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Security questions risks#39;安全提示问题#39;并不安全Researchers at Google discovered that security questions as a standalone method for recovering access to accounts is not an efficient model.谷歌研究员发现,用安全性问题作为恢复账号登录的唯一方式,并不是那么有效。The study relied on a dataset of hundreds of millions of secret answers and millions of account recovery requests.该研究基于数亿个安全问题的以及数百万条恢复账号登录的请求。If the user set up a truthful answer, according to statistics provided by the researchers, in 19.7% of the cases, an attacker would need a single try to guess the correct answer to the question ;What is your favorite food?; in the case of American users.根据研究者提供的数据,如果用户设置了真实,美国用户设置的;你最喜欢的食物;只需1次尝试就能成功破译的概率是19.7%;With 10 guesses, an attacker would have a 39% chance of guessing Korean-speaking users#39; answers to the question ;What is your city of birth?;韩语用户设置的;你的出生地;猜10次就能成功破译的概率是39%。As per their findings, the recovery mechanism based on reset SMS codes recorded a success rate of 81%, while the method relying on backup emails proved to be efficient in 75% of the cases.研究显示,通过短信获取重置码、备选邮箱来恢复登陆的有效性分别为81%、75%。 /201505/377542。

Airbnb has opened its site to Cuba, making it one of the first US companies to open shop on the island since the dramatic thaw in tensions between Washington and Havana last year.空中食宿(Airbnb)向古巴开放了它的网站,成为自美国与古巴两国关系解冻以来,首家在古巴展开业务的美国企业之一。After five decades of hostility, estrangement, and economic sanctions between the two countries, tourism to Cuba — historically dominated by Canadians and Europeans — is set to spike after President Barack Obama loosened travel restrictions in January.在两国间经历了50年的敌对、疏远和经济制裁之后,今年1月,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)放宽了对美国人赴古巴的旅游限制。这一措施的出台,会令古巴的外国游客出现激增。传统上去到古巴的游客以加拿大人和欧洲人为主。Airbnb expects “significant demand” for Cuban rentals from Americans. US user searches for Cuba on Airbnb’s site have jumped 70 per cent since January, the company said.空中食宿预计,美国人在古巴租房的需求将是巨大的。自1月以来,美国用户在其网站搜索古巴的次数已跃升了70%。The online house-rental start-up now allows licensed American travellers to book rooms at more than 1,000 listings across Cuba, many featuring ornate colonial design and cheap prices: the average rental in Havana costs per night.目前,通过这家在线租房初创企业,得到许可的美国游客能预定遍布古巴的逾1000间房舍的房间。其中许多房间不仅拥有华丽的殖民时代设计,价格也十分低廉:哈瓦那的平均租金为每晚42美元。“For over 50 years, Cuba has been out of reach for most Americans” said Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb’s co-founder. “When we founded Airbnb#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;our dream was to help create a world where you could belong anywhere#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.”空中食宿共同创始人内森#8226;布莱沙奇克(Nathan Blecharczyk)表示:“在超过50年的时间里,古巴对多数美国人来说一直可望而不可及。在创建空中食宿时……我们的梦想就是帮助人们打造一个处处是我家的世界……”Airbnb’s “sharing economy” business model makes Cuba a potential sweet spot. It does not face some of the roadblocks for traditional American hotels, who would have to buy property and hire employees to operate on the island.对于空中食宿的“分享经济”业务模式来说,古巴或将是一个绝佳的运营环境。这一模式可以避开传统美国酒店营运商去古巴开展业务会遭遇到的障碍,包括需要买地,还需要聘用员工。Rather, the bn company has soared in popularity as the middleman for people who want to rent out a spare room in their home.相比之下,市值130亿美元的空中食宿在古巴的人气已急剧上升,那些想要出租家中多余房间的人们将它视作中间人。Still, limited internet and phone access in Cuba poses a problem for Airbnb, whose booking system operates entirely online. Only five per cent of Cubans have home access to the internet and less than a fifth have mobile phones, according to US officials.不过,古巴上网和打电话的条件都十分有限,这对整个预订系统都在网上的空中食宿是个大问题。美国官方数据显示,可在家中上网的古巴人只占5%,而拥有移动电话的则不到五分之一。To enter this unplugged community, Airbnb has tapped into a local network of private home-stays — casas particulares — who have dominated the Cuban tourism industry for decades and make up a sizeable income for locals in an otherwise isolated, sluggish economy.此外,由于古巴经济开放的节奏十分缓慢,外国企业仍受制于当地监管规定及美国的制裁举措。官方统计的数字显示,自东欧剧变以来,在古巴设立的外国企业中,六成已关门大吉。 /201504/368562。

Eight new planets have been discovered in the #39;Goldilocks#39; zone of their stars, orbiting at a distance where oceans and life could exist.科学家已经发现了8个新的可能有海洋和生命的行星。它们位于这些行星的恒星的适居带内。The discovery doubles the number of small planets less than twice the diameter of Earth which are believed to be in the habitable zone of their parent stars.该发现使直径不到地球两倍、被认为位于它们母恒星可居住带内的小行星数量翻了一倍。Among these eight, astronomers say there are two that are the most similar to Earth of any known exoplanets to date.天文学家说,在这8个行星中,有两个是迄今已知所有外行星中和地球最像的。#39;Most of these planets have a good chance of being rocky, like Earth,#39; said lead scientist Dr Guillermo Torres, from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics in Cambridge, US.美国剑桥大学哈佛-史密森天体物理学中心首席科学家吉列尔莫·托雷斯士说:“这些行星中的大多数都很可能像地球一样有岩石。”The two most Earth-like planets, known as Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b, both orbit red dwarf stars that are smaller and cooler than the sun.那两个最像地球的行星分别是Kepler-438b和Kepler-442b。它们都绕红矮星轨道运行。这些恒星(红矮星)不仅比太阳小,还比太阳冷。With a diameter just 12 per cent bigger than Earth, Kepler-438b has a 70 per cent chance of being rocky, the scientists have calculated.科学家估计,直径只比地球长12%的Kepler-438b有岩石的几率是70%。Kepler-442b is about one-third larger than Earth, and the likelihood of it being rocky is around 60 per cent.Kepler-442b只比地球大三分之一,有岩石的几率约是60%。To be in the habitable zone, also known as the #39;Goldilocks zone#39;, a planet must be not too hot or too cold and receive roughly as much sunlight as Earth.如果一个行星处在可居住带内,就必然不太热或不太冷,还会像地球一样受到充沛阳光的照射。Too much heat from its star, and any water would boil away as steam. Too little, and the water would freeze solid.如果行星从恒星那里得到过多热量,行星上的任何水都会像蒸汽一样蒸发。如果得到的热量太少,水就会冻成固体。#39;For our calculations we chose to adopt the broadest possible limits that can plausibly lead to suitable conditions for life,#39; Dr Torres added.托雷斯表示:“为了计算,我们选择使用了似乎都可以导致适和生命存在条件的最广泛的限制标准。”Kepler-438b receives about 40 per cent more light than the Earth giving it a 70 per cent probability of having a habitable zone orbit. In comparison, baking hot Venus has twice as much.考虑到Kepler-438b有一个可居住带轨道的几率是70%,这个行星受到的太阳照射可能比地球多了约40%。相比之下,非常炎热的金星受到的太阳照射可能是地球的两倍。Co-author Dr David Kipping, also from the Centre for Astrophysics, said: #39;We don#39;t know for sure whether any of the planets in our sample are truly habitable. All we can say is that they#39;re promising candidates.#39;研究负责人之一同时又是哈佛-史密森天体物理学中心科学家的大卫·基平表示:“我们不能确定我们样本中的任何行星是不是适于居住。我们只能说它们是很有希望的候选者。”Neither of the planets are our close neighbours. Kepler-438b is located 470 light-years from Earth while the more distant Kepler-442b is 1,100 light-years away.这两个行星都不是地球的近邻。Kepler-438b距地球470光年,而更远的Kepler-442b距地球1100光年。The team, whose findings were presented at the American Astronomical Society#39;s annual meeting in Washington DC, studied planetary candidates first identified by Nasa#39;s Kepler space telescope.这个科研组研究了美国宇航局开普勒太空望远镜最早识别的行星候选者。改组的科学家还在华盛顿举行的美国天文学会年会上提出他们的发现。All the planets were too small to confirm by measuring their masses. Instead, they were validated using a computer program that determined they were statistically likely to be planets.所有这些行星都太小,所以不能通过测量它们的质量进行确认。但科学家用一个决定它们在统计学上可能是行星的电脑程序进行了这项工作After the analysis, follow-up observations showed that four of the planets were in multiple star systems.分析后,后续的观测结果显示,这些行星中有4个处在多重星系中。The research is also published in the Astrophysical Journal.《天体物理学杂志》刊登了该研究。 /201504/369105。

This post is in partnership with Entrepreneur. The article below was originally published atEntrepreneur.com.本文为与《创业者》杂志的合作内容。下文最初发表于Entrepreneur.com。Succeeding as an entrepreneur takes hard work and persistence because, unfortunately, there is no business-startup fairy who magically bestows success on small businesses and their owners.成功的创业者需要付出努力和毅力,因为非常不幸的是,世上并没有创业小精灵,能够神奇般地将成功赐予小公司和他们的老板。Most successful entrepreneurs follow comparable patterns and share similar basic characteristics. Hundreds of online articles and published books claim to know the secret of success in business, but for the most part, they boil down to the same major points.大多数成功的创业者都遵循类似的模式,并且具备类似的基本特质。无数在线文章和图书宣称掌握了商业成功的秘诀,但事实上其中大多数都可以归结为几个相同的要点。Passion, perseverance and a positive attitude tend to set successful entrepreneurs apart. Cultivating these attributes requires an innate skill set and some tips to get started.、毅力和积极的心态,是创业成功的关键。培养这些特质要有天赋和一些小技巧。So here are the main items to take into consideration if you’re trying to develop a business platform. These elements constitute will support a smart strategy for any new enterprise:下面是开发一个商业平台时需要考虑的主要元素。这些元素可以帮助任何新公司制定明智的策略:1. Love what you do.1. 热爱自己的事业。Passion is key to keeping a business strategy moving. Half-heartedness in an entrepreneurial endeavor will chip away at your drive to succeed. Perseverance is the one thing that’s guaranteed to move anything over time, whether it’s a person, a job or an entire company. Abraham Lincoln failed at most of his efforts until late in his life, but he never gave up.是保持公司策略顺利运行的关键所在。在创业过程中三心二意,将让你失去成功的动力。从长远来看,坚持不懈是推动一切事物发展的唯一保,不论是个人生活、工作还是运营一家公司。直到晚年,亚伯拉罕o林肯的大多数努力都以失败告终,但他从未放弃。2. Take baby steps.2. 慢慢来。Jumping all in is rarely ever successful. There are success stories about people who invested everything once and came out winners after six months or a couple years, but those are rare. Risk management is an essential factor in any startup, and balance is vital. You can absorb losses more easily if you take smaller risks in the beginning. Those will provide essential and productive lessons.一次投入全部很少能够成功。虽然确实有人倾其所有,在六个月或一两年之后成为赢家,但这只是个案。对于任何初创公司来说,风险管理都是一个重要元素,账目平衡至关重要。如果你在最开始承担的风险更少,你就更容易消化损失。而这些损失将是必不可少的、富有价值的教训。3. Learn from others.3. 向他人学习。Successful entrepreneurs often worked for others in their field of choice before striking out on their own. Spending a few years in the industry under an excellent mentor will provide a good launching pad. Learn from your predecessors’ mistakes and brainstorm about how to improve upon their model. Find someone willing to teach, and think about starting your business elsewhere when you leave.成功的创业者在自己创业之前,通常都曾在同一领域的其他公司工作过。在业内工作数年时间,并且找一位优秀的导师,将为你的创业成功奠定坚实的基础。从前辈的错误中总结经验教训,思考如何改进他们的模式。找到愿意指导你的人,然后再考虑自立门户。4. Learn how to self-promote.4. 学会自我推销。Confidence and a good elevator speech can take any pitch to the next level. The first marketing any company experiences comes from its founder. Spend time learning how to share your vision without coming across as “salesy.” Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale, but remember: the client is always the focus.自信和出色的“电梯演说”可以提高推销的水平。任何一家公司最早的市场营销经验都来自它的创始人。因此,花时间学习如何分享你的愿景,但不要给人留下“你只是想卖东西”的印象。不要害怕寻求销售机会,但你应该牢牢记住:永远以客户为中心。5. Constantly take action.5. 持续行动Entrepreneurs are movers and shakers. They can’t afford to analyze every detail or they’d never get anywhere. There is no place for procrastination in a startup. It’s a 24/7, no-vacation-or-sick-days kind of job that demands constant forward momentum. Make a brief assessment at every step and move on it. Trust your instincts.创业者都是行动者和颠覆者。他们不能去分析每一个细节,否则他们将寸步难行。初创公司没有拖延的资本。创业是一个全天候、无休假的职业,创业者必须具备持久不变的前进动力。迈出每一步的时候进行简单的评估,然后继续前进。相信自己的直觉。6. Make a plan.6. 制定计划。Read about successful businesses. Take in the wealth of knowledge that’s been provided by successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and the personalities from Shark Tank. A successful business plan does not have to be a book. A 10-page plan is digestible yet long enough to include everything you need to start.阅读成功的商业案例。吸收史蒂夫o乔布斯等成功创业者以及《创智赢家》(Shark Tank)提供的知识财富。一份成功的商业计划书不需要长篇累牍。10页纸的商业计划书既便于理解,又足以包含你要开始实施的所有内容。7. Build a reputation.7. 建立声誉。According to Brandi Bennett at HostGator.com,maintaining a blog on a well-hosted website, or volunteering your time and skills, shows instead of tells the community, and thereby builds expertise and trust.主机运营商HostGator.com公司的布兰迪o班奈特认为,在一家可靠的网站上坚持写客,或者做一名志愿者,贡献出你的时间和技能。不要去告诉别人你是谁,而应该通过实际行动去展示你自己,这样做可以积累专业知识以及个人信誉。8. It’s never too late to start.8. 不论何时开始都不算晚。Many successful entrepreneurs started later in life. J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter author), Julia Child (chef), and Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) all started their wildly successful brands after they were comfortably along in their lives. Having the experience that comes with age can give you a unique outlook on your business. Life experiences bring depth that the most educated young adult, by his or her nature, is less able to foresee.许多成功的创业者都是在中年之后才开始创业。《哈利波特》的作者JoKo罗琳、大厨茱莉亚o查尔德和沃尔玛超市创始人山姆o沃尔顿,都是在经过多年的舒适生活之后,才创建了自己的品牌,并大获成功。随着年龄增长,经验更加丰富,你会对自己的事业产生一种独特的看法。生活经验所带来的睿智,是大多数受过教育的年轻人难以预见的。9. Build your “A team”.9. 组建自己的“一流团队”。Finding the skill sets and attitudes that support the culture of the brand you want to promote will foster innovation and enhance your reputation. Include folks from outside the company for the people you rely on. That will start a free marketing chain reaction that can build confidence and revenue.根据你希望推广的品牌文化,寻找能够为其提供持的技能和态度,可以促进公司的创新,增强公司的信誉。从外部寻找帮手,帮助你的团队进步。 这将开启一个免费的营销连锁反应,为你树立自信并增加收入。10. Be mindful of your attitude.10. 注意自己的心态。The attitude of the founder will set the tone for the business. Negativity, laziness and entitlement waste time and money while they tarnish your reputation. Success largely depends on making mistakes and accepting blame in stride. Owning up to and facing challenges head-on is what makes a mere business owner a leader.创始人的心态将为公司定下基调。消极、懒惰和理所应当的心态,不仅浪费时间和金钱,还会损害你的信誉。成功很大程度上取决于能否在犯错后从容地接受批评。直面挑战可以让一位普通的公司老板变成真正的领导者。Starting a business can wreak havoc on the owner’s personal life. While all the above tips are necessary for success, taking care of yourself mentally and physically is also imperative. Exercise, sleep and diet play a central role in ensuring you implement these policies successfully. All of them drive attitude, motivation and relationships.创业会对创业者的个人生活造成严重影响。虽然上面的建议对创业成功至关重要,但从精神和身体上照顾好自己同样是必要的。锻炼、睡眠和饮食是确保你成功执行这些策略的关键要素。这些要素能够帮助你调整心态,获得动力,拓展人际关系。Successful CEOs tend to follow a structured, daily schedule of rising early, exercising, having snacks on hand for fuel and socializing many evenings of the week.成功的CEO都保持着都极有规律的生活,他们每天早起,锻炼身体,身边会放一些点心补充能量,每周拿出几个晚上进行社交。Striking a balance may take a while, but working toward this list as a goal for starting your company will make the difference. How an owner feels about progress and how quickly a business can be up and running — and feeding that bottom line — will swiftly feel the impact.你或许要很长时间才能实现工作与生活的平衡,但努力遵守这个清单,并将其作为创业的目标,将会产生不一样的效果。创业者如何看待所取得的进步?以及一家公司多快才能实现正常运营和实现收平衡?遵循这些建议,你很快就能找到。 /201502/360380。

The smartphone revolutionized personal computing, creating a computer that most of us have within arm’s reach 24 hours a day. The Internet of Things promises to revolutionize computing again, by connecting and collecting data from everything we live in, drive in, eat in, sleep in and work in.智能手机使个人计算发生了革命性变化,创造了一种大多数人全天24小时触手可及的电脑。而物联网将把我们的房屋、车辆、卧室和办公室连接起来并收集数据,从而有望催生下一个计算革命。In just a year or two, the number of IoT devices will outnumber the number of PCs, smartphones and laptops globally. Forecasts range from as low as 41 billion to as high as 80 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020.仅仅一两年之后,在全球范围内,物联网设备的数量将超过个人电脑、智能手机和笔记本电脑的总数。根据各种不同的预测,到2020年,全球联网设备最少将达410亿台,最多将达800亿台。But how will this really change how we live and work?但这将如何真正地改变我们的工作和生活方式呢?Search is dead, long live search搜索引擎已死,搜索行为永存For years people have been claiming that search is dead, but we still find ourselves on Google GOOG 1.57% looking for a restaurant, searching for the best ski equipment or researching a new company. However, the promise of Io T means never having to search again. With every connected device you have, more data is collected about you, your habits, your needs and your preferences. When this data is aggregated, a complete virtual profile of you emerges. This profile will will know what you need before you do.近些年来,人们一直在说,搜索引擎已死,但我们会发现自己还是在谷歌上找饭店、找最好的滑雪装备或研究一家新公司。但物联网的灿烂前景意味着,大家以后再也不用搜索了。你拥有的所有互联设备,将自动收集更多关于个人信息、习惯、需求和喜好等方面的数据。这些数据累积起来,就会浮现出一个完整的虚拟档案,进而能够提前了解你的需求所在。The virtual you will be able to anticipate your needs, perform the necessary search and deliver the result you need, before you even have to ask. It will be able to adjust your thermostat before you realize you are too hot or place an order for tissues before you notice you have run out. Obviously, search still happens, but it is all done behind the scenes. If the Internet of Things becomes what we believe it can be, you’ll never need to visit the Google homepage again – except to check the daily doodle.实际上,你甚至不必主动询问,物联网就能预测你的需求,在必要的搜索之后,它就会提供你所需的结果。在你感觉太热之前,它就能调整空调,在你注意到纸巾快用完之前,它就能自动订购新纸巾。显然,搜索还会进行,只不过整个过程是在幕后进行。如果物联网真能发展成我们所预期的模样,大家就再也无需访问谷歌的主页了——除非你想欣赏一下每天更新的涂鸦作品。It’s all about the ecosystem生态系统就是一切For this to happen, all our devices and all our data have to be connected. By 2020, the average person will have more than four Internet-connected devices, but they won’t be very useful if they exist in silos.要想迎来这一发展,我们所有的设备和数据都必须充分互联。到2020年,每个人平均将拥有超过4台物联网设备,但如果它们彼此孤立,就不会发挥什么作用。Just as operating systems have become the bases of power in the mobile ecosystem, the central platforms through which IoT devices connect will be the locus of the industry. These platforms will enable the aggregation and analysis of data from a variety of sources and will connect to mobile payments, commerce and other services so users can take action based on that information. An open platform is key to creating an IoT ecosystem that is greater than the sum of its parts.就像操作系统已成为移动生态系统的动力基础一样,让物联网设备彼此互联的中央平台也将成为行业基石。这些平台将收集并分析来自各种来源的数据,并与移动付、商务和其他务相连,从而使用户能基于这些信息采取行动。一个开放的平台是创建物联网生态系统的关键,这个系统整体比其构成部分更强大。At the company level, building a strong ecosystem is also critical to success. The winners in IoT will be companies that build large, loyal user bases. On the product side, more users create more data, which informs algorithms and delivers better results. Shipping more units also gives companies more leverage with suppliers and makes them more attractive to partners. Just as in the social sector, network effects will matter.在公司层面,打造一个强有力的生态系统也是成功的关键所在。物联网的赢家将是那些打造出庞大且忠诚的用户群的企业。就产品而言,更多用户会产生更多数据,这会让算法获得更多信息并输出更好的结果。更大的出货量也会让企业对供应商获得更多优势,并使自己对合作伙伴产生更大的吸引力。正如社交层面一样,网络效应总是至关重要的。The U.S. and China will need each other中美将互相依赖Being a successful IoT company is hard. In fact, IoT companies have to be three great companies in one:要成为一家成功的物联网企业绝非易事。事实上,物联网企业必须同时具备以下这三类卓越企业的特质:1.Hardware: Building beautiful products with high-quality sensors to collect data.1、硬件企业:生产配备用于收集数据的高品质传感器的优秀产品。2.Platform: Collecting, processing and analyzing massive quantities of data to deliver insights.2、平台企业:收集、处理并分析大量数据,提供有价值的洞见。3.Software: Creating best-in-class user experiences to make insights actionable.3、软件企业:创造一流的用户体验,使数据中获得的洞见可以执行。With such requirements, it becomes very difficult for a company to do all things well in one place. A global perspective allows the company to seek out best-in-breed solutions – wherever they may be.一家公司要想同时做好所有这些方面非常困难。而如果拥有全球化视野,公司就能找到最佳解决方案——不管这种方案身在何处。We have several companies in our own investment portfolio, including Zepp and EHANG, that were founded with headquarters in both Silicon Valley and China, because they realized they needed to be in both places to succeed. In the U.S., they get experienced product designers and engineers, marketing experts and access to the high-end consumer market. In China, they have manufacturing and supply chain superiority, a bth of engineering resources and a massive developing consumer market.在我们的投资组合中就有几家这种公司,比如Zepp和EHANG,它们在硅谷和中国都设有总部,这是因为它们知道自己必须在这两个地方都获得成功。在美国,它们能找到经验丰富的产品设计师、工程师、营销专家,并接触到高端消费市场。在中国,它们能获得生产及供应链优势,不同层次的工程师以及一个巨大的发展中消费市场。Playing in the global market also allows companies serving niche segments or use cases to still achieve massive scale. While UX and go-to-market strategies may need to adapt to different markets and segments, the back-end technologies can apply globally. We expect to see more IoT (and other tech) companies in the future throw off the limitations of being a “national” company and truly embrace being global from day one.全球化运营还能让企业务于不同的小众市场,或运用案例获得规模效应。尽管客户体验和入市策略可能需要作出调整,以适应不同市场和部门,但后端技术却能在全球范围内应用。我们希望今后有更多物联网(及其他技术类)企业抛开“本土”企业的束缚,从一开始就真正按全球化方式运作。Mobile won’t always be on mobile不只手机具有移动性The launch last week of the Apple Watch AAPL 1.24% actually foreshadows another evolution coming in IoT: blurring the lines between hardware, software, and mobile.苹果智能手表的推出,实际上预示着物联网即将迎来的新一轮进化:硬件、软件和移动终端之间的界线不再清晰。IoT devices to date have been pieces of hardware that connect to an app on your smartphone, which allows you to interact with them. The Apple Watch signals an important shift as it combines the hardware and sensors with the software and user interface into one device. While it still requires an iPhone to connect to the Internet, it is easy to see a future “iWatch” that eliminates the need for the phone entirely.迄今为止,物联网设备一直是一堆与智能手机应用相连接的硬件,通过手机才能与它们互动。而这款手表标志着一个重大转变,即它把硬件、传感器与软件和用户界面整合到了一个设备中。尽管它仍需要通过iPhone联网,但很容易看出,未来的iWatch将让手机再无容身之地。As IoT devices evolve, they will take on more “mobile” qualities and become the new home for many functions we currently rely on our smartphones to perform. In addition to making search obsolete, IoT could make the smartphone irrelevant in the near future.随着物联网设备不断升级,它们将具有更多“移动”特性,并成为很多目前我们要靠智能手机才能实现的功能的新平台。除了让搜索过时,在不远的将来,物联网还能让智能手机变得落伍。 /201503/367074。

The Chinese ecommerce giant is seeking to take full control of New York-listed Youku Tudou, the Chinese hosting site in which it acquired a stake in 2014.中国最大电商巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)正寻求全面控股在纽约上市的中国视频网站优酷土豆(Youku Tudou)。阿里巴巴曾在2014年入股优酷土豆。Alibaba is proposing to buy all of the shares it doesn#39;t aly own in Youku Tudou for .60 a share in cash. Shares in Youku Tudou closed on Thursday at .43.阿里巴巴提出,将以每股26.60美元现金购入优酷土豆其余股份。优酷土豆股价周四收于每股20.43美元。Alibaba said it had made the proposal with the support of the founding shareholders of Youku, including Victor Koo, Chengwei Capital and their affiliates.阿里巴巴表示,该计划已得到包括古永锵(Victor Koo)、成为基金(Chengwei Capital)及其关联方在内的优酷创始股东的持。Alibaba currently has an 18.3 per cent stake in the hosting site.阿里巴巴目前持有优酷土豆18.3%的股份。Daniel Zhang, chief executive officer of Alibaba said: We believe that the proposed transaction, with tighter integration of our resources, will help Youku achieve exciting growth in the years ahead by leveraging Alibaba#39;s assets in living-room entertainment, e-commerce, advertising and data analytics.阿里巴巴首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)表示:“我们相信此次合作会让双方结合更加紧密。以视频为代表的数字产品是电商除实物商品外重要组成部分,优酷土豆优质的视频内容将会成为未来阿里电商数字产品的核心组成部分。”Digital products, especially , are just as important as physical goods in e-commerce, and Youku#39;s high-quality content will be a core component of Alibaba#39;s digital product offering in the future.同时在阿里巴巴的提议下,优酷创始人古永锵将继续担任优酷土豆集团董事会主席和首席执行官,领导业务发展。Alibaba is proposing that Youku#39;s founder, Victor Koo, would continue to lead the business as chairman and chief executive officer. Alibaba#39;s executive chairman Jack Ma said.阿里巴巴董事局主席马云(Jack Ma)表示:“通过此次合作,我们将更加深度持古永锵和他领导的团队,实现打造中国领先数字平台的梦想。” /201510/404643。

Synthesized Crystalline Bovine Insulin第一个人工合成牛胰岛素Synthetic bovine insulin, which was fully developed in 1965 following 6 years of hard work by a group of Chinese scientists, was the first case of human beings synthesizing live proteins. This is the first time that zoetic protein has been synthesized by human in history. In the past it was a universal belief that man could by no means synthesize living body. The success made it possible for Chinese scientists to deflate the traditional concept. Synthetic bovine insulin marked a significant breakthrough in the fIeld of life science and has substantially influenced human endeavors in finding out the secrets of life.1965年,我国的科学工作者经过6年多坚持不懈的努力,获得了人工合成的牛胰岛素结晶。这是世界上第一个人工合成的蛋白质。过去世界普遍认为生命体是天然的,大都认为人工合成生命体是不可能的,是中国人首次让它变成可能。人工牛胰岛素的合成,是生命科学领域的重大突破,对于人类探索生命奥秘的影响是巨大的。 /201602/419388。

The Projection Semi-sphere仰仪An ancient astronomic instrument for observation,the projection semi-sphere was a creation by Guo Shoujing,an astronomer of the Yuan Dy-nasty.仰仪是中国古代的一种天文观测仪器,由元朝天文学家郭守敬设计制造。The main body of the projection sphere is a bronze semi-sphere with a diame-ter of three meters,like an upturned pot,hence its name“Yang Yi”(Upturned Sphere ).Inside the spherical surface,there are drawings of many orderly grids that are used for measuring the position of celestial bodies. Along the pot’s mouth is carved a groove,which is used to contain water to see whether the sphere is in a horizontal position. At the edge of the groove are orderly carved 24 lines,indica-ting directions. Above the reticle(network of lines)in the south direction is in-stalled a cross,which extends along the south-north direction until it reaches they center of the instrument,where a small wooden plate with a hole in the center is placed at the end of the cross,evolving around the center of the projection semi-sphere.仰仪的主体是一只直径约三米的铜质半球面,好像一口仰放着的大锅,因而得名。仰仪的内部球面上,纵横交错地刻划出一些规则网格,用来量度天体的位置。在仰仪的锅口上刻有二圈水槽,用来注水校正锅口的水平,使其保持水平设置;在水槽边缘均匀地刻划出24条线,以示方向。在正南方的刻线上安置着两根十字交叉的竿子,呈正南北方向,一直延伸到仰仪的中心,把一块凿有中心小孔的小方板装在竿子的北端,并且小方板可以绕着仰仪中心旋转。Employing projection,the instrument is simple and convenient for observation.For example,when the sun-light goes through the hole,it will project the image of the sun onto the internal spherical surface.Then the observer can the sun’s position from the grids. Par-ticularly,during a total solar eclipse,the whole process of the solar eclipse can be observed with the instrument. Moreover, both the exact position and size of the e-clipse at different times can also be measured.Therefore,the projection semi-sphere was greatly loved by astronomy lovers.仰仪是采用直接投影方法的观测仪器,非常直观、方便。例如,当太阳光透过中心小孔时,在仰仪的内部球面上就会投影出太阳的映像,观测者便可以从网格中直接读出太阳的位置了。尤其在日全食时,利用仰仪能清楚地观看日食的全过程,连同每一个时刻,日面亏损的位置、大小都能比较准确地测量出来。因此,仰仪是一种很受古代天文爱好者喜爱的天文观测仪器。 /201511/409372。