医院做祛疤手术多少钱At least eight people were killed and 11 more wounded Wednesday after a suicide bomber exploded his car at a police checkpoint north of Baghdad, Iraqi officials said, just a day after a similar deadly attack took place in the same district.伊拉克官员表示,巴格达以北一个警察检查站星期三发生汽车自杀炸弹袭击,至少8人丧生,11人受伤。一天前,同一地区发生过一起类似袭击事件。The bomber reportedly slammed his car, which was loaded with explosives, into the checkpoint in northeastern al-Rashidiya district, a predominantly Shiite neighborhood. The Islamic State group released a statement shortly after the attack claiming responsibility.据报道,袭击者驾驶装有炸药的汽车在多数居民为什叶派的阿尔什蒂亚区的警察检查站引爆了炸弹。袭击发生后不久,伊斯兰国组织发表声明,表示对这次袭击负责。In the attack Tuesday, at least 12 people were killed after a suicide car bomber blew himself up near a crowded fruit and vegetable market. Police were forced to shut down several major roads around Baghdad as a result of the attack.在星期二的袭击中,汽车自杀炸弹袭击者在人群拥挤的蔬果市场附近引爆炸弹,至少12人丧生。警方被迫关闭了巴格达附近的一些主要公路。IS attacks have occurred with more frequency as of late, which prompted U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter earlier this week to commit 560 more U.S. troops to Iraq to help fight the terrorist group.伊斯兰国组织的袭击行动最近越来越频繁,促使美国国防部长卡特本周早些时候承诺向伊拉克增派560名美军官兵,协助打击伊斯兰国恐怖组织。 /201607/454548上饶市中医医院整形美容Government employees in two Chinese cities can now enjoy 2.5 days#39; weekly leave, twice a month, starting from April 1.中国两座城市的机关事业单位工作人员自4月1日起,每月可以享受两次2.5天的周末。Jinzhong in north China#39;s Shanxi Province and Ji#39;an in east China#39;s Jiangxi Province, are the first in China to adopt a new policy which encourages people to take Friday afternoons off to make a longer weekend.中国北部的山西省晋中市和中国东部的江西省吉安市成为全国第一批采取这一新政策的城市。该新政策鼓励人们每周五下午休息,从而拥有一个较长的周末假期。The change comes after the central government issued a document on promoting tourism, which called on local authorities to allow flexible work schedules to give employees more weekend vacation time.这一转变是在中央政府出台促进旅游业发展的文件后开始的。该文件呼吁当地政府允许弹性工作计划,让员工有更多的周末假期。Giving further details, the National Tourism Administration said the 2.5 days weekly leave policy would not involve a cut in working hours, as time could be made up on other days, guaranteeing a 40-hour working week.国家旅游局进一步解释称,2.5天的休假政策将不会使得工作时间减少,因为其他工作日的时间可以用来弥补并保每周40小时的工作时间。The new policy applies to people working for government departments as well as some public institutions.据悉,这项新政策适用于在政府部门工作的人员,也适用于一些事业单位。The local authorities in Jinzhong and Ji#39;an have promised the new system won#39;t affect the availability of their services for the public on Friday afternoons.晋中和吉安两市的地方政府已经承诺,新政策的实施不会影响到周五下午公众务的可用性。 /201604/435985上饶人民医院脱毛多少钱

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