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Samsung Electronics is just days away from announcing the next generation of its best-selling flagship smartphone, which means that the steady whirring of rumor mill has risen to a healthy hum.三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)将在几天之后发布其最畅销旗舰智能手机的下一代产品,这意味着此前持续不断的传言已经发展为合理的讨论。Earlier this month, we took you through the highlights of the expectations and rumors swirling around the device. Some of the rumors then were almost certainly contradictory, unless you believe the new device could sport both an iris scanner and a fingerprint scanner.本月早些时候,我们介绍了围绕该手机相关预期和传闻中的要点。其中一些传言甚至是相互矛盾的,很难相信新手机会同时配置虹膜扫描和指纹扫描两种功能。But now, with less than a week to go, consensus seems to have congealed around a fingerprint scanner as the next smartphone#39;s most dazzling new feature.但现在,距离新品发布还有不到一周时间,外界似乎已经达成共识--下一代智能手机最为引人注目的新功能将是指纹识别。Samsung declined to comment Wednesday.三星电子周三拒绝置评。In one widely-circulated report, SamMobile, which tracks Samsung#39;s myriad devices, cited #39;insiders#39; who say the Galaxy S5, set to be unveiled next Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will include a fingerprint sensor in the device#39;s home button that does more than just unlock the phone.追随三星电子各种设备的SamMobile在一份广泛传播的报道中援引内部人士的话称,Galaxy S5将于下周一在巴塞罗那的全球移动通讯大会(Mobile World Congress)上发布,其Home键上将安装指纹传感器,功能不仅限于手机解锁。Instead, SamMobile reports, the fingerprint will be woven deep into the phone#39;s operating system, making the fingerprint an integral part of accessing a number of features. In some cases, the fingerprint will act as a substitute for typing in usernames and passwords.SamMobile报道称,指纹将被深入到手机的操作系统中,使其成为启用多种功能的一部分。有些情况下,指纹可替代用户名和密码的输入。Unlike Apple#39;s high-end iPhone 5S, which allows users to unlock their devices by holding one#39;s finger steadily over the home button, Samsung#39;s version will work #39;in a swipe manner,#39; SamMobile says. This will require considerable dexterity from the user, the report says; the entire finger must be scanned each time in a fluid, moderately-paced, moisture-free swipe.苹果公司高端手机iPhone 5S允许用户通过将一个手指放在Home键上来解锁设备,但SamMobile称,三星电子的手机与之不同,采用滑动式指纹识别。报告称,这要求用户相当灵巧,每次识别都需要手指干燥,并且要流畅、匀速滑动。So where does all this leave the eye scanner? Last month, Bloomberg reported that Samsung was studying the possibility of including such an innovation in its Galaxy S5.那么虹膜扫描功能将何去何从?彭(Bloomberg)上个月还报道称,三星将研究在Galaxy S5中纳入这一创新功能的可能性。But now, Bloomberg is reporting only that the device will feature a larger, 5.2-inch screen with a sharper display, improved camera functions and better integration with Samsung#39;s smartwatch, with nary an update on the progress of Samsung#39;s eye-scahn studies.但现在彭的报道只是说,该手机将配置更大的5.2英寸显示屏,更高的对比度,更强大的拍照功能,而且与三星电子智能手表的配合更好,但并没有提到三星电子虹膜扫描研究的最新进展。And, if all this speculation isn#39;t your game, the end is at hand. Samsung will lay the guessing game to rest next Monday evening.如果你不喜欢猜来猜去,那么很快就要揭晓。下周一晚间三星电子就将揭开新手机的面纱。 /201402/276571。

Shea Tate-Di Donna knows what entrepreneurs need. In Silicon Valley, she#39;s best known as one of the founding partners at True Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on early-stage companies. She was also the architect behind True University, a two-day conference that brings together companies in the True portfolio to share ideas and collaborate.希雅·泰迪·唐纳对于企业家的需求了如指掌。在硅谷,她作为True Ventures的联合创始人而广为人知。这家公司是一风投基金,专注于处于发展初期的企业。她也是True University的幕后策划人。True University是一个为期两天的会议,它将True Ventures公司旗下资产组合公司召集在一起,分享理念,开展合作。If that sounds a little kumbaya, Tate-Di Donna#39;s latest project has similar idealistic aims. Zana is a virtual incubator that will, in her words, ;democratize entrepreneurship.;尽管这似乎带点空想主义色,但唐纳最新的项目也拥有类似的理想化目标。Zana是一个虚拟孵化器,而且用她的话来说,它可以“将创业民主化。”It#39;s easy to see how Zana (pronounced zah-nah) was born out of one of True#39;s core values: Encouraging CEOs to turn to one another for help and advice. It#39;s a rare strategy among venture firms, and one that#39;s served True well. Those values, and more than a decade#39;s worth of conversations with founders, led Tate-Di Donna to create a peer education-focused incubator available to anyone with an Internet connection. ;Zana is a platform versus a content delivery vehicle,; Tate-Di Donna tells Fortune. ;The real magic happens when entrepreneurs talk to each other.;Zana(发音zah-nah)的诞生并不出人意料,因为它源于True的一条核心价值:鼓励首席执行官们相互帮助、相互提供建议。这是其他风投公司很少使用的策略,但却让True如鱼得水。基于这些价值理念,以及十多年与企业创始人的交往经验,唐纳创建了一个专注于同行教育的孵化器。只要有网络连接,任何人都可以参与其中。唐纳告诉《财富》杂志:“Zana是一个平台,不是内容交付载体。只有企业家们在相互交流时才能迸射出真正的火花。”A free and open-to-the-public incubator shouldn#39;t seem revolutionary, but it will likely be in hot demand among would-be founders. This latest tech bubble and shows like HBO#39;s Silicon Valley have bolstered the idea that starting a company simply requires drive and determination. The best accelerators and incubators are bombarded with applications and at maximum capacity. Y Combinator, for example, reportedly receives one application per minute, with an acceptance rate hovering just above one percent.一个免费对公众开放的孵化器似乎并不是什么革命性的举措,但在潜在创业者中可能会很受欢迎。最近的技术泡沫和HBO的电视剧《硅谷》(Silicon Valley)推广了这样一个观点:创业只需要动力和决心。那些一流的加速器和孵化器都收到了大量的申请,而且正在满负荷运转当中。例如,Y Combinator据称每分钟就会收到一个申请,而通过率仅在1%左右。There also tends to be a self-selecting group that applies for early-stage funding and mentorship. In March, YC founding partner Jessica Livingston told Slate that while she thinks 2014 will be a tipping point year for women in tech, only 84 of the 633 startups YC funded over the years had at least one woman founder. ;In the mid-2000s, we were lucky to get one female per batch,; she said.而且往往会有一个自选团体,他们会申请初创资助和指导。3月份,Y Combinator创始人杰西卡o莱文斯通对《Slate》杂志说,尽管她认为2014年将是技术行业女性创业的转折点,但在过去几年YC所资助的633家初创公司中,只有84家拥有至少一名女性创始成员。她还说:“2005年前后,每一批企业里面哪怕有一名女性创始人就不错了。”That#39;s changed, of course. But the numbers of non-white, non-male accelerator applicants still lag far behind. In venture capital, the gender imbalance is even worse; women comprise just four percent of all VCs. ;When I was at True Ventures,; Tate-Di Donna says, ;I was the only woman for the first five years. And I was the only woman on the investment team for seven years.;当然,这一点已经发生了变化,但是非白人、非男性加速器申请人的数量仍远远落后。在风投世界中,性别比例失衡这个问题更严重;女性仅占所有风投人员的4%。唐纳说:“在头5年里,我是唯一的女性。7年来,我是公司投资团队中唯一的一位女性成员。”She also saw an obvious gap in the current swath of entrepreneur-centric opportunities. ;There#39;s not a trusted, gold standard, de facto place that will help move a business forward through its life cycle as a company,; she says. ;YC good for early-stage. There are incubators and accelerators focused on periods of time or specific skill development. But peer-led education support—that#39;s where we see the enormous opportunity.; (Also, a note about the name: Zana was a goddess in Romanian mythology known for giving life and generously bestowing gifts.)在眼下一系列以企业家为中心的机遇中,她也注意到了这个明显的差距。她说:“现实中并没有备受信赖的金科玉律,也不存在一个既定的场所,能够帮助某项业务渡过生命周期成为一家公司。YC有利于早期发展。有些孵化器和加速器专注于不同的时期或具体的技能发展。但是我们发现,以同行为主导的教育持存在巨大的机遇。”(此外,在此对名称做一下解释:Zana是罗马尼亚神话中的一位女神,因赋予生命和慷慨地赐予礼物而富于盛名。)With Zana, there aren#39;t any real barriers to entry, as it#39;s free and available on demand. (The revenue structure is a basic freemium model with a premium option available to companies. There will also eventually be a certification program enabling employers to test employees on various modules.) It also promises to unite entrepreneurs from various industries and from all around the world.在Zana的帮助下,一切准入障碍都不复存在,因为这是一种按需分配的免费务。(营收构架是一个基础的免费增值模式,为企业提供高级选项。最终还会有一个认项目,让雇主按照不同的模块来测试雇员。)它的另一项任务就是联合全球各个行业的企业家。Even Tate-Di Donna#39;s team speaks volumes about her commitment to recruiting top talent with varied interests and expertise. Zana#39;s lead developer Joel Burton is a skilled programmer and trainer who is also a sex educator with a degree in women#39;s studies. (Only in San Francisco.) Respected technologist and Zana advisor Ian McFarland recommended Burton after Tate-Di Donna explained her need for a robust platform that will scale to accommodate the thousands of users she hopes to eventually attract.甚至连唐纳的团队成员都充分显示了她在招聘拥有不同兴趣爱好和专长的顶级人才方面所做的努力。Zana的首席开发人员乔尔o伯顿是一名技能娴熟的编程人员和培训师,他还是一名性教育家,拥有女性研究学位(仅在旧金山)。唐纳解释说,她最终希望吸引几千名用户,因此,她需要一个强有力的平台,并按照自己的预期实现规模化,容纳这些用户。于是,备受尊敬的技术人员和Zana顾问伊万o麦克法兰德向她推荐了伯顿。Even after you#39;ve been using Zana for a while, she explains, your company will have new needs. In a similar way that Amazon suggests products based on previous purchases, Burton#39;s algorithm will introduce new, relevant resources as your business (and your needs as a founder) evolves.她解释道,即便在使用Zana一段时间之后,你的公司仍会出现新的需求。伯顿的算法与亚马逊依据历史购买信息而推荐产品的方式类似,能够随着业务(以及创始人需求)的变化而引进相关的新资源。With inclusivity as the backbone of the new resource, it#39;s the Zana content that takes center stage. ;With True University, it was great to have annual event,; she says. ;But entrepreneurship is a 24/7 business. At one True University conference, I recorded s, and then put them up on private site. But most were 60 to 90 minutes long.; Many Zana s last just one minute; none are longer than five.新资源的核心特质是包容性,因此,Zana内容就成了焦点。她说:“有了True University之后,我们每年会举办一次活动,这是件好事,然而创业是全天候不停歇的事业。有一次True University开会的时候,我录下了视频,然后放到了我的私人网站上。但大多数都是60-90分钟的视频。”很多Zana视频时长只有一分钟,没有超过5分钟的。There are 10 Step Lessons applicable to a variety of early- and mid-stage businesses across all sectors. In her instructive series of s about design research, Erika Hall, co-founder and director of strategy at Mule Design, reminds fledgling entrepreneurs to research adding value to the world, not just focus on creating something cool. ;The very definition of design is solving a problem,; she explains. ;[Research] really is just asking questions to make sure that you#39;re not basing your key business decisions on things you made up out of your head—or things you wish to be true. But if what you actually want to do is create a product that serves real needs and is gonna succeed in the marketplace, you need to understand how those needs are being met and the structure of that marketplace and where it#39;s going.; Hall, like many experts lending their voices to Zana#39;s talent pool, offers sound advice at a time when founders are (sometimes rightly) mocked for waxing poetic about making the world a better place.有一个10步课程适用于所有行业中处于早期和中期发展阶段的各类企业。Mule Design联席创始人和策略总监艾瑞卡o哈尔在她谈设计研究的系列教育视频中提醒初出茅庐的创业家们要研究如何为世界增添价值,而不仅仅是专注于创造一些新奇的东西。她解释说:“设计的定义就是解决问题。研究的真实意义在于询问探究,以确保自己的关键业务决策并不是基于自己的幻想和想象。如果你的确想创造一种产品,能够满足真实需求并有望在市场获得成功,那么你就需要了解如何去满足这些需求,以及市场的结构和发展动向。”创始人们因为高举“让世界更加美好”这面旗帜而遭人嘲笑的时候(有时候确实值得嘲笑),哈尔与其他很多声援Zana人才的专家一样,为他们提供了很好的建议。Zana isn#39;t the only newcomer to the incubator space. Fast Forward, an incubator exclusively for non-profits, launches this summer and has aly accepted five companies (two of which were also in Y Combinator). But for now, Zana is the only incubator open to any founder with a laptop, anywhere in the world.Zana并不是孵化器领域唯一的新秀。专门针对非营利性组织的孵化器Fast Forward将于今夏启动,而且已经投资了五家公司(其中两家同时也进入了Y Combinator)。但是目前而言,Zana是覆盖范围最广的孵化器,而且没有地域限制,创业人员只要有一台笔记本电脑就可以参与Zana。;We#39;re just here to connect people so they can talk,; Tate-Di Donna says.唐纳说:“我们只是为人们提供互相连接的机遇,让他们能够相互沟通交流。” /201406/304911。

Could Google’s new self-driving car one day have to yield to an oncoming smart bicycle?谷歌(Google)新研发的无人驾驶汽车会不会有一天向尚未问世的智能自行车低头?Samsung introduced the prototype for its Smart Bikeat a design trade show in Milan earlier this year, showing off a form of two-wheel transportation that connects to a Samsung KRX smartphone to enable onboard sensors, GPS and other safety high-tech features. Design Boom reports that Samsung teamed up with Italian frame-builder Giovanni Pelizzoli to build the Smart Bike, which sports a curved frame meant to reduce the roughness of riding on urban terrain.今年年初,三星(Samsung)在米兰设计贸易展览会上展出了旗下智能自行车的原型。这种新型双轮交通工具可与三星(KRX)智能手机相连,驱动车载传感器、GPS系统等高科技安全保护功能。据设计邦(Design Boom)网的报道称,这款智能自行车由三星集团携手意大利车架设计专家Giovanni Pelizzoli共同打造,车身总体采用曲管设计,以缓解都市路面的颠簸。The bike also has safety features such as laser beams that create an individualized bike lane and a rearview camera, which syncs with the handlebar-mounted smartphone to allow riders a view of whatever is behind them. Business Insider notes it is not clear yet whether the Smart Bike, which comes enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, will go into full production anytime soon.此外,三星智能自行车还配备了其它安全保护措施,比如车载激光器可以投射出激光束自行车道,车上还有一台后视摄像机,与手把中间的智能手机同步,车主可以对背后的情况一清二楚。商业内幕网(Business Insider)称,尚未有确切消息明这种装有Wi-Fi和蓝牙的智能自行车会很快投入批量生产。Samsung isn’t the first entrant into the smart bike market. Vanhawks Valour recently waged a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of its connected bike, which tracks the rider’s performance and also features security sensors and syncs with smartphones to provide interactive feedback. Helios also offers a bike model with built-in Bluetooth and a GPS tracker.其实,三星并不是抢占智能自行车市场的第一家公司。近期,凡浩克斯公司(Vanhawks)在众筹平台(Kickstarter)上成功募款,筹得的资金用于生产旗下一款名为“凡浩克斯o勇气”(Vanhawks Valour)的智能互联自行车。这款自行车能追踪车主情况,同时还配有安全传感器,能与智能手机同步提供双向反馈。另外,海里欧(Helio)也推出一款内嵌蓝牙与GPS追踪器的自行车模型。Meanwhile, Google GOOG is thinking a little bigger, having announced plans last month to build a fleet of 100 driver-less cars that can shepherd up to two passengers to a destination relying only on sensors to detect location and any possible obstacles, including (maybe?) smart bikes.谷歌(GOOG)这时候也没闲着,正在忙着规划一次大型活动。它上个月宣布,要组建一个100辆无人驾驶汽车车队,护送两乘客至目的地,全程仅依靠传感器监测位置与障碍物,它所指的“障碍物”其中(说不定)就包括智能自行车。 /201406/306056。

Research firms have aly noted how Google#39;s slide in China#39;s online search market has been good for the company#39;s Chinese rival, Baidu. Now it appears Google may have given up ground to another Chinese internet giant: Alibaba Group.研究公司已经注意到谷歌(Google)在中国网络搜索市场的下滑给该公司的中国对手百度(Baidu)带来了怎样的好处。如今谷歌看起来似乎把领地拱手让给了另一家中国网络巨头:阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)。In a breakdown of Chinese online advertising market share, Beijing research firm Analysys International says Alibaba has overtaken Google for second place behind Baidu thanks in large part to its online shopping unitTaobao.在对中国网络广告市场份额的分析中,北京的研究公司易观国际(Analysys International)说,阿里巴巴已取代谷歌第二名的位置,目前仅次于百度,这在很大程度上是得益于其网络购物子公司淘宝网。Alibaba now owns a 9.3% market share and the number two spot in China#39;s online ad market, according to Analysys International ( Word doc). Meanwhile, Analysys says, Google#39;s share fell 2 percentage points from the second quarter, when it held the number-two spot, to 8.9% in the third quarter.据易观国际,阿里巴巴目前的市场份额为9.3%,在中国互联网广告市场上占据着第二把交椅。易观国际同时还说,谷歌第三季度的市场占有率较二季度下滑了两个百分点,至8.9%,二季度时谷歌的市场占有率还处于第二位。Google also narrowly missed falling another rank. Internet portal operator Sina, in fourth place, had an 8.89% share that put it 0.01 percentage points behind Google, according to Analysys.谷歌还险些落到了第四名。据易观国际,位列第四名的门户网站运营商新浪(Sina)的市场份额为8.89%,仅落后于谷歌0.01个百分点。Baidu ranked first by a wide margin, with a 30.1% share putting it more than 20 percentage points ahead of the nearest competitor.百度以30.1%的市场占有率遥遥领先,领先第二名20多个百分点。The loss of advertising market share marks a steady erosion of Google#39;s presence in China since the company relocated its mainland China search service to Hong Kong in March, citing frustrationsover hacking and censorship.广告市场份额的丧失表明,自谷歌3月份因黑客攻击和监管感到失意而将大陆的搜索务迁至香港之后,它在中国的身影已经没有以往那么活跃了。Both Google and Alibaba declined to comment.谷歌和阿里巴巴均拒绝置评。Analysys analyst Li Zhi said it#39;s too early to predict how the fourth-quarter figures will look, but that Sina would surpass Google if things continued at their previous pace. #39;Google needs to make a quick response by redoubling its efforts in direct ad sales and cooperating with ad agents,#39; she said in the research note.易观国际的分析师李志说,现在预测第四季度数据的情况还为时过早,但如果事情继续以此前的步伐发展,那么新浪将会超过谷歌。她在一份研究报告中说,谷歌需要加大对直接广告销售的投入并扩大同广告代理商的合作,以此迅速应对。Analysys data also show Baidu#39;s share of revenue in China#39;s online search market rose to 73% in the third quarter, up three percentage points from the previous quarter, while Google#39;s share fell 2.6 percentage points to 21.6%.易观国际的数据还显示,百度第三季度在中国网络搜索市场上所占的收入比例升至73%,环比增加3个百分点,而谷歌的收入比例则减少了2.6个百分点,至21.6%。 /201311/264763。

Only39% of Americans believe #39;the universe began with a huge explosion#39;只有39%的美国人相信“宇宙大爆炸起源理论”With the possible exception of #39;is the earthflat?#39;, it is (according to Discover magazine at least) the most basic questionin science: #39;does the earth orbit the sun?#39;除了“地球是平的吗?”这个问题可能是个例外,那就是(至少根据探索杂志)那个最基本的科学问题了:“地球是绕着太阳转吗?”The good news is that 74 per cent of Americansknow the answer.好消息是有74%的美国人知道。The very bad news is that means 26 per centreally don#39;t.坏消息是,这意味着26%的美国人真的不知道。These results, which appear in the NationalScience Foundation (NSF) survey of 2,200 Americans, will form part of a reportset to be presented to Barack Obama and lawmakers in congress, and are likelyto once again raise the issue of educational standards in the ed States.这个结果来自于国家科学基金(NSF)对2200个美国人的调查,部分报告将提交给奥巴马和国会的立法者们,可能会再次挑起美国教育标准的问题。Other startling results from the survey includedthat only 39 per cent of Americans believe ;the universe began with a hugeexplosion;. And fewer than half of the people surveyed (48 per cent)agreed that ;human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlierspecies of animals;.其他令人吃惊的调查结果包括只有39%的美国人相信“宇宙大爆炸起源理论”。不到一半的(48%)被调查者认同“目前所知,人类是某种远古动物进化来的”。Meanwhile, 51 per cent of Americans knew thatantibiotics don#39;t kill viruses.同时,51%的美国人知道抗生素不能杀灭病毒。The study also demonstrated that a total of 42per cent of Americans thought astrology was either ;very scientific;or ;sort of scientific;.研究也表明,总共有42%的美国人认为占星术也是非常或有几分科学道理的。The survey, as reported by Agence France-Presse,is carried out every couple of years in order to analyse whether America ismaking educational progress.据法新社报告,这个调查每两年进行一次,以分析美国的教育是否有了进步。Despite the somewhat negative findings of thestudy there is a significant glimmer of hope.尽管有一些负面的发现,但是也有一丝希望。The survey revealed that nearly 90 per cent ofAmericans believed the benefits of science outweigh any dangers. 30 per centbelieve science deserves more funding from government, and around 90 per centexpressed an interest in learning about medical discoveries.此次调查显示,90%的美国人相信科学的益处大于危险。30%相信政府应该在科学上有更多的投入,大于90%表示对了解医学发现感兴趣。 /201402/277206。

Japan’s biggest trading company and Asia’s richest man have teamed up in an 0m aircraft leasing joint venture, betting that cheap debt and strong demand from low-cost carriers will sustain a multiyear boom.日本最大贸易公司三菱(Mitsubishi Corp)与亚洲首富李嘉诚将联手创建一家规模为8亿美元的合资飞机租赁公司。他们认为,廉价贷款和来自低成本运营商的强大需求将延续飞机租赁热。Mitsubishi Corp will get the venture started by selling it 15 of the 79 planes owned by its aviation finance unit, MC Aviation Partners. MCAP, which is wholly-owned by Mitsubishi, will contribute 40 per cent of the venture’s equity, with the remainder coming from Cheung Kong Holdings, the main investment vehicle of Li Ka-shing, the Hong Kong-based billionaire.三菱将首先把旗下航空金融部门MCAP(MC Aviation Partners)拥有的79架飞机中的15架售予该合资公司。MCAP由三菱全资所有,将为合资公司贡献40%的股本,剩下的将来自李嘉诚旗下主要投资机构长江实业(Cheung Kong Holdings)。The planes – new, narrow-body aircraft from Airbus and Boeing – have a combined appraisal value of about 0m, according to MCAP. Assuming that banks provide loans of between 60 per cent and 80 per cent of that value, the partners will contribute equity of 0m to 0m.MCAP称,这些飞机的评估价值总计约8亿美元,为空客( Airbus)和波音(Boeing)生产的窄体新飞机。假设新公司能获得相当于这一评估价值60%至80%的贷款,两家公司还将出资1.60亿美元至3.20亿美元。Within a few years, the aim was to build the venture’s assets to about bn, said Hiroshi Nakanishi, general manager of Mitsubishi’s aviation business department. He noted that demand from budget airlines was expected to push the share of leased planes within the global fleet to about half in five to ten years, from 40 per cent now.三菱航空业务部门总经理Hiroshi Nakanishi表示,新公司的目标是几年内将资产扩大到50亿美元左右。他预计,廉价航空公司的需求将在5到10年内,将租赁飞机占全球飞机总数的比例从现在的40%推升至一半左右。“Depending on discussions with Cheung Kong, more planes could be transferred,” Mr Nakanishi said. “But we need to source new planes from the market.”“根据与长江实业的谈判,可能会有更多飞机转移到新公司,”Hiroshi Nakanishi表示,“但我们需要从市场采购新飞机。”Mr Li is known for his preference for infrastructure in countries with stable regulatory and common law systems. In August, Cheung Kong said it was in talks to buy a bn fleet of 100 aircraft put up for sale by Awas, a European lessor owned by Terra Firma, the private equity group.李嘉诚多年来一直倾向于在有着稳定监管和普通法体系的国家投资于当地基础设施。今年8月,长江实业曾表示,正就以50亿美元购入欧洲租赁公司Awas拍卖的100架飞机展开谈判。Awas由私人股本集团Terra Firma所有。 /201411/340972。

The recent update to Apple’s tablet product line leaves open a number of questions, but the biggest one is ‘which iPad should I buy, the iPad Air or the new iPad mini?’ Having reviewed both the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina Display here on Forbes, it’s not an easy decision to make.苹果平板电脑产品线的最近更新留下了很多疑问,其中最大的疑问是:“应该买哪款iPad?是iPad Air,还是配备Retina显示屏的iPad mini(下简称iPad Mini 2)?”我已经在福布斯网站上分别发表了iPad Air和iPad Mini 2的评测文章,但至于究竟该买哪一款,这仍然是个艰难的决定。Of course there are two more iPads out there that need to be acknowledged. Apple has retained the iPad 2, and while it might be a non-threatening option for those coming to the tablet space, its age and similar price to the iPad mini with Retina Display rules it out for the majority of consumer sales. On reflection I suspect that the iPad 2 remains ranged due to the huge number of educational markets that are equipped with this variant of the tablet and a number of 30-pin dock connector accessories.当然,必须承认还有另外两款iPad可供选择。苹果仍然保留了iPad 2,但它不会对平板电脑新品构成威胁。iPad 2不仅发布时间较久,而且价格与带视网膜屏的iPad mini相近,这使它不会成为大多数消费者的选择。我猜测,iPad 2之所以仍未下架,原因之一是大量的教育机构都配备了这款平板电脑,还有其30针底座连接器的相应配件。The original iPad mini also remains ranged, and is the lowest priced iPad that Apple has on sale. As a second tablet for around the home, perhaps for younger members of the family, the iPad mini makes some commercial sense, especially if you have to buy multiple units. But unless price is a major concern, I would urge consumers to look up at the iPad mini with Retina Display or the iPad Air.初代iPad mini也未下架,是市面上最便宜的iPad产品。作为家里的备用(或是为家里小孩准备的)平板电脑,初代iPad mini在商业上仍然具有存在意义,尤其是在你不得不购买多台设备的情况下。但除非价格是主要考虑因素,否则我建议消费者选择iPad mini 2或者iPad Air。Both the 7.9 inch mini, and the 9.7 inch Air, have drawn elements from each other. The iPad mini with Retina Display has received a comparatively large jump in specifications, bringing it in line with the iPad Air. There is a very slight performance increase in the iPad Air’s A7 (it runs at 1.4GHz, compared to 1.3GHz on the iPad mini with Retina Display, and the iPhone 5S). This tiny bump aside, you no longer have to trade performance for the smaller size of the 2013 iPad mini edition.7.9英寸的iPad mini 2和9.7英寸的iPad Air都借鉴了彼此的元素。iPad mini 2的配置有较大提升,与iPad Air相差无几。iPad Air的A7处理器性能略强(运行频率为1.4GHz,而iPad mini 2和iPhone 5S为1.3GHz)。除了这个微小的差距以外,尺寸较小的2013版iPad mini在性能方面与iPad Air相比毫不逊色。In the same breath, the styling of the iPad Air owes far more to the design that debuted with the iPad mini last year than previous editions of the full-sized Apple tablet. With a much reduced bezel on the side of the screen, and a similar size at top and bottom, the iPad Air’s footprint is much reduced (and the thickness drops to 7.5 mm, which is astonishingly thin). It feels far more fashionable and well designed than the older generation, and of course matches up with the iPad mini to create an almost cohesive look when the iPad’s are all on sale together.同时,iPad Air的风格更像是去年iPad mini首次采用的那种设计,而不像是前几代的全尺寸苹果平板电脑。iPad Air的屏幕边框更窄,顶部和底部的大小与iPad mini类似,因此占用面积大大减少(而且厚度降至7.5毫米,薄得惊人)。与前代产品相比,iPad Air远远更加时尚、设计更加精美,但它还是能跟iPad mini实现外观上的完美衔接,使得所有iPad产品摆在一起时仍能形成和谐的整体外观。When you line up specifications, when capabilities are equal across the board, and when the back-end software and support are identical, there’s not a lot of distinction to make between the two tablets apart from size, and I think that’s where the decision has to be made.在配置相似、性能相当、后端软件和持相同的情况下,iPad Air和iPad mini 2没有太大区别,除了尺寸,而我认为,尺寸就是下决定的关键点。Think about how you would use a tablet throughout the day. If you are someone looking for a tablet to use while moving around, while standing up, and generally holding in one hand and operating it with the other, then the extra weight of the iPad Air over the iPad mini with Retina Display is eventually going to catch up with you. In which case the more mobile user should go for the iPad mini with Retina Display.想想你一天中都是如何使用平板电脑的。如果你想要一款可以在走动或站立时使用、通常只需单手握持用另一只手操作的平板电脑,那么iPad Air相对于iPad mini 2的额外重量最终会显现出来。在这种情况下,对移动性需求更强的用户就应该选择iPad mini 2。If your iPad is going to be used more at a desk, while sitting down, and where you have a chance to rest it somewhere, then I would go for the physically larger screen and longer battery life. Which means the iPad Air.如果你坐着在桌前使用iPad的时候更多,并且有机会在桌上找个地方撑iPad,那么我推荐屏幕尺寸更大的、续航时间更长的,也就是iPad Air。There’s not much in it, and I’d be interested to which decision you have come to. Is it the smaller mini, the larger Air, or one of the quirky older Apple tablets for you? And how did you come to that decision?就是这么简单。我很想知道读者会如何选择。是较小的mini,还是较大的Air,抑或是显得古怪的苹果前几代平板电脑之一?你是如何作出决定的? /201312/269574。