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重庆市人民医院妇科专家在线荣昌万州区产妇做检查哪家医院好电影《教父经典台词 -- :58: 来源: 电影《教父经典台词1.Let your friends underrate your advantage,while let your enemies overrate your disadvantage.  让朋友低估你的优点,让敌人高估你的缺点  underrate v.看轻,轻视,评价过低  [nd?'re?t]  overrate v.估价过高  [?v?'re?t]  .Don’t hate your enemy, or you will make wrong judgment.  不要憎恨你的敌人,那会影响你的判断力.  3.To be close to your friend, but closer to your enemy.  离你的朋友近些,但离你的敌人要更近,这样你才能更了解他  .Don’t let anybody know what you are thinking.  迈克对文森特说:永远不要让任何人知道你心里在想什么!  5.Only don’t tell me you’re innocent. It insults my intelligence, makes me very angry.  这个世界本身就没有所谓的清白而言,你能坦言,你从来就没说过慌,这是自欺欺人  insult v.侮辱,凌辱  [?n's?lt]  6.I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.  我将给他一个他无法拒绝的理由条件.  7.A person is only one destiny.  一个人只有一个命运  8.Do you spend time with your family? Good. Because a man that doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.  你花时间和你的家人在一起吗? 我当然有. 很好!不照顾家人的男人,根本算不上是个真正的男人!  9.Great people are not born with the great, but in the process of growing up show its great.  伟大的人不是生下来就伟大的,而是在成长过程中显示其伟大的  .If a person is very generous, then he must behave himself an emotional generosity.  如果一个人很慷慨,那他就必须把自己的慷慨表现得充满感情——马里傲普佐原文   .Friendship can build a solid defense.  友谊可以筑起一道坚实的防线  .If you think I do not know the truth and that is an insult to my intelligence.  如果你认为我不知道其中的真相,那就是在侮辱我的智慧  .It’s not personal,it’s business.  不要把私人的感情带到商界  .I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can be careless. But not men.  我费了一生的精力,让自己变得十分谨慎 ,女人和小孩能够粗心大意 ,但男人不行.  . I never would impose no need of friendship Friendship – think my insignificant person.  我绝不会把友谊强加给不需要友谊——认为我无足轻重的人  .A matter of seconds to see the nature of people and spend half my life is also unclear one thing to see the nature of man, nature is not the same fate.  在一秒钟内看到本质的人和花半辈子也看不清一件事本质的人,自然是不一样的命运.  .A man who is not a father will never be a real man.  不顾家庭的男人不是真正的男人  18.If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone.  如果生活告诉了我们什么,历史教育了我们什么,那就是你可以杀了任何人  19. This book will leave about two things: First, your name, then there are your brains …  这张和约书上会留下两样东西:一是你的名字,再就是你的脑浆……  .So, love somebody else.  那么,去爱一些其他人吧 教父 台词 经典重庆西南医院生孩子价格 《六天七夜经典英文电影台词 -01- :39:8 来源: 《六天七夜经典英文电影台词《六天七夜(Six Days Seven Nights)讲述的是性格直爽的纽约杂志女编辑萝苹·梦露搭乘脾气暴躁的奎因·哈里斯的货机返回大溪地途中遭遇暴风雨被迫降落在荒无人烟的小岛上,他们两个人吃孔雀、被蛇咬、被海盗追杀等等在一起共度六天七夜,最后不可思议地相爱的故事Robin: So, what are we, like, shipwrecked?  Quinn: How do you want it?  Robin: Excuse me?  Quinn: Do you want it sugar-coated or right between the eyes?  Robin: You pick.  Quinn: We\'\'ve only got one wheel, so we can\'\'t take off. Lightening fried(烧毁,烧坏)the radio and the emergency location transmitter(紧急定位讯号发送器). Air-Sea(海空联合搜救队)will probably try a rescue, but without a beacon to hone in...it\'\'s like trying to find a flea on an elephant\'\'s ass. The only thing we\'\'ve got is...this flare gun(信号) and a single flare.  Robin: Is it too late to get it sugar-coated?  Quinn: That was sugar-coated.  Robin: Well, then, what\'\'s the bad news?  Quinn: the bad news is we may be here a long time. You and me. a long, long...long, long, long, long time.  Robin: Well, I want my 0 back.  Quinn: What?  Robin: You heard me. My 0. I want it back. You said you were gonna take me to Tahiti. You didn\'\'t. Give it back. Come on.  Quinn: One, two, three...Robin: Wha...  Quinn: I figure I got you halfway.  Robin: Halfway? Halfway?  Quinn: Halfway.  Robin: Halfway? Whoo! Halfway? Oh, boy, you\'\'re good! Whoo! You got me halfway! That\'\'s fantastic!  Quinn: Wha...what are you doing? Hey! Hey! Get away from my plane!  Robin: Oh, you be quiet!  Quinn: Goddamn it! Get outta here!  Robin: I\'\'m gonna do something!  Quinn: Hey! Leave that stuff alone!  Robin: You shut up!  Quinn: Come on out! Get outta there! What do you think you\'\'re doing? Leave me stuff a...Hey, hey, come on!  Robin: What\'\'s this? It\'\'s a boat.  Quinn: It\'\'s a life raft(筏, 救生艇, 橡皮船) .  Robin: We can use that to get off the island.  Quinn: Where are you gonna go? You don\'\'t even know where you are. Last thing you wanna do is go bouncing around the ocean...in an eight-foot blowup boat.  Robin: Don\'\'t tell me what I want!  Quinn: Give that...Give it!Hey, don\'\'t pull on that! Leave it alone! Hey, hey!  Robin: Oh! Oh! Get...Wait! Wait! Get me out! No! Oh! Quinn!Oh!Quinn! Get me out of here! Get me...Get me out of here!  Quinn: Are you gonna stop acting like a lunatic(疯子)?  Robin: Fuck you!  Quinn: Pardon me? What\'\'d you say? That\'\'s what I thought you said.  Robin: Quinn!  语言点提示:  1. sugar-coated 包了糖的,糖衣的这里借指把一件糟糕的事情婉转地说出   right between the eyes,一下击中要害,这里借指直接说出还消息,没有任何隐瞒  . to find a flea on an elephant\'\'s ass. 大海捞针,另一种说法是to look a needle in a haystack 经典英文电影台词闲逛酒吧放轻松…-- :5: 闲逛酒吧放轻松…Pub Crawl  A: Modern English.Is that Chris?  洋话连篇你是Chris吗?  B: Drew, how did you know it was me?  Drew,你怎么知道是我?  A: I guess so. What can I do you today?  我一想就是,今天想聊点什么?  B: I want to know if you want to go to the bar with me?  你想去泡吧吗?  A: Sure, what bar do you want to go to?  当然,你想去什么酒吧?  B: You choose, but make sure that they have some specials cheap drinks. I don't get paid till Friday, and I spent too much money at the football game!  你来选吧但啤酒一定要便宜,我要到周五才开资呢看球赛花了我太多钱了  A: Sure no problem, should I organize a pub-crawl with all of our friends?  没问题,我用叫上其它人一起去吗?  B: Yeah, that would be great! I really feel like getting pissed tonight. Work is starting to be a drag and I really need to blow off some steam!!  那样更好,我想今晚一醉方休,工作太多了,我得释放一下压力  A: Ok then, should I grab a bottle of whiskey bee we go out, it will save us some money because we can get loaded bee and not spend so much money at the bar!  好,我用买点whiskey吗?那样会省点钱,我们可以先喝点酒,然后在去酒吧  B: Great idea, should we set a meeting place bee so we can all get together?  好主意我们走之前要在哪碰一下吗?  A: Yeah, lets all meet at my house some quick drinks and then hit the town.  是的,到我家先喝一杯然后在进城  B: Ok man, I will see you there; don't get to shower if you want to pick up some ladies.  好,一会儿见,要想炮妞的话可别忘了洗个澡  A: All right come over around seven O'clock.  好吧,七点来吧  Attention Please…特别提醒  [你可以请外教反复帮你模仿训练下面句子词组的正宗美式发音]  [1]pub-craowl是指一家酒吧,一家酒吧的逛  []getting pissed这里表示喝醉,piss在英语中有很多意思,象尿尿就是take a piss  [3]blow off some steam. steam.是蒸气的意思,那么释放蒸气,自然就是释放压力了Related Words…相关词汇  以下这些词汇并未给出汉语意思,你可以试着用我们学到的英语问问外教它们的意思  [ie:What does "***"mean? "***"是什么意思?]  keg dancing girls This one's on me. I'll get next round.重庆第一医院输卵管堵塞

重庆女性妇科疾病:迷路的小 -- :35: 来源: Characters:D—Doudou W—Wang Danni J—Jiang WenqiuD : Good afternoon, everybody(清晰响亮、欢快喜悦)! My name is Doudou, I’m a lovely puppy dog(可爱状). My mother is very beautiful(充满自豪). We are going shopping together(幸福). But now(低沉、逐渐转为难过) , I can’t find my mother! Mummy, Mummy, where are you?(越来越着急) where are you? (悲极而泣,哭声由强逐渐转弱,不停地哭)(Wang Danni和 Jiang Wenqiu上)J:Hello! Wangdanni!W:Hello! Jiangwenqiu ! (清晰响亮、欢快喜悦)!J:Nice to see you again! How do you go to school?W:I go to school on foot. And you?(关切)J:I go to school on foot, too. Let’s go to school together, OK? (期待)W:OK! Let’s go! (高兴)J:Listen!(奇怪) W:What? (好奇)J:Look! This dog is lost! (恍然大悟,略显着急) W:Hello! What’s the matter? (关切)D:(难过地边哭边说)My name is Doudou, I live in NO. West Lake Road. I can’t find my mother! Mummy, Mummy, (亲热、越来越着急) where are you? where are you? (跺脚、张望、伤心地哭泣)WJ:(齐)Let me help you! (热情、响亮)D:Thank you , sisters! (充满感激)WJ:(齐)OK, Let’s go.W:Excuse me!(礼貌、清晰) Where’s NO. West Lake Road?----(看路或者问者,热情、礼貌、耐心、清晰)(This way手指示) . Turn left. Go straight on. Turn left. Go straight on. Turn right. It’s next to a supermarket.------Oh! (十分激动,喜出望外,指) That is my mummy!! Mummy, Mummy, I love you!(深情,急切扑进怀抱)----- Oh! My darling!(无比疼爱、抚摸,拍,紧紧拥抱) ----Thank you very much! (满怀感激、直视、微笑、真诚) Thank you!-----You’re welcome. Thank you!(高兴、谦虚)---- Thank you! Good-bye!(恋恋不舍的离开) 英语 话剧 剧本重庆市第六人民医院不孕不育输卵管再通 A Sad Story 一个悲惨的故事 -- :50:1 来源: A Sad Story 一个悲惨的故事  Three men came to New York a holiday. They stayed in a large hotel and their room was in floor.  In the evening, the three men came back late, and the clerk of the hotel told them the lifts didn't work. They didn't want to sleep in the hall, so they began to walk up to their room.  On the way, Tom told them many jokes, Andy sang some songs. At last they came to the 1 floor.  Then Peter said, "I shall tell you a sad story. It's not long, but sad enough. We left the key to our room in the hall."  有三个人来到纽约度假他们住在一家大酒店,房间在层  晚上三人回来得很晚酒店管理员告诉他们电梯坏了他们不想睡在大厅,所以开始上楼回房间  路上汤姆讲了许多笑话,安迪唱了几首歌曲最后他们来到了第1层楼  这时彼得说,“我将给你们讲一个悲惨的故事故事不长,可是真的很悲惨我们把房间钥匙落在大厅了”重庆爱德华综合医院有治疗前列腺炎吗

重庆爱德华妇科大夫有关拯救地球的英语作文(0字) --7 :3:37 来源: 有关拯救地球的英语作文(0字)  This is the earth. The green part is land. The blue part is sea. The white part is clouds. Our earth is very beautiful and interesting. There are rivers, streams, seas and lakes. There are hills and mountains. There are woods, jungles and ests. There are many countries and cities. There are many people live in them. Do you think the earth is very wonderful? 这个是地球绿色部分是陆地,蓝色部分是海洋,白色部分是云朵我们的地球非常漂亮和有趣这里有河流,小溪,大海和湖泊;有丘陵,有山脉;有树林,丛林和森林;有很多农村和城市,很多人住在这里你觉得地球是不是奇妙极了?  Many years ago, the earth is very clean. But nowadays there is much pollution on the earth. There is air pollution, land pollution and water pollution.People are cutting down the ests. 很多年前,地球是非常干净的但是现在,地球上污染非常严重有空气污染,陆地污染和水污染人们还在不断地伐树  Many wild animals, birds and insects lose their homes. People are killing animals their food . It's very cruel. People are polluting the land, the water and the air. People must stop doing this. We must save the earth. 很多野生动物,鸟类和昆虫都失去了它们的家园人类杀死动物烹食真是残忍人类污染了陆地,水和空气他们应该停止这样做,我们必须拯救地球 亚洲旅行游记 --19 :58: 来源: 亚洲旅行游记One thing I've learned during my travels across Asia is to trust my taste buds. Places can have all the majestic scenery and unique attractions they want, but if they don't have a single dish that I can become obsessed with during my stay, then it's not me. Harbin, with its glorious sausage, Russian-style steaks and ice cream, has certainly earned a place in my stomach's hall of fame. During a recent visit, I enjoyed a variety of restaurants and eateries, and found I was loosening my belt in each one. Ouluobaxi Canting, which loosely translates as "Western European-style Restaurant", is one of many offering a fusion of Russian and Chinese cuisines, many of which I was trying the first time. A pear-shaped sorbet starters, Harbin sausage wrapped in bacon one of the main courses, and something I can best describe as egg-battered fish (give the descriptions; I'm more of an eater than a reviewer). I was also taken by the city's habit of delivering three rounds of dessert: Cheesecake, fruit and a traditional variety of ice cream. At the airport, parting was such sweet sorrow - especially as my carry-on luggage was stuffed with as much Harbin sausage as I could carry. Perhaps it is also why my colleagues were so unusually glad to see me back in the office. 亚洲旅行游记巴南涪陵区剖腹产哪家好重庆市第一人民医院产科



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