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Im gonna struggle to the day I die of allowing yourself to look at glass half empty.我要挣扎到我死的那一天,允许自己看到不如意的地方。I just feel like,I feel like, now I understand, its DNA, and its wiring我只是觉得,现在我明白了,这是遗传。and if you grow up with a mother whos extremely negative,如果你在极其悲观的母亲身边长大,its a really tough situation to break out of.那么你极难打破这艰难的局面。Its just proven. Ive understood.这被明过了。我已理解。You grow up in a tough town, I get it.我明白你成长的环境困难重重。Theres a couple of issues with that.但围绕悲观有几个问题。Number one, everybodys got stuff.第一,这是每个人都会有的问题。The problem is nobody cares.但没有人在意。Once you understand that nobody cares, and youre complaining to empty air,一旦你了解到没人关心这个问题,你向空气抱怨,you start going in a little bit of a different direction你的人生方向已经开始有点儿不同了,and, yeah, I mean, I try to, I like putting out positivity.我的意思是我喜欢释放乐观。The small minority of people that are mad, and angry, and hateful, and dark are much louder那疯狂、愤怒、憎恨和忧郁的小群体than the big percentage of us that are happy and excited and feel great.却比幸福、兴奋和感觉良好的大部分人更喧嚣。And because the way technology works, they are much louder than theyve ever been before.因为科技的应用,他们悲观的声音比以往任何时候都要大得多。And so I feel like as somebody whos got full of bright light and happiness,所以我觉得作为充满正能量和幸福的人,that I need to start getting louder about that as well也应该更大声得宣扬乐观。cause thats the only way were gonna combat it.因为这是我们击败他们的唯一办法。If thats the thing thats gonna get the loudest claps so far from this conversation,如果从这次讲话开始,乐观能获得最响亮的掌声,thats what we need to be focusing on.那么我们就需要重点关注它。I feel more responsibility than ever as somebody who is happy and wants other people to be happy genuinely.作为一个幸福的人,我觉得自己比以往更有责任感,也想让他人获得幸福。If you leave with anything for any of us, please take on a sense of responsibility.如果你想给我们留下点儿什么,就承担起责任感吧。that if youve got good and you feel good to start sharing that content as well如果你感觉良好,也可以开始分享乐观的内容,because the world needs more of it.因为世界需要更多的乐观。201706/515288合川哪家医院看不孕不育好One of the nations favorite giant pandas is about to make a big move.一只美国最喜爱的大熊猫将要搬迁了。Bao Bao, a 3-year-old giant panda at the Smithsonians National Zoo, will move to China this winter.史密森国家动物园的3岁大熊猫宝宝这个冬天将搬迁到中国。She was born at the zoo Aug. 23, 2013. Because of the breeding agreement with the China Wildlife Conservation Association, all cubs born at the zoo must move to China by their fourth birthday.她于2013年8月23日出生在动物园里。根据中国野生动物保护协会的养殖协议,所有在动物园出生的熊猫幼崽第四岁生日要搬回中国。Once in China, Bao Bao will be under the care of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, and shell enter its breeding program when she turns 5 or 6 years old.一旦到中国,宝宝将由中国大熊猫保护和研究中心照顾,5岁或6岁时她将进入育种计划。The National Zoos exhibit will still have three other giant pandas: Mei Xiang and Tian Tian,Bao Baos parents,and Bei Bei, her younger brother.该国家动物园还有另外三只大熊猫,宝宝的父母美香和天天,以及她的弟弟贝贝。The zoo will plan some special opportunities for the public to say goodbye to Bao Bao before her big move.搬迁前,该动物园将计划一些特殊的机会,让公众向宝宝告别。译文属。201610/474105垫江忠县开县妇产办理建卡的医院Whats that?Sort of a shove.Shot passed my legs there.那是什么 铲子似的东西 从我的腿边游了过去We need to speed up. Get moving.得加速了 动起来Sharks lock on to the electromagnetic fields that all living creatures produce.鲨鱼能够锁定 所有生物的电磁场The longer Im in the water,the more likely Ill be detected.我在水里呆得越久 就越有可能被它们发现Were over halfway.Come on, stick with me. We can make this.过了一半了 跟上 跟紧我 我们会成功的Less than 100 yards to go to safety.还有不到100码就安全了But suddenly, theres something between me and the shore.但是突然 海水中 杀出一个程咬金Oh, look at the shark here. Just there.Stand still. Dont move.瞧那只鲨鱼 就在那里 站住别动 不要动Start panicking and thrashing around sends out a signal youre vulnerable and youre potential prey.若是惊慌失措 抱头鼠窜 在鲨鱼看来 这意味着你不堪一击 可以做它们美味的盘中餐Best off just standing your ground and letting them swim by.站住不要动 等它们游过去才是上策But Im in danger of being surrounded.但是我被包围了 处境很危险Theres two of them.Stay still. Hold your nerve.有两条 站住不要动 不要紧张Okay, its coming straight this way.Just stay still. Stay still.好吧 它直朝着这边过来了 站住就行 站住不要动Theres an 8-footer coming straight for me.This is no time to panic.这个8英尺长的巨兽直向我冲来 来不及慌张But at the last moment, he turns away.但在最后时刻 它调头了Thats my chance to get across.我渡峡的机会来了Come on. Dont worry about that.Lets just move. Come on.Just stick with me.跟上 不用管它了 走就行 来吧 紧跟着我201703/500105This area is teeming with grasshoppers.这附近有很多蚱蜢If you find yourself in need of a quick energy boost,these can be a welcome sight.如果你急需补充能量 它们就是首选You can eat these just like this.Grab the head, twist it,and pull, and the guts come out like that with the head.你可以这样吃 抓住头部 转一下 扯下来 内脏就和头一起出来了And then take the legs off as well.And the rest of its fine to eat.再把腿去掉 剩下的就能吃了To get a decent meal, youd need to eat around 30 of these,but three is better than nothing.如果想吃饱 至少要吃三十个 但吃三个总比不吃强Theres a lot of pine resin in here.这里有很多松木树脂Native americans would use this, mix it with charcoal美国的土著人 将它与木炭混在一起makes glue put it on wounds to seal them,even use it as an accelerant for the fire.做成胶水 用来保护伤口 或者用作生火时助燃剂Mix it in with their tinder,it will burn really, really hot.将它与火绒混合后 火就会烧得很旺Thats gonna be useful for me.估计会有用的As I descend through the forest,Im soon confronted with another challenge.走出森林后 另一项挑战又出现在我面前Just a massive lake.But also a massive obstacle.Okay, lets go this way.一个超大的湖 也是一个超大的障碍 好吧 这边走A vital key to survival is adapting things you find and using them to your advantage.生存的关键就是将你找到的东西 经过改造后 拿来为你所用201608/458981重庆超导无痛人流费用

重庆怀孕四个月引产要多少钱九龙坡做输卵管检查多少钱With the stranglehold of the monopolies over, Americans now realize that anything is possible as long as they work together.随着垄断制约的结束 美国人现在意识到 只要他们齐心协力 一切皆有可能The nation is more powerful than ever and that power will soon be needed.国家比以往任何时候都更强大 这种强大很快就派上了用场On a brisk spring morning, two years after the breakup of standard oil, John Rockefeller joins his old rival Andrew Carnegie to mourn the loss of one of their own.标准石油解体两年后 一个清冷春天的早晨 约翰·洛克菲勒跟着老对手安德鲁·卡内基 一起去哀悼一位同辈Less than a month from his seventy-sixth birthday, J.P. Morgan dies in his sleep.离七十六岁生日还有不到一个月的时间 J·P·根在睡梦中去世Morgan leaves such a mark on American finance that the New York Stock Exchange shuts down, an honor normally reserved for the passing of a president.根对美国金融的影响如此之大 以至于纽约券交易所都闭所致敬 这通常是总统才能享受的荣誉J.P. Morgan certainly was the foremost name in banking in terms of creating modern finance... and you cant have a modern economy without a modern, effective functioning banking system.在建立现代金融方面 J·P·根肯定是界最重要的名字 现代化的经济绝对少不了一个现代化的有效运作的体系He was as influential as any of the Titans of that day.他和其他当时的巨人一样拥有巨大的影响力While the old rivals once saw each other as cutthroat competitors now, in their twilight years, the fathers of American business have found a mutual respect.虽然他们将对方看作你死我活的竞争对手 但是在晚年 这些美国商业元老却相互尊重起来201608/457577重庆哪家医院人工流产最好On mothers day we tell our moms how much we love them母亲节我们会告诉我们的妈妈 我们有多爱她们There are some things we dont ever tell whom但也有些事是我们从没告诉过她们的which is dishonest,and thats not right这样是很不诚实 也是不对的So to break those boundary used down所以为了打破这种谎言的界限When we went out the street today我们今天去了街上and we ask people what is the biggest lie you ever told your mom问路人 你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么with their mom standing right next to them and we,next up,please join the special mothers day confession.而老妈就站在他们旁边 那么 接下来 请观看 母亲节的忏悔Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom? Oh no!What should I answer for?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么 哦 不是吧 我为啥要回答这种问题Eh, me and my best friend used to sneak out and go to cabaret show.呃 我跟我最好的朋友 曾经偷偷溜去看人妖秀Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么That I wasnt out all night doing drugs News to me.我没整夜在外面磕药 我第一次听说啊When? High school Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom? Er.I love you.什么时候呢 高中 你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么 呃 我爱你吧Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mother?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么Maybe that I didnt bang into the neighbors mail box我骗她 我没把邻居家的邮筒撞坏Oh, I didnt know about that. With her car. My car?我还真不知道呢 用我妈的车撞的 我的车啊Whats one thing you dont ever told your mother?哪件事是你做过的从没告诉你妈妈的I hit someone on accidently then and I am got a castigation.我不小心打到人了 然后被警告了一次Was it really by accident? No. Whats the lie that you told your mom?真的是不小心吗 不是 你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么That I havent taken a makeup,but I take a lot actually.我不化妆 其实经常化What makeup have you taken? Ive taken some lipsticks and some foundation.你用的什么化妆品呢 我用过口红 还有粉底And? And powder,and mascara and my shadow,maybe and blush, I take some blush from her too还有呢 还有粉扑 睫毛膏 好像还有眼影 还有 腮红 我也用了她的腮红Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mommy? Stole... ...uh... ... I steal it你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么 我偷东西了What do you steal? Daddys wedding ring. What? Daddys wedding ring.你偷了什么呢 老爸的婚戒 什么 老爸的婚戒Where did you put the wedding ring? Under my pillow.你放哪里了呢 放我枕头底下了Was your husband freaking out? Yeah. We break the house apart.你丈夫当时被吓到了吗 是啊 然后我们把房子翻了个底朝天We are looking for, we came asking him.来找戒指 也一直问他在哪and he didnt tell us until we buy him an ice-cream然后 我们给他买了冰激凌 他才告诉了我们在哪So you did know where the loss. Are you lying? NO Can I go to pee now? Yes.那你知道在哪故意不说的咯 你又在说谎吗 没有 我能去嘘嘘了吗 可以Whats the worst thing you done that you never told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么The first kiss. Are you kidding me? No,not Kidding. Thats awkward, dude.我的初吻 你逗我呢吧 没有 这可不好玩啊 哥们Are you seem not allowed him to kiss? No,No.We are talking on the way home.他现在不可以亲亲吗 不不可以 我们要在回家路上好好聊聊Was it worthy? Yeah. Thats no.你觉得值得吗 值得 这不行Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?New younger.你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么Said I never smoke. I used to take her cigarettes.骗她我没抽过烟 我以前偷她的烟I used that, light moment on the stove in the kitchen and smoke all.然后在厨房的炉子点着了 然后吸掉and before she come home,I used to put the vents on in the house to get the smoke out the house然后 趁她没回来之前 赶紧把烟收起来并让烟味散去You really stole my cigarettes.你真的偷了我的烟啊Oh,you? I thought that I told my mom,my mom. Her mom?啊 你吗 我以为她是让我说我妈呢 是她妈妈Oh,ok. My mom. Thats another lie. Yeah.哦 这样 好吧 我妈妈 我又暴露自己了 是啊Wait.Do we just discover that you smoke?等等 我们刚刚是曝光了你抽烟吗Whats the biggest lie you ever told your mom?你对老妈说过的最大的谎是什么Said she looks good in new dress,even she didnt.跟她说这件衣好看 其实觉得并不好看What do you give to your mother on mothers day? Er.Flowers.你要给你妈妈什么东西当做母亲节礼物 呃 送花Maybe new dress,but doesnt one. OK. OK. Very good.可能是新衣吧 但不是那一件啊 恩 很好 太好了Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.谢谢 谢谢 谢谢你Do you love putting buttons in subscribing into things.Then click the button to subscribe喜欢点击订阅视频吗 请点击按钮my channel and youll finally be happy.订阅我们的油管频道 你会开心起来的201707/515959重庆第一医院做彩超B超价格

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