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Clutching his broken glasses to his face, Harry stared around.他把破眼镜摁在眼睛上,往四下里张望,He had emerged into a dingy alley way that seemed to be made up entirely of shops devoted to the Dark Arts.眼前是一条肮脏的小巷,两旁似乎全是黑魔法的店铺。The one he#39;d just left, Borgin and Burkes, looked like the largest, but opposite was a nasty window display of shrunken heads and, two doors down, a large cage was alive with gigantic black spiders.他刚刚出来的那一家叫金·克,好像是最大的,但对面一家的橱窗里阴森森地陈列着一些萎缩的人头。隔着两家门面,一个大笼子里黑压压地爬满巨大的黑蜘蛛。Two shabby-looking wizards were watching him from the shadow of a doorway, muttering to each other.在一个阴暗的门洞里,有两个衣衫褴褛的巫师正看着他窃窃私语。Feeling jumpy, Harry set off, trying to hold his glasses on straight and hoping against hope he#39;d be able to find a way out of here.哈利感到毛骨悚然,要赶快离开那里。他一路努力把眼镜片扶正,心中抱着一线希望,但愿能摸出去。An old wooden street sign hanging over a shop selling poisonous candles told him he was in Knockturn Alley.一家卖毒蜡烛的店铺前挂着块旧木头街牌,告诉他这是翻倒巷。This didn#39;t help, as Harry had never heard of such a place.这没有用,哈利从来都没听说过这个地方。He supposed he hadn#39;t spoken clearly enough through his mouthful of ashes back in the Weasleys#39; fire.他想,他可能是在韦斯莱家火炉里时吞了满嘴烟灰,没有把地名说清楚。Trying to stay calm, he wondered what to do.他竭力保持镇静,思索着该怎么办。“Not lost are you, my dear?” said a voice in his ear, making him jump.“不是迷路了吧,亲爱的?”耳边忽然响起一个声音,把他吓了一跳。An aged witch stood in front of him, holding a tray of what looked horribly like whole human fingernails.一个老巫婆站在他面前,托着一碟酷似整片死人指甲的东西。She leered at him, showing mossy teeth. Harry backed away.她斜视着他,露出长着苔藓的牙齿,哈利慌忙后退。“I#39;m fine, thanks,” he said. “I#39;m just —”“我很好,谢谢。”他说,“我只是——”“HARRY! What d#39;yeh think yer doin#39; down there?”“哈利!你在这里干什么?” /201206/188006。

年米兰世会中国馆揭秘 :50:38 年米兰世会中国馆揭秘Plans have been unveiled the China Pavilion at the World Expo in Milan. This is the first time China has opened a pavilion overseas. Han Peng takes a look at what visitors can expect.The shape of China’s Pavilion resembles billowing wheat fields.With the key words "land hope, food life", the general theme is food safety and sustainable agricultural development.Wang Jinzhen, chief gov't representative of China Pavilion, said, "The Milan World Expo is focused on modern agriculture. China is the world’s most populous country facing huge challenges and also amazing progress in making food available each person. By opening this pavilion, we hope to demonstrate our concerns and achievements and boost understanding with the world." Plans have been unveiled the China Pavilion at the World Expo in Milan. In , China successfully held the Shanghai World Expo.But this is the first time China has opened a national pavilion overseas at an expo.One highlight of the design is its pursuit of harmony between modernity and nature.Perfectly calculating Milan’s sunlight, the pavilion uses cutting innovation to maximize sunshine over electric lighting. Plans have been unveiled the China Pavilion at the World Expo in Milan. Covering an area of nearly 5,000 square meters, the pavilion is the expo’s second largest, after Germany’s.And China’s highprofile participation has attracted great interest in Italy.Ding Changfeng, deputy CEO of Wanke Group, said, "We are really excited to have this opporty to promote our "made in China" brand. As a Chinese company, we are trying to have more of a voice in the international market."The Milan World Expo will be held between May and October next year, with over 60 countries and international organizations taking part. The Italian authorities are expecting to receive at least million visitors.。

I am a mother, too, and while I donrsquo;t regret it, I can deeply sympathise with women who feel betrayed by the eternal myth that enjoying motherhood is a biological predisposition.。

  Does your country need someone to drive around and watch pageants and shake hands with politicians? Robots aly do that all the time!。

伊拉克巴格达爆炸人死亡 :1: 伊拉克巴格达爆炸人死亡A bomb at a marketplace in downtown Baghdad has killed people and injured 1 others. According to a police source, the huge blast destroyed several shops and many stalls, while some nearby vehicles were also damaged. But no one has claimed responsibility the attack.It’s a tale of two Iraqs. Scenes left behind by a car bomb, Sunday, in the nation’s capital. It killed people and injured more than . A sign of the incursion of Islamic militants who have captured city after city on the road to Baghdad.And then there are these pictures...also released Sunday by the Iraqi defense ministry. The shows government aerial strikes targeting the "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" or ISIS and their positions north of Baghdad.But the Islamic militants’ brutality has been on full display on social media. Yesterday, ISIS released horrifying images said to be mass killings of the Iraqi military. A number of the twitter s which released the images have now been apparently blocked.Meanwhile, Iraqi military posts like these are left abandoned. On Sunday, the Arab League called an emergency meeting to address the Iraq crisis."What is happening in Iraq now is not only a threat to Arab security but to regional security as a whole. The regional safety is threatened.” Ahmed Ben Helli, vice chairman of The Arab League, said.The League has been discussing solutions but like, Iraq itself, is divided between Sunni and Shia Muslim interests.That divide could deepen with the addition of thousands of Shia volunteers now joining the Iraqi military after a call to arms by the nation’s leading Shia Muslim cleric.Iraq’s Shia neighbor Iran has offered its help, but some regional experts say the new volunteers may be enough."There are now more than 300,000 volunteers who are at the disposal of the government. So, I think that there is no need Iran to send troops." Military affairs expert Brigadier AbdulKarim Khalif said.And this week, many eyes are on the White House. US President Barack Obama has said he’s considering ordering air strikes in Iraq, but Republican politicians are calling them NOW."Time is running out, to turn this around. Get involved with air power, stop the march toward Baghdad." South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said.。



In one hint of some headway, Abbas on Friday said he wanted to defend the rights of Palestinians who fled or were driven away during 198 hostilities when Israel was founded "but we do not seek either to flood Israel with millions (of refugees) or to change its social composition".。

长沙的雨(The Rain in Changsha) :0:56 There are usually rich rains in the first half year of Changsha,and it's especially large this year.After the Chinese New Year,it almost rains everyday here.When walking on the rainy road with a Tiantang Umbrella ,mabe you will see agirl like a bouquet of lilacs,but it's sure that you will see puddles of water ,and when the cars drive by,the muddy water is sprinkled as high as almost 1 meter,then screams pierce the sky.And i am usually one of them.It's not suitable to go out in the rainy days.Turns onthe radio and lightsout the lights,lying in bed alone and listening to the classicand sad music or watching the rain falling down on the roofs ,leaves,and roads bothsound better than that.No matter how heavy the rain is,and no matter how long it will last,it will stop one day,and the sun will come.通常长沙的上半年雨多,而今年这里的雨特别多过了中国年后,这里差不多天天在下雨带着一把天堂伞走在下雨的路上,你可能会碰到一个像丁香花一样的女孩,但是可以肯定的是,你会看到一滩一滩的水,当车子驶过,溅起差不多1米高的泥水,接着是一阵尖叫声刺破长空而我通常是他们中的一个在下雨天是不宜外出的打开收音机,熄灯,躺在床上听着经典又伤感的歌曲,或者看雨落在屋顶上,叶子上,路上的样子都比外出要强得多不管雨下多大,也不管它会持续多久,总有一天雨会停下来,太阳也会出来。