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巴南涪陵区妇科疾病哪家医院最好的重庆盆腔炎要怎么治疗妇科医院Business商业报道German firms in Russia俄罗斯与德企Lovers, not fighters爱人,不是敌人German exporters are pushing back against economic sanctions on Russia德国的出口商抵制对俄罗斯的经济制裁DIPLOMATS wonder if Germany will ever back harsh consequences for Russia over its invasion of Crimea.外交官们在德国是否会对俄罗斯入侵克里米亚时间严重后果回击。Second-world-war history weighs on German decision-making.然而,一方面,第二次世界大战的历史影响着德国的决策,But economics does too.另一方面,经济方面也是其权衡思量的因素。Germany gets about a third of its oil and gas from Russia.德国约三分之一的石油和天然气都来自俄罗斯。It also sends a lot of its exports of manufactured goods there.同时,德国也有大量工业产品对俄出口。Germany alone accounts for almost a third of the EUs total exports to Russia.在欧盟对俄总出口中德国就占了近三分之一。And Russia is Germanys 11th-biggest export market, worth 36 billion last year.就在去年,俄罗斯成为德国的第十一大出口市场,价值36000000000。The Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, a lobby group representing big businesses,作为代表大企业的游说团体,东欧经济关系委员会认为,300000个德国工作岗位取决于与俄罗斯的贸易,says that 300,000 German jobs depend on trade with Russia, 6,200 companies with German owners are active in Russia, and German companies have invested 20 billion there.6200家德国公司活跃并已投资20000000000在俄罗斯市场。No surprise, then, that the committees boss calls sanctions senseless.因而,该委员会的主席称制裁毫无意义便丝毫不令人感到惊奇了。The biggest export industry is cars and motor parts.德国最大的出口产业是汽车和托车零部件产业。Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen have all been pushing into Russia:奔驰,宝马和大众都被推进了俄罗斯市场:though Germanys overall exports to the country fell by 5% last year, the motor industrys sales rose by 22%.尽管德国的国家出口整体下降了去年的5%,但汽车行业的销售量却增长了22%。VW is the leader, selling more than 200,000 cars there last year.其中又以大众为领头羊,去年在俄汽车销售量超过200000。In public, the car-industry bosses are guarded,在公共上,汽车产业的老板们被控制,but it is a fair bet that they have been lobbying their government contacts.但这是一个公平的打赌,他们一直在游说政府间的接触。Machines are the second-biggest export sector, with almost 8 billion of sales to Russia in 2013.机械业是的第二大出口行业,2013年对俄出口的销售额可达到约8000000000。That makes it Germanys biggest machine-export market after China, America and France.这使得德国成为继中、美、法之后最大的机械出口市场。Many of the sellers are smallish,其中有很多小型企业,family-owned Mittelstand firms, which would be hit hard if sanctions led to a fall in trade.因此,一旦制裁导致贸易额下跌,将对许多中小家族企业产生沉重的一击。Ulrich Ackermann of the German Engineering Federation notes that the countrys exports of machinery to Russia,德国工程联合会的阿克曼教授指出,国家对俄罗斯出口机械,unlike those of fancy cars, go back to Soviet days.和苏联时代出口昂贵的小汽车不同,Many Mittelstandcompanies are not big enough to ride out a prolonged conflict.许多中小家族企业可能无法安然渡过漫长的冲突时期。Like other industry representatives, Mr Ackermann is careful to avoid implying that industrialists should make foreign policy.像其他行业的代表一样,阿克曼小心翼翼地避免暗示企业家应该制定外交政策。But he goes on to say that we dont have any examples of sanctions achieving what politicians wanted.但他接着说,我们没有任何的制裁实现政治家想要什么。Since Russia mainly exports energy and imports finished goods, energy-intensive German industrial exporters would be hit twice by any fall in trade.俄罗斯主要出口能源,进口产成品,因此,德国能源密集型出口产业将在贸易下滑中两次被打击。Chemicals is the third-biggest export sector to Russia, worth 3.2 billion last year.化工业是俄罗斯第三大出口产业,去年出口额达到3200000000。BASF, a chemicals giant, uses Russian gas as both an energy source and a feedstock;化工巨头BASF,将俄罗斯天然气作为能源和原料,in turn it sold 1.4 billion of its 74 billion total sales in 2013 to customers based in Russia.2013年,在俄罗斯客户74000000000总销售额的基础上占1400000000。To insulate itself from rising power prices, BASF generates a lot of its own electricity at its enormous complex in Ludwigshafen,为了不受电力价格上涨的影响,BASF在德国西南部的路德维希港,in south-western Germany. But it does so with gas turbines.用燃气轮机创造很多属于自己的电力。Companies with operations on the ground in Russia are especially nervous.在俄罗斯的地面操作公司尤其紧张。Metro, a hypermarket operator with a daughter, Media Markt, that sells electronics, had sales of 5.3 billion in Russia last year.俄罗斯大型超市运营商Metro和其旗下产业Media Markt,去年电子产品销售额达5300000000,It has been preparing to float a stake in its Russian cash-and-carry operation on the London stockmarket,已经准备将在俄罗斯限购自运的股份在伦敦股市上市,but its plan will probably now have to be postponed, if not cancelled.但它的计划现在即便不取消,可能也不得不被推迟。Many German manufacturers, such as Siemens, which builds locomotives for the Russian state railway, have plants in Russia.许多像西门子一样为俄罗斯国有铁路建造火车头的德国制造商,在俄罗斯都有自己的工厂。A law being considered in Russias parliament to allow the expropriation of foreign firms assets may be a bluff,俄国国会正准备出台的法律中,考虑允许征收外企资产的说法或许是虚张声势,but it is a scary one for those with big, immovable investments there.但它对于那些在俄罗斯有不动产投资的大型企业未必不是一个恐吓。Anton Brner of the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services, another industry group,另一个德国对外贸易务批发联盟中的企业集团,Anton Brner表示,says that whereas a shutdown in trade would be painful for Germany, it would be existentially threatening for Russia, which would feel the impact immediately.鉴于贸易关闭将是德国的痛苦,同时也会成为俄罗斯的存在性威胁,使俄罗斯迅速感觉到冲击。German gas-reserve tanks are full with several months supply.虽然,几个月的供应下,德国天然气储备罐子被装满了。Nevertheless, Mr Brner, like the leaders of other business federations, calls for an urgent de-escalation rather than sanctions, arguing that Putin is part of the solution.然而,Brner先生,像其他商业联盟的领导人一样,极力呼吁减轻战争强度而非对俄的制裁,并称普京是解决方案的一部分。His member companies call him daily with their worries. He tells them Be prepared.每一天,公司的成员们都向他诉说着他们的担忧。This is going to get difficult.他告诉他们,时刻准备着!But not if he and other German business lobbyists get their way.这也许会是一条很困难的路。 /201403/280699重庆妇科权威 重庆爱德华男科预约

西南医院做不孕不育的费用The real Jane Austen一个真实的简奥斯汀As vital as her stories生气勃勃,人如其著She still fascinates 200 years after the publication of ;Pride and Prejudice;《傲慢与偏见》问世两百年后,她依然神秘撩人The Real Jane Austen: A Life in Small Things. By Paula Byrne.《真实的简奥斯汀:细微之物,足见平生》 宝拉伯恩著“A LIFE of usefulness, literature, and religion, was not by any means a life of event,” wrote Henry Austen of his spinster sister Jane. This image of the sequestered author persisted for years. But contemporary scholars have reappraised “dear Aunt Jane” as an independent and worldly-wise woman who wielded a sardonic pen. She continues to fascinate, 200 years after the publication of “Pride and Prejudice”. This is the charm of a new biography from Paula Byrne, a British author, who breathes yet more life into Austen and her works by considering the objects that populated her days.“她的一生虽裨益他人,与文学与宗教为伴,却并无白云苍,大起大伏。”简的哥哥亨利曾这样写道。多年以来,简的形象一直是终生未嫁,隐僻幽居。然而,当代学者开始重新审视这名“亲爱的奥斯汀姑姑”,把她看作一个深谙尘世智慧的独立女性,舞动着手中的讥讽之笔。《傲慢与偏见》问世两百年后,她依然神秘撩人——这份魅力同样延续到英国作家宝拉伯恩为奥斯汀所著的传记之中。在宝拉笔下,那个时代的流行物件,是通向奥斯汀生平及著作神秘之门的钥匙,展示出一个更加生气勃勃的简。Each chapter is organised around a single thing. Some are Austens possessions, such as a topaz cross she received from her brother. Others are simply from the period, such as a barouche (an upmarket carriage), which helps to illustrate how well-travelled she was and how transport indicates status in her novels. In “Northanger Abbey” Catherine Morland finds a trip in Henry Tilneys curricle erotic, whereas she is nonplussed by John Thorpes gig. Broadly chronological, this thematic approach offers a revealing picture of Austen and a lively social history.这本传记的每一章都围绕着一个单独的物件展开。有些是奥斯汀的私人收藏,例如她从哥哥那儿得到的一个托帕石十字架。其余的则是那个时代的流行品,例如四轮马车(一驾上等马车),足现她游历之广以及在她的作品中,交通工具对于身份的烘托。在《诺桑觉寺》里,凯瑟琳.莫兰觉得享利.蒂尔尼的二轮马车新奇诱人,面对约翰.索普的马车时却不知所措。这种主题式的记传方式,按时序徐徐展开一幅奥斯汀生平及其活跃的社会活动的长卷。Austens formative years are the most interesting. Three vellum notebooks contain her “Juvenilia”—the stories and poems she wrote as a teenager. Her “greatest gifts are here in embryo”, writes Ms Byrne, clearly relishing Austens satire and lack of restraint. The young author lampooned famous figures and offered parodies of sentimental novels. But she reserved her choicest words of wit for her sister Cassandra. When they were not living together they corresponded frequently, and Austen often tried out different voices—“gossipy, jokey, affectionate”—to make her laugh.奥斯汀写作的成型期最耐人寻味。有三本羊皮纸笔记记录了她的“少女之作”——她在青少年时期写的故事与诗歌。宝拉很享受此时奥斯汀式的讥讽语调和无拘无束,她写道,她“无与伦比的天赋在此酝酿成型”。此时年轻的奥斯汀嘲讽当时鼎鼎有名的人物,戏仿那些多愁善感的小说。但是她最具智慧锋芒的字字珠玑却是散落在与其姊卡桑德拉的信件中。两人不住在一处时便频繁通信,而奥斯汀常常尝试不同的腔调——漫谈式的,玩笑式的,或是浪漫式的——来逗她发笑。During this time the movements of family followed the flows of inheritance; a vexatious matter that drives Austens narratives. Old maids and mothers were often housed by rich cousins; a child might be made heir to childless relatives. An East Indian shawl introduces Aunt Phila—who at 21 sailed to Bengal in order to find a husband—and her daughter, Eliza. A romantic figure, and presumably illegitimate, Eliza first married a man who fell under the guillotine in the French Revolution, and later married Austens brother Henry. This coquettish cousin is fictionalised as Mary Crawford in “Mansfield Park”. Austen also drew on Henrys militia experience for her depiction of flirtatious redcoats in “Pride and Prejudice”. Her midshipman brothers helped inform references to the navy.在这段时期,因为继承的缘故,她不得不经常搬迁—这类烦心事反倒丰富了她的叙述内容。老姑娘和母亲总是寄居在有钱的侄子家中;孩子会成为膝下无子的亲戚的继承人。一条来自东印度的披肩引出了费拉阿姨—她在二十一岁时乘船到孟加拉寻找结婚对象——和她的女儿伊莱莎的故事。伊莱莎是个天性浪漫的私生女,她的先夫死于法国大革命的断头台上;后来她嫁给了奥斯汀的哥哥亨利。这个轻佻娇纵的嫂子后来成了她在《曼斯菲尔德庄园》里玛丽.克劳福德的原型。亨利本人的军旅生涯也为她在《傲慢与偏见》中浮夸的“红制”军人形象提供了素材。而她作做海军的兄弟们则提供了海军生活的第一手材料。The books liveliest passages are about city life and romance. Austen frequently visited London and lived in Bath for years. She was probably not a beauty—only one authenticated portrait exists (although Ms Byrne makes a strong case for another with uncertain provenance). But her wit and intelligence lured many a suitor. None of them stuck, but many are recalled with mirth in her letters. Austen was no prude. Her novels feature illicit liaisons and she gives Mary Crawford a sexually loaded naval joke about “Rears and Vices”. But she had high standards and a mortal fear of childbirth. She was all too aware of the way women either died during labour or “grew old by confinements and nursing”.这本传记最轻快活泼的篇章描述了城市生活和浪漫故事。奥斯汀频繁造访伦敦并在巴斯寓居多年。她可能算不得一个美人—她的画像中只有一幅真迹存世(尽管宝拉坚信另一幅来历不明的画像也是真迹),但是她的机锋和智慧却吸引了许多追求者。无人获其芳心,成就美眷;然而在她的信件中,关于他们的回忆大多充满欢乐。奥斯汀并非严肃拘谨之人,她的小说写到过男女私通;玛丽.克劳福德就曾开过一个下流的海军玩笑“臀部与罪恶”。不过她的确道德自律,且畏惧生产。她十分明白:有些女性会死于生产,或是在不断怀和持续哺乳中年华逝去。Ms Byrne has an obvious affection for her subject. This book may offer few revelations, but it paints a fresh and vivid picture of an inimitable woman.显而易见,宝拉对其传记对象—简奥斯汀—充满喜爱之情。这本书可能并无多少“惊人内幕”,但它无疑描绘出了这名独一无二的女性—血肉丰满,栩栩如生。 /201406/304652梁平城口丰都县生孩子哪家好 Migrants in Australia澳洲移民The promised land希望之地Chinese immigrants are remaking entire suburbs of Australias biggest city中国移民重构悉尼郊区Dinkum incomes in China Town繁华的唐人街NANCY LIU arrived in Sydney from China as a “skilled immigrant” with an economics degree 14 years ago. With her husband, she set up a business consultancy in the suburb of Hurstville, once an Anglo-Celtic working-class stronghold. Since then, Chinese investment has transformed it: most of its shop signs are now in Chinese. Last year, Ms Liu was elected Hurstvilles deputy mayor.14年前,拥有经济学学位的刘南希作为“技术移民”从中国来到悉尼,与丈夫一起成立了一家商业咨询公司。这家公司位于赫斯特维尔的郊区,曾一度是英国凯特尓工人的大本营。自那以后,中国投资便改变着它:如今大部分商店的标示都是中文。刘女士也在去年当选赫斯特维尔的副市长。Ms Liu was a forerunner of a new wave of Chinese immigrants to Australias oldest and biggest city. Hong Kong once supplied most of Australias Chinese settlers, but over the past few years the pattern has shifted. Now it is the rising middle classes from mainland China who go there, looking for a cleaner, more relaxed lifestyle. About 4% of Sydneys 4.6m people were born in China. Hurstvilles China-born population is about a third of its total and almost half its residents claim Chinese ancestry.刘女士是新一轮中国向澳洲历史最悠久也是最大城市移民潮中的先行者。澳洲中国移民中一度以香港移民为主,不过在过去几年中,这种格局已经悄然改变。如今越来越多的中产阶级从中国大陆来到这里,期冀一种洁净、轻松的生活。悉尼460万人口中大约4%生于中国。赫斯特维尔中生于中国的人口大约有1/3,而且近半居民有中国血统。But Chinas emergence as Australias biggest trading partner, and its largest source of foreign university students, has revolutionised the relationship. In the fiscal year 2011-12, more than 25,000 Chinese people obtained permanent residence in Australia. Most of them were from the new middle classes. Then in late 2012 Australia launched a “significant investor” visa, aimed at Chinas super-rich. To get one, people need A5m to sink in “qualifying” investments. After investing for four years, successful applicants can apply for permanent residence.Sydneys first Chinese immigrants arrived as farm workers in the 1840s. The gold rush a decade later drew more. “Celestial City: Sydneys Chinese story”, an exhibition at the Museum of Sydney, shows what happened next. By the 1880s, political fears of a “Chinese invasion” sparked anti-Asian immigration laws known as the White Australia policy, which lasted well into the 20th century.不过中国成为澳大利亚最大的贸易伙伴、最大留学生来源,这让两国关系有了翻天覆地的变化。在2011—2012财年中,超过25000中国移民获得了永久居住。他们中的大部分来自新兴中产阶级。此后的2012年,澳大利亚又针对中国超级富豪推出了“重要投资者”签。在澳投资5百万澳元就可以获得这一签。投资4年后,优秀申请人可以申请永久居住。悉尼第一位中国移民在19世纪40年代抵达后,成为农场工人。十年后的黄金热吸引了更多移民。在悉尼物馆展出的“天空之城:悉尼的中国故事”展也讲述了接下来的事情。19世纪80年代,出于“中国入侵”的政治担忧,澳大利亚发布了反中国移民法案,业即“白色澳大利亚”事件。这一状况直持续到20世纪才得以改善。The visas are called “subclass 188” and “subclass 888”. As the number eight represents luck and prosperity in Chinese culture, the visas main target is obvious. More than 90% of 702 applicants so far have been Chinese.这种签被称为“幸运188”和“幸运888”。因为在中国文化中数字8代表着好运和财富,所以这种签针对对象也显而易见。目前,702名申请者中超过90%的是中国人。Many of the emigres are media-shy. But their influence is visible in Chatswood, another formerly Anglo-Australian suburb. Towers of apartments, many owned by Chinese immigrants, now overlook the Edwardian-era stone and timber bungalows. Shops on the main street are crammed with Chinese noodles and vegetables, and Mandarin is the chief language among shoppers. Stacks of Chinese newspapers outnumber English ones.许多流亡者避免出现在媒体前。不过他们在查斯伍德区的影响力显而易见,后者是另一个原英属澳洲的郊区。许多公寓楼由中国移民拥有,这里可以俯瞰爱德华时代的石头和木平房。中央街区的店面满是中式面条和菜式,普通话则是商家们的官方语言。成堆的中国报纸比英国的还多。Yan Zhang, who settled in Sydney after studying at Macquarie University, orders a lunch of pork dumplings at the New Shanghai restaurant. He reckons the new wave of middle-class Chinese immigrants, who arrive with residence aly granted, come to Australia for the same reasons he did. “They want to make life more enjoyable and more secure,” he says. “If Id returned to China, Id have had to be more selfish to survive.”杨正从麦考瑞大学毕业后便定居于悉尼 。在新上海饭馆点了份猪肉饺子后,他认为,这次中产阶级移民浪潮中取得居住许可的移民们,多与他出于同样的原因。他说:“他们想让生活更加舒适、稳定。如果我想回中国,那我将为了生存而更加自私。” 201405/297922重庆妇科疾病医院

重庆市人民医院可以做引产吗Politics this week本周政治The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria(ISIS), an extreme offshoot of al-Qaeda that operates in both those countries, captured Mosul, Iraqs second city, causing half a million people to flee the region. It then took Saddam Husseins home town, Tikrit, and threatened to advance on Baghdad. With the Iraqi army melting away, the Kurds in the north of Iraq said they had taken full control of Kirkuk. The government of Nuri al-Maliki appealed for help, but the West was loth to intervene.一个基地极端主义分,伊拉克和大叙利亚伊斯兰国,目前在两个国家十分活跃,并且已经攻陷了伊拉克第二大城市尔苏,从而导致50万人逃离家园。该组织已经拿下萨达姆·侯塞因的家乡,提克里特,并威胁要进军巴格达。随着伊拉克军队的崩溃,伊拉克北部的库尔德人表示他们已经完全控制基尔库里。马力基政府寻求援,但西方不愿介入。Reuven Rivlin, a right-winger who opposes a two-state settlement with the Palestinians, was elected Israelspresident .The post is largely ceremonial but sometimes influential.鲁温·瑞夫林,一位反对巴以和解的右翼分子,被选为以色列总统。该职位象征意义大于实际意义,但有时也具影响力。Trying for a new start为了新开始,奋斗。Petro Poroshenko was inaugurated as Ukraines president amid intensifying unrest in the east of the country. A billionaire known as the Chocolate King, Mr Poroshenko made an impassioned plea for Ukrainian unity. Speaking in Russian, he promised immunity from prosecution to all those without blood on their hands. He also ordered peace corridors to be set up so that people can escape the violence.正值东乌克兰加剧动荡之际,彼得·波罗申科宣布就任乌克兰总统。这位著名的巧克力大王,亿万富翁波罗申科先生发表了一份充满的有关乌克兰团结的呼吁。他操着俄语,并承诺那些和流血事件毫无瓜葛的人将免于起诉。他还命令设置和平走廊,以便让民众逃离暴力。Antonis Samaras, the prime minister of Greece, reshuffled his cabinet after his centre-right New Democracy party lost in the European elections to the far-left Syriza. He picked a technocrat, Gikas Hardouvelis, as finance minister to succeed Yannis Stournaras, who becomes governor of the central bank.希腊总理萨马拉斯的中右翼新民主党在欧洲选举中败于极左翼的左派政党联盟后,改组了内阁。他选择了技术官僚吉卡斯·哈多维利斯,代替杨尼斯·斯托纳拉斯出任财政部长。后者被任命为中央行长。Three-fifths of Germans are in favour of Angela Merkel, the chancellor, backing a bid by Luxembourgs Jean-Claude Juncker to be the next president of the European Commission despite stiff opposition from Britain, according to a Forsa poll. Only 19% said Mrs Merkel should prioritise good relations with David Cameron, the British prime minister, who is leading the camp opposed to a Juncker presidency.富一份民调显示,五分之三的德国人持总理安格拉·默克尔持由卢森堡首相让·克洛德·容克成为下一任欧盟主席的提案,尽管此项提案遭到了来自英国的坚决反对。仅有19%的受访者表示默克尔应该优先与英国首相戴维·卡梅隆保持良好关系。卡梅隆正在领导一个反对容克竞选的阵营。The Spanish parliament backed the abdication of King Juan Carlos and accession of his son, Prince Felipe, by a large majority. Some on the left in Spain are demanding a referendum on whether to keep the monarchy.西班牙议会以绝大多数优势持国王胡安·卡洛斯的退位以及王储菲利普继位。一些左派人士正要求就是否保留君主制进行全民公投。In Britain the governments inspector of schools published a report into alleged Islamic extremism at several state schools in Birmingham. It found no evidence of a plot to infiltrate the schools though it did find examples of Islam influencing the schooling culture. Prior to the report two Conservative heavyweights, Michael Gove, the education secretary, and Theresa May, the home secretary, became embroiled in an unholy row about the issue.在英国,政府的学校检查员发表了一份报告,指控在伯明翰的一些公立学校中存在伊斯兰极端主义。虽然的确发现了伊斯兰文化影响学校文化的例子,但没有任何有关伊斯兰极端主义阴谋渗透学校的据。在这份报告之前,两位保守党的重量级人物,教育大臣迈克尔·戈夫,和内政大臣特丽莎·梅卷入了一场针对这个问题的不光的争论中。The Tea Party in America scored its biggest victory since emerging as a political force in when the candidate it backed defeated Eric Cantor, the Republicans number two in the House of Representatives, in a primary election. David Brat, a previously unknown college professor, won partly by campaigning against immigration. His victory may scupper the chance of any bipartisan reform this year.在初选中,选茶党所持的候选人在初选时击败了众议院共和党第二号人物艾里克坎托,这是自从年茶党形成为一股政治力量后取得的最大成功。大卫·布拉德,这位为人所不知的大学教授能够赢得选举的胜利部分原因是发动反对移民运动。而他的胜利可能会破坏任何两党改革的机会。A judge in California decided that tenure rules which make it nearly impossible to sack bad teachers harm poor pupils and breach the states constitution. Teachers unions were dismayed, though the education secretary, Arne Duncan, approved. A teacher in California currently has a one in 125,000 chance each year of being fired for incompetence.加利福利亚的一位法官裁决任期规则让解雇伤害穷学生的坏老师变得不可能,并且该规则也违反了州宪法。尽管该决议得到教育部长阿恩·邓肯赞同,但是教授工会对此表示失望。当前,加州每125000教师中只有有一位因为无能而被解雇。Switching to gas转向天然气Chiles government cancelled the huge HidroAysén hydroelectric project to build five dams in Patagonia on environmental grounds. To lessen its dependence on imported energy, the government will concentrate on natural gas and renewables.从环境角度出发,智利政府取消了在巴塔哥尼亚的大型艾森水电站项目,该项目原计划在当地建造5座环保型大坝。为了减少对进口能源的依赖,智利政府将重点关注天然气和可再生能源。With days to go before the run-off in Colombias presidential election, the incumbent, Juan Manuel Santos, announced that he had begun exploratory peace talks with the ELN, a guerrilla group. Mr Santoss support for peace negotiations with the FARC, a bigger guerrilla force, is the main dividing line between him and óscar Iván Zuluaga, his rival in the election.哥伦比亚总统决选还有几天才正式拉开帷幕,现任总统胡安·曼努埃尔·桑托斯宣布他已经与游击队组织—哥伦比亚民族解放军开始了试探性的和谈进程。桑托斯还持与一个更大规模的游击队组织——哥伦比亚革命武装力量进行和平谈判,而这正是他与大选对手奥斯卡·伊万·苏卢阿加的主要分歧点。Mexicos central bank unexpectedly cut interest rates by half a percentage point. Weak economic growth, prompted partly by sluggishness in the ed States and partly by tax rises, lay behind the move.墨西哥央行出人意料地将利率下调了0.5个百分点,此举背后的原因在于美国经济停滞和该国赋税负担加重导致了经济增长疲软。Amado Boudou, Argentinas vice-president, faced questions from a federal judge about his alleged ties to a firm that prints the countrys currency. The judge will now decide whether Mr Boudou, who denies all wrongdoing, must face charges.阿根廷副总统阿玛多·布都因其与某钞票印刷企业之间所谓的关系面临来自联邦法官的质询。无论布都是否承认自己的不法行为,法官都将决定对他提出指控。Repulsed惨败An attack on Karachi airport left at least 38 people dead, including ten of the attackers, after a shoot-out with the security forces. The Pakistani Taliban said that it was behind the assault, and had hoped to hijack an airliner, in revenge for air strikes against suspected militants in the remote tribal area of north Pakistan. A few days later America resumed drone strikes in the tribal region after a six-month break.经过与安保部队的一场战后,卡拉奇机场的袭击案造成了至少38人丧生,其中包括10名袭击者。巴基斯坦塔利班组织宣称对此次袭击负责,并且表示此前还计划劫持一架客机,以此报复在巴基斯坦北部偏远的部落地区对武装嫌疑分子的空袭。几天后,美军恢复了终止了六个月的对对塔利班控制地区进行无人机打击的军事活动。The body of another woman was found hanging from a tree in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, at least the third such case in recent weeks in which the victims were allegedly raped. Narendra Modi, the new prime minister of India, said that protecting women should be a priority for all Indians, but he warned against “politicising” rape.在印度北方邦,又发现一名女性的尸体被悬挂在一棵树上,这至少已经是近几周来的第三起类似案件,据说其中的受害者们都曾遭到性侵。印度新任总理纳伦德拉·莫迪表示,保护女性应该成为所有印度公民的当务之急,但是他也提醒要提防将强奸案件“政治化”。The captain and crew of the South Korean ferry that sank in April with the loss of about 300 lives went on trial. They are pleading not guilty to charges of homicide through wilful negligence. Meanwhile, thousands of police searched a religious compound in their manhunt for the ferrys owner, Yoo Byung-eun, an investor who also owns the website god.com.今年4月发生的韩国沉船事故造成约300人丧生。近日,该船船长和船员开庭受审。他们并不认可自己犯“不作为杀人”的罪名。同时,几千名警察在追捕该船船主俞炳彦时对一个宗教聚集所进行了搜查。俞炳彦是该船务公司的投资人,同时还是god.com网站的所有者。 201407/309039 Cuba and the outside world古巴及世界Rekindling old friendships旧友重拾Cuba is once again resorting to geopolitics to support a failing economy古巴再次诉诸地缘政治,以撑其低迷经济CARLITO, a wiry man with greying hair, sits under a palm tree in Mariel, a town on a bay 40km west of Havana, sipping rum and watching a container ship edge out towards the Caribean. He recalls seeing a flotilla of smaller boats leaving from this same spot in 1980, carrying thousands of opponents of the Castro regime to Florida in the “Mariel boatlift”.Carito满脸疲倦,头发花白,静坐在马里埃尔镇的一棵棕榈树下,这一海湾小镇距离哈瓦那40千米,他抿一口朗姆酒,目送着一只载着集装箱的货船起锚驶向加勒比海,1980年的回忆袭上心头,当时一组略小的船只同样从这里起航,满载着成百上千的卡斯特罗政权的反对者,偷偷从马里埃尔驶向弗罗里达,Those were politically charged times. Government trucks would come to his school to deliver eggs for him and his friends to throw at the people fleeing. About a decade and a half later, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 plunged Cubas economy into crisis, sources of protein were so scarce that Carlito recalled those wasted eggs with bitter regret. Some “Marielitos”, as those who fled are known, returned recently and Carlito was stunned at how prosperous they had become. “We used to call them traidores (traitors),” he chuckles. “Now we call them traedolares (bring dollars).”当时政治斗争风生水起,政府的卡车会装载着鸡蛋来到他的学校,供他和他的朋友扔向那些逃亡的人群,但15年后,苏联解体,将古巴的经济一举推向危机的深渊,连蛋白质也成了珍稀产品,一想到当年浪费的那些鸡蛋,Carlito无不扼腕叹息。近来,一些当年逃走的所谓Marielitos的人重回古巴,他们的富有让Carlito大跌眼镜,他打趣儿的说,当年我们损他们为卖国贼,现在则称他们是生财佬。Across the bay from where Carlito sits is a 900m container port, which was built with Brazilian money and inaugurated in January. There are plans to develop a special economic zone alongside it, modelled on the thriving export hubs, such as Shenzhen, that China developed from 1980 onwards. The port is part of a vision for Cuba that relies less on Cuban-American gusanos (worms) sending remittances to prop up the local economy, and more on an inflow of foreign investors.穿过Carlito静坐的海湾,一个造价9亿美元的集装箱港跃入眼帘,该港口以巴西货币为经费,1月投入使用,计划是在其周边建设特别经济区,以一些蒸蒸日上的出口中心如深圳——1980年后中国腾飞的城市为模板,这一港口是古巴减轻对古巴裔美国人依赖计划的一部分,不完全指望他们为当地经济发展投入经费着力引进更多的外来投资。But Carlito is keeping his excitement in check. Construction workers building the container terminal were paid a mere 250 pesos a month, he says, so the ramshackle town has yet to benefit from the development. None of the 23 firms who have sought licences to operate in the special economic zone has yet been granted one. Even Joaquín Infante, the 88-year-old vice-president of the slow-moving National Association of Cuban Economists and Accountants, urges speedier authorisation of investment. “We need to be more flexible and take more risks,” he says.但Carlito并未喜出望外而是坐而观望,他说,建造集装箱港口的工人的月薪仅为250比索,这相对于扶持起一个摇摇欲坠的城镇来说无异于杯水车薪,尽管已经有23所公司申请了特别经济区的经营执照,但无一成功。即使是在步履蹒跚的古巴经济学家和会计师协会,88岁的副会长也要求对投资尽快审批,他说“我们应更加灵活机动,不畏风险。”Despite reforms that have brought some big changes to Cuba in the form of private restaurants, bed-and-breakfasts and new co-operatives, the economy has virtually ground to a halt. In the first half of the year GDP grew by just 0.6%, leading the government to reduce its estimate for full-year growth to 1.4%. That is lower than the 2.7% annual average figure since Raúl Castro (pictured on the right, with Vladimir Putin) became president in 2008.虽然改革带来了很大的机遇,古巴迎来了一些私人餐馆,住宿早餐包揽的旅馆和新的企业,但其经济发展停滞不前,今年上半年古巴的GDP增长仅为0.6%,这促使政府将全年增长预期调低至1.4%,这比卡斯特罗自2008年上任以来的年均数据2.7%还要低。Investment is the root of the problem. In a report in July, two Cuban economists, Omar Everleny and Ricardo Torres, estimated that the growth in Cubas capital stock, such as machinery and buildings, fell to 7.8% of GDP last year, close to its level of 5.4% in 1993 when the economy was in serious trouble. From the 20th floor of the Habana Libre, a run-down hotel, not one crane can be seen on the skyline. “The economy is screwed,” says a Havana-based diplomat.问题的根源在于投资,在7月的一则报告中,两名古巴经济学家奥马尔和里卡多预测诸如在机械和建筑领域的股本下跌至占GDP的7.8%,与1993年该国经济正处泥潭中的水平基本持平,从哈瓦那棚户区的一家旅馆的20层楼上观望,目光所及的天际之下,无一架起重机,哈瓦那的一名外交人员说,放眼国家经济,只让人眉头紧锁Supporters of the regime argue that the reforms simply need more time. A profit-oriented reorganisation of state-owned behemoths, such as the sugar monopoly, could be promising; it is just that the bureaucrats who run them are slow to change. Critics, however, see a fundamental flaw in the reform model. Although it has sought to give some people more freedom in what they make and sell, the state keeps a stranglehold on the inputs they need for those businesses, such as seeds for growing crops, or sauces and spices for restaurants, or spare parts for taxis. It has cracked down on “mules” bringing in such goods on passenger planes from abroad.政权的持者说,改革不过是需要更多的时间,以盈利为导向重组例如制糖垄断的国企大亨前景甚好,只是运营的官僚机构老牛破车,然而,批评人士认为,改革方略中存在根本性漏洞,虽说国家给予了人们制作和销售的更多的自由,但却严格限制做生意所需原料的进口,如粮食种子,餐馆的调味汁和香料或出租车的备件,他也严厉打击用客机从国外偷运这些商品的人。Diplomats say such counter-measures will make it harder for Cuba to attract the 2.5 billion in annual foreign investment that the regime aims for. Some also reckon the financial squeeze on the island has tightened this year in the wake of the case against BNP Paribas, a French bank, for evading American sanctions on doing business with Cuba, among other places.外交人员称在这些打击措施下,古巴更难实现年外资吸收达25亿美元的目标,一些人估计,对抗法国BNP Paribas事件使得今年的财政困难雪上加霜,该事件是为了躲避美国对其他地区实施的与古巴通商的制裁。That is why Cuba-watchers have paid close attention to the visits of Russias president, Vladimir Putin, and Chinas leader, Xi Jinping, in recent weeks. Though both men offered few concrete investments in Cuba, they provide an opportunity for the Castro regime to start reducing its dependence on its closest ally, Venezuela, whose pro-Cuba government has been rocked by instability this year. Says Mr Infante: “We have to diversify and not depend on just one partner.” He hopes that means more Chinese and Russian investment in Mariel.因此,持观望态度的投资者对近几周俄罗斯总统普京和中国国家主席习近平的来访甚为关注,虽说两人提供的实际投资不过寥寥,但这至少给卡斯特罗政权提供机会,减少对他亲密战友委内瑞拉的依赖程度,但该国持古巴的政权今年也在动荡中下台,infante说,我们应建立多元伙伴关系而不是依靠单独一个,他希望马里埃尔港能迎来更多来自中国和俄罗斯的投资。One envoy says the regime also prefers such investments to Western capital because it sees neither China nor Russia as a “Trojan horse” working towards regime change. A Cuban economist sees uncanny parallels with the special terms offered to the Soviet Union in the cold war. “The mentality of the decision-makers is to talk to Russia, talk to China, and make them offers based on politics,” he says. “But this is the same mentality we had in the past…and it didnt do much for productivity.”一位使者称该政权也希望能给西部首都带来同样的投资,因为他认为俄罗斯和中国的投资都不是“特洛伊木马”,企图推动政权更替,一位古巴的经济学家称在冷战期间针对苏联的措辞与此如出一辙,不可思议,他说;“决策者希望与俄罗斯和中国实现交流,使他们基于政治因素作出投资,但这不过是老调重弹,鲜有成效。”Cubas courtship of Russia is particularly striking: a day after Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down, Fidel Castro publicly blamed Ukraines government. Such an overtly pro-Russian stance on Ukraine may hinder political negotiations that started this year between Cuba and the EU, diplomats say. It also makes it harder for Barack Obama to improve Americas relations with Cuba, let alone consider an end to the counter-productive 54-year-old embargo. Back in Mariel, Carlito wants good relations with everyone, especially America. “Luckily we Cubans have a lot of patience and patience is good,” he says. “Without it theres just frustration.”古巴对俄罗斯的巴结尤其让人嗔目结舌,马航飞机MH17击落一天后,卡斯特罗便公开谴责乌克兰政府,外交人员说,它在乌克兰问题上公开持俄罗斯的立场可能会影响今年他与欧盟的政治对话,此外,奥巴马会更不情愿改善两国关系,更别提结束长达54年的禁运,虽说其效果是适得其反。卡斯特罗希望马里埃尔能与所有国家建立友好关系,尤其是美国,他说,幸运的是我们古巴人民锲而不舍,否则便只有槁木死灰。 /201408/320721彭水苗族土家族自治县看妇科炎症哪家医院最好的重庆看乳腺病哪家医院好



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