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City officials around the country are trying to figure out how to make changes in their communities to adapt to climate change.Researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of North Carolina looked at 44 of these climate adaptation plans, and found they were a mixed bag.Missy Stults is a Ph.D. candidate at U of M in the Urban and Regional Planning Program and the School of Natural Resources and Environment.She says in the Great Lakes region, city officials are mainly concerned about excessive rainfall events.;Heavy precipitation events leading to localized flooding, storm water overflows. Those are really the main issues, at least in the Midwest,; she says.Stults says they examined stand-alone climate adaptation plans.;What that means is these 44 communities created a plan solely focused on understanding how theyre vulnerable to climate change, both existing impacts as well as future impacts, and then they created a plan focused on solutions to those different impacts,; she says.She says there are a lot of other ways communities can plan for climate change, so this group of plans from 44 cities is just a small subset.Strengths and weaknessesStults says there were strengths in some of the plans.;They do a really great job of drawing on different fact bases. What I mean by that is theyre pulling reports from the U.S. federal government or local universities. Theyre also doing a really good job at selecting a wide array of strategies to prepare.;That could mean changing infrastructure in a city to make it better able to withstand heavy wind or flood events, or creating green rooftops or permeable pavement that allows storm water to soak in instead of running off into a drain.;So thats great, theyre thinking about lots of different things they can do within their powers to become more resilient; were excited about that,; she says.But theres a flip side.;We dont see a lot of detail about how theyre going to implement these strategies. So theyre putting these great ideas forward, but theyre not substantiating that with detail about whos responsible for implementing, how theyre going to fund these strategies, how theyre going to evaluate whether these strategies are effective,; says Stults. ;So that leaves us really questioning whether these plans are going to translate into actions on the ground that are going to create more resilient communities.;There are barriers to putting these plans in place.She says funding, of course, is a big one.;We just dont have the amount of capital needed to really invest at scale in climate adaptation. And there are a lot of discussions that are happening within philanthropy, at the private scale, at the federal government, to really try to figure this out.;And she says a lot of local governments have had to cut staff in recent years.;The Great Recession hit local governments really hard, so they laid off a lot of staff. And now youve got people that are, really in my eyes, theyre kind of heroes at the local level that are fighting the fight to make sure you have your trash being picked up, that youve got good drinking water thats coming out of your faucet, but then theyre also responsible for planning for climate change, this big issue,; she says.And so theyre basically doing the job of two and a half to three people, so theres just not a lot of capacity to take on more work. So weve got to overcome a lot of hurdles in that space.;But Stults says they also found that local officials acknowledge climate change is real.;Stakeholders believe its happening, and that belief is really strong at the local level, because its where you see the impacts: because you flood ... and you need to prepare for a flood. Or its hot, and you have to prepare for heat,; she says.The study was published in the journal Nature Climate Change.201605/441075Breaking up the Treasury财政部分裂Your money or your life要钱还是要命?The knives are out for Whitehalls mightiest department利刃直指白厅最强大的部门TONY BLAIR once kidnapped a civil servant. It was 2005 and the then prime minister, who was heading to EU budget talks in Luxembourg, needed an economic expert. So he purloined a Treasury official. The reluctant bureaucrat was later dumped in Paris without passport or money, recalls Jonathan Powell, a former adviser, in his book “The New Machiavelli”. Oddly, the man “just wanted our assurance that we wouldnt tell the Treasury that he had been travelling with us.” If the news got out, his career could have ended.托尼·布莱尔曾绑架过一位公务员。这发生在2005年,当时正前往卢森堡参加欧盟预算谈判的首相急需一位经济专家。所以他带走了一名财政部官员。据前任顾问乔纳森·鲍威尔在他的书作《新马基雅弗利》中回忆,那位本就不情不愿的官员在巴黎被丢下,不仅没有护照,更是身无分文。可奇怪的是,他“只想我们保不会告诉财政部他与我们同行。”如果消息走漏,他的事业也就完蛋了。The tale illustrates the potency of Britains finance ministry, which has long wielded more power than its international counterparts—or, it sometimes seems, the prime ministers office. In the post-war years the Treasury was a hub for Keynesian demand management. Under Margaret Thatcher it became the engine room of a monetarist revolution. It commandeered social policy during Mr Blairs administration. Now it oversees austerity, the lodestar of the coalition government.这个故事正说明了英国财政部的权势,它的权利涉及范围之广已超过它的国际同行,有时似乎更甚于首相办公室。在战后几年财政部曾是凯恩斯主义需求管理的中心。在玛格丽特·撒切尔任职期间,财政部成为了货币改革的中流砥柱。布莱尔手下行政机构的社会政策也被它霸占。如今它监视财政紧缩,这正是联合政府的目标。Yet a report published on September 4th, “The Destruction of HM Treasury”, says Whitehalls leviathan should count its days. The two authors know their stuff. Stian Westlake directs policy at the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, a charity taken seriously by Treasury types. Giles Wilkes was an adviser to Vince Cable, the business secretary.但是9月4日出版的报告《英国财政部的破坏》指出白厅兴风作浪的时日无多了。报告的两位作者有非常确切的报告素材。他们分别是斯蒂安·韦斯特莱克和贾尔斯·韦尔克斯,前者在国家科学、技术和艺术基金会指导政治,因为这个基金会是由财政部严肃对待的慈善项目。后者曾担任商务部长维斯·凯的顾问。Mr Westlake and Mr Wilkes argue that the rhythm of twice-yearly financial statements, in the budget and the autumn statement, makes the Treasury short-term in outlook and prone to headline-grabbing wheezes. Moreover, all three main parties have embraced the interventionist “sector strategies” championed by Michael Heseltine on the right and Lord Adonis on the left. Because the Treasury detests that sort of economic meddling, politicians have it in their sights. The departments functions might, the authors suggest, be distributed to an expanded prime ministers office, a stronger business department and a dedicated finance ministry.韦斯特莱克和韦尔克斯在预算和秋季声明中辩解道,财务报表一年两次的节奏是财政部短期之内在前景和倾向方面的头条伎俩。另外,三个主要党派均已与右翼代表迈克尔·赫塞尔廷和左翼代表阿多尼斯勋爵共同掌管的干预性“部门策略”合作。因为财政部憎恨的正是这种经济干预,而这正在政客们的掌控之中。两位作者还猜测,这个新的部门的作用或许是用来扩大首相办公室的权利,建立起一个更强大的商务部和一个专用的财政部。A plan to dismantle the Treasury was pitched to—and well received by—senior Labour figures at a private seminar last winter. Shadow cabinet ministers talk eagerly about the idea, though in the ruling Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties it is more a niche interest.在去年冬天的一个非公开研讨会上制定了一个针对工党高级官员的拆除财政部计划,这个计划也被这些官员欣然接受。尽管这对执政的保守党和自由民主党来说只是小众兴趣,但并不妨碍影子内阁的部长们对这个计划讨论的热火朝天。Even if any of this comes to pass, however, the Treasurys mandarins will remember that governments have tried to trim their wings before. Harold Wilsons Labour government set up a new Department of Economic Affairs to rival the Treasury. It too was supposed to concentrate on long-term planning, and it too was created partly for political reasons, to appease the ambitions of George Brown, the perpetually tired and emotional deputy leader of the party. The Treasury fought it, and won. Brown moved to the Foreign Office and the upstart department was unceremoniously closed down in 1969. The lesson? Never underestimate the power, and self-interest, of the Treasury.但即便这个计划的任何一条被通过,财政部的官员们将会明白政府曾试图折断他们的羽翼。哈罗德·威尔逊手下的工党政府成立了一个新的经济事务部门来对抗财政部。这个部门应该也是致力于长期的计划,而且它也是因部分政治原因而建立起来的,用来满足疲惫不堪且情绪化的党派副领导人乔治·布朗的野心。财政部与之对抗并最终胜利。布朗调到外交部,而自命不凡的经济事务部于1969年关闭。这一课教给我们什么呢?绝对不要小觑财政部的利欲熏心。译者:邵夏沁 校对:崔梦雪译文属译生译世 /201507/383553Fresh air is not the norm anymore in China.在中国,新鲜空气已不是常态。Earlier this month, Beijing issued its first-ever red alert for smog — the most serious warning on a four-tier system adopted a little over two years ago.本月早些时候,北京发布首个雾霾红色警报,是两年多前采用的四级系统中最严重的。Now, fresh bottled air from the Canadian Rockies is selling out in China because people are seeking for ways to breathe in non-smoggy air.现在,新鲜的瓶装空气正从加拿大落基山脉销往中国,因为人们正在寻找无雾霾的空气。Vitality Air, which bottles and resells air from the resort town of Banff in Alberta and Lake Louise in Banff National Park, has sold out its first shipments to China, which it began selling there less than two months ago. The cans of compressed fresh air come with a face mask attached for the user to breath through.“活力空气”从阿伯达班夫旅游圣地和莱克路易斯班芙国家公园装瓶和售卖,已经向中国售出第一批货物,在那里销售不到两个月。压缩的新鲜空气罐可以通过连接的面罩呼吸。Depending on the size of the bottle, its products range from to .根据瓶子的大小,其产品价格从10美元到60美元不等。译文属。201512/416726In Riyadh and in Jeddah, though not in a few more liberal places such as Qatif, the clerics—who always opposed female participation in the elections—have stopped the new female local councillors from sitting in the council chambers with men.在利雅得和吉达,尽管不是像卡提夫那样的自由城市,那些一直以来禁止新任女性议员和男性一同坐在会议室里的传教士,他们也一直反对女性参与到竞选当中。But to clerical consternation, (veiled) women now operate the tills in Ikea, a Swedish furniture outlet, in a poorer part of Riyadh, and men and women queue in mixed aisles.让阿訇惊愕的是,在利雅得一个较为落后地区,(戴面纱的)女性已在宜家家居(瑞典的家具专营店)从事收银员的工作,而且男女在混合走道中一同排队结账。At the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology outside Jeddah, male and female students attend the same lectures and mingle freely.在地处吉达旁的阿卜杜拉国王科技大学里,男女同学可一起参加同一门课的学习并且自由地往来。Architects of new office blocks locate male and female toilets on the same floor.新办公楼群建筑也把男女卫生间设计在同一层楼。Most Saudi women have yet to take the liberties their Iranian counterparts do with the veil.大多数沙特女性还没能像伊朗女性那样擅自摘下面纱。“Parents would object if I didnt cover my face,” says a primary school headmistress who longs to remove it.一位渴望摘下面纱的小学女校长说道:“如果我不用面纱遮住我的脸,父母会很反对”。But growing numbers of high-school girls are donning headscarves only, no matter that their elders consider that scandalous.但是越来越多的高中女生只戴头巾,尽管长辈会认为只戴头巾不戴面纱是可耻的行为。In Jeddah, a more liberal port city, seamstresses design abayas with bright colours and women smoke water-pipes out of doors.在相对自由地港口城市吉达,不仅女裁缝师会设计颜色鲜艳的长袍,而且女性也会在公共场合抽水烟。But worryingly, King Abdullahs incremental reforms seem to be stalling and even going to reverse under his successor, King Salman.但是,令人担忧的是国王阿卜杜拉在位期间推出的渐进改革在其接任者萨勒曼的领导下似乎要宣告停止甚至是倒退。His young son, Muhammad, who operates most of the levers of power, says he is anxious to increase Saudi productivity, and to lower birth-rates, by getting women out of the home and into the workplace.国王的小儿子,手握多项大权的穆罕默德说道他很急切地想要通过促使女性离开家庭走上工作岗位来提高沙特的生产力,降低出生率。But even so he seems nervous of confronting the religious establishment, on whom the Al Saud rulers depend for legitimacy.但是尽管如此,在面对宗教伦理时仍心有余悸,毕竟这是沙特王国统治者所依赖的法治基础。Many of Abdullahs reformers have been shifted; and a host of hardliners are back.阿卜杜拉国王旗下的改革派大多已经被调离,一大群强硬派回归。The only female minister, in the education ministry, was dismissed soon after Salman took the throne.在萨勒曼掌权之后,唯一的女部长(务于教育部)也被解职。Four women who publicly defied the still unreformed ban on female driving were barred from contesting local elections.四名女性因公然反抗未经改革的禁止妇女驾驶的法令,而被禁止参与当地选举。Shoppers in Jeddah report that the religious police are back, demanding that department stores black out any glimpse of unveiled women on their packaging.据报道,吉达的消费者称宗教警察重返,要求购物商场禁止不戴面纱的女性入内。One executive at an international financial-services firm says that the snoops carried out three spot-checks on her office last year to check for signs of the sexes mingling.一位国际金融机构的总经理表示这些警察去年在她的办公室进行了三次是否有与异性交往嫌疑的随机抽查。She is once again being forced to enter through side-entrances when visiting clients, while her male counterparts go through the front door;在与客户见面时,她再次被迫从侧门进入,然而她的男性工作伙伴则可走前门。and they have to travel to meetings in separate cars.而且在外出参会时,男女必须乘坐不同的车辆。In the new, more conservative environment, perhaps the best hope for women is that the country might rediscover its own traditions.在越来越保守的新环境下,对女性而言最大的希望在于国家能重拾传统。A senior official admires footage of the Saudi states founder, Abdulaziz, holding court in 1930s Mecca, while women riding on horseback bring their wares to market.一位高级官员很崇尚20世纪30年代在麦加执政的沙特国王阿卜杜勒阿齐兹所推行的女性政策,当时女性可骑在马背上带着货物去市场交易。At Jeddahs annual festival, the organisers display the colourful costumes women used to wear before the puritans imposed the black abaya of the central desert on the whole country.在吉达的年度盛会上,组织者会展示五颜六色的装,而这些装是在清教徒迫使女性身着黑色长袍之前女性曾穿过的装。Most striking of all is the Prophet Muhammads own requirement that women and men perform the pilgrimage to Mecca together;最振奋人心的是,先知穆罕默德曾要求男女一同前往麦加朝圣,and that when women go round the Kaaba, Islams holiest place, they show their face.而且当女性绕行克尔白(位于麦加的伊斯兰教最为神圣的朝圣场所)时可露出其面容。Saudi Arabias new rulers might take note.沙特阿拉伯的新国王可能记录下了这些。翻译:李晶晶amp;周玮 校对:赵荣 译文属译生译世 /201603/433086The living wage最低生活工资Wage flaws工资缺陷Sense and nonsense about minimum wages最低工资的意义何在What unites Ed Miliband, the Labour leader; Boris Johnson, London’s Tory mayor; and Barclays Bank? All are keen on the “living wage”, the hourly rate needed to pay for the items people reckon they need for an acceptable standard of living. On November 5th researchers paid by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation uprated it to 7.45 pounds (.90). A separate calculation by GLA Economics, a research unit that advises Mr Johnson’s government, put the living wage in London at £8.55. Mr Miliband suggests naming and shaming those who pay less. Business folk warn darkly about the cost in lost jobs. Who is right?是什么将工党领袖埃德·米利班德,纽约的保守市长鲍里斯·约翰逊以及巴克莱联系在一起呢?他们都对“最低工资”极感兴趣,每小时的工资应该足以付人们认为的在一个合适的生活水平下应该拥有的东西。在11月5日,Joseph Rowntree基金会的调查者发现每小时工资提高到7.45英镑(约为11.90美元)。约翰逊政府的咨询机构——GLA经济研究协会做了一项独立的计算,得出伦敦的最低工资是7.45英镑。米利班德对那些小气的雇主冷嘲热讽,而商界人士则严肃警告说,员工失业对公司也会造成损失。孰对孰错?A mandatory national minimum adult hourly wage of 3.60 pounds was introduced in April 1999, and has been regularly uprated since. In October it rose to 6.19 pounds. The wage floor seems not to have cost jobs. A 2010 paper by researchers at the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics found the long-run effect was either negligible or positive (ie, jobs increased). That finding is echoed in studies of minimum wages in America.在1999年4月,强制实行成年人小时工资不低于3.6英镑的标准,到目前为止此项标准不断提高。到了10月就增加到每小时6.19英镑。薪资水平似乎还没导致失业。2010年,伦敦经济学院中心的一篇论文研究经济发现(最低工资)这一研究与美国的最低工资研究遥相呼应(即就业增加)。而这项研究在美国最低工资水平的研究中一直持续着。Such results might seem puzzling. If the price of something is forced upwards, demand for it should fall. Why might this not be the case for low-paid workers? The answer is that firms find other ways to absorb higher wage costs. The simplest is to raise prices. Fast-food restaurants in New Jersey did so when the state’s minimum wage was raised in 1992, according to a landmark study by David Card and Alan Krueger of Princeton University. Firms may also skimp on non-wage benefits, trim the number of hours worked by low-paid staff, or cut other costs. Even the best-run firms can find savings when pushed.这样的结果可能会令人费解。如果东西的价格被迫上升,那么他的需求将会下降。这样的情况难道不会难道不会出现在那些低工资者的身上么?是,公司将会寻找其他方式来减少高额的工资成本。最简单的就是提高价格。根据David Card和普林斯顿大学的Alan Krueger的一项里程碑式的研究显示,新泽西的快餐店在1992年国家的提出最低工资标准的时候就是这样做的。公司也可以克扣非工资福利,削减低薪工作人员工作时数以及其他的减少成本方式。运行得最好的公司甚至可以在强制的情况下找到解决的方式。They may even find benefits. Turnover of low-paid staff often falls in places where minimum wages go up, reducing hiring costs. Higher wages might also make workers more productive. The theory of “efficiency wages” says that well-paying firms can induce staff to work harder by improving morale or by making it costlier for them to risk being sacked. The well-heeled firms that have signed up to the living wage report a better standard of work. Bosses in less cosy workplaces know this, too. A study of prostitution in Chicago found that pimps paid above-market wages to retain the best street workers.他们甚至在其中有利可图。当最低工资上调时,低薪员工流通率也会同时上涨,这样将可以降低雇佣成本。而高工资也可能使得工人更有效率。“绩效工资”理论认为:高薪公司或可以激发员工士气,或使员工冒解雇之风险而投机牺牲代价变的更高,从而促使员工更努力工作。据报告显示,收入不错的企业都规规矩矩地执行最低工资标准,其工作质量都处于较高水平。而工作环境不怎么舒适的公司的老板都知道这一点。芝加哥的一项研究发现,老鸨们付高于市场的薪水来留住最好的街头工作者。These are comforting arguments for those who think firms should be cajoled into paying the living wage. They apply only up to a point. Efficiency-wage theory was devised to explain high unemployment. Wage floors in America are low by European standards. Britain’s minimum wage is carefully set to avoid demolishing jobs. When it was introduced it affected fewer than 2 million workers. But the national living wage is 20% higher, the London rate almost 40% higher. If applied to all those currently in work, they would raise the pay of around 5m employees. It is hard to believe that would have no effect on jobs.对 那些认为公司应该被连哄带骗地付最低生活工资来说,这些都是令人欣慰的参数。但是他们只用到了一个方面。效率工资理论被用来解释高失业率。美国的最低工资标准低于欧洲水平。英国的最低工资的设置是十分谨慎的,以防带来失业,受影响的人数应控制在200万之内。但是全国最低生活工资高出(实际水平 的)20%,伦敦率更是高出近40%。如果推广到所有的行业,约有500万人将会提高最低工资。那么,很难相信这对就业没有任何影响。Indeed, large cuts in real wages help explain why the jobs market has hummed along in an otherwise sluggish economy. Employment growth has been stronger in low-paid industries—in shops, hotels, bars, office services and so on—than in higher-paid work. The law firms, banks and accountants who have embraced the living wage can afford it, as they employ few low-paid workers.事实上,实际工资大削减有助于解释为什么就业市场在萧条的经济中仍高歌猛进。例如像商店、酒店、酒吧、办公务,如此等等低收入行业往往比报酬更高的的工作的就业率要高。律师事务所、和会计等行业可以承受起最低工资标准,因此他们很少雇佣那些低薪劳动者。A living wage implies a wage level that keeps up with prices, at least in part. But British workers have had to settle for a lower standard of living in recent years, because of a weaker pound, the rising cost of oil across the world and higher taxes. As a result, surprisingly few have lost their jobs. Brits, it seems, much prefer the hardship of low wages to the misery of no wages.一个最低生活工资至少要与部分物价水平保持一致。然而,由于英镑疲软,世界范围内石油价格上升以及税收提高,英国工人最近几年不得不过着水平相对较低的生活。但是,令人惊讶的是,很少有人失去了工作。与没有工资相对比,收入低一点对英国人来说没什么关系。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201608/461378

A new study shows that blindness is what many Americans fear most. 一项新的研究表明,失明是许多美国人最害怕的。Dr. Adrienne Scott, an assistant professor of opthalmology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, who also conducted the study, 巴尔的约翰霍普金斯大学医学院眼科学助理教授艾德丽安·斯科特士也进行了研究,says, These findings underscore the importance of good eyesight to most and that having good vision is key to ones overall sense of well-being.称,这些研究结果强调了良好的视力对大多数人的重要性,良好的视力是一个人整体幸福感的关键。The nationwide online poll, which was commissioned by the nonprofit health research group Research America, 由非营利性健康研究小组进行的全国网上民意调查发现,found that 88 percent of more than 2,000 respondents considered good vision vital to overall health. 二千多名受访者中百分之88的人认为良好的视力对整体健康至关重要。Meanwhile, 47 percent said losing their sight would have the most effect on their day-to-day life.同时,百分之47的人表示,失明对他们的日常生活影响最大。译文属。201608/458932

Millennials are the largest generation in America, making up an entire third of the population.Theyre also the least likely to vote.A report from Tufts University says that less than 20% of people age 18 to 29 voted in the 2014 election.Andrew Koehlinger wants to do something about that. Hes the project director for VoteSpotter, an app that seeks to get younger voters engaged in the politics.;Vote Spotter in its simplest form is simply a nonpartisan tool that empowers citizens to get involved in the political process in a new way, in a way that they couldnt have done it before, by just simply tapping a few times on their mobile phone,; Koehlinger says.He explains that the app asks users for their address and tells them who their legislators are.;Thats step one, is simply getting people to understand who is representing them,; he says.Koehlinger tells us the app then sends users ;timely notifications and simple, concise bill summaries; that explain how their representatives are voting.Users can ;thumbs up or thumbs down; their legislators actions, and even call or email their representatives directly from within the app.Koehlinger tells us that VoteSpotter is an attempt to revolutionize political engagement the same way companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Uber have transformed shopping, social interaction, and transportation.;It just seems only natural that we should try and converge technology and politics to make it a lot easier for people to engage in the public policy process,; he says.201510/406825

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