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Katherine can memorize a deck of cards.凯瑟琳可以记住一套牌。So were shuffling them right now, okay?现在,我们将牌打乱。Shes never had this deck before, nor have I. So were going to have to have perfect silence.我和她都没有碰过这套牌。现在,请绝对安静。You want me to just hand you the deck? Yep.你让我把牌现在交给你吗?是的。All right, here we go. So were going to do this.好了,开始吧。接下来是Im going to deal to these three kids seven cards apiece, going this way first.我们给这三个孩子每人7张牌,从这边开始。Now, everyone has cards.现在,所有人都有了。This is the remaining deck. It will sit here untouched.这是剩下的牌。放在这里不动。How many aces have been distributed?我分了几张“尖儿”?One. Who has them? Elenna.一张。在谁那里?埃琳娜。Which one is the ace? The very left one. Ace of spades. Ha!哪张是?最左边的。黑桃“尖儿”。天啊!Okay. Steve Harvey, point to any card on the table and Katherine will identify.史蒂夫,随意指出桌子上的一张牌,凯瑟琳要说出它是什么。Ten of spades? Flip that over. Yes. Yes. Oh, yes. Thank you, Lord.黑桃十?翻过来。天啊,天啊,上帝啊。What was the first card that each player got?他们三个人手里的第一张牌是什么?So, Elenna got seven of spades. Seven of spades, come on, girl.埃琳娜是黑桃七,黑桃七对了。He got two of spades. Two of spades, yes.他是黑桃二。黑桃二。对了。And then he got, um, king of clubs.他是梅花K。Were rich! Were rich! Thank you, Lord!我发财了!发财了!感谢上帝!You have no idea the money that Im about to make!我要发大财了!Lord, have mercy. Okay, this is, this is the last one.上帝,怜悯我吧。好了,最后一个问题。For the grand finale.最后一个压轴的。Steve Harvey can start pulling from the top of the deck.史蒂夫将从第一张牌开始。Katherine will be able to recall all cards in order. Ooh!凯瑟琳将依次说出牌的种类。哦!Okay. First card.好了,第一张牌。Five of clubs.梅花五。Seven of clubs.梅花七。Nine of spades.黑桃九。Jack of diamonds.方片J。Ten of diamonds.方片十。Two of hearts. Jeez红桃二。天啊!Nine of hearts.红桃九。Whats next? And then jack of hearts.下一个?红桃J。Two of diamonds. Take it to the house! Take it to the...King of diamonds.方片二。对了!方片K。All us, we rich! Boy, come on, Jack! Black Jack!我们发财了!孩子来一个,来杰克!黑“杰克”!Six of spades. Come on, girl. Four more. Ace of diamonds. Yes! Six of clubs? Yes!黑桃六。加油,还有四个。方片“尖儿”。对了!梅花六?对了!Im telling you, this is a hustle. Last two. Okay.告诉你们,这真能骗钱。最后两个。好的。Five of spades. But it is!黑桃五。对了!Last card. What is it? Ten of hearts. Ten of hearts?最后一个是什么?红桃十。红桃十?Ladies and gentlemen, this is the greatest mind Ive ever seen in my life!女士们先生们,这是我所见到过的“最强大脑”!Put your hands together! Show your love for Katherine!为凯瑟琳的精表演鼓掌!201707/516271重庆无痛人流要多少费用So infectious diseases, right?说到传染病Infectious diseases are still the main cause of human suffering and death around the world.传染病仍然是全球人类生病和死亡的主因Every year, millions of people die of diseases such as T.B., malaria, HIV, around the world and even in the ed States.每年 全球数以万计的人们死于肺结核、疟疾、以及艾滋病 甚至是在美国Every year, thousands of Americans die of seasonal flu.每年都有成千上万的人因季节性流感致命Now of course, humans, we are creative. Right?当然作为人类 我们很有创造性 对吗?We have come up with ways to protect ourselves against these diseases.我们想出很多帮助我们抵抗那些疾病的方法We have drugs and vaccines.我们有药物和疫苗And were conscious -- we learn from our experiences and come up with creative solutions.我们十分谨慎地总结经验得出新的解决办法We used to think were alone in this, but now we know were not.我们以为只有人类才懂医学 但其实不是的Were not the only medical doctors.我们不只是唯一的医生Now we know that theres a lot of animals out there that can do it too.现在我们知道有大量的动物也能做出同样的事来Most famous, perhaps, chimpanzees.最典型的是大猩猩Not so much different from us, they can use plants to treat their intestinal parasites.和人类差不多它们会利用植物清理肠道寄生虫But the last few decades have shown us that other animals can do it too: elephants, porcupines, sheep, goats, you name it.几十年的研究发现很多动物都会保护自己大象、豪猪、绵羊、山羊……数不胜数And even more interesting than that is that recent discoveries are telling us更有趣的是 最近的研究发现that insects and other little animals with smaller brains can use medication too.昆虫和其他小型生物也懂得医疗The problem with infectious diseases, as we all know, is that pathogens continue to evolve,我们都知道传染病的病原体不断演化and a lot of the drugs that we have developed are losing their efficacy.我们过去开发的一些药物正在逐渐失效And therefore, there is this great need to find new ways to discover drugs that we can use against our diseases.因此我们更需要不断开发新药物来应对不断变化的病原体Now, I think that we should look at these animals, and we can learn from them how to treat our own diseases.现在我认为我们应该研究一下这些动物 我们能从它们身上学习如何治愈疾病的方法As a biologist, I have been studying monarch butterflies for the last 10 years.作为一名生物学家 我研究帝王蝶已经10年了Now, monarchs are extremely famous for their spectacular migrations from the U.S. and Canada down to Mexico every year,帝王蝶以它们壮观的迁徙而闻名每年成百万的帝王蝶where millions of them come together, but its not why I started studying them.从美国和加拿大一起迁徙到墨西哥但这并非我研究它们的原因I study monarchs because they get sick.我研究它们是因为它们会生病They get sick like you. They get sick like me.它们像人类一样也会生病And I think what they do can tell us a lot about drugs that we can develop for humans.我认为它们所做的可以让我们了解许多药物并开发出适用于人类的药物Now, the parasites that monarchs get infected with are called ophryocystis elektroscirrha -- a mouthful.帝王蝶身上的寄生虫叫做ophryocystis elektroscirrha 很拗口But they do is they produce spores, millions of spores on the outside of the butterfly这些寄生虫在蝶身上产生了成百万的孢子that are shown as little specks in between the scales of the butterfly.可以从蝴蝶外侧鳞片的夹缝中看见这些细小的斑点And this is really detrimental to the monarch.这绝对威胁着帝王斑蝶的健康It shortens their lifespan, it reduces their ability to fly, it can even kill them before theyre even adults.缩短了它们的寿命影响它们的飞行能力甚至导致它们还没成年就死亡Very detrimental parasite.非常有致命性的寄生虫As part of my job, I spend a lot of time in the greenhouse growing plants,我的研究任务的工作之一 就是在温室里种植植物and the reason for this is that monarchs are extremely picky eaters.这是因为帝王蝶十分挑食!They only eat milkweed as larvae.它们只吃乳草的幼草Luckily, there are several species of milkweed that they can use, and all these milkweeds have cardenolides in them.幸好我找到了几种它们食用的含有卡烯內酯的乳草These are chemicals that are toxic.卡烯內酯一种具有毒性的化学物质Theyre toxic to most animals, but not to monarchs.大多数动物都无法抵抗卡烯内酯的毒素 帝王蝶除外In fact, monarchs can take up the chemicals,事实上 帝王蝶能够吸收这种化学物质put it in their own bodies, and it makes them toxic against their predators, such as birds.然后储存在自己体内 这种毒素还能用来对抗它们的天敌 比如鸟类And what they do, then, is advertise this toxicity through their beautiful warning colorations with this orange, black and white.它们要做的就是通过黑白相间点缀有橙色的靓丽颜色作为毒素警告吓唬它们So what I did during my job is grow plants in the greenhouse, different ones, different milkweeds.所以我的工作就是在温室中培养这些不同种类的植物 不同种类的乳草Some were toxic, including the tropical milkweed,with very high concentrations of these cardenolides.某些毒性很高 像是热带乳草这些強心甾里有大量的浓聚物And some were not toxic. And then I fed them to monarchs.某些却没有毒素 然后在我喂食帝王斑蝶时Some of the monarchs were healthy. They had no disease.某些斑蝶没有染病 很健康But some of the monarchs were sick, and what I found is that some of these milkweeds are medicinal,某些斑蝶则生病了 于是我发现某些乳草有药效meaning they reduce the disease symptoms in the monarch butterflies,意味着乳草能有效减低帝王斑蝶的症状meaning these monarchs can live longer when they are infected when feeding on these medicinal plants.意味着当它们注射这种物质或者食用这种有医疗价值的植物的时侯 就可以延长自己的寿命And when I found this, I had this idea, and a lot of people said it was a crazy idea,于是当我发现了这些 我产生了一个想法 许多人说这是一个疯狂的想法but I thought, what if monarchs can use this right?但是我想 是否帝王蝶能将它们的功能很好地发挥出来呢What if they can use these plants as their own form of medicine?如果他们能用这些植物作为他们自己的药物会怎么样呢What if they can act as medical doctors?如果他们能像医生一样给自己开药会怎样呢So my team and I started doing experiments.于是我和我的团队开始实验In the first types of experiments, we had caterpillars, and gave them a choice: medicinal milkweed versus non-medicinal milkweed.在第一类实验里 我们选择一些幼虫 提供两种乳草供它们选择:有药性的乳草和没有药性的乳草And then we measured how much they ate of each species over their lifetime.然后测量它们一生中 每种乳草吃了多少And the result, as so often in science, was boring:就像大部分的科学研究结果一样很无聊:Fifty percent of their food was medicinal. Fifty percent was not.有药性和没有药性的各半These caterpillars didnt do anything for their own welfare.这些幼虫没有为自己做出有利的选择So then we moved on to adult butterflies,于是我们转为研究成蝶and we started asking the question whether its the mothers that can medicate their offspring.我们开始给自己问问题这些母蝶是否会医治自己的幼虫?Can the mothers lay their eggs on medicinal milkweed that will make their future offspring less sick?它们会把卵产在有药的乳草上吗?这会减少幼虫生病的机率吗?We have done these experiments now over several years, and always get the same results.我们重复这个实验很多年得到一样的结果What we do is we put a monarch in a big cage,我们把帝王蝶放进大笼子里a medicinal plant on one side, a non-medicinal plant on the other side,一边的乳草是有药性的 一边没有and then we measure the number of eggs that the monarchs lay on each plant.然后测量它们在两种乳草上的产卵数And what we find when we do that is always the same.获得的结果是一致的What we find is that the monarchs strongly prefer the medicinal milkweed.我们发现帝王斑蝶偏好药性乳草In other words, what these females are doing is theyre laying 68 percent of their eggs in the medicinal milkweed.换句话说 68% 的雌蝶会把卵产在有药性乳草上Intriguingly, what they do is they actually transmit the parasites when theyre laying the eggs.有趣的是 在它们产卵的时候也传播了寄生虫They cannot prevent this. They can also not medicate themselves.它们无法阻止这些 它们也不能治疗自己But what these experiments tell us is that these monarchs, these mothers, can lay their eggs on medicinal milkweed但这个实验告诉我们 帝王蝶中 雌蝶会把卵产在有药性的乳草上that will make their future offspring less sick.这会减轻幼虫的病况Now, this is a really important discovery, I think,所以 我认我这是个很重要的发现not just because it tells us something cool about nature,不只是因为它显示了大自然的奥妙but also because it may tell us something more about how we should find drugs.更提醒我们应该如何开发药物Now, these are animals that are very small and we tend to think of them as very simple.这些动物都很小我们曾经觉得它们构造简单They have tiny little brains, yet they can do this very sophisticated medication.它们的大脑很小 但它们却懂得如此复杂的药物机理Now, we know that even today, most of our drugs derive from natural products, including plants,现在我们知道甚至到现在我们大多数的药物都来源于大自然的馈赠 例如植物and in indigenous cultures, traditional healers often look at animals to find new drugs.在原始社会中 医生还经常通过观察动物来发现新药物In this way, elephants have told us how to treat stomach upset,就像大象教我们如何治疗肠胃不适and porcupines have told people how to treat bloody diarrhea.刺猬教我们如何处理血便What I think is important, though, is to move beyond我觉得最重要的是these large-brained mammals and give these guys more credit,除了那些大脑发达的哺乳类动物外these simple animals, these insects that we tend to think of as very, very simple with tiny little brains.我们也应该更加注重这些简单的动物 昆虫 这些拥有微小脑袋的极其简单的动物The discovery that these animals can also use medication opens up completely new avenues,这些动物同样能够使用药物机理这一发现给我们的研究带来了新的篇章and I think that maybe one day, we will be treating human diseases with drugs that were first discovered by butterflies,所以我想 也许有一天 我们在治疗人类疾病的时候会用这些从蝴蝶身上发现的药物and I think that is an amazing opportunity worth pursuing. Thank you so much.我想这个机会是值得把握的 谢谢各位201706/513302合川那家治疗不孕不育好栏目简介:Fifth graders at one of the citys international schools put on an exhibition today to show their research findings and solutions to real-life issues. Theyre in the last year of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. International curriculums have been receiving much attention since the Shanghai Education Commission allowed 21 public high schools to test such courses. Our reporter Song Wenjing takes a look.201705/507173重庆爱德华联系电话

合川孕育网站重庆爱德华治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱I remember a couple of years ago I used to get very little sleep.我记得几年以前我经常失眠。And I really struggled with making the right decisions.而且很难做出正确的决定。Id be running on four hours of sleep, and when I was presented with something healthy to eat我的睡眠时间是四个小时,当我面临一些健康的饮食and an unhealthy choice, it was really hard for me to pick the healthy one.和不健康的选择的时候,我真的很难选出健康的一种。And now a couple of years later, I get plenty of sleep and its so much easier to make the better decisions.几年之后的现在,我有了充足的睡眠,就更容易做出更好的决定了。So whether you need to refrain from eating something unhealthy,所以无论是你需要避免食用不健康的食物,or you need to actually do something productive like working on your project,还是想做一些高效率的事情,比如在你的项目上花心思,getting plenty of sleep will make it so much easier, and I can attest to this from my own experience.获得充足的睡眠都会让这些简单起来,我自身经历就足以明。So the first big idea for strong willpower is to get adequate amounts of sleep.所以对于强大的意志力来说第一要点就是获得充足的睡眠。When you dont get enough sleep youre prone to all kinds of stress, and cravings, and temptation.当你睡眠不足时,就会有各种各样的压力,渴望和诱惑。Research has shown that being sleep deprived is very similar to being mildly intoxicated研究表明缺乏睡眠就类似于轻度迷醉,which is probably not the best time to be making decisions.此状态不是做出决定的最佳时机。And too little sleep has been shown to cause problems that mimic those associated with ADHD.睡眠太少会导致一些与ADHD(注意缺陷多动障碍)相关的问题。So getting enough sleep is absolutely one of the most important things you can do for your willpower.所以获取足够的睡眠绝对是你能为意志力所做的最重要的事情之一。Now just like you go to the gym to build muscle and get stronger,就像是你去健身房锻炼肌肉并变得强壮,you can do the same thing for your brain. And the activity that trains your brain is meditation.你也可以为大脑做同样的事。训练大脑的活动就是冥想。It makes your brain grow denser, packing in more grey matter just like a muscle bulking up from exercise.它会让大脑变得更稠密,生出更多的灰色神经组织,就像是经过锻炼变得强壮的肌肉一样。And research has shown that those who meditate really do have more grey matter in their prefrontal cortex.研究表明在那些冥想的人的前额皮质里真的有更多的灰色神经组织。And the prefrontal cortex is the area associated with decision making and willpower.并且前额皮质与做决定和意志力有关。Its the part of the brain that gets you to say no to something unhealthy,它是大脑中让你否定不健康东西的部分,and its the part of the brain that gets you to get up and start working on your project.是大脑中让你起床并开始工作的部分。And the impact of meditation is fascinating.冥想真的很吸引人。Even after only a few weeks of being consistent with it,尽管只是短短几周的持续冥想,we can aly observe the brain structure physically changing.我们就可以发现大脑结构产生的物理变化。You dont need to meditate for hours either.你也不用冥想好几个小时。Even a very short period of meditation is effective.就算是非常短时间的冥想也是有效的。You can start with five minutes of meditation focusing on your breath刚开始你可以先做五分钟专注于呼吸的冥想,and move up to ten, fifteen, or however long you like,然后增加到十分钟,十五分钟,或者是你喜欢的时间长度,but its much better to be consistent and do only five minutes than be inconsistent.但是持续的只做五分钟比不持续的要好的多。So I would personally highly recommend starting with five minutes if youre just starting out.所以我个人强烈建议,如果你刚刚开始就冥想五分钟。I also get a ton of emails and messages, and what I used to do before was wake up我也会收到很多的邮件和信息,我之前都是早上醒来之后and check all that stuff first thing in the morning.先处理那些事情。And I would spend hours doing that, and then when it was time for me to actually do creative work,我会花好几个小时处理那些事情,然后当我应该做创造性工作的时候,I was just completely exhausted.我完全没有精力了。And this is because willpowers like a muscle. It gets tired.这就是因为意志力就和肌肉一样,也会疲劳。Its kind of like going to the gym to deadlift, and instead deadlifting first,有点类似于去健身房练举重,却没有先练它,you decide its a good idea to run on the tmill for two hours first and then deadlift.你觉得先在跑步机上跑两个小时再去练举重是个好主意。So by the time youre done running, you probably wont have the energy to deadlift,所以当你结束跑步的时候,你可能没有力气再去练举重了,and if you somehow do, its not going to be the most effective workout.如果你那么做,也不是最有效的锻炼。And thats exactly how the brain works too.大脑也是那样工作的。You start out with your willpower for the day and then it just keeps getting depleted and depleted.一天开始就伴随着意志力的不断消耗。So one of the most important things Ive done is to wake up and start with my creative work.所以我要做的一件重要的事就是醒来后先做创造性工作。I never check any of the messages first thing in the morning anymore早上我再也不查收任何消息。because I know my willpowers going to get depleted.因为我知道意志力会逐渐消耗。And I know so many people who wake up and go straight to Facebook or do something else that isnt important.我还知道很多人醒来后直接登Facebook或者做一些不重要的事情。Dont do that. Youll deplete your willpower,不要那么做。你会消耗掉你的意志力,and then you wont be able to do whats actually important.然后就无法去做真正重要的事情。Instead, wake up and do that important thing first before your willpower gets depleted.反之,醒来后,在意志力消耗之前,先做重要的事情。So those are the three of my favorite ideas from the book that Ive found to be really effective in my life.以下是我从书中得到的三个我最欣赏的观点。这本书在我人生中真的很有意义。And to recap them briefly…简单重述一下…1. Make sure youre not sleep deprived.一定不要失眠。Not getting enough sleep is one of the biggest enemies to your willpower.得不到足够的睡眠是你意志力的最大敌人。2.Just like you workout to build up muscle, you can meditate to build up your prefrontal cortex.就像锻炼肌肉一样,你可以通过冥想来增强你的前额皮质。3. Willpowers like a muscle. It gets tired.意志力像肌肉一样,也会疲劳。Dont wake up and get on Facebook first thing in the morning or do anything else that isnt important,醒来后不要先登Facebook或者做一些其他的不重要的事情,instead do the most important thing first before your willpower gets depleted.在你意志力消耗之前先做一些重要的事情。201706/514897Im in one of Canadas most isolated provinces,British Columbia,But Im not alone.我身处加拿大最与世隔绝的省份之一 不列颠哥伦比亚省 但这次我不是孤身作战Get y for the most wild cab ride youre ever gonna take.准备踏上最狂野的 荒野之旅20,000 hardcore fans from all over the U.S. applied to join me全美有两万个铁杆粉丝 申请与我共同for the wilderness adventure of a lifetime.经历一生中最疯狂的探险We selected Joe Resto from New York,我们选择了来自纽约的乔·莱斯特who has a very personal reason to make this trip.出于私人原因 他加入此次旅程I was a victim of a very random and senseless act of violence.我曾是一起 突发的非法行为的受害者I was shot in my back.背上中了一My friend next to me was shot in the head and killed instantly.而我朋友 就站在我旁边 被击中头部 当场毙命Upon recovery, I made a promise to myself to do whatever makes me smile.康复以后 我对自己保 要享受生活 及时行乐And going to Canada with Bear makes me smile.和贝尔一起来加拿大令我开心Joes fellow rookie is Sean Lacoste from the midwest.乔的新同伴是来自中西部的肖恩·拉科斯特Sean feels hes got something to prove.肖恩想明一些东西My friends and my family, theyve all said,我的家人和朋友总是说;You have so many fears. You have so many weaknesses.;你太懦弱了 你有太多弱点And theres no way youd be able to do it.不可能完成任务For this to actually come true,I mean, Im excited, Im nervous.当它真正实现了的时候 我既兴奋又紧张All right. Time for a wild ride.好吧 狂野滑行开始了Im happy that I get the chance to prove to myself很高兴我有机会能明自己and to throw it in their face, to say, ;I can do this.;Whoa, boy!然后反驳他们 并对他们说;我能做到; 天哪And this adventure is gonna push our guys to the absolute limit.Good job.这次探险会将这两人 推向生理极限 干的好Were halfway across a glacier when we come face-to-face with a sheer 50-foot wall of ice.我们正要跨越面前 这个50英尺深的大冰缝201705/511156大渡口市治疗不孕In England, families were more and more becoming a kind of business.在英格兰 家族已经趋向作为一种筹码In the Highlands of Scotland,kinship was much more a matter of blood.而在苏格兰高地 王统也不过是一种血缘关系Clan loyalty was built around the idea,部落的忠诚往往建立在一种even when it was a mythical idea,of a common ancestor.有时甚至只是虚构的信念基础上 即源于共同祖先这一信念The grandest landlords in the Highlands,like their Lowlands counterparts,高地的大地主 和低地的大地主们一样were becoming connoisseurs of fine claret and chamber music.逐步成为品酒家与室内乐的鉴赏师But as far as the local laird was consumed would have a lot in common with his crofters.但当地地主则和他们的佃农有诸多相同点They both spoke Gaelic,they wore tartan plaid and sporran,他们都操着盖尔语 身着花格呢裙和裙前毛皮袋and they both made ensured they had broadswords and daggers y when the chief called.并且备好阔剑与匕首 随时待命 便要一剑刺下Buoyed by the princes claim that the French were behind the rebellion美王子宣称法国人正暗地里策划叛变and planned an imminent invasion,Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army moved swiftly,战争已经迫在眉睫 于是他的部队迅速集结catching the wolfly inadequate Hanoverian forces in Scotland completely unprepared.迅速拿下苏格兰土地上立足未稳的 汉诺威王朝军队 打了他们一个措手不及But when the prince finally took what was the big prize, Edinburgh,然而 当王子最终 拿下爱丁堡这个头时he hadnt won over the whole of Scotland.却尚未赢得整个苏格兰The Lowlands were overwhelmingly loyal to King George.低地人民对国王乔治忠心耿耿In fact its quite possible that more Scots fought against Bonnie Prince Charlie than for him.事实上更多的苏格兰人 对于美王子查理是持反对而非拥戴态度 /201706/512404重庆妇科医院重庆费用

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