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In a sleek uptown nightclub, the queen is holding court. At her dinner table, men hang on her every word, and women echo her pearly laugh as she raises a wine glass in a toast.在台湾一个时髦光鲜的夜店里,“女王”正在主持晚宴餐桌旁,男人们抢着应和她说的每一句话;女人们则在她举起葡萄酒杯祝酒时,随她一起放声欢笑Tonight's dinner is limited to 50 paying guests, most of them female, attractive and single. This is the demographic that can't get enough of the queen -- born Chen Yi-li, though she refashioned herself as 'Illy' after the Italian coffee brand. Her sassy tales of righteous freedom, which have been spun into three books and inspired a TV soap opera, make her an icon of sorts Taiwan's young female 'singletons,' who see marriage and motherhood as a straitjacket.今天的晚宴只有50名付费客人可以参加,大多数是魅力十足的单身女性,她们都是“女王”的拥趸“女王”本名陈仪丽(音),但她给自己起了个与意大利咖啡品牌相同的谐音英文名“Illy”她推崇女性要享受单身的自由,这一思想已促成三本书和一部电视剧的诞生,让她成为台湾信奉独身主义的单身女性的代表人物,这些女性把婚姻和生儿育女视为一种枷锁。

A British woman who woke up with a Chinese accent after suffering a stroke is devastated - after being told the side effect is permanent.一位英国女士,一次中风醒来后口音变成了中国腔,生活尽毁,这一副作用将伴其一生Sarah Colwill strong Devon drawl disappeared overnight, in one of only known cases of eign Accent Syndrome worldwide. Medical staff say they have exhausted all options and, despite Sarah never visiting China, she has to accept her Far East voice is here to stay.萨拉·科尔威浓重的德文郡长音一夜之间消失了,是世界仅有的例外国口音综合征之一医务人员称他们用尽了所有可能的方法;尽管萨拉从未去过中国,她不得不接受这一远东口音将永久伴随着她的事实Sarah, 0, says her life has been made a living hell and she has lost her home, her job and her previous life as a result of her bizarre condition.Experts say it is caused by a drawing out or clipping of the vowels that mimics an accent even though the patient has limited exposure to that country.萨拉现年0,由于这诡异的症状,她就像生活在驱壳里一般,丧失了家庭、工作和先前的生活专家称这是由于拉长和切断元音所致,这口音听着像中国的,虽然她对其知之甚少It was first identified during the Second World War when a Norwegian woman was hit by shrapnel during an air raid.She suffered brain damage and developed a strong German accent, which led to her being ostracised by her commy in 191.这一病症最初是在二战中一个挪威妇女身上确诊的一次空袭中,她为弹片所伤,脑部受损,形成了德国口音,她也在191年受到社区的排挤The night that changed her life came after ten years of suffering from severe head pain, which caused stroke-like symptoms.She then woke up after a series of attacks sounding like she was from China.Sarah says she is trying to remain positive, but since first developing the condition five years ago her life has been turned upside down.她头痛达十年之久,引发了类似中风的症状,而就在那一晚,几度头痛欲裂后,醒来就带了中国腔她也想积极乐观点,可自五年前患病以来,她的生活被搅得天翻地覆Aside from her accent, Sarah suffers with a multitude of health problems and struggles through every day. She had to leave her job as an IT project coordinator and is in the process of selling her home as she could not afd to pay the mortgage.除了口音问题,萨拉的健康也受到各种个各样的影响,挣扎度日以前做的是信息技术项目协调的,也不得不辞职她开始着手卖房,因为她还不起抵押贷款In the B aired a documentary on Sarah experiences called The Woman Who Woke Up Chinese to try and get more help.It was hoped the documentary would bring ward other sufferers or specialists in the field who might be able to help.But two years on and Sarah says theyve ;exhausted; all treatment plans and are as clueless as they were. At the moment Sarah needs seven hours a week personal care and her brain finds it difficult to cope with temperature changes, so going shopping or washing is very difficult.年B就萨拉的经历播放了纪录片《梦醒时分英腔不在,意在让更多人帮助这位女士,希望纪录片可以让类似的患者和相关领域专家一起出力然而,两年过去了,萨拉说他们竭尽了所有治疗方法,可还是一筹莫展现在萨拉每周需要七小时的个人护理,她的大脑不能适应天气变化,因而购物和洗漱都成了问题 385。

A sewer pipe, a mer prison, and a huge wooden horse, accommodation these days is as surprising as it is varied. 下水管?前监狱?巨型木马?现代人的住宿选择的变化着实让人吃惊 1.The Oxd Mal, England 英国:玛拉玛逊牛津酒店 Most prisons are the kind of place you'd be desperate to escape from, not somewhere you'd possibly conceive of escaping to. 大部分的监狱都是人们拼命想要逃离的地方,而不会是你想要逃去的好地方 But this mer Oxd prison has been converted into a boutique hotel by the fashionable Malmaison chain and offers the kind of luxurious living that mer convicts could only have dreamed of. 不过这座维多利亚时期的监狱被时尚的玛拉玛逊酒店连锁改建成了一座精品酒店,提供着豪华舒适的住宿环境,这应该是以前的那些犯人做梦也想不到的吧Rates: Double room pound;0 (US), suite from pound;195, duplex suite from pound;50, executive suite pound;350. Breakfast pound;.95. 房价:双人间0英镑,套间195英镑,双层套间50英镑,商务套房350英镑,早餐.95英镑 11。

~nLpawV8UgCQA_[Kekenet ShaunFatema Al Ansari was diagnosed with a condition called mesenteric thrombosis at age 19, causing her abdominal organs to fail. She is the first multivisceral transplant patient in the world to conceive and give birth.法蒂玛阿勒安萨里在19岁时被诊断为肠系膜血管血栓症,导致了她腹部中器官的功能型衰退jnxC%psNBNXPPM她成为世界上接受5个器官移植的患者中成功分娩第一人Fwpdn*1PtfHQLK^-TE事件全貌:  一名卡塔尔妇女在美国迈阿密一家医院诞下一名女婴,因她先前接受过肝脏、胰腺、胃、大肠和小肠移植,成为世界上接受5个器官移植的患者中成功分娩第一人-c]K.D_ckr3h*|n  法蒂玛·安萨里现年6岁,年在迈阿密市杰克逊纪念医院接受器官移植,今年月6日同样在这家医院接受剖腹产手术,诞下一名大约斤的女婴ACIP#D!TQ9m#mSTX3cY她日怀抱女儿在医院与媒体见面kX_Avao-.dfiif-  “这样的感觉难以表达,”安萨里轻轻拍着女儿,微笑着用阿拉伯语说,“这是世界上最好的感觉vVdLt-66B!+,uQDC|”安萨里的女儿戴一顶白色帽子,由白色抱被裹着,在母亲怀中熟睡AlqvC|bUlYIE|RKXl安萨里夫妇以及医师一同接受记者提问[_%ecHB8%Yzp5w_  安萨里打算在接下来几周回到卡塔尔家中,她19岁被诊断出通向肠的大动脉有血凝块,需要接受器官移植x+A1LLCs@STr)B她的医师说,安萨里实际上足够健康,可以尝试要第二个孩子W#pNALd.T3KbIt她的成功分娩为其他多器官移植病人分娩带来一些希望xmY(p;gPuw.h%[KR83;~  根据肠移植协会的最新数据,年至今,全球有600多人接受过5个器官移植手术vAMB@9E+ziqDB国际移植怀登记处发布的最新年度报告显示,作为5个器官移植者,安萨里是世界首例成功分娩者D!3qvA~.iTEos安萨里的产科医师萨利赫·Y·亚辛说,欧洲有一些个器官移植者分娩的案例,“但不是5个器官”dsh@(@wt^OzTu#,R7c.P@%WhdD1t**gjd_TbSk,;.[N3c0)xJULCmBKN)5Q5)vcfv5EP]xkf。

ha^qUK-Ge9IwudunGJ@PT8YSfBy-OYJKCJ[L0.k5yFpk-k3xWhale Shark, New Guineaad_ody@RKK3;Suddenly he just jumped in!; says photographer Michael Aw. Sarmin Tangadji, the Papua police officer who escorted the photographic team to where the sharks congregate, ;was so excited to see them up close.; Aw shares that excitement when it comes to diving with a dozen whale sharks: ;You are sandwiched in, sharks ahead and behind, but you want to be there,; he says. ;They make eye contact with you and then charge by. It blows your mind.;y]LDQ0RcP@Ht_;新几内亚,鲸鲨OmNtCEpDD;他突然跳了进去!;摄影师Michael Aw. Sarmin Tangadji说_Tgm6saNbW#Uz#Papua的警官陪同摄影师一同来到了鲨鱼生活的水域e6I58FoJm,~R.0a;qL;距离这么近观察鲨鱼真是太令人兴奋了,;摄影师Aw潜水时说,;你就想三明治一样,前前后后都是鲸鲨,但你还是想要这么做9).TIp-(PiEPO它们和你对视,然后游过,这让你心醉神迷g0Ou%lD0@agMz;kruz;oWPg%X|nUmo-l6lABW#d#P*!CVwXo]Y,oD6uHhpKLEFRVKgyx5MY 07。