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September 11 2001 is a date tattooed on the neurons of every person who watched television on the day of those attacks. 20011日被纹在了在恐怖袭击当天看了电视的每个人的神经元上。While that has not changed over the past 15 years, what has is the meaning of this mental tattoo. 尽管这一点在过去15年里没有变化,但这种精神纹身的含义已经发生了改变。What was then seen as a one-off event became the gateway to being part of an existing a worldwide problem. 9/11恐怖袭击曾被视为一次性事件,但自那以来这一事件已经成为通往一个世界性问题的门户。On September 11, Europe gazed in horror at what was going on across the ocean in the US. 欧洲曾在91日恐惧地凝视着大西洋对岸的美国发生的恐袭事件。But the past two years will be remembered as the years that changed Europe’s position from that of bystander to being the main victim.但历史将会铭记的是,欧洲的角色在过去两年里从旁观者转变为了主要受害者。I was 12 years old in 1994 when the first bus exploded in the centre of Tel Aviv, killing 22 people. 1994年的时候我12岁,当时在特拉维夫市中心发生了首起巴士爆炸事件,导致22人死亡。My mother gave me this advice, packed with my lunchbox, as I set off for school the next day: When you are in a public place, always make sure you know where the emergency exits are. 第二天我准备去上学的时候,我母亲在午餐盒上放了一个字条:在公共场所的时候,始终要确保你知道紧急出口在哪里。During an event in an open space, be certain to have a clear path in case you need to escape.参加室外活动的时候,确保有一条通路,在需要时可以逃生。I was not allowed to watch the news after the attack: This is not a sight for children but I did not have to. 在恐怖袭击活动之后,大人们不让我看新闻:这不是小孩们看的,但我不用看。Kids can smell fear: it has a strong scent, like the wet fur of a dog. 小孩们可以闻到恐惧:它具有强烈的气味,就像是打湿了的毛一样。Every bang! from a car engine made everyone jump.汽车发动机的每一声巨响都会让所有人吓一跳。In the shopping mall, in a restaurant, at a concert, suspicious looks were exchanged. 在购物中心、餐馆以及音乐会上,人们彼此猜疑地看着对方。It was as if, at any moment, the street you knew by heart might turn into a different planet, a burning jungle.你熟知的这条街道似乎随时可能变成一个不同的星球,一个燃烧的丛林。And now it is Europe that is burning and the smell of fear haunts the streets after each atrocity, long after the last camera is switched off.如今则是欧洲在燃烧,每一次恐怖袭击之后,街道上恐惧的气味在最后一台摄像机关闭很久之后还久久不散。Everyone is talking about terror. 每个人都在谈论恐惧。Everyone is asking how Europe should cope with terror. 每个人都在问,欧洲应该如何应对恐惧。From the European debt crisis in all the way back to the Black Death in the 14th century, terror is just the latest latest in a long line of threat to European society. 009年欧洲债务危机一直回溯至14世纪的黑死病,恐惧只是欧洲社会面临的一长串威胁中最新的一个。But when we say threat, what do we mean?但是当我们说威胁的时候,我们指的是什么?Terror is a psychological state, a subjective experience of intense fear. 恐惧是一种心理状态,是对极端畏惧的一种主观体验。It has, of course, political and economic implications but these are driven by the psychological experience.它当然具有政治和经济含义,但这是由心理上的体验推动的。Terror aims at our psyche: it threatens the minds of the crowd far more than it endangers them physically. 恐惧针对的是我们的心理:它对民众心理上的威胁远远超过它对他们人身安全的威胁。To live with terrorism is to fight for a clear, un-panicked mind. 与恐怖主义共存就是要争取维持清晰、冷静的头脑。To live with terrorism is to face the psychological threat, rather than enmeshbecome enmeshed in anxiety.与恐怖主义共存就是要直面心理上的威胁,而不是陷入焦虑之中。Psychologists distinguish between external threat and internal threat. 心理学家区分了外在威胁和内在威胁。External threats are there in reality: a lion, a clash with your boss. 外在威胁是现实存在的:一头狮子,与老板发生冲突。These are objective problems, based on objective data. 这些是基于客观数据的客观问题。In France in 1346, you had a 50 per cent chance of losing your life to the Black Death. 346年的法国,你0%的几率死于黑死病。This was not a subjective or psychological threat. 这不是主观或心理上的威胁。This was reality.这是现实。An internal threat is different: here, we focus on the psychological experience of danger, regardless of the objective facts. 内在威胁有所不同:这里我们专注于对危险的心理体验,无论客观事实如何。The objective threat to Europeans from global terror is relatively minor. 欧洲遭受全球恐怖活动的客观威胁相对较小。It is in the subjective threat where the terrorists really win.恐怖分子真正取胜的地方在于主观上的威胁。I am not implying that terror is not a threat. 我并不是说恐怖主义不是威胁。Terrorism has taken the lives of more than 265 innocent people in Europe since the beginning of 2015. 015年初以来,恐怖主义夺去了65条无辜的生命。But the smell of fear in European cities has a psychological source rather than stemming from an objective threat to everyday life.但欧洲城市中的恐惧气味来源于心理因素,而非日常生活中的客观威胁。The terroristsvictory is not through the actual conquering of European land (which is out of the question) or through the death tolls from their attacks but through the fear they manage to create.恐怖分子的胜利不是通过对欧洲土地的实际征(这完全不可能)或者袭击活动造成的死亡人数获得的,而是通过他们成功制造的畏惧获得。The real tragedy of terror is what it makes us do to each other. 恐惧的真正悲剧在于它改变了我们对彼此的态度。We start fearing people just because of how they look: the colour of their skin, the way they dress. 我们开始仅仅因为某些人的样子而畏惧他们:他们的肤色以及他们的穿着。The inner racist, usually forced to stay silent, suddenly opens its ugly mouth.内在的那个通常被迫保持沉默的种族主义者,忽然张开了丑陋的嘴。But could it be that we can learn to live with terror just as we live with traffic pollution? It is there, it stinks, it may kill us and yet we go out, drive and walk along the streets. 但有没有可能我们能够学会与恐惧共存,就像我们学会与交通污染共存一样?污染就在那里,发出刺鼻的气味,可能会要我们的命,但我们还是会出门,开车,行走在大街上。Living, working, loving. 我们活着、工作着、爱着。This is the real triumph over terror.这才是真正地战胜了恐惧。来 /201609/466025。

  • Police say a head-on train crash Tuesday in southern Germany has killed at least nine people and injured more than 100 others.警方表示,德国南部星期二发生两列火车对撞事故,造成至少9人死亡,100多人受伤。Rail company Meridian said two of its trains were involved in a ;serious collision; between Kolbermoor and Bad Abling, about 60 kilometers southeast of Munich. A statement on the companys website said it was deeply shaken by the crash.德国子午线铁路公司说,该公司两列火车在慕尼黑东南面大0公里处,科尔贝尔和巴特艾布灵之间发生“严重相撞”事故。公司网站的声明称,该公司对这一事故深感痛心。Police said more than 50 of those hurt in the crash were seriously injured.警方说,受伤者中0多人伤势严重。The speed of the trains at the time of the crash and what caused them to collide were not immediately clear.事故发生时两列火车的车速以及造成事故的原因目前尚不清楚。来 /201602/425854。
  • Donald Trump warned that “bad things would happenat the Republican convention in July if the GOP establishment tried to deny him the presidential nomination despite his resounding victories in the second Super Tuesday contests. 唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)警告说,如果共和党内的建制派试图否认他的总统候选人提名,而不顾他在第二次“超级星期二Super Tuesday)竞选中获得巨大胜利,那月份共和党全国代表大会将会有“不好的事情发生”Speaking after his wins in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina, Mr Trump told CNN on Wednesday that he believed he would win an outright majority of delegates before the convention, but said the party would be obliged to give him the nomination even if he failed to reach the 1,237 threshold for an outright victory. 在佛罗里达州、伊利诺伊州和北卡罗莱纳州赢得选战后,特朗普在周三向美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)表示他相信自己会在全国代表大会前赢得绝大多数选举人票,但他表示即使他未能达到1237张选举人票的门槛,没有取得彻底胜利,共和党还是不得不将提名给他“If we’re 20 votes short, or if we’re 100 short and we’re at 1,100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400 I don’t think you can say that we don’t get it automatically,Mr Trump said. “I think you’d have riots.特朗普说:“如果我们少0票,或者我们少00票,最终获100票,而其他人00票或400票……我认为你不可以说,我们不能自动获得提名。我认为到时候会发生骚乱。Mr Trump’s comments were a veiled threat to party elders not to intervene in a so-called convention in Cleveland in July to thwart him. In the meantime, the real estate mogul is working to deny them the opportunity by wooing his rivalsfollowers. 特朗普这番话其实是在暗中威胁党内大佬不要插手7月克利夫兰全国代表大会,企图阻止他。同时这位房地产大亨还拉拢起竞争对手的追随者,努力不给党内大佬任何机会。来 /201603/432410。
  • Shinzo Abe has declared his trust and confidence in Donald Trump as the US president-elect’s first meeting with a foreign leader passed off successfully. 日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)宣布了他对唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)的信任和信心,原因是特朗普与他的会晤进展顺利。这是特朗普这位新当选总统与外国领导人的首次会晤。Emerging from Trump Tower in New York after an hour-and-a-half meeting, Japan’s prime minister hailed the new president as a man he can do business with. 在一个半小时的会晤之后,安倍晋三走出位于纽约的特朗普大Trump Tower),称赞这位新当选总统是一位他可与之合作的人。“Our alliance will not function without trust,said Mr Abe. “I’m convinced president-elect Trump is a leader I can trust.”安倍表示:“没有信任,我们的同盟将无法运作。我相信新当选总统特朗普是一位我可以信任的领导人。”The comments raise questions about Mr Trump’s commitment to his campaign rhetoric railing against Japanese trade practices and demanding that Tokyo pay for military protection suggesting he wants to work with US allies instead. 上述言论暗示特朗普希望与美国的盟友合作,从而令人怀疑他是否会兑现竞选时的承诺。特朗普曾在竞选时抨击日本的对外贸易,并要求日本政府为美国的军事保护付费用。Mr Abe said the atmosphere was “extremely warmand the two men had a “heart-to-hearttalk. The Japanese prime minister said he explained his basic philosophy and then discussed a range of subjects with Mr Trump. 安倍表示,会谈的气氛“极其融洽”,两人开展了“十分坦率的”交谈。安倍表示他解释了自己的基本哲学,又和特朗普就一系列话题开展了讨论。He declined to elaborate on the discussion. Japan worries about Mr Trump’s pledge to abandon the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal as well as his commitment to the military alliance underpinning Japan’s precarious security position. 他拒绝对讨论内容作详细阐述。日本对特朗普放弃“跨太平洋伙伴关系协定TPP)的承诺十分担心,也担心他会不会努力维持日美军事同盟关系。这种军事同盟关系撑着日本脆弱的安全地位。“We agreed to meet again when it’s convenient and discuss an even wider range of issues in greater depth,said Mr Abe. Mr Abe gave the president-elect a gift of a golf club and received “golf goods including golf shirtsin return. 安倍表示:“我们同意在方便时再次会晤,更深入地讨论更多问题。”安倍向特朗普赠送了一柄高尔夫球杆作为礼物,特朗普则回赠了“包括高尔夫球衫在内的高尔夫球用品”。In a sign of the turbulence hitting the Trump transition team, Japanese officials did not know until Thursday morning that the meeting would take place at 5pm eastern time at Trump Tower. Breaking with protocol, the Trump team has not involved the state department in the planning, which is normal when the president-elect meets a foreign leader. 日本官方直到周四早上才知道,会晤定于东部时间下午5点在特朗普大楼举行,这显示特朗普交接团队处于忙乱之中。特朗普团队并未让美国国务院参与对会晤的安排——这一点并不符合外交礼仪,不过这在新当选总统会晤外国领导人时十分常见。Earlier this week, the Financial Times reported that the Japanese embassy and prime minister’s office were struggling to identify which Trump officials, if any, were advising the president-elect on Japan and Asia. 本周早些时候,英国《金融时报》曾报道,日本大使馆和安倍的首相办公室很难判断出,在日本和亚洲问题上为特朗普提供咨询的是哪位官员——如果存在这样的人的话。But the early meeting is something of a coup for Mr Abe, highlighting his proactive approach to diplomacy, and his belief in personal relations between leaders. Rather than going through usual procedures, he improvised a stop on his way to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Peru. 不过,早上的会晤在某种程度上对安倍来说是一次意外成功,也凸显出他在外交上的主动式风格、以及他对和各国领导人个人交往的信赖。安倍此次会晤并未走正常程序,而是在赴秘鲁参加亚太经合组织(APEC)峰会的路上临时停留了一下。People who know Mr Abe say he gets on best with leaders who share his conservative, nationalistic outlook, such as Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, and former Australian premier Tony Abbott. Mr Trump fits that mould better than Barack Obama, the outgoing president. 了解安倍的人表示,安倍与那些怀有和他同样的保守主义及民族主义看法的领导人关系最好,比如印度总理纳伦德拉.莫迪(Narendra Modi)、澳大利亚前总理托尼.阿Tony Abbott)。与卸任总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)相比,特朗普更符合这一模式。Mr Trump’s approach to Asia will have huge implications for Japan shaping Tokyo’s relations with Beijing in particular. Despite his criticisms of Japan during the campaign, some of the names floated as policymakers in a Trump administration, have hawkish views on China, or support a much bigger navy. 特朗普对亚洲的态度将对日本产生巨大影响,尤其会左右日本政府与中国政府之间的关系。尽管特朗普在竞选时曾批评日本,但部分被提名为特朗普政府政策制定者的人却持有对华鹰派立场,或持美国海军扩编。来 /201611/479520。
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