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重庆宫颈糜烂光波多少钱酉阳土家族苗族自治县生孩子要多少钱Open your mouth as wide as possible until its square. You get a mouth.把你的嘴张得越大越好,直到变成正方形。这就是一个“口”字。This is a person going for a walk. Person.这是一个人正在散步。“人”字。If the shape of the fire is a person with two arms on both sides,“火”字的形状就是一个人在两边有两只胳膊,as if she was yelling frantically, ;Help! Im on fire!;好像她正在大喊大叫:“救命啊!我着火了!”This symbol actually is originally from the shape of the flame,实际上,这符号最初来自于火苗的形状,but I like to think that way. Whichever works for you.但是我喜欢那方法。大家随便选。This is a tree. Tree. This is a mountain.这是一棵树木。“木”。这是一座;山”。The sun. The moon. The symbol of the door looks like a pair of saloon doors in the wild west.“日”。“月”。“門”的符号,就像狂野西部片里轿车上的一对门。I call these eight characters radicals.我称这八个字为基本字,They are the building blocks for you to create lots more characters.它们是一堆组件,以创造出很多其他的字。A person. If someone walks behind, that is ;to follow.;一个“人”。如果另一个人走在后面,意思就是“跟随”。As the old saying goes, two is company, three is a crowd.有句谚语,二人为从,三人为众。If a person stretched their arms wide, this person is saying, ;It was this big.;如果有个人打开双臂,这个人说:“它有这么大。”The person inside the mouth, the person is trapped.把“人”放在“口”里,这个人被困住了。Hes a prisoner, just like Jonah inside the whale.他就变成了“囚”徒,就像约拿被困在鲸鱼肚子里。201703/498153北碚输卵管堵怎么治疗 Experts from across the political spectrum warned that if we did not act, we might face a second depression.不同政治派别的专家对我们提出警告,如果我们不采取行动,我们可能会面临第二次经济大萧条。So we acted—immediately and aggressively.所以我们果断而迅速地采取了行动,一年后的今天,And one year later worst of the storm has passed.最糟糕的暴风雨时期已经过去了。But the devastation remains.然而,灾难性的效应依旧存在。One in 10 Americans still cannot find work.现在仍然有十分之一的美国人找不到工作。Many businesses have shuttered.许多企业歇业,Home values have declined.房屋价格下跌,Small towns and rural communities have been hit especially hard.小城镇和乡村受到的冲击尤其严重。And for those whod aly known poverty, life has become that much harder.对那些本已很贫穷的人来说,生活变得更加艰难。This recession has also compounded the burdens that Americas families have been dealing with for decades 这次经济大萧条使美国家庭几十年来承载的重压进一步加剧。the burden of working harder and longer for less; of being unable to save enough to retire or help kids with college.这种压力就是:即使他们工作更努力、时间更长,也得不到更多的收入,无法存够钱退休或者帮孩子读完大学。So I know the anxieties that are out there right now.我能够理解人们现在的焦虑,Theyre not new.这些问题并不是新的,These struggles are the reason I ran for President.而我就是为了解决这些问题才竞选美国总统。These struggles are what Ive witnessed for years in places like Elkhart, Indiana; Galesburg, Illinois. 这几年,我在印第安纳州的埃尔克哈特和伊利诺伊州的盖尔斯堡亲眼目睹了人们的困境,I hear about them in the letters that I each night.也从每晚阅读他们的信件中了解情况。The toughest to are those written by children—asking why they have to move from their home, 最让人难过的是阅读那些孩子的来信,他们在信中问,为什么他们不得不从家里搬出来,asking when their mom or dad will be able to go back to work.或者他们的爸爸妈妈什么时候才能重新找到工作。For these Americans and so many others, change has not come fast enough.对这些美国公民以及其他像他们一样的人来说,变革的速度似乎还不够快。Some are frustrated; some are angry.对此,有些人感到灰心,还有人感到愤怒。They dont understand why it seems like bad behavior on Wall Street is rewarded, but hard work on Main Street isnt; 他们不能理解,为什么华尔街那些不好的行为好像能受到嘉奖,而普通民众的努力工作却得不到回报;or why Washington has been unable or unwilling to solve any of our problems.为什么政府似乎不能够或不愿意解决人们的问题;Theyre tired of the partisanship and the shouting and the pettiness.他们已经厌烦了党派分歧、叫喊和卑劣的争斗。They know we cant afford it.他们认为我们解决不了这些问题,Not now.至少现在还不能。201612/482674英语日常口语 15:A heart-to-heart本单元是关于心交心谈话。Helen: Hello?Alice: Hi Helen. Helen: What's up Alice?Alice: It's so quiet at work I thought I'd give you a ring. A little bird told me that the landlord is your dad!Helen: How did you find out? Alice: Never mind about that. Why have you been keeping it a secret for so long?Helen: Well because as soon as people know how rich my parents are, they start treating me differently. When you and Tim came to live here I wanted to start afresh so I decided not to tell anyone.Alice: Oh Helen you're such a silly goose! I promise, it won't make any difference to us! So no more secrets OK? Helen: OK then.Vocabulary :to have a heart-to-heart: to have an honest and open conversation about your feelingsto start afresh: to begin again, in a new way a silly goose (informal, affectionate): a foolish person a weird bloke (informal): a strange man本单元的语言点是关于 Such 和 so 的用法,下面是关于这两个词用法的语法和例句Such and So Such and so can be used for emphasis. For example, 'You're such a goose!' means 'You're very much like a goose!' or 'It's so quiet' means 'It's very quiet'. such + adjective + noun He's such a weird bloke.They're such fantastic cooks.They are such a happy couple.She has such lovely kids.so + adjective/adverbShe's so clever. They're so rich.These trains are so slow.He spoke so passionately.You can join two clauses together with such...that and emphasise the noun. Or you can use so...that and emphasise the adverb/adjective. You can also leave out 'that', if you want. so + adjective/adverbIt was such a great party (that) we stayed till 2 in the morning! She's such an all-round athlete (that) I'm not surprised she won the gold. He's so mean (that) he didn't even buy her a birthday present.He works so hard (that) he's bound to be promoted soon.So can also be used to join two clauses or sentences together and it has a similar meaning to 'as a result'. So is more informal than 'as a result'. So - conjunctionIt was raining so we decided to stay at home. He wants to pass his exams so he studies almost every night. /200707/15907不孕不育抗体七项结果

长寿不育检查30. I can't help... 我忍不住······ 用法透视 这个句型的意思是"忍不住,情不自禁,不可避免地",要注意的是"help"后面要跟名词或动名词。 持范例 1. I can't help laughing every time I think of that. 每次一想起那件事,我就会忍不住笑起来。 2. I couldn't help noticing your ring, it's beautiful. 我没法不注意到您的戒指,太漂亮了! 3. I can't help remembering how beautiful she looked. 我无法忘记她有多漂亮。 会话记忆 A: So how long have you known Mary? 那你认识玛丽多久了? B: Only four days. 只四天。 A: Only four days! That's so short, and you seem so crazy about her. 只四天!这么短时间你就对她如此痴迷。 B: I know. I can't help thinking about her. She's always on my mind. 我知道。我无法不想她,她总在我脑海里 /200705/13115重庆市第二人民医院治疗多囊卵巢费用 11.The Business Logic of Sustainability11.为何商业可以做到可持续Hawken fulfilled business and industry, leading humankind away from the abyss. Because with continued unchecked decline of the biosphere, a very dear person is at risk here. Frankly, an unacceptable risk. Who is that person? Not you. Not I. But let me introduce you to the one who is most at risk here. And I myself met this person in the early days of this mountain climb. On a Tuesday morning in March of 1996 I was talking to people, as I did at every opportunity back then. Bringing them along and often not knowing whether I was connecting. But about five days later back in Atlanta, I received an email from Glenn Thomas, one of my people in the California meeting. He was sending me an original poem that he had composed after our Tuesday morning together. And when I it, it was one of the most uplifting moments of my life. Because it told me, by God, one person got it. Here is what Glenn wrote. And here is that person, most at risk. Please meet ;Tomorrows Child;.给业界老大带来冲击,也有望带领人类走出深渊,因为我们过去长期地从生物界掠夺,已经有人在遭受危险了,并且是不可接受的危险。那个人是谁?不是你。也不是我。让我告诉你谁是最大的受害者吧。我在攀登这一高峰的早期就遇到了这个人。1996年3月一个星期二的早晨,我和人们交谈,那时候我经常这么傲。我会把我的想法告诉他们,那时候也不知道自己是在创建新的联系。回到亚特兰大后的第五天我收到了来自葛莱·托马斯的电子邮件,在加州的一次会上见过他。他给我友来了自己写的一首诗,那是他在周二见面之后写的。我读完那首诗,顿时感觉那是我一生中难得的喜悦一刻。那首诗告诉我,有人体会到这个道理了。这就是Glenn所写的内容“他就是那个正在面临最大危险的人,请读《明日的孩子》”。;Without a name, an unseen face, and knowing not your time or place, Tomorrows child, though yet unborn, I met you first last Tuesday morn.“没有名字、没有面孔、不知哪里出生、不知何日降临·明日的孩子,虽然尚未降生,上个周二的早晨,我遇到了你。A wise friend introduced us two. And through his sobering point of view I saw a day that you would see, a day for you but not for me.智者为我们引荐了对方,透过他那沉重的观点,我看到了你也能看到的一天,那属于你,不属于我。Knowing you has changed my thinking. For I never had an inkling that perhaps the things I do might someday, somehow threaten you.因为你改变了我的思考,我从没有想到我所做的,也许有一天,会伤害你。Tomorrows child, my daughter, son, Im afraid Ive just begun to think of you and of your good, though always having known I should.明日的孩子,我的女儿,我的儿子,我这才开始想到你,以及你该享有的好生活。虽然我知道,我更早就该开始想。Begin, I will.我会开始。The way the cost of what I squander, what is lost, if ever I forget that you wiU someday come and live here too.;我总是在想,我所浪费的、我所丢失的,我却忘记了有一天,你也会降生,也会生活在这里。”201705/508336重庆爱德华综合医院人工流产多少钱

巴南输输卵管照影通畅VOA流行美语 82: BAIL / CALL IT QUITS今天Michael和Li Hua在一起做功课。Li Hua会学到两个常用语:bail和call it quits。M: Agghh! Come on, Li Hua. We've been studying for five hours. I'm y to bail!L: 是啊,我们做了5个小时的功课,我也想干点儿别的了。可是Michael, 你说你准备做什么?You're y to bail。bail, 那是一种游戏吗?M: No, silly. I said "I'm y to bail". "To bail" as in "to leave".L: 噢,To bail在这里是"离开"的意思。可是明天就要考试了,我们还没复习完呢!M: Please, Li Hua. I aly know the material. I'm y for tomorrow's test. Let's bail and get something to eat!L: 好吧,我肚子也饿了,Let's bail and get something to eat! Michael, 你对明天的考试这么有把握,你是不是昨天晚上就开始复习啦?M: Not really. I went to a movie with some friends last night. After the movie, they wanted to go to a dance club, but I bailed on them and went home to get some sleep.L: 噢,你昨天晚上和朋友去看电影,然后你的朋友们去跳舞,可是you bailed on them, 意思就是你没和他们一起去,对不对?M: That's right. I bailed on my friends and went home.L: 噢,那Michael, 除了可以说bail on someone, 还可不可以说bail on something呢?M: Of course! For instance, last week I had a dentist appointment, so I had to bail on history class.L: 对啊,上星期,你因为要去看牙,所以没有上历史课,You bailed on history class.M: Come on, Li Hua. I'm starving. Let's bail and get something to eat!(Door open and the two leave...)******M: (in restaurant) By the way, Li Hua, I heard that Jack isn't going to be in school next term. Is he really calling it quits?L: 什么?Jack下学期就不来上学啦?你说他calling it quits, quit 不就是"放弃"的意思吗?你是说Jack下学期就要退学啦?M: Ya, that's right. "To call it quits" means to quit doing something. I heard that Jack is calling it quits.L: 噢,to call it quits意思就是"停止做某件事",可是,我听说Jack只不过是想先打半年工,多挣点钱,明年他还会回来继续上学,He's not really calling it quits.M: That's good to hear.L: Michael, 那这个to call it quits还可以用在别的地方吗?M: Sometimes "to call it quits" means to break up a relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend.L: 噢,原来to call it quits还可以用来表示男女朋友分手,这就让我想到啦,不久前好莱坞电影明星Ben Afleck和Jennifer Lopez, 他们俩本来都订婚了,可是后来又推迟了婚礼,大家就觉得很奇怪啊:Are Ben and J-Lo calling it quits?M: (sighs) I can't stand those two. I hope that this time they are calling it quits for real, so I never have to hear about them again.L: 你倒希望他们俩真分手,这样你再也不会听到他们的消息啦。嗨,Michael你也真是的,他们写他们的,你不看不就得了。你不是老说功课太多吗?对了,你还说选修的阿拉伯语课太难 - Are you going to call it quits?M: No, I'm not going to call it quits! I am going to finish it.L: 哇,从来没见过你这么大的决心呐!我还记得你学中文的时候有好几次都想call it quits呢!M: Whatever.今天李华学到了两个常用语,一个是bail, 表示"离开"。另一个是call it quits, 意思是"停止做某件事"。 /200602/3157 VOA流行美语 19: neat; sharp[流行美语]时间又到了。Michael和李华都在纽约上大学。Michael对纽约很熟,因此经常带李华到一些著名的地方去参观。今天他俩要去纽约的大都会艺术物馆去听讲演。李华将学到两个常用语:neat和sharp。L: Michael,我能够把你拽着一起去听这个演讲,真不容易。今天讲 话的这个人在数学和艺术方面都有士学位。他讲话的题目就 是:数学和艺术的关系。M: I'm sure the lecture will be really neat.L: 什么? Neat? 那不是整齐,乾净的意思吗?M: No. Neat, it's a word used here to describe something that is good.L: 噢,neat在这里是指某样东西很好,那你为什么不直接说好,而 非要说neat呢?M: Neat is very conversational.L: Neat这个词很口语化!那是不是任何时候我要说什么东西好都可以 用neat这个词呐?M: Neat can be used to describe an idea, a concept.L: Neat可以用来指一个好的主意,好的概念。今天讲演的内容就是 数学和艺术的会合。这是一个很好的概念。M: Well, Li Hua, you find the concept interesting, right?L: 对,我觉得这个概念很有意思。M: Well, if it holds your interest and you like the idea, then you can call it neat.L: 噢,只要我有兴趣,觉得是个好主意,我就可以说: That's neat!M: You're right.L: 如果我跟一些朋友出去玩,有人建议去喝茶,聊天。要是我觉得 很好的话,我也可以说:That's a neat idea.M: Certainly. Hey, we are running pretty late. Let's hurry up.L: 哟,对了,太晚了。赶快走吧!L: 我觉得他讲得真好。我从来没有想到数学和艺术有那么多关系。 他讲得很清楚。现在我对这个题目懂了好多。M: Yeah, I really agree. The speaker was really intelligent, you could say he is sharp.L: Sharp,不是指一把刀快不快的意思吗? 那天有 个人说我很sharp, 当时我也不懂他是什么意思。那么说,他是在说我好咯!M: Absolutely!Sharp is an adjective that can be used to describe a person who is really smart.L: 你是说,sharp这个词可以用来形容一个非常聪明的人,也就是 脑子很敏锐的人。那我们的朋友王涛总是得到好分数,我可以 说:He's very sharp。M: He certainly is.L: 那这个词sharp是不是跟形容刀快不快的sharp是同一个字呢?M: Same word.L: 你能不能用sharp这个词来指一本很好的书?M: No, it is not used to describe things, only people. You could not call my apartment sharp.L: 噢,sharp用在这个意思的时候只能形容人,不能指东西。我还不 能说你的宿舍很sharp。 Michael,你那宿舍乱得象猪窝,怎么打扫 也称不上sharp了。M: I know. My mother said the same thing.L: 你看,我没说错吧!连你妈都这么说。不过,Michael,尽管我老 是跟你开玩笑,我倒觉得你很sharp,脑子很清楚,很快。M: Thanks, Li Hua. I think you're very sharp too.今天李华在跟Michael的谈话中学到了两个常用语, 一个是neat,意思是很好的主意,很好的计划;另一个是 sharp,意思是一个人脑子很聪明。这次[流行美语]就到此结束,谢谢大家和我们一起学习,下次节目再见。 /200601/3090重医大附一院在线咨询重庆市中医院治疗输卵管堵塞



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