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奥普拉她非常的慷慨-1 :9:9 A:have you the feature about Oprah Winfrey in this magazine?你看这本杂志里那篇关于奥普拉?温弗瑞的专访了吗?B:no, what's it about?没看呢,说了什么?A:apparently, she's being given an award donating so much money to charity.她向慈善机构捐了巨额资金而获得了一个荣誉奖项.B:she's very generous with her money. I think that's because she was poor when she was young.她非常慷慨.我想着可能是因为她 年轻的时候曾经很贫穷.A:I heard that she's one of the wealthiest women in the world.我听说她现在已经是世界上最富有的女人之一了.B:I'd believe it. She owns magazines, television shows and she has a huge fan base.我相信.她名下拥有很多杂志和电视节目,同时,她还有无数拥护者.A:you know; I heard that she was opening a school underprivileged girls in Africa.要知道,据说她还为非洲的贫困女童开办了学校.B:did they mention that in the ?那专访里提到这个了吗?A:yes, she's not only building the school, but is also using her own money the upkeep of the school and to pay the teachers a fair salary.提了,她不仅办了学校,还自掏腰包付学校老师不菲的薪水以及校舍维护的所有费用.B:that's really commendable. I think more celebrities should use their money to help people like Oprah has.这真让人钦佩啊.我觉得名流们都应该像欧普拉这样把自己的钱用于帮助别人.A:I agree. So many celebrities waste their money on sports cars, expensive clothing, and luxurious hotels.我同意.太多名人只是把钱挥霍在跑车,高档装和豪华酒店上了.B:it's amazing how much money they can spend. I heard Britney Spears once spent $,000 a night on a hotel room!他们花出去的钱数非常惊人.我听说布兰妮斯皮尔斯曾经在一家酒店一晚上就花掉了,000美元.A:what a waste. It's good to see some stars that are more concerned with charity than status symbols.太浪费了.有些明星能够更关注慈善事业而不是自己的身份地位,这才让人欣慰."The style might have offended some older viewers, so that the authority warned the TV station with the suspension order to make their program classier."

Marc is sure to be unhappy with the development as it was recently revealed he is set to challenge Jennifer custody of their twins, three-year-old Max and Emme after he "hit the roof" when he saw pictures of Casper bonding with the youngsters.

The baby arrives at a time when the royal family is riding a wave of popularity. An Ipsos Mori poll last week showed 77 percent of Britons were in favour of remaining a monarchy over a republic, close to its best-ever level of support.


  性感之美 直击格莱美红毯(组图) -- :6:0 来源: Taylor Swift   We just can't shake off this incredible look: Taylor Swift was one of the few Grammy guests to wear a bright color.  我们全然不能从这套美的不可思议的装束上挪开眼:泰勒·斯威夫特是少数身穿亮色登场格莱美的嘉宾之一  The Shake It Off chart topper wore a blue-green dress that had an opening in the front that revealed her very trim legs and a pair of daringfuchsia strappy heels.  占据榜首的《Shake It Off歌手身穿蓝绿色的裙子,从前面大开将她整齐的大腿一展无遗,还有一双大胆紫红色带带的高跟鞋 56 性感 组图。


  . Orlando BloomSinger Lady Gaga takes the stage bee posing photographers at the International Emmy Awards in New York November 1, .

  Hop on board a plane — any plane — and you will find many types of travelers. Somewhere on board will always be a loud talker, a farter, a snorer and a guy who stuffed Chinese food under his seat and is stinking up the whole plane. Columnist Keryn Means has described 5 types of annoying parents on a plane. These passengers are inevitable. Check out these parent behaviors and see if you find them annoying. Or, are you one of them? 3991


  It has long been a mystery to men why so many women enjoy watching tear jerker movies with their friends. But now scientists have come up with a suggestion – sharing sad emotions helps women bond.女人似乎天生喜欢看催泪电影,尤其是和闺蜜一起边看边哭成一团而最新研究显示,和朋友分享这些悲情片,有助于减少这些影片对她们情绪上的负面影响Is this true? 367756。

  我要买齐全部的化妆品 Cosmetics- ::31 A:I’m hungry, let’s go grab a bite to eat.我饿了,我们简单吃点东西B:Yeah me too. Oh! Can we stop at the shop really fast? I lost my makeup bag at the airport and I want to pick up a few things.我也饿了,我们能在商店旁停一下吗?我在机场弄丢了化妆包,我想买些东西A:Will you take long?那要花很长时间吗?B:No! Five minutes I promise!不会,我发誓5分钟就够了A:Come on! We have been here almost an hour! I thought you said you were only going to get a few things! How long does it take you to pick out a lipstick and some nail polish!快点,我们在这儿已经快1个小时了,我记得你说过你只买几样东西选一口红和一些指甲油怎么用这么长时间B:Are you crazy? You have no idea what you are talking about! Just my eyes I have to get eye-liner, an eyelash curler, eye shadow, an eyebrow pencil and mascara. Then I need to get foundation, liquid foundation.你疯了吗?你不知道自己在说什么仅化妆眼睛,我就得需要眼线(笔), 卷睫毛器,眼影和眉笔及睫毛膏我还得打粉底,液体粉底A:Whoa whoa whoa! Are you nuts? How much is all this going to cost? I’m looking at the price at each one of these little things and it’s outrageous! This is basically a crayon!哇!你是木头吗?这些东西得花多少钱?我看了下这些东西的每样报价,太不可思雅了这简直就是蜡笔B:What about you? You spend as much or more money on your razors, after shave, cologne and gel! Not to mention how much you spend on clothes and...那你呢?你花了同样或很多的钱用来买电动刮胡刀,刮脸后搽的润肤水以及古龙水上面更不用你花在买衣和……的钱A:Fine! Get the stupid thirty dollar crayon!好吧,买那个愚蠢的30,美元蜡笔吧

  "Sometimes you have periods of self-doubt where you think you're not worthy of all this and retreat into yourself. But I think I now know how to cope with the pressure better than two years ago. I've had a bit of a blip now and again but you learn and become better at what you do."

  ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 He into you.他喜欢你He chooses the perfect gift.用心挑选礼物Dont worry if his gifts are duds but ifhe consistently hits it out of the park with his present shopping skills, takeit as a compliment: he not only a good listener, he also thoughtful … and willing to spend hours searching exactly the right thing.如果他已经尽自己最大的购物能力挑选了一件完美礼物,但却不如你所愿,不要太多虑,高兴地接受吧他不仅是一个好的倾听者,又如此体贴,又愿意花时间寻找能让你开心的东西He introduces you to his family.介绍家人You can bet that as soon as he introduces a girlfriend to his mother, shell be on his case about grandchildren. 只要他把你介绍给他的妈妈,那他妈妈一定会督促你关于孙子的事So if he getting the two of you together, he knows what he getting himself into and that there might be afuture with you.所以,如果他介绍你们认识,他明白自己会面对什么问题那他肯定是想和你一起创造未来【知识点讲解】willing to 情愿例句:He is always eager new experiences and ever-willing to experiment. 他总是渴望拥有新的经历,而且永远愿意尝试He was willing to make any sacrifice peace. 他愿意为和平作出任何牺牲There not enough people willing to take the risk. 没有足够的人愿意冒这个险安夏の微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia)安夏个人微信:anxia[本节目属] 56

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