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The first day of Gavins testimony, Michael shows up and hes in pyjamas,文第一天作时 迈克尔穿着睡衣出庭and he looked like he was in really bad shape.状况看来很糟And they actually, they had to, like, help him into the courtroom.他们基本上是扶着他进法庭的From that moment on, everything started to get really awful.从那刻起就每况愈下You started seeing Michael coming in evety day, looking like death.迈克尔每天出庭都像只剩半条命lt was as if the testimony was just destroying him.彷佛光是听供就会逼死他似的To sit there in court and watch the legal system hurl坐在法庭内眼看着司法制度absurd and vindictive and nasty, mean-spirited allegations at him like this,对他扔出那些恶意及荒谬的指控absolutely traumatized him.带给他很大的创伤For me, and for other people who actually knew Michael,对我和其他与迈克尔熟识的人来说this was a real human being, whose life was being destroyed,这是个有血有肉的人 人生就这样活生生的被摧毁and evety day it just seemed to get worse.一天比一天要糟201511/408404。


TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201601/415917。


Silicon, perhaps.或许是硅Silicon has slightly different properties,硅的特性与碳有稍许的不同but it could do the same job.但却可以起到相同的作用With the right ingredients,由于成分的恰当组合ultra-low-temperature life might be possible.极端低温生物便成了可能If so, I think energy would be scarce,果真如此,那么将极其缺乏能量so things around here would move very slowly.所以这里的生物将会移动的非常缓慢Other possibilities are even stranger.其他的可能性就更加怪异了The astronomers searching for far-off planets have discovered天文学家们对遥远行星的探索已经发现that many seem to be giant gas plantets.许多行星似乎都是巨大的气体行星Like our own Jupiter and Saturn.就像我们的木星和土星Perhaps there are aliens made of gas.或许是会有由气体形成的外星人的Aliens living here would need to consume something.这里生活的外星人需要消耗一些物质I imagine they could use我猜想它们能够利用the power of lightning storms that constantly rage on planets like these.时常在这些行星上爆发的闪电风暴的能量If such extreme life-forms are possible,如果这种极端的生命形式是可能的then life elsewhere in the universe那么存在于宇宙其他地方的生命could be very common, indeed.将会是非常普遍的There are certainly many more planets that fall outside处于恒星的;金发姑娘;区域之外的行星the ;goldilocks; regions of stars than fall inside them.当然要比处于其内的行星多很多It suddenly seems like突然间你会发现there could be life nearly everywhere you look.似乎你所看到的所有地方都有生命的存在But, ultimately,但是,从根本上讲I think it doesnt really matter what aliens are made of.我认为外星人由什么构成并不重要To me, its what they can do that counts.对我来说,它们能做些什么才是重要的Are they thinking about the cosmos, too,它们也会研究宇宙吗trying to unlock its secrets just as we are?也会像我们一样去探索宇宙的秘密吗In short, has alien life evolved as we have总而言之,外星生物是否同我们一样and developed intelligence?已进化成了智能生物201506/379859。

Religious Worship in Taiwan认识台湾的民间信仰,保庇保庇喔!As you travel around Taiwan, you cant help but notice that people are busy praying, from giving incense to the temple, or burning ghost money on the street; leaving a small offering of food for the Kitchen God, or a whole pig for the Jade Emperor. Everybody is very busy doing ;bai-bai.;当你环游台湾时,你不得不注意到人们忙着祈祷,从给庙宇上香、或在街头烧冥纸;留一小份食物给灶神,或是献一整只猪给玉皇大帝。每个人都非常忙着“拜拜”。Weve come here today to Taipei Story House to learn more about the folk rituals which is so popular in Taiwan and such an integral part of the culture.我们今天来到台北故事馆这,学习更多在台湾如此受欢迎的民间习俗,以及这文化中如此不可或缺的一部分。Chia-Yi showed me around Taipei Story House. The paper money you can see in the background is known as ghost money. Its handmade using stamps. There are two types of ghost money: the plain red and golden. The plain money is used to give offerings to ancestors, so that they have money to buy things in the afterlife. Whereas the gold money is used to give offerings to the gods to show respect. The money is offered up by being burned.Chia-Yi 带我四处看看台北故事馆。你在背景可以看到的纸钱被称为“冥纸”。它是用图章手工制作的。有两种冥纸:素色红以及金色的。素的纸钱被用来给予祖先祭品,好让他们在来世有钱买东西。而金色的钱被用来给予神明祭品,以示尊敬。纸钱由焚烧贡献。Taiwans folk religion has a multitude of gods. Chia-Yi showed me around and introduced me to some of the most popular gods in Taiwan, such as Wen Chang Di Jun, who is the god of study. Students go to him to pray for A grades.台湾的民间宗教信仰有众多神明。Chia-Yi 带我四处看看,并向我介绍台湾一些最受欢迎的神祇,例如文昌帝君,他是课业之神。学生祭拜他以求好成绩。There are also other gods that people pray to for money or for good business. And Zhu Sheng Niang Niang, the goddess of children and mothers, who, of course, mothers go to to pray for protection for their children, or maybe to ask for a boy or a girl child.也有其他人们为了财富或蓬勃事业所拜的神明。还有注生娘娘,主管子嗣与母亲的女神,当然,母亲们拜注生娘娘为孩子求保佑,或也许求个男宝宝或女宝宝。Another very popular god is the god of lovers, Yue Xia Lao Ren. People pray to him using ;bua buei; to ask if theyll have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or to see how their destiny will go with their lover.另一个非常受欢迎的神明是恋人之神,月下老人。人们用“掷筊”来向他祈求,询问他们是否会有男朋友或女朋友,或了解他们和恋人的命运会如何发展。Possibly the most popular folk god is Tu Di Gong. Many people pray to him for their businesses, for their communities, and for their family. And the ghost money that you see burning on the streets on the first and the 15th of the month in Taiwan is often being sent up as an offering to Tu Di Gong.也许最受欢迎的民间神祇是土地公。许多人为了他们的事业、为了他们的社区,以及为了他们的家庭向他祈祷。而你在每月的初一十五在台湾街上看到人们在烧的冥纸,通常是被烧来当做给土地公的祭品的。There are also some rather special gods, such as Tien Peng Yuan Shuai. He is the god of the sex industry, because he loved ladies very much.也有一些其他比较特别的神明,像是天蓬元帅。他是特种行业之神,因为他极度好女色。Another common sight in Taiwan is offerings left outside the home. This is especially prevalent on New Years Eve, when offerings are left for the gods and the ancestors outside the home. The ancestral offerings include everything from food and drink to makeup. The offerings are left around about 30 minutes, when its deemed that the gods and the ghosts have had enough and used up or eaten their fill, and then the family can use them.另一个在台湾常见的景象是被留在屋外的祭品。这在除夕特别盛行,那时献给神明和祖先的祭品被留在屋外。给祖先的祭品包含所有从食物、饮料、到化妆品的东西。那些祭品被留在外头大约半个小时,那时人们认为神明和好兄弟已经用够了,用完或吃饱饱了,接着家人们就可以使用它们。Now, Chia-Yi has told me that everything here in the souvenir shop is made by local artists and its all handmade. And so it ranges from the...very beautiful, such as this plate, which is just amazing, down to more simple things, such as this Hakka bag. Pretty cool, eh?现在,Chia-Yi 告诉我这间纪念品店里的每样东西都是由当地艺术家制作,且全是纯手工的。所以它的范围从...非常美丽,例如这个盘子,真是太美了,到更简单的东西,像是这个客家包。满酷的,对吧?And then, of course, theres the little, tiny souvenirs, like the ba zhang. This is rice wrapped in bamboo. And this I might put on your phone or on your keys as a good luck charm. And this is very familiar—the ;buei; that we were using earlier to find out if youre gonna have success in your love life. Maybe I should get these to help me out at the Baoan Temple.然后,当然,有这个小小、迷你的纪念品,像是肉粽。这是包在竹子里的饭。这个我可能会放在你的手机或钥匙上当做幸运物。而这个非常眼熟--我们稍早用来知道你在恋爱生活会不会成功的“筊”。也许我应该拿这些来在保安宫帮我一把。201508/390496。

Were spending the first week of our month-long trip为期一月的旅行中,我们将在首都北京in the capital, Beijing.度过一周的时间I was raised in Chicago,我在芝加哥长大and when I first came here in the 1980s,我第一次来这的时候是上世纪80年代it was just beginning to open up to the West中国刚刚对外开放after the dark years of the Cultural Revolution.在文革结束后Unrecognisable. Its like the new frontier.完全无法辨认了,现在焕然一新Now everywhere you look,环顾四周new China smashes up against the old.新潮冲击着古老The question for both of us,我们这次旅行on this voyage of discovery,带着一个问题is to see if all this incredible pace of changes,美食是否也受到is that going to affect food?中国这些巨变的影响Yeah. Good and bad.恩,有好有坏And Id love to experience modern Chinese cookery here在这我很享受现代中国的烹饪技艺and whether some of the traditions have been eroded.是否一些传统已被破坏Its a brew that will be quite interesting to see.这些酝酿着有趣的事情China is a country of contradictions.中国是一个矛盾体Tradition and innovation sit side by side.传统与革新并行And its most evident here in Beijing.这在北京尤为明显In the northeast corner of the country,位于中国的东北角落it has been the imperial capital for 800 years.北京做了800多年的都城It remains deeply proud of its traditional culture and cuisine.它依然为自己有着传统的文化与美食而自豪As it opens up to the world,随着北京的大门为全世界敞开its revealing those secrets with a new culinary confidence.它用一种全新的烹饪技艺揭开了这些秘密Were beginning with the quintessential Chinese food -首先将要探索中华料理的精髓——noodles.面条Theyre a humble everyday dish, eaten in all regions.它在所有的地方,都是一道朴素的家常菜But they have a 4,000-year-old history and today in Beijing,但是它在北京却有着4000年的历史this ancient craft is being celebrated centre stage.现在,这个古老的手艺,依然很有名望Its just incredible.难以置信I think they got this concept from the West, the open kitchen.我觉得他们是从西方获得开放厨房的概念Yes! And its pretty spectacular.是的,壮观之至It is. Watching them work,it is like an orchestra.确实,看他们干活好像看交响乐演奏Like the guy with the big block thats just shaving noodles,我喜欢做刀削面的家伙he looks like hes playing the violin.像拉小提琴似的Yes!是的The capital is pulling in the countrys best cooking talents.北京汇聚了中国各路顶尖烹饪大师These noodle masters are from Shanxi Province, West of Beijing,这些面条大师来自北京西面的山西省where the art of noodle making做面条的独门功夫has been passed down through the generations.都是世代相传的They are most famous for their hand-pulled noodles, La Mian.他们以拉面著称Made from just wheat flour and water,用小麦面和水制成the skill is in manipulating the dough.技巧在把握其力道You double it up and double again.一根变两根然后拉成多根Yeah. Its folding, folding on itself.是的,不断地对折It could be a mess. Its about balancing the elasticity可能会很乱,关键在于均衡弹性before he can actually pull the noodles.在他把面拉长之前So hes stretching that.Now stretching.他在拉长它,现在变长了OK, what hes doing,hes pulling and folding it,现在做的就是把面拉长再折起来a little bit like how children used to play Cats Cradle.有点像小孩玩翻花绳Cats Cradle is a lot easier! Yeah!翻花绳比这简单多了好嘛Wow, thats beautiful! Thats what we call tung chow mein.好厉害,这就是我们说的长寿面Yes!恩201505/375975。