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沙坪坝不孕不育在线万州市不孕医院哪家好万州不孕不育 医院 生活中有很多非常简单易懂的英语单词,却能搭配出不同的词组,表达丰富多的意思,今天我们就来学一学;stand;一词相关的英文短语。;stand;的基本含义是;站立;。1. stand out 突出/显眼/引人注目例句:How can we make our exhibit stand out from the rest?如何才能使我们的展览摊位比其它的突出呢?2. stand by 持;袖手旁观例句:True friends are those who will stand by you.忠实的朋友是那些会持你的人。How can you stand by when those boys are kicking the cat?当那些孩子们在踢那只猫时,你怎能站在一旁不管呢?3. stand for 代表/象征例句:But the fact is that the EU does ndash; or perhaps did ndash; stand for something important on the world stage.但事实是,欧盟的确(或许是曾经)在世界舞台上代表着某种重要的东西。4. stand in 代替;替身演员例句:The supervisor is going away for a week and I have to stand in for her.主管打算离开一个星期,因此我得代替她的工作。5. stand off 疏远/远离/避开例句:He consciously stood off her in the publicity.他有意在公开场合避开她。6. stand on 基于/取决于;依靠例句:The conclusion stood on some uncertain matters, so its wrong.该项结论基于几项待实的情况,因此,该结论是错误的。7. stand over 延期;监督例句:The football match have to stand over next week for the typhoon storm.由于台风风暴,这场足球赛延期到下个星期举行。I hate being stood over by the FBI.我讨厌受到联邦调查局的监视。8. stand to 遵守例句:A man should stand to his promise.一个男子汉应该信守诺言。9. stand up 站起来;站得住脚,有说力例句:They all stood up and welcomed his coming.他们全都站起来欢迎他的到来。He knew clearly that the evidence he offered would stand up in the court of law.他清楚地知道,他所提供的据经得住法庭的检验。10. stand up for 持/拥护/捍卫例句:Dont let anyone hurt you. You should stand up for yourself!不要让任何人来伤害你。你要为自己辩护! /201203/173593Have a seat.All right,Thats back at you,by the way.坐下吧 好了 这些热情都送还给你们Lets hear from the Calabasas Raiders Youth Football Team.感谢Calabasas Raiders少年橄榄球队的队员They make me wanna call a pundit for unnecessary cuteness is what they want.他们让我觉得专业球员居然如此可爱 这是他们给人的感觉I cant believe kids that young are playing football,真不敢相信这么小的孩子就开始打球了You know,Im told the rules are the same,Except that half-time is actually nap time.我听说连规则都是一样的 只不过中场时间其实是午睡时间Thats all the difference.You all excited at the Super Bowl this weekend?就这么点不同 你们对周末的超级碗都很兴奋吗Me too.Heres is what Im hoping.Im hoping for a close game,some funny commercials,and maybe a few wardrobe malfunctions.Thats what Im hoping for.我也一样 说说我的期待 我期待一场激烈的比赛 好玩的广告 可能还会走露点春光 这就是我期待的The Giants and the Patriots are in the Super Bowl this year,and they are both great teams.今年巨人队和爱国者队要争夺超级碗 他们都很强大I look forward to watching the game.我很期待看这场比赛Another game Im excited about is the one we are about to play right now.另一场让我激动的比赛是 我们现在要比的这个I have one ticket,One ticket to the Super Bowl.And I have four fans who want it.我有一张票 一张超级碗的门票 有四位球迷想要Theyre gonna battle it out,in a game we call Ellens Super Bowl Smackdown.她们将决出胜负 这个游戏我们叫做 Ellen超级碗对决Lets make Team NO.1.She is a forth generation Giants fan who owns a Giants Snuggie,这是一号队 她是第四代巨人队球迷 她有一个巨人队睡毯and she is not afraid to wear her Patriots jersey out in public,even though she lives in Giants country.Give it up for Jill and Lennie.她不害怕穿出去她的爱国者球衣 即使她周围都是巨人对球迷 这就是无敌的Jill和LennieAnd now team No2.She will unfriend you on Facebook if you talk smack of her Giants.现在是二号队 她会在Facebook上把你取消好友 要是你说巨人队的坏话And she is a Patriots fanatic,Even though her fiance loves the Giants.Lets hear it from Aimee and Kendyl.她是爱国者的狂热球迷 尽管她的未婚夫喜欢巨人队 我们欢迎Aimee和Kendyl /201703/498528黔江治疗不孕症专科医院

重庆宫颈靡烂微创手术价格网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:身体不舒在寒冷的冬天,伤风、咳嗽和感冒等小毛病有可能使孩子没法上学,大人不能上班。在这种情况下,美国人打电话到办公室去请假的时候,他们是怎么说的呢? 一般来说,他们会说: My daughter, Mary, is sick. 意思是说:我女儿玛丽病了。或者说:Im not feeling well. 意思是:我不太舒。 这些讲法都是非常普遍的。但是,美国人在表达这些意思的时候也有一些常用的俗语。美国人在概括地表示;我不太舒;,而不是具体地说明什么病,如头痛、头晕或胃痛等时,经常会用under the weather。 weather就是;天气;,但是under the weather的意思是;我不太舒;,与天气没有关系。例如: Mr. Jones, this is Sally Smith. Im sorry, but I cant come to work today - Im feeling a little under the weather. 琼斯先生,我是萨莉;史密斯。对不起,今天我有点儿不舒,所以不能去上班了。 当你用under the weather的时候,你只是告诉对方你感到不舒,而不用具体地告诉别人你究竟是头痛呢,还是拉肚子。under the weather可能是有小毛病的时候最普遍的用法。下面我们再来举个例子,这回是刚才那位老板Mr. Jones生病了,他打电话给他的秘书,当然不是向她请假,而是告诉她他不去上班,给她下一点指示而已。Miss Smith? This is Mister Jones here. Could you please cancel my appointments for today? Im feeling under the weather, so Im going to stay home. I hope I see you tomorrow. 你是史密斯吗?我是琼斯先生。我今天不太舒,所以我就呆在家里,不去上班了。请你把我今天的约会给取消了吧。明天再见。 这位史密斯一定很高兴,老板不来上班,事情会少得多。一般秘书成天都得围绕着老板的工作节奏行事,有时忙得喘不过气来。 /201207/191935重庆引产需要多少钱 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):For a few years, we were constantly hearing about how terrible Michigans roads were–and how the legislature kept ignoring citizens pleas to fix them.Then, a couple of years ago, lawmakers did enact what was billed as a road repair package. It doesnt start providing any new money until this year, but four years from now, its supposed to generate something like .2 billion a year to fix the roads.Thats provided the Legislature, which is still talking about cutting taxes and state revenue, is willing to take 0 million out of the aly strapped general fund. But even if that happens, and even if the next few winters are as mild as this one, heres the bad news: The new funding is way too little and considerably too late.Our roads are going to get worse—noticeably and exponentially worse. In the next five years, there is going to be a vast and accelerating increase in the number of roads and bridges in terrible shape. And that means more people will die.This isnt hyperbole.Trip, a highly respected Washington-based transportation research group, just released a new report on Michigan. It makes for grim ing.Trip concluded the road funding package the governor signed in 2015 ;is not sufficient to adequately address the significant deterioration of the system, or to allow the state to provide many of the transportation improvements that are needed to support economic growth.;The study starkly illustrates what that will mean. Last year, 20 percent of Michigans state-maintained roads were in ;poor; condition. Three years from now, that figure will be 46 percent – almost half. Bridges are in somewhat better shape. Only one of every nine of those ;show significant deterioration and are in need of repair.;But that too is expected to climb rapidly. The Michigan Department of Transportation estimates that within three years, 354 state highway bridges will be in poor shape.Someday, one will collapse and people will die.They are dying now. Few people have noticed, but traffic deaths in Michigan rose 20 percent from 2014 to 2016. I have no doubt text messaging and other distracted driving had a lot to do with that. But so did the condition of the roads.The TRIP study estimates road conditions are a likely contributing factor in one-third of highway deaths. Last year, more than 1,000 people were killed on our roads. You do the math.Bad roads are much like tooth decay. The longer you put off fixing the problem, the more complex and expensive it becomes. Trips report concludes by stating the obvious:;As Michigan works to build a thriving, growing and dynamic state, it will be critical…to address the states most significant transportation issues by providing a well-maintained 21st century network of roads, highways, bridges and transit.;Well, we arent doing it. And unless that changes, we are going to become a backwater.The best, easiest and roughly fairest solution is simple.Forget the fancy funding games, and just raise the gas tax per gallon to get what we need. Otherwise, well, maybe we can switch to a fleet of oxcarts. Our economy may collapse, but Im sure the ed Nations will find a way to get some relief supplies to us.201704/502146九龙坡输卵管炎症的症状

重庆市第八人民医院专家咨询迷你对话:A: The government has to face a lot of social problems now.现在政府面临许多社会问题。B: I think it is unemployment that gives rise to such social problems.是失业导致了这些社会问题。A: But it is very difficult for any government to handle it efficiently.但是对于任何一个政府来说都很难有效地解决失业问题。B: You are right.对呀!地道表达:give rise to解词释义:rise是名词,意思为“进展,振兴”。give rise to表示“导致,引起”。持范例:Eg. Hard work and enthusiasm can give a rise to success. 努力工作及热忱会导致成功。 Eg. His desire for money gave a rise to his destruction. 对钱的欲望导致了他的毁灭. Eg. Gambling has given a rise to his ruin. 导致他倾家荡产。Eg. Worries and tenseness can give a rise to insomnia. 忧虑和紧张会导致失眠。 特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为未经可可许可。 /201209/200278 重庆大坪医院输卵管重庆宫颈增生妇科医院

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