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Remember that kid in your grade school class who stuttered?还记得小学时班上那个说话结巴的孩子吗?Well, he was in good company–a whopping three million people in the ed States alone are affected by this problem.其实,他的同伴可不少-光是在美国,就有多达三百万的人有这个毛病。It isn’t life threatening, but it certainly can be life hampering, as anyone who has a stutter can tell you.当然,结巴并不会危及生命,但是,相信任何一个结巴的人都会告诉你:它确实会给生活带来不少麻烦。There’s something very interesting about stuttering, though, which you might not expect: it can be effected by what you hear.然而,关于结巴,还有个有趣的现象是出乎你意料的:结巴跟你的耳朵关系密切。实际上,结巴会受所听内容的影响。For a long time stutterers have understood that talking along in a group, such as when you recite the pledge of allegiance, can make the problem diminish.一些结巴患者经过长期实践发现,如果连续地说上一段话结巴现象就会缓和不少,比如说在不停地背诵效忠誓言。201503/366001Anyway, Chris is like a dear something to me.总之 克里斯和我很亲近I don‘t know how to explain it,我也不知道怎么说a gay man I can rub, I can I can do that with,可能因为他是同性恋吧Yeah, that makes.. - It makes a differ对 这样的话 -这样就完全不同了Its differ, I wouldnt do that with a girlfriend.这是不同的 我就不会和一个女性朋友那样做I will feel weird join in a photograph like that with a girlfriend和女性朋友拍那样的照片感觉怪怪的What! What are you! what are you talking about!什么 你在说什么啊 the shot we did was amazing.You are so much taller than me. All right.我们拍的那张就很棒 你比我高很多 Why did I get so much taller?How did you get so much taller?为什么我变高了 你是怎么变高的呢Oh god, you are so calm, I am so happy right there天哪 你很冷静 我很高兴Just in the corner of your neck.I mean you are just right there.我就在你的怀抱里 对啊 你在我怀抱里So we are gonna, our birthdays are coming up real soon,我们的生日快到了our birthdays are pretty close together.我们俩生日挨得很近We are gonna play a game to celebrate our birthdays after this,我们来玩一个游戏来庆祝我们的生日 怎么样Oh that’s great - Its gonna be great.I love it!Yes! We will be back.那很棒 -很期待 好期待 对 马上回来 /201512/418226All of these habitats are interdependent.所有这些栖息地之间相互依赖依存。If you ruin one, it can have an impact on many others, and that includes the outer reef itself.一旦一个遭到破坏,其他栖息地也会受到影响。也包括外堡礁自身。To look after all these habitats, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park sits at the heart of a network of protected areas.为了保护所有这些栖息地,大堡礁海洋公园建在了这些受保护区域的心脏位置。All interconnected and covering a vast area.使所有栖息地相互连接,构成一片广大的区域。After all, the reef is an inspiration to people all over the world.大堡礁是世界各地人们心驰神往的所在。It attracts one and a half million visitors each year, who come to see the largest coral reef on earth.每年有1.5万人次的观光客,来此一睹地球上最大的珊瑚礁。Together with divers, yachtsmen and anglers, they inject 7 billion dollars a year into the local economy.还有许多潜水爱好者,快艇爱好者和垂钓者,每年他们为当地经济创收70亿美元。But the value to Australia is even greater than that.但对于澳大利亚自身而言,大堡礁的意义远大于此。Towns of cities along much of the Queensland coast are not washed into the Pacific Ocean because the reef protects them.许多昆士兰海岸线上的城镇正是因为珊瑚礁的存在,才免于被冲入太平洋的命运。201505/375167

At the end of his presidency, Barack Obama is offering transparency on the use of drones in combat zones,在总统任期结尾,奥巴马正提供战区使用无人机的透明度,information which human rights groups and media organizations have sought for years.这是人权组织和媒体多年来寻求的信息。Since taking to the Oval Office, Obama as the commander-in-chief has seen to the increased use of drone strikes, at times drawing criticism for civilian casualties.自担任总统以来,作为总司令的奥巴马已增加使用无人机空袭,有时因平民伤亡引发批评。Now, the Obama administration has provided a stark tally of noncombatant deaths associated with the use of drones in countries beyond Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.现在,奥巴马政府已经提供除在伊拉克、阿富汗和叙利亚外无人机使用造成非战斗人员死亡的数据。According to the administrations figures, drone strikes have resulted in 64 to 116 deaths under Obamas watch.根据政府的数据,在奥巴马领导下无人机空袭已造成64至116人死亡。译文属。201607/452357

Girls and sex女孩与性Two steps forward, one back向前两步,后退一步For girls, growing up is a perilous journey对女孩来说,成长是一场艰险的旅行FOR tips on taking a selfie, talk to teenage girls. Many know that your “good” side is the one without your parting, and that it is slimming to pose with a hand on hip and legs “bevelled” (one straight, the other bent). Not quite pleased with the results? Simply download one of many “selfie surgery apps” to edit blemishes, whiten teeth and shrink noses.想知道自拍的小贴士的就去问那些少女吧。很多人都明白好看的自拍照就是不露出身体的其他部位,或者一只手放在臀部,两条腿倾斜(一条伸直,另一条弯曲)。如果你对这个拍摄结果仍不满意的话,很简单,在众多自拍手机软件中下载一个可以遮瑕祛斑、美白牙齿和挺鼻功能的app即可。Adolescents have always been keenly aware of how they are seen by their peers. But social media amplify this self-consciousness. Now that nearly three-quarters of American teens have access to a smartphone, many of them while away their days broadcasting their thoughts, photos and lapses in judgment for immediate praise or scorn from hundreds of “friends”. Being a teenager was never easy, but this is the first time your charm, looks or popularity have been so ily quantifiable, and your mistakes so easy for others to see. Just how this technological revolution affects young people—and particularly young women—is the subject of two fascinating new American books.青少年总是能够很敏锐地意识到他们的同龄人是如何评价自己的。但是社交媒体将这种自我意识放大了。现在近四分之三的美国青少年都在使用智能手机。很多人会上传他们的想法,照片来消磨度日,为了成百的朋友的点赞或嘲笑而陷入别人的评价中。作为青少年并不容易,这是你的魅力、外貌和知名度第一次如此容易量化,同时你的错误也很容易被他人看到。技术变革如何影响年轻人,尤其是年轻女性,是美国两本极具吸引力的新书主题。For many girls, the constant seeking of “likes” and attention on social media can “feel like being a contestant in a never-ending beauty pageant”, writes Nancy Jo Sales in “American Girls”, a thoroughly researched if sprawling book. In this image-saturated environment, comments on girls photos tend to focus disproportionately on looks, bullying is common and anxieties about female rivals are rife. In interviews, girls complain of how hard it is to appear “hot” but not “slutty”, sexually confident but not “thirsty” (ie, desperate). That young women often aspire to be titillating should not be surprising given that the most successful female celebrities often present themselves as eye-candy for the male gaze. “Everybody wants to take a selfie as good as the Kardashians,” says Maggie, a 13-year-old.南希在《美国女孩》一书(一本体系庞大研究彻底的书)中写道,对于很多女孩来说,在社交媒体上持续不断地追求“点赞”和被关注感觉像是在参加一个永无止境的选美比赛。在这个图片饱和的时代,对女孩照片的过多地集中在长相上,欺凌最常见不过了,女性之间的竞争焦虑盛行。在采访中,女孩们抱怨要做到看起来火热而不淫荡,在两性方面自信而不显得饥渴。年轻女性经常渴望成为撩人一方,这不足为奇,因为最成功的的女明星往往会展现自己的魅力,从而让男性大饱眼福。13岁的玛吉说每个人都想要像卡戴珊一样有好看的自拍照。Such self-objectification comes at a cost. A review of studies from 12 industrialised countries found that adolescent girls around the world are increasingly depressed and anxious about their weight and appearance.如此的自我人格物化需要付出一定的代价。一项关于12个工业化国家的研究回顾表明,全世界青春期的女生对她们的体重外貌感到越来越沮丧和焦虑。 译文属译生译世 /201604/438106

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