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重庆市妇保医院检查男人精子质量巴南输卵管造影多少钱O'REILLY: In the "Factor Investigation" segment tonight, more than 100,000 people have voted in the BillOReilly.com poll, which asks do you believe the U.S. oil companies are price gouging? Eighty-nine percent said yes. Just 11 percent do not believe that.By the way, the price of a gallon of regular unleaded is up about a gallon from a year ago.But the perception is not the same as the reality. And we want to know exactly who's making all the money and how they're doing so. With us now, John BIRGER, senior writer at Fortune magazine and Elizabeth MACDONALD, senior editor at Forbes magazine.All right, Elizabeth, you were here last time. And this is basically as dumbed down as I can make it so even I understand it.Oil comes to the ed States from the OPEC countries in tankers, and it arrives. And then it goes into refineries around the country. All right?The oil companies pay for that to happen. They pay OPEC. They pay for the tankers. They pay for the refineries, all right? The big five, most of them.It gets into the refinery. They take the oil. They turn it into gasoline. That comes to everybody's gas station. Who sets the price of the gallon of gasoline?MACDONALD: The oil and gas companies, based on what the oil and gas actually gets — is trading at on the open market, on the commodities exchanges.But the problem here is that when gas station owners are telling you that that they feel that the refineries are gouging consumers, then people ought to sit up and take notice and pay attention.O'REILLY: All right. So the guy ,O'REILLY, he's — what is he? Chevron? He's the CEO of Chevron . He sits there with his guys at a big, long, shiny table. And does he say, "I'm going to charge .50 a gallon?"MACDONALD: Based on what the market will bear, he will — he along with his other executives at his company will see what the other oil and gas companies are charging, and they'll figure out what the wholesale price should be.O'REILLY: So they're all looking at each other?MACDONALD: Based on what the market is telling them in terms of the commodities exchanges.O'REILLY: Now nobody knows what the market is, Mr. Berger. Nobody knows what that is. It's not a person.See, if I buy a McDonald's Big Mac, I know the Big Mac was set at a price by the McDonald's Corporation. They said, "We're going to charge .75 for the Big Mac." I know that. But I don't know what the market is or the commodity or the mercantile. These aren't human beings.BIRGER, SENIOR WRITER, FORTUNE MAZINE: I can tell you, there are no big, long, shiny tables where a cabal of oil moguls are out there setting prices. These prices are set on open markets by traders and investors all around the globe, who are simultaneously bidding or selling and buying oil. And the price...O'REILLY: Are you telling me the five big oil companies don't buy oil? Of course they do.BIRGER: Of course they do, yes. But they don't...O'REILLY: They negotiate the...BIRGER: But the chairman of Chevron doesn't wake up one morning and say the price of gasoline is going to be a gallon.O'REILLY: Well, doesn't the chairman of Chevron, David O'REILLY, say to OPEC, "I'll pay you this amount for the oil. This is what I'll pay you"?BIRGER: No.O'REILLY: He doesn't say that?MACDONALD: No.O'REILLY: He doesn't control his product?BIRGER: No, he doesn't.O'REILLY: All right. That's interesting.MACDONALD: I disagree with that. On Shell's own web site, they say that they go in and they set what the price of gasoline will be, based on what the market is telling them that the market will bear.O'REILLY: That's what I think. They charge what they think they can get away with.MACDONALD: Right. And the problem is what's going on is we've had a lot of oil company mergers. I'm only reporting back what the independent or the grand gas station owners are telling me. I'm basically a reporter here.The gas stations want supply and demand to dictate the prices. They want an open market. They want the free market to work.O'REILLY: But you can't have an open market when you only have five major oil companies.200807/44497重庆涪陵中心医院做全身检查要多少钱 Former US Fed Chief Somber on Economic Prospects格林斯潘:美国似乎难免经济衰退   Amid continued upheaval among America's biggest financial firms, a former head of the U.S. Federal Reserve says even more institutions could face insolvency, and that the ed States appears unlikely to avoid an economic recession. 前美联储主席格林斯潘说,在美国最大的一些金融公司持续动荡之际,可能会有更多的机构面临破产,而且美国似乎不大可能避免经济衰退。After leading the U.S. central bank from 1987 until two years ago, Alan Greenspan remains one of America's influential voices on economic matters. 格林斯潘从1978年开始一直担任美国央行行长,直到两年前。但是他仍然是对美国经济问题最有影响力的人之一。Greenspan says America's current financial climate, in which the Federal government has felt compelled to seize control of two mortgage giants and engineer the takeover of a major investment firm, is unlike anything he has ever seen before.  格林斯潘说,联邦政府最近感到不得不接管两大房贷公司并策划接收一家大的投资公司,这种金融气候是他以前所从未见过的。Appearing on A's This Week program, Greenspan said the near-collapse of another well-known investment firm, Lehman Brothers, only adds to his consternation. 格林斯潘在美国全国广播公司“本周”节目上说,另外一家知名的投资公司“雷曼兄弟”即将破产的,这使他更为震惊。"This is a once in a half century, probably once in a century, type of event. There is no question that this is in the process of outstripping anything I have seen. And it still is not resolved and it still has a way to go," he said. 他说:“这是50年,或者100年不遇的重大事件。毫无疑问,事情的发展将比他所见过的任何情况更加严重,而且问题还远远没有解决。”Greenspan tied the upheaval in financial firms to turmoil in America's housing market, saying the current picture will not improve until falling home prices stabilize in the ed States. 格林斯潘将金融公司的动荡归咎于美国房市的混乱。他说,在美国持续下跌的房价稳定之前,目前这种局势不会改善。Earlier this year, the Federal government provided an emergency loan to investment giant Bear Stearns, and helped engineer the selling of the firm to a rival corporation. Last week, the Bush administration took over two government-sponsored private mortgage firms, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to rescue them from insolvency. 今年早些时候,联邦政府向大投资公司贝尔斯登提供紧急贷款,并帮助策划了将贝尔斯登出售给一个竞争对手公司。上星期,布什政府接管了两个政府担保的私人房贷公司,房地美和房利美,避免了这两家公司破产。Greenspan said endless government rescues are not a good idea. 格林斯潘说,政府没完没了的救助,并非上策。"We should not try to protect every single institution. The ordinary cost of financial change has winners and losers, to the extent that bailouts are draws on our scarce savings supply, you undermine the growth of the economy, and ultimately you get stagnation," said Greenspan. 他说:“我们不应设法保护每个公司。金融机构更迭一般的代价就是既有赢家,也有输家,因为救助行动需动用我们本已匮乏的储蓄,将损害我们的经济增长,最终导致经济停滞。”But the former fed chief did say that some firms and institutions warrant assistance. 不过,这位前美联储主席强调,一些公司和机构有正当的理由得到政府的救助。"There are certain types of institutions which are so fundamental to the functioning of the movement of savings into the real investment in an economy that on very rare occasions - and this is one of them - it is desirable to prevent them from liquidating in a sharply disruptive manner," continued Greenspan. 他说:“有某类机构对储蓄流通进入一个经济体实际投资运作具有根本的作用,房利美和房地美就是其中一例,在罕见的情况下,最好防止他们以剧烈破坏性的方式倒闭。”Despite a housing crisis, wild fluctuations in energy prices, and a jump in unemployment, the U.S. economy has continued to expand, albeit at a slow pace. Greenspan indicated he is pessimistic as to whether the ed States and the larger world economy can avert a recession altogether, saying the chances are, in his words, "less than 50 percent." 虽然房市危机,能源价格剧烈动荡,失业率上升,但美国经济仍在扩张,尽管速度缓慢。格林斯潘指出,他对美国和整个世界经济是否能完全避免一次经济衰退,颇感悲观。他说,避免经济衰退的机率不到50%。"I cannot believe we could have a once in a century type of financial crisis without a significant impact on the real economy, globally," he said. "And I think that is, indeed, what is in the process of what is occurring." 他说:“我无法相信在我们遇到百年一次的那种金融危机时,不会对全球的实体经济产生重大影响。我认为这的确就是目前正在发生的一切。”Greenspan noted some economic positives: recent declines in oil prices and as well as in U.S inflation. He said he would be delighted if the ed States managed to stave off a recession, but added he would not bet on such an outcome. 格林斯潘提到一些经济的积极因素,最近油价下跌,以及美国通货膨胀在下降。他说,如果美国能设法度过衰退,他将非常高兴。但是他说,他不会对这样的结果打赌。200809/48644秀山土家族苗族自治县治疗宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的

重庆取环多少钱Hamas Arrests Fatah Supporters After Deadly Gaza Bombing哈马斯在加沙逮捕法塔赫持者  The Islamic militant group Hamas that rules the Gaza Strip has launched a crackdown on its rivals after a deadly bomb attack. 占据加沙地带的伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯在受到致命的炸弹袭击之后开始镇压对手。Hamas has arrested dozens of supporters of the rival Palestinian Fatah faction in Gaza after a bomb blast killed five Hamas gunmen and a six-year-old girl. A senior Hamas military commander was among the dead.  哈马斯在加沙地带逮捕了数十名对立的巴勒斯坦法塔赫的持者。在此之前,一次炸弹爆炸导致5名哈马斯武装人员和一个6岁女孩死亡。死者包括一名哈马斯高级军事指挥官。Hamas blamed Fatah for the explosion. Hamas official Khalil al-Hayya is the father of a gunman who was wounded in the blast.  哈马斯指责法塔赫发动了炸弹爆炸袭击。哈马斯官员哈利勒.哈亚是一名在爆炸中受伤的武装人员的父亲。 "This explosion shows that there is a group of traitors and mercenaries who want to destabilize Gaza," al-Hayya said. "Therefore I ask the authorities to hit them with an iron fist."  哈亚说:“这次爆炸表明,有一批叛徒和雇佣军想破坏加沙的稳定,因此我要求当局用铁拳对他们进行打击。” An unknown offshoot of Fatah, calling itself the "Awda Brigades" claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was revenge for the violent Hamas takeover of Gaza a year ago. Hamas routed the forces of Fatah leader and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who now heads a more moderate government in the West Bank. The office of Mr. Abbas issued a statement saying the bombing was part of an internal dispute within Hamas.  法塔赫一个不太知名的自称为“阿瓦达旅”的分组织声称对这次袭击负责,并且表示这是对哈马斯使用暴力手段在一年前占领加沙地带进行的报复。哈马斯当时击溃了法塔赫领导人和巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯的力量。阿巴斯目前在约旦河西岸领导一个推行温和路线的政府。阿巴斯办公室发表声明说,炸弹爆炸是哈马斯内部争斗的结果。The deadly explosion was one of three in Gaza in less than 24 hours. Earlier, another bomb targeted the home of a Hamas lawmaker, but he was not hurt. Another explosion targeting a café was apparently carried out by a radical Islamic group that opposes western influences in Gaza.  这次致命的爆炸是过去24小时里加沙地带发生的三起炸弹爆炸之一。此前发生的一起炸弹爆炸针对一位哈马斯的巴勒斯坦议员,但这位议员没有受到伤害。还有一起爆炸显然是一个在加沙地带反对西方影响的激进伊斯兰组织进行的。In addition to the arrests of Fatah members, Hamas policemen set up checkpoints on major roads and searched cars.  除了逮捕法塔赫成员之外,哈马斯警察还在主要道路设立检查站,搜查车辆。 Thousands of Hamas supporters attended the funerals of the slain gunmen, calling for revenge. 数以千计的哈马斯持者参加了在炸弹爆炸中丧生的武装分子的葬礼,并高喊要复仇。200807/44900荣昌万州区产科医院哪家好 Channel 4 News has learnt that Google could be forced to carry a cigarette-box style warning about privacy on its websites. The Internet search giant has amassed a massive database of personal information about its users, including what sites we visit and our online shopping habits, and even what restaurants we locate via Internet maps. An expert panel set up to advise the European Commission believes that Google should seek explicit informed consents before retaining such detailed information. Here’s our technology correspondent Benjamin Cohen. You can make money without doing evil. It’s Google’s famous mission statement. But the world’s biggest search engine is the focus of mounting paranoia over the growing scope of its power over every one of us. This is the lauding Googleplexes, to here that tens of millions of us turn everyday to have our questions answered, find directions, communicate with friends, and be instinct online. In fact, Google increasingly controls almost every aspect of our digital lives. I think there is a different stream of perception and a lot of the reality. And if people felt the same way that, you know, that had been written, I think they would stop using Google, they wouldn’t trust us. But reality is people do trust us and will, and continue to use the service.Indeed, three quarters of us use Google services, more than anywhere else in the world. By monitoring the information we give them when we go online, the company builds up an understanding of its users, which helps them target advertising. If you open up a Google account, you do clearly agree to the company’s privacy policy. But if you don’t, there is no explicit warning about what information is being retained. It could mean that everybody is being spied on, so we are, we are moving into a surveillance society, where all the information on everything we do and say is being collected and passed on. The law is clear: Consent must be given by any appropriate method enabling a freely given specific and informed indication of the user’s wishes, including by ticking a box when visiting an Internet website. In fact, there’s no direct link to the company’s privacy policy on the Google homepage. An independent panel is advising the European Commission on whether Google is complying with European Privacy Regulations. We understand that the company may be required to put up a cigarette-box style privacy warning telling users what information it collects, what it will be used for and for how long it will be kept. These recommendations are also likely to apply to Google’s smaller rivals.200805/39706万州造影多少钱

重庆西南医院输卵管检查多少钱Beijing Working to Improve Health Care for Foreigners Ahead of Olympics中国正在为北京奥运推动献血运动  Beijing health officials are promoting a blood drive to ensure there is an adequate supply of a type of blood that is far more common among non-Asians. It is the latest in a long list of preparations that the city is making as it gets y for the 2008 Summer Olympics. 中国卫生官员在推动一个献血运动,确保充足供应某种血型的血液。非亚洲人具有这种血型的人远远多于亚洲人。这是北京当局为2008年夏季奥运会所作准备的清单上最新的一个。Beijing is in the midst of an Olympic blood drive. Advertising posters line inner city bus stops shelters and are plastered on subway station walls. 北京正在发起一场奥运献血运动,在市区巴士车站的候车亭和地铁车站的墙上都张贴着广告标语。The city has a shortage of Rhesus, or Rh-negative blood - a strand rare in China, with only three of every 1,000 Han Chinese being Rh-negative. 北京缺少Rh阴性血,这种血在中国很少见。每一千名汉人当中才有3个人是这种血型。China expects around 500,000 foreign visitors to come to Beijing during the Olympics. Roughly 15 percent of Caucasians, and 10 percent of black Africans are Rh-negative, a large portion of those who will make up a majority of tourists during the Games. 中国预计会有大约50万外国人在奥运会期间来到北京,欧洲白人当中大约15%的人是这种血型,非洲黑人当中10%的人是Rh阴性血。奥运会期间,到北京去的游客当中很大一部分是欧洲白人和非洲黑人。Rh refers to an antigen that humans either have or do not have on the surface of their red blood cells. Those who have it are Rh positive. Those who do not are Rh negative. It is important in transfusions that both donors and recipients have the same types. Rh指的是一种人体内的红血球细胞表面可能含有的抗原。含有这种抗原的是Rh阳性血,不含这种抗原的是Rh阴性血。在输血时,确保献血者和接受血液的人都是这种血型,这很重要。Zhu Ruiquan of the Beijing Red Cross says he needs extra supplies of the blood to cover the increase in visitors expected in the city during the games. 北京市红十字会的朱瑞权说,他需要额外的Rh阴性血供应,以因应奥运会期间预计会到北京的更多来访者。"We need to get prepared for them in case there are some accidents or some problems, so we are y to handle them," he said. 朱瑞权说:“我们就要为他们做好准备,万一发生一些事故或问题的时候,我们要做到有备无患。”Zhu's organization has set up mobile blood centers across Beijing to help to collect 16 liters of Rh-negative blood that he wants to have on standby for the Olympics. 朱瑞权的组织在北京各处建立了流动采血中心,帮助采集他希望为奥运会准备的16升Rh阴性血。Many Chinese are motivated to donate blood because, with China's user pays medical system, donors receive blood transfusions for free. 许多中国人有献血的动机,因为中国的医疗保健系统是需要使用者付费的。而献血者则免费接受输血。Yet the need to cater to foreigners's blood type for the Olympics has prompted even more people, those like like Gao Xiaoyang, to donate. 然而,由于需要因应为奥运会来北京的外国人的血液,这促使更多的人去献血。高小阳就是其中一位。"Donating blood is the duty of every citizen, also by donating blood we can help build a better Olympics. It is how we can contribute to the Olympics in our own way," he noted. 他说:“献血是我们每个公民的义务,而且我们献血能够保北京更好地举办奥运会,为北京奥运尽自己的力量。”But Red Cross nurses say some Chinese are reluctant to give their blood. They remember a commercial blood-selling scandal in which China's supply of clinical blood was tainted by HIV and other potentially deadly diseases. 但是,红十字会的护士说,有些中国人不愿献血。这些人还记得过去一次商业性卖血的丑闻。那次丑闻导致中国医务用血沾染艾滋病毒和其他可能的致命疾病。During the 1990's poor peasants sold blood to illegal collection agencies. In these unsterilized centers, blood was often collected from several people at the same time and mixed together in a container where the plasma was removed. The remaining blood was often given back to the donors, mixed with the contaminated blood of others. 在1990年代,穷苦农民向非法采集血液的机构卖血,在这些未经彻底消毒的采血中心,工作人员经常同时从几个人身上采血,然后把血液混到一个容器中,从血液中去除血浆。剩余的血液已经跟含有病毒的血液混在一起,再被输回到献血者身上。Red Cross nurse Xu Min says Chinese tradition can also be a barrier to donating. 红十字会的许敏说,中国的传统也可能是献血的一个障碍。"There is an old mindset in China - people think one's blood is very precious," she explained. "People think it is very precious. It is too precious to give away. They are worried that blood cannot be reproduced after donating it. This old way of thinking needs to be changed." 许敏说:“中国人有一些传统观念,有些人认为血液很宝贵,认为血液很珍贵。有人还怀疑血液能否再造。”These days, donating blood is being encouraged. But just in case there is not enough by the time of the Olympics, the Red Cross says it has a registry of 400 Rh-negative donors who can be called upon to donate in case of an emergency. 这些天来,当局鼓励献血。但是万一到奥运会时还没有足够的血液,红十字会说,它有400名Rh阴性血的献血者的登记,发生紧急情况的时候可以叫这些人献血。China is making intense preparations to ensure that the Olympics showcase its brightest achievements. Ensuring enough Rh-negative blood is just the latest attempt to avoid mishaps over health and food safety that would tarnish its image during the games. 中国正在紧锣密鼓的作准备,确保奥运会展示中国最耀眼的成就,确保拥有足够的Rh阴性血不过是当局的最新努力,当局要避免在保健和食品安全方面发生事故,这类事故一旦在奥运期间发生将损害中国的形像。200803/32443 creepy ———— 毛骨悚然的(形容词,非正式)英文释义 (adjective, INFORMAL) Describing something unpleasant and annoying that makes you feel like insects are crawling on your skin.例句 I saw a creepy movie yesterday and I had terrible nightmares last night.我昨天看了一部毛骨悚然的电影,晚上做了一个可怕的梦。 /201606/448956沙坪坝输卵管怎样检查重庆西南医院做不孕不育多少费用



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