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重庆医院无痛打胎重庆市第二人民医院妇科医生重庆爱德华医院治疗肛周囊肿多少钱 French education法兰西教育Bac blues会考后的忧伤Moves are afoot to reconsider Frances harsh grading system法国正在考虑改革它苛刻的成绩评级制度WARY of competition when it comes to global markets, the French embrace it wholeheartedly in the classroom. As school pupils enjoy the end of their summer holiday, few will relish a return to their harsh grading system. Termly reports in secondary schools record pupils marks, in Cartesian fashion, to the nearest two decimal points. Every child knows how they compare with the average. A result at the school-leaving baccalaureat exam of 16 out of 20 is considered outstanding. For younger children, a dictee to test spelling is marked by progressively deducting points for every error, which can crush the grade down to zero, or even into negative territory.提到全球市场,就少不了竞争中“战战兢兢,如履薄冰”的心态。而法兰西一心要将这种小心翼翼奉为教育的信条。享受美好假期的孩子们一想到要回到学校那苛刻的分级制度,一个个就像霜打的茄子一样愁容满面。中学记录学生成绩的学期报告会使用笛卡尔的算法,将大家的成绩精确到小数点后两位。毕业会考的成绩在16到20分之间的孩子才会被评为优秀。而对于这些小朋友们来说,拼写测试中的听写就是扣分的战斗机,分数被一个一个的错误蚕食鲸吞,这会使得他们的分数跌至零分甚至是负分。 Benot Hamon, the education minister, thinks the system, at least for younger people, is too harsh. He argues that “in France we are defined by failure”, and this begins with poor grades. He wants schools to “stimulate instead of discourage” and to give pupils more positive feedback. Mr Hamon has launched a review of the national grading system. It is due to report early next year.法国教育部长努瓦·哈蒙认为,这样的教学体制,最起码对年轻人来说实在是过于苛刻。这位教育部长认为“在法国,我们被定义成了不及格”,并且都始于过低的分数。他希望学校对学生是“鼓舞促进而不是使其丧失信心”,并且希望学校可以给学生更多积极的反馈。哈蒙部长推出了一份关于全国教育分级制度的反思,这份检讨将于明年早些时候公诸于世。Mr Hamons concern seems to be over the stress and anxiety that harsh grading inflicts on French schoolchildren, and the lack of confidence that this engenders in a country that is aly excessively pessimistic. Fully 75% of the children say they worry about getting poor marks in maths, for example, according to a study by the Paris-based OECD think-tank—only just less than the figure of 78% in South Korea, and far above the 46% in Sweden.哈蒙部长似乎是想结束苛刻分级制度给法国中小学生造成的紧张与焦虑,并提升因此制度造成国家过于悲观而缺乏已久的自信。例如,根据位于巴黎的经合组织智库发布研究数据,足足有75%的孩子表示他们担心自己的数学成绩会越来越差。在此项调查上法国仅略低于韩国,但是却远远高于瑞典,在韩国,这样的孩子占到78%,而在瑞典,却只有46%。Last year the education ministry reported on an experiment in middle schools, in which marks out of 20 were abandoned in favour of comments, or vague letter grades. Boys, the report noted, disliked a less competitive environment more than girls; stronger pupils disliked it more than weaker ones. But by creating less stress over failure, the report found, pupils were encouraged to take risks and participate in class, and often became more confident.去年,法国教育部在中学进行了改革实验,在这些学校中,笛卡尔的打分方式被摒弃,取而代之的是意见或者是模糊的字母等级。报告指出,和女生相比,男生对于这种竞争压力小的环境并不太感冒;与那些相对弱一些的学生相比,那些成绩优异的学生也不喜欢这样的弱竞争氛围。但是研究者们还发现,及格带来的压力减轻使学生们受到了鼓励,更愿意冒险尝试并且参与课堂活动,并且自信也与日俱增。Curiously, it was parents rather than pupils who most resisted the absence of grades. They worried about over-protected children, and the difficulty of judging their progress. If Mr Hamon is to get anywhere, he may find that his biggest obstacle is pushy parents.而奇怪的是,最反对模糊分数的不是学生,而是各位小朋友的家长。这些家长担心对孩子的过度保护会难以判断其长进。如果哈蒙部长随处看看,他或许会发现,其实教育中最大的改革就是这些爱出风头的固执父母。 翻译 周晓婷 校对 邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201507/387112重庆人工流产最好的医院

重庆妇保医院阴道宫颈炎重庆爱德华收费好不好 Great show tonight.January jones will be out here in just a little bit.今晚节目很棒 詹纽瑞·琼斯就要出来了I want to mention something.This is cool.True story.我想提件事 很酷的事 真事A couple of months ago,we announced on this show a contest cooked up by the charity even Night of too many starts.几个月前 我们在节目上宣布了一项比赛 筹办方是慈善机构 繁星夜空Its an incredible benefit which raise money for autism programs nationwide.是一家很棒的慈善机构 为全国的自闭症项目筹集资金The contest was,yeah,very good cause.very good cause.比赛 是的 很不错的公益 很不错的公益Well,the contest was simple.you would win a change to be a character on an episode of the Simpsons,比赛很简单 你有机会赢得成为《辛普森一家》一集中角色的机会and get a one of a kind drawing of your character,personally signed by simpsons creator Matt Greening.并得到独一无二你的角色的画像 而且《辛普森一家》主创马特·格雷宁会亲自签名This is something that has never been done in the 25-year history of the simpsons.这是前所未有的一件事 《辛普森一家》已经上映25年了Well,the contest is now over.And Im excited,because they asked us right now to announce the winner.比赛现已结束 我很荣幸 他们让我们来宣布胜者And this is really cool.A little drum roll for this.真的很酷 鼓声响起The winner is a young man named Carl Zeeler! Carl Zeeler the winner.胜者是一名年轻人叫卡尔·齐勒 卡尔·齐勒是胜者There he is.Thats a picture of carl.And heres the cool thing.就是他 这是卡尔的照片 酷的是Our congratulations to you,carl.And the simpsons aly sent over a sneak peek at carls character.恭喜你 卡尔 《辛普森一家》已经送来了卡尔角色的片花Heres the real carl.And here is Carl,fully simpsonized.这是卡尔本人 这是《辛普森一家》版的卡尔And the simpsons episode,the simpsons episode with Carl will air sometime this fall.《辛普森一家》 有卡尔的那集将于今秋播出I cant imagine anything more exciting if youre a simpsons fan than to see yourself in a simpsons episode.Absolutely incredible.如果你是《辛普森一家》的粉丝 真没有什么比能在剧集中看到自己更令人激动的了 太棒了201607/454691重医附一院宫腔镜检查

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