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重庆市第三军医大学大坪医院治疗输卵管堵塞重庆爱德华医院输卵管结扎复通A drunk醉汉A police officer pulls over a guy who has been weaving in and out of the lanes.有一位警官把一个在车道上穿进穿出,迂回蛇行的男子拦到路边。He goes up to the guy#39;s window and says ;Sir,I need you to blow into this breathalyzer tube.;他走到这名男子的车窗旁边说:“先生,我要你对着这个酒精测试管吹一口气。”The man says,;Sorry officer I can#39;t do that.I am an asthmatic.If I do that I#39;ll have a really bad asthma attack.;这名男子说:“对不起呀,警官,我不能吹呀。我是个气喘病患者呀。如果我吹的话,我就会真的患很严重的气喘病。”;Ok,fine.I need you to come down to the station to give a blood sample.;“ 好, 好。我要你到警察局进行血液检验。”;I can#39;t do that either.I am a hemophiliac.If I do that,I#39;ll bleed to death.;“我也能抽血检验呀。我是个血友病患呀。如果我抽血检验,我就会流血过多而死呀。”;Well ,then we need a urine sample.;“嗯,那我们就要你进行尿液检验吧。”;I am sorry officer I can#39;t do that either.I am also a diabetic.If I do that I#39;ll get really low blood sugar.;“对不起呀 ,警官,我也不能验尿呀。我也是一个糖尿病患者呀。如果我验尿的话,我的血糖就真的会变得很低。”;Alright then I need you to come out here and walk this white line.;“好吧,那我要你出来到这边,走这条白线。”;I can#39;t do that,officer.;“警官,我办不到呀。”;Why not? ;“为什么办不到?”;Because I am too drunk to do that.;“因为我喝得太醉了,所以不能那么做呀。” /201504/361484合川永川区处女膜修复手术哪家医院最好的 America has the bald eagle, France the Gallic rooster and India the peacock. That Britain, a nation of animal lovers, does not have a bird to call its own, has spurned ornithologist David Lindo to action with a campaign to find our national bird.美国有秃鹰,法国有高卢雄鸡,印度有孔雀。而英国,作为一个满是动物爱好者的国家,却没有自己的国鸟,因此鸟类学家大卫·林多发起了国鸟选拔运动。He said: ;I want to encourage the great British public to vote for the bird that best represents all that is great about this nation.;他表示:“我想鼓励英国民众投票选出最能彰显英国伟大之处的鸟类。”More than 70,000 people voted in the first round to whittle it down to a shortlist of 10 and members of the public now have six weeks to choose which British bird they would like to see represent the country, he said。他说,超过7万民众参与了第一轮投票,海选过后得出十个最终候选鸟,在接下来的六周里,民众就要选出哪种鸟最能代表英国。The 10 most popular birds which have been voted for the by the public are the robin, kingfisher, barn owl, blue tit, wren, blackbird, puffin, mute swan, red kite and hen harrier。由民众投票选出的10个最终候选鸟分别是:知更鸟,翠鸟,仓鸮,蓝冠山雀,鹪鹩,画眉,海鹦,疣鼻天鹅,赤鸢和白尾鹞。Mr Lindo said: ;Along with the expected contenders - the friendly robin, charismatic puffin and elegant swan - there is one major surprise, the hen harrier, one of England#39;s rarest breeding birds。林多先生指出:“除了预料之中的竞争者——友好亲切的知更鸟,富有魅力的海鹦,高贵优雅的天鹅之外,意外上榜的还有英国最稀有的鸟类之一,白尾鹞。”;Down to just one breeding pair a couple of years ago, it may aly be extinct. Could the majestic hen harrier knock the hot favourite robin off its perch?;“数年前白尾鹞仅剩一对繁育后代,几近灭绝。庄重威严的白尾鹞能否一举将最受喜爱的知更鸟击落高位?”Although Mr Lindo says he is supposed to remain impartial he claims his vote would go to the blackbird whose birdsong reminds him of growing up and ;lazy, hazy sunny days;。林多先生说他虽然应该保持公正,但他自己将投票给画眉,因为画眉的叫声让他想起了自己成长的岁月和那些“懒洋洋,雾蒙蒙,天晴晴的日子”。The final round of voting forBritain#39;s National Bird Campaign closes on May 7, the day of the general election。英国国鸟竞选的最后一轮投票截止于5月7日,也是大选当天。Mr Lindo said he will be speaking to the Government once the public has voted to see if the winner can officially be made Britain#39;s national bird。林多先生称届时他将与政府协商被选出的冠军是否能够正式成为英国国鸟。 /201503/365005重庆第一医院处女膜修复多少钱

重庆最好的妇科检查医院What is the most disturbing truth about life?人生最令人不安的真相是什么?I would like to answer this with a e,我想引用一句话回复你:;Everyone in this world is self-centered. It’s just the radius that makes the difference.;在这个世界上,每个人都是以自我为中心的,只是每个人的半径有所不同。Success hugs you in private but failure slaps you in public.成功都是悄悄接近你的,但是失败却是当众打你脸的。We all had that one close person in our lives, who is now a stranger.我们生命都有过那个ta,曾经形容不离,后来形同陌路。During the course of your life, you will have to stop, and let some people off, no matter how close they are.在生命的慢慢长路上,你都有必须停下来的时候,让他人离开你,无论他们同你多么亲近。And someday while ing something like this, you will look back and count.而某一天,当你读到这类文字的时候,你会回头看看,然后回忆,回忆,回忆。Most people in life have to spend years relearning the exact same lessons that the previous generation have aly learned.生活中太多人,必须耗费多年重学前人已经学会的东西。Your looks matter!!你的长相至关重要!!You will always be judged first on the basis of your appearance before anything else.你总是会被第一眼以貌取人。;Happiness is your biggest enemy. It weakens you. Puts doubts in your mind. Suddenly you have something to lose.;- Niki Lauda, Rush(2013)“幸福是最大的敌人,它让你软弱,让你心生怀疑。突然间你就有了放不下的事。”尼基·劳达《极速风流》(2013)Friends come and go, but enemies remain and build up.友人来来去去,但敌人越积多。85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge.你在财政上的成功85%取决于你的个性、你交际、商谈和领导的能力。令人震惊的是,只有15%取决于你的专业知识。Nothing really matters.没有什么是至关重要的。In the grand scheme of things, you, your legacy, your existence, your contribution to the world.. doesn#39;t matter how great it is..从事物的宏观角度出发,你、你的遗产、你的存在、你对世界的贡献无论多么伟大,都不值一提。Time will destroy everything.时间会摧毁一切。1.No one apart from your parents gives a crap about you.除了你的父母别人都会嫌弃你。Your friends want you to be successful but not more successful than them.你的朋友希望你很成功——但是不要比他们成功。Your friends want you to be happy but not happier than them.你的朋友希望你过得开心——但是不要比他们开心。2.Beauty shouldn#39;t matter but it does. You are bound to get a lot of favors if you are beautiful.美貌不应该至关重要,但是它确实是。如果你天生丽质,那你一定备受追捧。3. You will lose that one friend who you thought would be with you till the end of eternity itself.你会失去一个朋友——一个你认为誓死都会陪伴在你身边的朋友。4. In the end you are all alone. Learn to face it.直到世界终结,你都将与孤独为伴。学着去面对它吧。 /201504/369043重庆市第一人民医院专家咨询 For years, Google CEO Larry Page had dreamed about a tantalizing possibility: using balloons, rather than satellites, for communications.多年来,谷歌公司(Google)首席执行官拉里o佩奇一直怀揣着一个美妙的梦想,那就是用气球代替卫星进行通讯。There were plenty of reasons why the idea was interesting. Satellites take years to build and cost millions of dollars to build and launch. For someone used to releasing products in “beta,” and perfecting them through rapid iteration, this was a huge barrier to innovation. “You’re pretty averse in your development of these things,” Page said during a recent interview. What’s more, the cost and time involved in a launch often led to technology lock-in—if something you’ve invested millions in works, you’re going to stick with it rather than trying to perfect it and risk a setback.这个想法很有意思,原因是多方面的。制造并发射一颗卫星需要几年时间,还要耗费数百万美元资金。对习惯于发布“测试版”产品并通过快速迭代来予以完善的人来说,这是一个巨大的创新障碍。佩奇最近接受采访时说:“在开发这些东西时会遇到相当大的抵触。”此外,为推出新产品而投入的成本和时间经常会产生技术锁定效应——如果你为某项工作投入了几百万美元,你就会坚持使用其中的技术,而不会冒着受挫的风险来设法完善它。Balloons offered an alternative. What if you could launch a balloon, test it, bring it down, learn something, and repeat, all in the course of a day? Then, you could go back and do it all over the next day. “It’s a natural question to ask,” Page said.气球提供了另一种通讯方式。假如能在一天内完成放出气球、测试、回收、吸取经验教训、然后再来一遍的过程,会怎么样呢?而且,第二天还可以追溯、重复这个过程。佩奇说:“人们自然会问这样的问题。”It was also a crazy enough idea that no one was working on it. To Page, that was a classic “zero million dollar” research problem. “You find no one working on it,” he said. “And you know that zero million dollars are going into that problem.”同时,这个想法很疯狂,还没有人付诸实施。对佩奇来说,这是一个经典的“零起步百万美元”研究课题。他指出:“你会发现没有人开展这项工作,你也知道还没有人为此投入资金。”Many of Google’s moonshots—self driving cars, high-altitude wind turbines, and most recently ingestible nano-particles for early detection of cancer—started as zero million dollar problems. And as no one was working on them, Google was able to attract some of the top people in field, which Page says gives the company a huge advantage.谷歌许多“探月计划”都从这些起步为零的百万美元课题开始,比如无人驾驶汽车和高海拔风力发电机,以及最近用于检测早期癌症的可用纳米技术微粒。同时,由于还没有人从事这些研究,谷歌得以把这些领域的一些顶尖人才招至麾下。佩奇说这给谷歌带来了巨大的优势。But not every crazy idea is worth pursuing. So how do you sort the crazy-but-possible ideas from the plain crazy ones? Page said Google takes a methodical and gradual approach.但并非每个疯狂的想法都值得实施。那么,如何区分那些疯狂但有可能的想法与纯粹的狂想呢?佩奇表示,谷歌采用一个系统性的渐进方式。A big question with balloons was whether they could stay up long enough—weeks or months on end—on a regular basis to be useful for communications. Ballooning experts believed it was impossible.通讯气球的一大问题是悬浮时间是否足够长。要用于通讯的话,通常情况下气球需在空中停留几个星期,甚至几个月。气球专家认为这绝不可能。Page took to Google, of course, to search and search and search. “Eventually I found this balloon image from 1960 that had gone around the Earth like five times,” he said. “If somebody in 1960 can do that, we can do that. We have better materials.”当然,佩奇在谷歌上进行了反反复复的搜索:“最终我找到了这幅1960年的气球图片,它曾绕着地球飞行了大概五次。如果1960年的人能做到这一点,我们也能做到。我们有更好的材料。”Today, Project Loon, which the company’s moonshot lab, Google X, unveiled last year, is testing a fleet of balloons that are routinely staying up in the air for 100 days at a time. They’ve covered more than 3 million kilometers, or about 2 million miles. In tests with telecommunications companies in Australia, New Zealand and Chile, they’re delivering speeds of 10 megabits per second to rural areas.如今,Project Loon正在对一批气球进行测试——谷歌的“探月”实验室Google X去年披露了这个项目。测试气球通常每次都能在空中停留100天,其累计漂浮的距离已超过300万公里。与澳大利亚、新西兰和智利电信公司联合开展的测试表明,这些气球能为农村地区提供10MB/秒的通讯带宽。Page’s idea is no longer a zero million dollar problem. Google has invested millions in the projects, hired top scientists and conducted hundreds of tests in different environments. But at the genesis of this, and several other moonshots, there were some key ingredients: Page’s natural curiosity and his impulse for self-directed learning, which he traces to his education in a Montessori school.佩奇的想法再已不再是零起步百万美元课题。谷歌已经为这些项目投入了数百万美元,聘请了顶尖科研人员,并在不同环境下进行了几百次测试。究其根源,这些“探月”项目源于两个关键因素:佩奇天生的好奇心和他进行自主学习的冲劲。佩奇说这种冲劲源于自己在蒙特梭利学校(Montessori school)接受的教育。“How do you play detective a little bit and then how do you convert that into things that can transform how a billion people can get their connectivity,” he said. “That’s the exciting part.”他说:“如何稍稍进行一些探究,然后如何把结果转化成可以改变10亿人通讯方式的产品,这是最激动人心的部分。”Exciting. And fairly straightforward—at least if you’re the world’s most ambitious CEO. “You see some evidence that it’s possible and you try to figure things out,” Page said. “And you say, well, maybe that’s the question we should be asking.”激动人心。这样的说法很是直截了当——至少对世界上最有胆识的首席执行官来说是这样。佩奇表示:“当你看到一些明某件事可行的据时,你就得尽力把事情弄清楚。你会说,也许这就是我们该问的问题。” /201411/343190重庆哪个医院做人流手术比较好

重庆正规医院做人流多少钱A marathon in the midnight sunshine午夜日光下的马拉松A look of horror comes across friends’ faces when I tell them the grand plan for my second marathon. Fired up with enthusiasm after triumphantly collapsing over the Virgin London Marathon finish line in April, I was determined not to kick my running shoes off and leave them gathering dust for the rest of eternity, so signed up for another one happening two months later. In the Arctic.当我对朋友们谈到第二个宏伟的马拉松计划时,便看到了他们脸上恐惧的神情。在我得意洋洋地倒向四月伦敦处女马拉松终点线之后,从便满怀,因此也决定注册参加两月后在北极的另一场马拉松,而不是将跑鞋丢弃一边,放任它永久的埋上尘土。Now, firstly, I should make it clear that I’m not a natural runner. While I feel like a gazelle sprinting gracefully through the streets of London, when I catch my reflection I am hunched like Quasimodo, dragging my feet through puddles and panting a lot.现在,首先,我要清楚地指出,我并不是一名天生的赛跑运动员。我感觉自己像是羚羊一样地穿过伦敦的街道,当我看见我的倒影时,感觉自己就像是卡西莫多,拖着脚步气喘吁吁地穿过水坑。But what I lack in grace and ability I more than make up for in enthusiasm and nervous energy, which is what I was hoping would pull me through as I stepped off the plane in the Norwegian city of Troms#248; two weeks ago for their annual Midnight Sun Marathon.而我却愿意用满怀的和集中的精力弥补我所缺少的天赋和能力,这也是我在两个星期之前所希望的,当我在挪威城特罗姆瑟下飞机,参加每年的午夜太阳马拉松时,能够帮助我通过的地方。It’s the middle of the night. The sun is shining. There are more than 4,000 runners from 56 countries – 300 from the UK, but others from as far afield as New Zealand, Brazil and China – signed up for either a 10K, a half marathon, or the full 26.2 miles, and making a Lycra-clad invasion on the city whose position 200 miles north of the Arctic circle means the sun doesn’t set for a nine-week stretch during the summer.午夜时分,日光烂漫。这里有来自56个国家的4000多名跑步爱好者,其中300名来自英国,其他的分别来自新西兰,巴西和中国。他们这些人要么是报名参加一个10000米,半个马拉松,要么是参加26.2英里,使得莱卡入侵城市,这些城市在200英里以北的北极圈境内,在夏日期间太阳将直射长达九周。Most of the city is located on the island of Troms#248;ya, surrounded by calm waters and spectacularly rugged snow-topped mountains, which – thankfully – we’ll be avoiding by following a route that sticks close to the water. But the scenery and terrain is aly marking out Troms#248; as something of a sports haven, with the Polar Night Half Marathon being held in January and the Sky Race Ultra Marathon in August.大多数的城市位于特罗姆瑟雅岛境内,四周环绕着平静的水域和巍峨险峻白雪皑皑的山脉,谢天谢地的是,我们会在一条靠近水面的路线上躲避。但风景和地形也同时凸显出特罗姆瑟作为一处体育圣地,正如一月份举行的极地夜半马拉松和八月份的天空跑马拉松。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201507/385532 People younger than 25 are more than four times as likely as older people to use a cellphone while driving, a new study reports, and a driver talking on a phone is about 63 percent more likely to be a woman than a man.一项新研究报告,25岁以下的年轻人在驾驶时使用手机的可能性是较年长者的4倍还多,而且,女性在驾驶时打电话的可能性比男性高63%。Researchers in Texas estimated driver age and recorded driver and passenger characteristics and cellphone use for 1,280 drivers as they stopped at busy intersections near medical centers in Houston, Dallas, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio and Brownsville. The study, in Preventive Medicine Reports, gathered data from 2011 to 2013.得克萨斯的研究人员分别对在美国休斯敦、达拉斯、奥斯汀、埃尔帕索、圣安东尼奥和布朗斯维尔等市的医疗中心附近繁忙的十字路口处停车的1280名司机的年龄进行了估计,并记录了司机和乘客的特征和使用手机的情况。该研究发表在《预防医学报告》杂志(Preventive Medicine Reports)上,其中收集了2011年至2013年的数据。During that time, the percentage of drivers talking on the phone decreased, to 16.4 percent from 20.5 percent. But texting increased, to 8.4 percent from 6.4 percent.在此期间,司机打电话的比例从20.5%下降到了16.4%。但发短信的比例从6.4%增加到了8.4%。Lone drivers were more than four times as likely to be talking on the phone as drivers carrying passengers, and women were more than twice as likely to be texting as men.司机独自驾车时打电话的可能性是搭载乘客时的4倍以上,而女性发短信的可能性是男性的两倍多。“Areas of high-density car and pedestrian traffic really need to be considered for prohibition,” said the lead author, R. Sue Day, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health. “And it may be helpful to concentrate future interventions on females and younger drivers.”“在交通繁忙,车辆和行人流量较大的地方确实需要考虑禁止(司机使用手机),”该研究的主要作者,得克萨斯大学休斯顿公共卫生学院健康科学中心(University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health)的流行病学副教授R·休·戴(R. Sue Day)说。“而且,将未来干预的重点放在女性和年轻司机身上可能会更有帮助。”Texas has no statewide laws prohibiting driving while using a cellphone.得克萨斯州的法律并未禁止在驾驶时使用手机。 /201505/373178重庆市爱德华治疗盆腔炎多少钱重庆医科大学附属口腔医院妇科人流




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