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  • 英语学习笔记:catch a chill 着凉感冒cast a chill over sb 使某人感到沮丧,寒心take the chill off sth 驱除...的寒气,把…暖一暖put the chill on sb 表示对某人冷淡chill sb to the bone 使人感到害怕,感到寒气刺骨chill out 休闲放松,平静下来We lit the fire to take the chill off the room.我们点了火,好驱走房间里的寒气The unpleasant news cast a chill over the whole party.于是呢,这个不愉快的消息让整个聚会的人都意兴阑珊This is a film that will chill you to the bone.这是部会让你毛骨悚然的电影更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 5586。
  • All Except the Music 除了音乐A keen young teacher wanted to introduce her class to the glories of classical music, so she arranged an outing to an afternoon concert. 一位热心的年轻教师想让她的学生多了解一点优秀的古典音乐,就安排了一天下午去听音乐会To make the occasion even more memorable, she treated everyone to lemonade, cake, chocs and ices. 为了使这次活动能给大家留下更深的印象,她请大家喝柠檬汽水、吃点心、巧克力和冰淇淋Just as the party was getting back into their coach, she said to little Sally, ;Have you enjoyed yourself today?;在大家回来上汽车的时候,她问小萨莉:“你今天玩得好吗?”;Oh, yes, miss!; said Sally, ;It was lovely. All except the music, that is.;“噢,好极了,,” 萨莉说,“除了音乐其它都很好”1.keenkeen在这里指热心的,同时它也可以只厉害的,敏锐的作动词和名词时指哀号,嚎哭,专指为死人keen on:热衷于,有兴趣的eg:Molly was very keen on the music master.莫莉非常喜爱那位音乐大师同时,要表示热情的,我们还可以用以下单词:enthusiasticpassionateintensezealousebullientwarm-hearted.chocschocs即为chocolateeg:Ill give you gifts of chocs and wine.我会将巧克力和红酒作礼物送你3.missmiss这个单词我们以前说过是想念的意思,比如I miss you,就是我想你不过在这篇文章中,miss是指,指未婚的女人.已婚的女人:Mrs,先生是Mr,即Mister的缩写 6。
  • Lightening Jack第单元 “发亮”杰克Each year at the full moon party, musicians, permers and gypsies come from far and wide to celebrate the new moon. There are people playing strange instruments and perming wild stunts. Each year Lightening Jack is always the favorite entertainer.一年一度的满月派对上,都会有各地来的乐师、表演者和吉普赛人群集庆祝新月的到来有人会弹奏一些奇怪的乐器,也有人表演精的绝技每年最受欢迎的表演者一直都是“发亮”杰克He is a daring and adverturous permer. He wears interesting clothing from eign countries. His ears are pierced with shark teeth. He smells of flowers and sweet oils and he wears his long blond hair in two braids that hang down almost to his knees.他是个既勇敢又爱冒险的表演家他穿着来自外国的趣味装,耳洞上穿有鲨鱼牙齿;他身上有花朵和甜油的味道,留着一头长长的金发,两条辫子几乎垂到膝盖上Just by looking at him, people can tell that he is different from most.大家光从外表就分得出来,他和大部分人都不一样Lightening Jack has traveled all over the world learning new tricks to perm the moon party. People call him ;Lightening Jack; because of the trick he is famous —Fire Throwing.“发亮”杰克曾到世界各地旅行,学习满月派对表演用的新花招人们会叫他“发亮杰克”是因为他最有名的把戏便是“抛火秀”Jack has two ropes that he dips in gas and then lights them on fire. When the music starts, Jack throws, twists, and turns the rope around his body and into the air. It is a beautiful and dangerous sight to see. But Jack, this is an adventure. him, it is a thrill every time.杰克让两条绳索浸上汽油,然后点火让绳子烧起来;等音乐声响起,杰克便用绳子在身体周围又抛又扭地转来转去,最后还会抛向空中这样的景象既美丽又危险,可是对杰克来说,这确实一场冒险对他而言,每一回的表演都让他胆战心惊原文译文属! 9。
  • 好莱坞明星,迈克尔#86;道格拉斯,罗伯特#86;德尼罗,根#86;弗里曼和马特#86;达蒙等呼吁世界各国停止核军备竞赛,倡导世界无核化!Today, I state clearly and with conviction, America commitment to seek the peace and security.今天,我十分清楚及明确的表明,美国寻求和平及安全的信念,Of a world without nuclear weapons.一个没有核武器的世界Of a world without nueclear weapons.一个没有核武器的世界This matters to people everywhere.这关系到全世界的人们Some argue that the sp of these weapons can not be stopped, can not be checked.一些人认为这类武器的扩散无法停下脚步,不能被检查Such fatalism is a deadly adversary.这种宿命论就是我们致命的敌人 if we believe that the sp of neclear weapons is inevitable,因为如果我们相信核武器武器的扩散无可避免,Then in some way we are admitting to ourselves that the use of nuclear weapons is inevitable.然后在某种方式上我们都承认自己,使用核武器是无可避免的To denounce a call cooperation,谴责呼吁合作,Is an easy but also a cowardly thing to do.是一件十分简单但也是十分懦弱的事That how wars begin.这就是战争开始的原因That where human progress ends.这更是人类进步的终点But make no mistake,但是不要搞错,When we fail to pursue peace.当我们错误的追求和平Let mistakes ever beyond our grasp.别让我们一错再错下去ever beyond our grasp.别再一错再错下去ever beyond our grasp.别让我们一错再错下去It will take patience,这其中需要耐心,And persistence.还有坚持But we must ignore the voices that will tell us,但是我们必须忽略会告诫我们的声音,The world can not change.世界不能被改变Human destiny,人类命运,Will be what we make of it.取决于我们对待的方式That is bridge our divisions,这是连接我们分歧的桥梁,Build upon our hopes,树立我们的希望,And accept our responsibility,并接受自己的责任,To leave this world,让这个世界,To leave this world,让这个世界,More prosperous,变得更加美好,More prosperous,变得更加美好,And more peaceful than we found it,而且比我们看到的更为和平,My name is Christopher Wallets.我是克里斯托弗·沃特兹My name is Alex Bouldwin.我是亚历克斯·得温My name is Naomi Walts.我是那奥米·沃兹My name is…我是…The world must stand together to prevent the sp of these weapons.全世界必须一起防止这类武器的扩散 757。
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