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江北照影需要多少钱重庆市第三人民医院妇产中心Hello, 大家好,欢迎收听《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。你是第一次来到我们的课堂吗?如果是肯定的,那要告诉你一声,我们的每期堂课,不仅有英语学,还有英语歌听,不要走开。首先来看一个相当简单的词:hard,不要看它这么简单,用起来可活得很。He was so hard on me last night. 他昨晚对我很凶。No hard feelings, I believe youll pass it next time. 别难过,下次你会通过的。Im having a hard time with my girlfriend lately. 近来我跟我女友关系非常不好。You will have a hard time getting a ticket. 你想买到票可不容易。Why do you have such a hard time admitting it? 要你承认错误有那么困难吗?当我们have a hard time时,心里可能就会有些不踏实,局促不安。那么,用英语如何表达呢?My mind is not at ease.(我心中并有些不踏实),或者I dont feel at ease.(我有些局促不安),Be/feel at ease. 安逸,感觉自在。I am never at ease with strangers. 我在陌生人面前总会感到不自在。With our work done, we felt much at ease. 工作做完后,我们觉得好轻松。I never feel at ease in his company. 我同他一起从未感到轻松过。He is quite at ease in public. 他在公众场合十分自在。After confession he feels a little better and can sleep at ease. 忏悔之后他觉得好过一点,并且能睡好了。你在什么场合下会感到自在或局促不安呢? /163520大渡口治不孕专科医院 大家好,欢迎回来,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。今天的快乐英语之行就要开始了,准备好和我一起学英语了吗? 今天,我们主攻有意或无意做某事。首先介绍这个词:deliberate: 形容词,故意的,存心的。He told us a deliberate lie. 他故意跟我们撒谎。 deliberate,还有“慎重的, 深思熟虑的”意思:He did it in a deliberate manner. 他以慎重的态度来做这件事。 deliberate,还有“不慌不忙的, 从容不迫的”意思:The old man stood up in a very deliberate way and left the room. 这位老人不慌不忙地站了起来, 然后离开了房间。 Deliberately do something 表示“有意做某事”:I deliberately take you with me so that you may witness what I'm doing. 我故意带你去是为了让你看到我在做什么。She deliberately broke her lap top. 她故意损坏了她的手提电脑。 Accidentally do something 意外做某事,无意做某事We accidentally exposed our new marketing strategy to our competitors. 我们意外地把我们新的市场战略透露给了我们的竞争对手。I accidentally meet you here. 我无意间在这遇到了你。Tom accidentally got a promotion this month. 汤姆这个月意外地升了职。 让我们一起学好英语吧!这里是《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,来听一首Aerosmith的I don’t want to miss a thing, 你会喜欢吗? /201111/159605长寿不孕不育检查哪家医院好

重庆市爱德华治疗妇科疾病多少钱特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为未经可可许可。迷你对话:A: Are you have a hand in locking into the case?A: 你参与了案件调查吗?B: Yes.B: 参与了。A: How do you feel about it?A: 感受如何?B: It is really a hard nut to crack. The problem is that the crime was done without leaving any trace.B: 案子很棘手,问题是罪犯没有留下任何线索。地道表达:have a hand in 插手,参与持范例:Eg. Does the local government have a hand in the management of the schools? 当地政府是否插手这些学校的管理工作呢? Eg. I dont want to have a hand in his personal affairs.我不愿意过问他个人的事。Eg. If the strike continues, the government will have to have a hand in the negotiations.如果罢工继续下去,政府将不得不干预谈判。Eg. George would like to have a hand in arranging the entertainment.乔治想参与表演会的安排工作。词海拾贝:1. look into:调查Eg. The manager would look into the queer going-on in the office. 经理将调查办公室里发生的可疑事件。Eg. The government has set up a working party to look into the problem of drug abuse. 政府已成立工作组调查滥用毒品问题. Eg. We have to look into the cause of the accident.我们必须调查这一事故的原因。 Eg. The personnel manager promises he will look into the grievance of the office staff . 人事经理答应他将调查公司职员的疾苦。 2. feel about:对......感觉,反应Eg. How would you feel about going to a baseball game tonight? 今天晚上去看一场棒球赛怎么样? Eg. And how do you feel about taking the job in Los Angeles? 你对于到Los Angeles接受这份工作有何感想? Eg. How do you feel about Hong Kongs transfer of sovereignty on July 1st?对7月1日香港主权移交你是怎么看的? Eg. How did the peasants feel about this? 对此农民的反应怎样? 3. leave some trace:留下线索,留下痕迹Eg. Even the shrewdest criminals leave some trace of their illicit activities. 即便是最狡猾的罪犯也会留下一些做案的痕迹。 /201210/202664重庆大坪医院做输卵管通液多少钱 take a hit 主动出击; 遭受重击 Look, I'm going to take a hit first and I'm going to figure out what to do.看,首先我将出击,然后我就会知道应该怎么做。 Concert ticket sales took a hit because of economic recession经济衰退使音乐会入场券的销量受到很大打击make a hit引起轰动,很受欢迎,很成功I know the film will make a hit.我知道这部电影会受欢迎。This invention will make a hit all over the world.这项发明将在全世界引起轰动. 歌曲:老歌let's start from here by王若琳~ /201008/110445黔江专门治不孕不育的医院

重庆中医院剖腹产怎么样Subject: What is the catch?迷你对话A: There is a vacancy for manage assistant in our company. Do you want to apply for it?我们公司经理一职空缺了,你打算申请这个职位吗?B: Sure. What is the catch?当然想啦,有什么内幕?地道表达 What is the catch?解词释义当对方免费给你好处的时候,英美人会反问:“What is the catch?”这其中的catch是名词,意思是“诡计,潜在的困难或不利因素”。例如:The house is very cheap. There must be a catch somewhere.(这所房子非常便宜,这里面一定有蹊跷。)“What is the catch?”译为“有什么诡计?”也可翻译为“有什么内幕?”或“你这是什么意思?”Ps 1: 表示“有职位空缺”,可以用下面的句型:There is a vacancy for sb.例如:I would like to know if there is a vacancy for the sales manager in your hotel. 我想知道你们酒店缺销售部经理嘛。Ps 2:apply for的意思是“申请......”。例如:She graduated with high enough marks to apply for university. 她的毕业成绩足以申请上大学。You can apply for citizenship after five years residency. 居住五年后可申请公民资格。 /201410/333940 But I mean,come on,for if youre a girl,are you kidding me我的意思 所有女孩都懂吧And so Nicole,your first time working with Simon and how are you feeling working with SimonNicole 你第一次与Simon合作 有什么感想How am I feeling working with Simon.Enamored,cause I know you two are aly.Enamored,is that what you just said,enamored.we have history,we have history有什么感想 迷恋 我知道你们俩已经 迷恋 是吗 你刚才说的是迷恋吗 我们之间有一段过去 我们有一段过去we are kindred spirits because were innocent,and you know theres Simon and umm我们志趣相投 因为当年都很傻很天真 然后你知道 Simon来了I know.I wonder if theres pre-show ritual that Simon does that you were gonna.There is a pre-show ritual.what is that,what does Simon do我懂 我很好奇 Simon有没有一些秀前习惯让你觉得 是的 他有 是什么 Simon做了什么He blow-dries his hair,he just does this and then it comes up and looks as exactly the same as before he started他把头发吹干 像是这样 然后他抬起头来 看起来就像电视上大家看到的那样Its true,so true.were way long.Before we go to the break though是真的 真的 我们已经聊了太久了 但是在休息之前The guy that was,was he naked the guy that look his pants down,that was insane脱裤子那哥们 最后裸了吗 那太疯狂了It wasnt a full banana hammock,it was a banana hammock.what,Banana what他的“香蕉吊床”不是全包裹的 他是穿着“香蕉吊床” 什么 “香蕉”什么Banana hammock.whats banana hammock.well figure it out.Oh,oh there it is,there it is“香蕉吊床” 什么是“香蕉吊床” 问度娘去吧 喔 就是这个 就是这个Did you see it,yes of course.See he had a banana hammock.But the good thing is Paula didnt over-react at all你们看到了吗 是的 当然 看到了吧 他穿着“香蕉吊床” 不过 还好Paula没有反应过度 完全没有You asked his telephone number after all.I didnt Simon.we have to take a break,well be right back after this你最后还要了人家电话号码呢 我没有 Simon 让我们休息一下 广告后马上回来 /201611/480494荣昌万州区产检多少钱怀孕前需检查孕酮吗



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