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2017年10月19日 11:32:54 | 作者:时空门户 | 来源:新华社
1 提出索赔3句英文任你选We regret to inform you that the goods are not in accordance with your samples.很遗憾通知贵方,到货与样品不符。We regret to inform you that we must lodge a claim against you about the quality.很遗憾地告诉贵方我们要对货品质量投诉。The quality of this consignment is far from being satisfactory.交付的货物质量远不能令人满意。半个句型要记牢regret to inform you that. .. (很遗憾地告诉你……)Tip:regret to do表示对要做的事感到遗憾,可译为;很遗憾……;。如:I do not regret to have been apt really however unable love arrives at final. (我不后悔真爱过只是不能爱到最后。) inform表示;通知,告诉;的意思,固定搭配有 inform sb. of s由.(告知某人某事) , inform sb. That (告知某人……)而 regret doing则是指对已经做过了的事表示遗憾或惋惜。 /201605/434149Why do so many couples argue over money?It's what money represents.They miss the fact it's not about the money. They are so busy focus on the dollar amount, about how they feel about the money. They realize how they are fighting about money?They are fighting about what the money means to them.And what does the money mean? Power? For men, it often means power, it can for women, too, but power, for prestige, status what they've made of themselves? For women, though, it often represents security and it became, it can become a method of fighting, basically like sex. Partly it could be a weapon.And they hold from you a weapon.How many I'll spend at you if you are so busy controling the money. I'll show you what, I'll show you what I can do. I can assert myself and spend it. And really the discussion about money needs to begin before the marriage even.But people are very reluctant to talk about money because it just seems (a) tacky. It seems not sort of compatible with the notion of love.Again it's because it what it means it's (so romantic.) about controlling each other. It's not considered romantic. It's considered old so personal. Actually you are right, for some couples even more personal than sex, amazingly. So they don't talk about the money.I think the way, the approaches to say, what did it, how did your family of origin handle? What was money like when you were growing up? Was it something that was easy available if you feel good about it? Or you are hoarding when you are always saving for catastrophe. How does that work?Does that mean because you, your, your patterns are established (yes.) by your parents and your family early on? Yes.Often. And, and your character style. So it's important to ask what's your personality style. Are you a risk-taker? You know, if you marry in a bungee jumper because you love risk-taking. You'd better be prepared for some risk-taking (Do you have get? Do you take that?) in money management,too.Even though people don't have different attitudes about money. (Inaudible) For example, I am very frugal and Jay had less of a problem spending money than I did. (Oh-oh.) No, it was okay. Yes. Well, (yes.) most the time. Sometimes it annoyed me...You have to negotiate.Yeah. You know, it's doesn't mean that you are incompatible (No,not at all) if you have different attitudes about it. (I'll bet anything)It's just better to get it on the table.It means more communication is necessary.And it needs to be reviewed and updated regularly. (Exactly)It's not that because well, we've done that now, phew, we've got through that, ahah it's gonna resurface over and over through a marriage.So, so what other advice would you have for people who are really literally being torn apart by this subject?Pick one person to be in charge of bills and budgets. Both sit down and look at budgets so you are agreeing about something. See often what's been tossed about is in the air but no concrete examples of, but this is how much money we make. And so this is how much money we can spend, and how much money we wanna save. So have a monthly meeting even about..Sounds easy but that's hard. Any,and if you feel that one person is exerting more power in the relationship because of the financial inequity, talk about it.Absolutely.Yes.Right?It's a problem, right. It needs to be... We need to adjust what's going on. I think this is about power and control. Let's talk about that.All right. Well, good, good advice, Drew Pinsky and Gail Saltz. Thank you your guys. (My pleasure. Thanks.) Glad to see you again. 200809/47503

Beijing Contradicts Baghdad, Says Oil Deal Still Being Negotiated中国称与伊拉克石油交易仍在磋商   China says a multi-billion dollar oil deal with Iraq is still being negotiated. This contradicts reports last week from Iraqi officials, who said the deal had been signed. 中国政府表示,与伊拉克的数十亿美元石油交易还在磋商中,这与上个星期伊拉克官员表示双方已经签定石油协议的有关报导相互矛盾。China's Foreign Ministry on Thursday said negotiations with Baghdad to exploit an Iraqi oil field continue. 中国外交部星期四表示,与巴格达就合作开发油田的协议还在进行中。Iraq's embassy in Beijing last week said Iraqi officials had signed a billion deal with China National Petroleum Corporation.  伊拉克驻北京使馆上星期表示,伊拉克官员已经与中国石油天然气集团签署一项三十亿美元的协议。Iraqi officials in Baghdad later confirmed the reports, but China's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Jiang Yu, indicated they were wrong. 巴格达当局官员也实了相关报导,但是中国外交部发言人姜瑜却说,这些说法是错误的。She says she has seen some of the reports but, according to her knowledge, the Chinese oil company is right now negotiating on the oil field project with the Iraqis. “我也看到了一些报导,据我的了解,中方石油企业正在与伊方就有关的油田项目,进行商谈。” The agreement, if it is confirmed, would be the first oil deal reached when Saddam Hussein was in power to be honored by the current Iraqi government. 这项石油协议,如果确实无误,将是现任伊拉克政府履行前领导人萨达姆任内达成的第一个石油协议。The deal also would place China's state-owned oil company at the front of a long line of international companies looking to tap Iraq's oil reserves, the third largest in the world. 这项协议也将使中国国营石油企业在众多国际石油公司里拔得头筹,得以在伊拉克这个全球第三大产油国进行开发。Under the re-negotiated 20-year contract, China is reportedly to be paid for developing the al-Ahdab oil field south of Baghdad. 根据这项重新协议的20年合约,中国将负责开发巴格达南部的艾哈代布油田,并获得经济回报。The original deal was signed in 1997 and granted China the right to not only explore the field but to share in the profits. 根据1997年签订的原始合约,中国不但取得开发油田的权利,同时还可分享获利。Cooperation was suspended under ed Nations' sanctions against Saddam Hussein's government and the deal was canceled after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. 这项合作计划后来因为联合国对伊拉克前领导人萨达姆展开制裁而暂停,并在2003年美军入侵伊拉克时被取消。200809/47539

Bush Backs Georgia's Bid for NATO Membership布什持格鲁吉亚申请加入北约 President Bush is backing Georgia's bid to join the NATO alliance. Mr. Bush met in the Oval Office with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili ahead of next month's NATO summit in Romania. 美国总统布什持格鲁吉亚申请加入北约。布什在白宫椭圆形办公室会见了格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利。这次会晤正值下个月北约将在罗马尼亚举行北约首脑会议之际。President Bush told President Saakashvili that he will go to the NATO summit in Bucharest y to tell other heads of state that he supports Georgia for NATO membership.  布什对萨卡什维利说,他将出席北约在布加勒斯特举行的首脑会谈,并准备好要告诉其它国家的领导人他持格鲁吉亚成为北约成员。"I believe that NATO benefits with a Georgian membership," he said. "I believe Georgia benefits from being a part of NATO." 布什说:“我相信,北约接纳格鲁吉亚将会受益。我相信格鲁吉亚成为北约的成员也会受益。”Speaking to reporters after their meeting, President Saakashvili thanked the American leader for his support and said the ed States and Georgia share a strong diplomatic and military partnership. 在会晤结束后的记者会上,萨卡什维利总统感谢了布什的持,说美国和格鲁吉亚享有坚强的外交和军事夥伴关系。"I am very proud that Georgian troops in Iraq are not just present there protecting people but are having successes in doing do," he said. "And certainly this is something that we will stay for generations." 他说:“我很自豪,因为格鲁吉亚驻伊拉克部队不仅驻守和保护那里的民众,而且做得非常成功。这当然是我们几代人都会坚持下去的。”The two leaders also discussed conflict in Georgia's breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Those areas declared independence from the central government in Tbilisi in the early 1990s.  两国领导人还讨论了执意脱离格鲁吉亚的阿布哈兹及南奥塞梯的冲突,这些地区于1990年代宣布摆脱笫比利斯的中央政府的统治而独立。Georgia accuses Russia of backing the separatists and vows to bring both regions under the control of the central government. 格鲁吉亚指责俄罗斯持分离分子并誓言要把这两个分离的地区收归中央政府的管辖之下。Mr. Bush says he and Mr. Saakashvili discussed how the dispute can be resolved diplomatically. 布什总统说,他和萨卡什维利讨论了如何通过外交途经解决这些争端。"We talked about the need for there to be peaceful resolutions of conflicts while recognizing the territorial integrity and sovereign borders of Georgia," he said. 布什说:“我们讨论了通过和平解决争端的必要性,同时承认格鲁吉亚的主权边界和领土完整。”Before his visit to Washington, President Saakashvili met with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon over Russia's decision last week to lift trade sanctions on Abkhazia. 萨卡什维利总统访问华盛顿之前会见了联合国秘书长潘基文,就俄罗斯上星期决定解除对阿布哈兹制裁交换了意见。Moscow says it no longer feels bound by a 1996 agreement to impose economic penalties against separatist regions in former Soviet states. 莫斯科说,俄罗斯觉得1996年签署的就从前苏联分离出去的地区予以经济制裁的协议已经不再对俄罗斯有任何约束力了。Washington says the decision is alarming and could make it easier for Abkhaz separatists to acquire weapons.  华盛顿说,这个决定令人震惊,可能导致阿布哈兹的分离主义分子更容易地获取武器。200803/31331

All right, 8 minutes before the top of the hour, the lives of those affected by hurricane Katrina will never be the same, we know that. But our next guest says this can be an opportunity for a positive change. He knows.Let's talk about that. With my minister yesterday, you know, you look at the tragedy, you feel for the people what they have gone through, but then you look at, the good that can come out of this. Aron Ralston is a rock climber, you are gonna remember because he was forced to cut off his own arm because he was trapped under a boulder on a mountain, and that's what he had to do to survive. His best-selling book is called "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", boy were ya. And you did just that, you turned what could have been an incredible tragedy in your life into something that really changed your life for the better. It did, and I think the miracle that became a part of my life in those days, has brought me closer to my family, my friends, it's given me a greater understanding of the priorities of the relationships in my life, of the relationships that I have with myself and with my spirituality as well, and I think that in terms of what's going on in the Gulf Coast region, this is indeed an opportunity to come back to be better than ever. As I've seen what's happened to me in my life, I, I think there're direct parallels for people to take this, and, for especially the New Orleans area to come back even stronger and more vibrant than they were before. (Right.)Well, one paral... for it, one parallel, pardon me,is the fact that you were stuck on the side of that mountain with just 22 ounces of water, you can identify with us those photos you didn't have any water, and you had two burritos.Yeah, yeah. Well, certainly the depredations that you go through, that's the suffering that we have as a part of our lives. It's not something to necessarily be avoided but actually the opportunity for growth and development where we find our own strength. The times when we have to rely on what it is that we have inside of us, those relationships with our, with our, our the Creator, and the, in those, in those times, that's when I think we'll really find out what we were made of. (Absolutely)And you had a choice, die or cut off your arm, and you said, I'm gonna live, I'm gonna cut off my own arm. (Yeah.)So when you go and talk to these people, it sounds like you are talking about something you're in the textbook somewhere. Yeah, the personal experience definitely gives, it gives me the knowledge I know for a fact what it is that I value and how much that's worth to me in my life. That, for I, I think it comes back to understanding those priorities, what it is to value in your life and I guess knowing that and you have to believe in it, you have to keep hope alive and make a plan for a better tomorrow. You've , but you've talked about cutting the arteries and this little tendons in go with a dull pocket knife step by step by step not cutting off the whole arm but step by step from artery to tendon, is that almost can transfer directly?That stuff looks familiar, doesn't it? Yeah.……can transfer directly toward people who take little steps to get your house, get your family, get your clothes, (yeah, it's what you are gonna do) get your school. … today if you think about what you are gonna do today is too much, is too big for you to think about, then think about what you are going to do in the next hour, and if that's too much you think about in the next few minutes.Aron, (Yeah, thank you Aron.)how do you go from feeling that you are a victim, I mean these people have been, the victims of this storm, how do you go from in your mind saying "I'm a victim" to "I'm going to be a victor"?That's, that's a great transition and that's taking responsibility for yourself in your situation and taking action. A lot of us where we face fear, uncertainty, fatigue, just a lack of motivation that we all have it within us to do a lot more than what we think can and it's using our courage to overcome that fatigue (Right.)(would you) and using our faith to overcome that uncertainty. Would you, have you ever thought before this you could have done that?I think if you've told me that, I would have, I'd have laughed, just as I think it's a lot of people react to my stories this I would have never been able to do that, but that’s the difference now I know that I could have, and that gives me a confidence of going forward. (Sure. Right.)Just this will become the foundation for a better future for the people down in the Gulf region.Aron's fortuneTalk to Aron meet Aron by going to bed with F,the Barnes and Noble there Sept. 14. That will be 7:30. The books are now available on soft cover Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Aron Ralston, great meeting you. Thanks for having me.Thank you.Thank you.Inspirational. Coming up....200807/44315

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