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綦江大足区宫颈糜烂多少钱重庆看妇科正规的医院高考就快来临了,阿美在准备做最后的冲刺。这不,下课了她还在复习。好朋友古奇劝她早点休息,结果怎样呢?Listen Read Learn Gucci: I've almost finished today's task. I gotta go home and have a good sleep. Oh, I haven't got enough sleep since the beginning of this semester.May: Me too. The college entrance exam is coming. We gotta work harder than ever before, if we want to pass.Gucci: I don't care about the exam. Are you leaving?May:No, I gotta stay for a few minutes.Gucci: But it's getting late. The last bus leaves at 9.m. You will miss it if you don't go now.May: It's alright. My father is coming to pick me up. I have to memorize these math formulas.Gucci: Your father has been picking you up everyday since the beginning of this semester, right?May: Yeah, and my mother takes good care of my daily life, making sure that I eat well and sleep well. My parents have really done a lot for my success in the college entrance exam.Gucci: What university do you want to go to anyway?May: I want to go to Tsinghua, It's one of the best universities in China. But it's very hard to get in.Gucci: I believe you can get in! You are so excellent! And your whole families are working together to support you.May: Gucci, you don't understand. It's just their hope and support that gives me the pressure. Sometimes I do feel tired and hope they could leave me alone. What if I fail?Gucci: Don't be silly. You put too much pressure on yourself. Look, you have big dark pouches.May: Oh, my gosh! Does it look serious? I didn't sleep until one o'clock last night.Gucci: What were you doing up so late at night? Sleep-walking?May: No, I was studying. I always go to bed after one o'clock recently.Gucci: May, you are burning yourself out. You really need to relax. Don't give yourself too much pressure. I gotta run or I will miss the bus. Bye!May: Thank you, Gucci. I will. Bye.听看学古奇: 今天的任务差不多完成了。我得回家好好睡一觉。自从这个学期开始,我就没有好好睡过觉。阿美: 我也是。高考马上就要到了,如果我们想通过的话,我们就必须比平时更加努力。古奇: 我不在乎这个考试。你现在走吗?阿美: 不,我还得等几分钟。古奇: 可是很晚了,末班车晚上9点发车。你现在不走的话,就会错过末班车。阿美: 没关系,爸爸会来接我的。我得把这些数学公式背下来。古奇: 你爸爸是不是从这学期一开始就每天晚上来接你?阿美: 是的,我妈妈就负责照顾好我的日常生活,确保我吃得好,睡得好。他们为我能够在高考中取得成功付出了很多。古奇: 你想去哪所大学?阿美: 我想去全国最好的大学清华大学,但是很难考上。古奇: 我相信你能考上。你这么优秀。还有你们全家都在跟你一起并肩作战。阿美: 古奇,你不明白。正是他们的希望和持给了我压力。有时候,我感到非常疲倦,只想自己一个人好好静静。如果我考砸了怎么办啊?古奇: 别说傻话了。你给自己太多的压力了。看你的黑眼圈。阿美: 噢,天呐!看起来很明显吗?昨天晚上我到1点钟才睡。古奇: 那么晚才睡,你都干嘛了?梦游?阿美: 没有,我在学习。最近我总是1点钟以后才睡觉。古奇: 阿美,你太累了。你需要好好放松。不要给自己太多的压力。我得走了,不然我就赶不上末班车了。再见。阿美: 谢谢你,古奇,我会的。再见。 /200807/43966重庆妇幼保健院不孕不育在线咨询 T:hi, darling! I have a one-month vacation saved up. How about a trip to Europe?C:I could go for that. But I'm afraid our budget is a little tight this year.T:oh, but I really need to leave this town for a change. Working day after day has worn me out. Do you have any other suggestions?C:we should probably think about going somewhere that isn't too far away. How about the countryside? There must be many interesting places, and we could enjoy the fresh air and the delicious local specialties.T:wonderful! I think that's a great idea. How soon until we can make this happen? I can't wait!C: tomorrow I have an appointment with my dentist. What about next Monday?T: perfect. I'll start preparing tomorrow. If we're going to drive, I'll need to fill up the tank.C: no need. I think it's still plenty full. Even so, I'd rather travel by bus or train. It would cost much less than driving. Oil prices are soaring nowadays, you know.T: we can take the train, that will be faster. I'll book the tickets tomorrow morning.C: great! Oh, one more thing, don't forget to check the weather before we go. I'd hate to get caught in the rain.T: no problem. I'm really looking forward to the coming week.C: Me, too. Now let's make a list for what we need to take with us. /09/83864英语节奏训练教程(32) 暂无文本简介:英语节奏训练教程由上海外语出版社针对有所有学生英语发音录制的教程,使你循序渐进的掌握英语发朗读和发音 /200805/37983重庆大坪医院治疗不孕不育好吗

重庆市妇幼保健院检查输卵管2、spring chicken少女   原意“童子鸡,不超过10个月的肉嫩的笋鸡”。这一表达来源已久:在古时候由于孵化技术上的原因,不到春天就很难得到这样的鸡,后转义为“少女”。Mrs. Gray may not be a granny, but she';s certainly no spring chicken.格雷夫人也许还不算老太太,但是她的年纪肯定不小啦。有时可直接用chick表示“小女孩儿”。That chick';s a real tiger. She scratched my face when I talked back.那小娘儿们可真是个母老虎。当我还嘴时,她竟然抓破了我的脸。 /09/83403重庆妇幼保健医院多囊卵巢治疗 “动坏脑筋”在英语口语里能怎么说?蹩脚口语:bad地道口语:up to no good【影视实例】素材来源:奥斯卡一堆提名《虐童疑云》 剧情简介:好心但严苛的修女Aloysius Beauvier一直怀疑Brendan Flynn神父对学校里的小男生意图不轨,她教育天真好脾气的詹姆斯修女说对学生一定要严格要求不容姑息……【台词片段】Sister Aloysius Beauvier: You should frame something. Put it up on the blackboard. Put the pope up.Sister James: That's the wrong pope. He's deceased.Sister Aloysius Beauvier: I don't care what pope it is. Use the glass to see behind you. Children should think you have eyes in the back of your head.Sister James: Wouldn't that be a little frightening?Sister Aloysius Beauvier: Only to the ones who are up to no good.【台词翻译】比佛尔修女:你应该挂个画框在这儿。就挂黑板上。把教皇像挂上。詹姆斯修女:不是这位教皇。他已经过世了。比佛尔修女:我无所谓是哪个教皇,只要用上面的玻璃偷看你身后孩子们的表现就行了。他们会以为你后脑勺上长了眼睛。詹姆斯修女:那不是怪吓人的么?詹姆斯修女:就吓那些动坏脑筋的小孩。 【口语讲解】up to no good这是一个非正式的口语,up to的意思大家都认识吧?就是“意图、计划”,那么意图不好的事情那表示“不怀好意,动坏脑筋”咯。如果你熟悉《哈利·波特》的话你一定记得这句:“I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good.”活点地图的咒语嘛。 /07/77960梁平城口丰都县怀孕检测多少钱

重医附二院妇科炎症注:第二句为正确说法这个价格对我挺合适的.The price is very suitable for me. The price is right. Note:suitable(合适的,相配的)最常见的用法是以否定的形式出现在告示或通知上,如:下列节目儿童不宜.The following programme is not suitable for children在这组句子中用后面的说法会更合适. /10/86616 432. 天然纤维所做的衣比之人工料子所做的衣有很大的优点。 [误] Clothing made of natural fibres has a great advantage on that made of artificial material. [正] Clothing made of natural fibres has a great advantage over that made of artificial material.注:have an advantage over sb./sth.(对某人/某物占有优势)是固定词组,其中over 不能用于其他介词取代。advantage 在这里是可数名词,必要时可用复数”值得注意的是,have the advantage 这一说法须后接of ,说明advantage 的内容。另外,takeadvantage of sb./sth.意为“利用某人/某物”,这时advantage 之前没有冠词。 /06/74604重庆爱德华医院人流手术多少钱重庆省妇幼保健院四维彩超价格



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