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We seem to have a deep rooted fear in the market right now, concerning whether the US economy is on the skids and we saw an emergency of rate cut for the, from the Fed about a month ago, and again we saw a retail Fed cut about a week and a half two weeks ago and right now what investors are actually betting on is that we are going to see another rate...Fed rate cut towards the end of the month. But I'll tell you what's really the big fear, what's really driving this market lower is the concern that the US consumer is really maxed out. So it wasn't the big banks that really took it on the chin on Friday, no, it was company just like people like you know, 3M you know the ones that make posted note from toilet paper and whatever else they make those are the ones that are really being hit very hard, but the mitigating circumstance is behind me, you can probably hear it's busy. We are not seeing the near the kind of selling that we thought. We thought the Dow would be down about 2.5% on Friday, but we are only declined about 1% so we, it is a decline but we see that as a you know, as a silver lining that we are able to hold our own against a very weak week of Asia.So when Caterpillar came out with that profit warning on Friday that was enough to send things into a downward spiral, to what extent though do you think sentiment played a part in all of that rather than actual fundamentals. It was of course the 20th anniversary of black Monday on Friday?Yeah this black...Notes:Silver Lining: A hopeful or comforting prospect in the midst of difficultyTake it on the chin: to have a lot of bad things happen to you or to be criticized a lot200807/43856Pakistan Denies Involvement in Karzai Attack阿指责巴策划暗杀巴称指责无根据 Pakistan has rejected as baseless and irresponsible Afghan allegations that its spy agency was behind a recent assassination attempt on President Hamid Karzai. The two countries are allies in the U.S-led war on terror, but accusations that Taliban insurgents are using sanctuaries on the Pakistani side of the border for attacks against Afghan targets have long strained bilateral relations. 巴基斯坦驳斥说,阿富汗指责巴基斯坦情报机构策划了最近对阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的暗杀企图,这种指责毫无根据,不负责任。巴基斯坦和阿富汗都是美国领导的反恐战争中的盟友,但是长期以来,一直有人指责说,阿富汗的塔利班暴乱分子把边界那一侧的巴基斯坦当做袭击阿富汗的的避难所,这使双方的关系一直比较紧张。Afghan officials often blame elements within Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency for fueling the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan.  阿富汗官员经常指责巴基斯坦三军情报局的一些部门纵容塔利班在阿富汗的暴乱行动。But, on Wednesday, the Afghan government accused the Pakistani spy agency of a role in the failed attempt to assassinate Afghan President Hamid Karzai during a military parade in Kabul two months ago. An Afghan intelligence service spokesman said evidence collected by investigators and confessions from 16 suspects detained after the attack show the Pakistani spy agency was involved.  不过,阿富汗政府星期三指责巴基斯坦三军情报局介入了两个月前针对阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的未遂暗杀行动,当时卡尔扎伊正在喀布尔阅兵。阿富汗情报部门发言人说,调查人员收集的据以及从16名在押嫌疑人那里得到的口供都显示,巴基斯坦三军情报局卷入了这起未遂暗杀。Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammed Sadiq says such statements will not help joint efforts to root out terrorism and extremism from the region. 巴基斯坦外交部发言人萨迪格说,这种言论无助于从该地区铲除恐怖主义和极端主义的共同努力。"These allegations suggest that responsible members in the Afghan government perhaps wish to re-ignite the blame game. Pakistan rejects these baseless and irresponsible allegations and the attitude and proclivity behind them. We hope the Afghan government would adopt serious attitude and desist from vitiating the atmosphere of bilateral relations with Pakistan," said Sadiq. 萨迪格说:“这些指称说明,阿富汗政府的一些负责人也许希望再次玩这种指责游戏。巴基斯坦拒绝接受这些缺乏依据和不负责任的指责、以及这些指责背后的态度和倾向。我们希望阿富汗政府把态度严肃起来,打消那种损害与巴基斯坦双边关系的念头。”Tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan have been rising in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Afghan President Hamid Karzai threatened to send troops into Pakistan to fight Taliban militants responsible for cross-border attacks.  巴基斯坦跟阿富汗之间的紧张关系最近几个星期有所升级。这个月早些时候,阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊威胁要派部队进入巴基斯坦,打击越境袭击阿富汗的塔利班激进分子。Taliban insurgents have stepped up attacks in Afghanistan and critics have questioned the government's ability to maintain law and order in the country.  塔利班暴乱分子加强了对阿富汗的袭击,批评人士对阿富汗政府维护国家法制的能力提出质疑。Pakistan is being criticized for failing to prevent the sp of extremist forces on its side of the border and for its attempts to strike peace deals with Pakistani Taliban in the volatile tribal regions bordering Afghanistan. 人们也指责巴基斯坦政府没有防止极端分子在其边界一侧的蔓延以及巴基斯坦政府试图跟与阿富汗接壤的动乱的部落地区的塔利班达成和平协议。Afghan officials and commanders of the NATO-led forces say those deals will help militants re-group to launch more cross-border attacks. But Pakistani officials say they are talking to tribal elders in the hope they will press the militants to end violence in the under-developed border regions. Foreign Ministry spokesman Sadiq defends the Pakistan's policy.  巴基斯坦外交部发言人萨迪格为巴基斯坦的政策辩解说:"There is a certain advantage, which will accrue because of those talks. It will allow the government of Pakistan to engage in the socio-economic development of the area, and we believe that the use of force alone cannot resolve this issue," he added. "The militancy and extremism could be addressed by a three-pronged strategy, which includes, of course, the presence of troops there and the use of force, if and when required, but as well as the socio-economic development and the political dialogue."  “跟塔利班的谈判当然会产生对我们有力的因素,将使巴基斯坦政府得以参与该地区的社会经济发展,而且我们相信,光靠武力解决不了问题。通过三管齐下的战略才可能解决激进主义和极端主义问题。当然这项战略包括向那个地区派军队,而且在必要的时候动用武力,以及发展社会经济和展开政治对话。”The government has deployed tens-of-thousands of soldiers in an effort to secure the border with Afghanistan in tribal areas that are havens for al-Qaida and Taliban operatives. But the Islamic fighters have extended their extremist activities to some of the urban centers in the northwestern province, which borders Afghanistan.  巴基斯坦政府在跟阿富汗接壤的部落地区部署了数万人的部队,以保那里的边境安全。那一带是基地组织和塔利班分子的避难天堂。不过,伊斯兰战斗人员已经把他们的极端活动延伸到跟阿富汗接壤的西北部省份的一些城市中心。Police in the troubled Swat Valley said Taliban militants have burned down a state-run hotel in the country's only ski resort at Malam Jaba. In separate attacks in the region this week, militants burned down several schools for girls. 动荡的斯瓦特山谷警方说,塔利班激进分子烧毁了位于马拉姆贾巴的阿富汗唯一的滑雪度假地的一家国营饭店。这个星期在该地区发生的其它袭击事件中,激进分子烧毁了几所女子学校。The security situation in the northwestern Pakistani region has been deteriorating, despite a month-long peace deal between the provincial government and a pro-Taliban Pakistani cleric, Maulana Fazlullah. 尽管省政府跟持塔利班的神职人员法兹鲁拉之间的和平协议已经签署一个月,但是巴基斯坦西北部地区的安全局势一直在恶化。200806/42878

Iran Announces Installation of More Centrifuges at Uranium Enrichment Plant伊朗扩大浓缩铀项目招致美国抨击  ed States and is expected to deepen the political rift between Iran and the West.  伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德星期二宣布,伊朗正在一个浓缩铀工厂安装六千个新的离心机。这项宣布招致美国的猛烈批评,估计这会加深伊朗和西方世界的政治裂痕。 President Ahmadinejad announced that Tehran is expanding its nuclear enrichment program at the Natanz nuclear plant by installing 6,000 new uranium enrichment centrifuges there. 艾哈迈迪内贾德总统宣布,德黑兰正在扩大纳坦兹核电厂的核浓缩项目,在那里安装六千个新的浓缩铀离心机。The Iranian president said the new phase began on Tuesday.  他说,扩建工程星期二已经开始。Last year, Iran announced that it had successfully installed, and was operating, 3,000 centrifuges at Natanz. 去年,伊朗宣布在纳坦兹成功地安装了三千个离心机,并已开始运行。Uranium gas is enriched in cascades of centrifuges linked together. The result can be low-grade fuel used for generating electricity, or higher-grade fuel appropriate for nuclear weapons.Speaking to a crowd near the nuclear power station in the city of Bushehr, Mahmoud Jafarai, a plant official, confirmed that Iran is moving ahead with nuclear enrichment. 布什尔市核电站的一名官员贾法里在核设施附近对听众发表的演说中,实了伊朗在铀浓缩方面进行了新的扩展。The Bushehr plant is being built by Russia. But although the uranium for the plant is being enriched in Russia, Jafari told the crowd that Iran has reached an irreversible point in nuclear technology and that Western pressure will only strengthen Iran in defending its national interest.  布什尔核电站是俄罗斯建设的。虽然用于这个发电厂的金属铀在俄罗斯进行浓缩,但是贾法里对听众说,伊朗在核技术方面已经到达了一个不可逆转的起点,西方的压力只能加强伊朗捍卫国家利益的决心。The crowd responded with cheers chanting, "Nuclear energy is our absolute right." 听众爆发出欢呼声,不断高呼“核能是我们的绝对权利”。Following Mr. Ahmadinejad's announcement on Tuesday, the French foreign minister told reporters in Paris that the international community must consider toughened sanctions if Iran does not address concerns about its nuclear program. 星期二艾哈迈迪内贾德总统发布声明以后,法国外长在巴黎告诉媒体说,如果伊朗不就外界对其核项目的关切作出回应,国际社会必须考虑对伊朗实施严厉的制裁措施。In Washington, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she is unable to substantiate Iran's claims. 在华盛顿,国务卿赖斯说,她无法实伊朗的宣称是否属实。"I don't think that the underlying situation has changed which is that Iran faces three separate U.N. Security Council resolutions," she said. "Iran faces continued isolation in the international community." 赖斯说:“我认为局势没有变化,也就是说,伊朗仍面临联合国安理会的三项决议案。伊朗仍然在国际社会中面对持续的孤立”。The ed Nations Security Council has aly passed three sets of sanctions against Iran for refusing to halt its enrichment program.  联合国安理会已经通过了三套针对伊朗的制裁措施,因为伊朗拒绝停止其浓缩铀项目。Iran has long defended what it claims is its right to enrich uranium and says its nuclear program is strictly for peaceful energy purposes. 伊朗长期以来一直辩护说,浓缩铀是它的权利,并表示,伊朗的核项目完全是出于和平的能源目的。But the ed States believes that Iran is working to develop a nuclear weapon.  但是美国认为,伊朗在努力发展核武器。Iran says it hopes to install some 54,000 centrifuges at Natanz. 伊朗表示,希望在纳坦兹核电厂安装大约五万四千个离心机。 200804/34005

Israel to Redistribute Gas Masks Amid Fears of War with Iran以警惕伊朗再向全民发放防毒面具  Israel is strengthening security on its home front in a sign of war jitters. Israel is casting a wary eye toward Iran. 以色列在紧张的战争气氛中正在加强国内的安全防卫工作。以色列正在警惕地盯着伊朗。Israel's security Cabinet has decided to redistribute gas masks to the entire population amid fears of a non-conventional war with Iran. The last distribution was before the U.S. invasion of Iraq four years ago. The gas masks were collected last year because they were out of date.  由于担心和伊朗之间爆发一场非常规战争,以色列的安全内阁决定再次给以色列全民发放防毒面具。以色列上一次发放防毒面具是在4年前,在美国攻打伊拉克之前。去年,这些防毒面具由于过了有效期而被收回。Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai initiated the redistribution. 这次发放防毒面具的工作由以色列国防部副部长维尔奈发起。Vilnai told Israel Radio that handing out gas masks does not mean that war with Iran is imminent.  维尔奈对以色列电台说,发放防毒面具并不意味着以色列马上要和伊朗打仗。Nevertheless, there is growing concern here about Iran's nuclear program and threats by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to wipe Israel "off the map."  尽管如此,以色列人对伊朗核项目,以及伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德威胁要将以色列“从地图上抹去”的担忧不断增加。"We are worried," said Israeli spokesman Mark Regev.  以色列发言人雷格夫说:“我们对此感到担忧。”Iran insists that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. But Regev says Iran is stalling in negotiations with the international community as it moves closer to building a nuclear bomb. 伊朗坚持说,它的核项目是为了和平用途。但是雷格夫说,伊朗在逐步发展制造原子弹能力的同时,正在拖延与国际社会的谈判。"We are concerned that the Iranian strategy is very clear," he said. "They want to keep talking and talking and talking, but at the same time to aggressively move forward on their nuclear program." 雷格夫说:“我们担心,伊朗采取的策略非常清楚。他们打算继续谈判、谈判、再谈判,但是与此同时,在野心勃勃地推动其核项目的发展。”Iran is seen as an existential threat, and that has raised speculation that Israel might launch a pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. Israeli officials have warned time and again that they will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and that there is a military option. 以色列把伊朗看作是对其存在的威胁,这引起人们猜测,以色列可能会对伊朗的核设施发动先发制人的袭击。以色列官员一再警告说,他们不会允许伊朗获得核武器,在这方面存在一种军事选择。Iran has ballistic missiles that can hit anywhere in Israel, and it has warned of fierce retaliation in the event of an Israeli attack.  伊朗拥有射程可以达到以色列境内所有地方的弹道导弹。伊朗曾经警告说,如果以色列发动袭击,伊朗将会对其进行严厉的报复。 200804/33229

  7 拒绝还盘3句英文任你选I appreciate your counter-offer but find it too low.谢谢您的还价,可我觉得太低了。My offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild speculations.我的报价以合理利润为依据,不是漫天要价。This is our rock-bottom price , and we cant make any further reduction.这是我方的最低价格,我们不能再让了。半个句型要记牢be based on -(以……为基础,基于)Tip:固定词组,主要根据语义运用,没有特殊用法。如 This song is based on an old folk tune. (这首歌曲是以一首民间小调为基础的。)还盘还一些术语 withhold an offer (停盘), withdraw an offer (撤盘), extend an offer (延长报盘)。 /201604/434085

  US Envoy Denies Secret Agenda in Iraq Negotiations美大使否认与伊拉克谈判秘密议程  U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker said Thursday the Bush administration has no secret agenda in negotiations with Iraq on the future status of U.S. forces there. He said the ed States does not seek permanent bases or long-term control of Iraqi airspace. 美国驻伊拉克大使克罗克星期四说,布什政府就美军在伊拉克的未来地位问题与伊拉克进行的谈判没有秘密议程。他说,美国并不寻求在伊拉克设立永久性的基地,也不想长期控制伊拉克领空。Crocker, in Washington for consultations, says the Bush administration would like to conclude the wide-ranging accord on future U.S. relations with Iraq by July. 在华盛顿进行磋商的克罗克说,布什政府希望在7月就未来美军与伊拉克的关系问题达成范围广泛的协议。But he rejects suggestions the proposed deal would tie the hands of a future U.S. administration, or that the ed States has a secret agenda for permanent Iraqi bases. 但是,他否认拟议中的协议会束缚新一届美国政府的手脚,他也否认美国有在伊拉克设立永久性基地的秘密打算。The veteran diplomat briefed State Department reporters, who asked about a report in the British newspaper The Independent, that said Washington is seeking a "secret deal" with Iraqi authorities that would extend U.S. military occupation indefinitely, regardless of the outcome of the November U.S. election. 这位资深外交家向报导国务院的记者介绍了情况。英国的独立报报导说,华盛顿正寻求与伊拉克当局达成秘密协议,不论11月美国大选结果如何,美国都要无限期延长美军在伊拉克的军事部署。记者们对这一报导提出了问题。Crocker dismissed the notion of a secret component to the accord under negotiation, saying the process will be transparent and the deal subject to full debate by Iraqi legislators.  克罗克否定了正在谈判协议内秘密条款的说法,他说,谈判进程将是透明的,而且会经过伊拉克立法人员的充分辩论。"It's a negotiation in progress, so I can't tell you what it is going to like at the end," he said. "But I can tell you that we are not seeking permanent military bases in Iraq. That is just flatly untrue. Nor are we seeking to control Iraqi airspace. That is another kind of enduring myth. Iraq is working hard at developing its air traffic control capacities, and, as it does, we're handing over increasing responsibility to them." 克罗克说:“谈判正在进行,所以我目前无法告知协议会有什么样的最终文本。但是我可以告诉你们:我们不寻求在伊拉克设立永久性基地。有关永久性基地的说法完全不符事实。我们也不寻求控制伊拉克的领空。控制领空的说法也是流传已久的天方夜谭。伊拉克正努力发展航空交通控制能力,与此同时,我们在不断地向他们移交更多的责任。”Crocker said the impetus to complete the deal this year, before the current U.N. mandate for foreign forces in Iraq expires, comes from the Iraqi side.  克罗克说,伊拉克方面努力促进在今年联合国关于驻伊拉克外国部队的授权令到期前达成有关协议。He said an American military presence in Iraq will clearly be needed beyond this year, but that the status-of-forces agreement will have review provisions so that it could be altered by either side in the future. 他说,显然过了今年仍然需有美军驻守伊拉克,但是,军队地位协议将包括复审条款,所以任何一方都可以在未来作出改变。The ambassador said improved security conditions in Iraq in recent months stem from what he termed a "virtuous circle" of growing competence by Iraqi security forces and public revulsion against al-Qaida in Iraq and other foreign-backed militants. 这位驻伊拉克大使说,近几个月来伊拉克安全状况改善的根源是伊拉克安全部队能力日益加强的“良性循环”、以及公众对在伊拉克的基地组织以及其他外国持的民兵武装产生反感。He spoke of a substantial backlash also against Iran's support of radical Shiite militias, and said Tehran would be well-advised to reconsider its behavior toward its neighbor: 他谈到伊朗由于持激进的什叶派民兵武装而遭到的有力反击。他说,德黑兰最好重新考虑自己在邻国的作为。克罗克说:"One would hope that that will lead to a rethinking in Iran as to what its long-term policy toward Iraq should be - to support a democratically-elected central government, or to support militias that are aligned against that government," he said. "I don't think Iran can really have it both ways. It's not a U.S. position, it's what Iraqis themselves are saying." “希望那会引导伊朗当局就对伊拉克应采取的长期方针问题三思而行,究竟该持民选的伊拉克中央政府,还是要持狼狈为奸反对伊拉克政府的民兵武装。我认为伊朗不可能做到两面兼顾。这并非美国的立场态度,而是伊拉克人自己的表态。”Crocker said the Thursday announcement by the ed Arab Emirates that it intends to name an ambassador and open an embassy in Baghdad reflects an appreciation by Arab states that "things are different in Iraq," in both political and security terms. 克罗克说,阿联酋星期四宣布打算任命驻巴格达大使并在当地开设使馆,这反映阿拉伯国家赞许伊拉克政治和安全局势的改善。200806/41267。


  Look Diana… Denise…听着,黛安娜。 是丹尼斯。Denise. Like Dennis right?丹尼斯。就像“Dennis”对吗?She’ll want the best – the best tea, coffee, the best team.她将要最好的,最好的茶,咖啡和团队。I’ll expect improved results and profits.我期望在成果和利润方面有所提高。If not your necks will be on the line – especially yours Paul.否则你们的工作就危险了,特别是你,保罗。Oh, chop chop. We’d better get to work.快点,快点,我们最好去工作了。Scary! “Your necks will be on the line” – he means their jobs will be at risk if things don’t improve.可怕!“Your necks will be on the line”他的意思如果得不到改善,他们的工作将要岌岌可危。It’s a worrying time for Tip Top Trading.对Tip Top Trading来说是一个使人烦恼的时期。Let’s remind ourselves of the phrases Mr Socrates used to deliver bad news.让我们看看苏格拉底先生在传递坏消息时使用的表达方式。I’ve got to give it to you straight.我要有话直说了。The outlook is gloomy.前景暗淡。I’ve got to announce a profit warning.我不得不宣布盈利警告。Let’s hope this new marketing strategy for Europe is going to work.期望这些新的欧洲市场策略能管用。How are you feeling Anna?你觉得怎么样,安娜?A little nervous.有点紧张。But I’m going to try my best to make sure this new strategy works.但我将尽力保新计划起作用。That’s the spirit Anna!就是这种态度,安娜!Right everyone. I think we need to take Mr Socrates down to the Rose and Crown after work for a pint or two and show him some true English hospitality.好了大家。我想在下班后我们应该带苏格拉底先生去Rose and Crown喝几杯,让他看看真正的英式招待。How about it?怎么样?I don’t drink.我不喝酒。Ah well, perhaps some lemonade?也许喝点柠檬汁呢?Oh dear. This should be interesting.上帝,这会很有趣的。Until next time, bye!下次见,再见! /201703/491119Inquiry of entry入境咨询A:Hello, Immigration Department. What can I do for you?A:您好,这里是入境处。请问有什么可以帮您的吗?B:Hello. I am calling today to inquire the formalities of entry.B:好的。请问您的国籍是什么?A:OK. What nationalities are you, please?A:好的,请问您的国籍是什么?B:I am a Chinese.B:我是中国人。A:If this is the case. I am very glad to tell you that you do not need a passport nor a visa, since we have an agreement with your country, and in accordance with the treaty, people from both your and my countries are allowed to enter the other country without passports of visas.A:如果是这样的话,我很高兴地告诉你您入境不需要护照和签,因为贵国我国签订了一项协议,协议中规定贵国和我国公民进入对方国家无需护照及签。B:Fantastic. That will save me a lot of time. Do you mean we can go to your country at any time without any formalities?B:这太好了。这能节省很多时间。你的意思是说我们可以随时进入贵国而不需要办理任何手续吗?A:Not exactly. Generally speaking, such kind of people are not allowed entry into my country as psychopaths, infectious people, criminals and people who are in illegitimate occupation. As a result, we need you to provide us with your ID card, health certificate and employees card two weeks before your entry.A:不完全是这样的。通常来说我国一般不允许以下人员入境:精神病患者、传染病患者、刑事罪犯、从事不正当职业者。因此,您必须在入境前两个星期内向我国出具身份件、健康明及工作明等材料。B:Sure, I will. Anything else?B:没问题,我会照办。还有其他的要求吗?A:Of course you will have to go through the entry formality, too.A:当然你还需要办理入境手续。B:How exactly should I go through the entry formality?B:究竟该如何办理入境手续呢?A:You will have to provide the detail information about yourself, such as name, age, marital status, how long you are going to stay in my country and so on and so forth.A:办理入境手续你必须向我国提供您的详细个人信息,比如姓名、年龄、婚姻状况以及将在我国停留多久等等。B:Thank you so much. This is really helpful.B:非常感谢。这对我确实帮助不小。A:You are welcome. Is there anything else you would like to know?A:不必客气,还有其他的事情吗?B:I guess not. Thank you. Bye.B:没有了,谢谢。再见。 /201603/430554Julie Chen: Washington is getting an early holiday gift this year. These are brand-new picutres of the National Zoo's giant panda cub Tai Shan, who made his public debut this morning before the media. The general public will get their first chance to see him next week. Lisa Stevens is the panda curator at the zoo. Julie Chen: Good morning Lisa.Lisa Stevens: Good morning, Julie. Julie Chen: Alright. Tai Shan is four and a half months old. Now how is he doing? Lisa Stevens:He is actually five months old now and he is doing great. He's showing us each day that he is more and more of a little bear cub.Julie Chen: So, how, can you discribe his day-to-day activities? What does he eat? What does he do? Lisa Stevens:Right now he is solely consuming his mother's milk. Each day is very different for us. Some days he sleeps a lot ur. . a lot more than other days. Some days he gets up really early around four or five in the morning and starts playing, like crazy climbing on his mother, climbing on the rocks , then another morning he sleeps in. So it's really variable. Julie Chen: So when do we introduce bamboo into his diet?Lisa Stevens: We've aly been giving him bamboo and it's very cute to watch him. He rehearses all the adult moves. He slouches back and, um, holds the bamboo in his paws; he pulls the leaves to his mouth; he chews on them and he chews on the stalk. But he is not swallowing yet ; he is not eating yet. And we expect that milestone to occur sometime about a month from now. Julie Chen: OK, so zoo officials are happy with the progress that he is making, right?Lisa Stevens: He is doing just perfectly. From the data that we have, he is right on target, he actually may be a little bit heavier for his age.Julie Chen: OK, now when does the public get to see him upclose? And, you know, in person in panda. How do the tickets work?Lisa Stevens: He is going to make his public debut on December 8th and we have a ticketing system which right now is booked up and basically at this point we are only offering him for two hours a day to the general public and as he adjusts and Meixiang adjusts to the schedule, we will try and expand those hours as soon as we can. Julie Chen: OK, so right now don't bother getting tickets because they've been sold out. Lisa Stevens: The tickets are not available right now. Certainly, check our website we have daily updates on Tai Shan and how he is doing. And there would be updates posted as soon as we can on when more tickets are available. Julie Chen: Now, how long is Tai Shan going to be after National Zoo before he has to go back to China?Lisa Stevens: Tai Shan, according to the loan agreement returns to China when he is two years old. He is part of a major breeding program to maintain a healthy populaion of this endangered species in the captivity. And so at two years of age, decisions will be made on where he should go to benefit the breeding population. Julie Chen: Well, he looks beautiful. He is growing nicely,seems like yesterday we will call him a "butter stick". Lisa Stevens, thanks so much. Lisa Stevens: You are welcome. 200807/45200

  Here we go again.4 years of waiting are over, as the first of 64 matches that make up this tournament gets underway. 161 goals were scored during the last World Cup. It took the German team just a few minutes to notch up the first of this year's tally, scoring in their match against underdogs--Costa Rica. The organizers are expecting up to a million people to visit Germany for the tournament, as many as 10 percent, that's 100 thousand of them, from Britain alone. We stay in Frankfurt and we are obedient.And waiting for the fans, a familiar sight, British police walking German streets for the first time with their German counterparts. And another familiar face, Hard Man actor Ray Winston. Hey hello, English Cop. From England?Yeah, I am on high, Ah! Levy it, levy it. all right. he's up for the full game.Oh,I did, oh,I've done nothing. At the US team headquarters, there was added security, following a heightened terror threat after the death of Al Zarkawi. So ahead for these fans, 96 hours of televised giant-screen gut-wrenching tension crammed into 3 long weeks,with the hopes and fears of devoted fans from 32 countries around the world now hanging in the balance. Peter Sharp, Sky News.----------------------------------notch up[口]完成; 创下, 达到tally(比赛时的)比分, 得分, 分underdogOne that is expected to lose a contest or struggle, as in sports or politics.居于下风者指在运动或政治竞争中将会失败的人200805/39352

  KING: Well, we don't -- all of our pain is not front page.ANISTON: No that's true.KING: What is that like?ANISTON: It's what you would imagine it to be. It's not great.KING: A bitch.ANISTON: It's a bitch. It's not great, no.KING: But you chose the profession.ANISTON: But I chose it. I also wouldn't trade it in for the world what I get to do for that. I mean just because of that.KING: But you sued successfully over it once didn't you?ANISTON: I have, yes, well...KING: In other words, when someone printed something about you that was wrong you took action.ANISTON: Yes. Yes, you -- well, I'll always take them head on if they -- they cross lines anyway but when they really go too far, you know.KING: Is it a thin line? What right, and this is for both of you, what right does the public have to your life?ANISTON: I don't really think any, private life none but it's somehow got through the cracks and it's just -- it's just OK.KING: So you don't say -- it doesn't go with the territory?ANISTON: No. I think we do our job. We go to work. We give them a movie, a television show, theater, you know. You buy your tickets. You go and see our work, if we're on the red carpet, we're at a premier, we're, you know, at a public event but when it's your backyard, when it's at your home, when it's...KING: They photograph you right?ANISTON: Yes.KING: They follow you around. It's got to be a weird life.ANISTON: Yes. But it's also -- there's nobody sort of stopping it or corralling it in any way so it's kind of just a free for all.200807/44956

  US, EU Back Further Pressure on Iran美欧持进一步向伊朗施压  The ed States and the European Union have agreed to step up pressure on Iran. Iran's nuclear program was one of many issues discussed during talks between U.S. President George Bush and EU leaders. 美国和欧盟同意进一步向伊朗施加压力。美国总统布什跟欧盟领导人会谈时讨论了许多问题,其中包括伊朗核项目问题。President Bush says the ed States and Europe must join forces to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. 布什总统说,美国和欧盟必须联合起来,阻止伊朗发展核武器。"One country cannot solve all problems. I fully agree with that. A group of countries can send a clear message to the Iranians and that is: We are going to continue to isolate you, we will continue to work on sanctions, we will find new sanctions if need be, if you continue to deny the just demands of a free world," said Mr. Bush. 布什说:“一个国家难以解决所有的问题。我完全同意这一点。各国联合起来就能向伊朗传达一个明确的信息,那就是:我们将继续孤立你们;我们将继续制裁你们;如果你们继续无视自由世界的正义要求,在必要的时候, 我们将对你们采取新的制裁措施。”In their summit communiqué, the U.S. and EU leaders speak of imposing economic sanctions beyond those aly put in place by the ed Nations if Iran refuses to suspend nuclear enrichment. President Bush says a nuclear-armed Iran would be a dangerous place, stressing Tehran has a decision to make. 美国和欧盟领导人在峰会公报中提到,如果伊朗拒绝终止其核浓缩活动,美国和欧盟将在联合国现有制裁措施的基础上,对伊朗实施经济制裁。布什总统表示,拥有核武器的伊朗是一个危险的地方。布什强调德黑兰必须作出选择。"They can either face isolation or they can have better relations with all of us if the verifiably suspend their enrichment program," added President Bush. 布什说:“伊朗要么就面临孤立,要么在可实地终止其核浓缩之后,改善跟我们的关系。”There was no breakthrough at the summit on another lead item on the agenda: climate change. At a news conference after the talks, Mr. Bush repeated his opposition to mandatory restrictions on emissions of so-called "greenhouse gases". But he said he remains hopeful a common strategy can be achieved. 这次峰会的另一个主要议题就是气候变化问题,但是会议没有在这个问题上取得突破。在会谈结束后举行的记者会上,布什一再表示反对强制性限制“温室气体”排放量。不过,他又说,他认为达成一项共同能接受的策略是有希望的。"I think we can actually get an agreement on global climate change during my presidency, just so you know," he said. 布什说:“我认为在我的总统任期结束之前就全球气候变化问题达成协议实际上是可能的。我就想让大家知道这一点。”The prime minister of Slovenia, which currently holds the revolving presidency of the European Council, represented the 27 EU members at the summit.  目前担任欧洲理事会轮值主席的斯洛文尼亚总理在这次峰会期间代表欧盟27个成员国。European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso also took part in the meeting. He says it is important that this summit occurred in a relatively young democracy - part of a post Cold War growth spurt in EU membership. 欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐也参加了会议。他表示,这次会议在比较年轻的民主制国家举行是非常重要的。这些国家是欧盟成员国在冷战后增加的一部分。"And now we have from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, from the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea, democratic countries living together in peace," he said.  巴罗佐说:“现在从大西洋到黑海,从地中海到波罗的海,民主国家和睦相处。”They had a broad agenda for the summit, which only lasted a few hours - from the Middle-East, to settling a trans-Atlantic dispute over access to European markets for U.S. chickens. 这次峰会只有几个小时,但是要讨论的议题却非常广泛,从中东问题、一直到解决美国鸡进入欧盟市场引起的大西洋两岸的争端等。On security issues, there was a demonstration of shared values with a call for China to engage in "results-oriented" talks on Tibet with representatives of the Dalai Lama.  在安全问题上,美国跟欧盟领导人呼吁中国跟西藏精神领袖达赖喇嘛的代表举行富有成果的谈判。这显示各方在这个问题上观点相同。The summit also urged the government of Zimbabwe to refrain from violence and voter intimidation and ensure a free and fair presidential run-off election on June 27. 峰会还敦促津巴布韦政府遏制使用暴力和威胁选民,确保在6月27号举行自由公正的总统决选。The summit took place at a castle just outside Ljubljana. It is the same spot where President Bush held his first meeting in June 2001 with then Russian President Vladimir Putin and famously declared he looked into Mr. Putin's eyes and got a sense of his soul. 峰会是在斯洛文尼亚的卢布尔雅那郊外一座城堡里举行的。布什总统2001年6月也是在这座城堡里跟俄罗斯总统普京首次会晤。布什说,他从普京的眼神里感悟到了普京的灵魂,这句话当时引起许多人的注意。As his final summit with EU leaders ended, Mr. Bush sounded a bit nostalgic. 布什在跟欧盟领导人举行的最后一次峰会结束时讲的话带有一些怀旧的色。"My first visit as the U.S. President to Europe included my first stop in Slovenia. My last visit as U.S. President to Europe includes a first stop in Slovenia. It is a fitting circle," he said. 布什说:“我做为美国总统第一次访问欧盟时第一站是斯洛文尼亚。我的总统任期内最后一次出访欧盟,第一站也是斯洛文尼亚。这是个完整的循环。”From Slovenia, President Bush travels to four key Western European allies - Germany, Italy, France and the ed Kingdom. 布什总统结束斯洛文尼亚访问之后将前往美国在西欧的四个重要盟友访问,它们是德国、意大利、法国和英国。200806/41753。


  France has launched a groundbreaking program to educate future imams and Muslim chaplains about the country and its values. The goal: to put a French stamp on Islam, the second largest religion in France.  法国启动了一个具有开创性的项目,向未来的伊斯兰教长和穆斯林神职人员传授有关法国和法国价值观的知识。这个项目的目标是给伊斯兰教打上法国的印记。伊斯兰教是法国的第二大宗教。The courses are being held in an unusual location - the Catholic Institute of Paris, an institution better known for training priests and Christian scholars than Muslim clerics. Established in collaboration with the French government and the Paris mosque, the program began in January with a largely male class of 25. It aims to give the students a broad understanding of France's legal, historical and social mores. 这些课程在一个不寻常的地方教授,这个地方就是巴黎天主教研究所。这个研究所以培养天主教神父和学者而闻名,而不是以培养穆斯林神职人员而闻名。法国政府和巴黎清真寺合作开办的这个项目在1月份开始,班上的25个学员大多为男性。课程的目的是让学生对法国的法律、历史和社会有一个大体上的了解。What the year-long program does not do, says Interior Ministry spokesman Gerard Gachet is offer theology training. 法国内政部发言人加西特说,这个为期一年的项目不会提供神学方面的培训。Gachet says religious training for the future clerics is the role of Muslim institutes. But the government believes the courses on France will help shape a French Islam that is perfectly in touch with society. 他说,对未来神职人员在宗教上的培训是穆斯林研究所的事。但是政府认为,有关法国的课程将帮助建立一个同社会完全接轨的法国伊斯兰教。The students at the Catholic Institute course are largely foreign born, with many coming from North and sub-Saharan Africa. The program's director, Olivier Bobineau, says they are eager to learn. 天主教研究所学习的学生大多数在外国出生,许多人来自北非和撒哈拉以南的非洲国家。这个项目的主管比内乌说,这些学生求知欲很强。Bobineau says he hopes the students end up with a better understanding of the relationship between politics and religion in France - and the values and rules that exist here. 比内乌说,他希望学生们最终能对法国的政治和宗教之间的关系、以及法国现存的价值观和法规有更好的理解。Experts say the courses fill a critical gap. Most of France's five to seven million Muslims - the largest Muslim community in Western Europe - were born here. By contrast, roughly 80 percent of the 1,200 imams preaching in French mosques and prayer houses were born overseas. Some cannot converse with their own faithful, much less understand French laws and social customs. 专家说,这些项目会填补一个重要的空白。法国的5百万到7百万穆斯林中的大多数都在法国出生。法国的穆斯林社区是西欧最大的。然而,在法国清真寺和祷告地点的1千2百名伊斯兰教长中有大约80%的人是在外国出生。一些神职人员连跟他们的信徒交流都做不到、更不要说理解法国法律和社会习俗了。Sociologist Franck Fregosi specializes in Islam at the National Center for Scientific Research, a French think tank.Fregosi says foreign-born imams are often unprepared for their jobs in France. He syas many Turkish clerics, for example, do not know anything about French history, some preachers cannot speak French. 法国的智库--国家科学研究中心研究伊斯兰教的社会学家弗里古斯说,外国出生的教长常常对他们在法国的工作没有准备。他说,比方说,一些土耳其的神职人员对法国历史一无所知,一些传道者不能说法语。Djelloul Seddiki, the director of the Al Ghazali imam training program at the Paris mosque agrees. 巴黎清真寺的教长培训项目主管塞迪奇同意这种观点。For example, Seddiki says, the mosque's Koranic program can teach students that a man can have up to four wives - in accordance with Muslim tradition. But polygamy is illegal in France. 他说,比方说,清真寺的古兰经课程教授学生,一个男人可以有多达4个妻子,这同穆斯林的传统一致,但是多妻制在法国是非法的。The Catholic Institute's training has another goal: To ensure a moderate, tolerant Islam flourishes in France, which has been the target of Islamist terrorist attacks. 天主教研究所的培训还有另一个目标:确保法国的伊斯兰教温和、包容的发展。这已经成为伊斯兰恐怖分子袭击的目标。For now, the students come only from the Paris mosque. Those affiliated with other French Muslim organizations, including the popular, more fundamentalist Union of Islamic Organizations of France, do not participate - reflecting larger, political divisions within France's Muslim community. 到现在为止,学生们都是来自巴黎清真寺。那些同其他法国穆斯林组织有关的组织都没有参加,比如著名的、原教旨主义色更浓的法国伊斯兰组织联盟也没有参加。这反映出在法国的穆斯林社会中有更大的政治分歧。What is clear is that the clerics graduating from the program are desperately needed. Roughly half of all French mosques have no preachers. But the new graduates are not necessarily assured of jobs.  显而易见的是,从这个项目毕业的神职人员是很抢手的。法国大约一半的清真寺没有传教者。但是新的毕业生也不一定就能保找到工作。Djelloul Seddiki of the Paris mosque.Seddiki says many Muslim communities in France simply cannot afford to pay the salaries of full-time imams. Some of those who do preach here, from Algeria or Turkey, are paid for by their governments. The rest preach part time and sometimes free of charge. 巴黎清真寺的塞迪奇说,法国许多穆斯林社区甚至付不起全职教长的工资。一些来自阿尔及利亚或土耳其的教长在这些清真寺传教,他们的工资由他们国家的政府付,其他的传教人员不是兼职就是义务工作的。France's Muslim community is trying to come up with its own means of financing its clerics. Seddiki, for one, believes this will happen - in time.  法国的穆斯林社区试图找到自己负担神职人员工资的途径。比方说,塞迪奇就相信,这最终会实现的。200803/29899

  Report: Corruption in Poor Countries Threatens Fight Against Poverty穷国的贪污腐败行为危及除贫斗争  A group monitoring corruption levels around the world says illegal practices in poor countries are threatening the fight against poverty. In its just released report, Transparency International says foreign aid must be more focused and more carefully monitored to ensure it goes where intended. 监督世界各地腐败程度的组织‘透明国际’说,在贫穷国家的非法行为正危及铲除贫穷的斗争。‘透明国际’在最近发表的报告中说,外援务必要更有针对性,并且应该在更谨慎仔细的监督下提供,以确保援助用在当用之处。The Berlin-based Transparency International looked at indicators in 180 countries to measure perceptions of doing business or delivering aid there. 设在柏林的‘透明国际’对180个国家的相关指标进行审视,以衡量在该国开展商业或者进行援助的状态。Sweden, Denmark and New Zealand ranked at the top - as least corrupt and most transparent. Somalia and Iraq were among those at the bottom. 瑞典、丹麦和新西兰名列前茅,它们是腐败最少又是最为透明的国家。索马里和伊拉克位于最差的国家中间。Speaking with VOA from Berlin, Casey Kelso said the continuing conflict and rule by warlords in Somalia undermine any capacity at governance or development. "Everyone that tries to do any work there, any sort of assistance that goes in has to be monitored very carefully because there is a cut for everyone to pocket it instead of it going into the education, the health, the clean water that people need there," he said. 凯尔索在柏林接受美国之音采访时说,在索马里持续不断的冲突及军阀统治彻底破坏了一切管理或者发展能力。他说:“任何想在那里有所作为的人、任何给予索马里的援助,都必需经过严密的监督,因为那些援助并非直接给予教育、卫生或者民众所需的清洁水源,相反的是,每个人都会企图从中渔利、中饱私囊。”Kelso says Iraq is also widely perceived as still very corrupt and a difficult place to do business, with lingering questions about where the money goes. "Where is the oil going, how many bribes must be paid, the lack of clarity and transparency in assigning contracts out for establishing [everything] from new schools to pipelines to electricity generation," he said. 凯尔索说,人们普遍认为伊拉克也仍然非常腐败,是个难以开展商业活动的地方,一个始终存在的问题是那些金钱都到哪里去了。他说:“那些石油都到什么地方去了?得付多少贿赂?所有指派合同的程序都不明不白、暧昧不清,其中包括建造新学校、铺设油管或者建设发电设施。”The Transparency International report says while these conditions directly affect businesses and aid organizations, they also have a direct negative effect on the recipient countries. Corrupt countries are less attractive for foreign investors, which impacts growth and development and often hits the poorest of the poor hardest. “透明国际”的报告说,这些情况不但直接影响商务和援助机构,而且也对接受国有直接的负面影响。腐败国家对外国投资商缺乏吸引力,这就会影响经济的成长与发展。并往往会给予最贫困的人们最为沉重的打击。Kelso says foreign assistance should be more carefully targeted. "Foreign assistance that is being poured out from the developed world also needs to be assessed as to how much is actually making it to the poorest of the poor, who's diverting it and whether the elites in a country are actually stealing a lot of that money and diverting it," he said. 凯尔索说,外国援助应当更为审慎地针对目标。他说:“也必需对来自发达国家的外援进行评估,看这些外援实际上有多少是给予最为贫困的民众的,谁在挪用资金,某一国家的特权阶层是否在盗窃并且挪用大量的资金。”Kelso says donors need to monitor aid money carefully and foreign businesses and investors should not turn a blind eye to corruption by agreeing to pay bribes. 凯尔索说,援助国必需对援助款项进行谨慎的监督,而外国企业和投资商不应当无视腐败现象而同意付贿赂。In this year's report the ed States ranked among those in 18th place out of 180. 在今年的这份报告中,美国在180个国家中排名第十八位。200809/50170

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