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  • A: This apartment is great, but could I upgrade a few things?这公寓很棒,但是我想改善一些东西?B: What are you unhappy with?你对什么不满意?A: I want to have a different color carpet.我想要另种颜色的地毯B: If you agree to pay more money, you could upgrade the carpet.如果你愿意多付钱,可以换地毯A: Would it cost a lot more?要花多少钱?B: It could be as little as dollars or as much as dollars more per square yard.最便宜每平方码美元,最贵每平方码美元A: I was also wondering if it would be possible to pick a different paint color.我在想能否换下墙漆的颜色B: Bring me a paint sample to look at, and I will consider it.给我带个墙漆的样本,我会考虑下A: When can you finish with the new carpet and paint?换完新地毯,刷上新墙漆要什么时候?B: Your new apartment can be recarpeted and repainted by next Tuesday.下周二就能完成 191
  • Tombili, the pudgy cat whose relaxing demeanor captured the hearts of fans worldwide, has been honored with a bronze statue in her home city of Istanbul, Turkey.一只名为;Tombili;的小肥猫以其慵懒的姿态赢得了全世界粉丝的心而在它的家乡土耳其伊斯坦布尔,人们也建了青铜像来纪念它The cuddly feline — whose name is a Turkish word often used chubby pets — was a beloved figure in the neighborhood of Ziverbey, the Daily Sabah reports.据土耳其《沙巴日报报道,这只惹人喜爱的喵星人是齐沃比街区的吉祥物,它的名字;Tombili;在土耳其语中是胖胖萌宠的常见名字;Tombili was a freely living cat, like most cats in Turkey,; Batu Aksoy, one of the founders of the Anatolian Cat Project, told The Huffington Post in a Facebook message. ;The commy took care of her.;安纳托利亚猫咪工程创始人之一巴图·阿克索伊通过脸书网信息告诉《赫芬顿邮报:;Tombili是一只慵懒生活的猫,就像土耳其的大多数猫一样全社会都在照顾它;Tombili shot to online fame after someone snapped a photo of her reclining outside.Tombili因为一张慵懒倚在人行道上看风景的照片而在网络爆红It unclear when she became known outside of her local neighborhood, but the photo appears at the top of a 9Gag post from February .虽然不知道照片是不是在她所在的街区拍的,不过这张照片依然在年月在9Gag图片网站上登顶When she died in August after an illness, someone put up a poster in the neighborhood as a tribute. But a cat as awesome as Tombili deserved more than just a poster.在它8月份因病离世之后,有人在它生前所在的街区贴上海报作为纪念但是像Tombili这样可爱的猫咪,理应得到比一张海报更多的纪念The Anatolian Cat Project — an educational commy cat lovers — launched a petition asking that the neighborhood have a statue erected to commemorate the popular feline.安纳托利亚猫咪工程是一个爱猫人的教育社区,他们发起了一项请愿,希望这个街区能够立雕像来纪念这只人气超高的猫咪Artist Seval Sahin stepped up to the challenge, and the bronze sculpture was unveiled on Tuesday — World Animal Day.艺术家萨瓦尔·萨希因接下了这个挑战,这座青铜像在世界动物保护日揭幕Tombili was a ;very friendly cat,; Aksoy said, which untunately may have led to some of her health problems. ;The neighborhood loved her so much and used to feed her a lot,; he added.阿克索伊表示,Tombili是一只;非常亲人的猫咪;,这可能很不幸地导致了她的健康问题他补充说道:;邻居都太喜欢她了,所以喂她吃的东西太多了;;Tombili was a very proud cat and did not like to spend her time with other cats,; Aksoy said. ;Because of obesity, she could not move much, so preferred calmly to lie on [the] sidewalk.;;Tombili是一只骄傲的猫咪,不喜欢和别的猫一起玩儿;阿克索伊说,;因为太胖,她也不怎么能活动,所以她喜欢静静地在人行道边上趴着; 1969
  • A group of inmates broke out of a holding cell to help save their jailer after they saw him lose consciousness, US authorities have said.美国当局近日声称,一群犯人在发现狱警失去意识后,冲出牢房对其实施救助Video footage showed at least six inmates breaching the door of a basement holding cell in a Texas court when the lone, armed guard slumped and fell.根据视频片段显示,当时在场唯一的持狱警摔倒后,至少有六名犯人打破了德克萨斯法庭地下牢房的门冲了出去Inmates yelled help, broke out of the cell and banged on doors, bringing other officers upstairs running, something they knew put them in danger.犯人们高声呼叫求助,冲出牢房并大力敲门,使得楼上的警员纷纷跑下来他们知道这样做会置自己于危险的境地Inmate Nick Kelton told WFAA: ;We were worried theyre going to come with guns drawn on us.; Fellow inmate Floyd Smith said officers thought it was a fight. ;They thought we were taking over,; he said.犯人尼克·凯尔顿接受WFAA电视台采访时表示:;我们担心他们会朝我们开;而他的狱友弗洛依德·史密斯则表示,警员们以为发生了打斗;他们以为我们在袭警暴动;Parker county sheriff Sergeant Ryan Speegle said he didnt know what to expect when he got downstairs. Given the unconscious officer had keys and a firearm, ;it could have been an extremely bad situation;, Speegle said.帕克县警长莱恩·史毕戈表示,他下楼时完全不知道会发生什么考虑到昏迷的狱警身上有钥匙和,;情况可能极其糟糕;史毕戈说The surveillance at the building in Weatherd, Parker county, on 3 June shows officers ushering the inmates back into the holding cell and administering CPR to the stricken guard, who is expected to recover and return to work.帕克县威德福大楼6月3日的监控视频显示,警员引导犯人们回到牢房,并对患病狱警实施了心肺复苏抢救,该名狱警有望恢复并返回工作岗位Captain Mark Arnett praised the inmates quick response, saying minutes could have passed bee a staff member found the guard.马克·阿内特上校赞扬了犯人们的应急反应,他表示,至少要过分钟其他狱警才会发现Kelton added: ;It never crossed my mind not to help whether he got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, Im gonna help him.;凯尔顿补充说道:;我从未想过要袖手旁观,也没管他是不是带着或徽章如果他倒下,我一定会帮忙;Should it happen again, it may not be so easy to come to a guard aid. The cell that inmates breached has now been reinced.不过,如果这种情况再次发生,那么他们可能就没那么容易冲出去救援了因为犯人们冲破的牢房现在已得到加固 551
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