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习近平夫人彭丽媛会见澳大利亚师生 -- :33: 来源: 月19日下午,中国国家主席习近平夫人彭丽媛在北京市中心的钓鱼台国宾馆接见了一群来自澳大利亚悉尼的师生Peng Liyuan, Chinese President Xi Jinpingrsquo;s wife, met with a group of students and teachers from Sydney, Australia Tuesday afternoon at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in central Beijing.月19日下午,中国国家主席习近平夫人彭丽媛在北京市中心的钓鱼台国宾馆接见了一群来自澳大利亚悉尼的师生In a merry atmosphere, Peng, together with the girls and 5 teachers, watched a recalling her visit to the Ravenswood School Girls in Sydney in November during Xirsquo;s state visit to Australia, and listened to the girls telling their experience over the past ten days in China.在欢快的气氛中,彭丽媛和其它位女孩和5位老师一起观看了一个视频,回忆起她在年月随习近平主席出访澳大利亚时,访问Ravenswood女子学校的情景,她还听取师生们讲述了在中国这天里的所见所闻、所思所感Prior to Beijing, the girls went to Shanghai and Nanjing in east China, Chengdu in the southwest and Xirsquo;an in the northwest.在到北京之前,她们先去了中国东部的上海和南京,中国西南部的成都以及中国西北的西安They had conversations with students in Nanjing No.1 Middle School - a sister school of Ravenswood - took a high-speed train between Shanghai and Nanjing, saw pandas in a research base in Chengdu and the terra cotta warriors in the ancient city of Xirsquo;an.在南京,她们还和Ravenswood学校的学校;;南京第一中学的学生们交流,还乘坐了上海到南京的高铁,在成都的研究基地亲距离接触了大熊猫,在古城西安参观了兵马俑They also visited the Great Wall and the National Stadium, or the Birdrsquo;s Nest, the main venue of the Beijing Olympic Games.在北京,她们登上了长城,访问了年北京奥运会主场馆、又被称为鸟巢的国家体育场Calling their visit ;fruitful and rewarding,; Peng said the girls not only saw the picturesque scenery of China and had a taste of the Chinese history and culture, but also knew quite some Chinese friends.彭丽媛称赞他们的本次访问;成果丰硕;,她表示,姑娘们这次不仅领略了中国优美的自然风光和悠久的历史文化,也结识了不少中国朋友;I hope the visit will help deepen your understanding of China,; said Peng.她说,;我希望这次访问能加深你们对中国的理解;She encouraged the girls to make the best of their youth to study more and travel more, and continue to learn the Chinese language and culture so as to be ;young ambassadors; and contribute greater share to the friendship between Chinese and Australian peoples.她鼓励姑娘们抓住美好的青春时光,读万卷书,行万里路,继续学习了解中文和中华文化,以成为;友好小使者;,为促进中澳两国人民友谊作出更大的贡献Speaking highly of the booming development of education cooperation between the two countries in recent years, Peng expressed the hope that both sides can further expand two-way education cooperation in the hope of nurturing more successors to the cause of China-Australia friendship.高度赞扬近年来中澳教育交流的蓬勃发展,彭丽媛希望两国能不断扩大学生双向教育交流,为中澳友好事业培养更多的接班人;As UNESCO Special Envoy the Advancement of Girlsrsquo; and Womenrsquo;s Education, I am fully aware how important education is all girls and the world,; Peng said.她说,;作为联合国教科文组织促进女童和妇女教育特使,我深知教育对女孩、对世界的重要性;;We need to work together to ensure the equal access to education all girls in the world so that they can enjoy a happy life,; she said.她说,;让我们共同努力,帮助世界上更多女孩享有平等的受教育机会,拥有幸福的人生;The students and teachers, headed by Deputy Principal David Garner, expressed their honor to receive Peng in and their excitement to be in China.由副校长戴维加纳带领的师生们表示,对于彭丽媛年的到访备感荣幸,对于本次中国之行也非常激动;There is no better way to learn the language, history and culture of a country than to visit that country, ; said Garner.加纳说,;要想学习一个国家的语言、历史和文化,最好的方式就是到这个国家去;Chloe Verman, a th grader, said she loved China more than ever through the visit.年级的学生克洛伊.韦尔曼表示,此行使她比以前更热爱中国了;I have great interest in learning the Chinese language and history. I think I will come back to China one day,;she said in fluent Chinese.她用流利的中文说,;我对学习中文和中国的历史有着深厚的兴趣我相信,有一天我还会来中国的;During the gathering, the girls also sang the theme song of the Beijing Olympic Games in both Chinese and English.在联欢活动中,姑娘们还用中英双语演唱了北京奥运会的主题曲Established in 1901, Ravenswood School Girls is an independent day and boarding school girls from kindergarten to grade .Ravenswood女子学校成立于1901年,是一所集幼儿园到年级的全日制寄宿学校As one of Australiarsquo;s leading girlsrsquo; schools, it set up a Confucius Classroom in to provide Chinese language education.作为澳大利亚首屈一指的女校,该校在年开设了孔子课堂,以提供中文教学可再生能源增长达历史最高 --01 ::33 来源: 据一项最新研究,年,全球新太阳能、风能和水电能资源以最快的速度增长 New solar, wind and hydropower sources were added in at the fastest rate the world has yet seen, according to a new study.据一项最新研究,年,全球新太阳能、风能和水电能资源以最快的速度增长Investments in renewables during the year were more than double the amount spent on new coal and gas-fired power plants.去年一年,可再生能源的投资是煤炭和煤气资源的两倍 the first time, emerging economies spent more than the rich on renewable power and fuels.新兴经济体也第一次在新能源和新燃料投资上超过发达国家Over 8 million people are now working in renewable energy worldwide.全世界有超过八百万人在可再生能源产业工作 a number of years, the global spend on renewables has been increasing and saw that arrive at a new peak according to the Renewables Global Status Report.据全球可再生能源数据报告,多年以来,全球可再生能源消费一直在增长,而年的增长达到了高峰Around 7 gigawatts (GW) of capacity was added in , roughly equivalent to Africa’s generating capacity from all sources.年可再生能源新增约7GW电,基本等同于非洲能够产生的全部发电China, the US, Japan, UK and India were the countries adding on the largest share of green power, despite the fact that fossil fuel prices have fallen significantly. The costs of renewables have also fallen, say the authors.报告称,中国,美国,日本,英国和印度是绿色能源消费大国尽管化石能源价格极大地下跌,可再生能源成本也在下降"The fact that we had 7GW of capacity, mainly of wind and solar is a clear indication that these technologies are cost competitive (with fossil fuels)," said Christine Lins, who is executive secretary of REN1, an international body made up of energy experts, government representatives and NGOs, who produced the report.发表能源报告的REN1组织行政秘书克里斯汀·林思说:“我们生产了7GW电,其中主要来源于风能和太阳能,这显示出这一技术相比起化石燃料在成本上更加有竞争力”REN1组织的组成成员包含能源专家,政府代表和非政府组织"They are the preference many countries and more and more utilities and investors and that is a very positive signal."“可再生能源越来越多的被各国,各企业和各投资者所青睐这释放出了积极的信号”Investment in renewables reached bn worldwide in .年,全球可再生能源投资高达两千八百六十亿美元With China ing more than one-third of the global total, the developing countries outspent the richer nations on renewables the first time.其中中国投资占全球投资总量的三分之一,这使得发展中国家首次在可再生能源上的投资超过发达国家When measured against a country’s GDP, the biggest investors were small countries like Mauritania, Honduras, Uruguay and Jamaica.通过衡量一个国家的国内生产总值,可以发现像毛利塔尼亚,洪都拉斯,乌拉圭,牙买加这样的小国家在这方面投资最多"It clearly shows that the costs have come down so much that the emerging economies are now really focussing on renewables," said Christine Lins.克里斯汀说,“这清楚地展现出由于成本极大下降,新兴经济体更多地倚重可再生能源”沃尔玛和麦当劳:效仿福来鸡的成功策略 --30 :5:38 来源: 近年来,顾客们普遍抱怨美国两个最大最古老品牌沃尔玛和麦当劳的顾务差现在,两家公司纷纷向福来鸡等公司学习,投资数十亿美元来提高员工工资,加强员工培训这些措施已经取得了积极的效果 Walmart and McDonald’s, two of the biggest and oldest brands in the US, have years faced widesp complaints about poor customer service.近年来,顾客们普遍抱怨美国两个最大最古老品牌沃尔玛和麦当劳的顾务差Now both companies are investing billions of dollars in wage increases and training their workers, following in the footsteps of companies like Chick-fil-A, and they are aly seeing positive results.现在,两家公司纷纷向福来鸡等公司学习,投资数十亿美元来提高员工工资,加强员工培训这些措施已经取得了积极的效果Walmart last year committed to investing $.7 billion over two years in wage increases, scheduling improvements, and employee training.去年,沃尔玛承诺在未来两年投资7亿美元用于提高工资,改进调度,培训员工The move is improving widesp issues in stores, such as empty shelves and cleanliness, executives said.沃尔玛的主管表示,这一举措正在解决一些普遍存在的问题,比如空货架和清洁问题The company is even seeing sales and traffic improvements, which it said were driven in part by the investments in labor. In the most recent quarter, Walmart’s US same-store sales rose 1%, driven by a 1.5% increase in traffic.沃尔玛的销量和人流量也有所增加,这部分是由于投资劳动力所致上季度,美国沃尔玛店面的人流量增加1.5%,销量也随之增加1%The changes aren’t going unnoticed by customers.消费者们也注意到了这些变化"Our customers continue to tell us they are happy with the changes we’re making in our stores, as evidenced by our customer-experience scores, which rose again this quarter versus last year," said Brett Biggs, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Walmart stores, on a call with analysts.“顾客说他们很高兴看到沃尔玛的这些变化与去年相比,本季度的顾客体验指数有所上升,” 沃尔玛的执行副总裁和首席财务官Brett Biggs在电话中告诉分析人员McDonald’s has also been investing in its workers.麦当劳也同样加强对员工的投资The fast-food chain lifted its average hourly wage from .01 to .90 last July, and will raise it further to exceed $ by the end of this year.去年7月份,麦当劳员工的时薪由9.01美元提高至9.90美元,今年年底将超过美元McDonald’s also started allowing workers to earn up to five days of paid vacation every yea.另外,麦当劳开始允许员工每年享受5天的带薪休假The training and wage investments have had a significant impact on customer service, according to McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook.麦当劳的首席执行官史蒂夫?伊斯特布鲁克表示,员工培训和员工投资对顾务产生了巨大的影响He said the changes "have resulted in lower crew turnover and higher customer-satisfaction scores ... and we are gaining share relative to the [fast-food] sandwich segment."他说:“这些变化降低了员工离职率,提高了客户满意度在快餐中的三明治领域,我们获得了更多的市场份额”Customer-satisfaction scores were up 6% in the first quarter, compared to the same period last year, he said.他表示,第一季度的客户满意度比去年同比增长了6%

泰国虎庙涉嫌走私老虎,寺庙缘何成走私站? -- :19: 来源: 人们常说,出家人以慈悲为怀不过如今泰国虎庙爆出的走私丑闻却颠覆了世人三观:这些与世无争的和尚何时也变成了罪行累累的走私贩子? Thai authorities say they have detained a monk attempting to smuggle tiger skins and fangs from a Buddhist temple.泰国警方拘留了一名企图从寺庙中走私虎皮和虎牙的僧人Operators at Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua temple, known as the "Tiger Temple", are accused of wildlife trafficking and animal abuse. They deny the charges.“虎庙”的管理者以走私并虐待野生动物的罪名遭到指控,寺庙管理者则否认了上述指控On Wednesday, wildlife officials found the bodies of 0 dead tiger cubs at the temple complex.周三,野生动物保护部门的官员在庙中发现了0具老虎幼崽的尸体The discovery came during a week-long eft to relocate 7 tigers from the tourist site in Kanchanaburi province.虎庙位于泰国北碧省,泰国野生动物保护部门近日发起了为庙中7只老虎搬家的行动,行动为期一周,在搬家过程中工作人员发现了这些尸体The temple operators had resisted previous attempts to remove the tigers.寺院的管理者抵制了前几次搬家行动Police intercepted the monk, and two other men, in a lorry leaving the temple in western Thailand on Thursday.警方于周四在泰国西部截获了一辆开出寺庙的卡车,车上坐着一名僧人和两名男子The authorities confiscated two full-length tiger skins, about 700 amulets made from tiger parts, and tiger fangs, Teunchai Noochdumrong, director of of the Wildlife Conservation Office, told the B.泰国保护野生动物办公室的负责人Teunchai Noochdumrong告诉B的记者,警方没收了卡车上暗藏的两段完整的虎皮和700件用老虎身体器官做成的护身符"This confiscation shows that the temple is likely involved in illegal tiger trade. They are clearly violating the law in selling, distributing of transferring the protected animals or their parts," she said.这位女性负责人表示“此次警方查获的物品表明寺庙极有可能参与了违法的虎类贸易很明显,寺庙违反了售卖分销死亡的保护动物身体器官的相关法律”Wildlife authorities in Thailand have said they will press charges against the temple.泰国野生动物保护部门表示将对虎庙提起指控On Wednesday, tiger cub corpses were found in a freezer at the complex, along with body parts from other animals.本周三,在寺庙的冰柜中发现了数具老虎幼崽的尸体和其他动物的部分身体和器官Police Col Bandith Meungsukhum told the Agence France-Presse news agency the cubs would have been one or two days old, but it was not clear how long they had been dead.Col Bandith Meungsukhum警官在接受法新社采访时表示,这些幼崽出生一两天便遭人杀害,目前尚不清楚它们具体的死亡时间They will be DNA tested to see whether they were related to other tigers at the site.这些尸体将接受DNA检测,以确定它们与庙中老虎的亲缘关系Officials say the temple operators could be charged with keeping the carcasses without permission.官员们表示将以未经批准私藏动物尸体的罪名起诉寺庙经营者The temple previously said it had decided in to stop cremating cubs which died soon after birth. It has always denied trafficking allegations.年,虎庙宣布将不再对夭折的幼崽进行火化外界一直指责虎庙存在走私动物的勾当,寺庙对此一一否认Authorities started the operation to remove all 7 living tigers from the temple on Monday. Dozens have aly been removed, and taken to animal refuges.从周一开始,寺庙中的7只老虎开始了搬家之旅,几十只老虎已经在动物收容所安了家The site, west of Bangkok, is a popular tourist attraction, with visitors able to pose photos with the animals a fee.虎庙位于曼谷西面,是一处颇受欢迎的旅游胜地游客可以花钱和庙中的动物合影It has been closed to the public since the raid.警方突击检查后,寺庙已停止对外开放Animal activists and mer workers have claimed the tigers are mistreated and kept in small concrete cages.动物保护人士和寺庙从前的工作人员称庙中的老虎遭到虐待,只能栖身于小型的混凝土笼子

世界上出现和你长得一模一样的人的几率是… --30 18::7 来源:chinadaily Most of us have, at some point in time, been told we have a doppelgauml;nger - someone out there who looks just like us. But what are the chances, scientifically speaking, of that happening? 我们大多数人都曾在某个时间点被告知,自己有一个二重身——那儿有个人看上去很像我们但从科学的角度来讲,发生这种事的可能性有多大? According to the research, having an exact doppelgauml;nger is less likely than you might think. A studycrunched the numbers and investigated the probability of two people matching up exactly in eight key facial features. 研究指出,拥有一模一样的二重身的可能性比你想象中的要小一项研究处理了大量数据信息,探讨了两个人在8个关键面部特征上完全吻合的可能性 They found that there's about a one in 5 chance that a pair of complete doppelgauml;ngers exist somewhere in the world. But the likelihood of someone walking around looking identical to you, specifically, in all eight facial features is only one in 1 trillion. Creepy, but not very likely. 他们发现在世界上的某个地方存在一对完美的二重身的可能性大约为但是走在路上的某个人看上去跟你一样的可能性,特别是8个面部特征都相同的人,这种可能性只有万亿分之一听上去挺恐怖的,但却不太可能 So why do people keep telling you they saw someone that looks ;just like you; if that's so statistically unlikely? 那么,既然从统计学的角度来讲,这是不可能的,为什么人们还是不断告诉你他们看到了一个“看上去很像你”的人呢? The issue here is that people can perceive faces differently. This means that – even though a person might not be a true doppelgauml;nger – we might think they are because we cannot calculate the minusculemeasurements of their facial features. 这儿的问题就是人们对面孔的感知是不同的这意味着,尽管一个人可能不是一个真正的二重身,但是我们可能会认为他们是,因为我们无法估量出他们面部特征的细微尺寸 In other words, it's quite likely to have a doppelgauml;nger out there that your friends think looks exactly the same as you, but if you were to analyse their features scientifically, it's unlikely they'd be a true match. 换句话说,很可能那儿有一个二重身,你朋友认为看上去跟你一模一样,但如果你科学地分析一下他们的特征的话,他们不可能跟你一模一样 While the findings are just plain cool to think about, the team also says that they suggest that facial recognition might be as good as fingerprinting or DNA in catching wanted criminals. 这个发现想想还是很酷炫的,同时,研究团队还指出,他们认为在追捕通缉犯的时候,面部识别也许与指纹或DNA识别一样管用两名女性进行党魁角逐 英国将迎来第二位女首相 -- :: 来源:chinadaily Theresa May(left) and Andrea Leadsom(right)Britain is to have its second female Prime Minister after Conservative party members were given the choice between Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom.现在英国保守党成员需要在特雷莎?梅和安德烈娅?利德索姆二人之间进行选择,这意味着英国将迎来历史上第二位女首相The winner, to be announced on September 9th, will face one of the most difficult tasks in post-war history, renegotiating Britain's place in world.英国将于9月9日宣布大选获胜者,而当选的首相将面对英国战后以来最艰巨的任务之一,即就英国在世界上的地位进行重新谈判In the second ballot of Conservative MPs in the leadership contest, Mrs May won the support of 199 MPs, against 8 MPs Mrs Leadsom.在保守党议员对保守党领袖选举的第二轮投票中,特雷莎?梅赢得了199名议员的持,对手安德烈娅?利德索姆则获得了8名议员的持Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary, was eliminated after he received the backing of just 6 MPs, two fewer than had voted him in the first round.司法部长迈克尔?戈夫只获得了6名议员的持,比第一轮投票时还少了两票,被淘汰出局Because of the scale of support among the parliamentary party - largely because of her experience of running the Home Office the last six years - Mrs May is now the front runner to become the country's first woman Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher.由于议会政党给予了大规模持——很大程度上是因为她过去六年担任内政大臣的经验——特雷莎?梅现在遥遥领先,最可能成为自玛格丽特?撒切尔之后英国第一任女首相However, unlike Mrs Leadsom she backed remaining in the European Union in the recent referendum campaign, which may prove unpopular among Tory rank and file.然而,与安德烈娅?利德索姆不同,特雷莎?梅在最近的公投活动中持留欧,这可能造成她在保守党民众中不受欢迎In a statement outside the House of Commons, Mrs May said that the size of her lead in the contest showed that the Conservative party can “come together” under her leadership.在下议院之外发布的一份声明中,特雷莎?梅说,她在竞选中获得的持规模表明,保守党可以在她的领导下“走到一起”Mrs May also pledged “to make Britain a country that works not a privileged few but every one of us”.特雷莎?梅还承诺“使英国成为一个不为少数特权阶层,而是为我们每一个人运转的国家”Mrs May said that she would provide “strong leadership to negotiate the best deal Britain as we leave the European Union, to e our Party and our country”.特雷莎?梅表示,“既然现在英国已经离开了欧盟,她将提供强有力的领导,争取为英国达成最佳协议,团结我们的党和国家”Meanwhile, Mrs Leadsom said that she was “absolutely delighted”.与此同时,安德烈娅?利德索姆表示她“欣喜万分”She added: “The great news is we have an all-female shortlist with no positive discrimination or anything, isn't that fantastic?”她补充道:“最激动人心的消息是我们的决选名单中全是女性,没有正面歧视或任何其他东西这真是太棒了”Michael GoveThe result caps a disastrous campaign Mr Gove, who chose to stand as leader at the last minute effectively cing Boris Johnson to pull out of the race, but will now not be in the race to become Prime Minister.对迈克尔?戈夫来说,这次投票结果意味着他本次竞选以悲剧告终戈夫在最后一刻选择参与竞选,有效地迫使鲍里斯?约翰逊退出,但现在他本人也将不能参与首相的角逐Mr Gove, who declined to say whom he will be backing, said the next leader would be “a female prime minister who has midable skills and I know whichever one of the two wins they will lead this country well”.戈夫拒绝透露自己持谁,他表示,下一任领导人将是“一个才能杰出的女首相,我知道她们二人无论谁胜出,都将会很好地领导这个国家”Mrs May and Mrs Leadsom will spend the next nine weeks travelling around the country trying to win the support of the party's 0,000 members.未来九个星期,特雷莎?梅和安德烈娅?利德索姆将会在全国各地四处游说,努力赢得党内万名成员的持Vocabularyrank and file: 民众,老百姓英文来源:每日电讯报翻译:实习生朱善美审校#38;编辑:丹妮NASA发布照片:冥王星给了我们最大的惊喜! -- :36: 来源:   During a news briefing at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory on Tuesday, NASA scientists revealed what they've gleaned from the latest photos of Pluto. The New Horizons spacecraft was set to make its closest approach of the dwarf planet on Tuesday, and while scientists wait confirmation of that flyby -- and the months worth of data that it will bring.  周二,约翰霍普金斯应用物理实验室举行的发布会上,美国国家航空航天局(NASA)的科学家透露,他们已收集到来自冥王星的最新图像计划设定,新视野号飞行探测器会在周二近距离飞掠这颗矮行星,届时将向在地面等待确认飞掠的科学家传回历时个月所收集到的数据  Remember Pluto's heart?  还记得冥王星的心吗?  Well, it's broken.  好吧,它的心已碎  What you're looking at is an image of Pluto with heavily exaggerated color data -- like when you amp up the saturation on an Instagram. It's a bit hard to see (sorry) but one side of the "heart" is much bluer than the other. In fact, the left-hand side seems prettybeige-y.  你所看到的冥王星图像,附带有极度夸张的色数据,就像你在Instagram(一款图片分享应用)上放大图片的色饱和度那样图片让人看起来(抱歉~)有点儿费力,但你还是能看到这颗“心”的一边要比另一边蓝得多实际上看,左边的部分看起来更偏于米黄色   This seems to confirm something that the NASA scientists suspected based on recent photos of the "heart" feature: It's actually two features. In the latest images, it looks like the left half of the heart is smoother than the right, the team said at the briefing. It's possible that some texture has been lost in the compression of the image, but it could also mean that one side of the heart is a different geological feature than the other -- they're just both very bright, compared with the rest of the surface.  这似乎实了NASA科学家们基于这颗“心”的近照所作出的猜测,即实际上心有两部分组成科研团队在简报会上指出,根据最新的图像,似乎这颗“心”的左半边要比右半边平滑的多很有可能是在图像的压缩过程中丢失了某些质地,但这也有可能意味着,这颗“心”的一边与另一边地质特征存在差异相对于冥王星表面的其他部分而言,这两部分都很明亮  And speaking of Pluto's features, NASA scientists are now giving unofficial names to some of the things they've spotted -- names they can submit to the International Astronomical union official approval. They're sticking with the trend of underworld creatures and gods -- Pluto, after all, was the Roman god of the underworld -- and have tentatively named a previously observed dark, whale-shaped splotch (just to the left of the broken heart) after "Cthulhu," the dark deity invented by author H.P. Lovecraft.  谈到冥王星的特征,NASA科学家们正准备给一些他们发现到的东西进行非正式命名他们可以将这些名字递交给国际天文学联合会以获得官方认此次命名将延续以往的传统,以阴间神灵命名毕竟,冥王星就是以罗马神话中掌管阴间的冥王所命名的科学家们已打算将前不久观察到的一块鲸鱼形深色暗斑区域(就在这颗破碎的“心”的左边),命名为“克苏鲁”(由作家H·P·洛夫卡拉夫特创作的一个邪神)

鸡蛋需不需要冷藏呢? -- ::7 来源: 鸡蛋是冷藏还是不冷藏呢,这是一个问题看看文章是怎么说的吧 To refrigerate or not, that is the question. When it comes to eggs, it all depends on where you live. Different nations handle this food storage issue differently.对于某些食品来说,冷藏还是不冷藏,这是一个问题而鸡蛋究竟要不要冷藏则取决于你所生活的地方不同的国家在鸡蛋储存的处理上是有区别的Here in the U.S., we refrigerate — always — while our neighbors across the ocean in the U.K. (and many other countries) don’t. It’s not so much a matter of custom as it is of food safety. Here’s why.在美国,我们的鸡蛋一般都是要冷藏的,但是我们大洋彼岸的邻居——英国(当然还有很多其他国家)则不冷藏这并不是因为风俗的关系,而是与食品安全有关以下就是原因In the U.S., all of our commercial eggs are power-washed bee being packaged and shipped to a local grocery store near you. The reason power washing is to rid the egg’s exterior of any harmful bacteria — salmonella is the big fear here — by rinsing off all organic matter.在美国,我们所有的成品鸡蛋都是经过强力清洗后才能打包运送到您身边的本地商店通过清除所有的有机物,这种清洗方式能去除鸡蛋表层任何的有害细菌——其中沙门氏菌是最大的担忧Salmonella can contaminate an egg in two ways. One, by passing from an infected hen to its egg when laid. Or two, it can get on the outside of the shell from contact with chicken feces. Power washing does away with the manure. Untunately, it also washes away the egg’s natural protective coating called the cuticle, making it more porous and susceptible to contamination. Refrigerating the eggs helps keep potentially harmful microorganisms at bay.沙门氏菌通过两种方式污染鸡蛋第一种方式是在下蛋的母鸡已被感染,因而鸡蛋也被感染另一种方式则是由于鸡蛋壳与鸡粪接触,导致鸡蛋感染沙门氏菌而强力清洗则能去除鸡粪可惜的是,这种清洗方式也会使得鸡蛋天然的保护层,我们称之为cuticle(护膜),被清洗掉,从而鸡蛋更容易受到感染冷藏鸡蛋则能有效地防止有害微生物的滋生In the U.K. however, eggs are not washed because it’s believed that washing can transfer harmful bacteria from the outside to the inside of the egg. Instead, hens in the U.K. are vaccinated to prevent salmonella.然而,在英国,鸡蛋是不清洗的,因为他们相信清洗会将有害病菌从鸡蛋表层带进鸡蛋里层,英国的母鸡都会注射疫苗,防止感染沙门氏菌Both methods are effective in keeping salmonella controlled — one is not better than the other. Just be sure to be aware of the safety regulations in whichever country you happen to be buying your eggs in.这两种方法都能有效控制沙门氏菌——并没有优劣之分你只需要留意你要买鸡蛋的那个国家的食品安全规定就行As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.正如有句话说得好,入乡随俗年北京奥运会福娃,现在在哪? --9 :53:01 来源: 里约奥运会来临之际,你是否想过曾经风光无限的北京奥运会吉祥物现在在哪,北京奥运会的场馆都被如何使用? Beibei, one of five Chinese Olympic mascots, lies abandoned outside an unfinished mall in Beijing (AFP PhotoGreg Baker)中国奥运会五个吉祥物之一贝贝,被丢弃在北京一家未建成的商场外(法新社照片 Greg Baker)Once a proud talisman of the Beijing games, the character -- a traditional Chinese "good luck" doll whose fiery headdress symbolised the Olympic torch -- now lies in a field outside an unfinished mall started during the pre-game construction boom.北京奥运会曾经引以为傲的护身符——头饰是奥林匹克火炬的中国传统“好运”玩偶——现躺在运动会建设狂潮后未建完的商场外He is one of six large mascot statues on the premises who have fallen down and out in the eight years since the high of the capital’s enthusiasm the games.他是这里的六个大型吉祥物塑像之一,八年间资本家对运动会的已过去,他掉下来后便一直在外面Photographed weeks bee the Olympics open in Rio, the mascots are a reminder of the high costs of hosting the event.在届里约奥运会开幕前的几个星期,这些吉祥物是主办一场奥运会高成本的提醒Their derelict state reflects the challenges that China has faced in finding new uses its Olympic investments, with many venues falling into disrepair and some construction projects left incomplete.他们被遗弃的状态反映了中国在为奥运会上的投资寻求新用途面临的挑战,许多场馆年久失修,一些建设项目也没有完成China sealed its place on the world stage as an emerging superpower in the Games, which were estimated to have cost the country around 腾讯和故宫联手开展“QQ表情”设计大赛 -- ::9 来源:chinadaily 7月6日晚,腾讯与故宫物院在故宫端门数字馆举办“腾讯NEXTIDEA×故宫”发布会,宣布开展长期合作据故宫物院院长单霁翔介绍,故宫物院将开放一系列经典IP与“NEXTIDEA腾讯创新大赛”的两项赛事“表情设计”和“游戏创意”展开合作据悉,表情设计大赛的合作,将以QQ的“企鹅原创平台”为基础,开展故宫IP表情创意设计征集A creative product released by Tencent and Palace Museum. [PhotoWeibo of China Daily]请看相关报道:Tencent, China's internet giant, has signed a three-year deal with the Palace Museum to promote traditional Chinese culture through the creativity of today's youth. The two will work on emojis on QQ, games, animation and literature based on traditional cultural stories in China.中国网络巨头腾讯和故宫物院签署了三年的协议,意在借助当代年轻人的创造性来发扬中国传统文化双方将以中国传统文化故事为基础,就QQ表情、游戏、动画和文学作品展开合作腾讯和故宫将合作开展QQ表情设计大赛,QQ表情的英文表达就是QQ emoji,emoji是指“表情图标”,要注意和emoticon相区别后者是emotion与icon的合成词,意思是“表情符号”,比如表示高兴的符号:-)和不高兴的符号:-(近些年来,故宫一直在不遗余力地借助现代科技推广中国传统文化,除了与腾讯合作,故宫还开发了针对青年和儿童的应用和教育游戏(educational games),开始在网上售卖entrance tickets(门票),并在天猫上开了官方旗舰店(official store),推出了一系列故宫创意产品(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮) billion.中国在奥运会作为新兴的超级大国登上世界舞台,而这估计耗费了这个国家大约00亿美元Beijing’s willingness to spend big helped it win a bid last summer to host the winter Games, beating a string of European cities that withdrew due to public concerns over costs.北京花大钱的意愿,让它在去年打败了许多因公众担心花费而退出的欧洲城市,赢得了冬奥会的主办权The capital will be the only city in sporting history to host both summer and winter Olympics.这座城市将成为体育史上唯一一座既举办过夏季也举办过冬季奥运会的城市Today, venues such as the Bird’s Nest, which cost 3.6 billion yuan to build ( million at rates) and the nearby Water Cube, with its bubbled exterior and 1.3 billion-yuan price tag, remain underused. They mostly play host to curious tourists, as few events can fill their massive capacity.今天,奥运会场馆如鸟巢(耗资36亿美元打造,年费率是亿8600万),以及旁边泡泡外观的水立方(花费亿美元)仍在使用中它们大多用于接待好奇的游客,因为很少有活动需要它们这么大的容量But they and nine other venues from the Games will be re-used in .但它们和其他九个奥运会场馆都将被再次用于冬奥会When strung together, the five Olympic mascots’ names -- Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini -- spell out "Beijing huanying ni", Chinese "Beijing welcomes you".把奥运会吉祥物的名字连起来——贝贝,晶晶,欢欢,迎迎,妮妮——可以拼成“北京欢迎你”,是“北京欢迎你”的中文Designed to represent the five elements of Chinese philosophy and embody some of the country’s most popular animals -- Jingjing has panda-like features, while Yingying looks vaguely like a Tibetan antelope -- they were once ubiquitous images across the city.它们的设计代表中国哲学里的五个元素,并体现这个国家一些最受欢迎的动物——晶晶有熊猫特征,而迎迎看起来有点像藏羚羊——它们的图片曾经充斥整座城市Also hiding in the weeds was a two metre-tall (6.5 feet) rendering of Paralympic mascot Fu Niu Lele, a multi-coloured cow whose name was chosen to bring good luck.藏在杂草里的还有一个两米高(6.5英尺)的残奥会吉祥物福牛乐乐,一个多的奶牛,选用这个名字是想带来好运It’s not clear if Beijing is planning a Winter Olympics comeback the merly fab five, but the time being, they remain little more than a distant memory.北京是否计划在冬奥会让这五个福娃复出还不清楚,但现在,他们只是一点遥远的记忆双语:日本中部火山爆发 多名登山者被困 -- :: 来源: Rescuers have found 30 hikers in critical condition, feared dead, near the peak of Mount Ontake, after Saturday's sudden volcanic eruption.   周六日本御岳火山突然喷发,救援人员已经发现有30名山顶附近的登山者处境危急,可能已经死亡   The hikers were not breathing and their hearts had stopped, reports said. Final confirmation of death in Japan always comes via a medical examination.   报道称这些登山者们已经停止呼吸和心跳在日本,最终的死亡确认要在医生检查后才会发布   About 50 people were trapped on the slopes, but most have got down safely.   约50人曾被困在山上,但大多数人已经安全返回   The volcano, about 0km west of Tokyo, erupted at about noon on Saturday, spewing ash and rocks.   这座位于东京以西0公里的火山在周六午间喷发出大量火山灰和石块   Ordinarily it is a popular place to see autumn foliage.   此地本是观赏秋叶的名胜   Japan is one of the world's most seismically active nations but there have been no fatalities from volcanic eruptions since 1991, when 3 people died at Mount Unzen in the south-west.   日本是世界上地震最频繁的国家,但自1991年西南部的云仙岳喷发死亡1人以来,再未有人在火山爆发中遇难

庆安官场被“链式举报” --18 3:18:35 来源: 5月日,哈尔滨铁警在黑龙江庆安火车站开击毙醉酒闹事人员徐纯合,该事件通过网络迅速发酵,关于当地官场的举报帖集中爆发请看相关报道:A man named Xu Chunhe was shot dead by a local policeman at the railway station in Qing'an, Heilongjiang because he caused disorder after drinking and had a fight with the policeman. The incident raised wide public concern, and during the investigation there was a chain of tip-offs about the illegal practices of local officials. 醉汉徐纯合在黑龙江庆安火车站制造混乱,袭击铁警,被开击毙一事引发公众广泛关注,而调查中,庆安当地官员的违法行径被“链式举报”打死徐纯合的一成为了庆安官场地震的导火索(The fatal shooting of Xu Chunhe was the trigger an "earthquake" in local official circles)庆安县副县长董国生年龄、学历造假(fabricate academic credentials )和妻子吃空饷(freeloading)的违法行为东窗事发,已被停职(has been suspended)还有人举报当地大批官员涉嫌买卖教师编制(buy and sell officially budgeted teacher posts)不能否认,徐纯合事件客观上推动了对当地官员的反腐调查进程(accelerated the anti-corruption campaign)它将公众注意力引到了庆安这个县城,舆论聚光灯照射之下,当地官场的一举一动自然备受关注(under scrutinizing eyes)但针对庆安官员的举报一起接一起,却也表明当地长年积累下来的问题之多,也说明了当地对群众举报(public tip-offs)、信访(petitioning)的处理仍存在弊端(中国日报网英语点津 彭娜)上海一高校0名男生为全系唯一女生庆生 -- 3:: 来源: 上海海事大学0名男生为全系仅有的一名女生庆生,这集万千宠爱于一身的感觉真是让人欲罢不能… Recently a group of photos showing a birthday celebration went viral online. In the photos, what looks like hundreds of male students are holding a birthday party just one girl.最近一组庆生的照片在网上被疯传照片中,几百名男生正在举行一场生日聚会,而聚会的主角只有一名女生The girl, named Wu Xun, is the only female student among all her classmates majoring in marine engineering at Shanghai’s Merchant Marine College. What’s more, Wu is the first female marine engineering major in the history of the college. The department had only ever admitted male students bee her.女主角名叫吴迅,是上海海事大学商船学院轮机工程专业全系唯一一名女生更让人吃惊的是,吴迅还是该院轮机专业史上第一名女生在此之前,轮机工程系只招收男生During the party, all 0 male students stood in rows and sang to Wu her birthday. They also prepared a cake her. Two students rolled the cake into the party on a trolley, stopping right in front of Wu. Extremely moved, Wu cut the cake into eight sections to share with the eight classes in her department.在聚会中,所有0名男生都战列成队,为吴迅唱了生日歌他们还为吴迅准备了一块生日蛋糕两名同学用小推车把生日蛋糕推到了聚会现场,停在了吴迅的面前吴迅非常感动,把蛋糕切成了8块,和全系8个班的同学一起分享In the eyes of her classmates, Wu is not only an excellent student, she is also strong and confident. "She never buckles to external pressures," one of the boys in the class praised her.在同学们眼里,吴迅不但学业好,而且十分坚强、有自信班上一名男生称赞吴迅说:“她绝不屈于压力”Wu says she hopes that more girls join the marine engineering department in the future.吴迅表示说,她希望将来能有更多的女生报考轮机工程专业<牛人_句子>

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